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Contemporary Ceramic Art


Contemporary ceramics, innovative pottery and ceramics, céramique nouveau, avant garde and cutting edge ceramic design and techniques are featured in this post. Add in modernist, postmodern, abstract, la cerámica contemporánea and zeitgenössische keramik and that will cover most of the spectrum of styles on display. Its always refreshing to see artists take risks and successfully create new innovations or invent new interpretations of particular styles. A cornucopia of contemporary ceramics on display.


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Jonathan Middlemiss blue angular abstract vase

‘Cognition 0’  – Jonathan Middlemiss   2011

” Between the moment of seeing something and the sense we then make of it lies a place of questioning. For me it is the most alive place in our consciousness, bringing the unconscious to life through processes of emotional recognition and rationalizing our references. My work takes the energy of polarities, formal contradictions, impacts and merging as the beginning of a journey to this place.”  – Jonathan Middlemiss

Kamares-jug Minoan hand painted white and brown on black

Minoan pottery vessel  – 1800 – 1700 BC

A jug with a contemporary,  modernist appearance and in its time would probably have been regarded as contemporary. Sea life imagery was popular with the Minoan’s for pottery decoration which most likely explains the flowing, fluid style.

Egypt New-Kingdom (Dynasty-18) glassware pitcher

Egyptian  New-Kingdom (Dynasty-18) glassware

The abstract decorative styles of the Epyptian glass were a departure from the more symmetrical panels and geometric patterns that were favoured for the pottery. For the decoration, one or more thin colored rods were wound spirally over the glass while it was still soft. Before these rods hardened they were moved up and down with metal pins to produce waves, garlands, arches and leaf or feather patterns.

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Amanda Simmons contemporary glass platter with abstract form

Amanda Simmons – Noth Lands Decoded – large free-form slumped platter with glass powders, engraved and sandblasted.

(Image by Shannon Tofts)

Memoire-sculpture Yves Dana

Memoire   Yves Dana – Switzerland





Jonathan Middlemiss contemporary ceramic cup

Jonathan Middlemiss


Tania Rollond elegant vase

 Tania Rollond




Kay Lynn Sattler carved ceramic vessel

‘Impasse’  – Kay Lynn Sattler – Hawaii USA





Keramiek- Agatha van Dijk family of roosters

Keramiek- Agatha van Dijk





Ceramicist Lorna Meaden whisky flask

Lorna Meaden – whisky flask – USA





Owen Lostetter blue abstract ceramic sculpture

Blue Quintessence  – Owen Lostetter

( fired clay and urethane – 16 x 13 x 7 inches )

Owen is a native of New Mexico, born in 1983 to artist parents, on a small and rural farm in Abiquiu.





Russu Popescu Cristina handbuilt ceramic vessel

Cristina Popescu Russu – Ceramics Artist – Bucharest





Swiss Sibylle Meier contemporary ceramic sculptures

Sibylle Meier

( Switzerland )



Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson three ceramic sculptures

3 pieces  – Sophie Elizabeth Thompson

Sophie-Elizabeth Thompson is a British sculptor living and working in Barcelona.



The large white disc counter - ceramic sculpture Rising Circles by Judith Roberts

Rising Circles  – Judith Roberts



Tomoko Sakumoto Japanese ceramic artist

Tomoko Sakumoto – Lives and works in Okayama, Japan

Ginny Marsh spherical ceramic vessel with drip glaze

Bottle with Moonlight Glaze   Ginny Marsh  



Ursula Morley Price ceramic sculptural vessel with wavy surface

Ursula Morley Price




Wally Asselberghs tripod form contemporary sculpture

Naked Raku Sculpture – Wally Asselberghs




Yves Mohy ceramic vase

 Contemporary ceramic vase –Yves Mohy  French, 1929-2004





Modernist Abstract art work - Path of Life by Chidi Okoye

Abstract art work – Path of Life  by Chidi  Okoye





Andrew Ludick three whimsical vases

Andrew Ludick




Benjamin Storch - Through the Centre - hand-hammered patinated copper, stone slab

‘Through the Centre’ – Benjamin Storch




Ceramic bowl with Flowing Glaze Beatrice Wood

Ceramic bowl with flowing glaze – BeatriceWood    1962





Christine Jones blue pastel ceramic sculpture

Christine Jones ceramic sculpture



Connie Norman ceramics

Connie Norman

“All my life I have struggled with writing, now my work is completely covered in text. This paradigm shift has allowed me to experiment in different art forms, and face fears through the medium of art. An interesting adventure in self-discovery! The text in my pieces acts on several levels. For instance, it has texture, pattern, mystery and a path to look inward to decipher a glimpse into my private thoughts.
I am fascinated by the rhythmic qualities created by color, texture, and patterns. Decoration and the act of decorating are essential because it celebrates and enhances form and speaks purely of aesthetics. I use pottery as a vehicle to explore decoration and other formal questions. It allows me to investigate form, space and image. My greatest satisfaction comes from thoroughly filling surfaces with color and finely detailed decoration in a spirit that I feel is playful and whimsical. My attempt is to make the environment an expressive participant and to address the importance of aesthetics in our daily lives.” Connie Norman

