Andrew Rogers – Rhythms Of Life – sculptural land art project



To Life Israel geoglyph-Andrew Rogers

‘To Life’ (chai)  land art – Andrew Rogers

Arava Desert, Israel


The concept of Rhythms Of Life has evolved to become a global phenomenon, with many countries embracing the idea of a universal, life affirming symbol, expressed as a monumental land art sculpture. Andrew Rogers decision to extend the original sculptural form of his ‘Rhythms of Life’ sculpture onto a global scale was a visionary and bold undertaking. His innate ability to adapt a broad scope of materials into graceful and enticing sculptures, with an appealing sense of balance, has bestowed him the ability to tackle the enormous challenges required by this huge project.

When I first saw Andrew Rogers ‘Rhythms of Life’ sculpture at the Victorian Art Centre, I was impressed with its vibrancy and expansiveness and in retrospect I can now see how it has fed the impetus for future geoglyphs. This project has now expanded, since 1999, to become the largest collective land art project in the world, where Andrew Rogers has traversed the globe, liaising with different countries, to create modern geoglyphs that resonate with the local landscapes, cultures and indigenous stones and rocks. Local customs and peoples have also been integrated into the process of constructing these land art creations.


Andrew Rogers Geoglyph of a horse from an ancient Celtic coin found in the region – Slovakia

Created with local granite


Most of the ancient traditions harbor a deep empathy with their lands along with sacred beliefs locked into the local terrains. A great deal of respect and sensitivity was required in the negotiations to introduce a contemporary land art sculpture into these diverse locations. In addition to installing recurring geoglyphs of the ‘Rhythms of Life symbol’, to reinforce the concept of a global universality, his team have worked with local elders, museums and other lore-keepers to design a symbol relevant to their area as a companion land art. To date, the project has involved over 7,500 people, in 16 countries across seven continents with the first one being constructed in the Arava Desert in Israel.
For Andrew, the Rhythms of Life sculpture encapsulates the continual evolution and restless dynamic of creation and the circular nature of the patterns of birth life and death and I would love to see more additions to this vast endeavour in the future.




the Rhythms of Life bronze sculpture was a catalyst for Andrew Roger’s global Rhythms of Life land art project

‘Rhythms of Life’ bronze sculpture – Andrew Rogers

This sculpture became the catalyst for Andrew Roger’s global Rhythms of Life land art project

Height 101 inches  – Victorian Arts Centre

This piece exemplified Rogers path towards a process of conceptualization, displaying his interest in creating abstract pieces that revealed transition, celebration, movement and expression.


Rhythms of Life land art project by Andrew Rogers at Yucca Valley

Yucca Valley ‘Rhythms of Life’ land art project by Andrew Rogers

Mojave Desert, USA



Rhythms of Life land art project by Andrew Rogers

Mojave Desert geoglyph ‘Rhythms of Life’



Rhythms of life - Antarctica Dakshin Gangotri - Andrew Rogers

Rhythms of Life – Antarctica Dakshin Gangotri – Andrew Rogers



Rhythms of Life Antarctica-Andrew Rogers

Rhythms of Life Antarctica



Rhythms of Life Kenya---Andrew Rogers

Rhythms of Life Kenya



Andrew Rogers_Rhythms of life-Cirque du Soleil--art garden-Art Public Montréal

Rhythms of life – Cirque du Soleil art garden




Andrew Rogers created the first 'Rhythms of Life' geoglyph in the Arava Desert

Andrew Rogers created the first ‘Rhythms of Life’ geoglyph in the Arava Desert



andrew rogers-massive land sculptures in Israel's Arava desert60 x 38 meters

Andrew Rogers-massive land sculptureSlice’ in Israel’s Arava desert

60 x 38 meters


Andrew Rogers Rhythms of Life land sculpture

Cappadocia, Turkey



Andrew Rogers Rhythms of Life Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia land art – Andrew Rogers


Andrew Rogers--Shield, geoglyph - Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Andrew Rogers —Shield’ geoglyph

Chyulu Hills, Kenya




Bronze sculpture -- Balance- Andrew Rogers

Bronze sculpture — ‘Balance’ – Andrew Rogers



Bolivian Shaman blessing the land for the land art.

Bolivian Shaman blessing the land for geoglyph Rhythym Of Life




Bolivian geoglyph - Andrew Rogers

Rhythym Of Life land art stone structure, Cerro Rico




Cerro Rico Rhythym Of Life geoglyph – Andrew Rogers



Breaking Out metal sculpture - Andrew Rogers

‘Breaking Out’  – Andrew Rogers



Coiled steel abstract sculpture---Andrew Rogers

‘Coiled’ — Andrew Rogers



Come to the Edge-ribbon metal sculpture -- Andrew Rogers

‘Come to the Edge’  — Andrew Rogers


Come to the Edge-3-by Andrew Rogers-Sculpture

‘Come to the Edge’  — Andrew Rogers



Sculpture columns - Sentinels Turkey - Andrew Rogers

‘Sentinels’ – Andrew Rogers

Yeryüzü Heykelleri Parkı, Turkey



Evolution sculpture Dallas Texas---Andrew Rogers---4m height

‘Evolution’, Dallas Texas — Andrew Rogers

4m height


Perception and Reality' by Andrew Rogers cast bronze sculpture

Australia`s largest cast bronze figurative sculpture, ‘Perception and Reality’ by Andrew Rogers

Canberra Airport`s Main Entrance.




