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Ceramic perspectives of Barocco




Barocco abstract sculpture  — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Espace de la Calende



Spatial illusions of  Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard


Sculptural forms respond to the illusion of lines, form and colours while perception can be manipulated to shift the different aspects of visual reality. Quadratura, introduced in the seventeenth century Renassaince, became popular with Baroque and Rocooc artists, where it involved the openeing up of walls and ceilings through architectural illusion. By using Trompe l’oeil, perspective tools such as foreshortening, and spatial effects, the appearance of three-dimensional space on an otherwise two-dimensional surface was created. The artist painted a feigned architecture with an illusionist perspective on a flat surface or barrel-vaulted ceiling in such a way that it seems to continue the existing architecture or flow into an open space.
The ceramic art of Barocco pays homage to this fascintaing style, not only in name but in decorative appearance. Drama, tension, exuberance, and grandeur are condensed into a singualr form combining elements of baroque, quadratura, symbolist and surrealist art in fine detail. Atelier Barocco involves the combined effort of Jacques Massard de Chateneuil and Richard Tarone in an impressive symbiosis of refinement and style.
The brilliant forms created by Tarrone are decorated with exquisite detail by Massard, who trained at Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Nice. Their decor virtuosity is expressed with contemporary sculptural busts integrated with glazed panels revealing complex perspectives of vast tiled spaces, doorways stretching to infinity, solitary figure silhouettes, classical nudes, Greek gods and nymphs in heavenly spheres, filled with mystique and charming architecture. The rich visual narrative pushes the depth of field with extended focal points and has an inviting allure.



Ceramic Apple--G. Grociani

Atelier Barocco – ‘Apple’

Chris’ Broc  L’Univers de la Ceramique




Atelier Barocco  —  Ceramic Lamp

Chris’ Broc


ceramic sculpture by Barocco-Richard Tarone-and-Jacques-Massard

Ceramic sculpture by Barocco — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard



Apple---G.-Crociani-&-Jacques Massard

‘Apple’ — G.Crociani & Jacques Massard – Barocco

Chris’ Broc



Barocco contemporary sculpture-J.-Massard-&-R-Tarone

Barocco contemporary sculpture J. Massard & R. Tarone

Chris’ Broc



Barocco French contemporary globular vase  - J. Massard & R. Tarone

Barocco contemporary vase  – J. Massard & R. Tarone



Barocco ceramic plate

Barocco abstract plate




‘Apple’ — G. Crociani & Jacques Massard



Apple sculpture --G.-CROCIANI-&-Jacques-Massard--

‘Apple’ — G. Crociani & Jacques Massard



Ceramic sculpture by Barocco -- Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard-artiste-espace-calende-exposition-art-rouen-

Ceramic globular vase by Barocco — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Espace de la Calende


Ocean frolic Barocco vase - under the ocean scene

Ocean frolic Barocco vase – Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

La Bergerie Céramiques


Atelier-Barocco---Lamp--Chris'Broc Galerie---33cm

Black and white vase – Barocco — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Chris’ Broc


Barocco-Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone Sculpture

Atelier Barocco  —  Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone sculpture




Barocco vase - Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Barocco vase – Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Espace de la Calende



‘Apple’ — G. Crociani & J. Massard




French ceramic vase – Barocco — Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone



Globular vessel - Barocco-(Jacques-Massard-and-Richard-Tarone)-=--(French)

Barocco — Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

La Bergerie Céramiques


Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone sculpture

Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone sculpture

Chris’ Broc



Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone ovoid vase-1995,

Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone ovoid footed vase




bacchanalia-celebration-ceramic-tray--Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Bacchanalia celebration ceramic tray – Barocca



Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone 1995 French ceramics

Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone ovoid footed vase- Europa, Pan and Dionysis




Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone ceramic vase

Barocca vase – Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

La Bergerie Céramiques


Lidded ceramic jar -Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Barocca lidded jar




barocco-totem-sculpture - Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Barocco ‘Totem’ sculpture

Chris’ Broc



barocco globular-vase-Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Barocco globular vase  —  Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Le blog de ceramistes-contemporains



Black and white female figure with long hair - barocco-vase




colpelle---Atelier Barocco Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Colpelle—Atelier Barocco  —  Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone




Bowl with female motif---Atelier-Barocco

Colpelle—Atelier Barocco  —  Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Chris’ Broc



Red glaze sculpture Barocco-J.-Massard-&-R-Tarone

Aile sculpture – Barocco

Chris’ Broc



Barocco-J.-Massard-&-R-Tarone perspective vase

Barocco J. Massard & R Tarone




Barocco vase

Galerie Annie Chevalle




Droles-d'oiseaux-Jacques-Massard oil painting

Droles d’oiseaux (Funny birds) —  Jacques Massard oil painting



 Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone vase

Barocco globular vase



Jacques-de-Chateneuil ceramic bottle

Jacques de Chateneuil di Jacques Massard, ceramic nymphs bottle



Face---Barocco-J-Massard-&-R-Tarone abstract head sdculpture

‘Face’  —  Barocco  —  Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

Chris’ Broc




Jacques Massard de Chateneuil & Richard Tarone

ANAGAMA, Galerie d’art



Large footed lamp-Barocco with lemon decoration

Large ovoid ceramic lamp —  Barocco

Barocco (*) – Vallauris céramique ceramistes poterie

Deux céramistes exceptionnels qui travaillent en harmonie depuis des années ; l’un, Richard Tarone, tourne et façonne avec brio, l’autre, Jacques Massard (de Chateneuil), est un virtuose du décor, un extraterrestre…Aujourd’hui, ils ont abandonné la céramique culinaire ou utilitaire, et réalisent exclusivement des sculptures.




‘Wings’ — BAROCCO  —  Jacques Massard & Richard Tarone

Chris’ Broc



Barocco-ceramic-plate - naked man standing on elephant

Barocco ceramic charger



Large ceramic lamp stand -- Barocco

Large ceramic lamp stand — Barocco

La Bergerie Céramiques



Atelier-BAROCCO---Plate with chef motif

Atelier Barocco — Plate with handles and chef motif



Ceramic Sculpture-- BAROCCO -Jacques Massard & Richard Tarone

Ceramic Sculpture– BAROCCO – Jacques Massard & Richard Tarone

Height 67cm  —  Chris’ Broc



‘Pomme’ — G. Crociani & J. Massard

Chris’ Broc


Totem sculpture---BAROCCO-J-Massard-and-R-Tarone

‘Totem’ sculpture — BAROCCO -J. Massard and R. Tarone

Chris’ Broc



Barocco decorative plate- Jacques-Massard-and Richard-Tarone)---(French)

Ceramic plate  — BAROCCO – Jacques Massard & Richard Tarone

La Bergerie Céramiques




BARROCO Jacques Massard and Richard Tarone

La Bergerie Céramiques



Abstract Sculpture-in-sandstone-Barocco

Barocco ceramic sculpture



Richard-Tarone-French ceramicist

Richard Tarone


portraits-Jacques-Massard ceramic artist at work hand painting

Jacques Massard






Ochre ocean elevation – blue rabbit emerge



Vision of a rabbit lake surrounded by a rich ochre terrain from an elevation of 3km

NT,  Australia



Rabbit blue lake in middle of OZ


Despite being the Year of the Rabbit, bunnies weren’t really on my radar, having already done a feature post on the refined rabbit. Recently, while indulging in an arial landscape foray for gong shi exploration, I had a chance sighting of an intruiging rabbit lake in the centre of Australia. It was in an auspicious location due to its proximity to Mount Wedge and Pupanya (origin of Indiginous Aussie Art from bark to canvas). This acted as a visual catalyst that motivated me to take a closer look into the Rabbit Year 

As this year is associated with the Water Rabbit, which only comes every 60 years, the last time this happened was in 1963, right on the cusp of an era of  cultural and artistic revolution.The Water Rabbit arouses artistic fluidity, creative virility, feminine flexibility, moderation, balance and moving with the flow. 

At this time the Beach Boys were launching their  breezy Surf Music mania and wave motion imagery was becoming very popular. Even ocean symbolic, shark fin designs were appearing as a frequent feature on most cars cruising around in the sixties. The bold sea sail architectural statement of the Sydney Opera House was also opened in 1963.