Japanese Shozo Michikawa Shino-square-abstract vessel

Shozo Michikawa Shino Square Pot, 2012

(  Erskine Hall & Coe )




Elizabeth Shriver swan gourd

Swan Gourd, 2007 –  Elizabeth Shriver

 “I work with clay to create an array of graceful, sensuous, organic forms. These pieces are made through a variety of hand-building methods such as slab-building, coiling, pinching, and forming with molds. Rarely relying on glaze, I use textures, stains, and colored clay to add visual and tactile interest. I am drawn toward neutral earth tones that complement rather than distract from my intricate sculptural vessels. The curving lines and interplay of light and shadow in my work generate an illusion of movement, giving each piece an almost lifelike quality. A successful piece is one that begs to be touched as well as explored visually.”  – Elizabeth Shriver



Frederick Garcia footed vessel abstract design

Frederick Garcia



Ilona Romule tea pot

Ilona Romule tea pot

Eric -Knoche Vessel Wood fired ceramic

Eric Knoche   Wood fired indigenous stoneware vessel with slip   2011

( Photo by Tim Barnwell )

” Honestly the first thing that really attracted me to wood kilns was the sound.  Depending on the burner design, gas kilns can sometimes sound like a jet engine.  Once while firing a very loud gas kiln in college I walked over to where some others were firing the wood kiln.  The only sound was a soft but powerful drawing sound from the entry and exit flues, though their kiln was just as hot as mine.  Since then I have come to find the effects from certain styles of wood kilns to be uniquely appropriate for my current work.  The process is also interesting and rewarding. ”  – Eric Knoche

JITKA PALMER dish - Czech ceramic artist

Song Of The Wandering Aegnus – Jitka Palmer

Bodil Manz contemorary ceramics cylindrical vessel with geometric design

Bodil Manz

Cornelia-Trösch tall footed vessels with translucent marks on the surface

 Porcelain vessels with translucent marks and tall feet. – Cornelia Trösch

Capriccio Oval Vase - Elke Sada coloured green, yellow, black and white

Capriccio Oval Vase –  Elke Sada Anna Van Hoey contemporary ceramics orange rust ceramic vessel

Anna Van Hoey – Mechelen, Belgium

Vessel, 14 in. (36 cm) in length, slab-built and press-molded red earthenware, fired in an electric kiln to 2012°F (1100°C), 2012. Photo: Dries Van den Brande.

( CeramicArtsDaily )

Cristina Popescu Russu Bucharest cubist vase

Cristina Popescu Russu – Bucharest, Romania


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French street photographer – Robert Doisneau

I admire the photography of Robert Doisneau  and I’ve been wanting to do a post on his photographic art for ages. He is one of France’s favourite photographers, best known for his street photography and his many insightful and playful images on everyday French life. As one of the first pioneers of outdoor photojournalism, his prolific output covered ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes.

Roberts deep appreciation of the pure moments he witnessed on his journeys around France was continually evident in his images and was his ongoing affirmation of the beauty of life and his love of  humanity. I feel this personal quality bestowed him the gift of being in the right place at the right time to observe these visual treats unfolding.

Doisneau captured a charming vision of human frailty,  peoples foibles and life as a series of quiet, incongruous moments. He made the claim,  “ the marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street. “   His photographs over the course of several decades encapsulated a remarkable account of life on the streets of France and immortalized the magic of Paris for posterity. He appears to have a genuine empathy for his subjects and his images exude a touching depth of feeling.


