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English whimsical clayart vibrancy



Two female American clayart creatives in the English countryside


A perfect antiidote for grey overcast skies is colouful, uplifting, dercorative objects and both of the female ceramicists below employ a natural illustrative freedom and flair that elevates the spirit. Sharon Laslett’s flowing brushstrokes flow like a capricious breeze to emulate her Californian free spirit, which she has transplanted to Essex. Likewise, Stacey Manser Knight expresess a delightful innocence and idiosynchratic whimsy from her studio in Brighton, channeling the seaside and her chidhood memories of visits to the woods and all the flora and fauna she discovered.


Sharon Laslett


Sharon-Laslett-Orange ceramic Jug

Sharon Laslett – Orange Jug


The process of throwing, turning and decorating always feels fresh and new to me, each piece taking on a life of its own. My inspiration for ceramic decoration comes from a combination of shapes found in nature, memories of light and colour found in California, where I lived for many years, and artists such as Matisse and Kandinsky along with the lavishly decorated Iznik pottery of Turkey. My clay of choice is Valentine’s KGM Body, which I love for its smoothness and creamy colour, and the fact that it can also be fired to stoneware temperature. In addition, I use a standard terracotta for those earthy days! The longer I work with clay the more I want to explore its malleable qualities. I love to poke and prod, sometimes until I ruin a piece, just to see exactly how far I can push those plastic boundaries. Sharon is based in her small back garden studio on the Hertfordshire and Essex border in Bishop’s Stortford.



Sharon Laslett Imperfect vase'Imperfection feeds the Soul'

Sharon Laslett folded vase  —  ‘Imperfection feeds the Soul’



Pink Rim Shallow Dish-The Tudor House Gallery

Sharon Laslett — Pink Rim Shallow Dish

The Tudor House Gallery



Sharon LaslettA-Sculpture-–-Landscape of my Mind

Sharon Laslett  —  ‘A Sculpture-–-Landscape of my Mind’



Set of Sundae Dishes--Sharon-Laslett

Set of Sundae Dishes–Sharon Laslett



Blue-cobalt-jug series-Sharon Laslett

Blue cobalt jug series – Sharon Laslett



‘Simply Bisque’ – Sharon Laslett



Sharon Laslett-ceramic fish serving plate

Sharon Laslett stoneware fish serving plate



Sharon Laslett spring series dipping bowls

Sharon Laslett spring series dipping bowls




Sharon Laslett



Spring-salad-bowlWhite earthenware hand-painted with underglaze and sealed with clear glaze.

Spring salad bowl – Sharon Laslett

White earthenware hand-painted with underglaze and sealed with clear glaze.



Sharon Laslett-new-glaze-vessels

Sharon Laslett ceramic bottle vessels



Shallow dish with walking figure-Sharon Laslett

Shallow dish with walking figure – Sharon Laslett



‘Giving Bowl’  – Sharon Laslett



Stoneware Sake set decorated by hand with cobalt oxide

Stoneware Sake set decorated by hand with cobalt oxide – Sharon Laslett



Terracotta Baking DishBased on the idea of a Buddhist mandala this sgraffito baking dish is both practical and

Orange highlight terracotta Baking Dish

Inspired by a Buddhist mandala, this sgraffito baking dish is both practical and colourful.



Three Posy Pots - Sharon Laslett

Three Posy Pots – Sharon Laslett



Iznik inspired Pedestal Bowl Medium-Sharon Laslett

Iznik inspired pedestal Bowl Medium – Sharon Laslett



Sharon-Laslett-stay sane make art plate

‘Stay sane make art’ plate — Sharon Laslett



Sharon Laslett-pottery vessels

Sharon Laslett pottery vessels



Sharon Laslet-ceramic cups

Sharon Laslet – Avocado and treal ceramic cups



Large Scallop dish-Sharon Laslett

Large Scallop dish – Sharon Laslett



Scallop-dishBeautiful shallow dish with relief work and the words, “See the daisies under your feet and the stars above you

Large Scallop dish – Sharon Laslett

 Relief dish with the words, “See the daisies under your feet and the stars above you”



