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Venice Art Edge, USA


Vivianne-Robinson-flickr--street artist Venice LA

Venice street artist/vendor

Vivianne Robinson/flickr



Art from the streets, galleries and artists of Venice, California


The VeniceClayArtists blog originated in Venice California, where a group of local clay artists got together in 2007 to create a huge ceramic chess set and the blogs inception grew from there. I took over the expired domain somehow thinking it was connected to the other Venice in Italy, which attracted me for its reputation with contemporary art, the Murano glass tradition and a love for the Italian modernist ceramics. Having once lived in Santa Monica within walking distance of Venice Beach, I was only too familiar with its funky atmosphere, creative spirit, irreverence and edgy art. It is still a thriving arts precinct drawing up to 150,000 visitors a day on weekends to savor the spectacle of the  boardwalk street artists, vendors, musicians, galleries, palm readers, performers and dreamers combined with the aquatic allure of the Pacific ocean. I was just as pleased when I became aware of the blogs association to the alternative, eclectic and colorful Venice Beach.


Venice Beach canal


Venice beach was originally intended to be a resort town culturally reminiscent of Venice, Italy, complete with canals, gondolas, amusement piers, hotels and Venetian-styled buildings. The tobacco mogul Abbot Kinney transformed the land on the Del Rey peninsula, south of Santa Monica into the ‘Venice of America’ in 1905. Architects were employed to design all the town buildings in “Venetian Renaissance” style complete with a network of water canals and central lagoon, stretching 16 miles in total and including gondolas.
After more then its fair share of boom/bust cycles, Venice has traversed numerous incarnations, with its artistic input starting with the 50‘s beat generation followed by 60‘s hippies, musicians and artists. In the 70‘s the skateboard and rollerblade fad attracted hoards of visitors that invigorated the street markets and local entertainment. This has since been further enhanced by the establishment of permanent art galleries and events like the monthly Venice Art Crawl and the annual Venice Art Walk where works of both new and seasoned Venice artists are displayed by local residents and businesses within the Venice Boardwalk area. More chapters will unfold for the growth of the Californian Venetian art scene, here are some images capturing its evolution.



Magdalena Suarez Frimkess & Michael Frimkess, 7 Up - The Uncola, 1995,

‘7 Up The Uncola’  –  Magdalena Suarez Frimkess & Michael Frimkess, Venice




LA artist/mural painter Robert Vargas with his street art

Local LA artist/mural painter Robert Vargas. (Photo credit: www.facebook/downtownartwalk)





1991,-5x8',-Joyce Liberman

“UNstill LIFE” 1991 – Joyce Lieberman, Venice





Across-the-universe_Samual Goldstein

‘Across The Universe’ – Samual Goldstein




Gemini Chimera by Michael Divine-40-x-30 abstract oil painting

‘Gemini Chimera’ by Michael Divine

Sananda Gallery, Venice, CA

40 x 30″



LAL-Group Sculpture-2015-Tony Cragg abstract

Tony Cragg sculpture – 2015

LA Louver, Venice, CA




Mural Angel of Unity by artist Freydoon Rassouli at Washington Blvd + Speedway

 ‘Angel of Unity’ by artist Freydoon Rassouli

Cnr, Washington Blvd + Speedway, Venice Beach




‘ Wisdom Is Knowledge In Depth’ – Chris Ouk

WikidCanvas, Etsy




Venice boardwalk

A ride along Venice Beach

Rip Cronk mural –  Flickr—Darren LoPrinzl




‘Venice Beach Sunset’ – Spence Munsinge





‘Crystal Goddess’ – Abhi Thati

Sananda Gallery, Venice




Flower Tree, Pony, Rock - Matt Wedel

‘Flower Tree’, ‘Pony’, ‘Rock’  (left to right) – Matt Wedel

LA Louver Gallery





Charlotte Victoria Art

instagram @charlottevictoriaart

Venice Art Crawl





Painter Ra Ra Superstar will be in the Venice Beach Music Fest 10 Art Show on September 12, 2015!

Ra Ra Superstar is a Venice stalwart and has been selling art there for 16 years

Venice Beach Music Fest




Venice Beach street artist

Venice Beach street art



psychedelic Venice poster

Venice poster by Daniel Militonian



Street performers Venice Beach



Touch of Venice street mural

‘Touch of Venice’ street art



Benedigital by Muluc - Sananda Gallery

‘Benedigital’ by Muluc

Sananda Gallery, Venice





Bennett Harada –  Jay Adams Memorial Session

Flickr   SteveWillard



Body Builder in Venice, CA, Posing for a Woman with a Brownie Camera 1964

Venice body builder





Octopus Mural  Nth Venice Blvd, Venice




 ‘Venice Canal Vase’, 2001, glazed stoneware – Magdalena Suarez Frimkess and Michael Frimkess

18 x 5 in . Photo by Joshua White.

