Roger Capron – vivacious Vallauris ceramics


ceramic figure sculpture - hopping-by roger-capron a dancing lady in red trousers

‘Hopping’ – Roger Capron




Vallauris street sculpture – Roger Capron


Capron:  exemplary Mid-Century modernist designer


The Mid Century ceramic art of Roger Capron embodied the vibrant spirit and verve of Vallauris and the Cote d’ Azur. He took over an abandoned pottery studio at the age of 24 in Vallauris, France, where he worked with Robert Picault and then Jean Derval. Capron’s ceramic workshop, known as ‘l`Atelier Callis’, contributed to the renaissance of ceramics in Vallauris and at its peak employed over 120 ceramicists. He eventually expanded his production of vases, pitchers and other functional wares to include coffee tables with hand glazed tiles , lamp bases, wall plaques and other interior decor objects along with sculptural statues for public installations. Roger Capron’s pottery venture thrived and experienced considerable benefit from the post war reconstruction period and the explosion of consumerism that followed.



Athena statue – Roger Capron, Vallauris


In 1948, two years after Capron had arrived, Picasso at the age of 65, turned his prodigious creative talents towards making pottery at the Madoura ceramic atelier with Suzanne and Georges Ramié in Vallauris. His reputation and poster designs in the early fifties for the annual exhibitions of the Association des Potiers de Vallauris, helped bring attention to the emerging pottery mecca of Vallauris and drew more visitors and artists to the region while also lifting the profile of the modernist ceramic arts.

Capron’s colourful, vivid and spontanoeus ceramic art clearly displayed a Picasso influence, while maintaining a distinctive Capron visage. He was dedicated to the ethos of the ceramic master René Gabriel, which was to “make beauty accessible to everyone.” Capron was one of the first to apply his knowledge of ceramics in the context of semi-industrial production and his ceramic oeuvre included much artistic research and innovation.
Before moving to Vallauris in 1946, he had studied Applied Arts in Paris from 1939 to 1943 and worked as an art teacher in 1945.
His contribution to the promotion of the appeal and beauty of abstract forms and illustration, expressed through the ceramic medium, is undeniable and it’s extremely pleasing to see his ceramic works getting wide recognition now and becoming eminently collectible.





Whisky decanter – Roger Capron





 Tiled dance floor mural at Byblos in Saint Tropez, 1968 by Roger Capron and Jean Derval.



tall pitcher-by-roger-capron-on-artnet

Tall white pitcher – Roger Capron




Roger Capron pitcher




capron-red-baluster vase

Red baluster vase – Roger Capron





Free form bowl – Roger Capron

Gallerie Riviera, Paris



baronette-roger-capron ceramic sculpture

Baroness’ – Roger Capron




White quad footed ceramic ovoid dish – Roger Capron



‘Vase Fleur Bleue’ – Roger Capron





Ceramic lamp shade – Roger Capron

Sam Kaufman




Folded rim ceramic pot – Roger Capron



claudia abstract bust by Roer Capron

‘Claudia’  ceramic bust – Roger Capron




‘Rouge Bottle Set’ – Roger Capron





White ceramic jug with orange interior glaze – Roger Capron



female-bird-totem-white-earth-vallauris by Roger Capron

‘Female bird totem’ – Roger Capron





Personnage animal fantastique – Roger Capron



grand-vase-cornet-par-roger-capron-1960 with black and white geometric decoration

Large cornet vase – Roger Capron





 ‘Femme au Fauteuil’  folding screen – Roger Capron





grand-profil-raye Roger Capron

‘Grand Profil Raye’ – Roger Capron



harlequin-roger-capron ceramic scuulpture

‘Harlequin’ – Roger Capron



Ceramic plate - flat-warriors-by-roger-capron-1960

‘Flat Warriors’ plate – Roger Capron




horned-wildlife-roger-capron ceramic abstract bust

‘Horned Wildlife’ – Roger Capron



Coffee table ‘Navette’  – Roger Capron




capron-bottle-vase turquoise and, green stripes

Bottle vase – Roger Capron





Large ceramic bird plate – Roger Capron





‘Loiseau in his nest’ – Roger Capron



capron-biot-sculptures France

Roger Capron sculptures, Biot, France




Vallauris street sculpture – Roger Capron





Roger Capron plate




zoomorphic seated figure sculpture

Female zoomorphic raku sculpture Roger Capron





Roger Capron






Ceramic horse sculpture – Roger Capron




recling female sculpture by Roger Capron

Roger Capron – reclining female sculpture




Roger Capron ceramic panel




Bowl and vase – Roger Capron





Zoomorphic Rooster – Roger Capron





Mosaic mural – Roger Capron



roger-capron-abstract ceramic-figurine

Raku female sculpture – Roger Capron





Femme Gravee Philippe – Roger Capron





Kneeling juggler sculpture by Roger Capron





Abstract ceramic bust Roger Capron





Vallauris studio – Roger Capron





Roger Capron





‘Femme au lit’ – Roger Capron





Women wearing gown – Roger Capron





‘Yellow Bird Vase’ – Roger Capron


Galerie Sandy- Toupenet, Paris




roger-capron-zoomorphic-fish sculpture

Zoomorphic fish sculpture – Roger Capron





Tripod red vase – Roger Capron



woman-recto-collombe sculpture by Roger Capron

‘Double Dove’ sculpture bust – Roger Capron


Other Vallauris ceramic masters


picasso-ceramic-sculpture form Vallauris

Ceramic sculpture – Pablo Picasso





Painted wood ‘Centaur’ sculpture – Picasso




Picasso ceramic essel hermitage-a-saint-petersbourg

Ceramic pitcher – Pablo Picasso

Hermatige, Saint Petersburg



pol-chambost figural vase

Pol Chombost figural vase



pablo-picasso-1881-1973-sylvette sculpture bust

‘Sylvette’ sculpture bust – Picasso





Vallauris poster by Picasso, 1956




Vallauris poster by Picasso, 1957




pablo-picasso-ceramic-mask - Vallauris

Ceramic mask – Pablo Picasso





Ceramic bottle with square modernist panel – Jean Derval




god-of-ceramics-francois-raty Ceramic sculptural figure holding a large pot

‘God of Ceramics’ – Francois Raty

( I always wondered what he looked like)





jean-derval-abstract-sculptural bottle in copper and white glaze

Abstract sculptural ceramic bottle – Jean Derval





‘Les Femmes d’Alger’  – Picasso





Picasso’s War & Peace mural in the chapel at Vallauris





‘Pintade’  coupe – Jean Derval

Vallauris, 1961





Gilbert Portanier




gilbert-valentin-pitcher green yellow and white

Gilbert Valentin pitcher



picasso-pitcher unusual style in lack, orange and white

Pitcher – Picasso





Vallauris fish jug

Carvajal Auctions




jean-river-tall ceramic-vase

Jean River





Twin figure modernist sculptural lamp base by Gilbert Valentin, France






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    Ceramic mask – Pablo Picasso

    this is not a ceramic mask….
    is a paper maché mask from a mask atellier.

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