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JAC 60th Anniversary



Greg Daly  — round vase, 2021

Line of Sight series – – Photo – John Daly


‘SIXTY’ exhibition —  The Journal of Australian Ceramics 60th Anniversary 1962–2022 is a special ADC On Tour exhibition project presented in partnership with The Australian Ceramics Association to acknowledge this significant anniversary.

Where: ADC Australian Design Centre101–115 William Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Thursday 31 March 2022 to 25th May 2022  – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT

The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) has, over its sixty years of print publication, presented the history of ceramics in Australia. The JAC is unique in its enduring focus on all areas of ceramic art practice, finding a balance between aesthetic, technique and education.

Free event: bookings essential

The exhibiting artists are:

Glenn Barkley | Kirsten Coelho | Greg Daly | Pippin Drysdale | Dan Elborne | Penny Evans | Honor Freeman | Susan Frost | Shannon Garson | Patsy Hely | Alison Milyika Carroll | Jeffery Mincham | Damon Moon | David Ray | Ben Richardson | Tania Rollond | Owen Rye | Jane Sawyer | Yul Scarf | Vipoo Srivilasa | Kenji Uranishi | Gerry Wedd



Granite Warriors ceramic vessels --Pippin Drysdale

‘Granite Warriors’ ceramic vessels — Pippin Drysdale



Pippin Drysdale



Shanon Garson--Beauty and Terror- 2020 -- wheel thrown porcelain

Shanon Garson–‘Beauty and Terror’ – 2020


1._Dan Elborne -- Conduit_sample_collection_hero_image_2021_Photography_by_Grace_Yu_of_Studio_Bitsy

Dan Elborne — ‘Conduit’ – Slipcast stained stoneware



Damon Moon fox profile

Damon Moon


Alison Milyika Carroll Kungkarangkalpa__Seven Sisters 2022_Photo_Courtesy_Ernabella_Arts.21ffdd2

Alison Milyika Carroll — Kungkarangkalpa –  ‘Seven Sisters’



David Ray - Mutated Tureen 2021.__40cmH_36cm__23cm_W._Earthernware__gold_decals_enamel_Photo_Chris_Saunders-

David Ray – ‘Mutated Tureen’ 

2021. — Photo – Chris Saunders


Early morning mist clearing to fine_High walled bowl form___32cms_D_X_23cms_H_Multi_glazed_Mid_fire_2021_Photo_Michal_Kluvanek_Side_view1

Jeffery Mincham – ‘Early morning mist clearing to fine’

High walled bowl form



Gerry Wedd Welcome Pot_2015_Photo--Grant Hancock

Gerry Wedd – ‘Welcome Pot’

2015 – Photo–Grant Hancock




‘Here the time flies’ – Glenn Barkley



Glenn Barkley




Bulb Vase  –  Glenn Barkley



HFreeman_small acts of care and repair_2021

‘Small acts of care and repair’  – Honor Freeman




Jane Sawyer_-- Collapse

Jane Sawyer  —   ‘Collapse’




Jeff Mincham


Tania Rollond_rise and fall_2021

Tania Rollond – ‘Rise and Fall’




Yul Scarf_You keep paying 2 Wreck Me_2021_ceramic plate mended with coins_QR code linking to Tony Alberts work__photoPeter_Morgan

Yul Scarf – ‘You keep paying 2 Wreck Me’ – ceramic plate mended with coins QR code linking to Tony Alberts work




Greg Daly-Through the Mist-2022-lustre-glaze-ceramic

Greg Daly- – ‘Through the Mist’–lustre glaze ceramic




Greg Daly-Brooding_Sky_2019

Greg Daly – ‘Brooding Sky’




Man.garr Marsupium / PennyEvans_2021 ceramic pendant

Man.garr Marsupium  – Penny Evans



Owen Rye_Jar_3_2019

Owen Rye – Jar





Su-nak (Canine) and Wi-laa (Feline) –  Vipoo Srivilasa

Stoneware, underglaze, gold lustre, acrylic and mixed media. Photo:Andrew Barcham




Kenji Uransihi_Hero_Image

Kenji Uransihi – Hero Image



Ben Richardson - Sheltering_2022

Ben Richardson – ‘Sheltering’



Susan Frost - Rise_A_Photo_Grant_Hancock

Susan Frost – Rise A

Photo – Grant Hancock



The exhibition will tour to 17 art centres across Australia from 2022 to 2026.

Australian Design Centre, NSW 31 March – 25 May 2022
Araluen Arts Centre, NT 17 June – 14 August 2022
Cairns Art Gallery, QLD 15 October – 11 December 2022
Cowra Regional Gallery, NSW 11 February – 19 March 2023
JamFactory, SA 4 May – 9 July 2023
ArtGeo Cultural Centre, WA 14 July – 27 August 2023
Gippsland Art Gallery, VIC 9 September -19 November 2023
Ararat Gallery TAMA, VIC 30 November 2023 – 25 February 2024
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, TAS 15 March – 19 May 2024
Design Tasmania, TAS 31 May – 22 July 2024
Tamworth Regional Gallery, NSW 9 August – 29 September 2024
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW 12 October – 1 December 2024
Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW 13 December 2024 – 7 February 2025
Canberra Potters, Watson Arts Centre, ACT 20 March – 13 April 2025
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW 2 May – 6 July 2025
Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, QLD 16 August – 12 October 202



More events for 2022 —


International Artists Residency Exchange (IARE)workshops 2022

Saint Raphaël  CÔTE D’AZUR





Sharon Thompson Workshop – 17 May 2022 – 27 May 2022
‘Having fun with Decals’

Using decals in a contemporary manner while learning how to use your own artwork to create decals with Sharon Thompson, designer, artist extraordinaire. Price includes materials. Weekday lunches are to be determined.


Sharon Thompson



Sharon Thompson having fun with decals workshop

Sharon Thompson




Sharon Thompson — having fun with decals



Anthony Merino  – 18 Jul 2022 – 23 Jul 2022
‘Symmetrical Patterning on 3-Dimensional Forms’



Anthony-Merino-Symmetrical Patterning on 3-Dimensional Forms

Anthony Merino Symmetrical Pattern on 3-Dimensional Forms



Anthony Merino



Anthony Merino Symmetrical Patterning



Natasha Dikareva  — 6 Sep 2022 – 15 Sep 2022
‘Dreams in Clay: Creating Personal Mythology in the South of France’

Dikareva is known for her surreal, exquisitely formed human figures which often morph into other biological forms such as birds, fish, clouds and trees. Humans and other living creatures are united in the experience of life.




‘Here Was a Bee’ – Natasha Dikareva




Early Bird Brings Lucid Dreams 2 by Natasha Dikareva

‘Early Bird Brings Lucid Dreams 2’ by Natasha Dikareva



Cloud Man by Natasha Dikareva

‘Cloud Man’  –  Natasha Dikareva



Inhale Deeply and Say Om ceramic sculpture

‘Inhale Deeply and Say Om’ — Natasha Dikareva



natasha dikareva workshop

Natasha Dikareva



Natasha Dikreva-- Letting Out

Natasha Dikreva — ‘Letting Out’




‘Smila’ – Natasha Dikreva

– stoneware, glazes, blown glass




Do You Remember Your Last Night Dream? – – Natasha Dikreva


Natasha Dikreva figure sculpture - Dont Touch Your Face Unless Your Hand is Golden 2020


Natasha Dikreva  – ‘Dont Touch Your Face Unless Your Hand is Golden’






‘Echoes of the River’ — Nada Murphy exhibition

Create – Connect – Country

March 16 – April 9 2022
Mossenson Galleries – 115 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth


In Echoes of the River I explore the source of the Avon River at the place where it emerges from the ground. Here it reveals it ancient origins and the intersect with an indelible human imprint echoing across seasons and time – Nada Murphy



‘Spillway at the Crossing II’   –   Nada Murphy

Pate de verre glass bowl



Quajabin-Nada Murphy

‘Quajabin’ – Nada Murphy



Riverbank After the Rain II - Riparian-Series-Pate-de-verre-glass-vessel-10-x-19-cm

‘Riverbank After the Rain II’ – Nada Murphy




‘View from the Peak’  Nada Murphy

2021 – oil on canvas



‘Climbing the trees II’ – Nada Murphy



Does Not Hold Water  – Nada Murphy

Coiled vessels with black fleece



‘Salt preserved II’ – Nada Murphy



They always bring you home©Nada Murphy

‘They always bring you home’ — ©Nada Murphy



Stardust and Other Dreams

‘Stardust and Other Dreams’   –  Nada Murphy




Small Works, Great Artists annual exhibition


Erskine, Hall & Coe are currently presenting their annual Small Works, Great Artists exhibition for the fourth year running. The show features remarkable ceramic art work by British and international talent. This is running till the 11th March. Particularly distinctive are new, hand-built sculptures by Taiwanese potter, Zung-Lung Tsai and a beautifully decorated tea bowl by Shoji Kamoda dating from the 1970s, displayed alongside green-glazed, geometric forms by Karen Bennicke, reminiscent of architecture, and thrown coloured stoneware by Jennifer Lee, some of which she produced in Japan.  Other highlights of the show are a stunning footed bowl by Lucie Rie, made of porcelain with golden manganese glaze and terracotta detailing, and a pouring vessel from 1958, the first piece we’ve displayed that was made together by Rie and Hans Coper.


15 Royal Arcade,
28 Old Bond Street,
London, W1S 4SP

+44 (0) 20 7491 1706
[email protected]



Claudi Casanovas-Block No.-17 2001

Claudi Casanovas- ‘Block No.17′




Claudi Casanovas- ‘Block No.17′




Small Works, Great Artists annual exhibition

London 2022



Gertrud Vasegaard Beaker with geometrical rhomboids-1970s

Gertrud Vasegaard Beaker with geometrical rhomboids



Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Bowl c. 1995

Gwyn Hanssen Pigott Bowl c. 1995


Tatsuzo Shimaoka Pair of yunomi

Tatsuzo Shimaoka — Pair of yunomi


Inger Rokkjaer Raku bowl c. 1984

Inger Rokkjaer Raku bowl

c. 1984


Jacques Kaufmann Wild Strata 2018

Jacques Kaufmann ‘Wild Strata’



Jacques Kaufmann 'Wild Strata'-2018-

Jacques Kaufmann ‘Wild Strata’



Joanna Constantinidis Ceramic Flattened bottle c. 1980

Joanna Constantinidis — Ceramic Flattened bottle

c. 1980


John Ward Black and white vessel c. 2005

John Ward Black and White vessel

c. 2005


Karen Bennicke-Multi-X

Karen Bennicke ‘Multi X’  ceramic sculpture



Karen Bennicke-Multi X-2021

Karen Bennicke – Multi X



Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze vessels

Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze vessels



Lucie Rie Hans Coper Pouring vessel c. 1958

Lucie Rie / Hans Coper  – Pouring vessel

c. 1958

Koji Hatakeyama-Eight Faces-2017

Koji Hatakeyama – ‘Eight Faces’




Lucie Rie Oil and vinegar pourers 1950s

Lucie Rie —  Oil and vinegar pourers




Machiko Ogawa Platinum small bowl 2021

Machiko Ogawa — Platinum small bowl



Machiko Ogawa White small bowl 2021

Machiko Ogawa –White small bowl




Machiko Ogawa — Small White  bowl




Zung-Lung Tsai -- Phototropism-2104-2021

Zung-Lung Tsai – Phototropism


Ryoji Koie - White bowl

Ryoji Koie – White bowl


Shoji Kamoda Tea bowl 1977

Shoji Kamoda Tea bowl



Shozo Michikawa- Kohiki Sculptural Form-2017

Shozo Michikawa – ‘Kohiki Sculptural Form’




Shozo Michikawa – ceramic ‘Kohiki Sculptural Form’


Yasuhisa Kohyama Tokkuri and Guinomi 2020

Yasuhisa Kohyama — ‘Tokkuri and Guinomi’ – sake cups and pourer



Zunglung Tsai Phototropism-2102 2021

Zunglung Tsai ‘Phototropism’

2102 / 2021



Jennifer Lee - Mashiko

Jennifer Lee – ‘Mashiko’



Saraf Lynn Spine Camber Vessel-2021

Saraf Lynn —  ‘Spine Camber Vessel’




Shigaraki thrown-coloured-stoneware vessel

Jennifer Lee — ‘Shigaraki’  – thrown coloured stoneware vessel



Artistic clay coalescence



Conceive. Construct. Emerge. Embrace.  — clay coalesced with an Ochre Theme


All the 5 elements are vividly coalesced when the art of pottery is indulged. It is hard to find a more visual depiction of the manipulation of natures primary forces than when the creation of ceramics is involved. Earth, fire, water, metal and wood are all summoned to contribute and our evolution at its most basic is invited to participate. Because Earth is key to balancing all the other elements {a central belief in traditional Chinese Tao philosophy}, the final product beautifully encapsulates this elemental dance.

 Launching my first post with a new host calls for the dynamism of some vintage abstractions, the luck of the dragon and phoenix, the adaptability and balance of the octopus, inspiration from some ancient creativity and the blessing of Ganesh for embarking on a new venture. Here I am exploring expressive ceramic arts displaying bold, colorful and uplifting designs of unbridled ebullience.

An unplanned ochre theme emerged during the construction of this post which was unsurprising as I have been vibing on this color for months. Ochre being the color polarity of the currently enlivened azure which is full of subtle Neptune vibrancy at the moment and both being instrumental in the awakening of intuitive powers now emerging and needed  Both colors are anchored to the centre Earth Element and are instrumental in harmonizing all the Elements,  essential for physical and ethereal balance. Staying grounded with earthly palettes of orange and green certainly won’t go astray during this time of upheaval.



Vintage Italian vessel with abstract incisions

Carlo Zauli  – 1953







Ming Dragon vase




Attika black-figured Panathenaic amphora




Jingdezhen Porcelain Painting-Dragon Phoenix plate

Jingdezhen porcelain Dragon/Phoenix charger




Europa riding bull-by Marcello Fantoni-Italy

Europa riding bull by Marcello Fantoni



Qing Dynasty Dragon Column



Anne Claire Martin Ceramique

Anne Claire Martin ceramique art



Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase

Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase




Janas Torok Mid-Century stylised vase for Zolnay



john_chamberlain_john_chamberlain fenollosas column-right-the arch of lumps

‘Fenollosas Column’ and ‘The arch of lumps’ — originally I believed they were ceramic sculptures but they are actually produced from crushed cars.

John Chamberlain



John Chamberlain ‘Le First’




‘Gentle Existential’   (2016)– Michelle Blade —

Shifting between subjectivities, Blade  examined the concept of the empath, a person who soaks up the emotional environment around them and internalizes it. Combining these two perspectives, the work within Gentle Existential becomes a personal and geographic mythology, a figurative painter’s feminine and empathic look at the parts versus the whole of experience—and subtle workings of the self within the world.



original in berlin com Giovanni de Simone

Giovanni de Simone Italian vintage vessels




Hermansburg lidded pot decorated with outback landscape


Wayne Quilliam photo

Wayne Quilliam photo


Italian Mimo--Parrucca Octopus Vase

Italian Mimo Parrucca Octopus Vase




Antique Octopus vessel


Revered by the ancients for its metamorphic adaptability and transformative skills, the wonderous octopus with its eight tentacles was a mobile Ba Qua, blessing the oceans as a symbol of balance.



