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3 contemporary female ceramicists – Britain




Vivienne Foley


Vivienne Foley makes hand thrown, classical and abstract porcelain’s displaying clean lines and a multitude of  shapes.

“The excitement and challenge for me is to produce flowing forms from a process fraught with technical difficulties. I try to factor in all the variables knowing that during drying, glazing and firing, the works will take on a life of their own, and that no two are ever the same.”


Vivienne-Foley green melon ceramic vessel

Green melon pod vessel – Vivienne Foley




Vivienne-Foley-limited-edition-print red flower in black vase

Vivienne Foley limited edition print




Vivienne Foley-sculptural porcelain art - black and white vase combo

Vivienne Foley sculptural porcelain art



Vivienne Foley, Bird Form, bronze sculptural vessel

Vivienne Foley, ‘Bird Form’, bronze

Vivienne Foley’s bronze sculptures are a recent development of her best known works in porcelain, a medium she has worked in for over forty years. By moving between porcelain and bronze she introduces the contrasting nature of her materials and challenges our perceptions of both.



Vivienne-Foley-Black-Butterfly-Vase-porcelain wide lip

Vivienne Foley  —  ‘Black Butterfly Vase’ of porcelain



Limited Edition Prints---Vivienne Foley pink flower in white vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-Connected Form number-3-Triple-Balance-H-61cm-Unique

Vivienne Foley – ‘Connected Form number 3′

Height 61 cm


Vivienne Foley-black Boat Neck vase-Height-30cm

Vivienne Foley — ‘Boat Neck vase’



Bunch--Vivienne-Foley three long neck white vases

‘Bunch’ –Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-black porcelain corrugated-vase

Vivienne Foley – black porcelain ‘Corrugated Vase’



Two asymmetrical neck corrugated vases at Vivienne-Foley exhibition

Two asymmetrical neck corrugated black vases —  Vivienne Foley



Limited Edition Prints---Vivienne Foley Yellow flower in black vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-pair of vases with wide asymmetrical lips

Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-limited-edition-print of single purple flower in blue vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley




Vivienne Foley  —  ‘Ridged Spindle Form’ ivory crackle glazed porcelain

32cm height



Vivienne-Foley-sculptural-ceramics - combined group of white free form vases

Vivienne Foley sculptural ceramics



Flame-by-Vivienne Foley vessel with wavy neck


‘Flame’ by Vivienne Foley

Height 52cm



Vivienne Foley Tall Forked Vase-ivory-crackle-glazed-porcelain-44-cm

Vivienne Foley ‘Tall Forked Vase’ -ivory crackle glaze porcelain

44 cm height




Ingrid Saag


“I never tire of portraying the female form, which I often use when I explore themes of romance, love, lust, and other human emotions and feelings through poetry and other written material. The poetry of Pablo Neruda has been a huge inspiration in this area. On the larger work the painting and poetry is sometimes carried to the inside of the pot. Another favourite subject has been the use of simple abstract patterns, such as checks or stripes, a perfect way to indulge in my exploration of and play with colour. This developed from my habit of testing every new material in different ways and combinations on test tiles which are like mini abstract paintings, which act as inspiration for future work.”

“Clear, vivid colours, an integral feature of my work, were probably instilled into my psyche during my childhood growing up in the tropics. Colour has a powerful therapeutic action, which can have a healing and rebalancing effect for both the artist and the viewer. Although my medium is ceramics, my work has drawn more from painting. On some of my more complex painted larger vases, I can use more than 40 different colours. Landscape and the natural world can also be a starting point for some of my designs.”



Ingrid-Saag - Swing vase illustrated with couples dancing

Ingrid Saag – ‘Swing’


Ingrid Saag was born and grew up in Georgetown, Guyana. She trained in illustration at art colleges in London and Brighton. This led to a busy career for some 20 years as a freelance illustrator in publishing, packaging and advertising. In 2003 she began working with ceramics.


Ingrid Saag 2012.-Dora Maar vase

Ingrid Saag  — ‘Dora Maar’ vase



Ingrid-Saag-vase-blond girl-in-bikini

Ingrid Saag vase blond girl in bikini



Ingrid_Saag-ceramic-vase lady wearing bird hat

‘Mandarin Duck Lady’  —  Ingrid Saag


“Most of my work is at present made in moulds that I have designed, by casting with Limoges white earthenware casting slip. Some pieces are altered after removal from the mould. On some work, I paint with a combination of coloured slips, underglazes and glazes, using brushes, pens, pencils and chalks. A semi matt or glossy transparent glaze is sprayed on to finish. Other work may simply be decorated with brush on glazes.”




Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag ceramic vase with Picasso style motif

Ingrid Saag – ‘Dora Maar’




Ingrid Saag nude woman vase


Ingrid_Saag Mango Pickers vase - lady carrying mangoes on her head

‘Mango Pickers’ – Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag -- The Three Graces - nude females in the garden

Ingrid Saag — ‘The Three Graces’



Ingrid Saag-2012-Lindy Hop Party

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Lindy Hop Party’ vase



Jngrid_Saag-ceramic-bowl Seated Nude

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Seated Nude’ ceramic bowl


Ingrid Saag-ceramic vase - Isabella

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Isabella’



Ingrid Saag at an exhibition

Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag standing nude woman vase

Ingrid Saag vase



Ingrid Saag Lady in Red,-2007

Ingrid Saag —  ‘Lady in Red’



Ingrid Saag - Irises vase

Ingrid Saag – ‘Irises’



Ingrid Saag-Salsa,-dancing Salsa couple

Ingrid Saag – ‘Salsa’



Ingrid-Saag -- The Queen,-2008

Ingrid Saag — ‘The Queen’



'Two-Nudes' vase--by Ingrid Saag

‘Two Nudes’ vase by Ingrid Saag




Sophie Cook


Sophie Cook graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in the late nineties with just the original bottle shape in a range of matt turquoises. Since then, a full spectrum of colours and finishes have been developed as well as the emergence of the teardrop and pod shapes. The basis of her technique is classical wheel throwing and turning. She works clay with engineering precision, joining thinly made sections to attain height. It is most unusual to find these construction methods used with porcelain because of it’s high shrinkage and lack of plasticity. Foley’s work is unique because she incorporates these techniques and yet retains the finest qualities of the material.

“My bottles, pods and teardrops are about colour and form. They work well individually and in groups. my ideal is for them to be seen as a 3-dimensional still life that, when viewed from different angles, create new relationships between the pieces.:

“Every piece is a challenge to make as porcelain is such a fluid medium on the wheel. I throw four pieces a day, which are left to dry for two days and are then carved to refine the shape. After drying for a week, they are bisque fired to 1050.c. The glaze is then sprayed on and they are fired to 1260.c. rarely, if ever, do all four pieces survive the carving and firing processes.”


Sophie-Cook ceramic contemporary vases by three

Sophie Cook ceramic contemporary vases



Sophie Cook ceramic contemporary vases in a decorative set

Sophie Cook contemporary vases



Fifth-Element-Sophie-Cook vase display

‘Fifth Element’ dining with Sophie Cook vase display



Sophie Cook contemporary vases in turquoise and lime green

Sophie Cook  —  vivid colors in lime and turquoise with matt glaze on contemporary vases



green ceramic bottles-Sophie-Cook

Long neck ceramic bottle cluster – Sophie Cook



Madison Hotel-Sophie Cook white bottles

Sophie Cook white bottle display — Madison Hotel




Sophie Cook squat purple vase

Sophie Cook squat purple teardrop vase



Sophie Cook with her colorful vases

Sophie Cook


Collection of white porcelain vessels by Sophie Cook

Collection of white porcelain vessels by Sophie Cook



Two canary yellow ceramic bottles - Sophie Cook

Two yellow ceramic bottles – Sophie Cook


Sophie Cook porcelain bottles

Sophie Cook porcelain teardrop bottles



Orange and white ceramic bottles -- Sophie Cook

Elegant ceramic bottles  —  Sophie Cook



Contemporary and vintage porcelain wares

Contemporary and vintage porcelain wares  —  Sophie Cook



Sophie Cook - porcelain bottles on the mantle

Sophie Cook – porcelain bottles on the mantle



Two blues bottles - Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook





Aussie indigenous arts – Hood Museum


Dugong and Wallaby Story- Terry Platt, Australian (Kuuku Ya'u Lama Lama)-Cape York-2002 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Dugong and Wallaby Story’ – Terry Platt, Australian (Kuuku Ya’u Lama Lama)-

Cape York-2002


The art presented here is from a large collection of indigenous Australian art generously donated to the Hood Museum at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH by Will Owen and Harvey Wagner.
After seeing the 1988 exhibition ‘Dreamings: The Art of Aboriginal Australia’ in New York, Will Owen and Harvey Wagner were inspired to journey Downunder in the early 90’s to witness more indigenous art. However they didn’t anticipate the challenge of finding a diverse range of Indigenous art in the Australian Museums at this time. This provided the impetus for their exploration of the remote Aboriginal communities in Central Australia to discover the source of the authentic Australian art along with travels to other Aboriginal communities at the Top End, the Kimberleys, Tiwi Islands and other communities throughout Australia. This also included visits to Papunya Tula , a mecca at the time for Indigenous artists, being the original location where their art was expressed on canvas rather then bark or directly on the ground.
Four trips over a span of eight years gave them the background to become informed collectors and acquire more knowledge about this unique lifestyle and art. Their immersion into country and indigenous culture provided an understanding of the bond the Australian aboriginals have with the land and gave then the opportunity to witness the innately tranquil presence of the artists working in their own environment and the commitment of the indigenous culture to its art.



Yirritja Dhuwa Gapu II - Galuma Maymuru-2004 Ochres on bark -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Yirritja Dhuwa Gapu II ‘– Galuma Maymuru – Ochres on bark



Aboriginal Australian art combines the use of storytelling, iconography, ceremonial mapping and impressionistic interpretation, sometimes accessed through a timeless Dreaming consciousness, to express connection to land and ancestors. The ancient knowledge is recorded through their art to ensure continuity of lineage, provide behavioral guidance, understand the rich biodiversity of their land and even provide information to finding food and water. Their aesthetic reinforces their connection to Spirit by reaffirming dreaming sites, ancestral travels and reverence to country. Land maintenance, living in harmony with themselves and the native animals and the evolution of their Universe are all entwined in the “Law” of their Dreaming . The past and future dissolve into the ever present stream of spirit in the Dreamtime and the indigenous art and its deep narrative quite often convey this.


Wayne Bright Tjangala, Australian, 20th century Rockhole Dreaming 1990 Melbourne - Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner

Wayne Bright Tjangala, Australian, 20th century ‘Rockhole Dreaming’ 1990 Melbourne

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College – Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner



Mutjalandjal (Dolphin) sculpture-- Rrawun Ganambarr 2004 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Mutjalandjal’ (Dolphin)  —  Rrawun Ganambarr


Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College



Bai Bai Napamgardi, - 1995 - Marpun near Yakka Yakka, in the Great Sandy Desert

Bai Bai Napamgardi, – 1995 – Marpun near Yakka Yakka, in the Great Sandy Desert




Kitty Kantilla, Australian (Tiwi), about 1928 - 2003 Tunga 1960,s -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Kitty Kantilla,  Tunga 1960,s



Estelle Hogan - 1999 Minyma Tjuta Aboriginal art painting -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Estelle Hogan – ‘Minyma Tjuta’



Charlie-Tjaruru-(Tawara)-Tjungurrayi,-Australian-(Pintupi)--Walungurru-Yala-Dreaming-at-Jiturru-1975 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Charlie Tjaruru — Dreaming at Jiturru




Parayilpil Wetti Dreaming - George Tjapanangka, Australian, born 1938 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Parayilpil Wetti Dreaming’  –  George Tjapanangka,




Rona Panangka Rubuntja- Honey Ant 2002 - Hermannsburg - Terracotta -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Rona Panangka Rubuntja- ‘Honey Ant’ terracotta pot

2002 – Hermannsburg


Strong-Culture---Fiona Omeenyo Australian aboriginal painting -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Strong Culture’ — Fiona Omeenyo

Cape York, Australia – 2003



Warlukurlangu Bush Fire Dreaming - 2000 - Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa Papunya Acrylic on linen -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Warlukurlangu Bush Fire Dreaming’ – 2000 – Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa

Papunya, NT  – Acrylic on linen



Wave Break at Night - Samantha Hobson - Cape York Peninsula 2003 Aussie inigenous art -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Wave Break at Night’ – Samantha Hobson

Cape York Peninsula, 2003


Peter Marralwanga, Australian -Namanjwarre Ochres on stringybark - 1981 - Western Arnhem Land 47.25 inches

Peter Marralwanga, Australian -Namanjwarre  —  Ochres on stringybark

1981  Western Arnhem Land 47.25 inches



Cordula Ebatarinja Pelhtarre, My Sodner - 1955 Hermannsburg

Cordula Ebatarinja Pelhtarre, Mt. Sodner

1955  Hermannsburg



Warnampi Kutjarra Karilwarra (Two Snake Dreaming at Karilwarra)Fred Ward Tjarurru (Tjungurrayi) - 2001 Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner

‘Warnampi Kutjarra Karilwarra’ (Two Snake Dreaming at Karilwarra) Fred Ward Tjarurru

Tjungurrayi – 2001

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner



Old Walter Tjampitjinpa, Australian (Pintupi) 1973 Possum Corroboree Papunya NTHood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner

Old Walter Tjampitjinpa, Australian (Pintupi) ‘Possum Corroboree’

1973 Papunya, NT

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner



Irene Namok, Australian Peaceful Times 2011 - Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Irene Namok  — ‘Peaceful Times’



Ngwarle Untye Aruwe (Corkwood Tree Honey Dreaming)Norbett Lynch Kngwarreye-1996 Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Ngwarle Untye Aruwe’ (Corkwood Tree Honey Dreaming) — Norbett Lynch Kngwarreye



Millie Skeen Nampitjin, Australian (Kukatja), born about 1932 - Two Nangala Sisters Tjipari Dreaming --Wirrimanu 1993 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Millie Skeen Nampitjin  —   ‘Two Nangala Sisters Tjipari Dreaming’

Wirrimanu, 1993



Nancy (Briscoe) Nampitjinpa, Australian, 20th century - Yam Dreaming - Gift of the Estate of Fannie and Alan Leslie M.D.-- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Nancy (Briscoe) Nampitjinpa – ‘Yam Dreaming’

Gift of the Estate of Fannie and Alan Leslie M.D.



Michael Anning, wood carving (Ydinji), Firestarter 2000 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Michael Anning, wood carving, Firestarter (Ydinji)




Mignonette Jamin Nungala---Moongbalin- East Kimberley -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Mignonette Jamin Nungala—Moongbalin

East Kimberley


Mereia Anning, Australian (Yidinyji), 20th century Hunting For Dugongs 2001 East Cape York -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Mereia Anning, ‘Hunting For Dugongs’

2001 East Cape York



Marie Evelyn Puautjimi Ampiji Tiwi Islands 2001 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Marie Evelyn Puautjimi Ampiji Tiwi Islands, Australia




Magdalena Ungwanaka, Australian, 20th century Honey Ant Dreaming -- 1987 - Gift of the Estate of Fannie and Alan Leslie M.D., -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Magdalena Ungwanaka, ‘Honey Ant Dreaming’ — 1987 –

Gift of the Estate of Fannie and Alan Leslie M.D.,



Lorrkon (Hollow Log)Terry Ngamandara Wilson,Mangingrida Western Arnhemland -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Lorrkon’ (Hollow Log)Terry Ngamandara Wilson,

Mangingrida Western Arnhemland




Kata Ala-Maringka Baker, Australian (Pitjantjatjara) -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Kata Ala’ – Maringka Baker



Josette Young Perrurle,2003-Acrylic on linen Aboriginal painting -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Josette Young Perrurle,2003 -Acrylic on linen



Jimmy Robertson Jampijinpa, about 1944 - 2002 -Ngurlurlirrinya (Seed Dreaming) - 1998 --- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Jimmy Robertson Jampijinpa — Ngurlurlirrinya (Seed Dreaming)




Jacinta Lorenzo, Australian (Tiwi) Tunga 1997 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Jacinta Lorenzo, (Tiwi) Tunga




Irene Mbitjana Entata, Australian, Our Country 2002 Hermannsburg -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Irene Mbitjana Entata, ‘Our Country’

2002 Hermannsburg



Ian Cook Mungatopi, Australian - Tiwi Design - 1998 Traditional indigenous Australian art -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Ian Cook Mungatopi, – Tiwi Design – 1998



Goanna, Snake, and Possum Dreamings in Mt. Singleton CountryMichael Nelson Jagamarra, Australian, born 1949 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Goanna, Snake, and Possum Dreamings in Mt. Singleton Country’ — Michael Nelson Jagamarra




Fire Dreaming-Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson, Australian (Warlpiri) 2001-Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College Gift of Will Owen and Harvey Wagner

‘Fire Dreaming’ -Maureen Nampitjinpa Hudson,




Finding-the-Lost-Boy--Silas-Hobson-2002 Indigenous Aussie painting -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Finding the Lost Boy’ – Silas Hobson




Donald-Moko,-Australian oainting -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Donald Moko



