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Abstract ceramics in the USA


Exploring the abstract.


Having abandoned the certainty of a known form and its expected details, the biggest challenge when engaging in abstract designs is being able to assemble a cohesive whole from the choices of shapes, colours and spaces. The liberation from not having to exactly interpret a defined reality unleashes a spontaneity and improvisation that can produce engrossing results. Using the manipulation of form and the breaking down of a structured reality into more simplistic details, allows the suspension of  the order of symmetry for more asymmetrical forms. This opens up the creation of movement and unpredictability with the flow of the shapes, lines, textures and colours all capable of input. The resulting tension delivers a heightened dynamic from a form striving for balance. Reflecting the fluid reality of the subconscious with its mystique and temporal, less fixated presence, the abstract can arouse an array of perceptions. Abstract art is interactive in the sense that it invites the viewer to participate with their interpretations of the sculptural works, through not being presented with a definitive, structured piece.

Featured here are six contemporary American ceramic artists who use abstract concepts in their decorative styles.  I feel they present a skilful and intuitive representation of this deep and fascinating medium.


Michael Gustavson



“Clay has been an art form that man has used since the beginning of time.  Every culture that has been discovered through archaeology has a historic record of uses for clay.  From utilitarian to sculpture this ancient historical record has always intrigued me.  Since my discovery of clay I have been learning and exploring the many different qualities of clay.”

  “As you look at my works you will note that I use many different techniques to manipulate clay to express my personal aesthetic views. Clay itself has a lot to do with my aesthetic viewpoint.

 The last 38 years I have used the forms that I create, whether vessel or wall slabs, as a vehicle to express myself as a painter using glaze as my paint.  My most recent works are a series of large hand built tectonic forms.  With these forms I will continue to explore and express the language of clay. “

” As is the case with most artists, the analyzing and verbalizing of their works is really not the statement, the statement truly is the work itself.”

website HERE


Blue Rythym Michael Gustavson abstract vase

Blue Rhythm – Michael Gustavson





Day and Night - Michael Gustavson

Day and Night – Michael Gustavson




Masquerade - Michael Gustavson

Masquerade – Michael Gustavson




Solar Flare - Michael Gustavson

Solar Flare – Michael Gustavson





Caribbean Blue-74H - Michael Gustavson

Caribbean Blue– – Michael Gustavson

74″ Height




Evening Walk - Michael Gustavson

‘Evening Walk’ – Michael Gustavson




Beautiful Thought - Michael Gustavson

‘Beautiful Thought’ – Michael Gustavson





Artifact - Michael Gustavson

‘Artifact’ – Michael Gustavson





Ancient Journey - M-Gustavson

Abstract vase  ‘Ancient Journey’ – Michael Gustavson





Solitary Dancer - Michael Gustavson

‘Solitary Dancer’ – Michael Gustavson





South Window - Michael Gustavson

‘South Window’ – Michael Gustavson

Desert Art Collection



Light Sculpture - Michael Gustavson

‘Light Sculpture’ – Michael Gustavson





Glazing a vessel - Michael Gustavson

Glazing a vessel – Michael Gustavson




Epiphany - Michael Gustavson

‘Epiphany’ – Michael Gustavson

Table-Top Piece-MGustavson

‘Arc’ – Michael Gustavson





Sea Creature - Michael Gustavson

‘Sea Creature ‘- Michael Gustavson





Eloquence - Michael Gustavson

‘Eloquence’ – Michael Gustavson





Earth Watch T en - MiGustavson

‘Earth Watch T en’ – Michael Gustavson

Hawthorne Gallery




Chromatic Afternoon - Michael Gustavson

‘Chromatic Afternoon’ – Michael Gustavson





Asia - Michael Gustavson

‘Asia’ – Michael Gustavson



 Eric Knoche


” My current work ranges from small puzzles to human size outdoor works to manipulatable sculpture to large installations with many pieces.  I make things I am curious to see. The work tends to evolve out of itself and I often feel like I am an archaeologist excavating my own subconscious.  Here are some things that I think influence my work:  male and female figures, bones, machine parts, houses, clouds, landscapes, algebra equations, micro-facial movements, fact and truth, alphabets and foreign languages, spacial relationships, tools I don’t know how to use, the distortional nature of memory, the limits of ocular perception, plants, neutron stars, dancing, running water, and songbirds. ”   