Jim_Robison absract dish

Jim Robison abstract dish



Large Sculptural Vase 2 by Dena Zemsky




 Mandalas inspired contemporary rock art by Megot




Ceramic charger with street dancer motif  —  Pietro Melandri



vintage vase -by-Schramberger-Majolikafabrik

Vintage 60’s vase by Schramberger majolica factory



Large Carstens brutalist relief textured vase




Monochrome Carolyn Genders photo- Steye Speller

Monochrome — Carolyn Genders

photo Steye Speller



Lawrence Namoki Hopi Ancient Ones Awatovi Pottery

Lawrence Namoki — Hopi ‘Ancient Ones’ Awatovi Pottery



Lynda Benglis Stacked Forced Bunch 1993 glazed ceramic 28.5ins

Lynda Benglis ‘Stacked Forced Bunch’

1993 glazed ceramic Height  28.5ins



Massier-Bouteille ceramique

Cedric Massier – Boutelle



Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russias most iconic toys and vintage symbols

Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russia’s most iconic toys and vintage symbols



Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellry

Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellery




poodle figurine of St Clement 1930

Red poodle figurine of St Clement




Linda Damgoor Kandinsky _Stoneware vessel stains white glaze

Linda Damgoor  – ‘Kandinsky’

Stoneware vase with stains, white glaze



Mia Tyson underwater nudes vessel

Mia Tyson underwater sea nudes vessel



Mia-Tyson underwater oceanscape

Mia Tyson — underwater ocean-scape b/w vase

(luvin’ the foreground hand perspective)



Toshiko TakaezuClosed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Very small aperture at the top

Toshiko Takaezu  — Closed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Small aperture at the top.



Mette Maya-abstract poltmorpe vases

Mette Maya – abstract polymorpe vases



Mikhail Vrubel-The Pearl

Mikhail Vrubel – ‘The Pearl’



Milan VI Art Triennial. Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola Head design De Salvo

Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola

Milan VI Art Triennial, Italy



Neighbours -- Marty Ray

‘Neighbours’ — Marty Ray



paul-Dimmer72Antipodean-Venus-2008Paul Dimmer – ‘Antipodean Venus’ooo



Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan_Chris de Fernandez

Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan – Chris de Fernandez



Antique Japanese porcelain vase Fukagawa Meiji_period_19t century

Antique Japanese porcelain vase

Fukagawa Meiji period 19th century



Red goat figurine ceramic handmade red animal sculpture original design Inna Olshansky

Red goat figurine ceramic handmade —  original design



red ceramic bull- sculpture-Inna Olshansky

Red ceramic bull sculpture – Inna Olshansky



Rene Buthard cubist Art Deco vase

Cubist Art Deco vase  — Rene Buthard



Thrown porcelain footed bowl Graham Williamson

Thrown porcelain footed bowl — Graham Williamson




The Flo Motifs ball in Emaux by Nicolas Blandin Longwy

The Flo Motifs ball  by Nicolas Blandin for Longwy





Mirta Morigi Ceramica



Danser Malkovsky Ceramique craquelee blancheThe Malkovsky dancer 1925

Art Deco ‘Danser Malkovsky’ –  Ceramique craquelee figure   – Joel Martel



Pam Schomberg footed slab vase

Pam Schomberg footed slab vase



Berber Kabyle pottery vessel

Berber Kabyle twin handled pottery vessel



Clyde Burt Ceramic Vase with Sgraffito

Clyde Burt ceramic vase with abstract sgraffito




concave roof bm design studios architecture iran schools education_dezeen_hero

Concave rainwater  collecting roof

bm design studios architecture



Jean Gerbino coffee set

Jean Gerbino mosaic (nériage ceramics) coffee set



seeds london gallery Olivier van Herpt

Olivier van Herpt 3D printed ceramic vase



West Bengal village pottery workers

West Bengal village pottery




Italian brutalist table lamp



Jenson Ceramics Saggar fired personal work

Jenson Ceramics saggar fired vases



Round Tree Pottery relief parrot vase



Peter Bodenham Bottle Form

Peter Bodenham  – ‘Bottle Form’

West Wales



Vlad Surovegin vase




Whirlwind Vase-Passionclay

‘Whirlwind Vase’ – Passionclay



miro street sculpture in Mallorca

Miro street sculpture in Mallorca



Persian Schools Relief in the Hall of a Hundred Columns depicting King Xerxes

Persian Schools Relief of  King Xerxes in the Hall of a Hundred Columns




Ana Dominguez  — Red clay sculpture

Nacho Alegre photo



Reiko Miyagi – Tree of Life ovoid plate




Carstens Tonnieshof pumpkin imspired vintage vase design by Gerda Heuckeroth

1963 West Germany



Joanna Powell-vase with vivid dercoration

Joanna Powell vase with vivid decoration


Tiki cups Joanna Powell

Tiki cocktail cups –  Joanna Powell


Karl OLynch von Town Austrian 1869 1942 Snowy Peak in Sunlight

Karl O’Lynch von Town  — ‘Snowy Peak in Sunlight’



Kurt earthenware with glazes and enamels by Jenny Orchard

‘Kurt’ – ceramic  hybrid creature by Jenny Orchard




‘See with the heart plate’  — earthenware with glazes and enamels

Delinquent children series by Jenny Orchard




Mitch Lyons teapot with liquid slips musician motifs




RADA-Kazemachi -- Reiko Miyagi

Kazemachi (favourable breeze) –  Reiko Miyagi





Nancy Gardiner


askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike the head of Medusa and horses 3rd century BCC

Askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike, the head of Medusa and leaping horses

3rd century BCC


Moving Pictures tea pot-Marty Ray

‘Moving Pictures’ – Marty Ray



Larry Spears Wake Up America

Larry Spears ‘Wake Up America’ teapot



 a pair of Lorna Bailey artware jugs stylised owls limited edition

Lorna Bailey stylised owl jugs




Madonna and Child batik — Anna Jaeger



Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull Vase

Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull and horse vase



Anjani Khanna at Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea

Anjani Khanna sculpture — Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea



Barcelona Mosaic Salamnader

Mosaic Salamander




Important-Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong

Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong



Chris Broc-Barocco-destructured-head-2500

Barocco-‘Destructured Head 2500′

Chris Broc



‘Undulating Journey’ – Reiko Miyagi



Their collaborative paintings – new maps for ancient earth – remind us of Tarnanthis call to rise forth to keep moving and inventing AGSA

‘Piltati Malara Wanampi Tjukurpa’

Collaborative painting – Taylor Wanyima Cooper & Witjiti George – new maps for ancient earth – to remind us of Tarnanthi’s ‘call to rise forth, to keep moving and keep inventing’




Transcendent Sacred Ground


The Breadknife, Warrumbungle National Park-----Alan Wigginton

‘The Breadknife’, Warrumbungle National Park, Australia



Our extraordinary planet is truly blessed with many fascinating locations of natural power and visual intrigue filled with earthly empowerment and uplifting terrains.

Sacred sites are typically parts of the natural landscape such as rocky outcrops, hills, springs, caves, trees, ridges, gorges and mountains. They are frequently in remote and secluded locations with distinctive features and appearance, sometimes highlighted by monoliths, pinnacles, geometry, light, water and other unique aspects. They serve as a focal point for ceremonies, celebration, worship, pilgrimage, contemplation and seeking blessings. Sacred landscapes tend to have an otherworldly visage and create a sense of timelessness and detachment which can assist in raising a visitors consciousness.


Granite monolith at Mt Kinabalu

Ecstatic granite monolith at Mt Kinabalu, Borneo



‘Antara’(Infinity) – a pair of prominent rock holes aligned in parallel that mark the passage of creator beings.  With a  rock formation that depicts outstretched fingers on the edge.

APY (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) Ranges

South Australia



Blue Canyon---Arizona

Blue Canyon—Arizona



Granite Dome

 Granite Dome – Erika Sharpe

Girraween National Park, Queensland


Natural rock formation at Hanging Rock

Natural rock formation at Hanging Rock, Victoria

Mildly Extreme



Rock pool Karijini-National-Park,

Rock pool,  Karijini National Park




Mt. Alkhanai, a sacred mountain to the Buryats people, Siberia

Natural stone archway on Mt. Alkhanai, a sacred mountain to the Buryats people



Cinque Torri — Luca Campigotto

These inspiring modernist peaks are what I would expect to be towering over the north of Italy in the Dolomites





Lodge Rifugio (bottom left)

Tofane Mountains  2137-metres



Sleeping Lady, Mount Sustina, Anchorage



Geometric Rock Art, Atlas Mountains



The ‘Mushroom’ rock in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan




Dalwallinu–Buntine Rocks. Profile of a woman with cascading hair.




 Atlas Mountains Petroglyph – Eliptical spirals carved into the rock face.




Caesarea Pilgrimage stone arches

Caesarea Pilgrimage stone arches



Pulka Karrinya Sacred shard, Mount Wedge, Australia

Site where the Tjapaltjarri and Napaltjarri Rainbow Serpent spirits dwell.


Red fox in front of the Vilyuchik Volcano,

Resting red fox in front of the Vilyuchik Volcano, Russia



NASA's-Curiosity rover on the summit-of Mount Sharp

NASA’s Curiosity rover on the summit of Mount Sharp, Mars



Pilbara Petroglyph -- Photo by Doug Fost

Pilbara Petroglyph — Photo by Doug Fost



Nyungar Owl Stone at Red Hill

Photo Ken Macintyre


pointed desert dock

Howling wolf pointed desert dock

New Mexico




Prehistoric Temple site

Isle of Arran, Firth of Clyde, Scotland



Sacred Mount Alkhanai,, Siberia

Sacred Mount Alkhanai, Siberia

The Mongols, Shamans, Buddhists and indiginous Buryats circumambulate this mountain



Cape LeGrande-National Park

Cape Le Grande National Park




Large carved stone, nestling on the slopes of Wangsan, 0n one of the peaks in the Jirisan region (Korea)

 A giant turtle-shaped rock weighing 127 tonnes and is carved with ornate designs. It rests flat against the mountainside, and is said to be a strong Chi source.



Pilliga Forest sculpture




Carved Magdala stone

Sea of Galilee, Israel, 70AD



De Na Zin-Wilderness Area

De Na Zin Wilderness Area

New Mexico


Natural Moai profile

Hanging Rock, Victoria


Dragon Rock, Lake Baikal



Hiro Nishikawa–Weirs Creek

The Crag



Group of carved mantra stones and objects left by pilgrims.

The custom of placing a pilgrim stone or memorial at a holy place or along its  path is an ancient practice in both the East and West.



stone monument Japan

Ancient stone monument, Japan



submerged Kadadora Viharaya lies under the waters of the Kotmale reservoir

Kadadora Viharaya lies under the waters of the Kotmale reservoir

Sri Lanka



Kangaroo Island ancient rock

Black mica, bluish quartz, and pinkish feldspar comprise most of the granite of the ‘Remarkable Rocks’

Kangaroo Island



Kelly Thorpe climbing K9 Stroll-Cambuslang

Kelly Thorpe climbing K9 Stroll, Cambuslang



King Neptune, Pinnacles Desert



Landscapes Electric by Joshua Cripps (US) Stirling Falls, New Zealand

‘Landscapes Electric’ by Joshua Cripps (US)

Stirling Falls, New Zealand



large hoodoo at Little Egypt

Large hoodoo (used to refer to an eroded pinnacle of rock) at Little Egypt




ceramic books Lotte Glob

Ceramic books created by artist Lotte Glob


Markawasi (Marcahuasi) Plateau is located high in the Andes Mountains

Markawasi Stone Forest Plateau is located high in the Andes Mountains



‘Fist Of God’ – Mark Goff

Paria Rimrocks – Utah



Three Goanna’s Pool





Zen And The Art Of Climbing



‘Garden Of The Gods’

Colorado Springs. USA



Uluru, Australia


Rock puppy at pool

Desert Queen Baths Gorge


rock face wadjina cave at the Grampians

Wadjina cave at The Grampians




Ochre Pits in the West MacDonnell Ranges

Ochre Pits at the Inarlanga Pass

West MacDonnell Ranges, South Australia



Hierve el Agua petrified waterfall

Oxaca, Mexico



Wilsons Promontory skull rock

‘Skull Rock’

Wilsons Promontory, Victoria



Christian Fletcher Gallery - The Remarkables--Kangaroo Island

‘The Remarkables’ –Kangaroo Island, SA

Christian Fletcher Gallery



The Sarma Gorge Buryatia-Lake Baikal Olkhon Island

Lake Baikal Olkhon Island

The Sarma Gorge, Buryatia, Siberia



Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru – Kata Tjuta National Park




Sacred Anvil – Uran Dushe Mountain



Visiting the highest caves at Chimphu---said to bestow blessings

Padmasambhava Samye Chinpu caves



Warrumbungle National Park---Grand High Tops

Warrumbungle National Park—Grand High Tops



Ricketts Sanctuary

Dandenong Ranges



Yakushima Japan-view-from-mountain

Yakushina Megalith at summit





Portal Doorway Stargate-of Daramu Muru

The spiritual doorway of the Incas on Lake Titicaca




Stefani Peak on Mount Olympus by Dretakis Manolis

Stefani Peak on Mount Olympus

Photo by Dretakis Manolis



The ancient city of Hattusha



Turret arch-in-Arches National Park-in-spring-with-snow,-Moab, Utah,-USA

Arches National Park

Moab, Utah,



Mt Barney National Park

‘Secrets of the Scenic Rim’ – Robert Rankin

S.E Queensland, AUS



Dragon stones near the monastery lake (in the Geghama mountains, Armenia), the largest of which is about 3.5 m. They are placed near the sources of natural-artificial pools and springs, symbolizing the unbridled power of the element, the awakening of nature, fertility, abundance.



Murphy's Haystacks - Megaliths on Eyre Peninsula South Australia

Murphy’s Haystacks – Windswept megaliths on Eyre Peninsula, South Australia



Giant rock boulder at Daga Kataba Ethiopia

Giant rock boulder at Daga Kataba



Tutu Fela, Ethiopia

TARA Trust



The Summit of Precipitous Bluff,-Tasmania

The summit vayu mudra at Precipitous Bluff, Tasmania

I Am Footloose And Free


Rocky Precipitous Bluff,Tasmania

Precipitous Bluff,Tasmania



Brahmagiri-Village children

Brahmagiri village children

I did this capture with an Olympus Om1


While on a month long Yatra (pilgrimage) through Maharashtra, we decided to visit the Trimbakeshwar temple, which was in proximity to the Lord Rama caves of Nashik. As we drew closer to our destination, the terrain began to reveal a more distinctive and unusual appearance and I was feeling a growing feeling of anticipation. Upon arrival it was immediately obvious when I saw the commanding crescent ridge of Brahmagiri Mountain which was a spectacular backdrop to the temple.

My travelling companion and myself were instantly transfixed by its vibrational power and beauty and we were instantly drawn towards it and immediately embarked on our unplanned journey to its summit.


Cascading water down the Brahmagiri steps in the rain

For the remainder of the day we climbed the 750 steps carved into the stone ridge that ascended to the peak without any feeling of fatigue while imbibing the enlivened spirit of the mountain. The chance discovery of the meditation cave of Saint Gahaninath and seeing the source of the Holy Godavari River was the highlight. The most rewarding discoveries are usually the unexpected ones.




A natural trident aligned with the meditation cave of Gahaninath at Brahmagiri, India



Stone carved path at Brahmagiri



Waiting for a train in Maharashtra. Urmila, my Yatra companion, on the far left.