Dinny Nolan Jampitjinpa with his painting, Papunya aboriginal comunity, NT -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Dinny Nolan Jampitjinpa with his painting, Papunya aboriginal community, NT




Craig Koomeeta - Shark sculpture Natural ochres and acrylic on milkwood 2003 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Craig Koomeeta – ‘Shark’  sculpture Natural ochres and acrylic on milkwood




Bob-DingleTjapanangka---2000---Tjapangartiwarnu -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Bob Dingle Tjapanangka—2000—Tjapangartiwarnu



Black Gum #2, from the series Australian Graffiti 2007 Christian Thompson, Australian (Bidjara) -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Black Gum #2’,  Christian Thompson

from the series Australian Graffiti 2007



Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, 1974 - Untitled (Budgerigar and Possum Dreaming)-Pupanya -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, 1974 – Untitled (Budgerigar and Possum Dreaming)-

Pupanya, Northern Territory



Bush Turkey-Susan Nakamarra, Australian, 20th century 2001 -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

‘Bush Turkey’ – Susan Nakamarra, Australian, 20th century 2001



Alick Tipoti, Australian, (Kala Lagaw Ya), born 1975 - Mogei Mawa VII -- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Alick Tipoti, Australian, (Kala Lagaw Ya), born 1975 – ‘Mogei Mawa VII’



Alan Griffiths Jungala, Australian, born 1933 Bali Bali Balga 2002 --==-- Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College

Alan Griffiths Jungala

Bali Bali Balga, 2002


Spirits at Springs -- Justin Hayes Perrurle

Spirits at Springs — Justin Hayes Perrurle




More art from the Hood Museum



Autumn Mascoma-2008 Louise Hamlin

‘Autumn Mascoma’ —  Louise Hamlin



Magdalene Odundo, burnished black pottery vessel Kenyan,-born-1950

Magdalene Odundo, burnished black pottery vessel




Water Jar (Olla), Depicting Rainbow Arching over Crosshatched Elements Acoma Pueblo New Mexico

Water Jar (Olla), Depicting Rainbow Arching over Crosshatched Elements

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico



Inka Essenhigh---War-2004 2d

‘War’ — Inka Essenhigh



Megaworld---Josh Simpson - spherical sculpture

‘Megaworld’  —  Josh Simpson




Bird Hanging from Sky - Band Design

Bird hanging from sky  –  Hopi ceramic bowl — Nampeyo



Alison Saar, American sculptor


Allan-C-Houser---Peaceful-Serenity sculpture

Allan C Houser  — ‘Peaceful Serenity’



Allegory of Fishing by James (Jean-Jacques) Pradier, mid 19th century, silvered bronze - Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA.

‘Allegory of Fishing’ by James (Jean-Jacques) Pradier, mid 19th century, silvered bronze

Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA.



Composition,-1916-,-Henri-Laurens abstract painting

‘Composition’ — Henri Laurens




Cypriot, Jug, Early Bronze Age (2700-1900 BCE), Red Polished Ware,

Cypriot, Jug, Early Bronze Age (2700-1900 BCE), Red Polished Ware




Dmitri Baltermants-Soldiers Walking in front of the WW-II Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

Soldiers Walking in front of the WW-II Motherland Calls Monument in Volgograd

Photo – Dmitri Baltermants


African Pende people, Mbuya mask Kwago Area, Congo

Pende people, Mbuya mask Kwago Area, Congo




Double Fuse Wangechi Mutu, Kenyan artist

‘Double Fuse’  —   Wangechi Mutu,




Eric Avery,-American---Chimera-1991

Eric Avery  —  ‘Chimera’




Fall, from The Four Seasons series-2014 Wendy Red Star, American (Apsaalooke (Crow))

‘Fall’, from The Four Seasons series — Wendy Red Star, American (Apsaalooke Crow)



Gama Sennin, the Toad Spirit, teaching Yoshikado and his sister Takiyasha the Arts of Magic Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Gama Sennin, the Toad Spirit, teaching Yoshikado and his sister Takiyasha the Arts of Magic

Utagawa Kuniyoshi woodblock print – 1845



Gregory Williams, American, 20th century Wearing Gravity abstract painting

Gregory Williams  —  ‘Wearing Gravity’



Helmut Newton, Australian, 1920 - 2004 At Karl Lagerfeld's Paris 1974

Helmut Newton photo ‘At Karl Lagerfeld’s’

Paris 1974



African Hip ornament representing the head of a Benin court official-early 18th century, brass and iron

Hip ornament representing the head of a Benin court official-early 18th century, brass and iron



Landscape in the Classical Tradition MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom) -2005-06

Landscape in the Classical Tradition MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom)




Man with Clarinet, 1919 , Henri Laurens

‘Man with Clarinet’, 1919 , Henri Laurens



Monarch Buffalo Horn Cup-Kevin Pourier - 2009-American (Oglala Lakota)

‘Monarch Buffalo Horn Cup’   — Kevin Pourier




Oleg Tchoubakov1--couple-art-love-art Embracing couple on a bike

Oleg Tchoubakov1  – ‘Couple-art-love-art’



This Was Our Home -- Allan Houser , 1993 Modernist sculpture

‘This Was Our Home’ — Allan Houser



We Are Connected #38Charles Spurrier, American

‘We Are Connected #38’  —  Charles Spurrie



We Are All Sacred Frank LaPena, American (Maidu) 2001 Mystical painting

‘We Are All Sacred ‘ — Frank LaPena, American (Maidu)




Woman in Orange Cloth-2006 Etiye Dimma Poulsen, Ethiopian

‘Woman in Orange Cloth’  – Etiye Dimma Poulsen, Ethiopian



Writ Large -- Toyin Ojih Odutola, Nigerian 2016

‘Writ Large’ — Toyin Ojih Odutola, Nigerian 2016



See more of the Hood Museum collection here 









Pots and planters from medium to huge



Korean Large Porcelain Vase---Solvang Antiques----16-inches

Korean large ovoid porcelain vase

Height 16 inches

Solvang Antiques


An assortment of large ceramic vessels including some recent additions to the Atrelier Vierkant collection, large jars from Kate Johnson, monolithic sculpture vessels from the Nigerian/English artist Lawson Oyekan and bright colorful floor planters from the South African ceramic studio, Obbilgato. Also some classic Mid Century ceramic statements from Peter Voulkos, Fabio Leonardi, Gourju Naumovitch and Edwin and Mary Scheier and some pieces from antiquity.
Huge ceramic pots always evoke the ancient pottery traditions of decorating Mediterranean courtyards and doorways, or for utilitarian purposes necessitating large sizes for grain storage, wine vessels and storage of oils and liquids.  They were also a popular feature for 19th century Victorian hallways and gardens. Matching pottery pieces of big dimensions are always useful for creating a sense of symmetry and balance and highlighting architectural features and entrances. Large pots provide a grounded reassurance and the curvaceous forms are usually very complimentary when used for botanical displays.




Loutrophoros Hydria with Wedding Procession

Height 27 inches

480–460BC  —  Museum Fine Arts Houston



Felicity Aylieff- monumental pot-Bath, UK

Felicity Aylieff monumental pot



Felicity Aylieff posing with her monumental ceramic pots

Felicity Aylieff posing with her monumental ceramic pottery




Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom,-2012--Felicity Aylieff

‘Still Life with Jars, Fruits and Cherry Blossom’ — Felicity Aylieff

Height 57.5 inches  —  2012



Two large matching pots - Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel, Mérida, Mexico

Pair of floor pottery vessels – Casa Lecanda Boutique Hotel, Mérida, Mexico



Traditional large pots Sabu-Terracotta-Pottery-at-Denpasar,-Bali,-in-2012--

Sabu Terracotta Pottery at Denpasar, Bali



Chinese cloisonne bottle neck Vase,-Qing Dynasty,-19th century

Large Chinese landscape cloisonne bottle neck vase

Qing Dynasty, 19th century



Pat Jaffray.big-pot-throwing

Pat Jaffray carving the surface of a large pot





Alice Frederico footed vessel with curvy ribbon handle--17.5 inches height

Alice Frederico footed vessel with curvy ribbon handle

17.5 inches height



Two potters at Cretan pottery creating a large pot

Two potters at Cretan pottery, UK


Conical Rito pot – Cretan Pottery

Height 36 inches



Guido-Gambone-large-ceramic-bottle with abstract figure motif

Guido Gambone large ceramic bottle with abstract figure motif



hedge alcove- with large ceramic pot -- John Glover Photography

Hedge alcove with large ceramic pot — John Glover Photography


Leonardi, Rovereto, flared conical vase, white abstract decorations-1950

Fabio Leonardi, Rovereto, flared conical vase, white line abstract decorations



Easter Island statue inspired vases by-Keti Anastasaki

Easter Island statue inspired large vases by Keti Anastasaki



Neolithic Chinese Painted Terracotta Majiayao Jar Yangshao-Culture,-circa-3000 BC

Neolithic Chinese painted large  terracotta Majiayao Jar

Yangshao Culture, circa 3000 BC




Peter Voulkos, Carved Pot,-1951,-Stoneware, 10.75-x-14.5-in

Peter Voulkos, footed carved stoneware pot, 1951

10.75-x 14.5 in



Shio Kusaka’s-poetic,-seductive-ceramics-step-into-the-spotlight-at-the-2014-Whitney-Biennial

Shio Kusaka throwing a huge pot



‘Ancient History’  —  Orange Carrot and White Terra Sigillata with copper inscription – Michael Berkley

Height 25 inches




Black and white kabibe_seashell_floor_vase

Kabibe seashell floor vase




Otto-Heino-ovoid Vase

Otto Heino large ovoid vase




Large hydra floor vase

Height 34 inches




Recessed wall feature with Grecian style vase



19th Century Kutani ovoid pottery Vase

Large Kutani Japanese pottery vase

 19th Century



Momsaic planters – Dina Frid



matching floor vases

Matching pair of floor vases



Atelier-Vierkant-large striped-pots

Atelier Vierkant large striped pots AHE 90



Three matching large ribbed pots-Atelier-Vierkant

Three matching large ribbed saucer pots – Atelier Vierkant




Atelier Vierkant - AHS-140R-Z--and-AHS-180Z-R

Atelier Vierkant – AHS-140R-Z and AHS-180Z-R



Atelier-Vierkant AHC-mixed clay colour pots

Atelier Vierkant AHC pots



Atelier-Vierkant--flower-pots with white hydrangeas

Atelier Vierkant–flower pots with white hydrangeas



Atelier-Vierkant-AHP-planters at church window

Atelier Vierkant AHP planters



Atelier-Vierkant-AUS-incised pots

Atelier Vierkant pair of AUS incised pots



Atelier-Vierkant-OD-ceramic-pots with plants

Atelier Vierkant-OD-ceramic pots



Atelier Vierkant-OD60-ceramic-planter

Atelier Vierkant OD60 ceramic planter

Formentera, Spain




Atelier-Vierkant-SD-tall ceramic-planters

Atelier Vierkant SD tall ceramic planters




Atelier Vierkant huge UH planters – U 120 in grey taupe finish with a limited height of 60cm, planted with bonsai pine trees.






Three pastel blue pots Oostduinkerke Dune Series IV —  Atelier Vierkant



Large floor-vase -- Bay Keramik West German Pottery-Modern-Mid-Century-Vintage

Large floor vase — Bay Keramik West German Pottery




Mosaic floor vase with cacti Badec-Bros-Deco-on-Flickr

Huge Mosaic floor vase with cacti

Badec Bros Deco on Flickr



Barrel shaped-jar with one handle,-earthenware,-wheel-thrown-and-painted-in-black-and-red-on-a-buff-coloured-slip,-Cyprus,-ca.-750-600-BC.

Large barrel shaped jar with one handle, earthenware,Cyprus, ca. 750-600 BC.





Pair of footed outdoor planters



China, late Neolithic period, 2100-1800 BC-Guimet Museum - National Museum of Asian Arts

China, late Neolithic period, 2100-1800 BC

Guimet Museum – National Museum of Asian Arts



Incised Chinese ceramics-CA-300-BCE

Incised Chinese ceramic pottery

CA 300 BCE



large terracotta outdoor planter

Large ovoid terracotta outdoor planter



Black and white striped ceramic floor bottle

Black and white striped ceramic floor bottle



huge 13inch-Iznik-pottery-ceramic-vase

Huge Iznik pottery ceramic vase

Height 13 inches



Pottery Tsubo Vase by Shimizu Yasutaka

Large Pottery Tsubo Vase by Shimizu Yasutaka



Model Jean-Patchett-posing-with-large-amphora-pot

Model Jean Patchett with large amphora pot



Kate-Johnston with her large pot collection

Kate Johnston with her large pot collection




Wheel thrown ceramic jar with lid -- Kate Johnston-cone-12-in-a-large-cross-draft-wood-salt-Kiln.-Carved-patterns,-inlaid-slip,-and-paining-with-glaze

Wheel thrown ceramic jar with lid — Kate Johnston

cone 12 in a large cross draft wood salt Kiln.-Carved patterns, inlaid slip, and painting with glaze




Large & signed Japanese Sumida pottery relief magnolia pinched vase




Large 1952 Ceramic Vase by Gourju Naumovitch-La-Poterie-Grand-ChêNe-Vallauris

Large ceramic Vase by Gourju Naumovitch, 1952

La Poterie Grand ChêNe Vallauris




Large Floor-Vase on stairwell

Large orange ovoid decor pot



Large- Ocean Life' Pitcher--Sarah Moore--Sassafrass Pottery

Large ‘Ocean Life’ Pitcher — Sarah Moore — Sassafrass Pottery



Extra large pottery vase with textured surface

Huge white slip floor vase





Large pottery lamp — Edwin and Mary Scheier



Lawson-Oyekan, with his modern African ceramic sculpture

Lawson Oyekan, monumental ceramic vessel



Lawson Oyekan huge ceramic sculpture vessel

Lawson Oyekan huge monolithic ceramic sculpture vessel

 There is a presence in Oyekan’s forms that speak of his experiences and his upbringing. “My intent is to express human endurance and deliver a message of reassurance: that human suffering can be healed.”



Large-Rhoda-Hepner-Ceramic sculpture Vessel

Massive Rhoda Hepner ceramic sculpture vessel



Mid-Century floor Vase by Eschenbach


Mid-Century floor Vase by Eschenbach



Ruypers Volpini white floor vase pair

Ruypers Volpini white floor vase pair




Monumental Italian Ceramic Floor Vase on Iron Stand

Circa 1950



Nigerian, Culture Bura Ocher Terracotta Jar

Nigerian Bura Ocher Terracotta tri legged Jar




Obbligato red and white abstract pattern planters


Obbligato-mosaic pattern-pot

Obbligato mosaic planter




Obligato mosaic floor pots




Obligato blue and turquoise floor pots




Ott-&-Brewer-American-Belleek stork Vase,

Ott & Brewer American Belleek stork Vase



Red Lodge Clay Center--Robert Briscoe ceramic vessel

Red Lodge Clay Center–Robert Briscoe ceramic vessel





Jun Kaneko, Dango sculpture, 2011, glazed ceramics

Height 72 inches




Jun Kaneko, ceramic sculptural artist

Jun Kaneko spiral Dango



Karine Denis

Tallest height 54 inches




matching saucer pots framing garden gate

Large matching saucer pots framing garden gate




Terracotta Quad handled Grecian Urn



Large Toshiko-Takaezu pot-@Denver-Art-Museum

Large Toshiko Takaezu pot @Denver Art Museum





Sergey Karlov Siberian stone mosaics



 Relief stone mosaic panel for a background to interior pool – Sergey Karlov



Water bearer stone mosaic by Sergey Karlov

‘Living Water’Sergey Karlov


Sergey Karlov grew up in the village of Majna on the southern tip of the Republic of Khakassia in Russia. As a teen he began working at the stone-working plant of the Sayanmramor Combine, as a stone cutter and grinder, then spent 5 years studying at the Urals College of Applied Arts at the Faculty of Artistic Stone.. Here he developed an appreciation for the classical mosaic arts, especially Roman, Byzantine and Florentine styles and also studied the classical products of the old Russian masters of the Ekaterinburg and Peterhof lapidary factories, the Kolyvansky stone-carving plant and historical and cultural monuments represented in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


Serjey Karlov mosaic wall art in stone

‘The Dingling’ — Sergey Karlov


From 2002 to 2007 Karlov lived and worked in Moscow, where he was engaged in the design of decorative environments for residential and administrative interiors, landscape design and monumental and easel mosaics of stone using mixed techniques. Currently Sergey Karlov is living and working in Sayanogorsk.  Alfonso Mucha, Antonio Gaudi and Gustav Klimt are some of the  artists that have influenced his mosaic designs along with the folk and mystical traditions in the region where he resides.  He favours the Florentine tradition using careful utilization of the natural color variations found in the stones. Sinuous botanical borders and motifs, typical of Art Nouveau, appear in some of his mosaic panels. Most of his mosaic pieces are made with stone sourced from the Eastern Siberian steppes. This includes stones from the Khakass steppes and some stones collected from the Salbyk steppes. This sacred territory is popular, not only among tourists but is also a place of interest for the local shamans.