Funky jug--Sharon-Laslett

‘Funky Jug’ — Sharon Laslett



Funky jug -- Sharon Laslett

Inside Funky jug — Sharon Laslett



small ceramic-jug-Sharon Laslett

Sharon Laslett jug



Sharon Laslett —  functional pottery wares



Cobalt blue on white bird plate-Sharon Laslett

Cobalt blue on white bird plate -Sharon Laslett





Sharon Lazlett




Stacey Manser-Knight


“I am largely self-taught. Over many years I have worked to develop my skills and style, and make highly decorative but functional pieces. I work in red earthenware clay which is coated with a white clay slip layer. This gives me a surface to draw through. Once the piece has reached a near dry state, I illustrate it and pipe on a thick clay preparation, to achieve the raised surfaces. This is then fired, coloured and then a clear over glaze applied. Fired once more, it is now ready for the gold lustre rim highlights and, on-glaze details, such as the stripes on bees. For inspiration I use happy memories. I have no set designs so all pieces are individual.”

I was born in the U.S.A & grew up in New York and Oxford in England where I studied art at Oxford’s Banbury Art School and at Brighton University.



Stacey manser Knight-jug with field flowers and stream

Stacey Manser-Knight-jug with field flowers and stream



'In the woods' ceramic clock ---- Stacey Nanser-Knight

‘In the woods’ ceramic clock —- Stacey Nanser-Knight

Remembering all those childhood walks in Bagley woods, with a few ‘Ceps’ thrown in from the Brittany woods walks. All the things you’d find in the woodland, in various seasons- thrown together with a spoon of artistic license. That’s the best part of making it up!



'In the woods' ceramic clock ---- Stacey Nanser-Knight

‘In the woods’ ceramic clock —- Stacey Nanser-Knight



Two Red foxy cups Stacey Manser-Knight

Red foxy cups Stacey Manser-Knight



Stacey-manser-Knight rear of ceramic clock

Stacey Manser-Knight nesting blue birds



Stacey Manser Knight-face-vase with flowers

Flower head lady – Stacey Manser-Knight



Stacey Manser-Knight floral-jug

Stacey Manser-Knight floral jug



Stacey-manser-Knight unicorn relief cup

Stacey Manser-Knight unicorn and flowers relief cup



Stacey Manser-Knight-leggy cups

Stacey Manser-Knight — leggy cups



Stacey-Manser-Knight-mermaid mantle clock

Stacey Manser-Knight — mermaid mantle clock



Stacey Manser-Knight--red poppy jug

Stacey Manser-Knight — red poppy jug

“Not just for sad memories, poppies are a symbol of renewal and strength, they can survive years as a dormant seed and germinate when the earth is turned and better conditions prevail. Gotta love a survivor like that”


Stacey-manser-Knight-Diva sweet dish

Stacey-manser-Knight – Diva sweet dish



Stacey-Manser-Knight-nesting bluebirds plate

Stacey Manser-Knight nesting bluebirds dish



Stacey Manser-Knight--with her nug

Stacey Manser-Knight – giant ceramic ribbed mug



Stacey-Manser-Knight--Underglaze and-over-piping with glaze and lustre tree jug

Stacey Manser-Knight — Underglaze and over piping with glaze and lustre trees jug