Angels And Leeks1953 by Robert Doisneau

‘Angels And Leeks’ – 1953



Concierge rue du Dragon Doisneau

‘Concierge rue du Dragon ‘- Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau - Shop - Alberto Giacometti in his studio

Surrealist sculptor Alberto Giacometti in his studio – 1957

( Robert Doisneau shop  – virtual galleries of photographs – Doisneau  – Painters and sculptors series )



 Awesome-Streetlife-photography Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau – Paris Seine, 1949



Woman with dog. Paris.Ca.1890

Woman with dog  Paris.Ca.1890

Photographer unknown



Vice et Versailles photo by Robert Doisneau

Barbarian prisoner and Callipygian Venus, Versailles Robert Doisneau  – 1966




Venus Grabbed by the Throat, 1964 - Robert Doisneau

‘Venus Grabbed by the Throat’, 1964



Robert Doisneau Small children milk-1945

 ‘Small children milk’ -1945  Robert Doisneau



Strongman-by Robert-Doisneau Muscle man lifting weights

 ‘Banquistes the Place de la Bastille ‘- 1945

( Fairground series )



Street-Musicians,-London1956 - Robert Doisneau

‘Street Musicians’, London   1956




Bebop cellar, Vieux Colombier 1951 Robert-Doisneau

‘Bebop cellar, Vieux Colombier’  1951 – Robert Doisneau




The painter and his model, Paris 1949 - photogrphed by Robert Doisneau

‘The painter and his model’, Paris 1949



The Painter of the Pont des Arts - photo by Robert Doisneau

‘The Painter of the Pont des Arts’

” You’ve got to struggle against the pollution of intelligence in order to become an animal with very sharp instincts – a sort of intuitive medium – so that taking a photograph becomes a magical act, and slowly other more suggestive images begin to appear behind the visible image, for which the photographer cannot be held responsible.” ~ Robert Doisneau

The potter's wheel, Saint Armand en Puisaye 1945 by Robert Doisneau

‘The potter’s wheel’,  Saint Armand en Puisaye   1945




The Shower -1949 Robert Doisneau - a small girl in a tub taking a watering can shower

‘The Shower’ – 1949  Robert Doisneau




The Children of Place Hebert - Robert Doisneau- French photographer

‘The Children of Place Hebert’ – Robert Doisneau




Jacques Tati Monsieur Hulot's Holiday

Jacques Tati – Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday

A French movie full of sight gags, irony and inimitable warmth and charm, not dissimilar to Robert Doisneau’s  photographs.




 1948 Robert Doisneau A woman gliding past a bystander in Paris

‘une femme passe’ 1948  – Robert Doisneau




French photographer Robert Doisneau - a man jumping over rubbish in the gutter

 Robert Doisneau




Robert Doisneau French photography - children playing in the street - France

‘Street Lamp on rue Vilin’, 1969



Robert-Doisneau- Snow in New York

Robert Doisneau- ‘Snow in New York  Maurice Baquet’  1960




Robert Doisneau - photo of children playing ring a rosie

‘Ronde d’enfants devant l’abbatiale de Marmoutier’  – Robert Doisneau,    1945




A streetsweeper mending his broom-Robert-Doisneau

  ‘Paris street sweeper’  – Robert Doisneau

Mimile and Maiss French Circus performers - Robert Doisneau

Bob and Rick  – Le cirque by Robert Doisneau




-Robert Doisneau, Dream Girls, 1952 - A man lying on his bed admiring his pin up girls

Robert Doisneau,  ‘Dream Girls’   1952

‘” I like people for their weaknesses and faults. I get on well with ordinary people. We talk. We start with the weather, and little by little we get to the important things. When I photograph them it is not as if I were examining them with a magnifying glass, like a cold and scientific observer. It’s very brotherly. And it’s better, isn’t it, to shed some light on those people who are never in the limelight.” ~ Robert Doisneau




Robert Doisneau –The diver Pont d'Iena –1945 - Swimming pool diver near the Eiffel Tower

‘The diver Pont d’Iena’ – Robert Doisneau –1945




Les Chien du Marquis de Cuevas, Bois de Boulogne- dogs arriving in a car

‘Les Chien du Marquis de Cuevas, Bois de Boulogne’



laccordeoniste-rue-mouffetard Paris 1951 by Robert Doisneau - A seated man playing his accordion on a busy corner

 ‘L’Accordéoniste de la Rue Mouffetard’

Paris  1951

Doisneau was able to fix this radiant gravity that isolated a man from the crowd, and in these moments of grace create an ” illusion of time ” as if in a ” geometric dream. ” – Jean-François Chevrier



Hunawihr - les-vendanges Robert Doisneau photograph

Hunawihr – les-vendanges



Next To The Tower, 1985 Robert Doisneau

‘Next To The Tower’, 1985  – Robert Doisneau

( Getty Images )



A pillow burlap, Paris 1952 Robert Doisneau three homeless men sleeping on the street