Miro, Jackson Pollock, Guido Gambone, Robert Crumb and numerous artists had introduced a freewheeling flow and spirit in their works, emboldened by a carefree abandon. So many shackles were suddenly shed, releasing an irrestistable spirit of freedom which kept expanding along with the far reaching musical innovation and genre fusion unleashed from Coltrane, Hendrix, The Beatles, Miles Davis and countless others in this artistically fertile decade.




Vivid light festival projected onto sails of Sydney Opera House


The currently unique combination of the Water Rabbit, the emergence of Neptune and the beginning of a new Jupiter Grand Transit (2020) is a potent mix for spiritual illumination. I’m now anticipating a new phase of cultural expansion and creativity becoming imminent. I don’t beleive we can assimilate another ride as wild as the last time but I feel there will be a more nurturing component of rejuvination, creative healing, sustanence and preservation. 

Enjoy this collection inspired by rabbits, feminifience, calming beauty, ochre orange, trippy blue palletes, ethereal spontaneous flow and good fortune.




Wavy hair, flowing dresses, Boho Chic, all in the essemce of the peace loving Water Bunny



Ceramic-Vintage drip glaze vallauris

Vintage drip glaze vessel from Vallauris



large stoneware bowl with bright polychrome floral decoration to the interior exterior glazed in black painted signature diameter 35cm

Tchalenko floral bowl



Daniels Kelly ceramic cups

 Kelly Daniels ceramic cups



Jose de Rivera-vintage sculpture

Jose de Rivera vintage sculpture




Alfajar Ceramica Pequeno Formato Alcuza — Small Flask




Flamboyant vintage orange and white striped vase




Rabbit and Chrysanthemum Flower Suiseki/GongShi stone



Art Nouveau fluttering butterfly vase Stephanie Young

Art Nouveau fluttering butterfly vase — Stephanie Young



Annie-Thomas-Burke mosaic design

Annie Thomas Burke — mosaic panel



 Alfajar imaginary of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures together with the pure abstraction of lines and colors

SpanishAlfajar  — expressive female face vessels



Agnes Weinrich-1920Woman With Flowers

Agnes Weinrich  —  ‘Woman With Flowers’




Anelise Bredow vintage inspired vases

Anelise Bredow vintage inspired vases



Afrofuturism Collages of Kaylan

Afrofuturism Collages of Kaylan




Danseuse de flamenco — Isabelle Tuchband




St Albans Pottery

St Albans Pottery, UK



Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri -- Honey Ant Dreaming

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri — ‘Honey Art Dreaming’


Clifford Possum was an artist of early dot painting activity at Pupunya. His Honey Art Dreaming was featured on the Australian Five Dollar Silver coin.



Vase Sirene 1960 Jean Derval

Vase Sirene — Jean Derval





An interpretation of indigenous dot painting by French artist Melissa Gougeon




Bob Illes —  female sculpture




Sue Tirrell Black Rabbit Star Plate_2019

Sue Tirrell Black Rabbit Star Plate — ‘A bunny Ba Qua’



Portal to another time and place Deborah Halpern

‘Portal to another time and place’ —  Deborah Halpern




5 hand painted nesting doll birds created by Aboriginal artist Leah Brown.River Nesting

5 hand painted nesting doll birds created by Aussie Indigenous artist Leah Brown





Isabelle Tuchband



Banksia-coccinea-flowering-in Stirling Range National Park Terry Dunham

Banksia Coccinea flowering in Stirling Range National Park

photo Terry Dunham



Flowers of Edo Young Womans Narrative Chanting to the Shamisen

Flowers of Edo Young Womans Narrative Chanting to the Shamisen



Monty Dons Gardens of Venice

Monty Don’s ‘Gardens of Venice’



M.Montedoro Art Deco postcard




Irina Charmy Pony

Irina Charmy – ‘Pony’



Lake Titicaca Puma and Rabbit

Lake Titicaca, Puma chasing a Rabbit — The Sacred Lake of the Incas



Natasha Dikareva— Third Eye Poodle



Compressed Spiny Oyster and Mojave TurquoiseCompressed Turquoise Medicine Bear Zuni Fetish

Compressed Spiny Oyster and Mojave Turquoise— Medicine Bear Zuni Fetish



Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Eastern Grey Kangaroo in habitat




Carolyn Genders





Georges Braque — ‘Little Harbor in Normandy’





Alexander Archipenko — ‘Arabian’




Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon



Serpent Rising Alexander Calamei

‘Serpent Rising’ —  Alexander Calamei


— “This dot art piece was inspired during the time of 12/12 /2020 as it was a pinnacle time due to  many stars aligning in our solar system and the dormant energy of the serpent under Uluru rising again. Mother earth is changing and she is waking up in many areas on the planet and Uluru. The centre is the Emotional Chakra of the Earth, waking the dormant serpent to assist with clearing trauma within the consciousness for healing humanity.” — Alexander Calamei




Rising serpent ariel landscape capture

Northern NT




IaRex lAtelier International Artists Residency Exchange




Waylande Gregory Europa and the Bull ca. 1934. Earthenware

Waylande Gregory — ‘Europa and the Bull’

ca. 1934. Earthenware



Christine Brallier -- mosaic blue cat

Christine Brallier — mosaic blue cat

2023 is also Year Of Cat


Bowers Lynn Smier

 Lynn Smier Bowers



Kangpigeon earthenware with glazes and enamels Delinquent children_ Jenny Orchard

‘Kangpigeon’ earthenware with glazes and enamels – Jenny Orchard

Delinquent Children exhibition




‘Dragon and Waves’ 1827

The Yang Dragon is also a polarisation of the Yin Rabbit and their luck. The Water Rabbit is the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac calender.




Wings of Victory 1978

Erte — ‘Wings of Victory’




Women Knowledge GatherersAlexander Calamei

‘Women Knowledge Gatherers’  — Alexander Calamei



Gwion-Motif kimberley rock art

 Yowna Gwion – Kimberley rock art



Hellenistic terracotta vase from Centuripe Sicily

Hellenistic terracotta vase — Centuripe, Sicily




My visiting Huntsman spider promoting the amber vibe



Kumakura Junkischi

Kumakura Junkischi



Laura Bird running green woman vessel

Laura Bird  — running naked green woman vessel



mystical iconic Australian grass tree

Magical iconic Australian grass tree attracts fairies according to folklore.




Painted Plate Dudley Vaccianna

Painted Plate Dudley Vaccianna



Buste Feminin en papier mache

Buste Feminin en papier mache – dédé



Centrotevola in terraccotta Jean Cocteau

Centrotevola in terraccotta Jean Cocteau




Italian Pottery- Bowl  —  Fratelli Fanciullacci



Mata Ortiz Pottery by Lazaro Ozuna Silveira Sgraffito Olla


Mata Ortiz Pottery Sgraffito Olla — Lazaro Ozuna Silveira



Chinese Handmade Ceramic Red Blue White Dimensional Dragon Vase

Chinese Handmade Ceramic Red Blue White Dimensional Dragon Vase




Corinna Maguire – lucky octopus cake

Eight legged creatures like the octopus and the spider (and their web) are worthy of contemplation  because they can guide you beyond entrapement from your deep past. The intricate webs and tentacles being symbolic of the entanglement that can bind us. That’s why traditionally they are known to free emotional and creative blocks. As a new era of inner freedom is now emerging, its a great time for some serious release.



Dresden ZwingerChina Qing Zeit 1644–1911

Porcelain Koi  relief teapot — China Qing Zeit 1644–1911

Dresden Zwinger museum



Edward C. Curtis photo





Alfajar –nude figure flask



Barocco -- Richard Tarone And Jacques Massard V Europa Pan And Dionysis19951995

Barocco — Richard Tarone And Jacques Massard — ‘Europa, Pan And Dionysis’



French Art Deco Colonial Vase

French Art Deco Colonial Vase




Imiso ceramics Africasso vessel



Jean Arp sculpture

Jean Arp sculpture



Joely Clinkard Small Red Spring STROLL Vessel

Joely Clinkard —  Small Red Spring Stroll Vessel



BUTHAUD-Rene -- Plate

Rene Buthaud large plate



Michael Kay circus performers

Michael Kay circus riders




James Webb Telescope Detects An Asteroid Roughly The Size Of Romes Colosseum

Reaching Out  — recent image from the James Webb Telescope




Rabbit Island, Valsanzibio garden, Italy

During the Venice plague of the 1630’s, Giovani  Barbarigo made a vow to the Divine that if his family survived, he would create a grand garden at Valsanzibio.