Stacey Manser-Knight--landscape vase

Stacey Manser-Knight — relief bluebird in tree landscape vase



A great day for the washing'-large jug

‘A great day for the washing’  large jug – Stacey Manser-Knight



White tree relief jug -- Stacey Nanser-Knight

White trees and birds in relief jug — Stacey Manser-Knight




Busy day at the outdoor office  —  Stacey Manser-Knight




‘Mushroom and Birdy shakers’ – Stacey Manser-Knight



Footed vase--Stacey-Manser-Knight

Footed tri mouth vase–Stacey Manser-Knight



Birds-in-the-old-cherry tree-Lidded vessel-Stacey-Manser-Knight

‘Birds in the old cherry tree’ lidded vessel – Stacey Manser-Knight



'I Jus Woke Up Like This' jug Stacey Mansur Knight

‘I Jus Woke Up Like This’ jug —  Stacey Mansur Knight

Bluestone Gallery



Barefooted in the giant dark woods--Stacey Manser-Knight

‘Barefooted in the giant dark woods’ — Stacey Manser-Knight



Black and orange-swirly trees-Stacey Manser-Knight

‘Black and orange swirly trees’ cup – Stacey Manser-Knight



Hare in field jug

Hare in field jug – Stacey Manser-Knight



Stacey Manser-Knight---Mermaid jug

Stacey Manser-Knight—Mermaid jug



Naughty fox in the corn-ceramic dish -- Stacey Manser-Knight

‘Naughty fox in the corn’– ceramic dish by Stacey Manser-Knight



Simple birds riding the waves-- Stacey Manser-Knight

‘Simple birds riding the waves’  — Stacey Manser-Knight



Space Daisy's milk jug.-- Stacey Manser-Knight

‘Space Daisy’s milk jug’— Stacey Manser-Knight



 Stacey Manser-Knight-swimmers-cup-Lady in red bathing costume and heels

Stacey Manser-Knight—cup and swimming Lady in red bathing costume and heels



floral garden cup---Stacey Manser-Knight

Floral garden cup—Stacey Manser-Knight



Deep green teapot---Stacey Manser-Knight

Deep green teapot — Stacey Manser-Knight



Growing the Veg'-,-Large sturdy mug

‘Growing the Veg’ – large sturdy mug


Instagram – @staceypumpkin

Stacey Manser Knight Ceramics on Facebook




Charming ceramic handmade drinking mugs


Robust, functional ceramic mugs with some of generous size, destined for longevity and becoming longtime companions for the consumption of coffee, tea, soups and other beverages. Represented in a variety of appealing shapes, glazes and styles. There is something reassuring and grounding when having a solid, warm mug in your hand for your morning cuppa.


Handmade Stoneware Pottery Square Mug Earthtones by MarksPottery-etsy

Handmade Stoneware Square Mug with earthtones by Marks Pottery-etsy



Hagiyaki Mug cup made in Japan

Hagiyaki Mug cup made in Japan


Dalek mug by Johnson Cameraface

Dalek mug



Czech cubist tea cup by Vlastislav Hofman, 1913

 Cubist coffee cup by Vlastislav Hofman

Czech 1913



Keith Simpson-#ceramics-mug

Keith Simpson – contemporary footed mug



Janet-Hassall four coffee mugs

Janet Hassall –  four fauvist coffee mugs



Laurel Burch ‘Rainbow Cats’ coffee mugs



Lisa Orr Mug-at-MudFire Gallery

Lisa Orr Mug

Mud Fire Gallery



Martin Boyd Mug

Martin Boyd Mug



Porcelain Pourer,-Danko-Natalia-Yakovlevna

Porcelain Pourer – Danko Natalia Yakovlevna



Night in The Forest Mug Jules Ceramics

‘Night in The Forest’ Mug –  Jules Ceramics



Moomin ‘Rakkaus’   Mug



Neriage Mug---Item-#2197---Blue clay accent Agateware-Michael Laroche

Neriage Mug–Blue clay accent Agateware – Michael Laroche

“I am inspired to continue exploring the curve and line found in clay and the natural and man-made world I dwell in. But most importantly, I am ecstatic to live a life of creating and making with my hands.”



MichaelLaRoche pair of mugs

Michael LaRoche



Two Vintage Rustic eaarthenware Coffee-Mugs

Two Vintage Rustic eaarthenware Coffee Mugs



A Greek Black figure Handled Mug with Octopus base

A Greek Black figure Handled Mug with Octopus motif on base



artnet-Akio Takamori ceramic vessel

Akio Takamori ceramic drinking vessel




Aiko Takamori cup and saucer_2014_elaine-levin-archives-univsoutherncalifornia

Aiko Takamori coffee cup and saucer



Sea Green Kraken Large Pottery Mug

Sea Green Kraken Large Pottery Mug – Muerte Pottery

“Welcome to Muerte Pottery! Each piece is wheel-thrown, decorated, glazed, fired, packaged, and shipped by me in my pottery nook in corner of my sun room with five crazy kids running around.”