” I think some physical forms and arrangements of space are simply pleasing to humans at a sort of meta-level. ”

website HERE




Raku vessel –  Erich Knoche







Vessel Eric Knoche

Vessel Eric Knoche






Tuning Fork 2012 Eric Knoche

Tuning Fork – Eric Knoche


Eric Knoche-433x339

Eric Knoche

photo by Matt Rose




Vessel - Eric Knoche

Vessel  – Eric Knoche




Switcharoo Eric Knoche

Switcharoo – Eric Knoche





Red Spiral Wood fired stoneware

Red Spiral  – Wood fired stoneware by Eric Knoche


 Sheryl Zacharia

Santa Fe


” As a child I was captivated by old things. I realize now much of that had to do with their handmade quality. My clay work is influenced by the material itself, its history and the intimacy of its interaction with the hand and touch. This is why my surfaces reveal the process; and the process becomes the surface.
The sculptural forms focusing on shape and surface are inspired by my love for ancient relics and modern abstract paintings. The textured and stamped areas help the eyes travel deliberately around the forms. The combination of raw and refined surfaces echoes the inevitable marriage of new and old. “

” Pattern and form are rhythm, palette is harmony, lines and shapes are lyrical. I’m striving to make a visual poetry. ”

website –HERE




Dancers - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Dancers’ – Sheryl Zacharia


( Tansey Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe ) -sold




Sky Dwelling - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Sky Dwelling’ – Sheryl Zacharia





Woman in the window - S Zacharia

‘Woman in the window’ – Sheryl Zacharia

Jane Sauer Gallery – sold



Sheryl Zacharia abstract ceramic art

‘Black Sail Black Moon’ – Sheryl Zacharia

18 x 13 x 4



Summer Fling - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Summer Fling’ – Sheryl Zacharia

18″ x 22″ x 5″

 In a permanent collection at Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisconsin




Autumn Winds - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Autumn Winds’ – Sheryl Zacharia

( Tansey Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe )




Egghead Face - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Egghead Face’ – Sheryl Zacharia




Eye of the Storm - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Eye of the Storm’ – Sheryl Zacharia





Devilish - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Devilish’ – Sheryl Zacharia




Sun-Travels - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Sun Travels’ – Sheryl Zacharia




Squared Off - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Squared Off ‘ – Sheryl Zacharia

Fantasy Foliage - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Fantasy Foliage’ – Sheryl Zacharia





Liquid Woman - Sheryl Zacharia

‘Liquid Woman’ – Sheryl Zacharia

17″ x 8″ x 6″

Sheryl Zacharia NY

Sheryl Zacharia, NY-USA

Sheryl Zacharia

‘Asymmetrical bottles’  -Sheryl Zacharia


 Wayne Higby


The  pieces below were displayed at the Renwick Gallery retrospective  “Infinite Place: The Ceramic Art of Wayne Higby”  at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Wayne Higby’s vision of the American landscape appears in ceramic forms ranging from vessels and sculptures to architectural installations.




Large bowl - Wayne Higby


  Large hand-thrown raku-fired glazed ceramic footed vessel, “Green Water Afternoon”

Wayne Higby –  12″ x 21″ x 14 1/2″




Higby-Stone Gate ceramic sculpture


‘Stone Gate’  – Wayne Higby

2007 – photo by Brian Oglesbee

( SmithsonisnAmericanArtMuseum )




Higby-Yellow Rock Falls


Wayne Higby  – ‘Yellow Rock Falls’


Photo – JohnCarlano




Wayne Higby - Untitled Bowl

‘Untitled Bowl’  –  Wayne Higby

( )






Wayne Higby with ‘Pictorial Lake’

1986 – glazed earthenware, raku-fired
collection of Sarah H. Morabito
photo by Brian Oglesbee

( Smithsonisn American Art Museum )






‘Green Terrace Canyon’ – Wayne Higby

From the exhibition  A Vision of the American Landscape in Ceramic Forms and Porcelain Jars.

1975 – glazed earthenware, raku-fired
collection of Marlin and Regina Miller
photo by John Carlano

Wayne Higby Raku Bowl

Wayne Higby Raku Bowl

Wayne Higby Ceramic Box

Wayne Higby Ceramic Boxes with lids

Wayne Higby--Triangle Springs 1972

Wayne Higby–‘Triangle Springs’ 1972



Lauren Mabry



” I make painterly, abstract, ceramic objects. Primarily my work communicates directly through its formal and aesthetic qualities, but it may also be understood in relationship to abstract painting, minimal work, and process art. Sometimes the surfaces look weathered and aged, but at the same time colorfully lush and wet. There is a sense of immediacy to the mark making, and at moments a quality of action. I exploit the intrinsic characteristics of ceramic materials to produce pieces with a magnetic dissonance. Ultimately, my work is a synthesis of intuitive, expressive surfaces and elemental forms. “

