Pottery and clayarts enrapturement


An eclectic spread of pottery and the clayarts, focusing on the exceptional creative potential and diversity of this versatile medium



Abstract bottle vase VT Spain

Abstract bottle vase VT Spain



Flat bottle form vessel – Mickey Fielding



Ceramic faceted sculpture by Sophie Elizabeth Thompson

Ceramic faceted sculpture by Sophie Elizabeth Thompson




David Crane vase — Piedmont Craftsmen


Zoe Hillyard sewing a patchwork ceramic bowl

Zoe Hillyard sewing a patchwork ceramic bowl




How to make a little pot using a mini Pottery wheel





Tri legged Art Nouveau planter/vase




Vintage portrait of a Maghreb lady with traditional pottery



‘All eyes’ Wood Fired vase—George Bowes

Cone 10 Stoneware, Underglaze,


Vallauris 'France' Pottery Ceramic modernist free form vase

Vallauris ‘France’  Ceramic modernist free form vase



Lesley McInally-'Consume me with love

Lesley McInally  ‘Consume me with love’



‘Unity’ – Lucie Rie Ceramics – Collections – ASU Art Museum



Kato Minkichi Statue---Shiba Iinu

Kato Minkichi Statue—Shiba Iinu, Japan




Ceramic abstract mask - The Pyon Potter

Ceramic abstract wall mask – The Pyon Potter

Created with a bisque firing, a glaze firing and a third luster firing




Sylvie Souton—raku female figures



Pitchers in blue - Stefania-Vasquez---2010

Pitchers in blue – Stefania-Vasquez—2010



Chinese sage resting

Chinese sage resting




Madoura Atelier-Picasso-pitcher---NGV

Madoura Atelier – Picasso pitcher—NGV



Carlos Versluys pitcher

Carlos Versluys pitcher



Witch 9 Shio Kusaka

‘Witch 9’ wide lip vessel  —  Shio Kusaka



Potter on wheel relief panel



Ruth Gowdy McKinley Drambui Jug--1960---EMOA

Ruth Gowdy McKinley Drambui Jug–1960—EMOA




Pottery enrapturement–Mr. Kazuya carried home by Natsu Ando





Ruth Duckworth – Untitled (Attendant Spiritual Form), ceramic sculpture



Roseville Egypto Aladdin's Oil Lamp-in Rich Matte Green Glaze - 9.75inch

Roseville Egypto Aladdin’s Oil Lamp in Rich Matte Green Glaze –

9.75 inch height


le Grand Chêne pottery pitcher'-Vallauris

le Grand Chêne pottery pitcher – Vallauris, France



R.C-Gorman-Laughing Sisters bronze sculpture

R.C Gorman- ‘Laughing Sisters’



Museum deja vu

Museum DejaVu – Seeing yourself as a water bearer in an old painting



Picasso Madoura Vase at NGV

Picasso Atelier Madoura Vase at NGV



Hinrich Kroger and Gautier at his Berlin studio

Hinrich Kroger and Gautier at his Berlin ceramic-studio



 - Ceramic

Nils Thorsson – Royal Copenhagen – Baca vase with stylistic abstract decor



2 Vessels paperclay--Lesle Mcinally

2 Vessels paperclay –Lesle McInally



Navajo potter, Wallace Nez Jr

Navajo pottery by Wallace Nez Jr




Stan Clark Mid Century vase

Stan Clark Mid Century vase



Enfumage ceramique raku firing




Enfumage ceramique raku reduction



Enfumage ceramique raku bowl





Vintage Raynor Mid Century Footed Compote Bowl, Italy



Mintons salmon- and chocolate ground pâte-sur-pâte-moon-flask-1873

Mintons salmon and chocolate ground pâte sur pâte Moon Flask-1873



Monumental Art Deco Bambus Vase by Kralik

Monumental Art Deco Bambus Vase by Kralik




Mieka Webb on Gerbil's Route,-Grampians Victoria

Mieka Webb on Gerbil’s Route, Grampians Victoria




Michael Lucero –1985

24.75 inches height



Limoges Hand painted-Charger-Paris

Limoges Hand painted Charger, Paris



Matt Fiske Ceramic bowl

Matt Fiske Ceramic bowl

The glaze is my prospected Lava Oilspot fired once, reglazed, and fired again. It makes for a wild, high contrast, iron rich, lightning pattern on a jet black background.



 Drip Lily Vase – Jim and Penny Clark

Clark House Pottery,  4.5inch height




Large decorative vase from the studio of Jean Gerbino (1876-1966)



John Isaacs ceramic art

John Isaacs ceramic sculpture ‘Babel’



Greek pottery black figure man riding a horse

Greek pottery black figure



Goddess Ganga, tterracotta sculpture -- National Museum of INDIA

Goddess Ganga, terracotta sculpture — National Museum of INDIA



Doosje, keramiek raku---Lei Hannen

Doosje, keramiek raku—Lei Hannen



Dalo & G.Devin Ceramic-Vessels

Dalo & G.Devin Ceramic Vessels



Jean Cartier vase-1952-thrown red earthenware white glaze wax resist-decoration-21-2-x-14-3-cm

Jean Cartier vase 1952, thrown red earthenware white glaze wax resist decoration




1950s-Arganat-French Surrealist Ceramic Vase

Arganat French Surrealist Ceramic Vase




Minoan jug with labrys symbol

Minoan jug with labrys symbol



lampe Gilbert Valentin archanges Vallauris lampe_design_ceramique_galerie_meubles_et_lumieres-lampe-gilbert-valentin

Gilbert Valentin archanges Vallauris lampe



african_water_carriers_Body of pot wheel thrown by Dane Venaas-decoration bt Lauren Hansen Beatrice Wood Centre

African water carriers — Body of pot wheel thrown by Dane Venaas, decoration by Lauren Hansen

Beatrice Wood Centre




 Spring equinox 2019--Catherine White

Spring equinox 2019–Catherine White


Alexander Archipenko,-Woman in Fur,1936

Alexander Archipenko, ‘Woman in Fur’




Andile Dyalvane-Africasso vessel

Andile Dyalvane – Africasso vessel



Amanda Shelsher---Black & White Suburban series

Amanda Shelsher—Black & White Suburban series



Angus Taylor - Composite Portrait-III,-2015

Angus Taylor – ‘Composite Portrait III’




Cityscape in relief chargers – Diana Ceramics



Diana-Ceramics--Ladder-Boat sculpture

‘Ladder Boat’  – Diana Ceramics



Armorial jug-(vaso),-Tuscany-(Italy),-probably-ca-1480

Armorial jug (vaso)

Tuscany (Italy), probably ca 1480



Ceramic Talavera Roper Large Western Boot

Ceramic Talavera Roper Large Western Boot



Ceramics by Craig Underhill-at-Studiopottery.co.uk---Produced-in-2005

Ceramics by Craig Underhill





Antonia Salmon ceramic sculpture

Antonia Salmon ceramic sculpture



As within, so without'--artist-@zhu

‘As within, so without’– artist Zhu




Robert Amerson




Matt Wedell




Momdernist Ewer Ljuba-Naumovitch

Modernist Ewer — Ljuba Naumovitch, Vallauris





Painted prehistoric vase Iran-(clay)



Ceramic Vase by Guido Gambone, Italy,-circa-1950

Ceramic horses motif Vase by Guido Gambone, Italy,circa 1950



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