Evolving ceramic arts




T.A.C Colenbrander vase, Netherlands




Elisabeth Schmidt-Pecht

Konstanz, Germany, 1900

 I added these first two vases because I consider them to have a highly innovative design relative to the date of their production.


Art of clay


Just as our Earth gifts a perpetual abundance of malleable clays and minerals that can be transformed into expressive forms, displaying a wide variety of natural colours and textures, ceramic artists keep discovering more creative possibilities for the malleable substance. The fact that clay vessels, as vehicles of consumption, are sourced from the same earth that our basic sustenance arrives from is a reassuring harmonic and maybe a reason of its enduring appeal.
Clay provides a natural, decorative medium that is a receptive, three-dimensional canvas, that readily absorbs paint, is durable and responds readily to manipulation and shaping. Over the ages the use of pinch pots, wheel throwing, coil construction, slab building and moulding have been stalwarts of clay production methods and are still used to craft functional and decorative wares. A tactile odyssey of various surface finishes is rendered possible by the available materials and firing processes, delivering an array of surfaces ranging from coarse textures arising from glazes that are frothy, bubbling, foaming, fissured and jagged to smooth, even and flat surfaces.
Using further enhancement after manipulation of form with techniques like incision, glazing, reduction firing, carving, slips and engobes leads to endless possibilities. It is to be expected that ceramicists quite often draw inspiration from nature and explore the inherent natural colours and textures in clays and create forms that look organic.
Here we examine some recent contemporary innovations in the ceramic arts and also look at some classic antique and vintage pieces.


This post will feature ongoing updates loaded from the top.



Zuni Indian Pottery Hand-Coiled-Frog Seed Pot-by Marcus Homer

Zuni Indian Pottery Hand-Coiled-Frog Seed Pot by Marcus Homer



Gourd art Whitney Peckman botanical decoration

Gourd art Whitney Peckman



Venaktum West German Pottery mid century

Venaktum West German Pottery



Mikhail Fomiryakov Vase Waterfall 2000 incised ovoid vessel with twin lugs

Mikhail Fomiryakov ‘Waterfall’ Vase




Helen Martino slab built vase with abstract splatter decoration

Helen Martino vase



Elizabeth Fritsch, Quantum Pocket II,-1992, Geometric cubist pattern

Elizabeth Fritsch, ‘Quantum Pocket II’




Clare-Wakefield-ceramic vase

Sculptured vase – Clare Wakefield, England

Clare Wakefield Ceramics




Derutamajolica-etsy---virgins-klim ceramic tile

Derutamajolica-etsy — ‘Virgins Klimt’ hand painted ceramic



Peter-Fitzgerald---Bemused- sculpture --SculptGallery

Peter Fitzgerald — ‘Bemused’  carved sculpture



The 1930 'Egyptian Maidens' mural by Elsa Vick Shaw, a Cowan artist, was recently restored

Recently restored  ‘Egyptian Maidens’ ceramic mural by Elsa Vick Shaw, a Cowan artist



Betty Woodman


Bettty Woodman was one of the first females to blaze a trail into the male dominated world of pottery in the 50’s. She developed her craft making dinner sets and decorative crockery, but from the 1950’s onwards, she moved into the realm of sculpture. Her unrestrained, spontaneous and vibrant pieces now occupy museums and art galleries globally. At the age of 85, Woodman is still creating work in her studios in Chelsea in New York and a farmhouse in Tuscany. Her ideas appear while she is making rather than while sitting, thinking and planning. The more she creates, the “more I am inspired and the more one thing leads to another. I’m not interested in repeating myself.”