Sea Green Kraken Large Pottery Mug – Muerte Pottery




Rosalie Wynkoop coffee mug

Archie Bray



Wanita--Malas-green ceramic mug

Wanita Malas-green landscape ceramic mug



white rabbit mug ceramic hand painted_pet_lover_gifts_Madamepomm-Thailand-Artfire

White rabbit hand painted mug – Madamepomm, Thailand





Allison Brenner ceramic mug

Allison Brenner ceramic mug



Arthur Merric Boyd coffee mug



Angel in the Room_Concil Coffee Mug_Pottery_Hand_Made

‘Angel in the Room’ – Concil Coffee Mug



Arita Imari coffee pot-late 17th-Century

Arita Imari coffee pot

Late 17th Century, JApan



Queen Bee coffee mug - Audballofclay

Queen Bee coffee mug – Audballofclay



Audballofclay-speckled drip glaze mug

Audballofclay – speckled drip glaze mug



Mid Century--Mug Aztec Sascha Brastoff

Mid Century– Aztec series mug – Sascha Brastoff



Audrey Rosulek Mug

Audrey Rosulek Mug




Blanket Creek Studio-ceramic mug

Blanket Creek Studio – ceramic mug



Mug with grolleg porcelain and glaze--Joshua Rysted

Mug with grolleg porcelain and glaze–Joshua Rysted



Chris Riccaardo face mug

Chris Riccaardo face mug



Australian ceramic landscape mug




Boys with Plants Mug

Boys with Plants Mug




Café céramique Paris

Café céramique Paris



Ceramic tableware birch bark Ceramic Trompe L'oeil Fireside Mug By Eric Serritella

Ceramic tableware birch bark Trompe L’oeil Fireside Mug By Eric Serritella



ceramic-tea coffee pot-lorna-meaden

Ceramic tea/coffee pot – Lorna Meaden



Chandler Swain mug with bird motif,Ontario

Chandler Swain mug with bird motif

“I live and work in the village of Blakeney near Almonte, Ontario, 1/2 hour west of Ottawa. We live beside the Mississippi River ( not THE Mississippi: this one is in Lanark County , Ontario, Canada ) and as a result the natural world around me is inspirational. Foxes, Herons, Turtles and Otters are our neighbours. Early morning walks in the woods with Michael and our dog Nell, gardening, and studio time fill most days. ”



Chandra DeBuse-Red Truck Mug

Chandra DeBuse – Red Truck Mug



Chinese Dragon mug from Clay Creature Comforts

Chinese Dragon mug from Clay Creature Comforts



Coco Chispa mountain mug

Coco Chispa mountain mug



---Buy----Ardmore botanical decor mug

Ardmore botanical and leopard decor mug



Coffee Tea Cup Mug-Chaleur-Mary Graves

Coffee Tea Cup Mug – ‘Chaleur’ -Mary Graves



cone six matte crystalline glazed porcelain mug-Gwendolyn Yoppolo

Cone six matte crystalline glazed porcelain mug – Gwendolyn Yoppolo

  “To be held in the hands or touched to the lips, these are intimate objects.  The forms I make engage the threshold of subjectivity by offering a conduit for nourishment into the body or between bodies.  The experience is more than visceral, as the body’s pursuit of sensual experience is tied into the process of making existence meaningful on all levels.  How we choose to feed ourselves and others is connected not only to our sensations of hunger and gratification, but also to our deeper perceptions of ourselves, and of the larger stories we live by.”



Cubist cannulated coffee mug

Cubist cannulated coffee mug



ceramic dragon mug


Dragon handled mug  —  Sharon Ray



Sedona,-AZ--Coffee-Pot-Rock - USA

Coffee Pot Rock

Sedona, Arizona


Dow Redcorn pottery mug

Dow Redcorn pottery mug



tie-dye and indigo coffee mug--functional porcelain designed by ceramic scg

Jade tie-dye and indigo interior coffee mug–functional porcelain designed by ceramic scg



