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I-Am-Here-by-Irit-Levy---Mainly-art-on-Flickr - mosaic bust of a women

“I Am Here”  – Irit Levy

 Mainly art on Flickr


Mosaic dynamics


This statement by Krishnamurti reminds me of the innate dynamic in mosaic art – “A mind which is seeking permanency soon stagnates; like that pool along the river, it is soon full of corruption, decay. Only the mind which has no walls, no foothold, no barrier, no resting place, which is moving completely with life, timelessly pushing on, exploring, exploding – only such a mind can be happy, eternally new, because it is creative in itself.”
By its very nature, mosaic art is particularly dynamic because of its fragmentation. This creates an eternal seeking of completion, through the potential motion of merging with the surrounding tesserae (mosaic tiles), to present a more perfected whole. A complex array of dissociation in flux and tension.The patterns and textures in the tesserae, combined with visual flow and direction within a mosaic, produced by the placement of rows and colours, tend to support this. In mosaics this is known as andamento – the movement or flow of tesserae , which is often accentuated by the interstices.
Ancient classical mosaics were created with natural stones and pebbles. Around 200BC specially manufactured pieces from ceramics and glass began to be used to give extra detail and range of color to the mosaic works. The versatility and robust quality of mosaics makes them suitable for application on virtually any space. Murals, floors, statues, arches, mirrors, splash backs and entry statements have all featured prominently through history with their longevity in evidence. The superb quality of the ancient mosaic art is because it was a popular symbol of wealth and prestige in both public and private buildings. Whole interiors were done in mosaics and it was hard not to notice this art when it was laid out on the floor in front of you.
This article presents mosaics in both 3d and 2d, mostly public art, chosen for their dynamic nature and movement.



This mosaic wall art was created by Canadian Denyse Terio with sea glass

Sea glass is a material that can be found on beaches around the world and is essentially small portions of glass that have been polished by the currents into small gems.





‘Movement and Vitality’ floor mosaic for the recreation centre of the University of Iowa by Gary Drostle




1st-century-BC-- Wall mosaic displaying the role of the Egyptian culture in Italy, in particular in Palestrina, where the goddess Isis was identified with Fortuna.

 This mosaic displays the role of the Egyptian culture in Italy, in particular in Palestrina, where the goddess Isis was identified with Fortuna.

1st century BC,  Palestrina, Itlay




Early Byzantine mosaic art – Empress Theodora With Her Court.

 ca. 547 – Ravenna. San Vitale



Romantic scene from a mosaic in Villa at Centocelle, Rome, 20 BC – 20 AD (Wikimedia Commons)

Romantic scene from a mosaic in Villa at Centocelle, Rome

20 BC – 20 AD

(Wikimedia Commons)




Abstract Ram Sculpture Clad In Miniature Glass Mosaic

USA, Circa 1970s

Assemblage Ltd.- 1stdibs





Lion Head sculpture – The Erawan Museum on the south eastern outskirts of Bangkok

Aidan McRae Thomson – flickr




Mosaic totem – “Entwined Histories’ – Gary Drostle

This sculpture was designed to celebrate the many immigrant communities that settled in the Poplar area of East London.





Green Mosaic Cat

Gillm-mosaics – flickr





Mosaic Cube – Anja Berkers

 The inspiration for this mosaic is the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his use of color and organic forms.

40cm x 40cm





Mosaic Rooster

Italy—Roma, quartiere (borough) Coppedé




Jelly Brolly-s----Flickr--Carol -blue jelly fish in water

‘Jelly Brollys’ 

Carol –  flickr




‘Winter Fury’ — Lynn Bevino Felts

Bezalel Mosaics





‘The Departure’ – Wilhelm Heeson

Almelo Railway Station, NL



Modernist Mid Century mosaic at Almelo Station by Piet Buy




Ceramic and Mosaic Decoration on a Fountain in Arles, France

photo – jan buchholtz-flickr





Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-on-Park-Avenue Statue with gold mosaic head

Niki De Saint Phalle Mosaic Sculpture

Park Avenue NY





Romero Brito Pernambuco mosaic – Rio de Janeiro

Girl from Ipanema Park




Anja-BerkersWIPsupernova Abstract circular mosaic sculpture

‘Supernova’ – Anja Berkers





With the support from the Municipality of Puento Alto in Santiago, Isidora Paz López has been able to coordinate a community project to decorate over 75 pillars with nature inspired mosaic art.





