Modernist glass arts – Sweden



‘The Figure’  —  Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase


Scandinavia became a hub for glass production in the early 20th century, with Sweden at the epicenter. The traditional craft industries of glass, textiles, ceramics and furniture all experienced a modern design upheaval especially between the two world wars. Modernist artists were encouraged to become involved in the design and aesthetic modernization taking place and Sweden went on to be recognized internationally for its innovative direction. The manifestation of a design imperative that embraced the rubric of functionalism supporting improved housing decor and well constructed mass produced products became evident. The emergence of this design initiative was encouraged by a social climate that desired progress in the arts and the movement of ‘Swedish Modern’ became influential in defining this new trend.


Scarce-trees-in-winter-glass vase,-1951-Vicke Lindstrand

‘Scarce trees in winter’ glass vase – Vicke Lindstrand



The clean, streamlined aesthetic of Nordic design was a natural fit for the modern glass arts, particularly the smooth rounded surfaces and  bold colours. The glass company Orrefors was founded in 1898 but made its mark on the glass industry in 1916 when Knut Bergqvist invented the “Graal” technique, in which clear glass was used to encase an acid-etched design to create what appear to be decorations inside the piece. Orrefors made a successful impression on the European market after an exhibition at the 1925 Paris Exposition. They had employed new art designers especially for this exhibition including Vicke Lindstrand, who also introduced more modernist styles to their design lexicon. The fascinating Lindstrand designs from his stint at Orrefors, and later when he joined Kosta, are some of the most popular Scandinavian art-glass items. The Swedish art glass company Koksta Boda had been creating Art Nouveau pieces including etched cameo glass and Art Deco style glass since the turn of the Twentieth Century and went on to produce a swathe of modernist designed pieces in the postwar era.
Even though the Swedish Pre WW2 glass designs exuded innovative boldness and a sophisticated grace, the vintage post war glass was produced in greater quantities and became more accessible and popular with collectors, due to its market penetration, volume and affordability.


Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994), Orrefors,- blue 'Ariel' Glass Vase

Edvin Öhrström design for Orrefors,- blue ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase with female motif




Large-etched vase-'-Fishing-net Vase-Vicke-Lindstrand

Large etched vase – ‘Fishing Net’ -Vicke Lindstrand



'Ariel'-glass-vase,'-Adam-and-Eve'-,-1939-Vicke Lindstrand

‘Ariel’ glass vase, ‘Adam and Eve’ – Vicke Lindstrand



Kosta-modernist vase-by-Vicke-Lindstrand--

Kosta vase by Vicke Lindstrand



Vicke Lindstrand Vase-with-Harfespieler Naked man playing a harp

Vicke Lindstrand  — Vase with Harfespieler – Harp player



Eva-Englund-(Swedish,-1937-1998),-Orrefors,-Graal-Glass-polychrome Vase

Eva Englund (Swedish, 1937-1998), Orrefors, ‘Graal’ Glass Vase

The Graal technique uses a multiple layered cameo glass with a casing of clear crystal.



Art Deco glass vase with etched female water skier and wrythen glass to emulate waves designed by Vicke LINDSTRAND for ORREFORS, Sweden 1938. H.- 8.75

Art Deco glass vase with etched female water skier and wrythen glass to emulate waves designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Orrefors,

Sweden 1938. Height- 8.75 inches




Vicke-Lindstrand-green Vase-cylindrical shape and abstract figure motifs

Green cylindrical abstract bird motif glass vase – Vicke Lindstrand





Art Deco vase with etched nude female by Simon Gate, Orrefors, Sweden, around 1932.

Art Deco vase by Simon Gate with etched female nude figure, Orrefors, Sweden, around 1932.



