Contemporary Clay In Santa Fe


Santa Fe Indian Market

SWAIA – Santa Fe Indian Market

Every August since 1922, the largest Native American Indian arts market, in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, features over 1000 artists


Rich art tradition of Santa Fe


The New Mexico city of Santa Fe is a high desert (2100 metres) cultural mecca that is a fascinating blend of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo cultures. Combined with historic adobe architecture surrounded by wide expanses filled with a radiant natural light and sacred elements, recognized by the native Indians, it has been a magnet for artists, scientists, mystics, rebels, cowboys and tourists for decades. Since the 20’s the “city incongruous” was promoted as a place where you should feel free to be different. The diverse cultural influences are evident in most of the works by the local artists, and works are also displayed below by outside artists that regularly  have exhibitions in the Santa Fe markets and galleries. “At Santa Fe Indian Market, we are not just promoting and selling art, we are unfolding the history and legacy of Native traditions and cultures, while recognizing contemporary growth and evolution,” said Dallin Maybee, SWAIA’s Chief Operating Officer. “Santa Fe Indian Market allows you to immerse yourself in a rich, sacred cultural experience. It is a place to embrace diversity, creativity, living traditions and a warm sense of family.” The Santa Fe Indian Market is the largest juried Native art show in the world and the largest cultural event in the Southwest.




Bill Worrell- shaman sculpture

Bill Worrell (b.1936),  ‘Masked Cape Shaman’

Height –  21 1/4  inches




Diego-Romero- traditional-contemporary-bowl

Diego Romero



Anita Fields black and white bowl

 Anita Fields clay bowl




Anita Fileds terracotta sculpture

 Anita Fields

Anita Fields website



Anita Fields ceramic sculpture

 Ceramic sculpture – Anita Fileds




ceramic-sculpture Anita Fields

 Anita Fields – black / white ceramic sculpture





Terracotta sculpture – Anita Fields

Height 39 1/2 inches



Native Artist Anita Fields (Osage)

 Santa Fe Indian Market award – Native artist Anita Fields (Osage)





Estella Loretto (b.1954), ‘Flute Player’

After being accepted into the Institute of American Indian Arts at the age of sixteen, Estella Loretto went on to study in Belgium, Oaxaca, India and Nepal.

Annual Santa Fe Art Auction – liveauctioneers




Gretchen-Wachs---CERAMICS Sculptural vessel

 Gretchen Wachs, Santa Fe

‘There is movement in all of my work, sometimes kinetic and full of emotion, sometimes bold and masterful, sometime languid and tentative.’

Gretchen Wachs website





Trapezoid Column ( 3 views ) –  Gretchen Wachs



 ‘Torso Short’ –  Gretchen Wachs




 Gretchen Wachs ceramics

 Gretchen Wachs




Native artist Lorraine Gala Lewis

 Ceramic-bowl – native artist Lorraine Gala Lewis

Growing up in Nambe Pueblo in northern New Mexico, Lorraine always appreciated the beauty and serenity of being outdoors.This has allowed her to express her creativity by working with the clay. “With clay, you’re actually giving life to it by creating your own piece of pottery, this becomes a part of you.”




Greyshoe Ethelbah sculpture - female corn dancer

‘ The Blessing ‘  – Greyshoe Ethelbah (Santa Clara Pueblo/White Mountain Apache)

 Bronze sculpture cast from a mold of a hand carved stone sculpture. It represents a female corn dancer at Santa Clara Pueblo, dancing during the feast day on Aug. 12. She is shown giving her blessings with corn in each hand – blessing to all people, Indian and non-Indian alike.




Helen-Stanley-(b.1949 ) Kiva

 ‘Kiva’ – Helen Stanley – footed bowl






‘Flowing Koi Fish’ – Christopher Youngblood-Cutler – (Santa Clara Pueblo)

Chris was inspired to make this piece by watching his koi fish swimming in his backyard pond. He worked on this piece between 200-250 hours and the piece was built, carved, sanded and stone polished by hand followed with traditional firing.





Gerry Quotskuvya,-Hopi - native Indian art

 Gerry Quotskuvya,-Hopi



Ganesha street statue

 Santa Fe Ganesh sculpture




Jody Folwell ceramic pot

 Jody Folwell




Jesse Monongya – Navajo/Hopi




Kathleen Wall clay figurine

 Kathleen Wall  (Jemez Pueblo)




Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano ceramic figure

 Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano – Cochiti / kewa pottery




Lisa Holt- Harlan Reano--Cochiti--Santo-Domingo--Kewa-Pottery-Pottery-----ollas

‘Rosie Skull’  olla – Lisa Holt & Harlan Reano



Lisa-Holt-and-Harlan-Reano-- figurine

Contemporary native art – Lisa Holt &  Harlan Reano




Lisa-Holt-and-Harlan-Reano---dragonfly olla

Black / White Olla –  Lisa Holt – Harlan Reano


Lone Ranger Love-Sue Folwell at Kinght Galleries-sold

 ‘Lone Ranger Love’ – Sue Folwell

Sue Folwell website

Santa Clara Pueblo artist Susan Folwell is a Native American potter combining traditional materials and methods with modern themes, whose works speaks to the contemporary confluence of Indian identity.
” It is the use of native clays and interpreting native designs which creates the foundation for her art. Inspired by personal and world events, Susan’s pottery blends catharsis of the spirit with a love of the clay.”

The designs are a beautiful and cautious blend of innovation and tradition, ideal and metaphor, spiritual and social. When each piece is finished, Susan knows as an artist that she has presented a moment of herself into the clay and her personal expression continues to find voice in her art.





