Mural Street Art


South African muralist – faith47 –  ‘Saturation.Incubation.Illumination’




ARYZ-aryz-street-Art-mural on side of building

Wall mural in Civitavecchia, Italy by Barcelona artist Aryz



Art on the streets

The painting of murals on walls is one of the oldest art forms known and its rich history extends to the ancient Minoans and Etruscans who were one of the earliest practitioners of this large scale art, fortunately preserved by the temperate Mediterranean climate. Egypt, Rome, Mesopotamia, Greece and India refined the use of frescoes, mosaics and reliefs to more sophisticated levels with their celebratory, ceremonial murals  and the recording of important events filled with decorative detail.

Mural art in Mexico evolved from the Olmec civilization in the pre Hispanic period through to the colonial period, where the motive wasn’t purely for aesthetic reasons but used to express social ideals and depict daily life. During the Mexican Revolution mural art grew further as a medium for public and political expression. They were used as a means to spread the ideals of the revolution to the largely illiterate Mexican population. Muralists David Alfaro Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera all received commissions to create works that would help to educate the masses.

Todays street art has evolved to be on a monumental scale comparable to mural arts of the past and now rates as one of the key evolutions of art across the 20th century. It has grown from the early edgy graffiti art and use of tagging stencils to become a modern global art phenomena, especially with the participation levels and the revitalisation of drab urban landscapes. The initial illegality of the medium added an urgency and spontaneity to the urban street art aesthetic and pushed the discovery of new techniques and materials. With the gradual acceptance of this public art came a move away from the ephemeral nature of the street art to more elaborate and ambitious projects. Art influences such as trompe l’oeil, impressionist, classical, abstract and ancient mythology became integrated into the street arts vernacular as the skill sets expanded. Techniques such as handpainted pasteups, collage, photo-realistic portraits, photo paste ups, multi layered stencils, complex themes were added to the creative armory of the street artist to elevate the medium to a new levels. This Renaissance of the wall arts also filtered through to being popular in interior designs for the home and the interiors of Public Buildings.



A seamstress stands at the entrance of her workshop decorated by Spanish artist Malakkai

 Photograph Mohamed Messara-EPA


Some of the artists that developed their talent in the street have expanded into studios and become more commercial, even using fine art galleries for exhibitions. Others, that already had an artistic background, like graphic arts, have increased their recognition through their pursuit of street art. The adaption and spatial innovation demanded by street art has helped their flexibility as an individual artist. The early clandestine activities, mainly at night, bred an edgy spirit into the art. Combined with the need for mercurial speed in their street art and preference for the use of aerosols, efficiency of strokes and spontaneous application ensued, leading to a spirit of freestyle innovation, that still permeates the street art today.


Most street artists are self taught, being drawn to the street medium for its immediacy, allure of expressing individuality and having the freedom to exploit the broad availability of walls and buildings for their street canvas. Although numerous street artists have found fame, others still choose to shun the appeal of the commercial art machine.  It’s been fascinating seeing the depth of themes being explored – love, suffering, aggression, irreverence, temptation, fear, angels, alienation,  demonic creatures, mischievous characters, religion, death and humor supporting a diverse street art language. This vibrant culture of artists are still exploring the possibilities for developing this arresting street commentary and lets hope they have an endless supply of walls for sustaining this impressive journey.



Wall art at Szpitalna 6 Warsaw, Poland

Mural at Szpitalna 6, Warsaw, Poland



30ft.-tall BURMESE-MONK-By-Shepard-Fairey-in-San-Diego

30ft high Burmese Monk by Shepard Fairey

San Diego


Bristol street-art-by-3Dom-&-Voyder-in-Stokes-Croft

Bristol street art by 3Dom & Voyder in Stokes Croft

photo by Gary Newman



Alexandros-Vasmoulakis public art mural

Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Athens, Greece





Snake mural – Sokram

DESORDES CREATIVAS, Ordes Galiza Spain – 2012





Art Mural by Linz in Sydney, Australia





Brazilian artist Claudio Ethos




Firebirth-Seal-Kraser mural

 “The Warrior Inside”  –  Firebirth, Seal y kraser
Photo by krasertres on Flickr



Vhils wall portarit using etching, tearing or acid-burning of the surface

Portuguese artist Vhils’ creates powerful portraits using subtraction rather than addition by etching, tearing or acid-burning the surface, to add depth to the image.



French artist Vinnie-Graffiti reclining girl with wall creeper hair

Paris artist Vinnie Graffiti





A Tunisian woman walks past a mural by Spanish artist Btoy as part of the street art project ‘Djerbahood’ in the village of Erriadh on the island of Djerba, Tunisia, August 2014.





‘Karditsa’ – Monumental wall art by Alexandros Vasmoulakis





Alexandros Vasmoulakis





‘Sacred Waters’ – La LLorona

Acrylic mural on stucco, 30’ x 60’

24th and York Streets, San Francisco Mission District by marifrancille – flickr





Sao Paulo – World Cup protest mural

Photograph: Nacho Doce/Reuters




Phantasmagoric animal by Puerto Rican Alexis Diaz in Bratislava, Slovakia





World Cup protest art by Brazilian artist Cranio depicting a man flushing money down a toilet bowl.