He has refined the technique of reading the rhythm of the stones and combining the colours to compliment this. Sergey collects local steppe stones that have laid for millions of years on the ancient Khakass land. These type of stones, as a rule, do not lend themselves to polishing, and in this there was no special need, since he is interested in their external heterogeneous shape, colours and rough textures. He likes to work with the harmonics of the natural world and stated that “when you are one with nature and often communicate with her, you begin to imitate her and live and create according to her laws, and not by someone else’s thoughts.”


Bottle collection in stone mosaic - Serjey Karlov

 Mosaic bottles – Sergey Karlov



Evening Study on 'Forest mosaic'---relief-mosaic-Moscow 2005-Easel-mosaic---Sergey-Karlov

‘Dusk’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Sergey Karlov stone mosaic wall art panel

‘Sound Lark’ – Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Stone mosaic vessel - Sergey Karlov

Stone mosaic vessel — Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Sergey Karlov carved stone

Mosaic dish Sergey Karlov



Mosaic Landscape wall art -Sergey Karlov

‘Morning in the forest’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Seated solitary female stone mosaic - Sergey Karlov

‘Expectation’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Red Sai -Serjey Karlov-Monumental-mosaic

‘Scarlet Sail’   —  a panel in the technique of Florentine mosaic. 3000х2000 — S.Karlov, A.Klementyev, A.Lobanov —  Monumental mosaic mural



Sergey Karlov--stone mosaic aart

‘Simple Secret’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Stone mosaic dome shape vase – Sergey Karlov



Two abstract naked people mosaic - Sergey Kaarlov

‘Morning of the new day’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



'Small Hut' mosaic  --  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk

‘Small Hut’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


'Verona - Midnight Hour' stone mosaic panel --  Sergey Karlov

‘Verona – Midnight Hour’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Path-of-the-Ancestors---relief-mosaic Sergey Karlov

‘Path of the ancestors’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


Sergey Karlov-mosaic panel

‘Parting’  —  Sergey Karlov



Stone mosaic landscape - Sergey Karlov

‘Larch’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


Girl on horse - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Sergey-Karloff-mosaic-art---prophet in stone

‘Prophet’  —   Sergey Karlov



'On the edge of the Steppes'  --  Sergey Karlov - two reclining women

‘On the edge of the Steppes’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey-Karlov dancing shaman

‘String’  —  Sergey Karlov




Two females nouveau - Sergey Karlov

‘A song for passing a summer’  —  Sergey Karlov



'Kegman Warrior' --  Sergey Karlov

‘Kegman Warrior’ —  Sergey Karlov



Three silhouette figures mosaic - Sergey Karlov

‘Bread’  —  Sergey Karlov



'Pasture 2'  -- Sergey Karlov

‘Pasture 2’  — Sergey Karlov



Angulation of the eel ' --  Sergey Karlov - two fishermen in a boat

‘Angulation of the eel ‘ —  Sergey Karlov



Art Nouveau fireplace - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov stone mosaic fireplace



Sergey Karlov


Sergey-Karlov-mosaic-art-panel - Mandala

‘Mandala’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey-Karlov---Russian-stone-mosaic of Iris flowers

‘Irises’  —  Sergey Karlov


Klimt inspired wall mosaic panel by Sergey Karlov

Klimt inspired ‘The news of the past’  —  Sergey Karlov



stone mosaic phoenix - Sergey Karlov

‘Phoenix’  —  Sergey Karlov


Sergey-Karlov-art mosaics-of-stone

‘Mask’  —  Sergey Karlov


Stone mosaic table by Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov



'Warrior with sword'     --  Sergey Karlov

‘Warrior with sword’     —  Sergey Karlov




Momsaic ikebana vessel - Sergey Karlov

Stone mosaic vase – Sergey Karlov



'The whiff of autumn'  --  Sergey Karlov

‘The whiff of autumn’  —  Sergey Karlov





Still Life relief - Sergey Karlov

Still Life relief   —  Sergey Karlov



Mosaic floral motif table - Sergey Karlov

Mosaic floral motif table – Sergey Karlov



Moonglade Stone-mosaic of three women dancing by Sergey Karlov

‘Moonglade’  —  Sergey Kar;ov



seated nude woman mosaic - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov stone mosaic



'Spring Water'   --  Sergey Karlov

‘Spring Water’   —  Sergey Karlov



'Thaw in the Mountains' mosaic --  Sergey Karlov

‘Thaw in the Mountains’ mosaic —  Sergey Karlov



Seated lady - Detachement - Sergey Karlov

‘Detachement’    —  Sergey Karlov




Bank Krasnoyarsk deep relief mural by Sergey Karlov

Bank Krasnoyarsk deep relief mural – Sergey Karlov




Sergey Karlov mosaic Nympth

‘Nymph’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey Karlov mosaic construction in studio

 Sergey Karlov mosaic construction in studio



Art Nouveau style mosaic art - Sergey Karlov

‘Passing Summer’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey Karlov mosaic panel-reclining-woman

‘Near the water’   —  Sergey Karlov



Nostalgia Stone mosaic by Sergey Karlov

‘Nostalgia’   —  Sergey Karlov








Chilean escultura ceramica – Pascale Lehmann


Pascale-Lehman-Chilean artist

Chilean artist Pascale Lehman




Pascale-Lehman--ceramic textures

Pascale Lehman ceramic textures


Pascale’s abstract sculptural ‘territorio’ pieces reveal a close dialogue with the complex textures of organic landscapes, capturing their gestural energies and providing an innate platform for infusing her personal character into her creations.  At the beginning of her career, after studying design, she  worked as a textile designer. She commenced working with clay in 2005  in Santiago. She sees her art as a mirror to the inner world, that has been decoded with conceptual clarity, flow and rhythm. She feels it is essential to believe in one’s own work and saviour the creative path without being overly fixated with the result. “My expression is clearly spontaneous and intuitive and wants to accept chance. The unsuspected and unpublished appear many times during the process of construction of my work; I am attracted to the mystery of creation. I like to enhance surfaces with evocative textures, that speak of earth, of life.”
“If the material is full of details and texture, that is, if it plays a leading role in a sculpture, I consider it better for the result if the work is accompanied by sobriety in the enameling, where a single color often suffices. When the form and texture is simpler, the color should be used with greater diversity and freedom. I love the simplicity of the docile clay, full of so many expressive possibilities”. Her rugged, yet graceful sculptures are baked in a gas fired kiln.
“As a child I spent a lot of time outdoors, walking in the Chilean forests, climbing trees, admiring the colorful deserts and the Southern glaciers. These experiences enhanced my love of nature and influenced me artistically. The continuous evolutionary metamorphosis in nature creates a huge array of textures and palettes and provides an inviting and tranquil vista for contemplation and expression. My sculptures are connected to nature, and its roots are connected to the extraordinary energy of the earth of my country, with its extremely intense, contrasting landscapes. ”



Pascale Lehman deep blue and white ceramic sculpture

Pascale Lehman deep blue and white ceramic sculpture



Pascale Lehman - ceramic sculpture of combined individual pieces with earthy tones

Pascale Lehman – ceramic sculpture of combined individual pieces




Pascale Lehman-abstract ovoid sculptural form

Pascale Lehman – abstract ovoid sculpture



Pascale Lehman-abstract-ceramic

Pascale Lehman abstract ceramics



Pascale-Lehmann Cilean ceramic artist

Pascale Lehmann





Black and white ceramic vases – Pascale Lehman





Pascale Lehmann ceramic plate



large ceramic sculpture - Pascale Lehmann

Pascale Lehmann





Pascale Lehmann ceramic sculpture

Pascale Lehmann




Pascale Lehmann-with large ceramic sculpture

Pascale Lehmann with large ceramic sculpture



Pascale Lehmann conical shaped bowl

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann abstract ceramic

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann ceramic sculpture

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann Chilean ceramicist

Pascale Lehmann


Pascale Lehmann ceramic art

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann sculpture art

Pascale Lehmann



Large ceramic sculpture - Pascale Lehmann

Pascale Lehmann with her sculpture




Pascale Lehman ceramic bowl



Pascale-Lehmann-Chile-ceramic blue and purple

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann




Pascale Lehmann




Pascale Lehmann ceramic textures

Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann raku sculpture

Pascale Lehmann




Pascale Lehmann ceramic textured art

Pascale Lehmann




Ceramic sculpture by Chilean artist Pascale Lehmann

Pascale Lehmann – Territorio 3




Pascale Lehmann raku sculpture

Raku sculpture Pascale Lehmann



Pascale Lehmann abstract ceramic art

Pascale Lehmann abstract sculpture



Pascale-Lehmann blue ceramic sculpture

Pascale Lehmann




Pascale-Lehmann sculpture

Pascale Lehmann



Blue ceramic sculpture - Pascale Lehmann

Pascale Lehmann




Pascale-Lehmann ceramic portal

Pascale Lehmann










Shamanic sculpture vision



Dagur-female shaman-with-her-drum,-1931

Dagur shaman with her drum, 1931.


A collection of Shaman sculptures are on display here including some “dreamer dreaming’ pieces from Clayton Thiel, powerful shaman panel figures from Daniel Hawkins and unique doll sculptures from the Russian Popovy sisters. The transformational shaman theme is explored with ancient and contemporary examples. Understanding the world of the shaman is not easy to grasp for the average mortal. Over the ages, from Siberia down to Tasmania and most countries in-between there have been isolated occurrences of practising Shamans sharing their knowledge. Because the dominant cultural narrative dismisses most forms of “psychic” awareness, their path is rarely recognized or embraced. Some artists feel a connection to this mystical otherworldly phenomena and thankfully explore it through their art. Others traverse it without even knowing and act as conduits for others to have deeper experiences of consciousness through viewing art. The art presented here was sourced without requiring much searching, it felt like it was pre-assembled, which was fitting considering the subject matter.
I once met a shaman in a dream. He approached me holding a white dove with a group of his followers. With a flick of his hand it darted towards me like a missile and became this swirling vortex of energy and light which entered me and went down into my heart. It then re-emerged from my chest and sat calmly in my hand. This was acknowledged as some sort of sign. That’s all I know but I was interested to see birds being a recurring theme in the images that jumped out for this post along with other animal totems.




‘Snow Spirit’ – Yuki Onna



Zande-people-of-D.R.-Congo pottery vessel

Ritual figural vessel from the Zande people of D.R. Congo





Shaman’s Rattle, Northwest Coast, USA

19th Century



Atelier Stella. Chief Square Head Totem in Terracotta.

Atelier Stella. ‘Chief Square Head Totem’ in Terracotta.



Amanda-Shelsher-female bust with an occupied row boat on her head

‘Perfect Storm’Amanda Shelsher. 2015

Photo Bewley Shaylor





Mochica 4 Period  —  Shaman with an owl mask  The owl was regarded as the guide to the afterlife

AD 400 – 600.



Erlenmeyer Painter Greek, Corinthian,-610---600-BC

Erlenmeyer Painter Greek, Corinthian, 610—600-BC



Becky-Gray-_guarded-female head sculpture

Becky Gray  – ‘Guarded’ female head sculpture

“The dichotomy within man mimics that of nature — full of beauty on one hand and destruction on the other,” notes Gray. “In my work, however, I endeavor to convey the inherent goodness within mankind, whether quietly masked or direct.”



Jan Verhees – ‘Moongoddess’


“I feel my sculpture evokes ancient cultures with vestal virgins and priestesses predicting the future by the flight of birds , or the position of the moon. I think this seer is in trance looking at Selene , the moon goddess showing the characteristics of: slim, elegant, elongated, chaste, introverted” — Jan Verhees




Anne-Meyer---Mishima-Lady - sculpture of a kneeling naked woman

Anne Meyer— ‘Mishima Lady’

“I am an artist who has worked in several mediums and has been focused on art-making since I could talk. Recently I have enjoyed making figurative ceramic sculpture as it combines my training in clay with an older love of drawing. It is intuitive to me to build hollow figures from slabs and coils of clay.”




The tree of knowledge - Ivan K Ivanov Blue and white ceramic tree

‘The tree of knowledge’ – Ivan K Ivanov



Clayton Thiel


Clayton Thiel has been sculpting clay and stone for more then 40 years. After gaining his BA in sculpture from Maryville University in 1979, he studied with Peter Voulkos, Manuel Neri and Joan Brown in the the San Francisco Bay area. Like the body of Shaman pieces he has created, he explores sunconscious themes, tapping into dream visages of a surreal quality and also draws inspiration from elemental nature forces and the tranformative.
The dynamic which emerges from juxtapositions between smooth and rough surface textures and light and dark colors has an omnipotent presence in his works along with the mystical symbolism. Thiel states – “These designs are in nature and nature is my inspiration. There is a meditative process that happens when I am building these pieces. Once I have made a big head or a shaman they take a life of their own – demanding I make some choices about the story wanting to be told. I don’t plan these things – rather there is an intuitive decision making process that I have come to surrender to.”
Clayton Thiel’s Shaman series, shown below, also calls upon the dreamer archetype, as a shaman represents one who can hold and move the visions of the world and be a guide through the dream world. Another source of inspiration for many of his pieces comes from his own personal work with the ceremonies and practices of the ancient Inca medicine wheel that has taught him how reclaim the childlike dreamer in his own life, which he likes to depict in his artwork. He also admires the surrealist artists of the 20th century and their abilty to merge improbable combinations of dreams, memories and reflections, and make them appear possible.


Clayton Thiel- Dreamer Dreaming in Eight Parts -- large head sculpture

Clayton Thiel – ‘Dreamer Dreaming in Eight Parts’ 




Clayton Thiel_Stone_Sculptures Truth Sayer Shaman in spiral cape and blue clouds

Clayton Thiel –  ‘Truth Sayer’




standing spiral figure sculpture Clayton Thiel_Stone_Sculptures

Standing spiral figure sculpture – Clayton Thiel




Clayton Thiel – ‘Hummingbird’



Clayton_Thiel_Spirit_Tree - ceramic sculpture of a green head with a tree on top

 ‘Spirit Tree’  – Clayton Thiel



Clayton_Thiel_ShamanicFigures_Raven-Magic black raven saculpture

Clayton Thiel Shamanic Figures ‘Raven Magic’ 


Clayton Thiel spiral vase

Ovoid spiral vase – Clayton Thiel




Clayton_Thiel_Shamanic Figures_Quetzalcoatl-sculpture

Clayton Thiel – ‘Quetzalcoatl’


clayton_thiel_bigHeads_Memory Sculpture of a head with arched buildings on top

Clayton Thiel – ‘Memory’

Big Heads series –




Clayton Thiel – ‘My Familiar’






Clayton_Thiel_ShamanicFigures_Raven-House - Black Raven ond small house

‘Raven House’ – Clayton Thiel

Shamanic Figures series





Clayton_Thiel_eagle sculpture

Clayton Thiel –  ‘Eagle’




clayton_thiel_bigheads_Visitation Green head with shaman above

Clayton Thiel – ‘Visitation’




Clayton Thiel – ‘Moonrise Sunset’





King Head Clayton Thiel head sculpture

‘King Head’  – Clayton Thiel





Clayton-Thiel-ceramic-head sculpture

‘Tree House I Never Got to Build’  – Clayton Thiel


Clayton Thiel website




Fox Warrior ceramic Bottle, c. 4th – 6th century C.E., Moche, Peru MET

Fox Warrior ceramic bottle, c. 4th – 6th century C.E., Moche, Peru




‘Shaman Gold Mask’ – Daniel Hawkins



‘Shaman’ – Daniel  Hawkins




The-Shaman Popovy-Sisters female figure sculpture

‘The Shaman’ –  Popovy Sisters



Popov Sisters doll figure

Popovy Sisters



Lena and Katya Popovy-afrodita African female doll

Lena and Katya Popovy  – ‘Afrodita’




Popovy-Sisters nephritis figure sculpture

Katya and Lena Popov



Pende Giwoyo Mask, from the-DR Congo, with its comically solemn expression

Pende Giwoyo Mask, from the DR Congo, with a comically solemn expression



Nouveau Art Nouveau vase by Stephanie-Young with a spider motifArt Nouveau revival vase – Calmwater Designs –Stephanie Young



Ceramic sculpture male figure with outstretched arms - Carol-Holtzman-Fregoso

‘Reaching’ – Carol Holtzman Fregoso




Peter-Hayes ceramic sculpture

Peter Hayes raku sculpture



Fire-spirit---plate - female face - Jenny Orchard

‘Fire Spirit’ – Jenny Orchard



Choco shaman staff carved

Finial embracing couple on Choco shaman staff, Africa




metallic-rainbow--shine plate Tom Coleman

Tom Coleman



Stephen Parry-atmospheric glazed ceramic vessel

Stephen Parry – atmospheric glazed ceramic vessel



Ceramic Colima_seated_shaman=200BC---200AD

Ceramic Colima seated shaman




Crystal-Morey animal spirit figures

Ceramic animal totems – Crystal Morey



 Forest Woman & Fox, Nature Is Kin, Driftwood Sculpture by Debra Bernier-UK

 ‘Forest Woman & Fox, Nature Is Kin’, Driftwood Sculpture by Debra Bernier




Crystal Shaman by Katherine Mathison - ceramic figure sculpture of a shaman holding a crystal ball

‘Crystal Shaman’ by Katherine Mathison



Etienne bronze sculpture - Esperance -- seated figure abstract

Etienne bronze sculpture – ‘Esperance’



Flight into Egypt---Elya Valonetski a girl playing a mandolin with a crescent moon hat

‘Flight into Egypt’ —Elya Valonetski



Kemileva_Esen ceramic tile of a bird and female head

Kemileva Esen



Starting a New Journey---Blue Fire Studio - hand built from clay, coil built, terra sigillata, fired ceramic under glazes and ceramic glaze pencils, stains.