Deborah Halpern’s ceramic and glass mosaic ‘Ship of Fools’

Sculpture by the Sea,  Tamarama Beach





‘Queen Esther Revealing Her True Identity’ – Lilian Broca





Beadwork and Mixed Media Owl by Betsy Youngquist






Mosaic art mural – ‘Wandering Geckos’ — Brett-Campbell





‘Metamorphosis’ – Betsy Youngquist





 ‘Norman-peasant’ – Fernand Léger

Argentan, France




Catalina-by-Carol-Towler - heart mosaic with sailing yacht on ocean

‘Catalina’ by Carol Towler




Chimnea colored mosaic surface Hausmanager-flickr

Mosaic Chiminea






Miguel Covarrubias ‘Genesis, the Gift of Life’

1954, Dallas Museum





Niki de Saint Phalle mosaic statue from the The Garden of Tarot which is a sculpture garden based on the esoteric tarot

Garavicchio (Tuscany)




Man riding dolphins mosaic – District Lions Stadium, Island of Delos




Fernand-Leger-museum France large outdoor mosaic murals

Fernand Leger Museum abstract mosaic murals

Argentan, France





Fernand Leger Museum abstract mosaic murals

Argentan, France




Kim-EmersonCerritos-Park blue and red abstract mosaic sculptures

Kim Emerson mosaic sculptures

Cerritos Park, Los Angeles




Linda-Biggers mosaic head

Linda Biggers





Mosaic L’Annunciazione’ by artist Isabel Piczek

 Our Lady Queen of Angels Plaza Church, 1981

Los Angeles




Mosaic-Sculpture-Garden---Linton,-New-Zealand Adam and Eve mosaic sculpture

Mosaic sculpture of Adam & Eve, wearing watermelon hats, Eve passing the apple

Mosaic Sculpture Garden—Linton, NZ



Niki-De-Saint-Phalle-Mosaic-Sculpture in chrome and gold

Niki De Saint Phalle  “Firebird” disco fever statue




Pulpo – RuTh, flickr

Coruna, Spain




Palau-Güell-Chimney,-Barcelona in yellow. blue and black

Palau Güell Chimney, Barcelona




Parque-Güell-mosaic Barcelona

Palau Güell mosaic , Barcelona





Mosaic Oriental belly dancer – French artist Francony Kowask





Roz Anderson Pelican mosaic




Père-Lachaise-Cemetery-Kay Harpa mosaic of Jesus

Kay Harpa mosaic

Père Lachaise Cemetery





Original glass mosaic sculpture, ‘Clownimal’  – Hangs on wall. By artistprovocateur on etsy




Mosaic sculpture made of broken pieces of glass tile and metallic covered porcelain by Anchorage artist Shelia Wyne




Mosaic Sculpture Park -NZ Statue of King with Angel

Mosaic Sculpture Garden—Linton, NZ




Mosaic mural ‘Triumph of Neptune’ standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses

Third century AD

Sousse Archaeological Museum, Tunisia




Suesy-Circosta--Community-Artist,-Melbourne-Courtyards-and-Gardens-mosaic totems

Suesy Circosta mosaic totems

Melbourne, Australia






‘Electronic Sculpture 1’

Mosaic art by Muharrem Batman, Ayse Batman and Judith Brun displaying compositions of resistors, plugs, circuit boards, connectors, wires and other electronic waste.





Mosaic flair at the Treetanic Bar The Jade Seahorse

A zani boutique hotel in Utila, Honduras. It features five oddly shaped but comfortable bungalows, each eclectically decorated with bottle art, mosaic tiles and iridescent glass stones. It took the owner, Neil Keller, 15 years to produce this dreamlike world.

Picture by Ded Ch



HABATAT-GALLERIES---Florida 'Goblet Number Three' - Robert Palusky - mosaic horse with glass goblet

‘Goblet Number Three’ – Robert Palusky-2011

Habitat Gallery




Christopher-Herwig - mosaic bus stop Gagra,-Abkhazia

 Soviet built modernist mosaic bus stop


Photo – Christopher Herwig



Eggsistentialism Baltimore---American-Visionary-Art-Museum George Reader-flickr

‘Eggsistentialism’ – AVAM (American Visionary Art Museum), Baltimore

George Reader-flickr




Mosaic Wall-2014-lrgAurora-Borealis--on-AVAM's-exterior,-designed-by-Mari-Gardner-with-youth-from-the-William-Donald-Schaefer-House.-Photos--Dan-Meyers


‘Aurora Borealis’ mosaic wall on AVAM’s exterior, designed by Mari Gardner with youth from the William Donald Schaefer House.


Photo by Dan Meyers.


tiffany-schmierer sculpture photo- linda fahey

Mosaicesque sculpture by Tiffany Schmierer

photo- linda fahey





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    Wonderful presentation. Much work for you to put this together and will post to share with other ART groups. Congrats to Irit Levy on her mosaic exhibition in NYC Oct 11 to 22 and who shared your post. Is anyone researching use of 3D technology to replicate original ceramic mosaics so the design and beauty can be more economically shared with many? Great that the successful large artistic results are so often on public display to be widely enjoyed instead of being imprisoned in a private residence whose beauty is hoarded by jealous collectors. Every creative person should study Krishamurti to offset the mental prisons to creativity imposed by much of formal training and upbringing. Your quote is the door to artistic freedom for the daring and restless creative mind. Thank you. Imho

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    Fantastic work. Thank you for sharing with us.

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