Evolving -- Andrew Rogers-outdoor sculpture

‘Evolving’ — Andrew Rogers




Andrew Rogers Geoglyph at Eastern Park Geelong - taken from a -kite--by-Andrew-P-Newton

Andrew Rogers geoglyph at Eastern Park Geelong



‘Bunjil’ rock carving by Andrew Rogers

Eastern Park, opposite You Yang mountains



Yesterday Today Tomorrow-Turkey---Andrew Rogers-sculptor

‘Yesterday Today Tomorrow’ — Andrew Rogers

19.7ft high basalt columns, Turkey


Ratio-USA-Andrew-Rogers monumental sculpture

‘Ratio’ – Andrew Rogers monumental sculpture




A Day On Earth Turkey--Andrew Rogers

‘A Day On Earth’ –Andrew Rogers




Growing -Andrew Rogers

‘Growing’ – Andrew Rogers



I Am -- Andrew Rogers Canberra sculpture

‘I Am’ — Andrew Rogers

Canberra Airport, AUS



I Am Dance Red-100cm-2014-Sculpture-Andrew Rogers

‘I Am Dance Red’  Sculpture – Andrew Rogers

Height 1 meter, 2014



I Am Energy_Kazakhstan 2017_I-AM–ENERGY,-installation-view,-Future-Energy,-Expo-2017-Andrew-Rogers-sculpture monument

‘I Am Energy’ — Andrew Rogers

Future Energy,Expo 2017 – Kazakhstan




Flora exemplar-Andrew Rogers garden sculpture

‘Flora exemplar ‘ – Andrew Rogers


I Am-III_-Andrew Rogers metal sculpture

‘I Am III ‘ —  Andrew Rogers


Individuals-Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Gateway to the United Nations,

‘Individuals’  —  Andrew Rogers

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Gateway to the United Nations

“We are all individuals possessing the sanctity of a singular life.”

‘Individuals’ comprises 15 bronze sculptures varying in height up to 3.5m (12ft).



‘Labile’ is part of the ‘Weightless Series’ – light, seemingly weightless forms made from heavy bronze.

Sculptor Andrew Rogers



Leading--Bronze sculpture 2M---Andrew Rogers

‘Leading’ –bronze sculpture —Andrew Rogers

Height 2 meters



Macrocosm-3M----Bronze---Dallas-Texas by Andrew Rogers

‘Macrocosm’ bronze sculpture by Andrew Rogers

Height 3 meters, Dallas Texas



Wall sculpture Many Lives YUM -- Andrew Rogers---2009

‘Many Lives YUM’ — Andrew Rogers




McClelland Labyrinth-2010-The winding path, the search for truth-LANGWARRIN,AUSTRALIA

McClelland Labyrinth – ‘The winding path, the search for truth’

Langwarrin, Australia, 2010


Stainless steel sculpture - Ode to Kairos-Andrew Rogers -- Mount Buller----300H-x-250w-cm

Stainless steel sculpture – ‘Ode to Kairos’  —  Andrew Rogers

Mount Buller—-300H x 250W cm


Random-2_folded bronze sculpture Andrew-Rogers

Random 2 —  bronze sculpture Andrew Rogers



Ratio outdoor sculpture -India-Andrew Rogers

‘Ratio’  —  Andrew Rogers



rhythms of life-land art Namibia

Rhythms of Life,  created in Namibia by Andrew Rogers with the nomadic Himba people



Rhythms of Life geoglyph -Andrew Rogers- Nepal, Jonsom, 2008

Rhythms of Life geoglyph -Andrew Rogers

Nepal, Jonsom, 2008



Rise-1-sculpture 7m-2010---Andrew-Rogers

‘Rise’  sculpture Andrew Rogers

7 meters height 2010



ROL-Fire sculpture by Andrew Rogers

‘Fire’  — Andrew Rogers



Sustenance,-Turkey,-2009-Andrew Rogers

‘Sustenance’ Andrew Rogers

Turkey  — 2009



Unfurling-Villa Borghese Gardens Roma Italy-Andrew Rogers 2011

‘Unfurling’ – Andrew Rogers 2011

Villa Borghese Gardens, Rome, Italy



Sculptural gate, Andrew Rogers

Red Hill, VIC


Weightless 9 — Andrew Rogers



Rise1_-Andrew Rogers 7 meters tall

‘Rise’ stainless steel sculpture– Andrew Rogers

Height 7 meters



Molten-Concept-18-Andrew-Rogers -- white abstract sculpture

‘Molten Concept 18’  Polyamide sculpture —  Andrew Rogers




Yucca Valley in the Mojave Desert-Rhythm Of Life and Atlatll geoglyphs-Andrew Rogers

‘Rhythm Of Life and Atlatl ‘geoglyphs  —  Andrew Rogers

Yucca Valley in the Mojave Desert, USA



rhythm-of-life-slovakia - created by Andrew Rogers

‘Rhythm Of Life’ Slovakia



Modern abstract art -- Andrew Rogers stainless steel sculpture _Embrace---Art Gallery NSW---2018
Andrew Rogers stainless steel sculpture ‘Embrace’

Art Gallery NSW Wynne Prize



Andrew Rogers website




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