Balancing rock in Chillagoe

Balancing rock in Chillagoe



mushroom-rock at Ennendi Plateau Chad aeolian

Aeolian geomorphology on the Ennendi Plateau, Chad


Ennedi-Desert-in-Chad -- Laurent Lepecheur

Chad Jumbo – photo by Laurent Lepecheur

Ennedi Desert in Chad


Coral gilia---Lower Mule Mountain Utah

Coral gilia—Lower Mule Mountain,




burrunju sacred location

Newly opened site, photo Antony Lynch

Burrunju, south east Arnhem Land




Japanese dinnerware — utilitarian and decorative



Black and white ceramic bowls – Mataichi Suzuki


Japanese cuisine always guarantees a collection of appealing food, served with artful preparation, while being presented in an environment of tasteful and relaxing decor. Simplicity with refined detail is a feature of the cuisine and is a reflection of the Zen aesthetic that permeates the Japanese arts. Gyoza, miso soup, yakitori, umeboshi/kudzu soup, shushi, genmai tea, soba noodles, tempura, teppanyaki, kukicha, always feature in my selections. Sometimes you are able to witness ceramic wares of high quality which adds to the enhancement of the experience.


Akashino Wari Takadai Gui Tei

Akashino Wari Takadai Gui Tei



Kyoto bake – Kiyomizu yaki tea/cereal bowl



Donburi with Oribe pattern glaze

Donburi with Oribe pattern glaze

Ichi Pottery


japanese cuisine platter

Arranged Japanese cuisine platter



Bizen jar with irregular shape. Ryuichi Kakurezaki GALLERY JAPAN Japanese traditional art crafts

Bizen jar with irregular shape  —  Ryuichi Kakurezaki



--Black-glazed teabowl with red and olive-green slip-glaze patterning and impressed surface

Black-glazed teabowl with red and olive-green slip-glaze patterning and impressed surface

Wada Morihiro

Joan B Mirviss



Nakashima dining – 3 Star Michelin restaurant in Hiroshima




Nakashima restaurant


Chef Ryusuke Nakatani dedicates himself to showcasing the produce and seafood of Osaka and Kyoto

Ajikitcho Horie


Restaurant Shimonoseki Shunpanro

Restaurant Shimonoseki Shunpanro


Inua japanese dining

Inua japanese food



Shimonoseki Shunpanro restaurant


Wada Morihiro vase

Stoneware vase with incised and resist decoration in cream, brown and purplish-black slip — Wada Morihiro, Japan


Glazed abstract plate Japanese

Glazed abstract Japanese plate


Abe Anjin incised vase

Abe Anjin incised vase



A child's vessel that nurture a compassionate heart


{A child’s twin handled mug that nurtures a compassionate heart} – Mataichi Suzuki


Akasaka----Kobe beef-Kaiseki--Albert-Lim

Akasaka—-Kobe beef Kaiseki

photo by Albert Lim



Morino Taimei Contemporary Bottle Form Vase

Morino Taimei — contemporary bottle form vase




Geometric pattern large round bowl



Jun Matsuo----cracke glaze vessel

Jun Matsuo — cracke glaze vessel



Four,Two-Please -- Tokyo Japan

Four,Two-Please restaurant — Tokyo, Japan



fujiya cuisine

Fujiya cuisine


ceramic sauce jug

Ceramic sauce jug



ramen noodle bowl - feldspar glaze

Ramen noodle bowl – feldspar glaze


Feldspar glaze plus black glaze Shochu cup

Feldspar glaze plus black glaze Shochu cup


Esquisse restaurant Ginza

Esquisse restaurant, Ginza


ceramic dish made from iron-rich red clay

Dish made from iron-rich red clay


cruet Bluebird - handmade cruet, for condiments, delicacy and objects.

 ‘Bluebird cruet’ – handmade cruet, for condiments, delicacy and objects.

Mataichi Pottery



Lidded condiment bowl  —  Mataichi Pottery


Akira Satake chawan tea bowl

Akira Satake chawan tea bowl


Bird and flower design bowl in black paint -- Kazu Yoneda

Bird and flower design bowl in black paint by Kazu Yoneda



black plates with patterns

Black/white plates with patterns — Mataichi Pottery



Japanese cuisine

Adhitya Rizky photo



Pottery bowls with ash glaze, black glaze, matte glaze, iron goth

Pottery bowls with ash glaze, black glaze, matte glaze, iron goth

Creema, Mataichi Suzuki


Ginza-Shinohara restaurant

Shinohara restaurant, Ginza




Gion Sasaki restaurant

Gion Sasaki restaurant



Haiyu Sai-Ash Glazed Tsubo Jar

Haiyu Sai – Ash Glazed Tsubo Jar



Hakuhoyu Koro-(Incense Burner with Grapevine Branch ash glaze)---Shigeo Takemura

Hakuhoyu Koro-(Incense Burner) with Grapevine Branch ash glaze—Shigeo Takemura



Handmade pourer bowl with handle

Handmade ceramic pourer bowl with handle

Mataichi Pottery


 Hiroshima Nakashima

Hiroshima Nakashima



Ikebana by Kawase Toshiro

Ikebana by Kawase Toshiro



incense burner

Iron glaze Incense burner — Yasutaka Shimizu



Koto karaku performer


Ceramic mortar bowl



Earthenware clay pot- Maitachi Suzuki



Isshisoden Nakamura restaurant--Kyoto

Isshisoden Nakamura—Kyoto



Izumita Yukiya san's vase

Izumita Yukiya san’s vase




Kako Katsumi---Snowy rice bowl

Kako Katsumi — Snowy rice bowl




Kakudo pot---Lidded-vessel

Kakudo pot — Lidded vessel



Kaneta Masanao,-Japan--kurinuki teabowl

Kaneta Masanao,-Japan–kurinuki teabowl



Kazuhiro KATO--Jar with light red decoration

Kazuhiro KATO–Jar with pastel red decoration



Keiyaki · Kiyomizu-yaki tea ceremonial bowlKyoto Shibu · Kiyomizu cooking tea ceremonial bow

Keiyaki · Kiyomizu – yaki tea ceremonial bowl



Ken Matsuzaki, Beni Shino Houhen (vase),

Ken Matsuzaki, Beni Shino Houhen (vase),



Kiln-name---Toshin-SongKiyomizu yaki pairs

Kiyomizu yaki pairs    – kiln Toshin Song




Kumano Kodo pilgrimage path—-



Large noodle bowl



Japanese potter Okamoto Sakurei

Okamoto Sakurei


Vase with vertical threads Venetian walk through the streets , 2003---Yoichi Ohira

 ‘Venetian walk through the streets’ ,  — Yoichi Ohira. 2003

Glass vase with vertical threads



Ryoho Izumi----assorted ceramic bowl set

Ryoho Izumi—-assorted ceramic bowl set




Takeo Kobiki--Bizen flower vessel

Takeo Kobiki — Bizen flower vessel



Ryoho Izumi----Earthenware Pot

Ryoho Izumi — Earthenware Pot



Yasutaka Shimizu-bowl set

Yasutaka Shimizu – ceramic bowl set



Hiroshi Sakai tea cup

Hiroshi Sakai tea cup




L’Orchestrata Japanese restaurant


Masaru Nishikawa-ceramic pig

Masaru Nishikawa ceramic pig


Ash Glaze Cat--Nishikawa

Ash Glaze Cat — Masaru Nishikawa




RyuGin Restaurant, Tokyo




Kanesaka at the Okura


Mihara Ken ceramic sculpture

Mihara Ken ceramic sculpture




Mikawauchi Yakin—Tohara kiln-·-Arita ware



Pink Saki set Mino Ware

Pink Saki set Mino Ware


‘Red Fuji’ – Three-dimensional porcelain panel painting

Mitsuo Matsuzaki



Kei Nakane---ceramic oribe platter

Kei Nakane — ceramic oribe platter



Nishida Shinya---Zxougan Ginsai Guinomi

Nishida Shinya—Zxougan Ginsai Guinomi



Nishihata Tadashi-Tamba Clay vessel

Nishihata Tadashi – Tamba Clay vessel


Octagonal flower vessel partially covered with white slip. Tsutomu Yamato GALLERY JAPAN Japanese traditional art crafts

Octagonal flower vessel partially covered with white slip. Tsutomu Yamato

Gallery Japan


Ogata Shinsei Kenzan style cup



Oribe glaze is applied to red soil, a deep Oribe color appears in response to iron contained in the soil and other factors. The color is also changed by adding a comb

Incised dish with oribe glaze


Oribi lidded box

Oribi lidded box



Oribe platter



Seizan in Tokyo is a Two-Michelin starred kaiseki restaurant

Seizan in Tokyo




Shigaraki vase by Honiwa Rakunyu

Shigaraki vase by Honiwa Rakunyu


Shimizu Takeshi lidded vessel

Shimizu Takeshi


Shimizu-yaki dumpling towa Flower crystal (yellow)

Shimizu-yaki dumpling towa, flower crystal (yellow) glaze


Small, undulating vessel with abstract cedar motif design 1991 Wada

Undulating vessel with abstract cedar motif design

 Wada Morihiro, 1991



Tamawarai restaurant, Tokyo

Tamawarai restaurant, Tokyo



Tamawarai  –  Michelin Starred Soba Restaurant




Tamiya Shinya sake bottle

Tamiya Shinya sake bottle



ribbed teardrop fish platter

Ribbed teardrop oribe ceramic platter



Tomimoto Kenkichi vase--Mirviss

Tomimoto Kenkichi vase




Torso-shaped vase with thin neck and green, black, brown matte patterned decoration--1992

Torso-shaped vase with thin neck and green, black, brown matte patterned decoration

Wada Morihiro, 1992


Tsubo ceramic vase.-Vlad Surovegin

Tsubo ceramic vase – Vlad Surovegin



Wall pocket cow vase



Wada Morihiro



wabi-sabi-japanese-ceramics-Japanese tea bowl from the Edo period.

Japanese tea bowl from the Edo period



Nezumi Shino Chawan---Ando Takumi

Nezumi Shino Chawan—Ando Takumi





Courtyard creations – enhanced earth



Ochre and jade green Moroccan courtyard

Moroccan courtyard – Ochre with jade green highlights


I’m looking at residential courtyards with the key emphasis being on prominent earth features using design elements like decorative rocks, stone paths, ceramic tiles, planters, earthy tones and stone walls. I am in the process of modifying a home design which has a central courtyard (a rarity these days) that has close proximity to a laundry and bathroom. This  isn’t ideal from a Feng Shui perspective, due to the running water depleting the Earth, which can be disruptive to the whole balance as this element is crucial to harmonizing all the elements.. This can be remedied by fortifying the instrinsic Earth element of the middle courtyard and avoiding the presence of fountains and other water features and cooling colours. In addtion, as wood attacks earth (5 Element Theory), large trees, wood decking.and other decorative elements using wood will need to be kept to a minimum. When combined with fire features like a toro stone lantern, red decor aspects and fire pits, this will enhance the Earth element and help regenerate it. The addition of metal with the fire also supports the energy flow of the earth (5 Element Theory)

Traditional Japanese courtyards favor the presemce of large rock features and stone, emphasised by the inclusion of open spaces using gravel, sand and moss (which has a milder growth aspect then the use of larger trees). The main courtyard entrance sometimes used a rounded moon doorway (Mon (門) threshold) becauses like the tortoise, the combination of the curve with a straight line was a symbol of heaven and earth and encouraged the movement of chi.. Arched doorways also attract an enhanced chi flow.



Image by Joachim Müller



garden in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, landscape architect Judy KameonDesign-Al-Fresco-1stdibs

Interior courtyard garden, Silverlake,  Los Angeles,

Landscape architect Judy KameonDesign


Cactus courtyard



Contemporary courtyard with blue/white tiled mural



Ubud garden, Bali

Balinese courtyard, Ubud

Kayon Jungle Resort



Azure blue Persian courtyard

Azure blue Persian style courtyard



Greek style courtyard with bourganvillia canopy



balcony courtyard

Burnt orange/ochre decor highlighting the earth aspect of the courtyard, further supported by the fire pit and the metal patina back wall. A fire feature in this sector directly opposite the entrance to the central courtyard, on its peripheal, is an ideal location to stimulate the earth.



Zen courtyard black and white

Black paving stones dramatically in contrast with the snow in this Zen inspired courtyard, exemplifing the power of ‘Ma’ (間) negative space



minimalist contemporary Zen garden

Minimalist contemporary Zen garden


japanese garden , contrasting gravel color

Japanese garden with contrasting gravel color. The open expanse of gravel symbolizes the eternal conscioussnes with the rocks representing islands.



French inspried symmetrical garden

Symmetrically aligned topiary trees and shrubs



Rich colored Faiz Mahal, Khairpur, Pakistan

Faiz Mahal, Khairpur, Pakistan



In Lucca, Italy, the loggia of the grand Villa Torrigiani boasts 17th-century frescoes

The loggia of the grand Villa Torrigiani with 17th century frescoes.

The Trompe l’oeil mural enlarging the appearance of size.

Lucca, Italy

Mediterranean style courtyard with stone archway and rounded borders drawing +ve chi inside




Karrinyup Courtyards –  CultivArt Landscape Design


modern courtyard

Fire pit courtyard feature


Huge Buddha wall mural, Bali




Van Den Berk nuseries

Traditionally designed Japanese garden.

Van Den Berk nurseries


Tuscan Italian-courtyard

Tuscan interior courtyard


Moroccan courtyard with a Persian wall feature and an abundance of earthy palettes.




Japanese Courtyard Garden by Katsuhiko Mizuno



japanese garden with stone paving

Zen garden landscaping with stone paving and Toro stone lantern



wall of greenery courtyard

Designed by Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes, LA



lemon and lavender decor

Garden decor lemon and lavender



Kyoto Koi pond courtyard, natural rock


Miami paradise garden

Spainish theme garden, Miami



Traditional Zen garden featuring white sand, rocks and moss

Zen garden featuring white sand, rocks and moss under a large Japanese maple tree. Asymmetry and Irregularity (Fukinsei) is a consistent aspect of a Japanese garden due to it having a higher dynamic of motion and its curvy movement attracting the luck of the dragon, especially if the courtyard faces East.



large olive green planters

Large green planters highlighting the symmetry



big planter Italy

Large Italian planter



Elevated garden beds create the impression of a sunken courtyard and added depth



courtyard gardern with hedge wall

Courtyard gardern with hedge wall and curvaceous vintage backdrop



Courtyard garden in Chur

Large garden with Japanese Maple in huge planter

Courtyard in Chur


ceramic tiled courtyard,

Moroccan themed ceramic tiled courtyard



Hacienda Mexicana entrance to Spainish styled courtyard

Hacienda Mexicana entrance to Spainish styled courtyard



Boho courtyard decor

Boho patio/courtyard with Moroccan rugs



rusticl Italian courtyard

Rustic Italian courtyard with orange tree




Potted olive trees and mirrored arch to enhance the light and size of a tiled courtyard



Vermillion red wall  fortifiying the Earth by virtue of the 5 element Mother Son relationship




Melina Mercouri in Italian courtyard

Slim Aarons, 1961


Moon door courtyard portal

Inviting Moon Door courtyard portal

Youyicun garden



patterned ceramic tiling fow a safer grip

Patterned ceramic tiling for a safer grip

Aleluia Cerâmicas


Delightful patio decoarative panel


Archway entrance to courtyard



Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

© Janmiko1



Contemporary courtyard with an ideally located sun symbol and fire pit




courtyard of the Riad Jaaneman in Marrakech

Courtyard of the Riad Jaaneman in Marrakech




Islamic geometric tiled courtyard in Morocco


Myouman ji Temple garden courtyard

Myouman ji Temple garden courtyard

Hide and reveal Miegakure (見え隠れ) design


Spandau,Citadel lifesize figure sculptures

Spandau,Citadel fortress courtyard



Satoyama garden courtyard

Satoyama garden courtyard, Japan



Spainish style central courtyard



Hugh Cornwall Robertson large floor vase

Hugh Cornwall Robertson — large floor vase

Useful for adding a splash of red.



petite courtyard

Lush hidden courtyard


Hoachlander Davis Photography--Landscape Architecture by Allen Russ

Landscape Architecture by Allen Russ

Hoachlander Davis Photography



Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech

Rahef Design



Orientalist tile effect

Orientalist tile effect realised with Mamounia Sky rug featuring Persian geometrics



natural stone paving Japanese style

Raised natural stone Japan style paving



Minimalist Indoor Zen Garden



zengreen piece1-Joan Relke

Zengreen sculptural ceramic piece by Joan Relke



Intricately detailed Moroccan courtyard



Climbing sinuous ghost gum as the central feature balanced with the grounding horizontal lines of the timber slat wall

Patio ODS Architecture


70s courtyard slim aarons

‘Barbados Bliss’ 70s courtyard by Slim Aarons



Stone wall framed by classical pillars with large fountain

Stone wall framed by classical pillars and arches


Turquoise and white courtyard


 Cypress tree lined courtyard, Verona, Italy


large-terracott planters

Large terracotta pots in courtyard


Sublime  Morocco colour palette – duck egg blue and burnt orange with hints of chalky jade and salmon.