Monty Don




Large Cobalt Ground Satsuma Vase

Large cobalt ground Satsuma vase





MaPo Kinnord  — ‘Cosmic key’



Ren Buthaud French Art Deco Ceramic Vase Nude Figures

Ren Buthaud French Art Deco ceramic vase with nude figures




Richard Erdman



Sophie MacCarthy Open Houses 2013 Wandsworth Artists

Sophie MacCarthy




Cruising whale rider



Maureen Minchin jug

Maureen Minchin jug


Longwy Figural Ceramic Vase, Longwy France Circa 1930

Longwy Figural Ceramic Vase, Longwy France

Circa 1930



Les Namingha pottery

Les Namingha pottery



Moon gazing hare



Palais Bulles France

Palais Bulles, France





Rudy Autio



Lively, large blue dragon teapot




French Art Nouveau vase with floral relief



Ryuichi Kakurezakis sake bottle stoneware

Ryuichi Kakurezakis sake bottle

6 in. 15 cm in height – stoneware. 2015

photo George Bouret



Mykonos pottery display wall

Mykonos inventive pottery display wall



Young-Stephanie ceramic vessels set

Stephanie Young – ceramic vessels set



photo George Boure Lucien Koonces tokkuri 5½ in. 14 cm in height stoneware 2015

 Lucien Koonces — Tokkuri — 5½ in. 14 cm in height, stoneware 2015

photo George Boure



Rebecca Zweibel-Boat

Rebecca Zweibel  ceramic ‘Boat’



Steve Bicknell

Steve Bicknell abstract dancers sculpture



Satsuma Plate Japan 20th century round with three dragons in low relief

Satsuma Plate with three dragons in low relief





Everest base camp




Herbie Hancock and his Shelby Cobra

( built in Venice California. USA)


The bunny luck was working for Herbie in 1963 (Rabbit Year) when he acquired this Cobra car on a whim in NY for $6000, with money from his paycheck from his huge hit ‘Watermelon Man’. He had also just recorded a song called King Cobra, which he described as an attempt to “expand the flow [of jazz tunes and chords] so that it would go in directions beyond the usual” This was the beginning of  his expanding journey into fusion music that also included building the Funk genre in the 70’s. He still owns the Cobra, currently worth 2 $million.



The Beach Boys with Ray Charles ‘Sail On, Sailor’

Masters of Harmony meeting the Master of Soul, 25th Beach Boys Anniversary Tour, 1987




‘Free’ – Prince, Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, Graham Central Station



Boom Crash Opera — ‘The Best Thing’



Artistic clay coalescence



Conceive. Construct. Emerge. Embrace.  — clay coalesced with an Ochre Theme


All the 5 elements are vividly coalesced when the art of pottery is indulged. It is hard to find a more visual depiction of the manipulation of natures primary forces than when the creation of ceramics is involved. Earth, fire, water, metal and wood are all summoned to contribute and our evolution at its most basic is invited to participate. Because Earth is key to balancing all the other elements {a central belief in traditional Chinese Tao philosophy}, the final product beautifully encapsulates this elemental dance.

 Launching my first post with a new host calls for the dynamism of some vintage abstractions, the luck of the dragon and phoenix, the adaptability and balance of the octopus, inspiration from some ancient creativity and the blessing of Ganesh for embarking on a new venture. Here I am exploring expressive ceramic arts displaying bold, colorful and uplifting designs of unbridled ebullience.

An unplanned ochre theme emerged during the construction of this post which was unsurprising as I have been vibing on this color for months. Ochre being the color polarity of the currently enlivened azure which is full of subtle Neptune vibrancy at the moment and both being instrumental in the awakening of intuitive powers now emerging and needed  Both colors are anchored to the centre Earth Element and are instrumental in harmonizing all the Elements,  essential for physical and ethereal balance. Staying grounded with earthly palettes of orange and green certainly won’t go astray during this time of upheaval.



Vintage Italian vessel with abstract incisions

Carlo Zauli  – 1953







Ming Dragon vase




Attika black-figured Panathenaic amphora




Jingdezhen Porcelain Painting-Dragon Phoenix plate

Jingdezhen porcelain Dragon/Phoenix charger




Europa riding bull-by Marcello Fantoni-Italy

Europa riding bull by Marcello Fantoni



Qing Dynasty Dragon Column



Anne Claire Martin Ceramique

Anne Claire Martin ceramique art



Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase

Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase




Janas Torok Mid-Century stylised vase for Zolnay



john_chamberlain_john_chamberlain fenollosas column-right-the arch of lumps

‘Fenollosas Column’ and ‘The arch of lumps’ — originally I believed they were ceramic sculptures but they are actually produced from crushed cars.

John Chamberlain



John Chamberlain ‘Le First’




‘Gentle Existential’   (2016)– Michelle Blade —

Shifting between subjectivities, Blade  examined the concept of the empath, a person who soaks up the emotional environment around them and internalizes it. Combining these two perspectives, the work within Gentle Existential becomes a personal and geographic mythology, a figurative painter’s feminine and empathic look at the parts versus the whole of experience—and subtle workings of the self within the world.



original in berlin com Giovanni de Simone

Giovanni de Simone Italian vintage vessels




Hermansburg lidded pot decorated with outback landscape


Wayne Quilliam photo

Wayne Quilliam photo


Italian Mimo--Parrucca Octopus Vase

Italian Mimo Parrucca Octopus Vase




Antique Octopus vessel


Revered by the ancients for its metamorphic adaptability and transformative skills, the wonderous octopus with its eight tentacles was a mobile Ba Qua, blessing the oceans as a symbol of balance.



Jim_Robison absract dish

Jim Robison abstract dish



Large Sculptural Vase 2 by Dena Zemsky




 Mandalas inspired contemporary rock art by Megot




Ceramic charger with street dancer motif  —  Pietro Melandri



vintage vase -by-Schramberger-Majolikafabrik

Vintage 60’s vase by Schramberger majolica factory



Large Carstens brutalist relief textured vase




Monochrome Carolyn Genders photo- Steye Speller

Monochrome — Carolyn Genders

photo Steye Speller



Lawrence Namoki Hopi Ancient Ones Awatovi Pottery

Lawrence Namoki — Hopi ‘Ancient Ones’ Awatovi Pottery



Lynda Benglis Stacked Forced Bunch 1993 glazed ceramic 28.5ins

Lynda Benglis ‘Stacked Forced Bunch’

1993 glazed ceramic Height  28.5ins



Massier-Bouteille ceramique

Cedric Massier – Boutelle



Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russias most iconic toys and vintage symbols

Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russia’s most iconic toys and vintage symbols



Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellry

Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellery




poodle figurine of St Clement 1930

Red poodle figurine of St Clement




Linda Damgoor Kandinsky _Stoneware vessel stains white glaze

Linda Damgoor  – ‘Kandinsky’

Stoneware vase with stains, white glaze



Mia Tyson underwater nudes vessel

Mia Tyson underwater sea nudes vessel



Mia-Tyson underwater oceanscape

Mia Tyson — underwater ocean-scape b/w vase

(luvin’ the foreground hand perspective)



Toshiko TakaezuClosed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Very small aperture at the top

Toshiko Takaezu  — Closed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Small aperture at the top.