Hammer Museum – Made in LA  2014





LAPD Segway

Venice Boardwalk – Photo Vivianne Robertson





Cindy Bruna – Venice Beach

Photo – Thierry le Goues




Costa-Mesa!!-—-with-Man-Ouk Art wall venice

Costa Mesa – Chris Ouk

Venice – California




Deborah-Butterfield-2009 horse sculpture installations

Deborah Butterfield

  L.A. Louver 2009




‘Gaia Ambassador’ -Amanda Sage

Sananda Gallery




‘Heart Space Mural’  – Hans Walor

Venice, CA




‘Cougar 1, Cougar 5’ – Gwynn Murrill

LA Louver





Venice public art wall




Ingrid-Truemper-flickr---Rip-Cronk History Is Myth

Venice street mural – ‘History Is Myth’ – Rip Cronk

Ingrid Truemper-flickr




ken-price-2001-Hunchback-of-Venice polymorphic sculpture

‘Hunchback Of Venice’ – Ken Price (1935 – 2012)



King Solomon the Snake Charmer on the Venice boardwalk Jelson25

King Solomon the Snake Charmer on the Venice boardwalk

Wikipedia Jelson25





Laddie John Dill



Two large outdoor sculptures by Paul Mccarthy

Paul McCarthy sculptures

L & M Gallery




matt-wedel-ceramic sculpture - flower-tree

‘Flower Tree’ 2013 – Matt Wedel

LA Louver Gallery

72 x 42 x 52 in.





Local Venice muralist Isabelle Alford Lago’s iconic Abbot Kinney Bvd. gorilla





“Inner Universe”  – Skount (Spain)

Part of the“Identity-disorder” series

C.A.V.E Gallery  Venice, CA



Patricksmercy-flickr - Thor street sculpture - Venice Beach

Thoth street sculpture – Venice Beach

Patricksmercy, flickr





Matt Wedel – ‘Flower Tree’

LA Louver




Solo exhibition Dutch artist SIT entitled ‘Haiiro’ 


C.A.V.E  Gallery, Venice



Swirls--Samuel Goldstein whimsical teapot

‘Swirls’ – Samuel Goldstein





‘Glacier Blue Tower’ – Dale Chihuly

LA Louver Gallery


Gajin Fujita - graffiti artist LA louver

‘Fatal Match’ – Gajin Fujita, graffiti artist



white Buddha statue

Local Buddha, Venice, CA




True-Blue-1994LA-Louver Ken Price

‘True Blue’ – Ken Price – (1935 – 2012)

LA Louver



Vivianne-Robinson Venice Beach art walls

Venice Beach art wall

Vivianne Robinson/flickr




Venice Art Crawl

Venice Art Crawl is held every third thursday of the month. Its aim to strengthen communication and collaboration within the Venice community through monthly art events and foster and reinvigorate the creativity that has historically made Venice such a vibrant and dynamic community.



buddha-cats-and-animals-Gary Steinborn

‘Buddha Cats’ – Gary Steinborn – Veniceclay





veniceartcrawl-on-Instagram Abbot Kinney Blvd wall mural

 Abbot Kinney Blvd wall mural, Venice

veniceartcrawl on Instagram






Venice Italy Flyover – Li Wei





veniceartcrawl-on-Instagram 'Umbrella' by photographer-Warren-Rynkun-on-a-recent-visit-to-Venice

‘Umbrella’ – Warren Rynkun

veniceartcrawl on Instagram



Thomas Houseago- All Together Now-LM Gallery-2

‘All Together Now’  – Thomas Houseago

2010 exhibition – L&M Gallery





‘Xochitlanenzi’ – Amanda Sage

 60 x 48″ —oil on canvas

Sananda Gallery, Venice, CA






Venice Art Crawl






Venice street art – Isabelle Alford-Lago

1219 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, USA





Sponto Gallery, Venice, California



Hank Murrow




Hank Murrow

Hank was the co-founder of The Potshop  in Venice in 1962, he is still making pottery at 77 in Oregon.




Young-Chun painting

Young Chun – Cave Gallery





Captivating ceramic creations

More diverse permutations of that flexible, versatile substance known as clay, displaying a myriad of possibilities for the ceramic forms. Clay adaptions that are innovative, original and captivating.


Anne James clay abstract forms

Anne James – ceramic sculptures

“My ideas come from many sources including the traditions of pot making which use burnishing, African, Native American, Indian and Mediterranean cultures.  My interest in Ethnic textiles has influenced the surface decoration.”




Contemporary vase Lisette Savaria in collaboration with Guy Elliche

Lisette Savaria in collaboration with Guy Elliche

Atelier Modplatre
 crystalline vessel

Peter Ilsley ( 1932-2014 ) – sliver and tan crystalline glaze

Ilsley’s porcelain pots were sprayed and/or dipped with zinc silicate containing zinc and silica which are often but not always, “seeded” with titanium dioxide at 1300°centigrade to form the nuclei of the spectacular flowers which then develop organically in the glassy magma during a soak between 1100°c and a 1000°c on the cooling cycle lasting up to five hours. The peak temperature is critical – a few degrees too much will cause most of the glaze to run off the pot.




Carstens-Tönnieshof mid century vessel blue glaze

Carstens Atelier 7088-25 – designed by Gerda Heuckeroth in 1968, prehistoric style design



Angela Mellor bone China cup

Green and Gold spray series – Angela Mellor

Bone China and Paperclay

“My work investigates the translucency of bone china and its potential for the transmission of light.”




Alejandrina-Cappadoro standing figure abstract sculpture

Alejandrina Cappadoro, Argentina




annabel-faraday cramic up with dandelion motif

Annabel Faraday




Anne James three contemporary vessels

Anne James




‘Ready for Rain’  –  Melanie Ferguson





Barbara Chadwick vase

“My pieces often incorporate highly decorative surfaces which are inspired by nature, graphic design and textiles but I can find inspiration anywhere really. I work both intuitively and intellectually, trying not to design too much ahead of time. Much of my current work reflects an ongoing fascination with collage.”