” The absence of representation in my work allows the marks, brush strokes and colour to communicate. I’m compelled by the scintillating, seductive energy created through formal dualities. ”

website HERE

Lauren Mabry

Earthenware cylinder with  slips, glaze, china paint – Lauren Mabry

Lauren Mabry

Cylinder with hand painted absrtact decoration – Lauren Mabry


Lauren Mabry

Lauren Mabry 2012 ceramic

Ceramic cylinder -Lauren Mabry




Lauren Mabry abstract ceramic wall art

Contemporary ceramic art wall panel – Lauren Mabry

Lauren Mabry Earthenware

Lauren Mabry

Earthenware, slips, glaze, china paint 2012

11″ height x 12″ diameter

Lauren Mabry studio glazing

Lauren Mabry studio glazing, Philadelphia




Spilling Pipe,-glazed-ceramic,-2014.-17h-x-17w-x-17d Lauren Mabry

‘Spilling Pipe’ – glazed ceramic – Lauren Mabry



 red-earthemware,-slips.g;aze-2014 Lauren Mabry red ceramic cylinder

 Lauren Mabry



Danny Rosales, LA

“When I began working with a new medium – clay. I had no idea that I would like the feel of clay and the challenges it has to offer. Although I have worked in many mediums in the past, it is the only one that seems addictive. In the beginning it felt a bit overwhelming, but soon found that if I apply my same basic building principles I have always used along with some new clay methods the possibilities are endless.”

“Visual perception is the sum of one’s personal experiences projected onto whatever is before us, often familiar, but oftentimes unique. The intent of my work is to use these familiarities to entice the viewer to experience a unique perspective taken from ordinary objects. I like machines as subject matter because they give me the illusion of reshaping time, and at the same time the imagery provokes its own power of thought.”


Closure-Removed--2014 abstract sculpture by Danny Rosales

Danny Rosales   ‘Closure Removed’ –2014




Design Assembly With Tool-ceramic-2015 wall sculpture by Danny Rosales

‘Design Assembly With Tool’ -ceramic wall sculpture by Danny Rosales





Mechanism-five----12x11 raku wall sculpture - Danny Rosales

‘Mechanism five’ raku wall sculpture – Danny Rosales – 2014

12″ x 11″




Temple Remains by Danny Rosales ceramic sculpture in green, brown and black

‘Temple Remains’ – Danny Rosales

height 17″





Danny Rosales ceramic raku scukpture

Danny Rosales raku sculpture




Danny Rosales posing with his sculpture

Danny Rosales

photo Lisa John Lucas




Section-Out-15h---2014 Danny Rosales

‘Section Out’  – raku sculpture by Danny Rosales

 15″ height — 2014




Standstill 25 Danny Rosales raku ceramic sculpture

‘Standstill’ – Danny Rosales – 2014

height 25 inches




Trial and Error 20h Danny Rosales raku ceramic sliver grey

‘Trial and Error’  Danny Rosales

20″ height




Antiquated-frequency----7x12 Danny Rosales abstract ceramic wall art

‘Antiquated frequency’ -Danny Rosales

7″ x 12″







Mud Fun

Funny Mud Pottery

Ever since it was discovered that mud was malleable in around the year dot, clay has been modeled into shapes for the amusement of others. Novelty ceramic giftware, which is quite often quirky and kitsch, sometimes become desirable to collectors purely by virtue of its audaciousness and originality, rather than any aesthetic qualities. It’s ability to hold its colours and surface gloss longer than plastic giftwares also keeps it in the favourable stead with collectors despite its fragility. There is always a steady stream of fun ceramic pieces from low art to high art entering the giftware market, sometimes with marketing campaigns that are as entertaining as the product. Some ceramic gems can be the result when creators have some fun in the mud.



Sally Meekins ceramic

Sally Meekins ceramic cat lid teapot



Southdowns ceramic toastrack

Southdowns ceramic toast rack




Exquisite Pottery coffee set

 Pottery coffee set by Exquisite




Swineside mantle teapot

Swineside mantle teapot





‘The Guest’  by Jaime Hayon for lladro




Vintage FLORAL Ceramic Bunny

Vintage Floral Ceramic Bunny

 Enesco Giftware

coffee mug

Starbucks 2011 Anniversary Mug

Melusina Mermaid with gold  confusion, highlighting the grade


( A few things lost in translation here )





Virgil Ortiz - Siamese Twins

Virgil Ortiz – ‘Siamese Twins’




Wiggly Box Julia Roxburgh

‘Wiggly Box’ – Julia Roxburgh, UK




Chinese figurine - Caxistreet

Wenchang Wang, god of literature and scholarship – Caxistreet, China

Lost in a state of vacuous suspension ? Suffering from writer’s block? Facing the bloggers wall of blank ?  Put a figure of Wenchang on your desk .