‘A pillow burlap, Paris’  1952 – Robert Doisneau




 Robert Doisneau photo a man seated in his parlour

 photo by Robert Doisneau




Robert Doisneau photography - a man walking his little white dog on a long lead

 photo by Robert Doisneau



French photography Robert Doisneau - a female street accordionist

 Paris street accordionist – Robert Doisneau




Doisneau a man sneaks a peek at a nude painting in a shop window

‘Un Regard Oblique’ Sidelong glance, 1948 – Robert Doisneau




Robert Doisneau on street with camera 1983

Robert Doisneau – 1983

( 1912 -1994 )



Paris society - Robert Doisneau

photo by Robert Doisneau




Usine de porcelaine Tharaud Robert-Doisneau

‘Usine de porcelaine Tharaud’  – Robert Doisneau




La-jeune-fille-au-velo.-Robert-Doisneau Father teaching his daughter to ride a bike

Robert Doisneau- ‘First cycling lesson of a father to his daughter’,  1960s.



woman-and rooster on a park bench Robert Doisneau

Un enchantement simple, 1950s





‘Atelier de Pierre Imans’, 1945




Portrait-of-a Lion- Zoo de Vincennes - 1943 Robert Doisneau

‘Portrait of a Lion – Zoo de Vincennes’ – 1943  Robert Doisneau



Ancient Egyptian Art and Pottery


Art and spirituality were deeply entwined in ancient Egypt. Religion was interwoven, not only into the Pharaohs power, but into life itself. It was the deity of a town who the people turned to, in order to prevent the everyday hazards of living. They used magic spells, charms, folklore and amulets to appeal to the deity for protection against hazards, and to intercede on their behalf, for anything from the Nile flooding, to sowing seeds and harvesting crops, to protection from poisonous snakes, and for safe childbirth. The temples were the focal point for ceremonies, offerings and art. The walls were usually covered in symbols, hieroglyphics and paintings, which documented their history, life and spiritual structures and beliefs.Egypt---Luxor wall relief  figure art

Keen observation and exact representation of actual life and nature, and strict conformity to a set of rules regarding representation of three dimensional forms dominated the character and style of the art of ancient Egypt. In order to clearly define the social hierarchy of a situation, figures were drawn to sizes based not on their distance from the painter’s point of view, but on relative importance. For instance, the Pharaoh would be drawn as the largest figure in a painting no matter where he was situated, and a greater God would be drawn larger than a lesser god.

The Ancient Egyptian art style known as Amarna Art was a style of art that was adopted in the Amarna Period (i.e. during and just after the reign of Akhenaten in the late Eighteenth Dynasty, and is noticeably different from more conventional Egyptian art styles.

It is characterized by a sense of movement and activity in images, with figures having raised heads, many figures overlapping and many scenes being crowded and busy. The most admired artists were those who replicated the stylized depictions of Egypt’s most venerated figures.



Egyptian statue Met NY

Egyptian statue – Met NY

( Flickr – brandonzwa )



Tutankhamun Colossus statue

Tutankhamun Colossus




Tomb of nebamun Fragment off wall

Tomb chapel of Nebamun. A fragment of a polychrome wall painting. The fragments are keenly observed vignettes of Nebamun and his family enjoying both work and play.

( British Museum )




King Ramses II (1279-1213 BC) with the God Amun and Mut God, red granite temple of Amun at Thebes.

( Egyptian Museum, Turin )




Statuetteo King Taharqa and  falcon horus

King Taharqa (reigned ca. 688-ca. 663 B.C.) was a Nubian Pharaoh of Egypt. He was the last ruler of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty, the so-called Ethiopian Dynasty, and was driven out of Lower Egypt by the Assyrian’s as they began to conquer Egypt.

Sekhmet lioness Goddess  blue neck pieceEgyptian Necklace counterpoise with aegis, of Sakhmet Period: New Kingdom, Ramesside Dynasty: Dynasty 19–20 Date: ca. 1295–1070 B.C





 Exquisite wall carving in the tomb of Ramose. Pharaoh Akhenaten’s first minister, located on Luxor’s West bank – 18th Dynasty




Painting from the tomb chapel of Nebamun

Painting from the tomb chapel of Nebamun

( British Museum )



Painted pottery vase Egyptian

Two-handled pottery storage jar from the Tomb of Kha

( Egyptian Museum, Turin )




Neues Museum Berlin Egyptian Pots

Large Egyptian storage pots

Neues Museum Berlin




Eye of Horus vase gold twin handled

Eye of Horus ceramic vase, gold and blue




Egyptian glass vessel four handles

This is a superb example of a core-formed glass vessel, a method of producing glass vessels introduced to Egypt from neighbouring Syria early in the New Kingdom (ca. 1539–1075 B.C.E.).

These small vessels were fashioned as containers for costly perfumed ointments, scented oils, and cosmetics.