‘Starting a New Journey’ — Blue Fire Studio

…. hand built from clay, coil built, terra sigillata, fired ceramic under glazes and ceramic glaze pencils, stains.


“This is a self portrait. I am holding open the door to the mystery. This is where the energy comes from for the creation of my life and my art works. I do this by journeying into my energy, my power animal the horse accompanies me. The new moon represents the beginning of a new journey. I feel the stirring of a new direction in my life. I am a teacher. On the back is the representation of my assimilation point in motion creating new vistas, new life”. – artist Blue Fire




Pre-Columbian Inca Black-Glazed Jar

Pre-Columbian Inca Black Glazed Jar



Eric-Stearns,-Raku-lidded vessel with geometric pattern

Eric Stearns Raku vessel




Greek amphora, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, showing the goddess Athena

Greek amphora showing the goddess Athena with birds

National Archaeological Museum of Athens



Irina-Zaytceva-porcelain-art vase on small feet

Irina Zaytceva porcelain art vase



Jamacoaque ceramic Shaman Vessel-—-Ecuador 300BC 400AD

Jamacoaque ceramic Shaman Vessel

Ecuador 300BC – 400AD



Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pottery Olla, Bird to Man Transformation Design circa 1890

Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pottery Olla, Bird to Man Transformation Design circa 1890



Black with gold Kintsugi-vessel-Lakeside-Pottery

Black with gold Kintsugi vessel by Lakeside Pottery



Les Manning, “Touch the Sky,” stoneware clay, porcelain, celadon glaze.

An abstract, sculptural form evoking Alberta landscapes



Marika-Baumler-ceramic female bust

Marika Baumler



Lorraine-Guddemi ceramic sculpture figure

Lorraine Guddemi



Melanie Ferguson--ceramic Urchin @Cavin Morris gallery NYC.

Melanie Ferguson–ceramic Urchin Vessel

@Cavin Morris gallery NYC.




ceramic shaman figure praying

Mocha vessel — shaman healing prayer



Monumental Standing Figure, Possibly a Shaman. Quimbaya, Urabá Area---Colombia. A.D.-500---1000.-Gold

Monumental Standing Gold Figure, Possibly a Shaman. Quimbaya, Urabá Area

Colombia. A.D. 500—1000.



MyungJin-Kim,-Artist,-Cloud-Jar-(front),-2009 with bird on blue cloud motif

Kim Myung Jin -‘ Cloud Jar’




Gold statue - Ancient Hittite sun goddess, more commonly referred to simply as the sun goddess of Arinna.

Ancient Hittite sun goddess, more commonly referred to simply as the sun goddess of Arinna.




Black Olmec Shaman Jaguar Transformation sculpture figure

Olmec Shaman Jaguar Transformation sculpture figure~ The Olmec (ca.1200 BCE-ca.400 BCE) were the first major civilization in Mexico following a progressive development in Soconusco. They lived in the tropical lowlands of south-central Mexico, in the present day states of Veracruz and Tabasco ~ considered the forerunner of all subsequent Mesoamerican cultures such as the Maya and Aztecs.


Botella Feline Head  vessel —  Perú, Tembladera



Olmec-Shaman's-green sculpture animal-spirit-companion

Olmec Shaman’s animal spirit companion



Mambila peoples ceramic ritual vessel, spaceman like motif -~-Nigeria,-Cameroon

Mambila peoples ceramic ritual vessel,~-Nigeria, Cameroon



Abstract dove sculpture-dynamische-vorm.-Vogel-abstrater

Michiel Linders



Amazon. The Shaman and the Thought of the Forest

Museum of Ethnography of Geneva



Sculpture from the workshop of a Yoruba sculpture master, Olowe von Ise, Nigeria



Jennifer-Falter-sgraffito Owl-Ceramic-Vase in black on white

Jennifer Falter sgraffito Owl Vase



 Olumeye Bird Altar Bowl, Olowe of Ise, Nigeria, C. 1925





Susan Seddon Boulet



Terracotta jug Cypro Archaic -- Date 750–600-B.C

Terracotta bird motif jug Cypro Archaic — Date 750–600 B.C



Yoruba Opon Igede Ifa-(Divination-Bowl), Nigeria

Yoruba Opon Igede Ifa (Divination Bowl), Nigeria



Rozenburg, Den Haag, crane motif vase W.P. Hartgring, 1899

W.P. Hartgring crane motif vase for  Rozenburg, Den Haag





Nigerian ritual ceramic vessel

Nigerian ritual terracotta vessel




Shamanic-Dream-Stones sculpture

‘Shamanic Dream Stone’ sculpture – Mamzelle Rivalekja ( ‘With my Germanic and Scandinavian pagan heritage going as far back as the 8th and 9th century, ; I’m a spiritual practitioner of the Pagan Arts’)

Dream stones are dynamic, potent and effective allies for gazing, meditation and journeying. They are a portal; they support and enhance connecting to inner worlds.




Shaman Effigy Vessel; Guanacaste-Nicoya, earthenware, white slip overall, slip paint,

circa AD 1000-1350 The Walters Art Museum


Georges-Saulterre clay sculpture

Georges Saulterre



Shaman's Talisman (Bear Tooth with Red-tailed Hawk design). Blown and Sand carved glass, by Joe David.

‘Shaman’s Talisman’ (Bear Tooth with Red-tailed Hawk design). Blown and Sand carved glass, by Joe David.



Moorcroft-pottery-'Peacock-feather' vase

‘Peacock feather’ vase – Moorcroft



Porcelain Temple Jar with Iron Brown Long Life crane emblem

Porcelain Temple Jar with iron brown Long Life crane emblem



Rometti_2017 vaso tartaruga bianco( White Turtle Vase)Presenza sciamana -- Shaman Presence)Jean Christoph Clair

Vaso tartaruga bianco (White Turtle Vase) — Presenza sciamana — (Shaman Presence) — Jean Christoph Clair

Rometti 2017







Gusto mache mucho papier figures



Girl riding penny farthing bike - Natalia Mendoza

Girl riding penny farthing bike – Natalia Mendoza


Papier Mache arts


It’s not surprising that papier mache originated in China, being the original inventors of paper. It is recorded that during the Han Dynasty (BC 202 – AD 220), lacquer reinforced papier mache was used to create helmets followed by other 3 dimensional objects in the decorative arts. Its use spread to Japan and Persia followed by Europe. The use of papyrus scrolls predates this in Egypt and the Mediterraneum but it wasn’t as suitable for creating paper mache due to having a less fibrous structure that could be broken down. Between the mid-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, England and France developed industries where furniture and architectural ornamentation was made from papier mache along with decorative objects.
Rice flour, rye meal, mashed potato, tobacco leaves, plaster, resin and clay were some of the other traditional ingredients added with the paper in the production of papier mache. It was also reinforced with linens and muslin. The addition of the oil of cloves or other additives such as salt was included in the mixture as an antiseptic along with using potash to act as a deterrent against insects. Newspaper is still a convenient and popular choice for production using the pulp method of soaking overnight or boiling to obtain a malleable consitency. The application of soaked paper strips is sometimes favoured for building forms of a large size.
Animated puppets, dolls, figurines, lidded boxes, lightweight props for theatre and stage productions and sculptures are some of the applications still using papier mache in the arts. The focus here is on five current papier mache artists: Natalia Mendoza from Barcelona, Brazilian artists  Fábio de Souza Pinheiro and Ubiratã Trindade, Colombian Mauricio Perez and Chicagoan Tato Correa.



A Palekh jewellery box depicting a scene from the fairy tale Tsarevitch Ivan,-the-Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf

A Palekh jewellery box depicting a scene from the fairy tale ‘Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf’

Palekh Russian lacquer art on papier-mâché first appeared in 1923 in the village of Palekh


Natalia Mendoza




Natalia Mendoza was born in Barcelona, then ​​lived in Uruguay while she studied and after graduating in architecture, returned to Barcelona, where she continued her passion for creating dolls. This had been with her since her childhood and was inspired by the colourful characters in the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’.


Natalia Mendoza papier mache girl figure

Natalia Mendoza  – papier mache girl figure with paper plane



Natalia Mendoza papier mache artist

Natalia Mendoz, Barcelona



Natalia-Mendoza - paper mache siamese twins

Natalia Mendoza – paper mache Siamese twins



Natalia Mendoza girl in green dress hopscotch figure

Natalia Mendoza hopscotch girl figure


Papier Mache Skipping Girl----Natalia Mendoza

‘Skipping Girl’   —-  Natalia Mendoza



Volarina---Natalia Mendoza sculpture of dancing couple

‘Volarina’ — Natalia Mendoza – paper mache and clay sculpture



Papel pra toda Obra  –  Fábio de Souza Pinheiro & Ubiratã Trindade


Sao Paulo resident Fabio de Souza Pinheiro has  participated in several courses related to art and specifically to working with mask, puppet and animation theater, with exhibitions in Belém, Brasilia and Salvador. He was a member of the ‘A Roda’ group of puppet theater (with performances staged in Salvador and other states of Brazil.

He belongs to Papel pra toda Obra (‘Paper for every Work’) which is a papier mache collective of artists that has explored, for over 12 years, the techniques and possibilities for manipulating paper into abstract forms, utilitarian objects, masks, articulated dolls, caricatures, furniture, toys, allegories and various scenarios. He has a particular interest in the universe of the circus, through figurative forms representing the playfulness of clowns, balancers, acrobats and trapeze artists, all modeled and carved in paper. Another member, Ubiratã Trindade, is inspired by popular dance and the culture closely related to Candomblé.


Ball-bearer-Fábio-de-Souza-Pinheiro - balancing clown on a ball

‘Ball bearer’ – Fábio de Souza Pinheiro

Papel pra toda Obra, Brasil




escultura Orixás-Ubiratã-Trindade papier mache sculpture

Escultura Orixás – Ubiratã Trindade

Papel pra toda Obra


Clown balancing act --- Papel pra toda Obra

Clown balancing act — Fábio de Souza Pinheiro

Papel pra toda Obra



Fábio de Souza Pinheiro Clown with dog

Fábio de Souza Pinheiro  – Clown with performing dog

Papel pra toda Obra


Papel pra toda Obra - clown riding bike

Papel pra toda Obra – clown riding bike



Papel pra toda Obra -- paper mache clown balancing on a red ball

Papel pra toda Obra — paper mache clown balancing on a red ball




escultura-The sculptures of Bahia in Samba de Roda are made by Ubiratã Trindade,-inspired by popular dance closely related to Candomblé.

Escultura – The sculptures of Bahia in Samba de Roda are made by Ubiratã Trindade, inspired by popular dance closely related to Candomblé.


Fábio de Souza Pinheiro unicyclist clown

Fábio de Souza Pinheiro – unicyclist clown

Papel pra toda Obra


Papel pra toda Obra -- girl balancing on ball

Fábio de Souza Pinheiro — girl balancing on ball

Papel pra toda Obra



Papel pra toda Obra-female paper mache wall figure

Papel pra toda Obra – female paper mache wall figure



Papel-pra-toda-Obra-clown-on-box in yellow top hat

Fábio de Souza Pinheiro  – clown on box

Papel pra toda Obra



Papel-pra-toda-Obra-paper-mache clown

Papel pra toda Obra  — paper mache clown



Papel-pra-toda-Obra - reclining female papier mache

Papel pra toda Obra – reclining female in black hat papier mache sculpture




Papel pra toda Obra wall relief with crowned female

Papel pra toda Obra papier mache wall relief art



Papel pra toda Obra - circular mermaid wall art

Papel pra toda Obra – circular blue mermaid wall art




Papel pra toda-Obra-papier mache clown acrobats

Papel pra toda Obra – papier mache clown acrobats



Papel-pra-toda-Obra paper mache girl with air balloon

Papel pra toda Obra paper mache girl with air balloon



Papier mache artist Ubiratã Trindade

Ubiratã Trindade papier mache artist



Papel-pra-toda-Obra-chef carrying a cake

Papel pra toda Obra – chef carrying a cake



Trapeze artist-papier mache

Trapeze artist papier mache – Fábio de Souza Pinheiro

see more here – Artesanum



Mauricio Perez


Colombian native Mauricio Perez is a ‘plastico artista’ who covers a diverse range of subject matter for the many papier mache characters he creates ranging from celebrities, fairytales, fantasy worlds and other imaginative flights of fancy.


Papier Mache Whirling Dervish----Mauricio Perez

Papier Mache Whirling Dervish —- Mauricio Perez




Red and gold Elizabeth paper mache sculpture -Mauricio Perez

‘Elizabeth’ paper mache figure – Mauricio Perez



Mauricio Perez--girl sitting with cat

Mauricio Perez — girl sitting with cat



Van Gogh sunflowers - Mauricio Perez

Van Gogh sunflowers – Mauricio Perez




Mauricio Perez chef



Mauricio Perez pierrot heads

Mauricio Perez pierrot heads



Guardian angel - Mauricio Perez

Guardian angel – Mauricio Perez



Mauricio Perez -- 2015-black-cat with lady in a pink dress

Mauricio Perez — 2015


Blue striped cat - Mauricio Perez

Blue striped cat – Mauricio Perez



Mauricio Perez - 3 paper mache fashion models

Mauricio Perez – 3 paper mache fashion models




Mauricio Perez--Frida Kahlo

Mauricio Perez–Frida Kahlo



Mauricio Perez-female-jester in red,gold,black and white

Mauricio Perez – female jester



Mauricio Perez-three clowns

Mauricio Perez – three clowns



Mauricio Perez


Mauricio Perez--head in clouds paper mache figure

Mauricio Perez — head in clouds



Mauricio Perez - king with no clothes

Mauricio Perez – king with no clothes


Mauricio Perez- the kiss

Mauricio Perez- Kissing couple



Mauricio Perez Klimt in gold

Mauricio Perez Klimt in gold



Mauricio-Perez-paper-mache female figure

Mauricio Perez



Mauricio-Perez---paper-mache Saint Francis

Mauricio Perez, 2016



Mauricio-Perez-paper-mache-girl with tree hat

Mauricio Perez paper mache girl with tree hat



Mauricio Perez paper mache figures models

Mauricio Perez paper mache figures models



Mauricio Perez rainbow wolf paper mache figurine

Mauricio Perez rainbow wolf



Mauricio-Perez---strongman weight lifter

Mauricio Perez — strongman



Mauricio Perez---Yellow Submarine---Beatles

Yellow Submarine—Beatles  —  Mauricio Perez



Picasso figures---Mauricio-Perez paper mache

Mauricio Perez paper mache




Tato Correa

Coco and Pepe


Tato Correa mainly does papier mache figure sculptures of iconic fashion.


Breakfast at Tiffany's---Audrey Hepburn-Coco-and-Pepe---Tato-Correa

Breakfast at Tiffany’s—Audrey Hepburn – — Tato Correa

Coco and Pepe



Channel---Jacqueline Kennedy - Tato Correa,----Coco and Pepe

Channel—Jacqueline Kennedy – Tato Correa

Coco and Pepe



Catherine Deneuve---Belle Du Jour---Tato Correa, Chicago

Catherine Deneuve — Belle Du Jour — Tato Correa, Chicago

Coco and Pepe


Twiggy -- Tato Correa, Chicago

Twiggy — Tato Correa, Chicago


Cindy Lauper---Album Cover 1983---Tato Correa,

Cindy Lauper—Album Cover 1983 — Tato Correa,



Dita Von Tease---Day Dress---Tato Correa,-Chicago

Dita Von Tease — Day Dress — Tato Correa, Chicago


Lucille Ball---White Apron -- Tato Correa

Lucille Ball — Tato Correa





Fragrance atomisers, incense burners


A collection of antique and vintage incense burners, snuff bottles, fragrance vapourisers and perfume bottles.


Etruscan Perfume jar - goddess of love Turan

Etruscan Perfume jar – Turan goddess of love


Research of  ancient Egyptian notes recorded on papyrus & engravings on the temple walls have revealed that a sophisticated technique was in practice for extracting essential oils from flora and herbal plants. A layer of vegetable fat was used for absorbing the essence of the aromatic flowers, which was then dissolved in alcohol to be used in cosmetics & toiletries. This ancient technique is known as Enfleurage and the resulting aromatic oils were also used for massage, inhalation, potions and even ingested.

Here is an ancient fragrance formula from Egypt

Myrrh: 3 parts
Sandalwood: 2 parts
Frankincense: 1 part
Rose Petals: 1 part
Lotus Oil: a few drops
Raw Honey: 1/2 parts
Dried Raisins (crushed): 1/2 part
Mix thoroughly and let dry over many days. Cut into small blocks or roll into small pellets.