Rhino eggcup

Rhino Eggcup by Canterbury Cross Collections



Tiki beer stein

Tiki absinthe skull stein drinkware

Clive Michael’s store, Fujian





 Flush away that morning fatigue with your ceramic toilet coffee mug.


ACDC headbanger gift vase – Pierre Blanc



50s Housewives Mugs - Peggy

Dupenny 50’s Housewives Mugs – ‘Peggy’





Diego Romero –  Bowl with Chongo Brothers



Ceramic teapot

( )


Rare ROBJ Paris Art Deco

Rare ROBJ Paris Art Deco Lady Figural Powder Box  c. 1925






Ceramic Afro Mug

Ceramic Afro Mug with lid






 Retro atomic bowl – Herta Gerz, BC Ceramics, Vancouver, late 1950’s

BC Ceramics was British Colombia’s largest manufacturer of ceramic giftware, including vases, lamps, bowls, and figurines. Their distinctively shaped and decorated products were sold nationally.





Blue Fire Studio - etsy

Blue Fire Studio – etsy





terra artesana-ceramic toilet Mexico

 Mexican hand painted ceramic Talavera toilet ‘Acapulco Oro’

( )





Ceramic handbag 41cm x 23cm

Jingdezhen ceramic handbag  41cm x 23cm

Can be used as a vase or an actual handbag !





Frog Figurines Damon Gift

Frog Figurines – Damon Gift






I wonder what’s in that pipe

Garden Gnome – Battersea’s Spring Decorative Fair





Helen Liedloff - Goldscheider

Asian lady bust designed by Helen Liedloff – Goldscheider – 1950’s






Jingdezhen ceramic Japanese wind chime






 Be very wary of what you say in the morning when the missus is holding her knuckleduster coffee mug.






La Bottega Wonderland – Livellara  day  mood  tea pot  ‘Carmen’ 






Laurel Burch-1999

Laurel Burch-1999

Laurel Burch Ceramic modernist cat

Modernist Cat – Laurel Burch





Laurel Burch - Ceramic Cats

Laurel Burch  – Ceramic Cats





Lectora Veronique Didierlau

Véronique Didierlaurent figurine


Intarsio Art Nouveau jug  vase designed by Frederick Rhead for Wileman & Co. circa 1898






Aloha Hawaiian Girl  Maile  on Pineapple

( )





Natural-World-Collection penguins

Penguin Pair  – Natural World Animal Collection




Noi Volkov Teapot - Botero

Noi Volkov Teapot – ‘Botero’





Nordic Porcelain Hen Gongyuta

Nordic Porcelain Hen – Gongyuta





Keiko Masumoto pottery

‘Life inside a pot’ – Keiko Masumoto





Orange Box - Vaughan Nelson

‘Orange Box’ – Vaughan Nelson

Pirate Mugs

‘Pirate Skull Cup’

Yiwu Bing Cui E-commerce

Ceramic crab Caroline Selmes

Ceramic crab bowl – Caroline Selmes




Patricia LazarTeapot

Patricia Lazar ‘Geisha Girl Teapot’


Jason Bige Burnett – ‘Clown Nose Container’



sally meekins ceramics-red-jaster-teapot

Jolly Jester teapot – Sally Meekins





‘Melt Mug’ – Lenka Czereova




Twin CHAMELEON VASE Ardmore Australia Two ceramic chameleon figures

Twin Chameleon Vase  – Ardmore Australia




Ayanda-Mji Twin handles African terracotta vase

African terracotta vase Ayanda-Mji





enhanced-Lionel Richie tea mug

Lionel Richie Hello Mug





‘Dog Treat Jar’– cheers pottery – Etsy




Godzilla-Mug-by-Eileen-de-Rosas - white ceramic mug with green godzilla motif

‘Godzilla mug’ – Eileen de Rosas





‘Peach Tilt Teapot’ –Tom Hurbert




Space-mug-with-astronaut-space-walking-in-stars-and-planets Morris Pottery

‘Space Mug’ – Morris Pottery



vincent-magritte_ceramic teapot

Vincent Magritte teapot



Cheers Pottery etsy ceramic mug with cat motif

Cat Mug – Cheers Pottery etsy





Betty Boo Salt and Pepper Shaker – Westland





Found in the mud :  Local farmer with ancient (pre-Incan Moche culture) pottery he found while working in his fields.