House-of-the-South,-Betty Woodman-glazed-earthenware,-epoxy-resin,---MET

‘House of the South’ – Betty Woodman

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, – 1996 – MET



David-Kordansky-Gallery--BEtty-Woodman sculptured pottery

‘Vases and Girls’ – Betty Woodman


David Kordansky Gallery


David Kordansky GalleryTea Ceremony - 4 Parts, 1984, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, - Betty Woodman

‘Tea Ceremony – 4 Parts’, 1984, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, – Betty Woodman

David Kordansky Gallery



‘Roman Fresco Pleasures and Places’ – Betty Woodman

2010,  American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy


Rose et Noir Pillow Pitcher,Betty Woodman - glazed earthenware,epoxy resin,,lacquer, paint David Kordansky Gallery

‘Rose et Noir Pillow Pitcher’  —  Betty Woodman

glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint

David Kordansky Gallery



BETTY WOODMAN=-HisHers Vases River Viewing Studio Screen, 2004, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, 29 x 72 x 9

Betty Woodman  —  His/Hers Vases River Viewing Studio Screen, 2004,

glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, 29 x 72 x 9 inches



BETTY WOODMAN Piattaia,-2014,-glazed-earthenware

 ‘Piattaia’, Betty Woodman

2014, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, canvas, wood, 65 x 60 x 12 inches

David Kordansky Gallery


The-Portuguese-in-Japan,-2000 by Betty Woodman

‘The Portuguese in Japan’ by Betty Woodman




Tanzania, 2014, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, Height 34inches by Betty Woodman

‘Tanzania’, Betty Woodman, 2014

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, 34.5 inches

David Kordansky Gallery



Tanzania,-2014,-(alternate-view) by Betty Woodman

‘Tanzania’, Betty Woodman, 2014  (alternate view)

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, 34.5 inches



Matthew Blakely, UK


Matthews ‘rock glazed’ ceramics represents the personal development of an understanding and a bond with the landscapes of Britain, illustrating the ceramic qualities of the rocks and deposits around the country. His aim is to create another way of looking at the land on which we live by making ceramic pieces that are entirely created from rocks and minerals that he has collected from individual locations. Each piece is an illustration of the ceramic and geological character of that place.


Matthew-Blakely-tall-bottleRain-Jar with blue streaks

Matthew Blakely – tall ‘Rain Jar’



Matthew Blakely – ‘Fractured Jar’



Matthew-Blakely-ceramic-globe-vase with white sideway drip glaze

Matthew Blakely ceramic globe vase with white sideway drip glaze


Matthew-Blakely-=rock-glaze-cup UK pottery

Matthew Blakely




Matthew Blakely  —  Globe vase





Wouter Hoste, Belgium


Wouter Hoster-Meteorite-3

Wouter Hoster – ‘Meteorite 3′ – Meteorite Series 2017

Wouter Hoste




Wouter Hoste Ceramics-Meteorites Arrival

Wouter Hoste Ceramics – ‘Meteorites Arrival’  lamp

Wouter Hoste



Wouter-Hoste-Nostromo-Series ceramic vessels

Wouter Hoste -‘Nostromo Series’

With Gold and Palladium luster details.




Nostromo setting - 'Nostromo 15 Lamp' contemporary decor

Nostromo setting – ‘Nostromo 15 Lamp’. With Gold and Palladium luster details.

Wouter Hoste 2016




Wouter Hoste Ceramics – Lunar Metal Moon sculpture




MOUGIN---vase-art-deco-craquelé with nude female relief

Mougin, France — vase art deco craquelé



Gallery of nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey

Nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey



Babette-Harvey--ceramic-plate with dragonfly and flowers

Nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey



Mariko Okubo, Kyoto


Mariko Okubo---Prayer-2014

Mariko Okubo — ‘Prayer’




Reminisence-2017---Mariko-Okubo ceramic panel

‘Reminisence’  —- Mariko Okubo




Mariko-Okubo-blue vase - Flower Base

Mariko Okubo – ‘Flower Base’


Paul Scott


Paul Scott is a Cumbrian based conceptual artist who remodels discarded ceramic shards to create new iterations. Some are recreated with the ancient Japanese kintsugi tradition of using gold and lacquer to rejoin the pieces or he just combines broken pieces to refresh the context and artistic presentation. His rescued pieces, from a combination of Chinese Willows and other blue transferwares, makes them again appear to be beautiful, functional, and intriguing. He has been Professor of Ceramics at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) since 2011.