Mudfire Gallery




beate-anderson ceramic bowl

Folded stoneware dish – Beate Anderson

Strandstræde Keramik





Boyan-Moskov carved black ceramic bottle

Boyan Moskov bottle




Carol-Peace female ceramic figurie

Carol Pearce





Contemporary Shiro Hagi Chawan by Shibuya Deishi

Contemporary Shiro Hagi Chawan by Shibuya Deishi




lamp-planter - Green Lantern by Nudelab

‘Green Lantern’ by Nudelab

The lamp extends as an organic horn-like shape with a plant at the top of the base. The GeenLantern lamp also have energy-efficient strip of LED lights. The low-energy bulbs enhance the appearance and also emits a warm luminous glow which helps the plant grow by supporting the photosynthesis process of the plant.



Dish by Tapio Wirkkala,-Finland

Dish by Tapio Wirkkala,- Finland



Cliff Lee paste blue ovoid ceramic vessel

Cliff Lee Porcelain “Prickly Melon” vase in celadon glaze




Etiyé- Dimma-Poulsen African ceramic scullpture

Etiyé Dimma Poulsen




‘Amour’ – exhibition in St Antonin Noble Val



Feathered Friend--Jan-Jacque-combines-ceramics-with-wood..

Wood and ceramic sculpture – ‘Feathered Friend ‘— Jan Jacque
 Christine McKay Lidded chick a dee pot

Christine McKay Lidded chick a dee pot




Lady figurine in red – Ellis Zijlstra, Nl



Hand-painted-Nippon-Mug with two birds on a branch

Nippon Mug





Qing vase early 20th Century




Hans Vangso crackle glaze tea bowl

Hans Vansgo




Eric ASTOUL french ceramicist vessel

Eric Astoul, France




‘Bethesda House’ – Lesley Baker




Magnificent-Figural-Circa-1890-Austrian-Vase-With-Woman-&-Lily flower

Amphora Art Nouveau vase






María Oriza Pérez

Galería de Arte Rodrigo Juarranz




Melanie-Ferguson ceramic vessel contemporary

Vessel with rich texture and palete – Melanie Ferguson



Melanie-FERGUSON crackle glaze abstract vessel

Melanie Ferguson



Mia Tyson vase

Biomorphic abstract bottle – Mia Tyson




Patricia-Volk red sculptural vessel with white drip glaze streaks

Source ( brown ) – Patricia Volk, UK




Ralph-Eberlein--female motif vase blue, yellow, black and white

‘The River’ – Ralph Eberlin, Australia


Shapiro Auctions




Rising Moon-II,1999-Jeff Mincham

‘Rising Moon II’ – Jeff Mincham






Elaine Hind - vase with lavender coloured flowers

Elaine Hind




Alex Bernstein sculpture - glass triangle within a crescent moon

Textured abstract sculpture – Alex Bernstein





Ceramic box with lid-Robert Lawarre in brown and turquoise

Robert Lawarre –  lidded box





Shae Bishop sculpture – earthenware, glaze, nichrome wire, polyester string




tribal-ewer-Michael Anderson Black and white mid century pitcher

Michael Andersen Denmark – A Modernist Tribal Ewer Vase




Tri Lukne




Elephant-with-Crows-by-creaturesfromel-on-Etsy Ellen-Jewett-Sculpture

‘Elephant With Crows’ – Ellen Jewett Sculpture

creaturesfromel – etsy




Brimming  –  Gareth Mason

7 inches height – England 2009






Grayson Perry





Wu Tong, China




Pair-of-Chinese-Crackleware-Vases 1st Dibs Nick Brock antiques

One of a pair of Chiinese crackleware vases

19th century

1stDibs – Nick Brock Antiques, Dallas TX



Egyptian Art Deco enchantment


Egyptian revival three fold screen with Osiris flanked by 2 guards in gold, green and black

Egyptomania three fold screen, Cairo, circa 1925






With respect to ancient history and art colliding with a mass marketed contemporary aesthetic, the Egyptian Revival influence on the Art Deco design trends of the 1920’s and 30’s is probably unprecedented. The archaeological discoveries in Egypt in the late 19th century spawned a rich vein of artistic inspiration that fed both the Art Nouveau and subsequent Art Deco movements with distinctive style and ideas. The detailed documentation and publication of information about Egyptian artifacts and architecture provided a revealing source of wonder and admiration for the fascinating Egyptian arts over several decades. The Egytpomania evolved with the appearance of the monumental 20-volume Description de l’Égypte in 1827, which was the result of the large contingent of over 500 scholars including scientists and artists, which Napoleon organized to work in Egypt during his Egyptian campaign in (1798–1801).

The revelations of the awe inspiring hidden secrets of Egypt reverberated through the art world, inspiring everything from lamps with Pharaoh figure bases, sofas with Sphinxes for legs to Egyptian themed tea sets painted with the pyramids. This was further enhanced by the display of actual pieces of Egyptian art in the museums in Europe and the discovery of King Tuts tomb in 1922. It provoked a new wave of interest in the mysteries of rebirth and other Egyptian myths, leading to widespread exposure in the fine arts, literature, fashion and film  A highly stylized Egyptian aesthetic converged seamlessly with the Art Deco designs, adorning architecture, furniture and other decorative arts with depictions of spiritual, botanical and geometric motifs. Hieroglyphics, lotus flowers, papyrus blooms, scarab beetles, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, winged disks and most of the popular ancient Egyptian symbols were represented. Objects such as clocks, cigarette and vanity cases, vases as well as jewelry were interpreted with the Egyptian Art Deco designs using colours that reflected the choices used during the Egyptian Pharaonic eras.



