Contemporary female ceramica artisans in the Americas


A diverse collection of vibrant and rich contemporary ceramic arts from women in the Americas, blending aspects of the old and new, while speaking a narrative that encompasses the vast and varied connections between women, nature, and culture.



Fernanda Quemada of Quemada Ceramica



Fernanda-Quemada contemporary ceramics

Fernanda Quemada contemorary ceramic wares


Fernanda Quemada sculptural bowl red and white

Sculptural bowl  – Fernanda Quemada



Fernanda Quemada---Cajitas---ceramic boxes

Fernanda Quemada — ‘Cajitas’(ceramic boxes)



Fernanda Quemada green glazed ceramic bowl with twin handles

Fernanda Quemada green glazed ceramic bowl green glazed ceramic bowl



Fernanda Quemada contemporánea ceramica




Quemada-ceramica,Chile geometric relief bowls

Quemada Ceramica geometric relief bowls




quemada-ceramica--relief planter

Angel relief planter with succulants



Speckled blue and white jug and cups Quemada Ceramica

Speckled blue and white jug and cups –  Quemada Ceramica



Specled bowl set with scrolled lugs - Quemada-Chile

Speckled bowl set with scrolled lugs – Quemada Ceramica



Speckled cup and saucer set – Quemada Ceramica



Sage green pitcher and cups - Quemada Ceramics

Sage green pitcher and cups – Quemada Ceramics



Red and white drinking cups - Quemada

Pressed clay composite red and white tumblers – Quemada Ceramica






Soledad Christie

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile


Soledad Christie was born in Viña del Mar, Chile in 1962 and intitially trained as Graphic Designer She has  been living in San Pedro de Atacama for 27 years. In the midst of the immensity of a powerful territory, I find the strength of an ancestral language, the pre-Columbian pottery. “My work is inserted in this ancestral tradition of pottery. The fundamental thing is the relationship with clay and its qualities. Each piece that model takes me to the next, and it is during the slow process of hand modeling, where I explore, trying to find a rhythm between, volume and shape, stillness and movement, balance and tension.”

“The pieces are modeled by hand, using the old techniques of pinching and lulo. The superficial quality is obtained with the burnished with river stone. The burning is the traditional burning in a hole with guano, combined with a low temperature burning in a gas oven. I recognize the landscape of the Atacama Desert and the Andean Altiplano as part of my own identity. The silence, the solitude, the light and the vastness of this territory have shaped my being and my work. ”




Elegant conical bowls – Soledad Christie



Soledad_Christie ceramic vase

Soledad Christie vase



ochre tone contemporary vase

Soledad Christie sculptural ceramic form



Abstraact vases Soledad-Christie

Soledad Christie


Black Llama ceramic figures – Soledad Christie



Modernist vessels Soledad Christie

Modernist vessels  – Soledad Christie cceramica trajabos



Sulptural  vessels by  Soledad Christie




Contmeporary vase-Soledad-Christie

Soledad Christie



Sculptural vassels  – Soledad Christie



Off-white assynetrical forms – Soledad Christie



Soledad Christie working in her studio

Soledad Christie



Soledad Christie



Ochre and black vases



Mariana Mae – Easy To Breathe

Ojai, California

Mariana Mae is an artist and visionary native to Coyoacan, Mexico, currently residing in the Valley of Ojai. Easy To Breathe is driven by the reverence of story telling through ancestral craft + honoring the purpose of an object through ritual. Mariana Mae draws inspiration from the freedom of form and the fragile, forgiving elements of our Earth. With deep admiration for primitive pathways, each ceramic piece is individually crafted by hand.



Mariana Mae specked vases and jugs

Mariana Mae jugs and vases



Marian Mae pots

Mariana Mae pottery



Mariana-MAe-2019 ceramic dish and pot

Mariana Mae



Mariana Mae twin handled vases

Mariana Mae twin handled vases



Mariana-Mae working pottery wheel

Mariana Mae



Mariana Mae



Mariana Mae double gourd ceramic vase

Mariana Mae double gourd ceramic vessel




Mariana Mae



Marian Mae ceramics

Mariana Mae drinking cups and mugs



Mariana Mae Mujeres de Barro Clay + Cacao Ceremony - WOMEN’S EARTHEN CEREMONY

Mariana Mae Mujeres de Barro Clay + Cacao Ceremony (Womens Earthern Ceramony)




Akbal Morena Pez – Akbal.Folk.Ceramics




Ceramc handpainted figure vase – Morena Akbal


Akbal Folk Ceramics keeps alive some of the traditional methods of working with clay, just as many of the ancestral cultures once did and are still doing. With admiration and respect, Akbal Morana Pez keeps them as a guide and along with Nature uses them as a source for inspiration. She works with the intentions of love, healing, beauty, peacefulness, equality and freedom while expanding them as an important direction in her creative process to manifest ceramica pieces to connect with the Earth. Pieces that nourish your Soul.

“It is deeply important to me to be able to create with a natural material such as clay. Working the clay allows me to have a strong creative process. I experience a magical dance with the fire as the clay pieces are being transformed. The next day is such a blessing to witness the transformation, those fragile clay pieces transmuted into strong ceramic bodies. While still warm, I enjoy moving the ashes to discover the different colours, different fire stories. I love to use earth to hold my food, its a whole nutrition.”


Akbal-Morena Pez jug with geometric decoration

Akbal Morena Pez jug



Akbal Morena Pez with large vase

Morena Akbal





Sunshine on ceramic vase

Good morning sunshine



Akbal Morena Pez ceramic bowls

Bowls with cutouts




Burnished black clay jug by Akbal Morena Pez

Black clay jug



Large face vessel Akbal Morena Pez

Large hand-painted face vessel by Akbal Morena Pez



Geometric design planter – Akbal Morena Pez



Akbal-Morena-Pez---vase with plant decoration

Morena Akbal vase



Ecchinaceas-&-Moons vessels

Ecchinaceas & Moons vessels



Wood firing the clay with Akbal Morena Pez.