More mud stuff :


MudStuffing Pottery



Mud Stuffing Pottery

Mud Stuffing Pottery –  Keith Phillips

My name is Keith Phillips and I make stuff. I make a lot of stuff. I’m a human factory of stuff making goodness. Most of the stuff I make is made from mud-like stuff, but sometimes I make stuff from other stuff. Some of the stuff I make isn’t real stuff, it’s virtual stuff, but most of the stuff I make is real stuff you use to drink stuff from. I’ve even made stuff that had stuffing in the stuff I made. That’s where the name MudStuffing Pottery came from.

Mud Stuffing Pottery – etsy




Keith Phillips teapot MudStuffing pottery

Keith Phillips teapot – MudStuffing pottery





‘Couple Tossed in the Wind’  Dinner Plate – MudStuffing pottery




Bathroom-Canister---Men-Fighting-Over-a-Woman MudStuffing pottery

‘Men Fighting over a Women’   – Keith Phillips




Keith Phillips Sandblasted Dessert Cup NC

Keith Phillips – Sandblasted Dessert Cup

MudStuffing pottery




Keith Phillips Cup

Keith Phillips Cup

Dinner Plate --Steampunk Moon by Keith Phillips

Dinner-Plate—Steampunk Moon By Keith Phillips

MudStuffing pottery






Sea Sculptures




‘Coast Totem’ – Linda Matthews & Carter Williamson

Sculpture by the Sea 2014


Sculpture by the Oceans

I love seeing sculptures in a seascape setting. The uncluttered open expanses are a symbiotic environment for the presentation of sculptures and they don’t have to compete as much with their backgrounds compared to an urban/city location. The pure vibrancy of the ocean settings seem to lift the sculptural aesthetic. Modern contemporary sculptures against the ancient ocean masses have a juxtaposed impact. Having lived by the Pacific Ocean on both sides, ( Whale Beach, Sydney and Santa Monica, LA ) I was really pleased to see the success of Sculpture By The Sea on the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach which has now been running for 16 years. The temporary annual outdoor exhibition showcases over one hundred sculptural works and contemporary practices, including site-specific and ephemeral works, along an iconic coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches. The myriad of natural plinths in the landscape provide an ideal setting.

Fibreglass-giant-'I-Sea' Monumental sculpture at the sea by Time Kyle

Fibreglass giant ‘I-Sea’  by Australian sculptor Tim Kyle


Over a third of the field now includes exhibitors from Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Sweden, China, England, the United States, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, France and India. This visual arts event has recently been expanded to Cottesloe Beach in Perth on the Indian Ocean and the Aarhus coastline in Denmark. Along with the Sculpture By The Sea images, I have also included sculpture visuals from French and USA coastal cities and a few other ocean front locations.



Yee Chee Kiong abstract bubble sculptures

Yee Chee Kiong – Series #2

Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus –  Denmark

photo – Clyde Yee




Sir Anthony Caro_Om eastern outdoor sculpture

Sir Anthony Caro – Om eastern

Cottesloe Beach 2013,  pohto – Clyde Yee





 Ewen Coates – Multiverse

Bondi 2013

photo – William Patino





Subodh Kerkar - chickencafreal - modernist chicken sculpture

Subodh Kerkar – chicken cafreal

Bondi 2013,  photo – Clyde Yee





Rebecca Rose - lookatme - turquoise modern umbrella sculpture on white sands

Rebecca Rose – lookatme

SxS Bondi 2013

Photo – Samantha Burns




Chris Bailey - the majestic large contemporary sculpture at the seaside in Perth

Chris Bailey, NZ  – ‘the majestic’

Cottesloe Beach




'To Be or Not to Be' by Keld Moseholm abstract walking figures sculpture in granite

‘To Be or Not to Be’ by Keld Moseholm… bronze, granite

Sculpture By The Sea  2009

photo Shyaman




Sculpture By The Sea Aarhus, Denmark

BethKin Flickr




Sculpture- Bondi Venus-by Dennis Kalous

‘Bondi Venus’… Dennis Kalous… recycled sandstone boulders.