Mette Maya-abstract poltmorpe vases

Mette Maya – abstract polymorpe vases



Mikhail Vrubel-The Pearl

Mikhail Vrubel – ‘The Pearl’



Milan VI Art Triennial. Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola Head design De Salvo

Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola

Milan VI Art Triennial, Italy



Neighbours -- Marty Ray

‘Neighbours’ — Marty Ray



paul-Dimmer72Antipodean-Venus-2008Paul Dimmer – ‘Antipodean Venus’ooo



Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan_Chris de Fernandez

Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan – Chris de Fernandez



Antique Japanese porcelain vase Fukagawa Meiji_period_19t century

Antique Japanese porcelain vase

Fukagawa Meiji period 19th century



Red goat figurine ceramic handmade red animal sculpture original design Inna Olshansky

Red goat figurine ceramic handmade —  original design



red ceramic bull- sculpture-Inna Olshansky

Red ceramic bull sculpture – Inna Olshansky



Rene Buthard cubist Art Deco vase

Cubist Art Deco vase  — Rene Buthard



Thrown porcelain footed bowl Graham Williamson

Thrown porcelain footed bowl — Graham Williamson




The Flo Motifs ball in Emaux by Nicolas Blandin Longwy

The Flo Motifs ball  by Nicolas Blandin for Longwy





Mirta Morigi Ceramica



Danser Malkovsky Ceramique craquelee blancheThe Malkovsky dancer 1925

Art Deco ‘Danser Malkovsky’ –  Ceramique craquelee figure   – Joel Martel



Pam Schomberg footed slab vase

Pam Schomberg footed slab vase



Berber Kabyle pottery vessel

Berber Kabyle twin handled pottery vessel



Clyde Burt Ceramic Vase with Sgraffito

Clyde Burt ceramic vase with abstract sgraffito




concave roof bm design studios architecture iran schools education_dezeen_hero

Concave rainwater  collecting roof

bm design studios architecture



Jean Gerbino coffee set

Jean Gerbino mosaic (nériage ceramics) coffee set



seeds london gallery Olivier van Herpt

Olivier van Herpt 3D printed ceramic vase



West Bengal village pottery workers

West Bengal village pottery




Italian brutalist table lamp



Jenson Ceramics Saggar fired personal work

Jenson Ceramics saggar fired vases



Round Tree Pottery relief parrot vase



Peter Bodenham Bottle Form

Peter Bodenham  – ‘Bottle Form’

West Wales



Vlad Surovegin vase




Whirlwind Vase-Passionclay

‘Whirlwind Vase’ – Passionclay



miro street sculpture in Mallorca

Miro street sculpture in Mallorca



Persian Schools Relief in the Hall of a Hundred Columns depicting King Xerxes

Persian Schools Relief of  King Xerxes in the Hall of a Hundred Columns




Ana Dominguez  — Red clay sculpture

Nacho Alegre photo



Reiko Miyagi – Tree of Life ovoid plate




Carstens Tonnieshof pumpkin imspired vintage vase design by Gerda Heuckeroth

1963 West Germany



Joanna Powell-vase with vivid dercoration

Joanna Powell vase with vivid decoration


Tiki cups Joanna Powell

Tiki cocktail cups –  Joanna Powell


Karl OLynch von Town Austrian 1869 1942 Snowy Peak in Sunlight

Karl O’Lynch von Town  — ‘Snowy Peak in Sunlight’



Kurt earthenware with glazes and enamels by Jenny Orchard

‘Kurt’ – ceramic  hybrid creature by Jenny Orchard




‘See with the heart plate’  — earthenware with glazes and enamels

Delinquent children series by Jenny Orchard




Mitch Lyons teapot with liquid slips musician motifs




RADA-Kazemachi -- Reiko Miyagi

Kazemachi (favourable breeze) –  Reiko Miyagi





Nancy Gardiner


askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike the head of Medusa and horses 3rd century BCC

Askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike, the head of Medusa and leaping horses

3rd century BCC


Moving Pictures tea pot-Marty Ray

‘Moving Pictures’ – Marty Ray



Larry Spears Wake Up America

Larry Spears ‘Wake Up America’ teapot



 a pair of Lorna Bailey artware jugs stylised owls limited edition

Lorna Bailey stylised owl jugs




Madonna and Child batik — Anna Jaeger



Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull Vase

Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull and horse vase



Anjani Khanna at Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea

Anjani Khanna sculpture — Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea



Barcelona Mosaic Salamnader

Mosaic Salamander




Important-Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong

Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong



Chris Broc-Barocco-destructured-head-2500

Barocco-‘Destructured Head 2500′

Chris Broc



‘Undulating Journey’ – Reiko Miyagi



Their collaborative paintings – new maps for ancient earth – remind us of Tarnanthis call to rise forth to keep moving and inventing AGSA

‘Piltati Malara Wanampi Tjukurpa’

Collaborative painting – Taylor Wanyima Cooper & Witjiti George – new maps for ancient earth – to remind us of Tarnanthi’s ‘call to rise forth, to keep moving and keep inventing’




Yunnan Holy Gemu Mountain Goddess


Gemu Mountain Goddess in the distance — Yugu Lake, Yunnan

Elevation – 37o metres


The lush Yunnan province, in the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas, is said to have as much flowering plant diversity as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere put together. The camellia is the floral emblem of the province, holding the same place in the hearts of its people as the kumquat and peach fruits do in other parts of China. The sacred Gemu Mountain graces the edge of the pristine, deep azure blue Lugu Lake (also known as the Mother Lake} and serenely stretching along its sierra in the form of a woman in a sublime respose, resides a mountain Deity on her lofty throne. This was recognized by the ancient Tibetan tribes of the Mosuos as a good omen for the region and especially because of their matrilineal traditon, they were encouraged to adopt this secluded location for settlement.

To this day in this remote utopian encleve, they still hold annual celebrations for the remarkable Gemu Mountain Goddess on the seventh moon of the lunar calender, with music, dancing and circumnabulations of the mountain, to honour her as their protectress and venerate her as a feminine fertility symbol and for a healthy harvests of their crops. Their deep reverence being transported from a diistant past that reaches into times where the forces of nature ruled their instinctive perception and behaviour.



Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival-(also-known-as-zhuanshanjie)-near-Lugu-Lake

Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival (known as Zhuanshanjie)

Lugu Lake




Mosuo women celebration of the Mountain Goddess



Gemu Mountain — Lugu Lake



Mosuoa girls in a field of flowers

Valley of flowers at Yunnan


Yunnan bird



Chen Yongle---Yunnan Art School painting

Chen Yongle—reduction block print

Yunnan Art School painting



Chen Yongle---reduction block print

Chen Yongle—reduction block print



More goddess icons and feminine archetypes




Jean Alexandre Joseph—Falguièreexpan—-‘Bust Of Diana’

19th Century


Kim Mccombs-clay sculpture

Kim Mccombs



Glass pillar deity sculpture — Cottesloe Beach, WA


Dancing Marie Louise Fuller---Amphora

Dancing Marie Louise Fuller—Amphora


Europa, Pan and Dionysis1995 - Barocca

Europa, Pan and Dionysis — Barocca

France, 1995



Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Ginbari Adachi Kinjiro Vase



 ‘The Musik’ by Gustaf Klimt



Shift of Consciousness-Sculpture by Egor Zigura

‘Shift of Consciousness’  – Sculpture by Egor Zigura



Reflection-female nude sculpture

Feminine Reflection – French female nude sculpture



Frank W. Benson---Summer (1890)

Frank W. Benson— ‘Summer’




Indinginous girls at Opera House

Indinginous girls at Sydney Opera House



Alexande Archipenko,-Woman in Fur,1936

Alexande Archipenko,- ‘Woman in Fur’



Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse-Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus--

Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse – ‘Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus’

As the Goddess of Youth, she was the cupbearer who filled the nectar bowls and served ambrosia to the gods.




Exquisite Satsuma Geisha vase by the Kinkozan studio

Meiji period (late 19th century)


Pythia dreaming Joan Relke

Prophetess of Gaia – ‘Pythia Dreaming’ cast marble — Joan Relke



‘Horizon’ inversion glass orb by Lucy Humphrey



Japanese Geisha vase

Japanese Geisha vase



Pinnicle desert at night

Pinnicle Desert


king neptne-pinnacle desert

King Neptune, (Pinnicle desert)



Michelle Gregor-At the dance II

‘At the dance II’  —  Michelle Gregor



Windy-Tree-Ceramic-cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes

‘Windy Tree’ – Michelle Gregor

Ceramic cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes



Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

Grecian Tanagra statue – Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

320 BC



Tamlaine by Robert Macnair

Tamlaine by Robert Macnair



‘Egyptian Rocket Goddess’ — Audrey Flack

Beauty, transcendance, and strength were some of the attributes the sculptor considered.