12th Century Korean Celadon censer

12th Century Korean Celadon censer



1920s-French-atomizer, decorated porcelain clown playing saxaphone

French atomizer, decorated porcelain clown playing saxophone





Argilor. Paris. Woman in the vase.-Circa 1925 1935.-Night-light-burner-perfumes-enamelled-porcelain-polychrome

‘Argilor’, Paris. Woman with vase. Night light burner perfume vaporiser enamelled porcelain polychrome

Circa 1925-1935

Camard-&-Associés Auction House ( see more below)




Chinese snuff bottle  —  Qing dynasty




Pierre Cardin-(1922)-Enigma black tinted glass perfume bottle

Pierre Cardin-(1922) – Enigma black tinted glass perfume bottle



Art Deco Perfume Lamp-Folies-Bergeres-Dancer-Night-Light-Sheryls Art Deco

Art Deco Perfume Lamp – Folies Bergeres Dancer Night Light

Sheryls Art Deco



Galle-Art-Nouveau-Cameo-Perfume-Bottle leaf relief decoration

Galle Art Nouveau Cameo Perfume Bottle




Figural Paris Porcelain Perfume Bottle-Prob-By-Jacob Petit

French oriental figural, Paris Porcelain Perfume Bottle – Prob By Jacob Petit




Alasdair Gordon perfume bottle Rabbit in snow

Alasdair Gordon contemporary perfume bottle



White and gold ceramic Siamese perfume bottle

White and gold ceramic Siamese perfume bottle



Crystal-Art-Deco-Cubist Perfume-Bottle-Live auctioneers

Crystal Art-Deco Cubist Perfume Bottle – Live auctioneers




‘The singer and the guitarist’  – Polychrome porcelain enameled night light, perfume vapouriser

Circa 1925 1935



cloisonne enamel tripod censer and- over---China,-qing-dynasty,-qianlong-period-(1736-1795)

Cloisonne enamel tripod censer and cover—China, Qing dynasty

Qianlong period (1736-1795)




Porcelain Scent Bottle, 1800’s France



Antique Noritake Porcelain Perfume Bottle-Lustre

Art Deco Noritake Porcelain Perfume Bottle



Antique Sitzendorf Figural Crown Top Perfume Scent Bottle C1910

Antique Sitzendorf Figural Crown Top Perfume Scent Bottle




Ceramic Incense Holder (Moonlight White Crackle Glazed) by Shoyeido

Ceramic Incense Holder (Moonlight White Crackle Glazed) by Shoyeido




Art deco perfume bottle with red female figure motif

Art deco perfume bottle



Chinese Cloisonne footed Incense Burner

Chinese Cloisonne Incense Burner



Chinese Jade Incense Burner, Shape of three foo lions

Chinese Jade Incense Burner with lid



Chinese porcelain perfume bottle with lid

Chinese porcelain perfume bottle




Chinese Snuff Bottle



Chinese snuff bottle, porcelain moulded in relief, painted decoration depicts the underside of a lotus flower,-Qing Dynasty;-ca.-1750

Chinese snuff bottle, porcelain moulded in relief, painted decoration depicts the underside of a lotus flower

Qing Dynasty; ca. 1750




Blue with gold highlights porcelain perfume bottle, 19th century




 Double Headed Incense Pot. Design Elements: Jaguar, plumed serpent. Chorotega.ceramic vessel -San Vicente on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica

 Double Jaguar headed incense vessel Chorotega ceramics

San Vicente on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica



Early 20th Century American Ballerina Perfume Lamp by Fulper Pottery COLLETTI-GALLERY-Chicago

American Ballerina Perfume Lamp by Fulper Pottery  —  COLLETTI GALLERY Chicago

Early 20th Century



Figural Vintage Deco HATTIE CARNEGIE Gold Perfume Bottle

Figural Vintage Art Deco Hattie Carnegie Gold Perfume Bottle



Chinese fine painted ivory double snuff bottle--dating19th-20th Century

Chinese fine painted ivory double snuff bottle
19th-20th Century



Green quartz ‘liu hai and toad’ snuff bottle official school, qing dynasty,-18th---19th-century

Green quartz ‘liu hai and toad’ snuff bottle official school, qing dynasty

18th-19th century



Hedi Schoop ceramic perfume night light

Hedi Schoop ceramic perfume night light



Japanese Satsuma incense vessel

Japanese Satsuma incense vessel



Incense box (kogo) in the form of a plum flower, Edo period

Incense box (kogo) in the form of a plum flower

Edo period



Incense burner Chinese Sancai 3 color' tripod incense burner lead-­‐based glazes mixed with copper (green) and iron (amber-brown).

Incense burner Chinese ‘Sancai 3 color’ tripod incense burner lead-­‐based glazes mixed with copper (green) and iron (amber-brown).



Kangxi Chinese famille verte porcelain rosewater sprinkler




Rene Lalique Helene perfume bottle

Rene Lalique Helene perfume bottle



Heinrich Hoffman perfume bottle, circa-1920s,-in-opaque black and orange crystal with metalwork and jewels

Heinrich Hoffman perfume bottle- opaque black and orange crystal with metalwork and jewels

Czech circa 1920s


Rene-Lalique-perfume-bottle amber glass with whit dancing female nudes

Rene Lalique perfume bottle



Le Jour Vintage Perfume Bottle Art Deco Style perfume-France

Le Jour  Art Deco Style perfume bottle – France



Maurice-Marinot-lidded glass bottle(1925)-Artsy

Maurice Marinot lidded glass bottle

(1925) Artsy




J ‘ ai Fait Un Reve –  ‘I have a dream’.  A bright matte bottle is crowned with a sculptural cap-stopper in the form of a head, made of Baccarat crystal.

 Perfumer Majda Bekkali 




Turquoise Perfume Bottle by Cache La Pottery

Turquoise Perfume Bottle by Cache La Pottery



Perfume-Bottle-Dalcrose with figural stopper

Dalcrose Perfume Bottle



Pink coral snuff bottle---dating19th-20th Century---provenance-China

Chinese pink coral snuff bottle

19th-20th Century



Iran, silver rose water bottle made of silver gilt,-early 12th-century

Iran, silver rose water bottle made of silver gilt

early 12th century



Richard Satava Art Glass Vintage Perfume Bottle

Richard Satava Art Glass Vintage Perfume Bottle



Roman Bath House Perfume Bottle by Lydia Muell

Roman Bath House Perfume Bottle by Lydia Muell

Lampwork Treasures




Snuff Bottle--Date-19th-century-Culture-China

Chinese Snuff Bottle




Orange glass snuff bottle

Chinese Orange glass snuff bottle



Pierced brass incense burner

Syria, Damascus –  late 13th–early 14th century



Art Deco-1925-Perfume Bottle German Porcelain Lady Head Crown Top

German Art Deco Perfume Bottle




Vintage DeVilbiss Perfume Lamp 1920s Art Deco-Nude-Nymph-Fairy

Vintage DeVilbiss Cylinder Perfume Lamp

1920s Art Deco



Vintage Moorcroft hand painted perfume bottle

Vintage Moorcroft hand painted porcelain perfume bottle



Vintage-frosted glass perfume-bottle-nude-female figures

Vintage frosted glass perfume bottle



Acob Petit style Porcelain Scent Bottle,-with-retailers-marks-for-Casse-Maillard

Acob Petit style Porcelain Scent Bottle



Rene Lalique crystal Les Elfes perfume bottle

Rene Lalique crystal Les Elfes perfume bottle



The following Art Deco porcelain figurine/night light/perfume vapourisers are from a current auction for Camard-&-Associés Auction House for fine art and antiques
Kiobuy Online auction here



Argilor.-Paris.-The travellers.-Circa-1925-1935.-Night-light-burner-perfumes-enamelled-porcelain-polychrome

Argilor ‘The travellers’ – Night light perfume burner

Circa. 1925-1935, Paris

Camard-&-Associés Auction House



Fraureuth..-Kunstabrellung. Nacke Carl.-The abduction of Europe.-Porcelain-enamelled-polychrome-group

Carl Nacke .  ‘The abduction of Europe’

Fraureuth porcelain factory, Kunstabrellung

Camard-&-Associés Auction House



ROBJ. Paris.-La-vénitienne.-Circa-1925-1931-Height-30.5 cm

ROBJ  Paris ‘The Venetian’

Circa – 1925-1931 Height-30.5cm

Camard-&-Associés Auction House





Tharaud Camille. ‘Sultan’

Circa 1930

Camard-&-Associés Auction House



JB France.-Hindu princess porcelain figurine

Hindu princess porcelain figurine – JB France

Camard-&-Associés Auction House


Elte. Limoges. L France.-Elegant-in-indoor-pajama-and-her-dog.-Circa-1925-1935

Limoges porcelain Circa.

Paris 1925-1935

Camard-&-Associés Auction House



Aladdin. La France.-The offering.-Circa-1925-1935 Nude female figurine

Aladdin. La France – ‘The offering’

Circa 1925-1935 Height 22.5 cm

Camard-&-Associés Auction House




Hindu princess porcelain figurine

Circa 1925-1935

Camard-&-Associés Auction House




Aladdin. Heubach – ‘Woman with amphora’

Circa 1925-1935

Camard-&-Associés Auction House



Argilor. Paris. The sigher in front of the gate.-Circa-1925-1935

Argilor. Paris. The sigher in front of the gate


Camard-&-Associés Auction House



Argilor Paris. Woman with elephant. Circa 1925 1935.-Rare-night-light-burner-perfumes-in-enamelled-porcelain-polychrome.-Tuyas-burl-veneer-base.-Signed

Argilor Paris. ‘Woman with elephant’ porcelain night light perfume burner

Circa 1925 1935

Camard-&-Associés Auction House




Werkstatt Eigene. Fraureuth. Kunstabrellung.-Pierrot and Colombine.-Circa 1925-1935.-Subject-enamelled-porcelain-polychrome.-Wear-the-EW-monogram-on-the-fold.-Height-27

Werkstatt Eigene. ‘Pierrot and Colombine’ perfume vapouriser

Circa 1925-1935 Fraureuth. Kunstabrellung

Camard-&-Associés Auction House




Koji Hatakeyama bronze boxes


The gallery Erskine, Hall and Coe is currently running an exhibition of Koji Hatakeyama & Matthew Harris. It comprises 45 cast bronze lidded boxes by Hatakeyama and accompanying works on paper by Harris, and will run through until the 12th of January, 2018.



 Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze box

Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze lidded box



Koji Hatakeyama


Koji Hatakeyama grew up in Takaoka, a Japanese city renowned for metal casting. He graduated from Kanazawa College of Art in 1980 with a major in Craft metal casting. He employs bronze working techniques that were developed in ancient Mesopotamia and he refers to bronze as being ‘a material with memories of a thousand years’ The patterns that appear on the surface of his works are the result of various chemical reactions including using vinegar and miso paste to act as a catalyst to create evocative abstract landscapes and other patterns that are a direct response to external landscapes, real and imagined.
His use of gold and silver foil on the interior of his lidded vessels acts as a metaphor for the radiant inner worlds. He believes that in bronze lies a consciousness, one that was created in ancient times, but that can also exhibit his own.


Koji Hatakeyama-portrait

Koji Hatakeyama, Japan



Koji Hatakeyama




Koji Hatakeyama cast bronze boxes selection - Erskine Hall and Coe

Koji Hatakeyama – cast bronze boxes



Koji Hatakeyama – Erskine, Hall & Coe



Matthew Harris


Harris claims, “I have never been interested in ‘perfect’ patterns. It’s the interruption of the patterned surface which excites me”. He achieves this with the use of patches, tears, frayed edges and uneven lines to enhance the unpredictability of his abstracted works.  He constructs his pieces as collages of mixed media and beeswax on linen linen bound paper.



Matthew-Harris-abstract-art on paper

Matthew Harris – abstract art on paper



Koji Hatakeyama eight sided vessel and lid with gold foil

Koji Hatakeyama eight sided vessel and lid with gold foil


Koji Hatakeyama square bronze box

Koji Hatakeyama square bronze turquoise box






Koji Hatakeyama Eight Faces, 2016

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Eight Faces’, 2016


Matthew-Harris---Bric­a­Brac,-Variation-II---paper abstract art

Matthew Harris — Bric­ a­Brac,  ‘Variation II’




Koji Hatakeyama




Koji-Hatakeyama-Eight-Faces,-2017 bronze lidded vessel

Koji Hatakeyama – ‘Eight Faces’



Koji Hatakeyama bronze box turquoise colour

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Eight Faces’ bronze box




Koji Hatakeyama Ten Faces, 2017 bronze lidded box

Koji Hatakeyama ‘Ten Faces’, 2017 bronze lidded box



Koji-Hatakeyama -lidded bronze box sculpture






Koji Hatakeyama ‘Four Faces’



Matthew-Harris-Bric­a­Brac,-Variation-VI,-2017 - abstract painting

Matthew Harris Bric­a­Brac, ‘Variation VI’




Erskine, Hall & Coe

15 Royal Arcade,
28 Old Bond Street,
London, W1S 4SP

+44 (0) 20 7491 1706

Please note: – that the gallery will close on the 23rd of December 2017 for Christmas, and will re-open on the 3rd of January 2018




Evolving ceramic arts




T.A.C Colenbrander vase, Netherlands




Elisabeth Schmidt-Pecht

Konstanz, Germany, 1900

 I added these first two vases because I consider them to have a highly innovative design for the date of their production.


Art of clay


Just as our Earth gifts a perpetual abundance of malleable clays and minerals that can be transformed into expressive forms, displaying a wide variety of natural colours and textures, ceramic artists keep discovering more creative possibilities for the malleable substance. The fact that clay vessels, as vehicles of consumption, are sourced from the same earth that our basic sustenance arrives from is a reassuring harmonic and maybe a reason of its enduring appeal.
Clay provides a natural, decorative medium that is a receptive, three-dimensional canvas, that readily absorbs paint, is durable and responds readily to manipulation and shaping. Over the ages the use of pinch pots, wheel throwing, coil construction, slab building and moulding have been stalwarts of clay production methods and are still used to craft functional and decorative wares. A tactile odyssey of various surface finishes is rendered possible by the available materials and firing processes, delivering an array of surfaces ranging from coarse textures arising from glazes that are frothy, bubbling, foaming, fissured and jagged to smooth, even and flat surfaces.
Using further enhancement after manipulation of form with techniques like incision, glazing, reduction firing, carving, slips and engobes leads to endless possibilities. It is to be expected that ceramicists quite often draw inspiration from nature and explore the inherent natural colours and textures in clays and create forms that look organic.
Here we examine some recent contemporary innovations in the ceramic arts and also look at some classic antique and vintage pieces. This post will feature ongoing updates.



Clare-Wakefield-ceramic vase

Sculptured vase – Clare Wakefield, England

Clare Wakefield Ceramics




Derutamajolica-etsy---virgins-klim ceramic tile

Derutamajolica-etsy — ‘Virgins Klimt’ hand painted ceramic



Peter-Fitzgerald---Bemused- sculpture --SculptGallery

Peter Fitzgerald — ‘Bemused’  carved sculpture



The 1930 'Egyptian Maidens' mural by Elsa Vick Shaw, a Cowan artist, was recently restored

Recently restored  ‘Egyptian Maidens’ ceramic mural by Elsa Vick Shaw, a Cowan artist



Betty Woodman


Bettty Woodman was one of the first females to blaze a trail into the male dominated world of pottery in the 50’s. She developed her craft making dinner sets and decorative crockery, but from the 1950’s onwards, she moved into the realm of sculpture. Her unrestrained, spontaneous and vibrant pieces now occupy museums and art galleries globally. At the age of 85, Woodman is still creating work in her studios in Chelsea in New York and a farmhouse in Tuscany. Her ideas appear while she is making rather than while sitting, thinking and planning. The more she creates, the “more I am inspired and the more one thing leads to another. I’m not interested in repeating myself.”


House-of-the-South,-Betty Woodman-glazed-earthenware,-epoxy-resin,---MET

‘House of the South’ – Betty Woodman

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, – 1996 – MET



David-Kordansky-Gallery--BEtty-Woodman sculptured pottery

‘Vases and Girls’ – Betty Woodman


David Kordansky Gallery


David Kordansky GalleryTea Ceremony - 4 Parts, 1984, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, - Betty Woodman

‘Tea Ceremony – 4 Parts’, 1984, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, – Betty Woodman

David Kordansky Gallery



‘Roman Fresco Pleasures and Places’ – Betty Woodman

2010,  American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy


Rose et Noir Pillow Pitcher,Betty Woodman - glazed earthenware,epoxy resin,,lacquer, paint David Kordansky Gallery

‘Rose et Noir Pillow Pitcher’  —  Betty Woodman

glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint

David Kordansky Gallery



BETTY WOODMAN=-HisHers Vases River Viewing Studio Screen, 2004, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, 29 x 72 x 9

Betty Woodman  —  His/Hers Vases River Viewing Studio Screen, 2004,

glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, 29 x 72 x 9 inches



BETTY WOODMAN Piattaia,-2014,-glazed-earthenware

 ‘Piattaia’, Betty Woodman

2014, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, canvas, wood, 65 x 60 x 12 inches

David Kordansky Gallery


The-Portuguese-in-Japan,-2000 by Betty Woodman

‘The Portuguese in Japan’ by Betty Woodman




Tanzania, 2014, glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, Height 34inches by Betty Woodman

‘Tanzania’, Betty Woodman, 2014

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, 34.5 inches

David Kordansky Gallery



Tanzania,-2014,-(alternate-view) by Betty Woodman

‘Tanzania’, Betty Woodman, 2014  (alternate view)

Glazed earthenware, epoxy resin, lacquer, paint, cement, 34.5 inches



Matthew Blakely, UK


Matthews ‘rock glazed’ ceramics represents the personal development of an understanding and a bond with the landscapes of Britain, illustrating the ceramic qualities of the rocks and deposits around the country. His aim is to create another way of looking at the land on which we live by making ceramic pieces that are entirely created from rocks and minerals that he has collected from individual locations. Each piece is an illustration of the ceramic and geological character of that place.