Riad Yasmine, hotel in Marrakech Morocco

Riad Yasmine, private boutique hotel in Marrakech Morocco



Sunset- Phoenix garden cactus wall with terracotta planters

Sunset Phoenix garden cactus wall with terracotta planters



Villa in La Quinta California

Villa courtyard in La Quinta, California



Babylonian hanging garden courtyaard

Babylonian inspired courtyard granduer


blue and white courtyard

Greek inspired blue and white courtyard, inlaid pavers


Sail Again' Nic Noblique,-Large-Blue-Powder-Coated-Steel-Sculpture

‘Sail Again’  — Nic Noblique

An abstracted form near the entance is good for attracting movement



Jay-Winters--Moorish tiled Garden Fountain

Moorish styled tiled garden fountain

Jay Winters–flickr



Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum

                                                                                                                                                         A Classic Japanese courtyard

Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum



Dubai courtyard

Antonovich Design – Dubai




Captivating clayarts adulation



White porcelain Royal Dux water bearer figurine

White porcelain Royal Dux water bearer



A collection of ceramic pieces, lively in diversity, colour and designs.


—-“indeed this substance, with its precious humility becomes, through its indestructibility, the most faithful bearer of man’s message. As far back as one goes in time, the works of humanity, from prehistoric times, have reached us not through stone which crumbles and wears away, or through metal which oxidizes and becomes like powder, but through slabs of pottery, the writing on which is as clear today as it was under the stiletto of the scribe who traced it.”  …..  Bernard Leach



Charles Schneider—Le Verre Français Art Deco vase

circa 1927


Alisher Nazirov,-Alisher Rakhimov, Abdulla Narzullaev (Uzbekistan) ceramic artisans

Alisher Nazirov, Alisher Rakhimov, Abdulla Narzullaev (Uzbekistan) ceramic artisans


Katsunori Sawa--Trax Gallery

Katsunori Sawa — Trax Gallery


Korbito-Yo Japan

Korbito Yo


Gambone Guido vintage vase

Guido  Gambone vintage vase




Fratelli Fanciullacci-'Spiral'-Italian-Ceramic-1950s-60s-Vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci ‘Atomic Spiral’ Italian vase



Italian Ceramic tile--Gio Ponti--Richard Ginori

Italian Ceramic tile–Gio Ponti–Richard Ginori



Vintage Italian pitcher - Meli Salvatore

Vintage Italian pitcher – Meli Salvatore


Midcentruy ceramic landscape table

Otello Rosa—San Polo—Venezia


Paoli Pillin Paperweight-decorated with horses,-Los Angeles, late 20th-c

Paoli Pillin Paperweight – decorated with horses

Los Angeles, late 20th century


Peter Sparrey rose vase

Stoneware vase — Peter Sparrey

copper red glaze with iron decoration




Peter Voulkos ceramic plate-1957

Peter Voulkos ceramic plate



Rometti vase collection

Rometti silhouette vases

Umbertide 1930


Sargadelos Sargillos coffee set

Spanish Sargadelos Sargillos coffee set


Whirling Dervish SilleArtWork-etsy

Whirling Dervish – Sille Art Work @etsy



Walter Crane swan vase

Walter Crane swan vase


harvest grapes-Michael-Kay-vase

Michael Kay — harvest grapes vase



Rometti, vase -Dante-Baldelli-(1904-1953),-Umbertide

Rometti futurist vase – Dante Baldelli



Kumakura-Junkischi seed vase

Kumakura Junkischi




Lauren Gallaspy



Joseph Mougin-porcelain soap dish

Joseph Mougin – porcelain soap dish


Joan Miró-sculpture--Personage-(1978)

Joan Miró sculpture — ‘Personage’



Akio Takamori---1986

Akio Takamori




Angelo Biancici---Madonna

Angelo Biancici—Madonna


Aztec Style Sun Image--Pottery Wall Mask Mexico

Aztec Style Sun Image Pottery Wall Mask



Jan Edwards serving platter



Jean Cocteau-labre de science-Centrotevola terracotta

Jean Cocteau-labre de science-Centrotevola terracotta


Face vase--Michelle Blade

Face vase — Michelle Blade, SF



Marliz Frencken-–-A vase is a painting…

Marliz Frencken -–- ‘A vase is a painting…’



Vally-Wieselthier-RARE-Austrian lidded box

Vally Wieselthier Ceramic Box



Losol Ware stanley pattern

Footed and lidded vessel – Losol Ware stanley pattern



Meli Salvatore mid century vintage jug

 Salvatore Meli mid century vintage jug



Mentori Tokkuri faceted Saki bottle

Mentori Tokkuri faceted Saki bottle


Artic Rim--Merilyn Wiseman NZ ceramics

‘Artic Rim’ — Merilyn Wiseman NZ ceramics




Terracotta Dining Collection and Ceramic Vases by FAINA

Design by Victoria Yakusha – The most obvious visual reference to terracotta in the collection is the ZTISTA table, which in Ukrainian means ‘made of dough’. Yakusha explains her particular inspiration as “the spontaneous and naïve designs of a dinner table shaped by hand with a technique, that our ancestors used to create a hut-hut.” The base resembles a hand-made hunk of clay, complete with irregular perforations, though it is in fact made from steel, flax rubber, biopolymer, and cellulose.




Jessica Jordan Ceramics---Green Lands

‘Green Lands’ — Jessica Jordan Ceramics


Sculptural Vessel  – Jessica Jordan




Large Mermaid Bowl, Art Deco Sculptural Piece by Waylande Gregory



Midcentury Ceramic Italy Italian Large Lobster Vibrant Colors Red Blue 1960's Pottery---

Midcentury large ceramic Italian Lobster

Vibrant Colors Red Blue 1960’s



Bursting with life floral display

‘Bursting with life floral display’  —  Mohamed Alba



ceramic bowl -- Nani Champy Schott

Ceramic bowl — Nani Champy Schott



Stoneware dragon floor vase by Gunnar Nylund, 1950s




Eric-Astoul ceramic sculptural vase

Eric-Astoul ceramic sculptural vase




Fugi Naim doll figurines

Fuginaim etsy



Abstract face tikes--G. Şahin Kütahya--Turkey

Abstract face ceramic tiles panel — G. Şahin Kütahya




Glazed earthenware table –Salvatore Meli, 1953

 Colourful, mythical dog base



John Chamberlain -- Fenollosa's Column and The Arch of Lumps (right)

John Chamberlain — Fenollosa’s Column and The Arch of Lumps (right)



John Maltby-cup

John Maltby



Neera Gatti footed jug

Neera Gatti quad footed jug



Raoul Dufy fauvist underwater vase

Raoul Dufy fauvist underwater decor vase




Italian Art Nouveau vase F Pierrott

Italian Art Nouveau (liberty) vase – F. Pierrott



slip cast moulded vase, exposed underglazes and matt glazes-Caroline Cole

Caroline Cole slip cast moulded vase, exposed underglazes and matt glazes



Justin Telhet vases

Justin Telhet vase set



Klaus Fußmann jug vase

Klaus Fußmann jug vase


Ancient Greece vessel


Zoomorphic-polychromed-tripod vessel

Zoomorphic polychromed tripod Mayan vessel



Art Deco Clarice Cliff, 'Bizarre' vase

Art Deco Clarice Cliff, ‘Bizarre’ vase



Contemporary Japan Vase-by Hiraga Taeko

Contemporary Japanese Vase by Hiraga Taeko



Ceramic sculpture Horseman---Vladimir Mudrenko

Ceramic sculpture Horseman—Vladimir Mudrenko




Christe Soledad

Christie Soledad



Tang Dynasty Horse, China

Tang Dynasty terracotta horse, China



Mother Of The Universe Vase--Joey Le Meche

Mother Of The Universe Vase — Joey Le Meche



Vintage craquelure -/ vase-France-50s

Vintage craquelure vase, France 50s



Satsuma Pottery; Japanese, Vase, Baluster-Form, Bird & Flowering Branch, 12 inch.

Satsuma Pottery Vase, Baluster Form, Bird & Flowering Branch,

12 inch height



Yoichi Ohira lidded ceramic vessel

Yoichi Ohira lidded ceramic vessel



Kaku Hayashi Japanese ceramics

Kaku Hayashi



Laminated porcelain Lunar, small bowl by Dorothy Feibleman

 ‘Lunar’ – Laminated porcelain small bowl by Dorothy Feibleman



Kaku Hayashi ceramic sculpture

Kaku Hayashi ceramic sculpture



Mari Simmulson for Upsala Ekeby-ceramic vase

Mari Simmulson ceramic vase for Upsala Ekeby


Meli Salvatore monumental vessel

Meli Salvatore monumental vintage vessel



Poole charger

Poole charger

Rob’s Poole Pottery Blog



Shozo Michikawa

Shozo Michikawa


Huge Merino sculpture

Huge Merino sheep sculpture




Polia Pillin-(1909---1992);-Bulbous vase with-women and bird10ins height

Polia Pillin–Bulbous vase with women and bird

10ins height


Theo & Susan Harlander-Brooklin pottery vase

Theo & Susan Harlander – Brooklin pottery vase


Hinrich Kroeger porcelian poodle

Hinrich Kroeger porcelain poodle



Alessandra Foletti exhibition –  Galerie La Bouee, Cherbourg, France

19th March to 11th July, 2021


Shoji Hamada japanese pottery

Shoji Hamada



Small works great artists Exhibition 3



Shozo Michikawa-Erskine, Hall and Coe

Shozo Michikawa – Kohiki Sculptural Form,—Mizusashi, 2016


Small works great artists exhibition 3


The Third annual Small Works, Great Artists exhibition is running till 6 April 2021.

The exhibition encompasses over 60 works by 23 artists.

Gordon Baldwin, Karen Bennicke, Claudi Casanovas, Joanna Constantinidis, Sara Flynn, Elizabeth Fritsch, Ian Godfrey, Gwyn Hanssen Pigott, Ewen Henderson, Eriko Inazaki, Shoji Kamoda,,,, Jacques Kaufmann, Yasuhisa Kohyama, Ryoji Koie, Beate Kuhn, Jennifer Lee, Shozo Michikawa, Machiko Ogawa,Lucie Rie,Tatsuzo Shimaoka, Shiro Tsujimura, John Ward and Masamichi Yoshikawa.

Highlights include an emerald green bowl with manganese-glazed rim by Lucie Rie, alongside works by Jennifer Lee that were thrown in Japan and London.  An exceptional collection of tea bowls by Machiko Ogawa and Ryoji Koie are complimented by Tokkuri and Guinomi sets by Yasuhisa Kohyama.




Yasuhisa Kohyama-Tokkuri-and-Guinomi,-2019

Yasuhisa Kohyama – Sake Tokkuri and Guinomi

Anagama fired stoneware – 2019



This piece was cast in a mould, and the form was then elaborated and altered by handkaren-bennicke-0003-03

Karen Bennicke –

This piece was cast in a mould, and the form was then elaborated and altered by hand



Ryoji Koie – teabowl

A wooden tomobako (wooden container) accompanies this piece




Claudi Casanovas

Claudi Casanovas stoneware bowl



Ryoji Koie-Shell- Glaze- Tea Bowl,stoneware2

Ryoji Koie – Shell Glaze Tea Bowl



Jacques Kaufmann



Guinomi,Shiro Tsujimura

Shiro Tsujimura — Guinomi



Jennifer Lee-Shigaraki - Thrown coloured stoneware

Jennifer Lee – Shigaraki – Thrown coloured stoneware



Claudi Casanovas bowl

Claudi Casanovas bowl



Shozo Michikawa – Sculptural stoneware lidded vessels



Sara Flynn Bowl, 2020

Sara Flynn  –  porcelain drip glaze Bowl




Machiko Ogawa-2020

Machiko Ogawa



Sara Flynn and Lucie Rie ceramics

Sara Flynn {left} and Lucie Rie {right} ceramic vessels



Machiko Ogawa tea bowl



Ewen Henderson-Tea Bowl,-c.-1990

Ewen Henderson – Tea Bowl

c. 1990



Glazed low fired stoneware,-20-x-28-cm Karen Bennicke-Multi-X,-2019

 Karen Bennicke  – ‘Multi-X’

Glazed low fired stoneware, 20 x 28cm



Gordon Baldwin - Klein Vessel, 1994

Gordon Baldwin – Klein Vessel



Handbuilt porcelain Masamachi-Yoshikawa ShoKayoh, 2013

Handbuilt porcelain Masamachi – Yoshikawa ShoKayoh




Ian Godfrey-Peep Bowl,1970

Ian Godfrey – Peep Bowl

Animal figures on the rim



Jacques Kaufmann

Jacques Kaufmann



Lucie Rie-lr Beaker,1960s

Lucie Rie lr Beaker



Machiko Ogawa-Incense Box for-Tea Ceremony, 2019

Machiko Ogawa  –  Lidded Incense Box for Tea Ceremony



Machiko- Oawa-Tea Bowl, 2020

Machiko Oawa Tea Bowl




Ryoji Koie teabowl

Ryoji Koie teabowl



Shoji Kamoda-Small Bowl,-1980

Shoji Kamoda – Small Bowl




Sho Kayoh,-2013 Masamachi Yoshikawa

Sho Kayoh — Masamachi Yoshikawa



Shozo Michikawa-Natural Ash Sculptural stoneware Form Mizusashi,-2013

Shozo Michikawa – Natural Ash Sculptural stoneware —  Form Mizusashi



Shozo Michikawa - Tanka Topology-Form, Mizusashi, 2013

Shozo Michikawa – Tanka Topology Form, Mizusashi



Tatsuzo Shimaoka - Square Plate, 1991

Tatsuzo Shimaoka – Square Plate



Yasuhisa-Kohyama Sake cups

Yasuhisa Kohyama — Tokkuri and Guinomi



Sara Fynn porcelain cup

Sara Fynn porcelain cup



Jacques Kaufmann sculpture form

Jacques Kaufmann ceramic sculpture form


See pieces currently available from exhibition



Yunnan Holy Gemu Mountain Goddess


Gemu Mountain Goddess in the distance — Yugu Lake, Yunnan

Elevation – 37o metres


The lush Yunnan province, in the far eastern foothills of the Himalayas, is said to have as much flowering plant diversity as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere put together. The camellia is the floral emblem of the province, holding the same place in the hearts of its people as the kumquat and peach fruits do in other parts of China. The sacred Gemu Mountain graces the edge of the pristine, deep azure blue Lugu Lake (also known as the Mother Lake} and serenely stretching along its sierra in the form of a woman in a sublime respose, resides a mountain Deity on her lofty throne. This was recognized by the ancient Tibetan tribes of the Mosuos as a good omen for the region and especially because of their matrilineal traditon, they were encouraged to adopt this secluded location for settlement.