Sculpture By The Sea 2010






Sculpture By The Sea Aarhus, Denmark

BethKin Flickr



Chen Wenling-Games-sculpture photo by Jarrad Seng Two red figures balancing acrobats

Chen Wenling – ‘Games’

Sculpture by the Sea-  Cottesloe, Perth 2013

Photo Jarrad Seng



Henry Clews courtyard-sculpture of a male figure balancing on a rock platform

Château de La Napoule in Mandelieu – American artist, Henry Clews

West of Cannes, France

Insipration by Harry Weinbrenner at Venice California Female figure sculpture with outstretched arms

Inspiration by sculptor Harry Weinbrenner, 1922

Venice Boulevard, Venice, California.

The  re-creation of this statue was  sculpted by Ernest Shelton in 2010




Ferme basque – Jorge Oteiza

Biarritz, France

( Pierre flickr )





Geoffrey Ricardo red kangaroo sculpture overlooking the Pacific Ocean

‘Emblem’ ( kangaroo ) – Geoffrey Ricardo

Sculpture By The Sea , Bondi, Sydney




2 rings by Keizo Ushio Abstract sculpture perched on a cliff face

‘2 rings’ by Keizo Ushio – SxS Bondi

Bondi 2013,  photo – Clyde Yee




Intuition - Marbre de Erickh White modern sculpture on a balcony with sea views

‘Intuition’ – sculptror Erickh

Alpes Maritimes, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, France





Huge King Neptune statue by Paul DiPasquale - Virginia Beach, USA

King Neptune statue – Virginia Beach, USA

© 2005 Sculpture by Paul DiPasquale.




Benmjamin Storch - Cycles - red asymmetrical red ring sculpture

Benmjamin Storch, UK – ‘Cycles’

Sculpture by the Sea-  Cottesloe




Abstract---Sculpture Wave by Blaze Krstanoski Blazeki

Wave by Blaze Krstanoski Blazeki

Sculpture By The Sea 2008





Musiciens de jazz - Roger Flores

‘Musiciens de jazz’ – Roger Flores

 Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Avenue, Séméria





Opatija Statue standing female sculpture overlooking a harbour

Opatija Statue, Croatia





Paul Bégué,-à-Saint Jean

Paul Bégué sculpture

Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat avenue, Séméria

( Pierre Flickr )





Penny & John Smith - The Keepers

Penny & John Smith – The Keepers

Sculpture By The Sea

Tasman Peninsula 1998 – photo Clyde Yee






Puerto Vallarta boardwalk sculptures, Mexico





Richard Howie Swell Sculpture Festival

Richard Howie – Swell Sculpture Festival

Currumbin beach, Australia





'sitting-hen'- Tae Geun Yang

‘sitting-hen’ – Tae Geun Yang

SxS Bondi





Steve Croquett, heads up

Steve Croquett, Heads Up

SxS Bondi




The Kiss - San Diego

The Kiss – San Diego





Toshio Ezumi - Bondi 2013

Toshio Ezumi – Bondi 2013




MarkGrey-Smith-Cebtrefold - modernist metal sculpture

Mark Grey-Smith – ‘Centrefold’

SxS Cottesloe

photo – Karen Castle



Ben Fasham,- Jewel-de-la-Mer

Ben Fasham,- Jewel de la Mer

Sculpture By The Sea ( SxS )

photo – Howard Jones





Nexus by Alex Kosmas Tree sculpture with anchor

‘Nexus’ by Alex Kosmas

SxS  Bondi

Australian artist Fatih Semiz geometric sculpture by the sea - 'Isometric Trinity'

Australian artist Fatih Semiz’s steel ‘Isometric Trinity’ overlooks Mackenzie Bay, Sydney

aeolian harps. sculpture by Aristides Demetrios-San Fransisco

92-feet-tall sculpture by Aristides Demetrios – it is one of the world’s largest aeolian harps.

Named for Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind, and invented by the 17th-century polymath Athanasius Kircher, an aeolian harp is a passive instrument played by the movement of the wind.