Matthew-Blakely-tall-bottleRain-Jar with blue streaks

Matthew Blakely – tall ‘Rain Jar’



Matthew Blakely – ‘Fractured Jar’



Matthew-Blakely-ceramic-globe-vase with white sideway drip glaze

Matthew Blakely ceramic globe vase with white sideway drip glaze


Matthew-Blakely-=rock-glaze-cup UK pottery

Matthew Blakely




Matthew Blakely  —  Globe vase





Wouter Hoste, Belgium


Wouter Hoster-Meteorite-3

Wouter Hoster – ‘Meteorite 3′ – Meteorite Series 2017

Wouter Hoste




Wouter Hoste Ceramics-Meteorites Arrival

Wouter Hoste Ceramics – ‘Meteorites Arrival’  lamp

Wouter Hoste



Wouter-Hoste-Nostromo-Series ceramic vessels

Wouter Hoste -‘Nostromo Series’

With Gold and Palladium luster details.




Nostromo setting - 'Nostromo 15 Lamp' contemporary decor

Nostromo setting – ‘Nostromo 15 Lamp’. With Gold and Palladium luster details.

Wouter Hoste 2016




Wouter Hoste Ceramics – Lunar Metal Moon sculpture




MOUGIN---vase-art-deco-craquelé with nude female relief

Mougin, France — vase art deco craquelé



Gallery of nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey

Nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey



Babette-Harvey--ceramic-plate with dragonfly and flowers

Nature inspired clay sculptures and ceramic art by Babette Harvey



Mariko Okubo, Kyoto


Mariko Okubo---Prayer-2014

Mariko Okubo — ‘Prayer’




Reminisence-2017---Mariko-Okubo ceramic panel

‘Reminisence’  —- Mariko Okubo




Mariko-Okubo-blue vase - Flower Base

Mariko Okubo – ‘Flower Base’


Paul Scott


Paul Scott is a Cumbrian based conceptual artist who remodels discarded ceramic shards to create new iterations. Some are recreated with the ancient Japanese kintsugi tradition of using gold and lacquer to rejoin the pieces or he just combines broken pieces to refresh the context and artistic presentation. His rescued pieces, from a combination of Chinese Willows and other blue transferwares, makes them again appear to be beautiful, functional, and intriguing. He has been Professor of Ceramics at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) since 2011.



Mended ceramic aesthetic - Paul Scott blue and white porcelain

Mended ceramic plate aesthetic – Paul Scott




Cumbrain Blue(s), ‘Fukushima No 5′  —  Paul Scott





Attached ceramic shards on plate – Paul Scott



Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott

Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott



Cumbrian-Blues-Collaged-Ceramics-by-Paul-Scott conjoined ceramic plates

Cumbrian Blues Collaged Ceramics by Paul Scott




-jomon-era-ancient vase

 Jomon era ancient pottery vase



Phosphatic glaze splashed brown glazed stoneware jar and cover_tang_TANG DYNASTY (618-907) Christies

Phosphatic glaze splashed brown stoneware jar and cover

TANG DYNASTY (618-907) –  Christie’s



Abstract Sculpture by Lena Arice Lucas - coil built - constructed clay, steel, acrylic

Abstract Sculpture by Lena Arice Lucas – coil built – constructed clay, steel, acrylic



Acadia-3D-printed-sculpture in turquoise

Acadia 3D printed turquoise sculpture with serpent surface





Adam Silverman footed squat jar



Adero-Willard-twin-conjoined-vase with botanical decoration

Adero Willard twin Siamese conjoined  abstract vase



Adero-Willard-contemporary ceramic vase

Adero Willard contemporary ceramic vase




A-Minton-attributed-majolica-two-handled-vase, with arched mermaid handles

A Minton attributed majolica two-handled vase

circa 1859.




Charles Catteau Art Deco vase

Art deco Squirrels vase by charles CATTEAU for BOCH KERAMIS

1923 on Etsy




Orange and black raku pottery vase – Philippe Buraud

la Porte du soleilFrance




Blackbirds-in-our-Trees-large-jar-Rebecca-A. Grant

‘Blackbirds in our Trees’ large jar –  Rebecca A. Grant



Bodenvase Scheurich 546-52 fat lava Keramik Vase with red fish

Bodenvase Scheurich 546-52 fat lava Keramik Vase




Bowl with sgraffito or brushed decoration over slip, by Edwin and Mary Scheier

Bowl with sgraffito or brushed decoration over slip, by Edwin and Mary Scheier




Burial Pottery Detroit Institute of Ar

Greek warriors in battle – Burial Pottery

Detroit Institute of Art



temple clay idols

Clay idols for temple offerings


Dümler & Breiden, vintage  vase/jug Germany

Dümler & Breiden, vintage  vase





Village elder in the Philippines in colourful attire

Village elder in the Philippines responsible for upholding cultural traditions


filipina-selfie-time - four elderly women taking a selfie

Filipino artisans village selfie



Emile-Decoeur-art-nouveau-vase with white slip decoration

Emile Decoeur Art Nouveau vase



František-Drtikol---Nu-au-Vase, ca.1920

Czech Art Deco Nu au Vase,  photo František Drtikol





Funerary portrait of a woman from Palmyra, Syria.

200–250 A.D



Ceramic-abstract figure tile-artist-unknown

Ceramic abstract tile – artist unknown?



Leza-Marie-McVey,-Vessel ca 1949

Leza Marie McVey, Vessel ca 1949




Water-Etched porcelain Cup, Jim Gottuso

In Tandem Gallery




Marcello Fantoni – Mid Century modernist lion vase




Mary Kenny




Mirage Lake_Wayne Higby sculptural vessel

‘Mirage Lake’ – Wayne Higby



Wayne Higby Temple's Gate Pass 1988 glazed earthenware, raku-fired Smithsonian American Art Museum

Wayne Higby ‘Temple’s Gate Pass’ – glazed earthenware, raku-fired

1988, Smithsonian American Art Museum



Naked Raku tumblers - Jane-Murray-Smith-Dragonfly-Pottery

Naked Raku tumblers – Jane Murray Smith

Dragonfly Pottery



raku_14_inch_polar bear by Jane-Murray-Smith

Raku polar bear by Jane Murray Smith

Height 14 inches, Dragonfly Pottery




Aldo Londi Bitossi pottery bird for Raymor –  Mid Century Modern




Naked-Raku---Slip-Glaze---Kris-Pau lhttpwww.dragonfiregallery

Naked Raku—Slip-Glaze—Kris Paul


I specialize in thrown and hand built fine porcelain that has been burnished to a soft polished surface that is fired in a naked raku firing. The firing process is a dance between the porcelain and the carbon atmosphere and it is not until they emerge from the reduction chamber that I know how the surface will appear. There are distinct subtleties within each individual piece that emerge through the process of manipulating the clay.


Pete-Linforth stacked-stone-sculpture

Pete Linforth



Pierre-Boncompain-ceramic vessel with reclining nude female

Pierre Boncompain ceramic vessel with reclining nude female figure drawing



Ricky-Maldonado-pottery on a stand

Ricky Maldonado



Seth-Rainville-ceramic plate with couple

Seth Rainville plate with couple

Rainville’s work delves into two distinct categories… “Rainville-ware” is a functional line of ceramics devoted to the art of entertaining, while his signature “Ink-ware” allows Seth the freedom to explore his desire to be a storyteller.



Seth-Rainville-ceramic-tea-bowl with flying umbrellas

Seth Rainville



Tania Mallet-in-scoopnecked-cocktail-dress-in-italian-strawcloth-by-monbijou-photo-by-Vernier-in-Tourettes Sur Loup-south-of-france-vogue-july-1960

Tania Mallet in pottery studio in Tourettes Sur Loup, South of France

Photo – Vernier, Vogue July 1960



Paris apartment with wall decoration of ceramic pots

Paris apartment (currently on the market) with wall decoration of 100 tiny ceramic pots

Expand with click



Terracotta reclining figure sculpture - Chacmool--Toltec,-Tzintzuntzan,-Michoacin-1200AD

Terracotta reclining figure sculpture – Chacmool

Toltec, Tzintzuntzan, Michoacin-1200AD


Camille-Tharaud-with female pottery painter porcelaine-de-limoges

Camille Tharaud porcelaine de Limoges, France



Camilla-Ward-contemporary-ceramic vase

Camilla Ward



hand painted pottery dish by Nan Hamilton

Hand painted owl dish by Nan Hamilton



Grotell Maija green Vase-1942 - Cranbrook Museum

Grotell Maija green Vase-1942 – Cranbrook Museum



Half Glaze Stoneware---Hand basin---Andrew Walford

Half Glaze Stoneware



Winter Gives Way Ken Eastman ceramic sculpture

‘Winter Gives Way’   —  Ken Eastman — slab sculpture

Marsden Woo Gallery



Tim Andrews trained for a year as apprentice to David Leach

Tim Andrews





créateur-céramiste-2013-2014 Norbert Botella sculpture

 Norbert Botella sculpture





Deruta 16th Century, Large dish with running plant-border




GinsLilCharacters - etsy - Rico the Cheetah---Ceramic Wall Decor

‘Rico the Cheetah’—Ceramic Wall Decor

GinsLilCharacters Etsy


Historic, Contemporary Ohio Pottery At Zanesville Museum Of Art

Historic, Contemporary Ohio Pottery Vase At Zanesville Museum Of Art



Linda Styles uk-abstract motif vessel

Linda Styles ceramics,  uk



Mirta Morigi Contemporary Ceramic green bowl with relief lizard figures

Mirta Morigi Contemporary Ceramic green glaze bowl



Adam Posnak ceramic cup---The Clay Studio

Adam Posnak ceramic cup—The Clay Studio



Carol Wedemeyer arabesque pottery jars

Carol Wedemeyer arabesque pottery jars



Roger Herman vase @Rich Liu TELLES FINE ART

Roger Herman vase @Rich Liu TELLES FINE ART




Bitossi Ceramiche Vase by Aldo Londi

Limited Edition, 2016



Sergei Isupov---Mechanical Dummy ceramic teapot

Sergei Isupov—Mechanical Dummy ceramic teapot



Tapio Wirkkala-white Pollo Vase

Tapio Wirkkala – white Pollo Vase




Jar in stoneware, with about 20.2 cm. tall, produced in the Belgian factory Cérabelga

Stoneware jar produced in the Belgian factory Cérabelga

Height 20cm



Young-Jae-Lee-celadon ceramic-jar

Young Jae Lee celadon ceramic jar


Karin-Gulbran-ceramic cup fish pond decor

Karin Gulbran





Inaugural NGV triennial


 Muholi Buzani–South African photographer and ‘visual activist’ self portrait



Victoria Amazonica at the NGV Triennial 2017, a collaboration between Yarrenyty Altere artists in Alice Springs, the Campana brothers in Sweden and Elliat Rich. Photograph John Gollings

‘Victoria Amazonica’ at the NGV Triennial 2017, a collaboration between Yarrenyty Altere artists in Alice Springs, the Campana brothers in Sweden and Elliat Rich.

Photograph John Gollings



‘Victoria Amazonica’

Estudio Campana (Brazil), Yarrenyty Arltere Artists (Australia) and Elliat Rich (France); an important collaboration that draws upon the shared cultural motifs of the artists to create a brightly coloured upholstered dome, to be used as a meeting point and welcoming entrance to the NGV Triennial exhibition


NGV Trinnial 

15 DEC 2017 – 15 APR 2018
 Free Entry


The NGV is the oldest and most visited Australian art gallery. It occupies two locations: NGV International and NGV Australia, which are in close proximity to each other.
The 2017 NGV Triennial is one of the most ambitious Summer exhibitions that has been staged by the Melbourne gallery. Featuring the works of over 100 artists and designers from a spread of 32 countries, this huge event is occupying all 4 levels of the NGV International. This is the National Gallery of Victoria {NGV) first international Triennial of contemporary art and design and will showcase artistic brilliance and technical virtuosity in the fields of architecture, animation, performance, film, painting, drawing, fashion design, tapestry and sculpture.
The entrance will display a a seven-metre-wide steel dome structure clad in a universe of embroidered soft panels. A 15 foot long reclining Buddha sculpture, graced with the presence of white Roman Greco, Renaissance and Neoclassical statues, in a symbiosis of East and West, will reside in the NGV forecourt.



interactive and fully immersive digital installation is being created by TeamLab

‘Moving creates vortices and vortices’ – Toshiyuki Inoko

An interactive and fully immersive digital installation created by TeamLab. NGV 2017


Twenty new works have been commissioned for the Triennial, from artists including Chinese couture artist Guo Pei, Japanese collective teamLab, Polish performance artist Paulina Olowska, Canadian Sascha Braunig, South African photographer Zanele Muholi, Chinese sculptor and installation artist Xu Zhen, and Argentian artist Alexandra Kehayoglou – who will create a 100m2 topographical carpet landscape. Local artists will include Ben Quilty, Brodie Neill, Büro North, the Yarrenyty Arltere Artists, Louisa Bufardeci, the Bula’bula Artists, Reko Rennie, Riley Payne, Ron Mueck, Sean O’Connell, and Tom Crago.



Xu Zhen - Eternity sculpture

Xu Zhen – ‘Eternity’ sculpture, Beijing



Reclining-Buddha-statue NGV

‘Eternity Buddha in Nirvana’…2016-17  —   depicts the traditional reclining Buddha draped with replicas of Greco-Roman, Renaissance and Neoclassical statues. The 18 metres long, 15 tonnes giant sculpture by Chinese contemporary artist XuZhen, is being installed at the NGV forecourt.  ‘I have always been curious about the differences between cultures and the alienation between them. And yet, misconceptions can be the beginning of awareness and understanding.’ Xu uses the colossal form of a reclining Buddha dating from the High Tang dynasty (705–781 CE). Tthe original was built into a manmade grotto, the Nirvana Cave near the Chinese city of Dunhuang,



Topographical Rug -Alexandra Kehayoglou---photo Ben Swinnerton

Alexandra Kehayoglou, NGV Triennial. 2017

photo Ben Swinnerton



Alexandra Kehayoglou with her work ‘No Longer Creek’, 2016

Woven topographical rug

Photograph – Wayne Taylor



Mass-by-Ron-Mueck-----NGV-2017 - large skull

‘Mass’ by Ron Mueck—–NGV 2017



NGV Garden Wall 2017- Retalack Thompson and architects and Henry Moore sculpture

NGV Garden Wall 2017 – Retallack Thompson and architects



Saccades-Sascha-Braunig contemporary art

‘Saccades’ – Sascha Braunig



Sascha Braunig, 'Hilt', 2015 oil on linen over panel contemporary art

Sascha Braunig, ‘Hilt’, 2015 oil on linen over panel

To form the basis for her paintings, Braunig fashions rudimentary forms from clay, sometimes draped with cloth and sequins, and then illuminates them with dramatically colored directional lighting. Immaculately rendered in luminous palettes, they project a distinct visual language informed by the legacies of Op-Art and Surrealism.



Sascha Braunig – ‘Troll’





Dutch design and art collective We Make Carpets

Dutch design and art collective ‘We Make Carpets’

The Dutch design and art collective is known for recognising the possibilities found in familiar household and everyday items – plastic forks, chalk, paper clips, dry pasta, wooden toothpicks – to be transformed into new and surprising installations



Domingos S. Kamulemba Tipo Pass – EdisonChagas


Guo Pei Legend collection,from her 2017-spring summer-Couture-show in Paris

Guo Pei Legend collection,from her 2017-spring summer Couture show in Paris



Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei with her 2017 Legend Collection

Guo Pei with her 2017 Legend Collection

Photo Eugene Hyland



Guo Pei - Haute Couture a model in aredgown

Guo Pei – Haute Couture

Chinese born fashion designer Guo Pei’s elaborate couture constructions reflect on the tradition of China in the contemporary age.