Maciej-Dyszkiewicz-abstract-carved glass glass sculpture

Polish Maciej Dyszkiewicz abstract glass sculpture




Mats Jonasson Swedish art glass sculpture - mascot Morganna

Mats Jonasson Swedish art glass sculpture – Mascot Morganna




glass vase Egyptian Goddess sculpture

Glass etching Egyptian goddess vase – Vicke Lindstrand



Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, 'Ariel' Glass Vase modernist Green female motif

Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase




Vas-Autumn-city-Vicke-Lindstrand-Swedish glass art

‘Autumn City’  Designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta Boda, Sweden





Art-Glass-by-Tittot - Glass hand holding a bowl

Glass hand holding a bowl – Tittot



Ariel Glass Vase with man in gondola playing guitar motif –Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors



Bacchus Vase-Tanz-by-Jaroslav-Horejc,-circa-1925

Czech Bacchus Vase -Tanz by Jaroslav Horejc circa-1925





Edvin Öhrström, Sweden Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase



Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994),Orrefors, 'Ariel' Glass-Vase in blue

Edvin Öhrström  —  Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase



Edvin-Öhrström-(1906-1994),-Orrefors-abstract motif

Edvin Öhrström, Orrefors



Monkey decoration vase by Vicke Lindstrand  — Produced by Uppsala Ekeby



Ceramic nude females vase created by Vicke Linstrand – Produced by Uppsala Ekeby





Vicke-Lindstrand designed ceramic vase Produced by Uppsala Ekeby




White-slip-glazed-ceramic.-.-Produced-by-Uppsala-Ekeby - Vicke Lindstrand design

White slip glazed ceramic vase — Produced by Uppsala Ekeby – Vicke Lindstrand design




Glass vase with two faces Eva-Englund

Eva Englund Swedish,(1937-1998), Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase




Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994), Orrefors -- matador and bull

Edvin Öhrström, Orrefors — abstract matador and bull



Edvin Öhrström; Glass 'Water Play' Vase for Orrefors, 1956.

Edvin Öhrström; Glass ‘Water Play’ Vase for Orrefors




Edvin-Ohrstrom-for-Orrefors-Ariel-blue art-glass-vase

Edvin Ohrstrom for Orrefors Ariel art glass vase




Europa and Bull - Vicke Lindstrand -- 1937 Orrefors

‘Europa and Bull ‘ – Vicke Lindstrand

1937 Orrefors




Eva Englund (Swedish, 1937-1998), Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase

Eva Englund  —   Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase


Turquoise sea horse engraved glass vase -Guild-of-Glass-Engravers.

Turquoise sea horse engraved glass vase

Guild of Glass Engravers exhibition 2012




Swedish-crystal-vase-amazing-red1950's -controlled-bubble-vase--

Swedish crystal vase red controlled bubble – Vicke Lindstrand




Girls Playing Ball, Vase with Tray - Edward Vald for Orrefors Glasbruk - 1920

‘Girls Playing Ball’, Vase with Tray – Edward Vald for Orrefors Glasbruk




Peter Hermansson-(Swedish),-'Woman with Knives' Graal Glass

Peter Hermansson (Swedish), – ‘Woman with Knives’ Graal Glass




Heavy clear glass vase Vanity with engraved decoration of sitting woman before mirror design Vicke Lindstrand 1959 executed by Kosta

Heavy clear glass vase Vanity with engraved decoration of sitting woman before mirror design Vicke Lindstrand

1959 executed by Kosta



Holmegaard 'Aristocrat' glass decanter by Per Lutken by art-of-glass, via Flickr

Holmegaard ‘Aristocrat’ glass decanter by Per Lutken by art of glass, via Flickr



Mats Jonason glass modernist vase

Mats Jonason glass modernist vase



Peter-Hermansson-(Swedish),-Graal-Glass-Vase -- turquoise with abstract figures

Peter Hermansson, Cubist Graal Glass Vase




Kosta Boda Adam Eve & Serpent Glass Vase Sweden 1980's black head outline on white

Kosta Boda  ‘Adam Eve & Serpent’  Glass Vase

Sweden 1980’s



Edvin Öhrström,-ariel vase,-Orrefors-1938

Edvin Öhrström, ariel vase, Orrefors




, Vicke Lindstrand -- Kosta Year '50s Size h.9inches Carved and polished sculpture of an African head.