Photograph: Nacho Doce/Reuters




Blue head mural art-by-Zina





Large mural by Aryz_Italy Palazzo Nuovo Corso San Maurizio

Aryz  – Palazzo Nuovo, Corso San Maurizio, Turin



2014-Aryz-Granollers,Catalunya, Barcelona

Aryz monumental mural – Granollers, Catalunya, Barcelona





Aryz monumental mural – Granollers,Catalunya, Barcelona




Vinnie-Graffiti-Paris street art

Vinnie Graffiti, Paris





‘Compass’ mosaic mural by Fabrice seen here wearing his mural inspired coat, Amsterdam





Buenos Aires Argentinian street artist





DFace mural

Corey Helford Gallery, California





Sidewalk Chalk 3D Art – Kurt Wenner




Egypt 2012-Cairo street art

Cairo street mural, 2012




Claudio Ethos paints surreal scenes with monochromatic characters, often with photo-realistic faces




‘The Scream Of Vallicaldi’  by Italian street artist Mr Thoms

Agrigento Via Vallicaldi Sicily, Italy




Epic-Hindu goddess urban-art-in-India---mrpilgrim-co-uk

Epic Hindu mural in India



Argentina-Graffiti-With-the-Wings-of-the-Soul by Monica "la" Lopez

‘Con las Alas del Alma’ ( With The Wings Of The Soul )… by Monica “la” Lopez




Romantic stencilled portrait by Frenchman C215




Fleury Les Aubrais, France. - French-Street-Artist,-Seth-globe painter

Mural by Seth – Fleury Les Aubrais, France.




Printed pasteup by Gaia




Georgina Ciotti art mural, Buenos Aires




graffiti-buenos-aires-Pineapple express with Rodez and Malegria

‘Pineapple Express’ with Rodez and Malegria from Bogota, Colombia




Handpainted pasteup by French artist Zilda




Black on white wall art by Herakut

Frankfurt, Germany





Detailed alien head wall art – Herbert Baglione, Brazil





‘Hollywood Goddess’ mural by the MAC—–Motion Pictures Arts Building

5504 Hollywood Blvd & Western Ave





Hyuro & Escif street art





Lemza-France large mural on factory wall

Lemza, France




Interesni / Kazki – Ukrainian duo (AEC & Waone)





JR-French--street mural

French street artist JR



La-Boca-graffiti-buenos-aires - Colombian street artist Nice Naranja

Two boys with traditional masks holding a Bocachico, a freshwater fish common in Colombia – Colombian street artist Nice Naranja

La Boca , Buenos Aires





Outdoor Stan Laurel mural by Gnasher Murals located behind Siths Tattoo shop at 7 Heigham street, Norwich.






Mariela Ajras



Most-Beautiful-Street-Art...Herakut Melbourne mural.

Melbourne laneway mural – Herakut




Lean-Frizzera-&-Spok- mural-hydra

‘3 Headed Lernaean Hydra’  (holding tri headed toothbrush) – Lean Frizzera & Spok

Buenos Aires




‘Let’s straighten it out’ — acrylic,fabric,rhinestone on wall – Alexandros Vasmoulakis





Liqen,-Spain full wall mural

Street artist Liqen, Spain





Door mural of Mermaid on a swing. Portuguese Rua de Santa Maria street in Funchal, Madeira





Paul Delvaux painting mermaids on the walls of the house of his friend Georges Grard in 1949




Wall art by Phlegm----uk

Phlegm , UK



Mural by Pixel Pancho, an italian street artist from Turin

Robot mural of street art artist Pixel Pancho, Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia,




Blu and Ericailcane have teamed up for another piece – this time in Bologna

Blu and Ericailcane teamed up for this mural in Bologna, Italy





Picturin at Palazzo Nuovo




Palazzo-Nuovo_Turin Italy street mural

Picturin mural by Artefatti + Il Cerchio e Le Gocce + Style Orange (Palazzo Nuovo).





Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Berlin, Gerrmany



Roa-animal wall mural

Epic mural featuring six enormous African animals – Roa


Rojo Roma Mural in Mar Del Plata, Argentina



santiago,-chile Chilean street artist Teo Doro mural in Valparaíso.

Chilean street artist Teo Doro mural in Valparaíso, Santiago




Puerto Rica Santurce Es Ley festival – ‘De Los Más’ by Jason Velez




Sly2-(soul) wall painting

Abandoned building mural – Sly2 – Paris





‘Jazz in free time’ by Sepe, Poland, 2010





Geisha mural (on a rusty ship wreck) by Fin DAC in North Wales





David Walker mural in Lorraine, France.

Photo by Thierry Vilmus




Fin DAC – refined art on a non accommodating canvas



mural by pixel pancho_santurce_sanjuan_puertorico

Pixel Pancho, San Juan, Puerto Rico




‘No land for the Poor’ by WD

Athens 2015



Street art by Zoo-Project---France

Zoo Project




Pronkstilleven,-Kingston,-NY by Gaia-with-Opositive-Festival

‘Pronkstilleven’ by Gaia with Opositive Festival

Kingston, NY









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