Reclining Egyptian revival bronze figurine





German Porcelain Art Deco Powder Box ‘Egyptian Snake Charmer’



1920s Austrian Egyptian Revival twin handled ceramic Amphora attributed to Jules Dressler

 Austrian Egyptian Revival Amphora attributed to Jules Dressler




Ott-and-brewer-1876 Egyptian bust

Bust of Egyptian woman – Ott & Brewer




Nefertiti - Egyptian Queens by Royal Doulton polychrome figurine of standing Nefertiti with two cats




Sekhmet-brooch - Egyptian goddess Sekhmet brandishing a fan of stylized lotus blossom motifs, highlighted by a diamond-set bracelet and arm band, fitted at the waist with two gold belts of zig- black enamel. Highlighted by diamonds , rubies and emeralds.

Faience Sekhmet ( Lion Goddess ) brooch with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and gold – Cartier Paris

circa 1925

The lion goddess depicted in the fan brooch, dating to the 21st-22nd Dynasty 1075 BC. Original artifacts from Egypt were sometimes re-modeled into new pieces.





Ancient Egyptian jewelled scarab amulet with the cobras of protection on each side wearing the crown of Upper Egypt; the lotus & suns on bottom edge represent immortality

Scarabs ( symbol of rebirth ) were produced in vast numbers over many centuries and thousands have survived.




An Exquisite Art Deco Mantel Clock in green and pink marble with a bronze Egyptian figurine

Egyptian revival mantle clock





Bronze vase with turquoise scarab motifs – Lucien Gaillard





Matching pair of Art-Deco-bronze-figurine dancers by Demetre Chiparus

Demetre Chiparus – matching pair of Art Deco female dancing figures





Bronze statue of an Egyptian dancer – Gori





Scarab motif ovoid vase – Eric Olson

Common Ground Pottery






German boudoir porcelain Cleopatra Cobra lamp/perfume burner





Buste-de-Cléopâtre,-Simon Monteneve

Simon Monteneve Cleopatra bust with scarab inlays






Art Deco dancers – Marcel Guillard for Etling

circa 1920

Heritage Auctions, Tx





Early 20th c. Czechoslovakian Egyptian Revival Amphora NEWEL LLC

Egyptian Revival Amphora pitcher

Early 20th c. Czechoslovakia




boucheron-corsage-ornament Boucheron,-Paris-(design-by-Lucien-Hirtz)1925

Boucheron corsage ornament – Lucien Hirtz


Most of the influential Jewellers at this time were producing Egyptian inspired pieces including Mellerio, Boucheron, Lalique, Baugrand, Lemonnier, Cartier and Giuliano, quite often using Cloisonne enamels.






French Egyptian Revival canopic jar with Horus lid






‘Egyptian Queen’, gilt terracotta bust of a woman wearing an Egyptian nemes-style headdress, signed  G.Caspi, Belgium.

circa 1925





Egyptian Revival Carved and Inlaid Rosewood Seat



Egyptian-Revival-porcelain-Tête-à-tête---Austria---Vienna---1794-1809 in gold and lavender

Egyptian Revival porcelain Tête-à-tête – Austria – Vienna – 1794-1809




Egyptian-Revival-Table-19th-Century - with three carved black sphinx legs

Egyptian Revival round table with spinx legs




Emile Gallé ovoid Vase Egyptian revival style © 1900 Musee de l'Ecole de Nancy

Emile Gallé Vase Egyptian style

© 1900 Musee de l’Ecole de Nancy



Erte,-art-deco-pendant Egyptian bust motif

Egyptian revival pendant – Erte



French Art Deco Porcelain Powder Box 'Kneeling Egyptian Lady' by Editions Etling

French Art Deco Porcelain Powder Box ‘Kneeling Egyptian Lady’ by Editions Etling





French Egyptian Revival vases – Charles Louchet

A pair of two patina bronze vases, of narrow gourd shape, decorated on each side, with low-relief Egyptian dancers holding a flower whose corolla shapes the neck of the vase, and accompanied by incised hieroglyphs. Heads of birds wearing nemes form the handles.

Height 17 inches




Antique French Egyptian Revival figural porcelain candlestick holder




Mantle clock French Antique Egyptian Revival made of bronze and marble adorned with winged sphinx

French Antique Egyptian Revival mantle clock made of bronze and marble adorned with winged sphinx

19th century

Antiquarian Traders –



Demetre-Chiparus -Antinea,-a-cold-painted-bronze-and-ivory-figure-of-an-Egyptian-dancer-(circa-1928),

‘Antinea,’ a cold painted bronze and ivory figure of an Egyptian dancer- Demetre Chiparus

(circa 1928)




Gulya-Alexeyeva sphinx sculpture

 Sphinx figurine –  Gulya Alexeyeva



The-Singer-exhibited-1889-Bronze,-coloured-resin-paste-and-semi-precious-stones by Edward Onslow Ford

Edward Onslow Ford – ‘The Singer’





Art Deco Egyptian Revival chrome lamp




Egyptian Revival Brooch – Neiger

Czech 1920’s





Egyptian Revival ceramic lava vase bottle – Italo Casini




University-of-Chicago-1935 Pharaoh statue

Monumental pharaoh statue

University of Chicago 1935.





Vintage Sunya Currie Egyptian Winged Scarab Beetle Pin with Art Glass Stone Body

Ruby Lane



Art Deco patinated and silvered bronze figure by Pierre Le Faguays, France circa 1920s.