To this day in this remote utopian encleve, they still hold annual celebrations for the remarkable Gemu Mountain Goddess on the seventh moon of the lunar calender, with music, dancing and circumnabulations of the mountain, to honour her as their protectress and venerate her as a feminine fertility symbol and for a healthy harvests of their crops. Their deep reverence being transported from a diistant past that reaches into times where the forces of nature ruled their instinctive perception and behaviour.



Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival-(also-known-as-zhuanshanjie)-near-Lugu-Lake

Mosuo women celebrate the Mountain Worship Festival (known as Zhuanshanjie)

Lugu Lake




Mosuo women celebration of the Mountain Goddess



Gemu Mountain — Lugu Lake



Mosuoa girls in a field of flowers

Valley of flowers at Yunnan


Yunnan bird



Chen Yongle---Yunnan Art School painting

Chen Yongle—reduction block print

Yunnan Art School painting



Chen Yongle---reduction block print

Chen Yongle—reduction block print



More goddess icons and feminine archetypes




Jean Alexandre Joseph—Falguièreexpan—-‘Bust Of Diana’

19th Century


Kim Mccombs-clay sculpture

Kim Mccombs



Glass pillar deity sculpture — Cottesloe Beach, WA


Dancing Marie Louise Fuller---Amphora

Dancing Marie Louise Fuller—Amphora


Europa, Pan and Dionysis1995 - Barocca

Europa, Pan and Dionysis — Barocca

France, 1995



Japanese Meiji Cloisonne Ginbari Adachi Kinjiro Vase



 ‘The Musik’ by Gustaf Klimt



Shift of Consciousness-Sculpture by Egor Zigura

‘Shift of Consciousness’  – Sculpture by Egor Zigura



Reflection-female nude sculpture

Feminine Reflection – French female nude sculpture



Frank W. Benson---Summer (1890)

Frank W. Benson— ‘Summer’




Indinginous girls at Opera House

Indinginous girls at Sydney Opera House



Alexande Archipenko,-Woman in Fur,1936

Alexande Archipenko,- ‘Woman in Fur’



Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse-Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus--

Albert Ernest Carrier Belleuse – ‘Hebe and the Eagle of Zeus’

As the Goddess of Youth, she was the cupbearer who filled the nectar bowls and served ambrosia to the gods.




Exquisite Satsuma Geisha vase by the Kinkozan studio

Meiji period (late 19th century)


Pythia dreaming Joan Relke

Prophetess of Gaia – ‘Pythia Dreaming’ cast marble — Joan Relke



‘Horizon’ inversion glass orb by Lucy Humphrey



Japanese Geisha vase

Japanese Geisha vase



Pinnicle desert at night

Pinnicle Desert


king neptne-pinnacle desert

King Neptune, (Pinnicle desert)



Michelle Gregor-At the dance II

‘At the dance II’  —  Michelle Gregor



Windy-Tree-Ceramic-cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes

‘Windy Tree’ – Michelle Gregor

Ceramic cone 5 oxidation multifired with stains and glazes



Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

Grecian Tanagra statue – Woman with the blue coat and Chapeu

320 BC



Tamlaine by Robert Macnair

Tamlaine by Robert Macnair



‘Egyptian Rocket Goddess’ — Audrey Flack

Beauty, transcendance, and strength were some of the attributes the sculptor considered.




‘Endangered’  – Tamara Dean


Grecian woman and antelope profile – Suzy Birnstein


Stonewall Spiral sculpture

Stonewall Spiral sculpture



Keep River National Park, NT

Natural Moai aerial landscape figure

Keep River National Park, NT, Australia



Notturno Piu

Wastelands – Notturno Piu



Rebecca Fontaine Wolf


Rebecca Fontaine Wolf painting

Rebecca Fontaine Wolf

To me images have the ability to turn ordinary people into icons, to encapsulate all their beauty whilst erasing any trace of a banal existence



Diana the Huuntress French Art Deco

‘Diana the Huntress’ French Art Deco sculpture by Uriano



Sevres vase decorated by Susanne Kaehrling



Valentina Sampaio, Vogue Portugal

Photo — Luis Monteiro



Lady of Guadalupe -- Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo

Lady of Guadalupe — Vincent Canlas of Nuevo Siglo



Vincent Van Gogh -- Mulberry Tree

Vincent Van Gogh — ‘Mulberry Tree’




Edouard Cazaux—-Firebirds charger


Vickie Quandelacy Cultural-Affiliation---Zuni corn maiden

Vickie Quandelacy –Zuni corn maiden


Chongqing sculpture


Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge – two of the four Seasons sculptures at the location – these were the first nude public sculptures in China. Cast in aluminium, they stirred up controversy and had to be thinly veiled.




Terracotta relief — Char Bangla Temple

Biswarup Sarkar Flickr




Goddess Durga on the wall of Char Bangla Temple complex, Murshidabad,

As a goddess, Durga’s feminine power contains the combined energies of all the gods.




Christ of the Abyss underwater statue - Miami

Christ of the Abyss underwater statue – Miami



vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae

vase by Japanese Potter Yoko Komae


Natasha Dikareva teapot




White Dove Figurine – Rosenthal – Signed F. Heidenreich

Germany – 1590


Australian Lyrebird-Alex Maisey

Australian Lyrebird – Alex Maisey



Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Ancient Female Goddess relief Angkor Wat, Cambodia



Statue of Sofia with owl of wisdom sitting on her arm – Georgi Chapkanov

Belgrade, Bulgaria



Annette-Jalilova-sculpture abstracted

Annette Jalilova




‘Awakening’ Sculpture by Mircea Puscas



c, an art print by Julie Dillon-----Space Sirens

‘Beyond the Stars: At Galaxy’s Edge’, art print by Julie Dillon—–Space Sirens



Ceramic Vase -- Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts

Ceramic Vase — Lehigh Senior High School Center for the Arts



Dancing Shiva



Land of Venus III-Photograph by Steven Irwin

‘Land of Venus III’ – Photograph by Steven Irwin



Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess.-600–800AD

Mayan Rattle depicting a goddess





Egyptian theme Metal Sculpture head by Pierre Matter



‘Chronos 8’ – Nicolas Schoffer



Monument of gratitude_to_france

Monument of gratitude – Belgrade



Moon Goddess by Becca Douglas

‘Moon Goddess’ by Becca Douglas



Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lilyFirst half of Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C

Egyptian relief – Niankhwadjet inhales the scent of a lily

    Dynasty 4-(2575-2520-B.C}



Nike--the winged goddess of Victory, her figure at Ephesus,Ionia,Asia-Minor.

Carved figure of Nike–the winged Goddess of Victory

Ephesus,Ionia, Asia-Minor


Duetto female Art Deco figure sculpture by-Erte

‘Duetto’   –  Erte


Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE

Bronze sculpture of the Dian Kingdom, 3rd century BCE, China



Pat Swyler--ceramic sculpture kwan-yin

Pat Swyler — ceramic meditation figures kwan yin



reefline-sculpture-underwater park-Miami-Beach

Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park - Miami Beach

Diving at Reefline sculpture underwater park – Miami Beach



Jessie Makinson – ‘Miss ghost’

Fabian Lang Gallery, Zurich


Jessie-Mooy raku art

Raku sculpture – ‘Lady with wolf’ – Jessie Mooy




Goddess relief – Banteay Srei Temple, Ankor Wat



Ada-Loumani glass vessel

French artist Ada Loumani glass vessel




Photo by Amanda Charchian



Ohoto — Emile Ristevski

Katherine  Gorge, Northern Territory


Rōka no geigi-(Entertainer standing on a veranda)---Eizan Kikukawa (1787-1867)

Rōka no geigi (Entertainer standing on a veranda)—Eizan Kikukawa



Chris Hawthorne glass vessel

Chris Hawthorne



Four Moonface cups - Rebecca Hillman

Moonface cups – Rebecca Hillman



Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)

Walnut by Franka Slothouber (Netherlands)


Green Tara,-14th-15th-centuryTibet

Tibetan Green Tara bronze turquoise statue



Jari Cornelis -- Storm Dragon

Jari Cornelis — Storm Dragon


Old Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase

 Chinese Cizhou Kiln Porcelain Dynasty Palace Phoenix Bottle Vase



A female Dryad dances gracefully

Tree carving — female Dryad dancing gracefully


Mulas textile craft of the Kuna people, a self-governing indigenous from the e San Blas islands.



Terracotta Aphrodite riding a dolphin over the sea




Suiseki gazing stones art


Han Jiang river stone


Gongshi belongs to the Chinese tradition of venerating beautiful stones, which has existed since the Neolithic era, when prized geological specimens were placed into tombs as offerings. Chinese writers composed essays praising the natural qualities of these gazing stones, especially if they were represenative of mythological creatures like dragons, spiritual concepts,  prominent mountains or had a captivating aesthetic. They are also known as Lingbi Stones and Scholar Rocks and have been a favorite with collectors since ancient times. Some were revered if they conjured imagery of immortals and sages or the remote mountain grottoes and caves where they liked to dwell. The Japanese called these stones Shuiseki, which meant Water and Stone and they were used for interior decoration and in courtyards and gardens.

The Rinzai Zen monks from Kyoto wrote in 1474 that the contemplation of evocotive stones allows you to look upon grand vistas without travelling far, feel grounded and experience cleansing and purification of the heart. It was recognized as being good for enriching the spirit and prolonging happiness. Generally, shiseki stones are formed naturally or with a minimal amount of manipulation.




contemplation stone


‘Beyond the Path’ gazing stone



Krizopras stone




Chinese Scholar's Rock---Red Taihu Stone

Chinese Scholar’s Rock—Red Taihu Stone



Ascension Gongshi Scholar Stone



Chinese Qing Dynasty Scholar's Stone

Chinese Qing Dynasty Scholar’s Stone



Hualien rose stone

Hualien rose stone



Suiseki stone from Momjave Desert

Approaching the Chasm — Suiseki stone from Momjave Desert with copper hues



Suiseki stone Cascading water--Omugawa ishi

Contemplation stone with appearance of cascading water–Omugawa Ishi



Shuiseki stone with black serpent

Orange Shuiseki with black undulating serpent



forest in moonlight Shuiseki

Forest in full moon Suiseki

photo –  Fabio Petroni


Suiseki creation chaos



landscape elliptical stone

Polished oval stone



Abstract scholar stone

Abstract scholar stone



seated ox suiseki

Resting Ox suiseki stone



ancient proverb


Year Of The Ox – 2021




Green and ochre Suiseki stone



Bowing Humble-servant

Bowing servant




sillohete-forest suiseki

Tree silhoette suiseki



elliptical-stone suiseki

Ellyptical suiseki




immortal being suiseki stone

Immortal figure suiseki




Spinach green suiseki stone

Spinach green Gongshi



Red and white suiseki stone



Mountain lake vista



Wild Typhoon storm

Typhoon Vortex



Japanese Geisha girl

Japanese Geisha suiseki




Modernist form Suiseki




orb portal journey

Orb portal stone



Dragon dynamism suiseki



Burnt trees suiseki



suiseki weeping wllow tree

Suiseki Willow




Rounded fossilized-calliagraphy-stone

Rounded fossilized calliagraphy stone



Cranial crown chakra stone




gazing-stone on wooden base

Suiseki waterfall stone



Natural landscape suiseki




Half Moon Bay portal stone

Half Moon Bay portal stone



Hualien Rose shuiseki stone

Hualien Rose shuiseki stone



Irish Hag Stone




Jade shuiseki stone

Jade Elephant suiseki stone



Ken McLeod---jade colour mountain

Ken McLeod—jade colour mountain




Red Jasper sculpture stone

Red Jasper sculpture stone



Suiseki mountains

Suiseki mountains

Riversoul Crafts Etsy



Ruby imbedded fuschite

Ruby imbedded fuschite heart rejuvination




Suiseki Waterfall Stone — Abegawa River, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan—–Kenichi Oguchi gift – 2001




Taking flight suiseki

Taking flight scholar stone




seated-sage-stone contemplation

Seated Sage stone contemplation



Malachite in its natural state evokes lush green hills in early summer.-Lukuni-Mine,-Katanga-Province,-Democratic-Republic-of-Congo---Ralph-W-Johnson

Malachite in its natural state evokes lush green hills in early summer.

Lukuni Mine – Democratic Republic of Congo—Ralph W Johnson



Awakening suiseki stone



The Universe speckled scholar stone

The Universe speckled scholar stone



Dragon descending scholar stone

!6.5 ins H — Qing Dynasty, ca. 17th to 18th century CE. 


Large Chinese 'Gongshi' Scholar Stone

Large Chinese ‘Gongshi’ Scholar Stone



Chinese Lingbi stone



Globular horses vessel  – Paolo Staccioli



Ma Chang Red Stone

Ma Chang Red Stone




Green Mountain Range stone

Eel River-California—Richard Manning



Trident maple (Acer buergerianum), has its roots growing over a rock and its foliage and stems trimmed in the shape of a dragon

National Bonsai and Penjing Museum



Sheer face mountain

Sheer face mountain suiseki



Back of a woman



Dragon moving

Dragon movement



Cliff top down to plains — suiseki stone



suiseki-stone red and white

Suiseki schematic figures



Suiseki landscape



Svend Bayer lustre glaze

Svend Bayer lustre glaze



Taihu limestone Scholar Stone--met

Taihu limestone Scholar Stone




Tall Sculptural Form, Kohiki--14ins--Shozo

Tall Sculptural Form, Kohiki — Shozo Michikawa




Teaware by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous (Ukraine) by Pottery Park Store

Teaware by Paul Fryman and Mikhail Tovstous

(Ukraine)  Pottery Park Store



‘Whirlwind’ Suisaki

Zymoglyphic Museum




Wu Jiang River stone Suiseki



Shuisaki stone


Da Su Bonsai Studios


Seated monk



Shuiseki sculpture

Suiseki sculpture – Kurokamo-ishi



Shelter Stone – Melba Tucker

Indio, California



spinach and russet jade mountain group,-19th century--carved-in relief-with scholar painting

Spinach and russet jade mountain stone, carved in relief with scholar painting

19th century China



Meditation Gong Shui



Crysanthenum Stone suiseki

Crysanthenum Stone




Art quotes, quirks and conquering clay


Milan Villa

Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta – Renassaince Lombardy palace filled with classical statues and lavish embellishments




Art quotes interspersed with the diversity of ways that nature and humans conquer clay.