Pueblo Girl - Susan Folwell

‘Pueblo Girl’  – Sue Folwell

Charles King (King Galleries) : When you start working on a piece of pottery.  Do you have a vision of what you want it to be in terms of shapes or design?

Sue Folwell :  I used to just make pottery and let it come out in whatever form it wants to.  It’s going to do that anyway, no matter what you want it to do.  It definitely has a mind, a soul of its own. 




Pottery - Kick Ass by Susan Folwell

 ‘Kick Ass’ – Sue Folwell


Santa Clara potter - Cycle of Life - Sue Folwell

‘Cycle of Life’  –  Sue Folwell




Lovegun-1 Sue Folwell pottery

 ‘Lovegun 1′  – Sue Folwell




It'a all over Sue Folwell

 ‘It’s all over’ – Sue Folwell


native artist Susan Folwell Corn Maiden Jar

‘Corn Maiden Jar’ – Sue Folwell





Nicolai Fechin-(1881---1955),-Large Pilgrim, Bronze Cast-1997

 ‘Large Pilgrim’  – Nicolai Fechin-(1881—1955), Bronze Cast-1997




Preston Singletary Bear Man Blue Rain Gallery

‘Bear Man’ – Preston Singletary

Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe




Native American Art - Preston Singletary --- Hawk Beak

‘Hawk Beak’– Preston Singletary

 Blue Rain Gallery, Santa Fe





‘Trixter’ – Sheldon Harvey, Navajo

Using a blending of traditional and contemporary while drawing on traditional stories, he incorporates elements of cubism and expressionism into his metal sculptures, carvings and oil paintings and experiments with representational and abstract subjects.  His vision has always been to paint and sculpt ancient Navajo stories he’s known since childhood.



SWAIA---Santa Fe Indian Market Les Namingha’s Zuni work-is-as-complex-as-his-personal-experience-being-a-Native-artist-inhabiting-a-contemporary-world

 Les Namingha’s Zuni work is as complex as his personal experience being a Native artist inhabiting a contemporary world

 SWAIA—Santa Fe Indian Market



Native Indian sculpture Kokopelli-Tammy Garcia

 ‘ Kokopelli ‘ – Tammy Garcia



Tammy-Garcia carved ceramic pot

 Tammy Garcia




 ‘Quail’ – Tammy Garcia



Gene and Rebecca Tobey Buffalo sculpture

Buffalo – Gene and Rebecca Tobey



Oh give Me Home- Gene and Rebecca Tobey

‘Oh Give Me A Home’ – Gene and Rebecca Tobey





Bryant Honyouti ( hopi )



Outdoor sculpture – ‘Abstract Orange’ – Alan Houser



Large Apache woman with shawl-front---stone-Alan-Houser

‘Apache woman with shawl’ – Alan Houser





 Tansey Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe

small scale BIG IDEAS – November 21, 2014 – January 6, 2015 

Bob Cardinale ~ Sculpture .Judith Content ~ Jewelry .Susan Taylor Glasgow ~ Glass. Teri Greeves ~ Beadwork. Aaron Karp ~ Painting .Lewis Knauss ~ Weaving. Frances Priest ~ Ceramic Sculpture. Joe Spear ~ Bronze Sculpture . Jeff Uffelman & Hannah Finn ~ Painting. Sheryl Zacharia ~ Ceramic Sculpture . Irina Zaytceva ~ Handbuilt porcelain. Euncuh Choi ~glass





 Roberto Cardinale






 Eunsuh Choi





Eunuch Resting --- Irina Zaytceva

 ‘Eunuch Resting’ — Irina Zaytceva

Handbuilt porcelain, overglaze painting, 24k gold lustre




Kiss Vase_front---Irina Zaytceva

‘Kiss Vase’ (front)—Irina Zaytceva

Irina begins creating a sculpture without knowing how the story ends. She rarely does a sketch for a piece beforehand. Her initial goal is to create an intriguing shape. When the object is completed, Irina determines what the shape suggests in terms of colors, spaces, painting, and gold luster. Her creative process is always an improvisation.



Lotus Shoes At Leisure_front- Irina Zaytceva

‘Lotus Shoes At Leisure’ (front)  by Irina Zaytceva




Lotus Shoes At Leisure (back) by Irina Zaytceva

‘Lotus Shoes At Leisure’ (back)  by Irina Zaytceva



 ‘Satyress’ –— Irina Zaytceva




Small Butterfly Cup --- Irina Zaytceva

 ‘Small Butterfly Cup’ — Irina Zaytceva





Venetian Date---Irina Zaytceva

‘Venetian Date’—Irina Zaytceva



Sante Fe art- Going slowly soon more shall come - Joe Spear

‘Going slowly soon more shall come’ – Joe Spear



Patience Joe Spear

 ‘Patience’ –   Joe Spear






 ‘Girl with Checkered Past’ (front)- Sheryl Zacharia




Jazz_back Sheryl Zacharia-sold

‘ Jazz’ – Sheryl Zacharia



Half WomanHalf Man - Sheryl-Zacharia

‘ Half Woman Half Man’ – Sheryl Zacharia




Untitled-Sheryl Zacharia

 Sculptural ceramic vessel –Sheryl Zacharia




claysrtist Frances Priest---Adolfo

‘Adolfo’ –  Frances Priest




ceramic bowl large stripe- Francis Priest

‘Large Stripe’ bowl – Francis Priest




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