Art Deco patinated and silvered bronze figure by Pierre Le Faguays, France circa 1920s.




Wedgewood Early 19th century, chocolate-brown ground with crocodile finial lidded vase

Wedgwood Rosso Antico Egyptian Vase and Cover

Early 19th century, chocolate-brown ground with crocodile finial, applied black basalt hieroglyphs in relief to a bowl supported by three sphinx-topped legs set on a raised circular base.





Wedgwood Majolica Sphinx Candlesticks pair

England, c. 1867




Schafer-Vater-ceramic match-holder Egyptian pharaoh bust

Schafer Vater Egyptian bust match holder





Egyptian style lapis lazuli, gold and turquoise table clock – Philippe Patek




Pierre-Le-Faguays,-Light-Object,-around-1925 French Art Deco

French Art Deco Egyptian Revival figure lamp – Pierre Le Faguays

circa 1925





Majolica Egyptian Revival vase, 19th century




Egyptian scarab-beetle-emerald-gold-broach-

Emerald, gold scarab – R&Y Augousti





Egyptian Revival facade – Strasbourg Germany



Egyptian Revival pair of Limoges candlesticks, winged scarab decoration., green with gold edges

Egyptian Revival pair of Limoges candlesticks, winged scarab decoration.





Late 19th c. Egyptian Revival Polychrome Carved Throne Chair Tutankhamun

Egyptian Revival Polychrome Carved  Throne Chair, A replica of the original Tutankhamun’s gold throne

Late 19th century.




Majolica Moore & Co Egyptian Garden Seat.Seated Egyptian lady

Majolica Egyptian Garden Seat – Moore & Co





Pair of early 20th Century painted spelter candlesticks, Egyptian revival, male and female figures holding candle sconce





Cleopatra female figures flanking the entrance to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo





Art Deco Egyptian Revival chinaware basket – Noritake




Outdoor Sphinx statue Parque del Capricho.-Madrid

Egyptian Revival Sphinx garden statue

Parque del Capricho.- Madrid




Egyptian-Revival-beaded-bag-with-celluloid-frame and spinx motif

Sphinx motif Art Deco beaded bag




Egyptomania squat porcelain jug – Pickard


Ruby lane





Art – contemporary Oz


kate_elsey_banksiabird_oil_on_linen_two abstract birds

‘Banksia Bird’ – Kate Elsey

Oil on linen – 137cm x 96cm


A collection of Aussie art that has piqued my interest over the last 12 months, vividly bursting with the inexhaustible life force from the ancient continent. Mainly contemporary works, both non indigenous and indigenous art and the works of the Chinese artist Zhou Xiaoping, who migrated to Australia and studied bark painting in the Australian outback.



Paint Scrape Painter Kate Elsey :


The paintings of Kate Elsey are created using only a paint removal scraper. Due to this unusual technique Kate has developed over twenty years, eschewing brushes for varying sized metal scrapers, her pictures become powerful textures within a space portraying a fierce depth of concern for the condition of natures planet and humanness.

“My work is a distilled interpretation of the kaleidoscope, threads woven together into the pattern of life. Expressing nature and its harmonious complexity into a wild magical simplicity. I’m wanting to represent wildlife in an emblematic, monumental and symbolic way, allowing the viewer to hopefully appreciate our coexistence. My aim in life is to paint pictures celebrating diversity, perfection and the emotion of the wild life, promoting the need to take care of our wilderness.”


kate_elsey_banksia_stirling_ranges_oil_on_linen_abstract bush landscape

‘Banksia Stirling Ranges’ – Kate Elsey

Sum Of Conscious Subconscious Painting series




Kate Elsey with collage

Kate Elsey



Kate_Elsey_Fridas_Garden_2014_oil_on_linen_abstract forest in blues, greens and purples

‘Fridas Garden’ – Kate Elsey




ibis-in-flight--Kate Elsey A painting of Ibis birds flying together

‘Ibis In Flight’ — Kate Elsey





‘Study for Metung Wetland Ti Trees’ – Kate Elsey

Oil on canvas – 84cm x 74cm



Two Rufus Owls - Kate Elsey - abstract owls on a tree branch

‘Two Rufus Owls’ – Kate Elsey

 Kate Elsey website



Hotham-Street-Contemporary--Kate-Elsey-Life-Splendour-oil-on-linen,-abstract sunset in orange, green, yellow

‘Life Splendour’ – Kate Elsey

Oil on linen, 107 x 152 cm

Hotham Street Contemporary





Banksia Grevillea Bell Vase’ –. Jane De Boos.

Thrown porcellaneous stoneware, black underglaze, terra sigillata, sgraffito, blear glaze, overglaze decals

 26H x 16 x 16 cm




Hilary Crawford Blackout 4/5 Blown murrini glass, machine ground, hand buffed sculptures


‘Blackout 4/5’ – Hilary Crawford   Blown murrini glass, machine ground, hand buffed sculptures

Stepney, South Australia




janet-deboos-survey-2 large bottles with sgraffito deccorations

Janet De Boos – sgraffito bottles black on white





Nadiir VI, 2012. Avital Sheffer. Hand formed, glazed and printed, multiple fired earthenware clay. 55H vessel

‘Nadiir VI’ –  Avital Sheffer.