Natural Elephant-Rock-Iceland

Elephant Rock, a natural lava formation created in 1973 after the sudden eruption of Mount Eldfell, Iceland



Minoan wall art

Shakespeare quote with Minoan wall art procession



Huge natural Balancing Rock Albany, Australia

Huge natural ‘Balancing Rock’ Albany, Australia



Shozo Michikawa ceramic sculpture

Shozo Michikawa ceramic sculpture


Modigliani quote



Benalla garden mural

Benalla Botanical Gardens mural –

Created by skilled and unskilled artists alike with recognised input from aboriginal groups, the curvaceous terracotta clay Ceramic Mural, with its collanades, cave seats, “thongaphones” and amphitheatre invites the curious to explore its many features. Much of the ceramic work was completed by local artist Judy Lorraine and David W Moore



 Ceramic mural in Victorian town of Benalla



benalla gardens ceramic-mural

Benalla ceramic mural



Ceramic mural relaxing throne



Rock climbing at Big Chief, Lake Tahoe

Rock climbing at Big Chief, Lake Tahoe





Lion statues - Bradley and Robin Teets

Lion statues

photo – Bradley and Robin Teets




Ceramic vase Decembrance 2020-Catherine White

Decembrance 2020 – Catherine White



Mukta Top-India hikes-Leo Saldanha

Mukta Top – India hikes –

Photo Leo Saldanha


Grython meets storm


Camouflage by Elnaz Nourizadeh

‘Camouflage’ ceramic bust by Elnaz Nourizadeh



Megalithic culture on Nias Island in Indonesia




David G Wright wavy incised teapot

David G Wright wavy incised teapot


Joan Miro Disque1956

Joan MiroDisque’



Frozen Angel


Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park



Roger Capron pitcher mid century

Roger Capron pitcher






'End Of The Trail'-Clarence Addison Shaler

‘End Of The Trail’ – Clarence Addison Shaler



Guardia statue on mountain side

Guardian statue overlooking harbour



late 17th century Japanese Imari lacquered vase

Japanese Imari lacquered vase

late 17th century



Picasso vase--Le Musee Magnelli Musee

Picasso vase–Le Musee Magnelli



Arucas statue,  Canary Islands



Eric-Roinestad ceramic art

Eric Roinestad


Buddha statue

Buddha holding a lotus bowl



Hyper Fast-Cedric Ragot ceramic vessel

‘Hyper Fast’ – Cedric Ragot



Herman Kahler in his workshop by-Laurits Ring-1890

Herman Kahler in his workshop by Laurits Ring



Herman A Kahler art pottery vase, Denmark




Ideal Palace-France

Ideal Palace – France



Postman Ferdinand Cheval created the Ideal Palace

Postman Ferdinand Cheval created the Ideal Palace, working 10 hours a day after doing his post deliveries for 10 hours, over a span of 33 years.


Bronze Bowl with Lace--Ursula von Rydingsvard

‘Bronze Bowl with Lace’ — Ursula von Rydingsvard







“I’d rather risk an ugly surprise then rely on things I know I can do.”



Rodin’s ‘Monument to Balzac’ was originally rejected by the critics in Paris. This overly innovative monument caused such an outrage when it was unveiled in 1898 that the commission was cancelled. Rodin never saw his monument cast in bronze. Balzac is depicted in a monks habit, which he liked to wear as a dressing gown when he was writing. The contours were diffused to create a blurred figure alluding to an impressionist style and a dishevelled appearance was favoured but the unmistakable depth of spirit was overlooked by the superficial critiques.



Statue of Saint Peter




Jean-Michel Voge photo

Jean-Michel Voge photo



‘Circle’ – Jackson Pollock



Juan Bordes ceramic bust

Juan Bordes ceramic bust



Limestone rock formations. The Stone Forest, Shilin Yi, Yunnan

Limestone rock formations. The Stone Forest, Shilin Yi, Yunnan

photo – Juan Carlos Munoz


Roger-Herman abstracted ceramic from

Roger Herman



‘Woman and Bird’ statue





Joan Miro sculpture

Joan Miro ceramic totem sculpture



ceramic Buddha figure

Large Hand Painted Clay Buddha Figure



Slipping Stone Series, 2005----Robyn Horne

Slipping Stone Series—-Robyn Horne




Balancing act at Step, Istanbul

Ceramic sculpture balancing act at Step, Istanbul



Nathalie Cuvelier-Ya Teak-Pyan-cave-hpa-an-kayin-state-karen-state-Myanmar-burma-asia_u-l-q12s9zz0

Ya Teak Pyan Cave, Myanmar

photo – Nathalie Cuvelier




Valencia porta Almoina o dels Repobladors — The last Cathars



Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd

My son climbed this mountain recently and noticed the Wandjina (cloud spirit) face in the cave

Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd

The Grampians, Australia


Dragon profile

Mount Wudjub Guyun (Hollow Mountain)-–-Gariwerd



Pair of porelain Dragon vases



Batei ishi-–-Dragon Gate

Batei ishi-–-Dragon Gate — Suiseki stone



Hollow Mountain dragon

Hollow Mountain accent




Outdoor sculpture RHS-garden-Rosemoor

Outdoor sculpture at RHS garden, Rosemoor




Villa Monastero Neptune – Photograph by Judy Wolinsky



Visconti classical statues

Villa  Visconti Litta – Milan Province



Villa  Visconti Litta Venus


Villa  Visconti Litta palace


Villa  Visconti Litta


Villa Visconti Litta Venus water feature




Porcelain Venus by Jeff Koons

Porcelain ‘Venus’ by Jeff Koons

NGV Triennial 2020 till April 2021


Dionysus statue adoration



Golden Bodhisattva-Malaysia Ipoh Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple-Gold-Statue

Golden Bodhisattva – Malaysia Ipoh Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple



Bruce Lee quote




Demeter Goddess of Abundance

Boboli Gardens, Florenc



Spike Milligan qoute on VeniceClayArtists



Making a Monumental-clay-pot demonstration

Monumental clay pot demonstration




Peter Voulkos – ‘Black Bulerias’



Scheier-Pottery relief cup

Scheier Pottery



French ceramicist Georges Jouve---Sculpture--1951---37ins

French ceramicist Georges Jouve—abstract figure sculpture

1951 — 37ins height



Steven Forbes De soule-ceramic art

Steven Forbes De Soule — Earth and Sky raku vessel



Art Deco Rene Lalique-Archers Vase

Rene Lalique – ‘Archers Vase’



dragon abode-Calderona

Dragon abode – Sierra Calderona




Michael Lucero - North American Dreamer

Michael Lucero – ‘North American Dreamer’



Milan--VI-Art-Triennial.-Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art-Albissola-Head design by De Salvo

Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art, Albissola-Head design by De Salvo

Milan VI Art Triennial 1936



'The Lovers' - Raymong Duchanp Villon sculpture relief

‘The Lovers’ – Raymong Duchanp Villon



Mosaic statue

Mosaic statue at Tarot Gardens – Nikki Saint Phalle



Mosaic Water Bearer  – Nikki Saint Phalle


Red and silver rocket – Nikki Saint Phalle



The fountain at Wittenberg Platz in Berlin--el_vogel

The fountain mermaid at Wittenberg Platz, Berlin





One of the largest equestrian monuments in the world weighing 28 tons

Alagir gorge on the Transcaucasian highway





Eternal Art Deco elegance


‘Ecstacy’ – Erte (Romain De Tirtoff)



Art Deco female dancer sculpture ca.1930 by Ferdinand Preiss, Austria.



Relief at Lobby of the Daily Express-

Art Deco relief mural by Ronald Atkinson

Lobby, (former) Daily Express Building, London


The Art Deco movement was championed in 1925 as a mission to embrace modernism, decorativism and globalism into a collective creative force and harness the artistic talent that had converged on Paris after WW1. A comparable influential trajectory had occured in 1919 when Walter Gropius established the Bauhaus School with the bold objective of merging architecture, sculpture and painting into a single creative expression to develop a utopian craft guild of artists.

The International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts (which was the genesis of the term Art Deco) became the focus for this style upheaval and a new design aesthetic emerged replete with references to fashion, finesse, glamour and elegance. The streamlined designs introduced in this era inspired sleeker lines which also appeared in architecture and fashion. According to Erte, Art Deco became a “confluence of Cubism and Art Nouveau.” The unpredictable Cubist abstractions and their fluid perspective had a more refined fusion which became tempered by the harmonious undulations of nature. Erte’s art defined an era of sophistication and luxury combined with a sublime balance and flambouyant fashion exploration to promote a contemporary freedom of expression. Jean Dupas was also one of the adventurous designer artists in the 30s with his fascinating synthesis of Surrrealism, Art Nouveau, Neo Classical and Art Deco. It was an unparralled era for the integration of so many new Art movements into a formidable innovative design front.



Art Deco bronze female posing with pottery vessel

Large Art Deco silvered chryselephantine Art Deco sculpture; designed by Max le Verrier





Poole Pottery vase




1933-Art Deco Pontiac Indian hood ornament

Art Deco Pontiac Indian hood ornament




Berlin artist Dodo (Dörte Clara Wolff )



Art Deco coffee set in silver, designed by Paul A. Lobel




Art Deco bronze by Pierre-le-Faguays, France-circa-1930

Art Deco bronze nude dancer by prolific  French Art Deco sculptor,  Pierre le Faguays




Art Deco coloured Lithongraph by Jean Dupas

Art Deco coloured Lithongraph by Jean Dupas



Modiano Cigarette poster



RKZ Mensware poster – 1920s



 Delahaye 175s Saoutchik Roadster



Art Deco bronze figure ‘Antinea’ by Demetre Chiparus




Art Deco garniture mantle clock CA.-1930

Art Deco garniture mantle clock

CA. 1930



Splendid Art deco centrepiece with light representing a water fountain-signed-r-durquet

Neptune and mermaid Art Deco centrepiece by R. Durquet

France-20th century




Art deco porcelain bathing beauty exotic dancer figurine..germany

Art deco porcelain bathing beauty exotic dancer figurine.



Art Deco Eagle sculpture James-T-Foley-Courthouse-in-Albany,-New-York

Art Deco Eagle sculpture —  James T Foley Courthouse

Albany, New York




Art deco, um 1925,– Sammler-Stück



Art deco---Czech glass perfume bottle

Art deco—Czech glass perfume bottle



Bulbous French art deco porcelain red & orange stork vase

Bulbous french art deco porcelain red & orange stork vase




woman and peacock porcelain figurine

Reclining woman and peacock porcelain figurine by Lemone



Black Lacquer and Gold Screen-Attributed to Paul Feher

Black Lacquer and Gold Screen-Attributed to Paul Feher





Boch Freras Art Deco Glazed Pottery Floral Vase



Bouraine Art Deco bronze sculpture-- Amazone

Bouraine Art Deco bronze sculpture– ‘Amazone’




Lawrence Tenney Stevens – long horned sheep with wings ‘Woofus’ sculpture

Texas Exposition 1936



Lucien Lelong---French-Art-Deco-Handpainted-Porcelain-Vase-circa-1935

Lucien Lelong—French Art-Deco Handpainted Porcelain Vase



Carole Lombard dans“Rumba”,-1935,-costum -de Travis Banton

Carole Lombard dans“Rumba”, 1935, costume -de Travis Banton




Bronze commemorative medal by André Lavrillier and Alfred Janniot



 Palais Stoclet, Brussles



Blue Art Deco Copper Enamel Geometric Design Vase

Camille Faure Art Deco Copper Enamel Geometric  Vase




Claudette Colbert on Art Deco throne– Cecil B Demille’s Cleopatra




Art Deco vase-Forest-Pattern-with-stylised-trees

Carlton ware Forest Pattern vase with stylised trees




Continental Art-Deco style Animated Antelopes Vase by Keralouvre La Louviere

Spherical Art-Deco style Animated Antelopes Vase by Keralouvre La Louviere



Art Deco Costume-design,-1926

Art Deco/Flapper Costume design





Demetre Chiparus—Art Déco—Sculpture ‘Danseuse de Footsteps’



PIERRE LAUREL Art Deco bronze of a nude woman lacing her sandals, marble base


1st Dibs



White porcelain The Goddesses by Odyv

The Goddesses by Odyv


Art Deco women with her dog

Art Deco women with her dog



Delores del Rio portrait

Delores del Rio



Der Windhund, 1929

Der Windhund, 1929



Goldscheider figurinne---Vienna Elegant Lady With Hat And Gloves By Claire Weiss C.1936

Goldscheider Vienna Elegant Lady With Hat And Gloves By Claire Weiss C.1936




Art Deco vase with handle — Eelke Snel–Potterie Kennemerland



English School Art Deco reclinging Easy chair--1930

English School Art Deco reclinging Easy chair with walnut frame–1930



Erté,-Dancing in the Dark,-1920’s

Erté,  ‘Dancing in the Dark’





Strikingly original Art Deco abstract design vase



Johann Philipp Ferdinand Preiss    ‘Breasting the tape’

circa 1925



Fortunato Depero, Futurist 'Vogue',-1929-ca.

Fortunato Depero, Futurist ‘Vogue’ cover




Frankart Table Lamp Glass and painted metal-Square-pink

Frankart Table Lamp Glass and painted metal Square



Haller Revue-1924-Monika Sperr-performer

Haller Revue 1924 – Monika Sperr



In der Loge, 1929

Dodo – In der Loge, 1929



Red and white Art Deco jug JarroBrancoLaranja-VistaAlegre-1935

 Art Deco jug Jarro Branco Laranja – Vista Alegre




Joe Descomps-beauty-of-paris-art-deco-figurine-cape-girl

Joe Descompe – art deco figurine – girl with cape



Josephine-Baker with dancers

Josephine Baker




Lady Mantle Clock by Uriano

Lady Mantle Clock by Uriano



Naked dbacer with greyhound

Large bronze sculpture with silver patina depicting a young naked dancer and a greyhound –Abel R Philippe



House Of Erte-Fireflies---Royal Dalton


House Of Erte – ‘Fireflies’—Royal Dalton




Crackled white vase – Rene Buthaud



Sevres flared vase - Ruhlmann-N°3

Sevres flared vase – Ruhlmann N°3



Czech Jazz Art Deco glass vase

CzechJazz Art Deco vase





Newtone art deco vase




Silvered bronze French Art Deco naked girl on marble plinth

Silvered bronze French Art Deco naked girl on marble plinth



Stoneware vase by Carl Harry Stalhane for Rorstrand

Stoneware vase by Carl Harry Stalhane for Rorstrand



Art Deco set created in Sydney for Superman Returns

Daily Planet Art Deco set created in Sydney for Superman Returns



Swedish-Rorstrans---1935-porcelain seagull vase

Swedish Rorstrans–porcelain vase



Tänzerin ''Spanischer Shawl'' Josef Lorenzl (Entwurf), Goldscheider, Wien, um 1928-29 Auf flach gewölbtem Rundsockel stehende Tänzerin (Dolores del Rio

Tänzerin ”Spanischer Shawl” Josef Lorenzl (Entwurf), Goldscheider, (Dolores del Rio)





Swedish art deco vase by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand



The Birth of Venus-Important Art Deco Panel- sculptural bas relief-----Boris Blai-1956

The Birth of Venus- Art Deco styled sculptural bas relief—Boris Blai




The Gentlemen with the Glacier Eye, 1928

‘The Gentlemen with the Glacier Eye’ – Dodo




“The lute player” – Jan & Joel Martel




Trim-fireplace-clock in white marble veined beige decorated with floral motifs in gilded bronze.Aguttes

Trim fireplace clock in white marble veined beige decorated with floral motifs in gilded bronze



‘The Man’ –  M. Lhermann

 L’Homme 1939


Two Art Deco Cubist vases, France, 1925-33; Glazed earthenware; Both signed T R LALLEMANT MADE IN FRANCE---7.5inches

Two Art Deco Cubist vases–Glazed earthenware–signed T R Lallemant






Louis GIRAUD grand Art Deco vase



A Daum Art Deco glass Vase-(1930-35)---Dalbera,Paris

A Daum Art Deco glass Vase (1930-35)—Dalbera,Paris


Africanist Deco Vase and cover by René Buthaud

Africanist Deco Vase and cover by René Buthaud



Vintage Art Deco French Orientalist decor – Caravan Scene Painted Glass Vase



Vase Pierrefonds 20th Art Deco for Crystallizations Signed 40 Cm

Vase Pierrefonds 20th Art Deco for Crystallizations

Height 40 Cm



Vogue Cover—June 1926 Poster Print by William Bolin



You owe it to your audience-Kayser stockings

‘You owe it to your audience’ – Kayser stockings




Waylande Gregory,-Burlesque Dancer porcelain figurine

Waylande Gregory–‘Burlesque Dancer’ white porcelain cubist figurine





Music of the Art Deco era


Darlin’  —  Lucky Millinder Orchestra




Yes!Yes!   —   Mills Blue Rythym Band – 1937





‘Some Of These Days’ – Valaida Snow — (on vocals and trumpet) – 1937




Valaida Snow -‘I Must Have That Man’ – 1936



Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Shambhala-Gardens Mullumbimby

Shambhala Gardens, Mullumbimby

QLD, Australia



Naran and Sono King have created a remarkable lush botanical and crystal scupture garden paradise in the sub tropical Byron hinterland that attracts many nature addicts, crystal lovers, selfie seekers and New Age Eastern Art afficiondos. The natural beauty and serenity of the location is filled with a unique tanquility.



crystal circle

Rose crystal circles




Guardian crystals

Crystal sentinal – @earth_flow_yoga



Garden Buddha –  Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Naran-and-Sono-King----Crystal Castle

Naran and Sono King



The Damanhur Spiral at Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Dewi Sri is known as the Goddess of Rice

Dewi Sri

In Bali, Dewi Sri is known as the Goddess of Rice. Rice is considered a sacred food given to humankind by the deities to sustain us in a way no other food can.



giant-fuchsite crystal

Huge Fuchsite crystal,   370kg

The mystic lore of Fuchsire is ‘Rejuvenation’ It is the green variety of Muscovite and gains colour from high concentrations of chromium. Fuchsite is a healer’s stone, used to find the root cause of disease within the body and facilitate deep healing on many levels. It is said to enhance one’s connection and appreciation of the beauty in nature.



