A teapot charm offensive  


Those loyal vehicles of the captivating tea beveridge are under scrutiny again for their tendency to be audacious, bold and innovative products of the unbridled imagination.  Their bemusing evolution has led to forms flowing from the incongruitive to the sublimely harmonious, which showcase unconventional shapes, imagery and clever abstractions of the clay while fulfilling a need to command attention at the table. Teapots have morphed from being functional objects for the creation of a cuppa to charming utilitarian pieces of amusement and even serious sculptural statements  As they are the centre of attention several times a day and much loved for their role in tea making, its only logical they also get utilized for artistic expression. The tea leaves must be wondering what all this grandiose presentation is about. I say all power to the humble teapot.


Teapots of charming and zany sublimity



Loren-Lukens ceramic teapot with abstract glaze and form in olive, mustard and green

Loren Lukens ceramic teapot




Michael-Hosaluk-- tri legged teapot in rusty orange with black lid and handle

Michael Hosaluk– tri legged, zigzag handle teapot





Flexine, Contortionist Sideshow Girlesque Series teapot – Karen Porteleo

Photo Andy Titcomb-flickr




Yoshiro-Ikeda-teapot black/white crackle glaze over green glaze

Yoshiro Ikeda teapot




Natasha Dikareva teapot – ‘Between East and West’





Queen of hearts Teapot





Michael Hosaluk teapot with amusing face

Michael Hosaluk teaware




John Bauman stoneware teapot pumpkin shape with curly handled lid

Pumpkin style teapot – John Bauman






‘Brown Trout Teapot’ – Mark Chuck




Blackberry-Teapot by Kate Malone

Blackberry Teapot – Kate Malone






Teashop, Boston




Porcelain Teapot – Adrian Saxe, California

In this piece Adrian combined classic Chinese ceramics with a humorous twist

Brooklyn Museum





Dancing retro teapots in pastels

Lifeinmommatone – etsy




‘Bakst Foun’   – Earthenware teapot – Noi Volkov

Press molded earthenware, hand sculpted, hand painted, glazes, oxides, and under glazes






Louis Reilly Tea Pot

Crimson Laurel Gallery




Marylin Andrews




In-Love-with-Time Laura-Balombini mixed media teapot

‘In Love with Time’ – Laura Balombini




Bear Shaped Teapot – English Prattware Pottery

circa 1790-1800

sold on 1stDibs – John Howard




Found on cybillceramics.com large red, white and black teapot

Cybill Ceramics




Goro-Suzuki teapot with abstract decoration

Goro Suzuki





Yoshiro Ikeda





Teapot-by-Coreen-Abbott - large black and white striped handle red teapot with paisley decoration and chequered lid

Coreen Abbott




Jim-Budde---teapot with three faces

Jim Budde




The-reluctant-dragon-painting by Justin-Gerard

‘The Reluctant Dragon’ – Justin Gerard




Hope-Warmed-Over Laura-Balombini-----mixed media artist -red teapot with clown head lid

‘Hope Warmed Over’ – Laura Balombini, NY





‘Onion’ teapot – John Pripp, Denmark





Chris-Theiss-On-The-Bridge-Slab-and-hand-built teapot

Chris Theiss ‘On The Bridge’ multi perspective sgraffito teapot




Irina Zaytceva was born in Moscow, Russia. All of Irina's works are created using highfire porcelain, with overglaze as well as underglaze painting

Russian artist Irina Zaytceva

Created using highfire porcelain, with overglaze as well as underglaze painting





Jacques Blin, France





Helene Fielder




Jose-Sierra ceramic teapot in burnt orange and dark brown

Jose Sierra





Rooster Teapot  – Layl McDill – Polymer Clay



Josie Jurczenia contemporary teapot

Josie Jurczenia





Julia Kirillova tapot

Judith Heartsong on Flickr





Porcelain Spiral Teapot – Kaete Brittin Shaw





Barry-Gregg-Clayworks teapot with long dog leg handle

Barry Gregg Clayworks






Larry Spears




Laurie-Shaman crow teapot

Laurie Shaman




Nancy-Adams owl teapot

Nancy Adams owl teapot





Natalya Sots




Porcelain maker Jeroen Bechtold - modernist teapot

 Jeroen Bechtold, Denmark




Roberta-Polfus deep textured teapot

Roberta Polfus




Scott and Naomi Schoenherr-art-studio--Laguna Beach--California

Seated Elephant teapot – Scott and Naomi Schoenherr

 Laguna Beach, California




Sally Jaffee



Sandy-Terry teapot

Sandy Terry raku teapot




Stone Prancer Teapot by Susan Farrar Parrish-Seth-Tice-Lewis

‘Stone Prancer Teapot’ by Susan Farrar Parrish

Photo by Seth Tice Lewis



Susan-Thayer--- “You Give Me Butterflies: Appetite” 2012

“You Give Me Butterflies: Appetite” – Susan Thayer





‘Venus Revisted’ – Sandra Zeiset Richardson




‘Teapot–Red and Black’ by Thai artist Porntip Sangvanich now residing in California

Glazed porcelain




‘The Narghile Smoker’ tea drinking automaton by Lambert

circa 1915


Art-Deco-tea-pot cream and gold porelain

Art Deco automobile tea pot




Harris Deller teapot - geometric black lines on white

Harris Deller from Brooklyn likes to make vessels that are provocative contradictions. The porcelain clay is sturdy, the abstracted forms are whimsical and the third dimension is suppressed in varying degrees.



Cynthia Aldrich China tea tifjpg

Cynthia Aldrich



hanami_yoko-miyaji wooden teapot

Yoko Miyagi




joellyn rock_gulfware teapot

Joellyn Rock narrative teapot





Joellyn Rock





Richard Phethean, UK



ripped-stoneware-teapot Elaine Pinkernell with patchwork appearance

Ripped stoneware teapot –  Elaine Pinkernell





Swan with Leda by Roger Michell




Marsha-Silverman--elegant ceramic teapot in red and white

Marsha Silverman teapot

Cedar Creek Gallery, NC




Antique Japanese Porcelain Hirado Hotei Teapot

Circa 19th Century




Marthe-Huigens--teapo, leaves and fish painting

French artist Marthe Huigens likes to paint teapots




Teapot characters-(2)-of-Belle-Epoque.-Signed--Toulluc-1832.

Teapot with 2 characters of Belle Epoque -Signed Toulluc




handmade-green teapot-by-artist-Sandy-Terry

Green glaze teapot – Sandy Terry




Black Octopus seated on whiteteapot

Black octopus teapot




Jim-Connell-teapot with relief swirls

Jim Connell




Gail-Mackiewic teapot with many geometric patterns

‘Wide Free Form Tea Pot’  – Gail Mackiewic




'Spanish-Buccaneer' figurine teapot

‘Spanish Buccaneer’ figurine teapot




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