Dyann Myers Carved Porcelain Mug at MudFire Gallery

Dyann Myers Carved Porcelain Mug

MudFire Gallery




Handmade greenp with pinecone mug-WildWings



Edo Period Japanese Porcelain coffee pot

Edo Period Japanese Porcelain coffee pot



Extra Large Coffee Mug with drip glaze

Extra Large Coffee Mug with drip glaze  OCPottery Kazem Arshi



Fred Stodder geometric mug-California-Artist

Fred Stodder geometric mug



Ellen-Shankin green mug

Ellen Shankin green mug

Curated Ceramics




Audballofclay mug on Appalachian trail

Audballofclay mug on Appalachian trail




Grand Prismatic Bison mug – audballofclay




Rich glazed drinking mug  – OCPottery




Wada Morihiro ceramic vessel




ocpottery-drinking mug

OCpottery-drinking mug



Pablo-Picasso--The-Blue-Coffee-Pot-(1944) painting

Pablo Picasso–‘The Blue Coffee Pot’



Coffee mug OCPottery

Footed coffee  mug — OCPottery



Pair of abstract Mugs Josh DeWees

Pair of abstract Mugs — Josh DeWees



Peacock Design Mug--Carol Long Pottery

Peacock Design Mug — Carol Long Pottery



Carol Long Pottery



Phenix Pottery-wavy blue faceted mug

Phenix Pottery – wavy blue faceted mug




Coffee pot Rörstrand-Roerstrand---Blå-Eld---Blue-Fire---Herta-Bengtsson-

Blue Fire coffee pot by Herta-Bengtsson for Rörstrand



Ruchika Madan mug

Ruchika Madan mug



Caffiene consumption crisis mug



Galaxy-Inspired Ceramics That Let You Drink From The StarsAmanda Joy Wells, anyone can have a sip of the universe

Galaxy-Inspired Ceramics That Let You Drink From The Stars by Amanda Joy Wells —  anyone can have a sip of the universe



Jess-Riva-Cooper ceramic coffee mug

Jess-Riva Cooper



Red Lodge Clay Center---Brad Schwieger

Footed square mug  —  Brad Schwieger

Red Lodge Clay Center



 Native Australian Warratah flower mug

Pilliga Pottery


Reiko Asai Phoenix mug

Reiko Asai Phoenix mug



Royal Winton-Jazz Art Deco-coffee-pot-c1930

Royal Winton – Jazz Art Deco coffee pot




Sara Dudgeon Pottery Coffee/tea Cups

Sara Dudgeon Pottery Coffee/tea Cups



Sargadelos Cuncha Coffee Set--Arren-Williams-Design-Lab

Sargadelos Cuncha Coffee Set–Arren Williams Design Lab



Stephen Benwell mug on legs



Steve Woodhead mug

Steve Woodhead mug



Stone Cat Ceramics

Stone Cat Ceramics



Tama Smith-–-Prairie Fire Pottery,

Tama Smith-–-Prairie Fire Pottery





Twisted coffee mug – OCpottery



Coffee mug Audballofclay

Ceramic mug Audballofclay



Unique crackle glaze mug--Rupert Andrews

Unique crackle glaze mug–Rupert Andrews




Twisty Faceted Mug---Dark-Brown---Winchester-Pottery

Twisty Faceted Mug—Winchester Pottery




Vintage Diana Pottery Mug, Australia





Vintage Chip Clawson Hand Thrown Pottery Mug



Matthew Adams coffee pot for Sascha Brastoff

Matthew Adams coffee pot for Sascha Brastoff Alaska Series

Mid Century


Matthew Adams coffee mug for Sascha Brastoff Alaska Series



Old tree ceramic mug

Old tree ceramic mug




Weslow monster alien expressive espresso mug



White Bike Ceramics--Thrown Porcelain, Inlaid Cobalt, mug

White Bike Ceramics–Thrown Porcelain, Inlaid Cobalt, mug



Brown and white contemporaryl_coffepot

Chocolate brown and white contemporary coffee pot



Takeawei drinking mug

Takeawei drinking mug




Brinsley Tyrrell – poisoned chalice mug



japanese drinking mug - Arita

Arita Japan ceramic mug



Forrest-Lesch Middelton mug

Forrest Lesch Middelton mug