“Using a traditional way of cooking the mud. A process of 6 hrs approx where I am in total connection with the fire and the pieces that are being transformed. The heat grows slowly and steadily, but after a time it becomes strong, much stronger and constant too. Once baked I feel powerful, totally transformed and blissfully exhausted. It is an extraordinary sensation!”


outdoor kiln construction in California

Outdoor kiln construction in California




Hand painted sacred vases - Akbal Morena Pez

Hand painted vases with flowers – Morena Akbal



Akbal Morena Pez figure-vase with floral decor

Akbal Morena Pez figure vase with floral and geometric decoration



Akbal Morena Pez face-vase

Akbal Morena Pez face vessel




Akbal Folk Ceramics at an outdoor market



Akbal Morena Pez figure-vase in garden

Figure vase with hat




Akbal Morena Pez — Womans ceremonial vessel





Nora Pineda


My work is a reflection of my Mexican roots. The forms are created like stories in the works as I transform and mutate a magical fusion of colors, shapes and a way of life into them. My desire in my clay creations is to express the “Human Spirit” as infinite, all knowing and always in a state of grace.

– Nora Pineda



Duena De la Olla-Nora Pineda Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture

‘Duena De la Olla’ – Nora Pineda

Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture





Yin and Yangs Children-Nora Pineda -- Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture

‘Yin and Yangs Children’ – Nora Pineda

Hand Built Ceramic Sculpture



 ‘Psychic Dancer’ – Nora Pineda



Dancers in Flora-Nora Pineda-com-Hand-Built-Ceramic-Sculpture-2019

‘Dancers in Flora’ – Nora Pineda



Green Fantasy-Nora Pineda

‘Green Fantasy’ – Nora Pineda

Carved ceramic sculpture Coil and slab clay techniques. Fired to cone 3. Finished in acrylics and oils. Weight: 11 lbs. Dimensions: 15″h x 8″w x 8″d.



Healer's-Touch---Nora Pineda

‘Healer’s Touch’  ceramic vessel — Nora Pineda

“The voices of the ancients and my love for the earth flowing through my hands inspire me to create soul searching images in clay.” – Nora Pineda



Three Gurus - Nora Pineda ceramic sculpture

‘Three Gurus’ – Nora Pineda ceramic sculpture



Pandora's Box--Nora Pineda sculpture vessel

‘Pandora’s Box’ –Nora Pineda



Nora Pineda abstract sculpture alien head

Nora Pineda abstract sculpture alien head



Kaleidoscope-Nora Pineda - abstract pottery vessel

‘Kaleidoscope’ – Nora Pineda




Eloisa Castro Salazar

Eloisa Castro Salazar

Dolores Hidalgo Gto, Mexico




Pascale Lehman


” Expressive authenticity has a kind of beauty that I am interested in respecting This is why I merely wish to rescue the sensations and the energy of the earthly terrain, with vision and personal character. ”




Textured glaze charger – Pascale Lehman



Pacsale Lehmann Chilean ceramicist

Pacsale Lehmann



Ovoid ceramic sculpture with volcanic glaze

Ovoid ceramic sculpture with volcanic glaze — Pacsale Lehmann




Pacsale Lehmann

Pacsale Lehmann



Pacsale Lehmann




Pacsale Lehmann monumental ceramic scuptures



Pacsale Lehmann



Cristóbal Tola Navarro tango couple

Cristóbal Tola Navarro – ‘El Tango’




Mariana Weiland

Santiago, Chile


“My work to a large degree responds to instinct; generating risk of the own tension of the material conceiving unique and unrepeatable pieces in form and color. I like the handprint, the spontaneous gesture, often impulsive without a reason, open to the eventuality of change in the creative process, open to the birth of new images and propositions.

The surfaces and shades are enamels of creation and own experimentation. Being an enormous work of tests to arrive at suitable formulas, which transforms into an enjoyment by the Alchemy also satisfying my restlessness of investigation.”



Mariana Weiland--yunomi cup

Mariana Weiland–yunomi cup




Abstract ceramic sculpture -- Mariana Weiland

Abstract ceramic sculpture — Mariana Weiland




Mariana Weiland-tea bowl

Mariana Weiland tea bowl



Alessandra Foletti





Lence ceramic arts display

Arte moderno a lo Lenca – Lenca Cermica art




Lenca Pottery



Alessandra Foletti – ‘Andros 2′




Alessandra Foletti vases

Alessandra Foletti vases




Janikua Preyspanyk Peralta



Janikua-Preyspanyk-Peralta quad legged vessel

Janikua Preyspanyk Peralta quad legged vessel




Janikua Preyspanyk Peralta serpent bowl



Janikua-Preyspanyk-Peralta ceramic vase

Janikua Preyspanyk Peralta ceramic vase



Isabel Izquierdo sgafitto long neck vase

Isabel Izquierdo sgafitto long neck vase



Lois Gutierrez- Santa-Clara-Pueblo,-NM

Lois Gutierrez

Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico



MacariaO rtiz & Gerardo Pedragon Ortiz-pueblodirect

Macaria Ortiz & Gerardo Pedragon Ortiz

Pueblo Direct



Jacqueline Shapiro ceramic sculpture

Jacqueline Shapiro contemporary ceramic sculpture



Santa Clara potter Nancy Youngblood

Santa Clara potter Nancy Youngblood



Aida Gonzalez-Original-Color-Mata Ortiz Olla

Aida Gonzalez Mata Ortiz Olla





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