Oyster Point, San Fransisco

( )

Andrew Burton Jug sculpture Aarhus seaside

Andrew Burton ‘Jug’  

Aarhus Sculpture By The Sea

Ama mermaid statue by Amaryllis, France

 Ama mermaid statue by Amaryllis, placed in St. Jean Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera

Antipodean-Recruits--sculpture by Len Zuks

Antipodean Recruits  sculpture by artist Len Zuks at the Sculpture by the Sea coastal exhibition, Cottesloe Beach

2009 in Perth

Le-Jardin-sculpture of three standing women on a high cliff at Eze

Coastal garden sculptures – Eze, FranceEze Cactus Garden sculpture

Eze Cactus Garden sculpture

le-jardin-d-eze France

La Jardin d Eze, France

Large bronze sculpture crabs, at the ocean

Large bronze sculpture- Crab Riders

Gillie and Marc Schattner

Mikaela_Castledine red birds sculpture

‘East of the mulberry tree – legend of the ten red crows’

Mikaela Castledine sculpture, Bondi  SxS 2013

Matthew-Harding-the-cheshire-grin- large stainless steel arc sculpture

Matthew Harding – “the cheshire’s grin”

BondiSculpture by the Sea, 2013



Los Muertos Beach Sculpture of a boy riding a seahorse

‘Caballero del Mar’ (The Seahorse)’ by Rafael Zamarripa

Los Muertos Beach sculpture of boy riding a seahorse, Puerto Vallarta

Vi Warkentin Photography

San Marco, the patron saint of Venice.- winged lion sculpture

This statue near the Grand Canal is said to depict a winged lion protecting the Virtues of the City of Venice. The winged lion represents San Marco, the patron saint of Venice.

Grand Theft Auto abstract sculpture

Vespucci Beach abstract sculpture.

I was looking at this sculpture wondering where Vespucci is till I discovered it represented Venice Beach, California in Grand Theft Auto. It had replaced the ” Declaration Statue” by artist Mark di Suvero in the real life Venice. The gamers had given it a virtual makeover.

Venice-Biennial sculpture on the Grand Canal White sculpture of a boy holding a frog by Charles Ray

Boy with frog sculpture at the Venice Biennial – US sculptor Charles Ray

2.5metres tall


 ‘T-guardians’ sculpture by Christoph Luckeneder & Manfred Kielnhofer

Public Biennale de arte Venezia , Italy



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Milano Art in the Mid-Century



La Triennale di Milano is a design museum and events venue located at Park Sempione in Milan, Italy. It hosts exhibitions highlighting contemporary Italian design, architecture, music, and media arts, highlighting the relationship between art and industry. The museum also features the Collezione Permanente, a permanent collection of art objects in contemporary Italian design.

Like searching for a hidden chamber in an ancient temple, I came across a Mid-Century collection of photos from La Triennial di Milano deep in the archives of the Lombardy Cultural Heritage collection. Getting there was a challenge as I don’t read Italian and Google Translate abandoned me, but my intuition prevailed on my hunch in the end. It was worth the perseverance as some really intriguing images representing some of the  artists of this era were on display. Most of the images are from the fifties and are in Black & White which was de rigueur  for a lot of photographers then. Excellent composition and use of shadows characterise the photos of modernist inspired ceramics, furniture and sculpture.



X Triennale – Sempione Park. 1954

 Ceramic High Relief “Madonna and child enthroned” – Angelo Biancini






X Triennial 1954  Scandinavian exhibit






Federico Patellani






 XI Triennale 1957

Abstract design dish with wrought iron tripod in the section of the Exhibition of Ceramic Art Productions

photo: Sergio Bersani





 X Triennale – France display – Plaster Sculpture “El’ll think” – Ossip Zadkine

Photo: Giancolombo





 Ceramic pencil holders

Photo Aldo Bailo

Museum of Contemporary Photography






 Quatterini  Oreste – Careerism

MAGA – Museum Art Gallarate, Milan, 1974


 Scultura Jacques Lipchitz

 “Le marin à la guitare” – Jacques Lipchitz

XI Triennial

Foto Mercurio






 X Triennial  – Stig Lindberg modernist ceramic forms






Constantin Brancusi – Portrait of Mademoiselle Pogany






The Embracers  – Henri Gaudier-Brzeska




Spanish ceramic vases

Vases from the Spainish section. XI Triennial 1957






 X Triennale – Giovanni Gariboldi

Photo Dainesi






 X Triennial – ceramic amphora vase – Ernestine Cannon







 1957 XI Triennial – Vase in the shape of fish in the section of the Exhibition of Ceramic Art Productions

photo: Sergio Bersani






 Ceramic vase/pitcher by Leon Ferrari

X Milano Triennial – 1954

Henri Gaudier--Parco Sempio

 Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s Hieratic Head of Ezra Pound, carved in 1914.

The writer Ezra Pound recognised Gaudier’s genius and was keen to promote and support him, and so commissioned the artist to do a portrait bust and bought a block of stone for the purpose. Pound understood the importance of direct carving as a marker of modernism.