Carved and polished African head sculpture — Vicke Lindstrand

Kosta  ’50s  – Height 9 inches




Mats Jonasson Art Glass Sculpture Masquerade in Blue,

‘Masquerade in Blue‘ — Mats Jonasson Frosted Art Glass Sculpture




Mats Jonasson Glass Owl Vase




Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, Engraved Glass Sculpture

Vicke Lindstrand – Kosta, Engraved Glass — ‘Sculpture – Decoration of portrait women’s figure’





1950’s  Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden



Mats Jonasson minature kiwok red glass face sculpture

Mats Jonasson minature kiwok glass sculpture



Turquoise Vase,-Colora.-Designed-by-Vicke-Lindstrand-for-Kosta,-Sweden.-1950's


Colora Vase by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta

Sweden. 1950’s




Orrefors, Engraved Crystal Glass Vase




‘The Cog Doc­tor’  —  Peter Hermansson abstract Graal Glass Vase – 2013

Foto: Mat­tias Johansson


orrefors-vicke-lindstrand-peasrl diver engraved vase

Orrefors  —  Vicke Lindstrand “Nude Diver” engraved vase

circa 1930-39




‘The Last Modernist’  Graal glass vase – Peter-Hermansson



Simon Gate (Swedish, 1883-1945), Orrefors, 'Java Dancers' Engraved Glass Vase

 ‘Java Dancers’  —  Simon Gate –  Orrefors, Engraved Glass Vase




Orrefors-(Sweden)-Ariel-purple glass-vase with female bust motif

Orrefors Ariel purple glass vase with female bust motif



The-Pearlfisher glass lidded vessel1931

‘The Pearlfisher’ octopus lidded glass vessel – Orrefors


via The Brilliance of Swedish Glass, 1918-1939- An Alliance of Art and Industry – Anne Marie Ericsson





Glass vase ‘Omfamningen Embrace’ — Orrefors




Mid Century Vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden. 1950's

Vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden






Vicke Lindstrand vase



 Vicke Lindstrand headshot

Vicke Lindstrand



Vicke-Lindstrand,-Somerso-matching vases - Kosta-,-Sweden

Vicke Lindstrand, ‘Somerso’ vases – Kosta,Sweden



Mat Jonasson Masquerade Red glass sculpture

Mat Jonasson ‘Masquerade Red’ glass sculpture




Vicke Lindstrand (airlines, 1904-1983), Orrefors, Enameled Glass Vase.

‘Proverb Vase’ — Vicke Lindstrand frosted Orrefors, Enameled Glass




Vicke Lindstrand Kosta, modernist Engraved-Glass-Sculpture

Vicke Lindstrand modernist engraved glass sculpture – Kosta



Peter-Hermansson-(Swedish),-'Under-The-Surface'-Graal-Glass cubist vase

‘Under The Surface’  – Graal Glass cubist vase — Peter Hermansson



Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, 'Mid Summer Nights Dream' engraved glass vase.

Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ engraved glass vase





‘African Dancers’  —  Vicke Lindstrand–Orrefors, – Graal Glass Vase




Vicke Lindstrand – Orrefors,- Engraved Glass Vase – dancing Josephine Baker



Vicke-Lindstrand - -Orrefors,-Graal-Glass-Vase Tribal Dancers

Vicke Lindstrand – – Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase Tribal Dancers



Vicke-Lindstrand Orrefors,-'Mermaids'-Engraved-Glass-Vase

Vicke Lindstrand for  Orrefors,  ‘Mermaids’ engraved glass vase




Vicke Lindstrand;-Etched Glass Family Vase for Orrefors,-c1937

Vicke Lindstrand; Etched Glass ‘Family’ Vase for Orrefors

c 1937



Eva-Englund---Graal-faces vase

Eva Englund—Graal vase



Vicke-Lindstrand-for-Kosta-1958-Twilight Blue vases

Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta ‘Twilight Blue’ vases





Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta –  ‘Rodeo Cowboy’  Cut Glass Vase

circa 1950’s



Peter-Hermansson-graal-glass vase

Peter Hermansson graal glass vase

Height 17.3 inches




Vicke-Lindstrand-glass -for-Kosta--Aquarium vase

Vicke Lindstrand glass for Kosta — Aquarium vase



Papyrus-and-Cellulosa-Vase-1942-Vicke-Lindstrand glass vase

‘Papyrus and Cellulosa Vase’  —  Vicke Lindstrand





Koksta modernist vase – Vicke Lindstrand







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