‘Endangered’  – Tamara Dean


Grecian woman and antelope profile – Suzy Birnstein


Stonewall Spiral sculpture

Stonewall Spiral sculpture



Keep River National Park, NT

Natural Moai aerial landscape figure

Keep River National Park, NT, Australia



Notturno Piu

Wastelands – Notturno Piu



Rebecca Fontaine Wolf


Rebecca Fontaine Wolf painting

Rebecca Fontaine Wolf

To me images have the ability to turn ordinary people into icons, to encapsulate all their beauty whilst erasing any trace of a banal existence



Diana the Huuntress French Art Deco

‘Diana the Huntress’ French Art Deco sculpture by Uriano



Sevres vase decorated by Susanne Kaehrling



Valentina Sampaio, Vogue Portugal

Photo — Luis Monteiro



Lady of Guadalupe -- Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo

Lady of Guadalupe — Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo



Vincent Van Gogh -- Mulberry Tree

Vincent Van Gogh — ‘Mulberry Tree’




Edouard Cazaux—-Firebirds charger


Vickie Quandelacy Cultural-Affiliation---Zuni corn maiden

Vickie Quandelacy –Zuni corn maiden


Chongqing sculpture


Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge – two of the four Seasons sculptures at the location – these were the first nude public sculptures in China. Cast in aluminium, they stirred up controversy and had to be thinly veiled.




Terracotta relief — Char Bangla Temple

Biswarup Sarkar Flickr




Goddess Durga on the wall of Char Bangla Temple complex, Murshidabad,

As a goddess, Durga’s feminine power contains the combined energies of all the gods.




Christ of the Abyss underwater statue - Miami

Christ of the Abyss underwater statue – Miami



vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae

vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae


Natasha Dikareva teapot




White Dove Figurine – Rosenthal – Signed F. Heidenreich

Germany – 1590


Australian Lyrebird-Alex Maisey

Australian Lyrebird – Alex Maisey



Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia



Statue of Sofia with owl of wisdom sitting on her arm – Georgi Chapkanov

Belgrade, Bulgaria



Annette-Jalilova-sculpture abstracted

Annette Jalilova




‘Awakening’ Sculpture by Mircea Puscas



c, an art print by Julie Dillon-----Space Sirens

‘Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge’, art print by Julie Dillon—–Space Sirens



Ceramic Vase -- Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts

Ceramic Vase — Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts



Dancing Shiva



Land of Venus III-Photograph by Steven Irwin

‘Land of Venus III’ – Photograph by Steven Irwin



Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess.-600–800AD

Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess





Egyptian theme Metal Sculpture head by Pierre Matter



‘Chronos 8’ – Nicolas Schoffer



Monument of gratitude_to_france

Monument of gratitude – Belgrade



Moon Goddess by Becca Douglas

‘Moon Goddess’ by Becca Douglas



Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lilyFirst half of Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C

Egyptian relief – Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lily

    Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C}



Nike--the winged goddess of Victory, her figure at Ephesus,Ionia,Asia-Minor.

Carved figure of Nike–the winged Goddess of Victory

Ephesus,Ionia, Asia-Minor


Duetto female Art Deco figure sculpture by-Erte

‘Duetto’   –  Erte


Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE

Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE, China



Pat Swyler--ceramic sculpture kwan-yin

Pat Swyler — ceramic meditation figures kwan yin



reefline-sculpture-underwater park-Miami-Beach

Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park - Miami Beach

Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Jessie Makinson – ‘Miss ghost’

Fabian Lang Gallery, Zurich


Jessie-Mooy raku art

Raku sculpture – ‘Lady with wolf’ – Jessie Mooy




Goddess relief – Banteay Srei Temple, Ankor Wat



Ada-Loumani glass vessel

French artist Ada Loumani glass vessel




Photo by Amanda Charchian



Ohoto — Emile Ristevski

Katherine  Gorge, Northern Territory


Rōka no geigi-(Entertainer standing on a veranda)---Eizan Kikukawa (1787-1867)

Rōka no geigi (Entertainer standing on a veranda)—Eizan Kikukawa



Chris Hawthorne glass vessel

Chris Hawthorne



Four Moonface cups - Rebecca Hillman

Moonface cups – Rebecca Hillman



Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)

Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)


Green Tara,-14th-15th-centuryTibet

Tibetan Green Tara bronze turquoise statue



Jari Cornelis -- Storm Dragon

Jari Cornelis — Storm Dragon


Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase

 Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase



A female Dryad dances gracefully

Tree carving — female Dryad dancing gracefully


Mulas textile craft of the Kuna people, a self-governing indigenous from the e San Blas islands.



Terracotta Aphrodite riding a dolphin over the sea




Septennial Monster Pottery Fest






Amazing clay creations from deep antiquity to the present


Clayton Baily ceramic robot teapot

Clayton Bailey ceramic robot teapot



Girl with simple pottery wheel Vietnam

Simple hand propelled pottery wheel Vietnam



Ceramic heads displayed at market-day-chichicastenango-guatemala

Ceramic heads – market day at Chichicastenango, Guatemala



 Latin Modernist mural, Barcadi Martini Annex




ball_f._carlton_vase_sware_Wax resist vase 1960s_The forrest

‘The forrest’ wax resist vase – Carlton F Ball





Paola Paronetto contemporary clay vessels



Grotesque Shark Attack birthday cake



Studio Built Coil Vase ana-Merlo-1978

Studio Built Coil Vase –  Jana Merlo



 Terracotta vessel. Greek, Sicilian, Centuripe

Idealized portrait of a bride or of Aphrodite, the love goddess

3rd-2nd century BC



Bobo mask dancing in Bwa purification ritual. Burkina Faso



Lustre Enamel on copper bowl, NY

Lustre Enamel on copper bowl, NY

1898 – 1902



Bronze Effect Lace Wrap Vessel

 Lace wrap ceramic vessel with bronze effect



Ovoid vessel by Tony Laverick

Porcelain vase by Tony Laverick. UK





Ceramic rooster vase sculpture by Dominique Pouchain



Cloisonne enamel dragon vase---Meiji era-(1868-1912),-late-19th-century-Bonhams

Cloisonne enamel dragon vase—Meiji era-(1868-1912), late 19th century




CHRIS BROC---Barocco destructured head

Barocco destructured head ceramic sculpture




Coco Schoenberg-1990-French American

Contemporary folded vase Coco Schoenberg (French American)




Clever advertising for bubble wrap



'Dancers'-Ceramic ovoid vase with open-neck, enameled gray green decorated with frieze of dancers

Georges CONDE et MOUGIN (XX) “Danseuses”

Ceramic ovoid vase with open neck, enameled gray/green & decorated with frieze of dancers



David Geschke.-Lidded sphere vessel

David Geschke Lidded sphere vessel



Devrim Sevim Aykac mosaic planter

Devrim Sevim Aykac mosaic planter



Eclpise raku basket-Dragonfly Pottery

‘Eclpise’ raku basket – Dragonfly Pottery



Edwin and Mary Scheier--Vessel,-1986

Edwin and Mary Scheier Incised vessel,




Egyptian-Revival garden throne by-bridgette

Egyptian Revival garden throne with gargoyle pillars



El Hussein Fawzi---Felaha and Jars

El Hussein Fawzi—‘Felaha and Jars’



Etruscans - Transport of Lebanese cedar in dragon ship. at the king Sargon II palace at Dur Sharrukin in Assyria c. 713–716 BC

 Transport of Lebanese cedar in Etruscan dragon ship. at the king Sargon II palace at Dur Sharrukin in Assyria

Wall relief  c. 713–716 BC




Etruscan Vase with lid — animals facing each other and geometric patterns.