Funerary Vessel of the Wab Priest

Funerary Vessel of the Wab-priest of Amon, Nefer-her, painted to imitate granite stone.

Thebes, Egypt  ca. 1479-1279 B.C.E  ( Brooklyn Museum NY )




Ramses II, Memphis, Egypt  standing statue

Ramses II, Memphis, Egypt

( Elly’s – Flickr )



Jar from the Tomb of Kha

Two-handled pottery storage jar from the Tomb of Kha

The body is painted with rishi (feather) decoration, the linen-covered neck with religious symbols: a white nefer-sign, a black neb-sign and a black and white painted wedjat-eye. It can be read as ” all good and healthy things “.

( Turin Museum )


Blue Egyptian Ritual Hes Vase

Egyptian Hes Vase with cover

 Thebes, Egypt.  ca. 1350-1295 B.C.E.  Late XVIII Dynasty

Ritual vessels known as hes-vases were commonly used in temple rituals of purification and in libations, or liquid offerings, which the priest poured to the gods. Their shape resembles the hieroglyph hes, which can mean “to favor” or “to praise.”

 ( Brooklyn Museum NY  )





Kamares Ware beak spouted jug –  Phaistos, Crete Middle Minoan II 2000-1700 BC.

The Mninoans actively traded with Egypt and had an influence on their arts.

Egyptian Faience Lotiform Cup turquoise blue

Egyptian Faience Lotiform Cup, c.945–715 BC, 22nd Dynasty ( The Met )

This cup, made of brilliantly glazed Egyptian faience, imitates the slender form of the flower and is decorated in relief with scenes depicting the plant’s marshy habitat. Such cups were funerary offerings made to be placed in tombs.




Egyptian Menat of Taharqo

Menat of Taharqo

( The Met NY )




Met Museum Egyptian Statue

A high ranking official, doing his offerings wearing a fancy linen dress. ( Met Museum )

( Hans Ollermann – Flickr )




Egyptian Ovoid Vessel with Lug Handles and matt glaze

Egyptian Ovoid Vessel with Lug Handles

( Chicago Art Institute )


Egyptian carved spoon-18th Dynasty

Egyptian spoon-18th Dynasty with a girl playing the Lute.




Egyptian wall painting Sennefer seated with wife - Thebes

Egyptian wall painting – Sennefer seated with wife

Tomb Of Vines – Thebes , Egypt




Egyptian beaded necklace scarab

Bead Embroidered Egyptian Scarab Necklace

LuxVivensFashion – etsy




Egyptian Stone Carving, National Museum of Scotland by dun_deagh

Egyptian Stone Carving, National Museum of Scotland by dun_deagh


byrnzie28 - flickr - Egyptian wall fragment

Wall fragment, Egypt

( byrnzie28 – flickr )


Egyptian sculpture Queen Ti

Egyptian sculpture Queen Ti

( Su55 – Flickr )




Pottery-vase-from Tomb of Kha

An Egyptian long-necked vases that were employed to aid against evaporation. From the Tomb of Kha, Deir el-Medina, Dynasty XVIII.

( Turin Egyptian Museum )

Su55 flickr


Egyptian Statuette of Hori Brooklyn Museum

Statuette of Hori in the Brooklyn Museum

Tomb of Pennut-wall-art-egypt

 Tomb of Pennut. Lake Nasser, Egypt

( Archer10 – Flickr )



Ramesseum Fotor Egyptian wall relief art

Photo by Ramesseum

( )




Akhenaten and Nefertiti making offering

Akhenaten and Nefertiti





4 Egyptian vessels tutincommon

4 Egyptian vessels

( tutincommon – Flickr )




 goddess Isis with Pharaoh Seti  

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis with Pharaoh Seti  – Wall of the Temple of Abydos in Egypt.



Egyptian wall art blind harpist

Egyptian wall art – blind harpist.

Limestone scene from the Tomb Chapel of Paätenemheb, Sakkara.
1333-1307 B.C.

Museum van Oudheden, Leiden


351px-486px-Gerzean decorated pottery (D-ware) c.3500 – 3200 BC

Gerzean decorated pottery (D-ware) c.3500 – 3200 BC – Height 28.5 cm

( Neues Museum Berlin )





Fragment of a relief of Cleopatra VII  Thea Philopator  (“Cleopatra the Father-Loving Goddess”).