Mended ceramic aesthetic - Paul Scott blue and white porcelain

Mended ceramic plate aesthetic – Paul Scott




Cumbrain Blue(s), ‘Fukushima No 5′  —  Paul Scott





Attached ceramic shards on plate – Paul Scott



Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott

Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott



Cumbrian-Blues-Collaged-Ceramics-by-Paul-Scott conjoined ceramic plates

Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott




-jomon-era-ancient vase

 Jomon era ancient pottery vase



Phosphatic glaze splashed brown glazed stoneware jar and cover_tang_TANG DYNASTY (618-907) Christies

Phosphatic glaze splashed brown stoneware jar and cover

TANG DYNASTY (618-907) –  Christie’s



Abstract Sculpture by Lena Arice Lucas - coil built - constructed clay, steel, acrylic

Abstract Sculpture by Lena Arice Lucas – coil built – constructed clay, steel, acrylic



Acadia-3D-printed-sculpture in turquoise

Acadia 3D printed turquoise sculpture with serpent surface





Adam Silverman footed squat jar



Adero-Willard-twin-conjoined-vase with botanical decoration

Adero Willard twin Siamese conjoined  abstract vase



Adero-Willard-contemporary ceramic vase

Adero Willard contemporary ceramic vase




A-Minton-attributed-majolica-two-handled-vase, with arched mermaid handles

A Minton attributed majolica two-handled vase

circa 1859.




Charles Catteau Art Deco vase

Art deco Squirrels vase by charles CATTEAU for BOCH KERAMIS

1923 on Etsy




Orange and black raku pottery vase – Philippe Buraud

la Porte du soleilFrance




Blackbirds-in-our-Trees-large-jar-Rebecca-A. Grant

‘Blackbirds in our Trees’ large jar –  Rebecca A. Grant



Bodenvase Scheurich 546-52 fat lava Keramik Vase with red fish

Bodenvase Scheurich 546-52 fat lava Keramik Vase




Bowl with sgraffito or brushed decoration over slip, by Edwin and Mary Scheier

Bowl with sgraffito or brushed decoration over slip, by Edwin and Mary Scheier




Burial Pottery Detroit Institute of Ar

Greek warriors in battle – Burial Pottery

Detroit Institute of Art



temple clay idols

Clay idols for temple offerings


Dümler & Breiden, vintage  vase/jug Germany

Dümler & Breiden, vintage  vase





Village elder in the Philippines in colourful attire

Village elder in the Philippines responsible for upholding cultural traditions


filipina-selfie-time - four elderly women taking a selfie

Filipino artisans village selfie



Emile-Decoeur-art-nouveau-vase with white slip decoration

Emile Decoeur Art Nouveau vase



František-Drtikol---Nu-au-Vase, ca.1920

Czech Art Deco Nu au Vase,  photo František Drtikol





Funerary portrait of a woman from Palmyra, Syria.

200–250 A.D



Ceramic-abstract figure tile-artist-unknown

Ceramic abstract tile – artist unknown?



Leza-Marie-McVey,-Vessel ca 1949

Leza Marie McVey, Vessel ca 1949




Water-Etched porcelain Cup, Jim Gottuso

In Tandem Gallery




Marcello Fantoni – Mid Century modernist lion vase




Mary Kenny




Mirage Lake_Wayne Higby sculptural vessel

‘Mirage Lake’ – Wayne Higby



Wayne Higby Temple's Gate Pass 1988 glazed earthenware, raku-fired Smithsonian American Art Museum

Wayne Higby ‘Temple’s Gate Pass’ – glazed earthenware, raku-fired

1988, Smithsonian American Art Museum



Naked Raku tumblers - Jane-Murray-Smith-Dragonfly-Pottery

Naked Raku tumblers – Jane Murray Smith

Dragonfly Pottery



raku_14_inch_polar bear by Jane-Murray-Smith

Raku polar bear by Jane Murray Smith

Height 14 inches, Dragonfly Pottery




Aldo Londi Bitossi pottery bird for Raymor –  Mid Century Modern




Naked-Raku---Slip-Glaze---Kris-Pau lhttpwww.dragonfiregallery

Naked Raku—Slip-Glaze—Kris Paul


I specialize in thrown and hand built fine porcelain that has been burnished to a soft polished surface that is fired in a naked raku firing. The firing process is a dance between the porcelain and the carbon atmosphere and it is not until they emerge from the reduction chamber that I know how the surface will appear. There are distinct subtleties within each individual piece that emerge through the process of manipulating the clay.


