Exploring light on the full moon


xiandong-fairy-cave- Neil Wade Photography

Buddha wall carving – Xiandong Fairy Cave, Keelung

Neil Wade Photography, 2011


While updating my front page with a link to a recent post on the ‘Art of the Buddha, an image really caught my attention when I was searching for a feature image. This was a picture of a green Kuan Yin wall carving, which then triggered the memory of a similar dream which had recently occurred on the New Moon on the 3rd of November, which had made a distinct impression on me. I recollected this dream had a more lucid appearance than the usual nebulous vista. I had descended carved steps at some coastal location into a subterranean chamber and waded waist high into a golden, turquoise water which was semi luminous. While admiring the vibrancy of the water, I looked to the side and was startled to see a beautiful wall carving that looked like some sort of Buddha figure relief art, my sense being that it was of Kuan Yin. This heightened the sensation that I was already feeling of being in a blessed environment. After I had been invigorated from the charged surroundings, I woke up. This dream had a resonance that lasted for days.


Quan Yin wall relief carving

Wall relief Quan Yin – Keelung Temple cave, Taiwan


My curiosity was aroused by this recollection, so I dropped this image into Google Image search to look at it source and see what I could find about its location. It turned out to be the Fairy Caves in Taiwan, which were also subterranean and had also been a water channel. Another image of a Buddha at this location (see above) also caught my attention which I searched for and was intrigued to see many other fascinating images that held my captivation, particularly because of the appearance of a diffused light, which seemed to be sublimely balanced. I loaded one of the images into Photoshop and noticed its light Levels layer was a smooth concave curve, not a formation that you usually see for most images.


On further inspection, most of the other images approximated this concave light curve too. It reminded me of a section of a large spherical object, which I thought was intriguing because this occurred during the time of the auspicious perigee Full Moon on Nov. 14th, 2016. Like the moon, the concave shape is regarded as being feminine yin in nature. I was impressed by the synchronicity and the ability of the algorithm to detect this nuance. Themes that appeared to me from the images were: moving from darkness to light, unfolding of a new direction symbolized by pathways and motion of water, solitary quests and enchantment from nature, especially large caves, all bathed in subtle light. It turned out to be an inspired manifestation of images all presented in the one place. Being able to source all the images from the one location made the curation easy.





Fingerlings by Brian Matiash on 500px



mikhail-alisov painting of a sailing yatch

Mikhail Alisov





Lucerne, Switzerland





Aba Yohannis monastery –Seeker at 74 years old  “I came from my village, from the countryside to learn. I didn’t go home. I preferred to stay here. I’ve been here for 43 years.”

Photography – Joey L, NY



Cavern landscape-in-guangxi China

Magic Dalongdong (Guangxi Shanglin), China





Antelope Canyon, Arizona Watkins Glen State Park, New York





‘Apple of Discord’ – Arianna Coleccarelli

Aphrodite model Olga Miranova




Heli Luaksonen (click to expand)




birgitta-sjostedt-flickr full moon over a lake

Moon over bridge – Photo by Birgitta Sjostedt – flickr




bengal-tiger-in-jungle - Lost land of the Tiger, BBC

Lost land of the Tiger, BBC

 A documentary following a team searching for tigers in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.




“Bosque,” by Javier Gutierrez, 2015

“Bosque,” by Javier Gutierrez, 2015



bruges-bruges-along-with-a-few-other-canal-based-northern-by David Gilson-flickr

Bruges, Belgium – David Gilson-flickr




Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, USA



castel-gandolfo gardens

Castel Gandolfo gardens, Italy




Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia

The Blue Mountains, Sydney




The Champion Catalpa tree which has a 23.5 feet circumference





‘Fall’ – Rosie Anne Prosser, Wales





Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shores of Norway

Through the Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shores of Norway

Developed by Antaognist




dog in forestScotland Outdoors-twitter

Scotland Outdoors-twitter



fairy-cave-stalactite-walls quang-binh-province

Fairy cave stalactite walls…Quang Binh province, China




dustin-schwartzmeyer photo of a ravine

Autumn Sunrise , Ilthaca – Dustin Schwartzmeyer photography




girl-sitting-in-rockpool -emma-gorge-el-questro-wilderness-park

Emma Gorge El Questro wilderness park

Western Australia




fotografia nocturna1

Fotografia Nocturna1, Ortigueira. Matadero. Porto deportivo. Jesús Manuel Giz Novo





large cave - photo by john-spies-on-500px

Subterranean cave. John Spies, 500px




 A flower seller paddles past a small shop on Dal Lake’s quiet waters in Kashmir

photo – Steve Curry




Litlanesfoss waterfalls are surrounded by basalt columns located in Upphéraðsvegur, Iceland.





Lourdes – james65, flickr




man-standing-on-bridge in huge cavern

‘Hang Son Doong’ – Nha Ke Bang National Park in the Quang Binh province, Central Vietnam.

Recently Discovered World’s Largest Cave, 9km in length, Son Doong, Vietnam. The size of the cave can be gauged by the size of the man standing on the bridge




Moon man in Forest




Hindu Temple deep in Borneo caves – Trey Ratcliff





Nok Nang Ann cave, Thailand



Rosie-Anne-Prosser-photography Wales

‘Onwards under Stormy Skies’  – Rosie Anne Prosser, Wales




The Nature Conservancy – photo Kevin Arnold




Quang Binh cave, Vietnam



ryan-deboodt-on-500px Hang Son Doong in Vietnam

Spiral path at Hang Son Doong in Vietnam in the world’s largest cave

photo Ryan Deboodt, 500px




Serene Morskie Oko, Poland

Photograph by Sara Delić



Chinese Shanglin-caves-Nanning

Shanglin caves – Nanning




Stourhead autumn photo – Toby Melville



synthgamer photo of two angel statues

Angel statues – Synthgamer



tianmen-shan-cable-car-is-one-of-the-longest-cable rides

Tianmen Shan’s very long cable car

Zhangjiajie, a city in the northwest of China’s Hunan province, is home to the famed Wulingyuan Scenic Area. This protected zone encompasses thousands of jagged quartzite sandstone columns, many of which rise over 200m



toketee-falls-oregon Umpqua National Forest, South Oregon, US

Toketee Falls – @chelseakaua, Instagram

Umpqua National Forest, South Oregon, US




Buky Canyon is a canyon near the Buky village, on the Hirs’kyi Tikych river in the Cherkasy Oblast of Ukraine. It is approximately 5 km long, 20 m deep and anywhere 40m wide. Wikipedia





Vive la huasteca – Conexión México




wajahat-mahmood Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

 Phang Nga Bay, Thailand – Wajahat Mahmood – flickr




‘Egrets Nesting’ – American Museum of Natural History





‘Water Stone’ – Andrew Bi – Flickr





Stone Creek, Coniston, England

Bardsea Photography




Jinlongshan – Golden Dragon Mountain, Taiwan

Photo Mrs Lee




girl-in a blue gown by Bella Kotak


Photo –  Bella Kotak





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