Guo Pei —  Legend Collection, Spring 2017

photo – Rose Studio



Golden-Goddess-Guo-Pei-(metallic fabric, silk, embroidery, crystals)-Tim-O’Connor-National-Gallery-of-Victoria-NGV -

‘Golden Goddess’  — Guo Pei (metallic fabric, silk, embroidery, crystals)-

Photo – Tim O’Connor – NGV 2017



Shilpa-Gupta-large rock like sculpture

Shilpa Gupta’s black ambiguous mass sculpture fuses thousands of microphones accompanied by a multi-channel choral and spoken-word recording




2017 NGV Triennial, @formafantasma presents Ore Streams, an ambitious investigation into the recycling of precious electronic waste

2017 NGV Triennial, @formafantasma presents Ore Streams, an ambitious investigation into the recycling of precious electronic waste




Ephrem Solomon Tegegn — ‘Adam and Eve’



est living art_ngv_triennial_Nendo-Manga-chairs

Nendo Manga chairs (detail) 2015 | Courtesy Nendo and Friedman Benda, New York

Photo: Kenichi Sonehara


Ben Quilty's 'High Tide Mark' at NGV Triennial orange life jacket

Ben Quilty’s ‘High Tide Mark’ at NGV Triennial




Fairy Bower Rorschach’ (2012) by Ben Quilty


Crystallization water dress by Iris van Herpen--Photo - Daphne Guiness and Nick Knight

Crystallization water dress by Iris van Herpen

Photo – Daphne Guiness and Nick Knight

Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen’s garments embody possibilities for the future of fashion. A pioneer in 3D printed garments, her theatrical designs merge the digital with traditional couturier craftsmanship.



Iris Van Herpen futuristic Dress-2011 on display at NGV Triennial 2017---photo Tom Ross

Iris Van Herpen futuristic Dress 2011 on display at NGV Triennial 2017

photo Tom Ross


Haegue Yang, South Korea





Large tree portrait  — Myoung Ho Lee




PET Lamp Ramingining NGV 2017 by PET Lamp and Bula’Bula Artists



Riley Payne  --  'Try to do the right thing (pizza)' contemporary art

Riley Payne  —  ‘Try to do the right thing (pizza)’



Uji-Handoko-Eko-Saputro-sculpture green head

Uji Handoko Eko Saputro – sculpture

Hahan creates dynamic and colourful paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints that combine the aesthetics of traditional Javanese mythology with popular youth culture and underground comics.



Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro’s work on display in NGV Triennial consists of paintings held up by life-size sculptures

Uji (Hahan) Handoko Eko Saputro’s work on display in NGV Triennial consists of paintings supported by life-size sculptures



Mei Yamanaka performing in “Slavic Goddesses — A Wreath of Ceremonies

Mei Yamanaka performing in “Slavic Goddesses — A Wreath of Ceremonies,” by Paulina Olowska, NY

 Ołowska has worked across performance, sculpture, painting, neon and fashion to reappraise history and bring recognition to (female) artists.

Credit – Andrea Mohin/The New York Times




Yayoi Kusama


Tala Madan--Dripping Flowers---2016i

Tala Madan, Iran — ‘Dripping Flowers’


Rich in narrative and heavy in irony, Tala Madani’s incisive paintings depict darkly comic and often theatrical mise en scénes in which bald, middle-aged men engage in absurd scenarios that fuse playfulness with violence and perversity.



Del Kathryn Barton-The Highway is a Disco

Del Kathryn Barton – ‘The Highway is a Disco’  

— showing at NGV Australia, Melbourne, until 12 March 2018



Art permanently located at NGV International




Alexander Archipenko —  ‘Silhoeutte’




Golden mirror carousel---Carsten Holler---2014 NGV

‘Golden mirror carousel’  —Carsten Holler




Gareth Sansom — ‘Transformer’ – expressionistic tapestry



Alessandro-ALGARDI---Flageellation-group-figure sculptures

Alessandro Algardu — ‘Flageellation group’



Benjamin-Robert-HAYDON--Marcus-Curtius painting

Benjamin Robert Haydon — ‘Marcus Curtius’




Alfred-Gilbert-Icarus---c1889 bronze male figure statue

Alfred Gilbert  —  ‘Icarus’

c. 1889


Ariadne - kneeling nude female sculpture --Harold-Parker--1919

‘Ariadne’ —  Harold Parker



Jean Paul Gaultier+NGV Lei Lady Lei sculpture couture

Jean Paul Gaultier –  ‘Lei Lady Lei’



Barbara Hepworth —  ‘Eidos’




Barbara Hepworth – ‘Figure 9 Oread’



Greg_Semu1The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika


Greg Semu photo  — ‘The Raft of the Tagata Pasifika’



Botanical figure-II---Fiona Murphy--1994---stoneware vase

‘Botanical figure II’ — Fiona Murphy

1994—stoneware vase




‘Cain and Abel’, double spouted Italian majolica ewer


Wood carved panel Buddhist deity holding lotus Chinese Ming-dynasty-1368-1644


Buddhist deity holding lotus – relief panel

Chinese Ming dynasty  –  1368 1644





‘Ecstasy’ (Extase) —  Andre Masson




Evidence-of-origin-Elwin-Dennis1971 red abstract sculpture

‘Evidence of origin  – Elwin Dennis



'Flower dancer' - Inge King abstract biomorphic sculpture

‘Flower dancer’ – Inge King



Fukurokuju (God of wisdom) Meiji period-1868-1912 Figurine of porcelain,-enamel,-gilt

‘Fukurokuju’ (God of wisdom) —  porcelian, enamel and gilt figurine

Meiji period 1– 1868-1912



Galuma Maymuru  --- 'Nyapilingu' - carved wooden standing figure

Galuma Maymuru  — ‘Nyapilingu’



Ganesha on a throne of cobras---Nepal(17th-century) bronze cast statue

‘Ganesha’ on a throne of cobras — Nepal





‘Gorilla carrying off a woman’ — (Gorille enlevant une femme)  —  Emmanuel Fremet



Half figure Henry Moore-1933 marble sculpture

‘Half figure’ –  Henry Moore, UK




Hippolyta-and-the-Amazons-defeating-Theseus---Jean-Broome-Norton 1933-Australian sculpture

‘Hippolyta and the Amazons defeating Theseus’ — Jean Broome Norton

1933 Australia



Joseph-BROWN---The Cave--1970 abstract contemporary sculpture

Joseph Brown  —  ‘The Cave’




Jean-Broome-Norton-Abundance-1934 Art Deco sculpture

Jean Broome Norton – ‘Abundance’




Joseph-Csaky-1919---cast-1960 Cubist head sculpture

Joseph Csaky 1919—cast 1960 Cubist sculpture



Keeley Halswelle-Green robed senators-c.1880-National-Gallery-of-Victoria,-Melbourne

Keeley Halswelle  —  ‘Green Robed Senators’




Kikim-Kerker-Maizab-Kaur-Ad-Bami---Ago Anson,Norah Gada-Sailor,Colina Sailor,Ina Pilot,Ruth Pau,May Stephen-1996

‘Kikim Kerker Maizab Kaur Ad Bami’  — Ago Anson, Norah Gada Sailor, Colina Sailor, Ina Pilot, Ruth Pau, May Stephen




(Couronne-de-Bourgeons-II)-Crown-of-Buds-II---Jean-Arp-1936 biomorphic sculpture

‘(Couronnede Bourgeons II) Crown of Buds II’ —  Jean Arp




Medusa---Barbara Tribe-1931-Australian naked female and snake sculpture

‘Medusa’  —  Barbara Trib

1931, Australia




‘Koku’ (Void)  —  Sugura Noriyoshi




Lewis John Godfrey - 'Lyrebird' carved wood sculpture wall art

Lewis John Godfrey – ‘Lyrebird’




Lucy Irvine---Before the after-2013

Lucy Irvine — ‘Before the after’



'Magram le op' - (The face of Magram) --- Ricardo Idagi - indiginous art

‘Magram le op’ – (The face of Magram) — Ricardo Idagi



Margaret Preston’s Strelitzia-(1925)-on-display-at-NGV-Australia

Margaret Preston’s ‘Strelitzia’ (1925)



Michael Parekowhai---Cosmo McMurtry---2006

Michael Parekowhai — ‘Cosmo McMurtry’  





Michael Zurn II  —  ‘Madonna and Child’




Morigami Jin-Big-Wave-2014

Morigami Jin  –  ‘Big Wave’




Moses and the tablets-Karl Duldig-1956-Earthenware

‘Moses and the tablets‘  – Karl Duldig



Figures,--Henry-Moore-----1932 wood block carving print

Figures,–Henry Moore



Northern Qi-dynasty-550-CE-577-CE-Mythical Animal relief sculpture

‘Mythical Animal’

Northern Qi dynasty

550 CE – 577 CE


People in a wind---Kenneth-Armitage---1950

‘People in a wind’ — Kenneth Armitage



Reclining-figure-Henry-Moore nude female sculpture

‘Reclining figure No 7’  –  Henry Moore




Rings of Jupiter-(3)-Inge King---2006

‘Rings of Jupiter’ – Inge King




SENOI people---Air Spirit-1965-75

SENOI people   —  ‘Air Spirit’




St Bartholemew---Lutz Presser---1980-81

‘St. Bartholemew’ — Lutz Presser




St-Catherine-Spain-Catalan-1350 full size female sculpture

‘St. Catherine’

Spain, Catalan 1350



St. Elizabeth of Hungary---Alfred Gilbert-1900-01

‘St. Elizabeth of Hungary’ — Alfred Gilbert




Tapio Wirkkala’s Kantarelli,-vase-(Chanterelle),-1946-(designed)-NGV

Tapio Wirkkala’s Kantarelli, vase (Chanterelle)

1946 (designed)





‘The confession of the Giaour’  –  Eugene Delacroix

France  1825-40




‘The fallen idol’  —  Alfred Gilbert



The vintage festival-Lawrence Alma Tadema--1871 a festive procession

‘The vintage festival’ –  Lawrence Alma Tadema  {2nd half below}




'The vintage festival' -  Lawrence Alma Tadema  a celebaration procession

‘The vintage festival’ –  Lawrence Alma Tadema



Tree goddess,-Shalabhanjika---1150-1200 Indian intricately carved statue

Indian ‘Tree Goddess, Shalabhanjika’




Tree of life--Pino Conte-1961

‘Tree of life’ — Pino Conte




Vincas-Jomantas-Blue Bird-1957-Australia

Vincas Jomantas – ‘Blue Bird’

1957, Australia



Windows in the water---David Wlison---1986

‘Windows in the water’ — David Wilson



Clive Travers Stephen---Garden-sculpture---!940 ArtDeco

Clive Travers Stephen—Art Deco sculpture




NGV Collection




Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama



Yasuhisa Kohyama sculpture - William Wilkins painting

Yasuhisa Kohyama London Exhibition 2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama’s latest exhibition comprises 28 ceramics by Yasuhisa Kohyama and four paintings of Kohyama’s work by William Wilkins and is running till 30th November, 2017 at Erskine, Hall & Coe Gallery. Details here


Kohyama has played a very unique and significant role in reviving the use of the traditional Japanese ‘anagama’ wood firing kiln, as he was the first potter in Shigaraki to build such a kiln since the Middle Ages. He is also a contemporary master of the ancient practice of Sueki, a method that originated in southern China and which accounts for his unglazed yet glassy surface textures. His works are inspired by ancient Japanese Shigaraki, Jomon and Yayoi ceramics, and are collected internationally.

Yasuhisa Kohyama was born in 1936 in Shigaraki, a historically vital ceramics production centre in Japan. Kohyama was fifteen years old when he became employed by one of the largest ceramic factories in Shigaraki, Oumi Kagaku Touki. From 1958 until 1960, he took evening classes at a vocational training school, where he was taught basic techniques such as glazing and throwing on a potter’s wheel. A well-known ceramicist designer, Sakuzo Hineno, visited the factory in 1955 while he was working under a government scheme to improve the quality and originality of the ceramic arts in Japan. Following several workshops, Kohyama asked Hineno about being coached individually and was honoured by becoming an apprentice, specializing in tableware.



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpting in studio

Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpture



Kohyama and wilkins-2017-exhibition Erskine, Hall and Coe

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’,(wind)

2017  Erskine, Hall & Coe



William Wilkins – ‘Still Life III, Kohyama Vessels’



Yasuhisa Kohyama with his sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama



Ceramic sculpture - Yasuhisa-Kohyama-&-William-Wilkins-Exhibition-2017-

Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Danpen’ {fragment), 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Anagama-fired-stoneware

Yasuhisa Kohyama – Anagama fired stoneware sculpture vessel



Yasuhisa Kohyama with flame sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama with ‘Homura’ flame sculpture – 2017



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kaze,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’ (flame)




Yasuhisa Kohyama-Danpen,-2012--

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Danpen’




Yasuhisa Yohyama-Homura,-2012

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Homura’



Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculptures

Yasuhisa Kohyama


Yasuhisa Kohyama walking his white dog in forest

Yasuhisa Kohyama








Yasuhisa Kohyama-Kakehana,Vase with purple flower

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kakehana’ vase




Yasuhisa Kohyama -‘Kaze’ ceramic sculpture




yasuhisa-kohyama-Sora,-2014 vessel

Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Sora’




Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Kaze’



Yasuhisa Kohyama  using the anagama kiln he built

Yasuhisa Kohyama anagama kiln

“Every time I fire, I’ve come to recognize that I am in Nature; I am a small part of Nature. Intently I watch Nature over and over again; working with clay, inspired by Nature,
I am free to allow creation to happen, approaching the experience as the ancients did.”



Yasuhisa Kohyama – ‘Suemono’


yasuhisa-kohyama-Homura-(flame),-2016 Japan sculpture

Yasuhisa Kohyama  — ‘Homura’ (flame),



Yasuhisa Kohyama –  ‘Suemono’



Yasuhisa Kohyama-Suemono,-2017

Yasuhisa Kohyama- ‘Suemono’



A video from the autumn of 2016, filmmaker where Cristobal Zanartu spent over two weeks at Kohyama’s studio in Japan.





Symphony of dreaming visuals



The Arabian Nights - Maxfield Parish

‘Aucassin Seeks for Nicolette’  – Maxfield Parish




Froggy Fiddler-.-Artist--Luis-Alberto-Quispe-Aparicio Green glass frog with violin

Froggy Fiddler — Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio


Dreamscapes in the arts


Every night when we sleep, we are reminded that there is more to our consciousness then what we perceive with our real time perception. During sleep a totally random menu of involuntary dreamscapes gets served up, presenting dream vistas that aren’t locked into a linear time frame and can shift rapidly. Maybe our imagination gets revitalized during sleep, being stimulated by forms and imagery not confined to the normal rules of matter and construct, and act as stimuli to discover greater possibilities. Dreams can be vague and confusing, while at other times extremely lucid. They can act as a vehicle for invention and inspiration and be doorways to spiritual experiences. Too much dreaming can be exhaustive, while in other instances dreams can act as a release and be healing.

In art, otherworldly, nebulous and the surreal are all employed to create the vague ambience of dreams and this dimension grants the license to express the quirky and odd. Impressionistic paintings usually conjure a dreamlike feeling and I’ve included art from Elena Markova for her captivating ethereal vistas. The random, disjointed images of surrealist art also alludes to the world of dreams and I’ve included a few images from the photographer Jerry Uelsmann for his imaginative works. The dreamy lighting of Maxfield Parish makes him a natural inclusion. Also added are the mystical Australian indigenous paintings, channeled from the Dreamtime, and originally serving as a conduit to the subconscious. Other dream related art pieces are also in the mix.