Cerveteri, around 630 BC



Eva Zeisel art deco vase

Dekor Futura – Eva Zeisel art deco vase

The International Design Museum Munich (A. Laurenzo)




Gene and Rebecca Tobey

“Ruby Throat” – Gene & Rebecca Tobey

Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art  Sedona



Geometric Bird Askos,-c. 700-BC

Geometric Bird Askos

c. 700-BC



Gio Ponti vase

Gio Ponti vase

Milan, 1930



Livia Gorka---Grouping of 4 Vases---Hungary,-c1950

Livia Gorka — Grouping of 4 Mid Century Vases

Hungary  c1950




Huge antique Tullio Mazzotti vase

Albisola, Italy




Famille Rose Hu Vase, Qianlong




Satsuma Japanese vase




Kanika Sircar vessel

Kanika Sircar footed ceramic vessel



Kelk VaasJohan Van Loon

Rafa Perez


Valcke art gallery, Belgium



'Knightand Tiger'-by-British-artist John Maltby

‘Knight and Tiger’ by British artist John Maltby




Kukuli Velarde’s-Chola de Mierda-(Moche-Peru,-AD-200)

Kukuli Velarde’s-Chola de Mierda

(Moche, Peru, AD-200)



Lesley Jemson raku vase

Lesley Jensen raku vase



Lora Rust Ceramic vase

Lora Rust Ceramic vase



Mãe d’Àgua ceramic wall mural Arnie Zimmerman

‘Mãe d’Àgua’ ceramic wall mural — Arnie Zimmerman

Everson Museum



MichaelLucero-on artnet--michael-lucero-island dreamer

Michael Lucero- ‘Island Dreamer’




Mount Teide Volcano

Mount Teide Volcano, Canary Islands, Spain



Oceans-Edge#5 Toshiko Takaezu,-American,-----1922---2011

‘Oceans Edge#5’  —  Toshiko Takaezu



Pablo Picasso-ceramic vase woman lampe-1958

Pablo Picasso — ceramic vase woman face lampe





Hand painted amphora with anicient Goddess motif, Moldova




Patricia Griffin ceramic lidded vessel



Persian Ceramic Plate c19th Century

Persian Ceramic Plate c19th Century



Magdalene Anyango N. Odundo burnished vase

Magdalene Anyango N. Odundo burnished vase

H-16 ins – 1990



Royal Copenhagen-Thorsson Bacca-tie dye vase

Royal Copenhagen – Thorsson Bacca tie dye vase




Samarkand-Ovoid Neriage vase-Matsui Kosai

Ovoid Neriage vase – Matsui Kosai



Vase by Rudolf Staffel,-American,-1911---2002--Philamuseum

Vase by Rudolf Staffel, American, 1911-2002

Philadelphia Museum



Sandy Terry hand-built and wheel thrown decorative wirecut teapot

Sandy Terry hand-built and wheel thrown decorative wirecut teapot



Sea lion and pup mosaic art

Sea lion and pup mosaic floor panel – Gary Drostle

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto, CA


Dungenese Crab--Gary-Drostle--Dungeness Crab and mussels mosaic-panel

Gary Drostle — Dungeness Crab and mussels mosaic panel



Takamori, Akio,-Blue Nude Figure,-22.5-x-14

Aiko Takamori  —  ‘Blue Nude Figure’

22.5 x 14 inches



TFS Ltd-Phoenix Majolica Vase

Phoenix Majolica Vase – TFS Ltd



Kiapkwa Polychrome Water Jar United States, New Mexico, Zuni Pueblo, Zuni

circa 1840-1850 Earthenware and pigments Height– 14 .5 in



Large Aztec Winged vessel--Goddess of Maize temple vessel

Large Aztec Winged vessel – Goddess of Maize temple vessel



Vases in Rosso Levanto and Bianco Michelangelo Marble, by Matteo Cibic,Italy

Vases in Rosso Levanto and Bianco Michelangelo Marble, by Matteo Cibic,Italy




Full moon through North Window Arches

National Park, Utah, USA



Tina Banitska. Vase Springmount Pottery

Tina Banitska Vase –  Springmount Pottery

Creswick Victoria, AUS



 7th-century B.C. #amphora has the earliest known depiction of the #Trojanhorse

This 7th-century B.C. amphora relief has the earliest known depiction of the Trojan horse and shows the Greek warriors hidden inside.




Zsolnay Pitcher shaped like a bird

1898-1899, stoneware, eosyna lustre glaze

Janus Pannonius Múzeum



Victorian Bust Terracotta-Pottery-Pair-Figures-Johann-Bloch

Victorian Bust Terracotta Figures Pair – Johann Bloch




Walter Paul Suter American Art Deco glazed pottery sculpture



Wayne Higby,-Temple’s Gate Pass, 1988,-Smithsonian American Art Museum

Wayne Higby, ‘Temple’s Gate Pass’

1988, Smithsonian American Art Museum



Yoko-Komae-ceramic- bottle

Yoko Komae



Yui Tsujimura ceramic vessel

Yui Tsujimura pottery



women hauling water

Precious water deep well



cinque terre monterosso Neptune statue

Cinque Terre Monterosso Neptune statue




Solo lemon, morning sunbeam heart

The lemon tree in my garden has been barren for seven years and it recently produced a lemon. On capturing this achievement for the record I unknowingly got the bonus of an early morning sunlight heart.



Vintage India Hand painted Porcelain Vase-Monkey Riding Elephant

Vintage India Hand painted Porcelain Vase-Monkey Riding Elephant




Le Dieu De La Ceramiche-God of Ceramics-Francois Raty

‘Le Dieu De La Ceramiche’-(God of Ceramics) – Francois Raty




Ovoid vase with three constricted necks connected by a glazed ceramic handle yellow tinged green decorated with geometric patterns.

Vilmos Zsolnay 1900




Bruno Anders large abstract decorated vase

Bruno Anders large 21 inch tall abstract ceramic vase








Ceramics, sculptures and visual art – from antiquity to contemporary


‘Peace. love and calmness within’  sculpture by Kay Singla



Vincent Schoepfer ceramics

Vincent Schoepfer terracotta vessel



Expressive Decorative  Rythyms in ceramic art



Creekside Pottery---

Creekside Pottery



Art quotes, quirks and conquering clay


Hollow Mountain dragon – The Grampians





Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle


amethyst crystal guardians

Amethyst crystal guardians




Angels and Doves in the arts


Valentina Pisarevskaya – 2012




Muse and creator – Lydia Corbett


Picasso and Sylvette




Goblet or chalice vessel with French Armagnac eggnog


Glass Goblet



Lava glaze eruption at Mid Century



The Lava glaze ceramics of the 60’s were an extension of the Bauhaus design concept of creating affordable decorative arts for mass consumption during the middle of the 20th century. The manufacturing process was simplified with the use of pottery casting molds and the application of a diverse array of imaginative glazes by the enamelers and glaze technicians.



Compelling clay shapes collection



Chris Gustin




Art Deco Femme Du Monde






Mid Century aesthetic – atomic, minimal, kitsch, space-age


Bottle vase - Bodo Mans

Vintage bottle vase by Bodo Mans



3 contemporary female ceramicists – Britain


Sophie Cook-British contempporary ceramics

Sophie Cook



Ingrid_Saag 2011-Mango Pickers vase

Ingrid Saag —  Mango Pickers 



Vivienne-Foley-pair-of-vases black and white

Vivienne Foley



Azure allure along the Silk Road


twin handled vase from Middle East



Silk road inspired ceramic vase

San Polo Venice vase



Pots and planters from medium to huge


Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom by Felicity Aylieff -2012

‘Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom‘ by Felicity Aylieff



Sergey Karlov –  Siberian stone mosaics



‘Detachement’  Stone mosaic by Sergey Karlov




Chilean escultura ceramica – Pascale Lehmann


Ceramic sculpture – Pascaale Lehmann




Shamanic sculpture vision




Gusto mache mucho papier figures


Guardian Angel paper mache gusto

‘Guardian Angel– Mauricio Perez



Fragrance atomisers, incense burners



night light fragrance burner

‘Argilor’ incense burner, night light



Evolving ceramic arts


T.A.C Colenbrander vase, Netherlands, 1921



Symphony of dreaming visuals



Elena Markova – Crescent moon dreaming


Alice Federico’s pottery whimsy


Tall, footed ceramic vase with ribbon handles – Alice Federico

17.5 inches tall, footed ceramic vase with ribbon handles – Alice Federico



Abstract motifs in ceramic design



Alexander-Archipenko-Seated-Figure-1938 ceramic sculpture

Alexander Archipenko – ‘Seated Figure’, 1938



Ceramic perspectives of Barocco 


Spatial illusions of  Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard


Ceramic globular vase by Barocco — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard

Ceramic globular vase by ‘Barocco’ — Richard Tarone and Jacques Massard



Fundamental Feng Shui and decor features



Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie,

Hunan Province, China via Jone



Cruising thru the Clayniverse





Inverloch Mermaid


Klaipeda,mermaid sculpture Lithuania-on-Baltic-Sea

Klaipeda mermaid sculpture




The Kangaroo Valley sculpture and arts biennial


kangaroo-valley-art-festival-2015 mountain sculpture

‘Orb’ by David Ball

Kangaroo valley art festival



Modern ceramic relics – Nicolette Johnson


Nicolette Johnson-black glaze pitcher with long handle




South Africa creative pottery



South African ceramic vase by Lucinda Mudge

‘The beat of my heart’ yellow vase  – Lucinda Mudge



Ikebana vision of transcendence



Shoka shimputai ikebana – Lusy Wahyudi



Modernist glass arts – Sweden


Peter Hermansson glass art

Peter Hermansson



 Fortuny Palazzo Museum


Portrait OF A Muse Fortuny-Palazzo-Museum-

‘Portrait of a muse’  painting by Mariano Fortuny, 1935

Portrait of Henriette Fortuny in Pompeian costume with a Delphos dress and Knossos scarf designed by Mariano Fortuny, printed with geometric, asymmetrical patterns and motifs inspired by Cycladic art



Calming ceramic vessels – greens, white, black


Aoki Ryota



Venice contemporary and modern art



Headless Diablo with bowl – Damien Hirst

Venice-art-Biennale – 2017



Indigenous ethnic potteries – Maghreb and Central America


Tunisian geometric design ceramic vase

Nabeul, Tunisia – 1930’s



Africa Shona sculpture


Ocean-Wave-by-Authur-Manyengedzo - carved stone sculpture

Ocean Wave by Authur Manyengedzo



Mid-century modern interior decor design


Italian Mid Century ceramic pitcher – Fratelli Fanciullacci

Italian Mid Century pitcher – Fratelli Fanciullacci



Indigenous Australian arts compilation



Star-Ark---Arone-Meeks black and white Australian aboriginal art

‘Star Ark’ — Arone Meeks



Japanese tea cups, yunomi and guinomi



Takuma-Murakoshi-Tea cup

Takuma Murakoshi tea cup




Sculptural Teapot Tempest


Tea here now – one pot, infinite flavors

If you have one teapot
And can brew your tea in it
That will do quite well.
How much does he lack himself
Who needs to have more things?
~Sen no Rikyū



Fuller Craft Museum–Image by Mryipyop via flickr



Blue-and-Yellow-Running-Man ceramic teapot sculpture---Tony-Bennett

‘Blue and Yellow Running Man’  teapot — Tony Bennett



The Art of ‘ism’s



Theodore-Deck-Iznik-inspired-vessel lustre glaze

Theodore Deck


Art Deco in the movies


Faye Ray, 1935



Dolores-Del-Rio - face of art deco

Dolores Del Rio – known as the face of art deco




Garden fountains sojourn



Moscow fountain



African tribal pottery styles


Selection of different tribal clay pottery

Selection of vintage tribal pottery in Burkina Faso


Danielle Adjoubel lustreware revival


 Danielle Adjoubel



Pottery destination Southern France – Le Don du Fel


Le-Don-Du Fel-Gallery-Studio France

Le Don Du Fel Gallery/Studio



Rooster, peacock, phoenix – new dawn rising


There are numerous legends associated with the The Camino de Santiago, also known as the pilgrim’s “Way of Saint James”, involving the portents of rooster resurrection and crowing to prove a man’s innocence.


Tibetan Phoenix


Edgy clay art



Laura Jean McLaughlin — ‘Down to the River’



Israeli potter sculpture


Inna-Olshansky--Israeli-sculptor horse

Inna Olshansky



Shamai-Sam-Gibsh wood fired vase

 Shamai Sam Gibsh




Mother and Child sculptures



Gustav-Adolf-Mossa---Oak-relief Mary and Jesus

Gustav Adolf Mossa—Oak relief



Perusing the poster arts





Exploring light on the Full Moon


Moon over bridge - Photo by Birgitta Sjostedt - flickr

Moon over bridge – Photo by Birgitta Sjostedt – flickr




Steven Forbes deSoule – Raku with lush hues



‘Space Rock Monolith’raku sculpture – Steven Forbes

‘Space Rock Monolith’ – Steven Forbes




Diversity of clay designs – South Africa





Dream Box ‘spring-celebration’ by Catherine Brennon.



Fashion and Clay – Belgium, USA


HrVi-Ceramic-pendant-'-VENUS-' with model




Roger Capron – vivacious Vallauris ceramics



raku lady in baggy red pants hopping by Roger Capron

‘Hopping’ – Roger Capron



Contemporary sculptural busts



figurative sculpture bust of a woman

Marnie Gable



Gil Bruvel – ‘Flowing’


Futuristic utopian fashion innovations


outfit by japanese designer Yojira Kake

Yojiro Kake Design for The Creatures Factory



Encounter with a mystical spider


Goyin-Silveira spider motif olla vessel

Spider motif olla – Goyin Silveira



Contemporary clayartist concepts



Accretion jungle of vessels – Haas Brothers

Haas Brothers


Andrea & John Gill – decorative ceramic art







Aussie sculptural landscape


‘Returning to Whole’ – Astra Parker



The ceramic recreations of Munemi Yorigami




 Munemi Yorigami contemporary ceramic sculpture

Munemi Yorigami – fragmented sculptures




Elegant Design Nuance of Art Nouveau






Art of the Buddha:




Fairy cave temple, Keelung



Shino Glaze Diversity – Adam Whatley





Gilded cosmic gyrations of Lina Viktor



Golden disks, orbs and triangles arranged with an array of sacred precision, iconography and Egyptian art deco geometries, boldly infused with electric blues, white and black to conjure a transcendent whole.



Street Cred Visuals


photographer-rui-palha portugal A woman alks past a large billboard of two women with afro hairstyles

Photographer Rui Palha, Portugal




Mixed Media Ceramic – 2D and 3D



Catherine White



Nancy Selvin




Intriguing Artifacts of the Ancients



Apollo carrying his kithara holds a phiale (flat cup) for Nike (Victory) to pour a libation into with an omphalos (sacred navel) in between.





Interior Design deliberations




Clays enlightened – contemporary, quirky, surreal


Joe-Lawrence Two ceramic fisherman busts

Joe Lawrence


Japanese Geisha’s tradition in art







Russell Ackerman Lancaster potter



‘Echo Of Deco’ – art deco inspired vase



Daily Pottery Art Feed extended



Regular pottery updates



Amazing Octopus Art



Scott Musgrove Octolamp




Afrocentric Artistry





Cats and Dogs



Wirehair Fox Terrier Statue



Sixties quest for the elusive eden







Intriguing Clayart Oddities and Obscuria’s



Ceramic-sculpture - Circus performer riding a monocycle by Hermien Buytendijk

Circus performer – Hermien Buytendijk

‘Obscurio’ is a term I use for pieces that arouse curiosity but have their meaning obscured, either by vague, incongruous visuals, lack of information in the title or deliberate concealment.