Hand formed, glazed and printed, multiple fired earthenware clay vessel

55H cm




Ovoid shaped bottle Keshar-II-2013-by Avital Sheffer

Keshar II – Avital Sheffer






Askos-IV--2013---54x22x13cm - Avital Sheffer sculpture vessel

‘Askos IV’  – Avital Sheffer


54 x 22 x 13 cm




‘Dreamtime-Sisters’  – Colleen Wallace






Uta Uta Tjangala, Pintupi, c.1926-90 ‘Women’s Dreaming’ (1972) synthetic polymer paint on composition board. Australia.





‘Magpie Geese’ – Jimmy Djelminy




Pepai Carroll with work in progress for the ICAA, image courtesy Ernabella arts. -

Pepai Carroll with coil built vase for the ICAA,

image – Ernabella arts.




Tiwi-Pottery,-Australia,-Jarakalani jantu (Turtle Boat) - Mark Puautjimi and Cyril James Kerinauia

Jarakalani jantu (Turtle Boat) – Mark Puautjimi and Cyril James Kerinauia

Tiwi Pottery, Australia, est. 1972,


Convergence of two ancient art traditions.


zhou-xiaoping in his studio

Zhou Xiaoping


 Born in Hefei in the  the Yellow Mountains of China, Zhou Xiaoping moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1988. Classically trained in the visual art traditions of Chinese brush painting, he made a trip to Central Australia to study with John Bulunbulun, a senior member of the Gurrambakurramba clan, who was  traditionally trained in the visual art traditions of east central Arnhem Land. He found the Aboriginal symbolism, stories, traditions and culture to be a powerful influence. His works are a fascinating synthesis of two ancient art traditions.”In Chinese traditional painting artists often paint imaginary and mythical scenes, mysterious mountains and waterfalls, cloud filled landscapes, beautiful flowers and fierce tigers and horses. I’m more interested in people’s everyday lives. In my work I paint Aboriginal people as they live, how they look, what they’re doing.” His combination of the rich ochres with black inks on rice paper is vivid and impactive.



Zhou Xiaoping painting of dancing indigenous Australians

‘Fire’  – Zhou Xiaoping



Zhou Xiaoping painting of a cockatoo ,white water lily and Aboriginal totems

Zhou Xiaoping



Zhou Xiaoping painting of Australian aboriginals performing their ceremony

‘Tradition (1)’   – Zhou Xiaoping




Zhou Xiaoping 3 panel art of water lillies

‘Waterlilly’ – Zhou Xiaoping




Central Australia - Zhou Xiaoping selecting bark for painting with John Bulunbulun

 Zhou Xiaoping selecting bark for painting with the late John Bulunbulun




Dragon-2012 Zhou Xiaoping painting of a dragon in flight

Dragon  – Zhou Xiaoping




Zhou Xiaoping painting pink lotus and indigenous Australian

Zhou Xiaoping



Zhou Xiaoping tribal dancing art painting

‘Dance’ – Zhou Xiaoping





Fish-Dream painting -----2013 by Zhou Xiaoping

‘Fish Dream’  –  Zhou Xiaoping





Blue and White Bottle Vase – Zhou Xiaoping
with design from painting by John Bulunbulun

Height: 37 cm


Zhou Xiaoping baluster vase flared neck brown and white

Zhou Xiaoping





‘Euriowie Cliff’  – Merran Esson.

Ceramic with copper and rust glaze – 2012


Aptos Cruz Galleryies




Budgerigar-Dreaming-1972 Kaapa-Mbitjana-Tjampitjinpa traditional Aboriginal art

‘Budgerigar Dreaming’ – Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa



The following dozen pieces were featured in the Engaging Form exhibition of Exemplary Australian Contemporary Studio Ceramics – organized in 2012 by the Skepsi Gallery and Montsalvat




‘Dome’ Tatiana Gvozdetskaya,

H20 x W40 x D40cm

“Some people may find my work severe and uncompromising and I suppose it might well give that impression. It is certainly minimalist. What I am really trying to do is to develop an elemental ‘language’ of more or less pure geometric forms through which I can express my ideas and feelings about life, art, and existence.”




‘Nurture’ – John Ferguson

H27-x-W14-x-D7cm & H42-x-W14-x-D10cm







‘Vessel The Space Beyond’  – Garry Bish

H16.6 x W16cm
“When devices for the creation of pictorial space are painted on the wall of a three-dimensional object, an ambiguous dimension arises. This juxtaposition of the illusory image and the material presence may influence the visual ‘reading’ of the shape and volume of the ceramic form. Vessel: the space beyond explores this paradox with an image that appears to enter and extend beyond the boundaries of the object.”




Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery Morning Mist' ceramic vessel - Gail Nichols

‘Morning Mist’ –  Gail Nichols

H35 x W16 x D15cm

“I am intrigued by the interaction of form and surface, which I exploit through making and firing to create rhythm, colour and movement. The vapour glazing process continues to challenge me, as I seek a balance of knowledge, intuition and uncertainty.”




Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery - Greg Daly lustre vessels

‘Summer Light’ – Greg Daly,

H23cm, H19cm
“Light and lustre have a synergy that creates colour and movement. This is what I see each day, walking from home to my studio and back, light through mist, rain, clouds, sunrise, sunset, dust, heat and the moment as the sun goes down, that after glow that changes for just a moment the land and sky.”




Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery - Amy Kennedy Vibration series

‘Vibration Series’ – Amy Kennedy,

H5 x W15 x D15cm

“In these works, fine paper-thin leaves of glaze material are assembled to form layered objects. Working with delicacy and movement, I use the flowing layers like the opening pages of a book or fluttering piles of fabric to create a windblown or whirlpool effect. Energy and movement within the work is assisted by the gentle softening that occurs during the firing process, giving sculptures the capacity to hover, tilt or extend, as if once animated. It is capturing this energy and creating work that is seemingly made, and found simultaneously, that is a particular aspiration.”



Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery - Amy-Cohen sculptural ceramic

“Dark Flowers Series No 1” –  Amy Cohen,

H110 x W25 x D28cm

My forms are inspired by the natural world, sea shells in particular. I find their proportions and fluidity captivating, and feel that my personal interpretations represent a self portrait of my state of mind and emotions at various times in my life. Dark Flowers Series explores the relationship between desire and reality. The forms are suggestive of unfolding desire and allure, an invitation into an unattainable world of creating perfection.




Art-Gallery-Melbourne---Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery 'Magpie Songs' - Su Hanna

‘Magpie Songs’ –  Su Hanna

H50.5 x W20 x D12cm

“The magpies sing to me as I light the fire outside my kiln, curious at my activities they look in from the door. They accompany me to the wood pile and as I move wood closer to the kiln, they serenade me. A new kiln, a different journey, endless possibilities…”





‘Golden Reef ‘ –  Peter Pilven,

H41 x W39 cm

“My recent work has focused on a range of vessels inspired by archaic objects that have long lost their functional or intended utility. The often ambiguous nature of ancient implements excites my curiosity and love of history. Whilst the origins of the conceptual source may have been humbly domestic or spiritually symbolic, the resultant pieces I produce are intended to incite reflection on the past and contemplation on what may have been.”




‘Qing Chicken Vase’  Janet DeBoos

“A growing interest in the history of ceramic decoration and the way in which it both absorbs and expresses cultures, has become the focus of my most recent work. I am using iconic imagery from the high point of Chinese porcelain decoration (Qing over glaze), colour & line from the deserts of Australia (Ernabella terra sigillata, Australian flora) and that most ancient of techniques from the ceramics lexicon (sgraffito or ‘scratching’) to attempt to create a hybrid pottery that is both contemporary and timeless, culturally specific and yet borderless.”




Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery-----Kevin White - abstract patterned vase in black,red, blue and white

Untitled Vessel, Kevin White,

H26.8 x W17.3cm

“My current work continues my interest in interpreting the ceramic traditions of Japan and the Japonisme seen in British ceramics of the 19th century.”




'Spinifex' Kim-Anh Nguyen, Australian-Studio-Ceramic-Art---Skepsi-Gallery Ceramic vessel textured like spinifex plant

‘Spinifex’ –  Kim-Anh Nguyen,

H40 x W23cm

“Underlying my work is a profound respect for the historical and cultural significance of all indigenous people. This work has reference to the spiky spinifex grass, which is widely found in the Great Victoria Desert, in Western Australia.”





‘Research’ – Tom Bass


Circular Quay(east), Sydney




BC6 – Bob Connery

Pressmolded Squared Form With Handbuilt Additions. Reduced gold lustre on a green glaze reduced to pink in some areas. small

32H x 18 x 18cm

Aptos Cruz Galleryies




‘Dry Creek Bed Detritus’   Merran Esson.

Ceramic with copper glaze – 2012


Aptos Cruz Galleryies






Kathleen Wallace





Greg Daly – Vessel, Green glaze inside, gold & silver leaf decoration.




Jane-Parker---Drifting jellyfish abstract painting

‘Drifting’ –  Jane Parker, Noosa

“I find that I will dream of a finished picture and then sit down to execute it without preliminary drawings,” said Jane. “This picture was triggered by something I read, about the jellyfish drifting in the ocean at the mercy of storms and all obstacles. It seemed to me that the human condition is very like this.”






70’s Gunda Caramelware Australian pottery vase-ewer-jug





Ceremony  1971 – Cliff Tjapaltjarri ( Clifford Possum )





Tom Sanders Pottery Plate – Aboriginal Painting by Wesley Penberthy





 Iyawi Wikilyiri, Ngura Ngarutjara

Tjungu Palya Art Centre





‘Bush Tucker Dreaming–My Father’s Country’ – Nungurrayi Gabri






‘Ngayuku walka’ – Alison Milyika Carroll

Pitjantjatjara artist Alison Milyika Carroll, one of the winners at the Annual Indigenous Ceramic Art Award  for her work Ngayuku walka, a pot made using traditional coil-building techniques




Aboriginal-Artist-Marilyn-Armstrong dot painting

Dot painting  – Marilyn Armstrong




Hilary Crawford - Scorched Blown murrini forms, machine ground

Hilary Crawford – ‘Scorched’

‘These forms are essentially small fragments of sky which are magnified. The depths and densities of the colour is utilized to reflect the optical shifting that exists in the atmospheric particles to create what we see as the sky.’






Born to whim


Paul-Manship-1938-Day Art Deco Man and horses running with sun

Paul Manship “Day” sculpture *

As they say, whimming isn’t everything. Some you whim, some you lose. For most people, losing is such an undesirable option and whimmers are grinners, because everybody loves a whimmer. At least for a cliche enriched subject, you’re on a whimmer. The extremes of the ambitious are played out in the realm of the contest. Elation if you win, despair if you fail. Nobody remembers a second place whimmer. A quitter never whims and a whimmer never quits. Whim at any cost. Play to whim !
Or you can take the middle ground, the path of the truly whimsical, amused but detached in succeeding, and equally unperturbed and content if success eludes you. Relish the contest, enjoy the journey, That’s how to be first past the whimming post.