Black Obsidian grounding sphere

Black Obsidian grounding sphere



Tropical datura flowers

Datura flowers, Shambhala Gardens



Amethyst-angel wings

Amethyst angel wings




@khtunga----worlds largest amythest cave

Worlds largest amethyst cave – Shambhala Gardens Crystal Castle



Orchid  – @matt_nulley



Giant amethyst geods

Giant Amethyst Guardians –  largest pair of crystal geodes in the world

Sourced in Uraguay, Height 5.7 metres — @matt_nulley


Buddha statue@silviaaluucena

Sublime Buddha statue – @silviaaluucena




Garrden Bubddha statue

Sitting Buddha – Shambhala Gardens and Crystal Castle





Massive eight ton Uruguayan Treasure Chest, with green and pink Jasper on the outside and lavender amythest and yellow calcites on the inside




Lakshmi in tropicaal setting





yogic sun salute

Sun salute – @sweetmedjool



local green frog

Local frog



labradorite crystal piece

Labradorite crystal



giant rose crystal sculpture

‘Rosie’ the Rose Quartz crystal of love



The amazing Shambhala Gardens statues are hand carved from volcanic rock from Gunung Merapi (mountain of fire), the same stone used to carve the famous Buddhist monument Borobudur in Java, Indonesia.



Aqua-Aura crystal at Shambhala Gardens

Aqua-Aura crystal

Created by infusing natural Clear Quartz with pure Gold, this spectacular Aqua Aura has been used to facilitate illumination and awakening of one’s spiritual self. It has been used also to assist in cleansing and removing energy blockages.


Ancient knowledge petrified wood

Ancient knowledge petrified wood




Genius Stone, Fluorite, represents the highest state of mental achievement.




Avalokitesvara Statue-at-Crystal-Castle-&-Shambhala-Gardens

Avalokitesvara Statue



Black-Green-tourmaaline ruled by Zeus

Black/Green tourmaline ruled by Zeus





Celestite crystal — promotes discernment and higher spiritual awareness. A calming, soothing, gentle stone that radiates an uplifting energy and is good stone for gaining understanding and promoting inner peace.



mystical castle

Mystical castle




Sodalite chair – for obvious reasons it is associated with the water signs, especially the Cancerian crab, with the qualities of insight and intuition.




Large Citrine-crystal

Citrine crystal

Citrine is known as the crystal of manifestation, abundance, and creativity…⁠ ⁠ Citrine crystals are said to carry a strong fire element energy which works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras to support self-confidence and empowerment as well as bringing clarity about any energy blockages towards abundance and manifesting.




Buddha with garlands

Buddha decorated with floral garlands



Crystal Castle Labradorite

Crystal Castle Labradorite




Rose quartz spherical fountain-spins-each-and-every-day

Rose quartz spherical fountain



Buddhas footprint sculpture

Buddhas Footprint

A hand-carved, sandstone sculpture from India. Buddha’s feet is known as Buddhapada, one of the symbols to represent Buddha and his teachings. The Buddhapada has a central motif of a chakra wheel, representing the techings of Buddha and the eight spokes represents the Eightfold Noble Path. The Buddha’s feet here has 108 symbols, including the toe symbols.


children runnning past Ganesh statue


Children running past Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, at the ‘Buddha Walk’. The Hindu religion believes that honouring Ganesh before new ventures and during life changes assures easier trasition and success. He is also revered as the god of education and literature, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

The ‘Buddha Walk’ is a unique half kilometre walk offering spectacular views of Byron’s hinterland. On the walk you will discover giant crystals, lush sub-tropical gardens, enormous statues, a bamboo walk, and beautiful spaces for contemplation and meditation.



 Elestial quartz crystals are said to have an extremely high vibration

 Elestial quartz crystals are said to have an extremely high vibration and they are layered with markings and multiple points of terminations.



Green Apophyllite---Earth's Magic crystal

Green Apophyllite—Earth’s Magic crystal



Large Ruby Fuchsite crystal

Large Ruby Fuchsite crystal




Bubddha head



Lotus pond at Shambala Gardens

Lotus pond at Shambala Gardens




Enchanted Amethest Cave —  @_shoushou__

This gigantic crystal of the Enchanted Cave is approximately 5.5 metres wide and weighs over 20,000 kilograms,
(20 tonnes)



Labradorite!⁠ crystal

Labradorite! crystal



Girl traversing-the-labryinth

Walking the labryinth



Kalachakra World Peace Stupa




Mystical blue labradorite free form

Mystical blue labradorite free form



Ancient Nautilus fossil

Ancient Nautilus fossil



Photo by @joymeetsworld___Lotus Mosaic – by Turiya Bruce

Lotus Mosaic by Turiya Bruce

‘Blessing Buddha’ –  4 metres high and weighing 14 tonne

Photo by @joymeetsworld___



Rose Quartz table under a mango tree



Shambahla Gadens Sodalite crystal

Shambahla Gadens large Sodalite Crystal



Descending on the Bamboo Walk

Shambahla Gardens


Amethyst Guardian sentinels

Amethyst Guardian sentinals







Shambala Gardens Crystal Castle nesteld in the Byron hinterlands



Jasper with quartz vein and golden tiger eye bead

Jasper with quartz vein and golden tiger eye bead

Crystal Castle store


Nandi the Bull volcanic rock statue

Nandi, the bull represents joy attained through celebration and also through strength and restraint




Amethest, Agate and Chlorite heart

Heart shaped Amethest, Agate and Chlorite crystal



Sparkly Fairy Spirit quartz

Sparkly Fairy Spirit quartz

Spirit Quartz is known as the crystal of harmony and universal love.



Photo-by-@danielavianna--amethyst gateway

Photo by @danielavianna—Amethyst gateway



Red headed rock agama lizard

Red headed rock agama



holding a black Tourmaline crystal

Purifying black Tourmaline crystal



Treasured in many ancient civilizations, the Pyrite crystal stone

Pyrite crystal stone – Treasured in many ancient civilizations



The Earthkeeper... This incredibly rare one-tonne Clear Quartz crystal was found in Brazil in 2006@jayne.elizabeth.lightlife

‘The Earthkeeper’… This incredibly rare one-tonne Clear Quartz crystal was found in Brazil in 2006




The Smokey Quartz grounding crystal throne

The Smokey Quartz grounding crystal throne



Tropical Cryatal Garden Ganesh

Tropical Crystal Garden Ganesh




Amythyst Wizzard Hat

Amethyst Wizard Hat



Spectacular piece of Chrysocolla & Malachite!

Chrysocolla & Malachite crystal



Inspirational Shambhala Gardens scroll




More art from the Byron region


Dingo by Nick Warfield

‘Dingo’ by Nick Warfield

Brunswick Heads Nature Sculpture Walk, Byron Bay



Melissa Hirsch--'Jellyfish Tree'

Melissa Hirsch–‘Jellyfish Tree’




Nick Warfield -–- ‘Nunguu Stance’



Sculptural walk Brunswick Heads

Sculptural walk Brunswick Heads



Buddha-at-Gaia Retreat

Buddha at Gaia Retreat



Pandanas Seed People-–-Antone Bruinsma

‘Pandanas Seed People’ -–- Antone Bruinsma




Byron Hinterland



Evolved Resolve virtual exhibition




Andrea Claire Studio —  ‘Constantin 4′



Evolved Resolve is an exhibition curated by Female Design Council founder Lora Appleton for the September 2020 LA Design Festival. We are thrilled to partner with Incollect, who is providing the platform to share this extraordinary group of works. This stellar collection of works consists of furniture, art, sculpture, lighting, jewelry, and ceramics, with a focus on strong and unique forms. Womxn-made and designed, masterful in construction, at times delicate and subversive, these pieces reflect the spirit, and dedication of our makers.



Fanae Aaron . Lani Adeoye . Malene Barnett . Yolande Milan Batteau . Kate Casey . Andrea Claire . Liz Collins . Kate Duncan . Rachel Duvall . Libs Elliott . Estudio Persona . Rebecca Claire Ford . Debra Folz . Yen Ha . Sadé Hooks . Lisa Hunt . Mary Little . Elise McMahon . Beverly Morrison . Maria Moyer . Eny Lee Parker . Sienna Patti: Gabriella Kiss Kalkidan HoexMallory Weston . Zoë PawlakArati Rao . Amanda Richards . Judy Ross . Andreea Avram Rusu . RxART: Lesley Vance Mansi Shah . Gabrielle Shelton . Alyse Stone . Stoneleaf Retreat: Rebecca ReeveMichele Varian . Juliana Vasconcellos . Jennie Wilde Yard Concept: Dina Nur Satti


Amanda Richards - Pearl Pendants

Amanda Richards – ‘Pearl Pendants’


Amanda Richards--design---prism sconce

Amanda Richards–design—‘Prism Sconce’



Amanda Richards—–‘Prism Sconce’


Artist Andrea Claire Studio_Stabile 202

 Andrea Claire Studio — Stabile 202


 Andrea Claire Studio — ‘Stabile 202′

This sculptural standing lamp, inspired by Alexander Calder sculptures, will animate any residential, commercial, or hospitality project.





Andrea Claire StudioCassiopeia-13-Porcelain--Three-Stems

Andrea Claire Studio – ‘Cassiopeia 13: Porcelain – 3 Stems

Cassiopeia 13: Porcelain – 3 Stems is a horizontal mobile with 15 glowing hand-cast porcelain polyhedrons



Andreea Avram Rusu Confetti Pink

Andreea Avram Rusu  – ‘Confetti Pink’



Link Chadelier-Avram Rusu Studio

‘Link Chadelier’ – Avram Rusu Studio



YUGEN SERIES – NO. 1  – Beverly Morrison


In Japanese, Yugen means having a profound awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response.

‘When I started creating these pieces, “The Universe Speaks” was a phase that kept repeating in my head. Every piece is unique, yet attempting to convey the birth, death and energy of the cosmos…..the divine spark.”




‘Sora’ – Beverly Morrison

In Japanese, Kū or Sora, most often translated as “Void”, but can also mean “sky” or “heaven”. Representing those things beyond our everyday experience, particularly those things composed of pure energy. The word seemed to fit the vision I had when sculpting this piece. I was staring down into a pond, watching the shadows above me being cast down onto the waters surface. The shadows of the tree danced with life, fueled by the wind around me, yet reflected a void. Sora represents life in the stillness of the void.

Details: A process of combining Stoneware Clay, Porcelain Slip and Metallic Gold Glaze



Beverly Morrison--Moon ceramic sculpture

Beverly Morrison — ‘Moon’

H21.5 inches

“Moon” is about the interconnection of harmony and discord. The sculpture was created with two distinct clay bodies that have differing shrinkage rates. During the firing process they meld together, yet pull apart all at the same time creating cracks and imperfections in a harmonic way.


‘Rain’ – Beverly Morrison, LA

H 14” x W 19” x D 13” in


” Back in 2012 I went on a ceramics tour in Japan. I had the pleasure to be introduced to the work of Hiroshi Senju, a contemporary Japanese painter best known for his large-scale monochromatic depictions of waterfalls. This piece is dedicated to his work.”

 Hand-built; Cone 5/6 Oxidation Firing; Slips & Oxides



Photos-by-Eduardo-Acosta---Antiguo -- Beverly Morrison

Antiguo’ — Beverly Morrison

Photos by Eduardo Acosta



Euclid Shelf--rPeg Woodworking Kate Casey

‘Euclid Shelf’ — Peg Woodworking Kate Casey — Peg Woodworking



Euclid Bench--Peg Woodworking --  Kate Casey

‘Euclid Bench’ — Kate Casey– Peg Woodworking



Peg Woodworking-by Kate Casey-Fireside Bench

Peg Woodworking by Kate Casey – ‘Fireside Bench’



Kate-Casey,wooden Una-Chair

Kate Casey –  ‘Una Chair’





Sally Suzuki, Kate Casey, Catherine Woodard — Peg Woodworking

Photo by Alex Schaefer


Kate Casey,Totem wood sculptures

Kate Casey, ‘Totem’



ADIRE I--stoneware-Malene Barnett

‘ADIRE I’ — Malene Barnett

stoneware sculpture

Redemption critiques the relationship between social relevance and inequality. Every piece, though built by hand in Brooklyn, pays homage to the traditional hand-building techniques found in the Yorubaland region of south-western Nigeria. Using the Gele-headwrap as a signifier, Malene blends her two-year-study of the slab building technique with an enquiry into the uncertainties of life to construct sculptures in rippling layers of clay. She gathers inspiration for her twisted sculptures from the unpredictable obstacles we encounter in life. The bold, organic patterns are etched freehand using underglazes and wax to reference the dye resist technique used in Adire textiles.


Malene Barnett



Folded--Malene Barnett - carved geometric clay built

‘Folded’ — Malene Barnett



Alyse-Stone painting

Alyse Stone



Alyse Stone


Alyse Stone-Alchemical Manual Coelum Philosophorum

Alyse Stone – ‘Alchemical Manual Coelum Philosophorum’



Alyse Stone-Unequivocal Black Metroid Specimen

Alyse Stone – ‘Unequivocal Black Metroid Specimen XY’



‘Kintsugi’  —  Alyse Stone



  A tribute to black women from many years past. Kintsugi is the Japanese practice of repairing broken ceramics with gold. The black texture is designed to be reminiscent of the system of slavery. The sculpture stands tall, as the colors create a stark, visual contrast showcasing the elegance, despite the obstacles. This piece is made with clay and metal patina. 