Egypt Ramesses II as a child

Ramesses II as a child  ( shown with the sidelock of youth )

(  LouiseAl – Flickr )


Tutankhamun Fan-shaped Headpiece

Tutankhamun Fanshaped Headpiece – Museum of Antiquities in Cairo Egypt


Egyptian God Annubis - black and gold statue

Egyptian God Annubis

Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, Egypt




Louvre Tuya Tuya-18th-Dynasty

 Tuya Tuya – 18th Dynasty, Louvre

Elaborately curled and adorned wigs were worn at special public occasions and at religious ceremonies.





Tutankhamun Inlaid throne Egypt

Inlaid Tutankhamun throne

Egyptian Museum, Cairo



Tutankhamun and his wife

Tutankhamen Anointed by His Wife

Detail from the back of Tutankhamen’s throne
Carved wood and gold, inlaid with Egyptian
faience, enamel, semiprecious stones and silver.

1355-1342 BC

From the tomb in the Valley of the Kings  – Egyptian Museum, Cairo

Egyptiaan man with urn 17dynasty

Egyptian man with urn – 17th dynasty




Golden statues of Egyptian Gods

Golden statues of Egyptian Gods

( Egyptian Museum, Cairo )



Luxor temple relief art

Luxor temple



Water bottle- from Tutankhamen

Water bottle from Tutankhamen’s embalming cache

( Met NY )

Egyptian Statue of Osiris

Egyptian Statue of Osiris

Wall relief Egypt tutincommon

Wall relief – Egypt

( tutincommon – flickr )New York Metropoliton Museum Egyptian wall art

Egyptian wall painting – New York Metropolitan Museum




19th-Dynasty,-about-1260-BC---Setau-viceroy-of-Pharaoh-Ramses-II stone relief

Setau viceroy of Pharaoh Ramses II stone relief

19th Dynasty,about 1260 BC




Louvre_museum Egyptian wall carving

 Mummy Case of Nespanetjerenpere

NYC – Brooklyn Museum

Wally Gobetz -flickr




Amon Egyptian statue

The Amon god protects Tutânkhamon – 1336-1327 BC

Sandra Whiteway – Flickr




Block Statue of Senwosret-senebefny

Block Statue of Senwosret-senebefny

Middle Kingdom, late XII Dynasty,(ca. 1836-1759 B.C.E.)

Brooklyn Museum

Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry




Statue of Amenirdis, daughter of Kashta,-one-of-the-queens-of-the-25th-Nubian-dynasty

Statue of Amenirdis, daughter of Kashta, one of the queens of the 25th Nubian dynasty. She was a divine wife of Amon.

photo Alfred Molon



Gold burial mask of King of the pharoah Psusennes--Discovered in 1940 by Pierre Montet

King of the pharaoh Psusennes Gold burial mask-Discovered in 1940 by Pierre Montet



Horemheb-before Atum at Tomb of Horemheb

Horemheb last king of Dynasty XVIII before Atum

Luxor West Bank Tombs, Upper Egypt




 Mummy Case of Nespanetjerenpere at Brooklyn Museum - black, red, green and white with hieroglyphic decoration

NYC – Brooklyn Museum – Mummy Case of Nespanetjerenpere

Cartonnage (linen or papyrus mixed with plaster), paint, glass and lapis lazuli on inlaid eyes and eyebrows.

Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 22 to early Dynasty 25, circa 945–712 B.C.

Wally Gobetz -flickr



Karomama Meryetmut - Louvre Museum 18th dynasty. She wears an elaborate dress which is made to resemble wings encircling her body.

Karomama Meryetmut  – 18th dynasty –  Louvre Museum

The bronzw statue depicts Karomama with a short Nubian style wig. She wears an elaborate dress which is made to resemble wings encircling her body.

photo Jon Bodsworth



Bronze statuette of a Woman, Late Period, Dynasty 26,-reign-of-Necho-II,-ca.-610–595-b.c

Bronze statuette of a Woman, Late Period, Dynasty 26, reign of Necho II, ca. 610–595 BC





Grey granite statue of the god Khonau, the child of the Theban Trinity, his parents being Amen-Re and Mut

photo –  Alfred Molon




Funery Oushebti - XXVIth dynasty (Psammetic II) Egyptian earthenware

Funery Ushebti – XXVIth dynasty (Psammetic II) Egyptian earthenware



pharaoh statue Torino Museum

Pharaoh statue,. Torino Museum, Italy




Wall Bas relieff rom the Akhnaton temple project in Karnak

Wall Bas-relief from the Akhnaton temple project in Karnak




Kneeling black stone Statue of Senenmut

Kneeling Statue of Senenmut

Egyptian, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18




Head of Tutankhamun,-New Kingdom, Dynasty

Head of Tutankhamun, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18,

ca. 1336–1327 B.C



sculpture of Egyptian princess

Statuette of the Lady Tiye



Ancient-Egyptian-statue-of-Osiris - -who-was-assassinated-by-his-brother-Seth-and-resurrected-by-his-sister-and-wife,-Isis.-Currently-located-at-the-Louvre,-Paris.-