The Fountain of Apollo in Versailles – the Marble Version, carved by Cervietti Studio in Pietrasanta, Italy



Storyteller Figure,-100-800-AD, Jalisco, Ameca Valley, Mexico

Ceramic Storyteller Figure

100-800 AD, Jalisco, Ameca Valley, Mexico




Contrebassiste-2-Pauline-Watteau girl figurine playing a red leaf cello

Whimsical ‘Contrebassiste 2’ – Pauline Watteau




Kalabas Art Gallery gourd lamps A.Ali Daher - Vordingborg, Denmark

A.Ali Daher painted gourd lamps – Vordingborg, Denmark

Kalabas Art Gallery




.....Going,-Going,-Gone-by-Hippopottermiss - ceramic pot with surface lizard crawling into hole

“…..Going, Going, Gone”  pottery vase by Hippopottermiss





1920s Japan Satsuma 3 Spill Dancing Frogs Kaeru Good Luck Okimono Objet D Art eBay

 Japan Satsuma – Three Dancing Frogs Kaeru Good Luck Okimono Objet D Art   eBay





Chalkware Cuban dancer statues





Naeem Khan mixed textures by outfitting a metal-studded mannequin in an embroidered leotard, beaded breastplate, and a headdress dripping with chains.

NY mannequin decorated by Naeem Khan






Salvador Dali – Barcelona




cottesloe-beach-Subodh Kerkar The Chilly-2013

‘The Chilly’ — Subodh Kerkar

Cottesloe beach – 2013




Two turquoise and gold Chinese figurines FLORIDA MODERN 33405-etsy



Turquoise and gold Chinese figurines.

Florida Modern, Etsy




Japanese Noritake Chinaman Inkwell





Todji-Kurtzman Culucy sculpture - dancing bronze-lady

‘Calucy’ – Todji Kurtzman

Bronze, 22 x 10 x 24 inches




‘Chain Reaction’ & ‘Loop’ by English glass artist Diana East




Found-on-atwestend-com Whale watering can-ceramic

Pottery whale watering can



flippinyourfins-tumblr garden mermaid fountain

Mermaids fountain






frogpile-Pauline-Do - Three orange frogs together

‘Frogpile’ – Pauline Do




George-Lafayette Sailing sculpture naked lady balanced on a small boat

‘Sailing’ – George Lafayette





Greater Paris,  Bassin de l’Automne, Bacchus et faune endormi, Versailles





‘Morphology 1’  by James Kemp – Cone 6 Ceramic sculpture

25 x 17 x 19,  2013




Handmade ceramic coffee cup by Michelle Summers-Imaginative Bloom

‘Imaginative Bloom’ by Michelle Summers- Handmade ceramic coffee cup




Henry Dupere creates hanging-metal-bat-by-Gigapus-on-Flickr

 Imaginative welded sheet-metal sculpture Hanging Bat by Henry Dupere




Harris Deller abstract teapot with yellow, white and brown glaze

Harris Deller abstract teapot




Heinryk Hetflaisz-homo-faber-2013-formatore1

Mold making studio –  Pietrasanta, Tuscany

Photo Heinryk Hetflaisz





“Eye Of nautilus”  – Hilary Simms



Johnson-Tsang porcelain sculpture

Johnson Tsang porcelain sculpture




Large Italian vase from Albisola



Large-Sconce-Vince Sansone

Vince Sansone




Linda Hoffhines pitcher

Linda Hoffhines, USA Fist handled mugs Japan

Fist handle mugs – liveart store, Japan




Liz-Quackenbush plate Terracotta, majolica, lustres, glass enamel, cone 04

Lunch Plate – Liz Quackenbush

Terracotta, majolica, lustres, glass enamel, cone 04




Mats Gustafson,-Stockholm polar bear vase

Polar bear vase – Mats Gustafson, Stockholm




Melanie Ferguson - On The Lookout-2---Crow Series

Melanie Ferguson – ‘On The Lookout 2′ —Crow Series




Pam Summers-Ribbon Bowl abstract pattern plate in red, mustard, black, green and white

Pam Summers   ‘Ribbon Bowl’




rare-ROBJ-tea-set-comprised-of-teapot,-milk-jug,-sugar bowl-and-2-mugs

Robj tea set with Fez wearing Turks, France



Robert-Aitken-in-his-studio-with-monumental female sculpture

Sculptor Robert Aitken

photo by Peter A. Juley & Son



Sharon-Stelter ceramic ram figurine

‘Ram’ – Sharon Stelter



Basilica of Santa Croce - Florence,, Italy

Basilica of Santa Croce – Florence,





Squat, bulbous vase with carp – Sally Tuffin





1939 World’s Fair salt and pepper shakers and holder

Atomic Dimestore – etsy




White-ceramic cactus cookie jar

 Cactus cookie jar




Zsolnay,-Ungarn,-1950-Janos Török

Standing Cello Player, Janos Török design for Zsolnay, Ungarn





‘Crossing’ – Sarah Swink




Jacques POUCHAIN ​​(born 1925) – Pitcher anthropomorphic ‘Bird Woman’



Mosaic-bench-at-the-Stables-Market,-Camden-Town sculpture titled 'Scarlet (Colourful female Contemporary Seat/Bench abstract sculptures)' by artist Francony Kowalski

A sculpture titled ‘Scarlet’ (Colourful Mosaic Contemporary Abstract Seat/Bench) by artist Francony Kowalski

* ( minus the caption)