Ten Million Degrees Celsius by Alyse Stone

‘Ten Million Degrees Celsius’ – Alyse Stone



Alyse Stone ceramic vessel

‘Fountain Of Youth’ – Alyse Stone

2019 – clay + metal patina


Debra Folz - X West Elm Collection

Debra Folz – X West Elm Collection



Deborah-Folz design

Ribbon Wall Mounted Bedsides  —  Debra Folz




Yolande Milan Batteau-Grey, Kintsugi, Gesture with Pearls

Yolande Milan Batteau – Grey, Kintsugi, Gesture with Pearls



Yolande Milan Batteau Gesture 5.16

Yolande Milan Batteau —  Gesture



Yolande Milan Batteau - Meiji Tapestry

Yolande Milan Batteau – Meiji,  Tapestry




Yolande Milan Batteau – Gesture 16



Yolande Milan Batteau


Batteau studied philosophy and painting at the Sorbonne in Paris, San Francisco Art Institute, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Having traveled the world early in her career, Batteau has a strong affinity for a wide range of cultures and their arts. Many of the techniques, motifs and materials she has fallen in love with on her travels manifest in her artwork. Belgian simplicity, French decadence, African complexity, Japanese refinement, and American bravado are all equally beloved, alongside a host of more niche, less easily-definable aesthetics.




2019--Linen and natural dyes--24”-x-24”Rachel Duvall

Linen and natural dyes– Rachel Duvall – 2019



Woven works by Rachel Duvel, interior design by Mary Valaika Design

Carley Rudd Photography



Caroline-Geys digital art

Caroline Geys digital art



Liz Collins



‘Ball and Chain’ – Wall art – Liz Collins

Can be hung in at least 3 different configurations – 36ins H




Distancer Pursuer_Liz Collins-Mullin

‘Distancer Pursuer’ – Liz Collins

Mullin Art Gallery

Tactile and energetic, Collins’ large-scale wall works recall the geometric abstract weavings of the Bauhaus, and the “retinal titillations” of Op-art painting. As always, Collins queers these influences to create an erotically charged language of hot color and frenetic pattern. “When I think about my work related to Maximalism,” she shares, “it makes sense in relation to the dualities I’m preoccupied with like pleasure and pain, chaos and order, restraint and release – extremes that are interdependent.” Tightly woven areas are juxtaposed with luxurious swaths of loose, flowing threads, and allusions to the body erupt amidst the stricture of grids.


Liz Collins-Mullin Art Gallery-at-Occidental College-in-Los-Angeles,-CA

Liz Collins – Mullin Art Gallery, Occidental College, LA, CA

The maximalist impulse is subversive by nature; excessive and decadent. Not only does it flout bourgeois notions of taste ala “less is more”, but it also flagrantly reconfigures them. Jean Genet brilliantly summed this up in The Thief’s Journal when he wrote: “To achieve harmony in bad taste is the height of elegance.” With their electric, bombastic hues and dizzying, graphic patterns, Liz Collins textile works exemplify such harmony.


Liz Collins – ‘Phase12 H20′


Rebecca Claire Ford - Calenda lamp-red

Rebecca Claire Ford – Calenda lamp



Hand tufted rug-by-Rebecca Claire Ford

Hand tufted rug — Rebecca Claire Ford



‘Tantuvi’ rugs–Arati Rao


Arati Rao-Claystone woven rug

Arati Rao – ‘Claystone’ woven rug



Hand-built-ceramic-bodyStar Stamp Ceramic Stitch Stool

‘Star Stamp Ceramic Stitch Stool ‘- Eny Lee




Eny Lee  — ‘Camel Lamp’ large



Eny Lee – three planters


Eny-Lee ceramic lamp pillar

Eny Lee ceramic lamp pillar



Eny Lee Parker – ‘Oo Lamp’   



Eny Lee Parker is an architect, artist and writer. Born in Saigon, she lives in New York City, where she co-founded Front Studio, an architecture firm.




Kini Chaise -- Lani Adeoye--Studio Lani contemporary leisure chairs

Kini Chaise — Lani Adeoye

Studio Lani



Studio Lani--Sis Eko

Studio Lani — ‘Sis Eko’ floor lamp



Lani Adeoye-Talking Stool-

Lani Adeoye – ‘Talking Stool’




Mansi Shah-Interlocking Vessels ceramic sculpture

Mansi Shah – ‘Interlocking Vessels’




 MM(Maria Moyer) – Thisness series




Maria Moyer



Maria Moyer–Untitled after Euglena




Maria Moyer-wall installation



Fanae-Aaron mirror

Fanae Aaron



Fanae Aaron

PARTS + ASSEMBLY (Fanae Aaron)


PARTS + ASSEMBLY uses a mix of material and color surfaces to make geometric compositions for the wall.



Sade-hooks-jewellry adornment

Sade Hooks jewellry



Sade Hooks-jewellery

Sade Hooks


Sade Hooks-Nazar Ring

Sade Hooks- ‘Nazar Ring’



Sade Hooks jewellry



MJ Tyson — 93 Crestwood Road

Sienna Patti Contemporary



Libs Elliott

Elizabeth (Libs) Elliott is a textile artist and designer exploring the intersection of technology and traditional craft by using generative design to build handmade quilts.



Libs Elliott



An Impossible Arm to Hold

‘An Impossible Arm to Hold’  –  Zoe Pawlak


Zo Pawlak-Somehow Held painting

Zo Pawlak – ‘Somehow Held’



Zoe PawlakFalse Notice for False Leaving

Zoe Pawlak — ‘False Notice for False Leaving’



portrait photo -- Zoe---Charly West

Zoe Pawlak — photo Charly West



Duality-zoe-pawlawk painting

Duality – Zoe Pawlawk



White and gold ink on paper

‘White and gold ink on paper’ — Yen Ha



She Could be Bac Nam -- YHa

‘She Could be Bac Nam’ — Yen Ha

Yen is an architect, artist and writer. Born in Saigon, she lives in New York City, where she co-founded Front Studio, an architecture firm.


1Asymmetrical Vessel with Sculptured MovementDismorphic Tail---Jennie Wilde

‘Asymmetrical Vessel with Sculptured Movement,Dismorphic Tail’ — Jennie Wilde



Different Cloth Jerrell Gibbs

‘Different Cloth’  –  Jerrell Gibbs



Natural African Mahogany and Juta FiberJuliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto

Natural African Mahogany and Juta Fiber – Juliana Vasconcellos and Matheus Barreto



Kalkidan Hoex-The NEW tribe Ring

Kalkidan Hoex-‘The NEW tribe Ring’ 17



Kalkidan Hoex



Colette Hillel – Estudio Persona 

Estudio Persona was created by Emiliana Gonzalez and Jessie Young in 2014. Working as part of a deeply collaborative process, their unconventional designs are inspired by natural forms and follow sculptural lines; a distinctly neutral and minimal take on the monochromatic melancholy of their native Uruguay. Based out of their studio and showroom in Los Angeles, Estudio Persona work with natural materials in brilliantly contrasting ways

Jessie Young&Emiliana Gonzalez-H Chair

Jessie Young & Emiliana Gonzalez – H Chair



Jessie Young Emiliana Gonzalez-Arrow Side Table

Jessie Young / Emiliana Gonzalez – ‘Arrow Side Table’



Gabrielle Shelton

Gabrielle Shelton



Gabrielle-Shelton-Stair Coffee Table

Steel Stair Coffee Table – Gabrielle Shelton



Contemporary decor--Michele Varian-Fleurish Minor Chandelier

Michele Varian – ‘Fleurish Minor Chandelier’



Michele Varian - Fleurish Sconce

Michele Varian – ‘Fleurish Sconce’



Michelle Varian

Michelle Varian



Michele Varian--granite stoneware clay Face Vase

Michele Varian — granite stoneware clay Face Vase



Michelle Varian ceramic vessels

Michelle Varian ceramic vessel collection



Johanna Goodman

Johanna Goodman collage



Dina Nur Satti-Habba Vessel

Dina Nur Satti – ‘Habba Vessel’



Dina Nur Satti – ‘Acacia Vase’



Contemporary furnitur-Juliana Lima Vasconcellos Studio

Juliana Lima Vasconcellos Studio – ‘Confetti Chairs’



see Incollect





Pilgrims journey at Kailash mountains


Manasrovar Lake Tibet

Lake Manasarovar

    A high altitude freshwater lake fed by the Kailash Glaciers near Mount Kailash in Burang County. The Sutlej River, the Brahmaputra River (the Tsangpo), the Indus River, and the Karnali River all trace their sources to its nearby vicinity.


mantra stones Om Mani Mapdme Hum

Carved mantra stones — Om Mani Padme Hum


Himalayan Meditation

Soul On A String (Tibetan movie)



North face of Mount Kailash

North face of Mount Kailash



 Trekking around Mount Kailash



Mount Kailash circumambulation


As an ancient site of pilgrimage, Mt. Kailash is a great mass of snow capped black rock soaring to over 23,000 feet with a rounded peak. The holy mountain of Kailash has the unique distinction of being one of the world’s most venerated destinations while at the same time being the least visited. The supremely sacred site of four religions and billions of people, Mt. Kailash is the most revered of places for Buddhists from around the world. To Hindus, Kailash is the abode of Shiva and nearby Mansarowar Lake, is the soul of Brahma. Tibetans refer to Mt Kailash as Kang Rimpoche (meaning “Precious Mountain”) while the followers of Bon-Po, the ancient pre-Buddhist shamanistic religion of Tibet, worship Kailash as the soul of Tibet. Even Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs, is reputed to have visited this spot during his ‘Udasis’. The Jains worship it as Mt Ashtapada, the peak from which the religion’s founder, Rishabanatha, achieved spiritual liberation.


a group of pilgrims on the Kailash kora

Bibhuti Pradhan photo



Manasarovar lake on horizon

Ngari Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region


Two Tibetan Mastiffs at Yamdrok Lake

Two Tibetan Mastiffs at Yamdrok Lake



Yamdrok Lake, Tibet



Horse and Tibetan lady porter

Tibetan lady porter with horse for hire



Tibetan pilgrams on mouintain trail

Tibetan women on a Kailash yatra

Walking around the mountain (clockwise for the Buddhists, counter-clockwise for Bon adherents) is known as a Kora,Yatra or Parikrama, and normally takes three days. However, Tibetans often complete this in a day taking around 14 hours.   This 52.3 mile journey is easier for Tibetans due to their instrinsic acclimatation to high altitudes. The ambience is so charged in these locations that you can tap into extra reserves of energy.  At the Drolma La Pass you will climb up to a heady 5,653 meters.



Auburn dog at Lamdrok Lake

Auburn dog at Lamdrok Lake



Yak at Yamdrok Lake

Yak at the emerald Yamdrok Lake, Tibet



Balancing rock stupa



Zutul Puk monastry---distrunner

Zutul Puk monastery

Photo by distrunner



Lake Manasarovar with Mount Kailash in the distance


The four most sacred rivers of the Indian sub-continent begin from here – Sutlej (major tributary of the Indus River), Karnili (a major tributary of the Ganges), Brahmaputra and the Indus. The ancients regarded this holy region as the navel (center) of the universe,


Kailash Yatra Tibetan pilgrims

Kailash Yatra pilgrims



majestic Mount Kailash

The majestic Mt. Kailash from the Southside – 21,778 ft

Photo by Jia Zhou


Descending into the Drolma Pass at Munt Kailash

Descending into the Drolma Pass



Above Gaurikund lake on the-Drolma La pass

The jade green Gaurikund lake on the Drolma La Pass



Mount Kailash Kora circuit entrance

Kailash Kora circuit entrance



Kailash namaskar, the first point on the Kora where the sacred peak becomes visible, hence the prayer flags


Holy-Mount-Kailash in tibet

Kneeling veneration before the sacred Kailash



prayer stones carved with sacred symbols

Carved prayer stones – Justin C



Kailash in the summer- Dirapuk Gompa



Kailasha darshan, continual prostrations around the mountain takes about a month.




Tibetan pilgrim mother and child




Tibetan Yak Teamster




nephrite jade Milarepa carving

Tibetan poet Saint Milarepa at Mount Kailash — carved nephrite jade



52 mile Kailash yatra

52.3 mile Kailash yatra



mural of Milarupa

Rock face mural of Milarupa at Yolmo

Takphuk Senge Dzong, Helambu

 In Tibetan lore, a monk named Milarepa once ventured far enough to reach the top of Mount Meru(Kailash) in the 11th century. When he returned, he forewarned everyone to avoid disturbing the God resting high up in the peak.


Kailash pilgrimage prostrations

Kailash trail pilgrimage prostrations



Taversing the sweeping valleys at Kailash

Traversing the sweeping valleys



Beginning the parikrama of Mount Kailash



girl at Mount Kailash

The Yatra of Mount Kailash can be done in one day, if young and fit



Pack Yaks on the path to Kailash

Pack Yaks on the path


Solo pilgrim nearing Mount Kailash



Mount Kailash panorama

Imposing North face of Mount Kailash

Due to its religious significance, Kailash remains an unclimbed mountain. In 1926, Hugh Ruttledge studied the north face, which he estimated was 7300 feet high and “utterly unclimbable”



Statue of Shiva at Mount Kailash



Steady Yaks on the Kailash route



descending group of pilgrims

Descending group of pilgrims on a rocky path



eastern perspective of Mount Kailash

Eastern perspective of Mount Kailash



Marco Butturini photo

Photo Marco Butturini




Kailash jubilation


kailash pilgrims

Tibetan family trekking the circuit



Mount Kailash is also known in Tibetan as Gang Rinpoche



The south side of Kailash with the spine up middle

The Southern side of Kailash with the spine up the middle


Ancient stupa

An ancient rock stupa



Pooranmashi or full moon night at Mt Kailash has deep significance during “Shiv Bhoomi”



Kailash north face

Kailash stupas




Mount Kailash western face

Mount Kailash western face



Saptarishi-Cave inner Kailash circuit

Saptarishi Cave inner Kailash circuit



Tibetan female guide with horse




Mount Kailash Sphinx appearance

The Sphinx like Mt. Kailash




Triumphant completion of yatra



antique-very-old Avalokiteshvara rupa-altar.-the-Avalokiteshvara-rupa-is-hand-carved-on-wood-and-altar-is-of-copper-8-inch.

Old Avalokiteshvara hand carved rupa altar




Nicholas Roerich — ‘Krishna Spring in Kulu’ – 1930

I first saw the spectacular scale and splendour of the Himalayas at Manali in the Kulu Valley in the mid-seventies on my way to the Rhotang Pass.



Himalayan vista




Buddha’s shoes


Sèvres Art Déco vase with mountain explorer

Sèvres Art Déco vase with mountain traveller



Floating Dakini art by Eva Schicker

Floating Dakini art by Eva Schicker




 Monastery at Lho on the Manaslu Circuit Trekking route



Luminokaya Buddha art

Luminokaya Buddha art



Venerable Milarepa

Venerable Milarepa



Ceiling of ‘Cave of Self arisen Sun and Moon’ A natural formation at the Nyida Rangjung meditation cave of Padmasambhava

Above village of Milamkhyim in Yolmo




The Nebra Sky Disk is the earliest known guide to the heavens yet discovered1800-BC

The Nebra Sky Disk is the earliest known guide to the heavens yet discovered

1800 BC



Omnipresent Buddha at Espaco Restaurant, Brazil


A few miles to Lapchi - trekking

A few miles to Lapchi



Tiger Cave Lion Fortress where Marpa instructed Milarepa to go and meditate

Helambu (Yolmo)


Vintage photo of Indian girl in Sari


Tibet Road in the Himalayas, photographed in 1867 by Samuel Bourne.



Ama Dablam mountain (the main peak – 6814m) – Tanya Sharapova

Sagarmatha national park, Nepal.



Sunset view from Helambu