Pete-Linforth stacked-stone-sculpture

Pete Linforth



Pierre-Boncompain-ceramic vessel with reclining nude female

Pierre Boncompain ceramic vessel with reclining nude female figure drawing



Ricky-Maldonado-pottery on a stand

Ricky Maldonado



Seth-Rainville-ceramic plate with couple

Seth Rainville plate with couple

Rainville’s work delves into two distinct categories… “Rainville-ware” is a functional line of ceramics devoted to the art of entertaining, while his signature “Ink-ware” allows Seth the freedom to explore his desire to be a storyteller.



Seth-Rainville-ceramic-tea-bowl with flying umbrellas

Seth Rainville



Tania Mallet-in-scoopnecked-cocktail-dress-in-italian-strawcloth-by-monbijou-photo-by-Vernier-in-Tourettes Sur Loup-south-of-france-vogue-july-1960

Tania Mallet in pottery studio in Tourettes Sur Loup, South of France

Photo – Vernier, Vogue July 1960



Paris apartment with wall decoration of ceramic pots

Paris apartment (currently on the market) with wall decoration of 100 tiny ceramic pots

Expand with click



Terracotta reclining figure sculpture - Chacmool--Toltec,-Tzintzuntzan,-Michoacin-1200AD

Terracotta reclining figure sculpture – Chacmool

Toltec, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacin-1200AD


Camille-Tharaud-with female pottery painter porcelaine-de-limoges

Camille Tharaud porcelaine de Limoges, France



Camilla-Ward-contemporary-ceramic vase

Camilla Ward



hand painted pottery dish by Nan Hamilton

Hand painted owl dish by Nan Hamilton



Grotell Maija green Vase-1942 - Cranbrook Museum

Grotell Maija green Vase-1942 – Cranbrook Museum



Half Glaze Stoneware---Hand basin---Andrew Walford

Half Glaze Stoneware



Winter Gives Way Ken Eastman ceramic sculpture

‘Winter Gives Way’   —  Ken Eastman — slab sculpture

Marsden Woo Gallery




Tim Andrews trained for a year as apprentice to David Leach

Tim Andrews





créateur-céramiste-2013-2014 Norbert Botella sculpture

 Norbert Botella sculpture





Deruta 16th Century, Large dish with running plant-border




GinsLilCharacters - etsy - Rico the Cheetah---Ceramic Wall Decor

‘Rico the Cheetah’—Ceramic Wall Decor

GinsLilCharacters Etsy


Historic, Contemporary Ohio Pottery At Zanesville Museum Of Art

Historic, Contemporary Ohio Pottery Vase At Zanesville Museum Of Art



Linda Styles uk-abstract motif vessel

Linda Styles ceramics,  uk



Mirta Morigi Contemporary Ceramic green bowl with relief lizard figures

Mirta Morigi Contemporary Ceramic green glaze bowl



Adam Posnak ceramic cup---The Clay Studio

Adam Posnak ceramic cup—The Clay Studio



Carol Wedemeyer arabesque pottery jars

Carol Wedemeyer arabesque pottery jars



Roger Herman vase @Rich Liu TELLES FINE ART

Roger Herman vase @Rich Liu TELLES FINE ART




Bitossi Ceramiche Vase by Aldo Londi

Limited Edition, 2016



Sergei Isupov---Mechanical Dummy ceramic teapot

Sergei Isupov—Mechanical Dummy ceramic teapot



Tapio Wirkkala-white Pollo Vase

Tapio Wirkkala – white Pollo Vase




Jar in stoneware, with about 20.2 cm. tall, produced in the Belgian factory Cérabelga

Stoneware jar produced in the Belgian factory Cérabelga

Height 20cm



Young-Jae-Lee-celadon ceramic-jar

Young Jae Lee celadon ceramic jar


Karin-Gulbran-ceramic cup fish pond decor

Karin Gulbran






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