Ancient Egyptian statue of Osiris

Louvre, Paris


Statue of Egyptian Queen Nefertari

Abu Simbel – Ramses II Temple – Statue of Egyptian Queen Nefertari


sarcophagus_surface decoration - Limoges municipal museum

Sarcophagus – Limoges, municipal museum



Tutankhamun pectoral with solar and lunar-elements

Eye Of Horus pectoral

Tutankhamun pectoral with solar and lunar elements. Cloisonné with carnelian, lapis lazuli, calcite, obsidian and coloured glass.

The yellow stone in the center of the scarab is the  “Desert Glass” of Egypt, fused silica gathered from the site of a meteoric impact in the desert.


More ancient Egyptian art HERE





Ceramic Mug Shots


The mug would have to be the most utilised item of functional ceramic wares.  In an age of  hi-tech and tough composite materials, it is remarkable that  ceramic materials are still favoured for mugs, even though they are breakable and on the bulky side. Whether it is earthenware, bone china, porcelain or stoneware, it’s hard to beat the organic earthiness of a ceramic mug. With the caffeine connoisseurs,  some people do over 30 cups a day, so I’d imagine a certain amount of bonding would be going on with their trusty ol’ coffee mug. The vehicle of the morning lifeline to get the day started and the companion of  the evening hot chocolate to help close it down. The hot chocolate of the 17th century was an extravagant brew infused with citrus peel, jasmine, vanilla, musk and ambegris.





Newcomb College art pottery mug

 Newcomb College Art Pottery Mug, c. 1900, decorated by Gertrude Roberts Smith with pitcher plants, high glaze with blue and green underglaze and base marked with Newcomb cipher




Early Neolithic mug

An early neolithic mug found in a tumulus at Fischbeker Heide, Neugraben-Fischbek, Hamburg, Germany.

( Wikipedia )

Switzerland coffee set by Friedrich Haas

Switzerland coffee set by Friedrich Haas from Schaan 1950’s





Slab built and stamped greenware

Slab built, stamped greenware

( Myrtle and Lucy – fickr )

Modernist Mug Mid Century

Laurentian modernist mug  – Mid Century




art deco sugar bowl

Art deco sugar bowl

( antique auctions now )





Art Studio MiroI Stani Red Ram Ceramic Mug

Red Ram Ceramic Mug – Art Studio MiroI Stani

All of the ceramic pieces are twice fired for strength and durability, with the second firing reaching over 1100 C degrees in an electric kiln.

( Etsy )





Back Bay Pottery

Back Bay Pottery

Bonnie-Seeman ceramic mugBonnie Seeman





brayceramics on Etsy

Bray ceramics –  ” I apply and layer a variety of colored clay slips and glazes to achieve the surface on my pots, I use sgraffito and slip trailing techniques to add lines, circles, and squares onto the forms. “

( etsy )


Pueblo ceramic mug

Pueblo ceramic mug ( 900 – 1300 AD )



Charity Davis Woodard

Charity Davis Woodard





Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh





Dameon Lynn ceramic mug

Dameon Lynn – mug with saucer





Textured Slab Mug

Textured Slab Mug

( Clay Blog )





Denby Chevron mugs

Denby Chevron mugs

( A LA Modern )





Dick Lehman

Dick Lehman





Dragonfly Coffee mug

Dragonfly Coffee mug

( One Clay Bead Etsy )





Edinburgh Pottery.Tankard

Edinburgh Pottery Tankard/mug






Gillian Parke

Vintage French Poster 1920

Vintage French Advertising Poster Print CAFFE ESPRESSO Servizio Istantaneo –

 V. Ceccanti – 1920





Hand Built Ceramic Coffee Mug

Hand Built Ceramic Coffee Mug – Laura B. Cooper Ceramics





Herringbone Slab Built Stoneware Mug

Herringbone Slab Built Stoneware Mug





JD Wolfe Pottery

JD Wolfe Pottery





Jennifer Falter Sgraffito mug

Jennifer Falter Sgraffito mug





Jim Koudelka ceramic mug

Jim Koudelka ceramic mug





John Roberts mug

John Roberts

( Mudfire Gallery 2011 )





Julie Covington

Julie Covington

( Mudfire Gallery 2012 )





Ken Nyberg highway sculpture

Ken Nyberg Sculpture


Dragon  coffee/tea set


Danish coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl and mugs.