Flight Of Bunjil



Mosaic sundial, Torquay



Ceramics – subdued palette, matt surface


KEN-EASTMAN--contemporary folded clay sculpture

Ken Eastman



Sculptures Of Abstraction



Alexander Archipenko,  ‘Architectural Figure’



Portuguese Azulejos Art Grandeur


Painel-de-Azulejos---Leça-do-Balio - blue and white tiles with garden scene framed by columns




Mural street art


Pixel-Pancho street mural - emerald green and yellow robot figure wall mural art

Pixel Pancho




Contemporary art plates and platters


David-Nelson---Black-and-White-Charger - abstract motifs in white on a black plate

‘Black and White Charger #1’  – David Nelson



Fun sculptures of the playground


Dancers-in-Hradec-Kralove - playground dancer structures in mixed primary colours




Inspired Decor Dynamics


SICIS-Milan-showroom with long mushroom pink sofa and large ceramic mural mosaic


Art Deco Dandy



‘L’Aviation’  – Frederic Focht



Aficionado coffee sets design





Awesome Horses In The Arts


Ancient-Chinese horse head in terracotta




Contemplating Zen floral design


Infinite ikebana -

Infinite Ikebana



Eternal Spring



Edouard Cazaux



Modern Italian Mosaics Design – SICIS


sicis-lif-essence-2013-Private House Doha Qatar




Mystical gardens and sculptures tour


Australia-Contemporary-Garden - modern stone slab sculptures

Australia Contemporary Garden



Aboriginal clay sculpture - Ricketts Sanctuary - photo by Chris-Wang

William Ricketts Sanctuary


Ceramic Narratives



Gerardo Monterrubio – 2014


Sally Hook – bush ceramics


Highness-Sally-Hook-white porcelain bust

Highness – Sally Hook



Mosaic Sculptural Art



Ship-of-Fools-by-Deborah-Halpern---mosaic sculpture Sydney Sculpture by the Sea

‘Ship of Fools’ by Deborah Halpern






The Doctor visits Vincent






Balombini and Bollini – mixed media arts



Woman in Window – Juliana Bollini



A teapot charm offensive



Natasha-Dikareva – ‘Between East and West’



 Dhokra Tribal Art

Dhokra tribal Art



Roelna Louw sculptures



Roelna Louw sculptures



Modernist marvels from the Mid-Century


André-Aleth-Masson Mid Century modernist abstract sculpture

André Aleth Masson, France



Venice Art Edge, USA


"Inner Universe" by Skount - Part-of-“Identity-disorder”-series-exhibed-at-C.A V E gallery

“Inner Universe”  – Skount (Spain)

C.A.V.E Gallery  Venice, CA



 Exotic Egyptian Art Deco




Art Deco dancers figurine – Marc Guillard, Paris



Art – contemporary OZ


ibis-in-flight--Kate Elsey contemporary painting of flying Ibis birds


‘Ibis In Flight’ — Kate Elsey



Relief Art Egypt






Lalique – French sublime design


Entering the elegant world of Rene Lalique can be spellbinding and it’s easy to be off with the fairies, sirens and nymphs in a forest of serpents, dragonflies, ravens, swans, bats, gazelles, butterflies and other exotic creatures from the Nouveau repertoire.






Pottery resurrection Mata Ortiz



Goyin Silveira — ‘Tarantula Olla’




Roberto Olivas Sgraffito Olla


Gardens with sculpture


Henry-Moore'The-Goslar-Warrior'-(1975)-Abstract Sculpture-Goslar---Germany

‘The Goslar Warrior’ – Henry Moore



Futurist Fervor


Unleashing the futurist dynamic:




‘Perspectives in Flight´– Futurist Fedele Azari



Slender-vase-with-handles-Series-F-1937 Nicolaj-Diulgheroff-for-Tullio-Mazzotti--of-Albisola

Mazzotti vase




French Designer Jean Dunand



Jean-Dunand---lacquered-panel-from-'La-Chasse' of a bare chested man shooting an arrow

Jean Dunand—lacquered panel from ‘La Chasse’


Contemporary sculptures from Greece


The contemporary art of three Greek  sculptors – Theodore Papayannis, Yiannis Nanouris and Yannis Koutsouradis.


Theodore-Papagianni modernist sculpture of a couple together

Theodore Papagianni



Hideaki Miyamura


Creating a new glaze has been a lifelong passion for Hideaki Miyamura, his newest glaze being a ‘crystalescent’ yohen.


Hideaki-Miyamura--reddish brown glaze bottle


 Sculptural Couture




‘Convo’ Rescue  interior decorating





 Circus Performance in the Arts


Tiffany and Co-NY-Silver and enamel acrobat figures


Contemporary Clay In Santa Fe


Native American Sculpture - Kokopelli-Tammy Garcia

‘Kokopelli’ – Tammy Garcia


Street Sculpture


Andy-Scott,-Lifeline -photo- fjstuart.blogspot

‘Lifeline’  by Andy Scott



Ceramic Wine Pots


Georgian Kvevri wine pots

Qvevri wine pots from Georgia


Dragons In The Arts





Josephine Baker Captivates the Jazz Age


Edouard Cazaux spherical ceramic Jazz Age vessel in gold-white and grey

Edouard Cazaux Jazz Age vase


AMOCA – American Museum of Ceramic Art – 10th Anniversary



Mid Century sculpture – 1959


Public Sculptures – Canberra Australia

Pierre-de-Wiessant-from-the-burghers-of-Calais-by-Auguste-Rodin-Sculpture-Garden-National-Gallery-of-Australia-CanberraAuguste Rodin sculpture in Canberra



Czech, Bohemia Clayarts


Czechoslavakia is blessed with a fascinating history of ceramic design which developed rapidly after the introduction of porcelain in the 1790’s.

Royal-Dux-figure-37cm Art Deco lady in a black gown walking two white greyhounds

Pottery Raku Rapture


The originator of raku in Japan was Sasaki Chojiro, who first produced raku pieces for the Japanese tea ceremony in the 16th century. He learnt the technique from his father Ameya, who was trained in the Ming Dynasty Sencai pottery tradition and was brought to Kyoto, Japan from China.

shaun-hall-raku vessel with asymmetrical shape


Unique Clayart

Alberto-Giacometti highly textured clay head


Sea Sculptures

Transfiguration Screw IX

Transfiguration Screw IX   by Mitsuo Takeuchi


Egyptian Revival Art 

Egyptian Revival mantle clock


The Roman rule of Egypt from 30 BC to 395 AD led to Roman decorations incorporating Egyptian motifs and an increased interest in Egyptian culture. During the Italian Renaissance “Egyptomania” resurfaced.. read more


Pottery Arts – The Masters

Celebrating the potters and pottery companies that have been recognized for their contribution to the ceramic arts with their unique designs, innovations and classic creations and their influence in introducing new styles and movements in the field of ceramics.




Ceramics Moderno – Marcello Fantoni


Many Mid-Century collectors covet a Marcello Fantoni piece for their flair and originality. Fantoni’s ceramic designs came to embody the timeless appeal of classic and traditional Italian pottery merged with challenging modernist and progressive movements.  Read More


Stream of white

Reptile vas -by Stig Lindberg

It’s a potters world



Elephant Ceramics — Michele Michael



 7 Koans, 30 unknown artists


Koan :  Once a division of the Japanese army was engaged in a sham battle, and some of the officers found it necessary to make their headquarters in Gasan’s temple. Gasan told his cook: “Let the officers have only the same simple fare we eat.” This made the army men angry, as they were used to very deferential treatment. One came to Gasan and said: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers, sacrificing our lives for our country. Why don’t you treat us accordingly?” Gasan answered sternly: “Who do you think we are? We are soldiers of humanity, aiming to save all sentient beings.”

Tripod Bowl with Parrot Feet-457x357


Figurines Of Intrigue

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The Okinawan Clayart Bio Chi



The Okinawan’s believe they are teenagers up to the age of 50, which is probably the most distinctive quality in their mindset compared to the West.









Ukrainian painted porcelain sculptures  :
Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev

Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontiev hand painted porcelain owl


 Egyptian pottery :


Lourve Egyptian Pots




The ancient Egyptians were gifted artisans and pottery was an art where they excelled. Egypt in the pre dynastic period produced pottery of very high quality From 3000BC on their pottery was decorated with   depictions of animals, humans, boats and various  other patterns and symbols. Two main veins of  pottery existed during this period,  pottery from Nile clay ( red/brown after firing ) and pottery from marl clay ( usually polished to give a lustrous look ).




The bowl in the top right corner of this page was created and photographed by ceramicist/photographer Philippe Buraud  at la porte du soleil