Sculpture Portrait of H. Rouart – Medardo Rosso

XI Triennale – Parco Sempione






 X Triennale – Exhibition of art schools – Ceramic Vase

Foto:  Ancillotti



XI Milano Triennale – 1957

Mid-Century modernist bottles





XI Triennale – modern ceramic vessels 1957

 Sergio Bersani – Giornalfoto





 1954 X Triennale – Germany ceramic exhibit


Marcello Fantoni tall pitchers

 Marcello Fantoni tall pitchers





Anthropomorphic sculpture ‘ Scream ‘ by Aldo Zuliani





 Reliquary Bust of Saint’Ottaviano silver and gold of the fifteenth century

XI Trienniel 1957 – photo: Sergio Bersani






 Terracotta display of Lazio and Campania in the  Italian Show Productions section





  XI Triennale – abstract ceramic vessel   ( maybe a teapot )

Milan 1957




 XI Triennale Ceramic Ornaments in the Yugoslavia display





 XI Triennale – French exhibition – Sculpture and bowl by Charles Zublena

XI Trienniel 1957 – photo: Sergio Bersani






 Sculpture “Mushrooms blacks” by Alexander Calder

International Exhibition of Sempione Park, Milan 1957

photo: Sergio Bersani






XI Triennale –   – International exhibition of sculpture in the park Sempione- Sculpture “Draped reclining figure” – Henry Moore

Photo Mercury






 XI Triennale  Scandinavian exhibit





Sculpture Bouquet Pablo Picasso

Sculpture “Bouquet”  – Pablo Picasso

Park Sempione XI Triennale 1957





 An exhibit at the Triennale di Milano reconstructs, 50 years later, the fundamental moments in the construction of Brazil’s new capital.


Sculpture “Grand Cheval” – Raymond Duchamp-Villon

Park Sempione XI Triennale 1957





 Vases designed by Angelo Mangiarotti

Photo : Aldo Bailo





 Milano – VII Triennale d’Arte – 1940 (?) Angelo Biancini, Diana,





White Porcelain Pitcher - Majda Kumar

 XI Triennale – Section of Yugoslavia – Porcelain Pitcher – Majda Kumar






Ceramic bottles Guido Gambone

X Trienniel 1954 – Ceramic bottles Guido Gambone






X Trienniel 1954 –  Ceramiche Guido Gambone





ceramic vessel Guido-Gambone

 X Trienniel 1954 ceramic vessel – Guido Gambone





 X Triennale – France – Sculpture in bronze and brass lined – Antoine Pevsner






Ceramic wall plaques-Sweden

X Milan Trienniel 1954 – Ceramic wall plaques-Sweden – Stig Lindberg






XI Triennale  1957 – Alabaster sculpture by Mirko Basaldella.

photo: Sergio Bersani





XI Triennial selection of ceramics – 1957






Milan – VII Art Triennial. Guido Andloviz, two ceramic pots







 Photo – Simone Magnolini





Martini-Pasquale italian sculpture

Forms Symbol – Pasquale Martini



Stig Lindberg ceramic vases

 X Triennial  Stig Lindberg ceramic vases


Mrio Tedeschi 1951

Storage cabinet modernist – Mrio Tedeschi 1951

Emilio Scanavino Italian ceramic

Emilio Scanavino Italian ceramic vessel

Emilio started working with clay in the early Fifties, in Tullio Mazzotti’s studio in Albissola Marina.

( )



George Robustelli

The sign of the memory – George Robustelli






Del-Pezzo-Lucio Column sculpture

Column n. XXVII
Lucio Del Pezzo




Cornini Marco

‘ The wonder’ – Cornini Marco




1989 Borghi Paolo

In the land of Persephone

Borghi Paolo





Maurizio Cattelan

Middle finger salute – Maurizio Cattelan







Fernanda Borio – 1951





Galvagni Mario

‘ Portrait of Silvio Zanella ‘

Mario Galvagni

 MAGA – Museum Art Gallarate


Portrait of a Man – Klaus Zaugg, 1980 –  Milan

( Shot with a film camera, the falling car hasn’t been created in photoshop )




Rognoni Franco

Rognoni Franco

Exposition - BUSATO Gualtiero

Exposition – BUSATO Gualtiero


Aldo Bailo  – Optical Projection

Costantino Nivolaz - Mothers Secret

Costantino Nivolaz – Mothers Secret

Cubist Torso,-1987-Jim di Rich

Cubist Torso,- 1987 – Jim di Rich

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