Lauren Bausch Original Mug

Lauren Bausch Original





Little Art Monsterr

Skull Mug – Little Art Monsterr





Mangum pottery drinking mug

Mangum pottery






Mid Century Vintage Tiki mug





Turkish tankard/mug





Rachel Miller cool mug

Hand-built lace texture mug  – Rachel Miller

( Windfall Arts Etsy )





Ceramic rhinoceros mug

Ceramic rhinoceros mug

( Artfire Shop )





Ronan Kyle Peterson

Ronan Kyle Peterson





Royal Copenhagen Fajance Langalinie

Royal Copenhagen Fajance Langalinie Mug






Sandcastle Clay Works Pottery mug

Sandcastle Clay Works Pottery mug




Shadow May mug MudFire

Shadow May – ceramic mug

( MudFire )



Slab Mugs Waconia Senior High arts

Slab Mugs  – Waconia Senior High Arts





Stacey Esslinger

Stacey Esslinger textured mug





Steven Hill Pottery mug

Steven Hill Pottery mug


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Garden Pots


Pottery, planters, garden décor and sculptures for the garden.


Spring is a time to frolic in the garden, smell the roses, savour the rejuvenation and listen to the bees humming. If they can still be heard. { see bees on their knees below }

Art Deco Danish Bronze Sculpture

Danish Art Deco Bronze Sculpture


Ceramic totem poles

( tssyr7art.blogspot )

Smith Garrett garden, San Francisco

Garden Shrine   Blue Jay on fountain, Smith Garrett garden, San Francisco

( jeffreygardens.blogspot )

Alhambra Vase Theodore Deck

Alhambra Vase – Theodore Deck

( V & A Museum )


( Wonderlane )

Tall bluegreen urn by Philip Simmonds

Tall bluegreen urn by Philip Simmonds

Sculptor Josep Viladoma

 La noia de la trena (Girl with the Plait ), 1928  — Barcelona’s Montjuïc Mountain

Sculptor – Josep Viladoma

flowrer vendor Hanoi

 A flower vendor sells flowers in small ceramic pots from the back of his motorcycle in Hanoi.

( ABC news )


Pond Statue – Robert Tatin’s Home in Normandy France


A Rare Pair of French Fiance Caspo Glazed Terracotta Sculptures

( Talisman London )

Alexandre Bigot France

Alexandre Bigot – France

An Egyptian Torchere on Stand

An Egyptian Torchere on Stand

Annie Peaker

Annie Peaker garden hare sculptures.

artpark sculpture colin caffell

A water nympth sculpture titled ‘Naiad (bronze)’ by artist Colin Caffell

( ArtParks )


Figurative Abstract Sculptures Florentine Twists – Neal Barab ( ArtParks )

[ …you come here often ? ]

Audrey with french pots

Audrey with French pots

( Eye of the Day Garden Design Center )


Honey sellers:  Tosepan Titataniske (United, We Conquer) cooperative – Mexico

[  the bee photographer ]

Michelle McGregor

Figurative sculpture – Michelle McGregor


Tika Ceramics

Tika Ceramics – Etsy


Chosin Pottery Cranes – Japanese Garden

Colosso dell'Appennino

Colosso dell’Appennino by Giambologna – outside of Florence

Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica.

Zarcero Topiary Gardens, Costa Rica.


Ancient Landscaping

Ciudad Perdida, Colombia.- Accidentally discovered in 1975 by looters, Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City) is home to the indigenous Kogi, descendants of the Tayrona civilization who inhabited the region from 200-1650AD, predating Machu Picchu by 650 years. Among the 250 Tayrona towns, Ciudad Perdida is the largest and most impressive, suggesting that it may have been the social, political and economic centre. More than 200 structures were uncovered across 30 hectares, including a hand-made beaded terrace.   Copyright ©

Alicia Penalba

Alicia Penalba Sculpture


Gerbino – Vallauris

Rhoda Lopez wall art

Rhoda Lopez wall art

( Esoteric Survey- flickr )

Flowering heads Ceramic Studio

Flowering heads – Ceramic Studio

Gnome Home Paintingpixie

Gnome Home

( Paintingpixie – Etsy )

Neiman Marcus fountain

Neiman Marcus – Twisted Copper Garden Fountain

Julian Stair pottery

Julian Stair pottery


Greek pitharia

( Eye of the Day Garden Design Center )

Lollie Patchouli

Lollie Patchouli Garden Figurine Statue

( Etsy )


medusa hair succulent cactus

Female planter head

( )

outdoor decor ideas

Garden Sculpture – Outdoor Garden Ideas

Peacock statue

Peacock Statue


Grecian urn water feature

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