Battle of city, cosmic and morning light-by-Neil Zeller

‘Battle of city, cosmic and morning light’ by Neil Zeller



I-Dream-of-Fish-and-Flowers-Diana Fayt turquoise plate

‘I Dream of Fish and Flowers’ – Diana Fayt



Seven Sisters Dreaming-Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi aboriginal painting

‘Seven Sisters Dreaming’  —  Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi



Galerie-accroTerre---Christophe-Betmalle---2014-- French sculpture bust

Christophe Betmalle

Galerie Accro Terre



‘Aphroditeeros’ – Akai Takamori




Curtis Benzle Softly as in a Dream

‘Softly as in a Dream’ – Curtis Benzle



Children's-Water-Dreaming-aboriginal-art painting

Shorty Lungkarta Tjungurrayi, ‘Children’s Water Dreaming’




Jerry Uelsmann-photo

Jerry Uelsmann photo




‘Dream Awakening’ — Ima Naroditskaya




Girl and sea of dreams-Keramikas-CZ

‘Girl and sea of dreams’ – Keramikas, Czech



Julia Feld-Sweaty Dreams-sculpture

Julia Feld -‘Sweaty Dreams’



 Jaguar Dreaming the Mystery by BlueFireStudio on Etsy

‘ Jaguar Dreaming the Mystery’ by BlueFireStudio on Etsy



Labradorite-Antsohamay-Quarry,-Tulear-Prov.,-Madagascar - dreamstone

Labradorite  dreamstone

Tulear Prov., Madagascar



Lela Maharobeli _ Field of Dreams painting

Lela Maharobeli  — ‘Field of Dreams’ painting




Kurt Weiser




Jerry Uelsmann – Dream Portal



Lisa Van Noorden-Dreaming sculpture of a girls head

Lisa Van Noorden – ‘Dreaming’




‘The Alchemist’s Dream’ mosaic panel — Irina Charny

Irina Charny Mosaics



Sgraffito Ocean Dream Pot - Rachel Wolf

Rachel Wolf ‘ – ‘Sgraffito Gone Wild’




Totems – Rachel Wolf

Wolfrworkstudios – Instagram




‘Beyond The Dreamtime’ — Ainslie Roberts




'Yala Thukurrpa- - Wild Potato-Dreaming at Mikanji' Australian indigenous art

‘Yala Thukurrpa- – ‘Wild Potato Dreaming at Mikanji’ Australian indigenous art




Red Anemone Dreaming ceramic Bowl by Penny Evans

‘Red Anemone Dreaming’ ceramic Bowl by Penny Evans



'Beyond The Dreamtime' -- Ainslie Roberts - aboriginal meditation

‘Beyond The Dreamtime’ — Ainslie Roberts




Will Herrera Ocean Dream abstract sculpture

Will Herrera ‘Ocean Dream’ abstract sculpture



-Dakinin-Rodeo-Robbiv-Hood -- digital Art


Odyssey Portal – ‘Dakini Rodeo Apocalyptic Riders”

Digital art – Robbiv Hood



Noonan-Antiques Chinese-dream-stone,-17th---18th-Century

 Chinese dreamstone,  17th—18th Century

Noonan Antiques



Xiaoping Zhou-Dream Of Land-125-x-165-cm

Xiaoping Zhou – ‘Dream Of Land’

125-x-165-cm      Hotham Street Contemporary




Arina Alincai



Bébé-Bleu--France-Fauteux suureal sculpture

‘Bébé Bleu’ — France Fauteux





Sergei-Isupov-ceramic-sculptures-clay-art Surrealist sculpture

Sergei Isupov, Russia



 Don Yeoman Ravens Dream_ 48x72

Don Yeoman ‘Raven’s Dream’

48 x 72 inches


Trees and Dream theater

Jerry Uelsmann, ‘Tree Goddess’ 1994,

Dream Theater



The sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy---Raffaelle Monti

‘The sleep of sorrow and the dream of joy’ — Raffaelle Monti



The place where dreams are born---Kasia Derwinska

‘The place where dreams are born’ — Kasia Derwinska



The Earth Died Screaming While I lay Dreaming-Laura Jean McGlauglin

‘The Earth Died Screaming While I lay Dreaming’ – Laura Jean McGlauglin




‘The Dream’—-Conversation—Melvin Sokolsky




Czech František Drtikol-photo of a dreamy female acrobat

Czech František Drtikol photo


Beyond-The-Dreamtime-Ainslie-Roberts Australian art

Ainslie Roberts



Aboriginal-Rock-Art-dreamtime-Wandjina paintings

Dreamtime Wandjina cave paintings, Australia




‘Enchanted Prince’ by Maxfield Parrish




Ernabella Ceramics,-Rhoda Tjitayi---Anumara-Tjukurpa---Caterpillar Dreaming, 2015, stoneware,-H-31

Ernabella Ceramics, Rhoda Tjitayi—Anumara Tjukurpa—‘Caterpillar Dreaming’,

2015,  stoneware, H 31 inches



Elnaz---Shadows of my Dream

Elnaz — ‘Shadows of my Dream’



Elena-Markova-boat-flautist paainting

Elena Markova  – Boat flautist



Elena-Markova-forest-of-dreams painting

Elena Markova – Forest of dreams



Dream-Theater,-2004-Jerry Uelsmann photo

Dream Theater, Jerry Uelsmann photo




Katsina janus terracotta head, Nigeria.-ca.-500-B.C.E.-–-200-C.E

Katsina janus terracotta head, Nigeria. ca. 500 B.C.E.-–-200 C.E

Musee Barbier Mueller


Joey Chiarello-'Life is but a Dream'-Stoneware,

Joey Chiarello – ‘Life is but a Dream’ stoneware sculpture




Dream Plant of an Imaginary Garden,-2007-Sevres-porcelain

‘Dream Plant of an Imaginary Garden’, Sevres porcelain




‘Dream Pillow’ – Mandala Pottery


Dream On---Elizabeth Price

‘Dream On’  Elizabeth Price



Dreaming-or-October-1928-by-Maxfield-Parrish-1a girl sitting by a lake

‘Dreaming’ by Maxfield Parrish




Dream-sculpture bust Latchezar-Boyadjiev

‘Dream’ – Latchezar Boyadjiev




‘Dreamcatcher’ – Jo Felstead Hill



All-paths-lead-to-Quargla-Robbiv-Hood digital artist

‘All paths lead to Quargla’  – Robbiv Hood



Chinese Dream Stone painted with a woodland scene on a veined green stone,-12-tall-The Cobb auctioneers

Chinese Dream Stone painted with a woodland scene on a veined green stone

12 inch tall -The Cobb auctioneers



Cookie jar--'dreaming-of-coffee'- Etsy

Cookie jar–‘Dreaming of Coffee’ – Jerilynn Babroff




CHAROworks-Pavel-Charouse kLike-a-Dream---Winterstone

Pavel Charousek ‘Like a Dream’—Winterstone sculpture



Budgerigar Dreaming-1972 Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa

‘Budgerigar Dreaming’  —  Kaapa Mbitjana Tjampitjinpa



Antonov-Ira-female-ballerina daydreamer

Antonov Ira – Ballerina Daydreamer





Anna Lebedeva abstract painting




Ancient sacred aboriginal dreamtime rock art — Chris Rainer



Natalia-Golovkina-pot - Aussie icons

Downunder Dreaming – Natalia Golovkina

To dream of a pitcher or jug, denotes that you will be of a generous and congenial disposition. Success will attend your efforts.




Ashley Maxwell



Marc Chagall-- Clowns at night-painting

Marc Chagall — ‘Clowns at night’



Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, Mid Summer Nights Dream Engraved Glass Vase

Vicke Lindstrand – ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ Engraved Glass Vase




Blue-Circus-by-Marc-Chagall painting of trapeze artist

‘Blue Circus’ by Marc Chagall



Alexey Illarionov-wall art panel

Alexey Illarionov wall  panel




Alexey Illarionov



Liz Wolf---Artists---Manitou Galleries-Dream -in flight Moment

 ‘Dream in flight Moment’ – Liz Wolf

Manitou Galleries Santa Fe



Gentleness, obscurity--occurrence in that garden

‘Gentleness, obscurity — occurrence in that garden’ – Elena Markova



'Dream' - UnusualDolls - Etsy ceramic bust

‘Dream’ – UnusualDolls – Etsy



Nonquase’s-Dream.-Height-58cm ceramic bust

‘Nonquase’s Dream’  —  Jessie Mooy




Elena-Markova-dream-art painting

Elena Markova



Christophe-Betmalle-painting abstract faces

Christophe Betmalle



Alice Federico’s pottery whimsy


Alice Federico footed-vase wabi sabi

Twin handled footed vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federico adheres to forms that tend to abandon pure symmetry and are slightly askew, while maintaining the grandeur of  tall and stately classical shapes. Large and playful handles, extended lips, unpredictable folds and cascading ribbon handles add to the character of her pottery art. Her coarse surface textures and faded glazes manifest the allure of an artifact from antiquity weathered by time. Merging the appearance of functional and sculptural with the innate gracefulness of the traditional pottery forms elevates the charm of her pottery art. She indulges a sense of playfulness that was instilled in her by her first teacher, Rita Marlier, to create expressive, whimsical, animated pieces which are pulled, twisted and wrapped into curious shapes. Sculptural in emphasis, but still posing a relationship to the vessel, the pot form.
Historical pots have always had an influence on her work, including Chinese Sung ware, Greek vases, and Italian folk work. It comes as no surprise to learn that she trained as a historian at Hollins University (1967), before doing her MFA in ceramics from East Carolina University (1977), as well as a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute (1983). Sometimes she uses anagama Japanese-style wood-fired kilns in Montana for her flamboyant pottery wares.

I’ve added some pottery from Linda Hoffhines as she also creates forms that ooze character and have spontaneous, colourful shapes and bold textures that project attitude, whimsy and humor.


Alice Federico


Alice Federico,-footed-planter

Alice Federico, footed planter


Large ribbon handled vessel – Alice Federico

height 13.5 inches

George Billis Gallery



Three slender and tall ceramic vases - Alice-Federico

Three slender and tall ceramic vases – Alice Federico



Alice Federico-hand-painted-vase with flared lip

Alice Federico hand painted vase



Alice-Federico--classical-styled-vessel with crackle glaze

Alice Federico–classical styled vessel with crackle glaze and long handles

George Billis Gallery



Alice-Federico white vase with elegant handles

Alice Federico – off-white vase with elegant handles



Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles

Footed ceramic vessel with asymmetrical handles –  – Alice Federico



green vase with winged handles - Alice Federico

Alice Federico



Skewed ceramic vase with blue handles - - Alice Federico

Skewed vase –  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico=-bulbous vase with long neck

Alice Federico – bulbous vase with long neck



Tall ceramic baluster vase with long ribbon handles - Alice Federico

Tall ceramic vase with ribbon handles – Alice Federico

Height 17.5 inches – 1st Dibs



Alice-Federico9--No-!022 turquoise green vase

Celadon green vase — Alice Federico




Alice-Federico-footed-vessel with large handles

Alice Federico footed vessel



Alice-Federico tall vase with large base---Art-Essex-Gallery

Alice Federico tall vase with large flat handles

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-clay-art-textural vase

Alice Federico  —  tall vase with abstract textural surface



Alice Federico ceramic vessel

George Billis Gallery



Lucie Rie inspired baluster matt glaze vase  - Alice Federico

Lucie Rie inspired baluster vase  – Alice Federico



Alice-Federico-red-vase with coarse texture

Alice Federico red vase with coarse texture





Alice Hohenberg Federico, vase, 2010

The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum




Footed bulbous vase with large handle – Alice Federico




Asymmetrical vase Alice Federico with ribbon handle

Asymmetrical vase – Alice Federico





Tall slender vase with sinuous handles – Alice Federico

2015  Work 20.5 inches



Vase with long flared base - Alice Federico

Classical form vase — Alice Federico

Art Essex Gallery



Alice-Federico-.ceramic vase

Alice Federico




Wide asymmetrical lipped vase - Alice Federico

 Asymmetrical wide lipped vase – Alice Federico



Alice-Frederico-ceramic-vase with large lip

Wide lipped baluster vase – Alice Federico



Alice Federice website



Linda Hoffhines


Linda Hoffhines, uses the vessel  “as a starting point,” she says, “but most of them end up intentionally unusable. I`ll start off with a regular pot, then I can`t resist putting a bunch of glazed shards in it.” “From Minoan to Italian pottery, through the eons, I’ve always liked the idea of making pottery and then decorating it a lot more than you have to.”* Hoffhines, obtained a master’s of fine arts in ceramics at Ohio State University


Linda-Hoffhines-lime green-ewer

Linda Hoffhines  —  tall lime green ewer


Linda-Hoffhines-flat-mosaic with vase shape

Linda Hoffhines flat mosaic with vase shape, encrusted with glazed shards



Linda-Hoffhines-blue-teapot with long spout

Linda Hoffhines blue teapot



Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine

Bright red ceramic teapot by Linda Hoffhine



zany ceramic vase by Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



3 asymmetrical vases -- Linda Hoffhine

3 asymmetrical vases — Linda Hoffhine



Ceramic teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine



Linda-Hoffhines-abstract-art painting

Linda Hoffhine painting



Linda Hoffhines-yellow-crowned teapot

Linda Hoffhines yellow crowned teapot



shockin pink teapot -- Linda Hoffhine

Linda Hoffhine pink teapot



Linda-Hoffhines-vase-and-teapot-yellow and orange

Linda Hoffhines vase and teapot



Linda Hoffhines abstract watercolour painting

Linda Hoffhines watercolour painting



Red triangle teapot - Linda Hoffhines with black paisley

Red triangle teapot – Linda Hoffhines


? Green spiral vase - Linda Hoffhines

Spiral vase – Linda Hoffhines



Linda Hoffhines instagram


*Chicago Tribune






Abstract motifs in ceramic design




Harris Cies handcrafted studio abstract vase

Height -11 inches


Dan mask detour


In 1907, Picasso’s fortuitous wrong turn at the Musée d’Ethnographie in Paris, led him to the sacred Dan masks of West Africa, which had a profound influence on him. He later stated that ‘Painting isn’t an aesthetic operation,’ ‘It is a way of seizing the power by giving form to our terrors as well as our desires. Men had made these masks and other objects for a sacred purpose, a magic purpose, as a kind of mediation between themselves and the unknown hostile forces, in order to overcome their fear and horror by giving it an image. When I came to that realisation, I knew I had found my way.’ This was the same year he developed the revolutionary Cubist art along with George Braques and was one of the first forms of abstract art in the West. Braque declared ‘Scientific perspective is nothing but eye-fooling illusionism,’ , ‘a bad trick which makes it impossible for an artist to convey a full experience of space.’
Preceding this was Cezanne’s abandonment of the tradition of perspective drawing and concern for the reflection of reality, which had encouraged other artists to consider the  expression of the abstract. For the early abstractionists like Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Alexander Archipenko, Juan Gris and Joan Miro, their abstract art also clearly implied an expression of abstract ideas concerning the spiritual, the subconscious, and the contentious.


Alexander-Archipenko-female modernist sculpture - The Bather

Alexander Archipenko – ‘Bathing Woman’, 1915

Plaster on wire frame



Cubism originated in France but spread across Europe and integrated with the artistic consciousness of several countries. It was a poignant influence on Futurism in Italy, Vorticism in England, Suprematism and Constructivism in Russia, and Expressionism in Germany. The Cubists wanted to make pictures that reached beyond the rigid geometry of perspective, as an image drawn from a fixed position, that was limted by a frozen conclusion. The Cubists challenged conventional forms of visual representation with a more dynamic presentation of an omni perspective. The deconstruction of visual conventions paved the way for the emergence of a new artistic language. Cubism was the first abstract style of modern art. The manipulation of non naturalistic colors and bold brushwork by the Fauvists and in Orphism also added to the growth of abstraction at the turn of the Twentieth century.



Fernand-Leger-abstract-vase in red, black and white

Fernand Leger and Roland Brice abstract vase – 50’s



Yoshiro-Ikeda-ceramic-sculpture with textures

Yoshiro Ikeda ceramic sculpture


Charles Catteau was integrating abstract concepts into his ceramic decorations as early as 1905 while Joan Miro was also applying hand painted abstract motifs to his ceramic pieces. In 1922 Kazimir Malevich and his followers actively spread the ideas of Suprematism at the State Porcelain Factory in Petrograd. As early as 1900, Gallelio Chini was approaching abstracted designs with the Italian ‘Liberty’ (Art Nouveau) movement. Mid century ceramicists were attracted to the freestyle groovy designs of skewed perspective and asymmetrical patterns that contributed to defining the modernist style. The abstract complexity of the 30’s and 40’s became more simplified in the 50’s and 60’s and in the process became more marketable, which fueled a huge movement of wonderfully original designs on decorative objects, many hand drawn. The aspired freedom of this era manifested in designs of spontaneity and simplified minimalist detail. A large number of artists in the Mid Century adapted to this free expression in pottery styles. Some notable proponents were Guido Gambone, Fratelli Fanciullacci, Gilbert Valentin, F. Carlton Ball, Corrado Cagli, Marcello Fantoni, Roger Capron and Nils Thorsson. Then there was Picasso’s abstract ceramic work at Madoura in the 60’s which attracted many Parisian ceramic artists to Vallauris who added to the proliferation of  modernist ceramic pieces.




Gorcisnitsa Ikchasnik Supermatist jar




Mary-Ray---Art-Cafe---2009 abstract vessel

Mary Ray—  ‘Art Cafe’




Blue-Nude-Tumbler.-Henri-Matisse-inspired - Etsy StiffWristClay

Blue Nude Tumbler. Henri Matisse inspired

Etsy StiffWristClay



Henri Matisse vase with naked female danincg

Ovoid vase – Henri Matisse – 1907

Matisse wrote, “We move towards serenity through the simplification of ideas and form…….Details lessen the purity of lines, they harm the emotional intensity, and we choose to reject them. It is a question of learning – and perhaps relearning the ‘handwriting’ of lines. The aim of painting is not to reflect history, because this can be found in books. We have a higher conception. Through it, the artist expresses his inner vision.”



Matthew Wade



Lamp policroma abstract  --  Ciavardoni 1950-Albisola Italy

Lamp policroma abstract  —  Ciavardoni

1950 Albisola, Italy




Galileo-Chini-italian vase in blue and white with fish edges

Galileo Chini, 1900




‘The Tamer’ – Corrado Cagli for Ceramiche Rometti, Umbria



Galileo-Chini-Art Nouveau vase

Galileo Chini, 1900



Alexander Archipenko Seated Figure-1938 abstract sculpture

Alexander Archipenko ‘Seated Figure’




Ernabella-Arts-ceramics vase Vivian Thompson, Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)

Vivian Thompson, ‘Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)’




Lapid-Mid-Century-Pottery vessel with abstract motif

Lapid Mid Century Pottery, Tel Aviv




Marc Bellaire California Pottery Muted Corals bowl  with black Balinese dancer



Italian Mid Century abstract motif vase

Italian Mid Century abstract motif vase



Charles Catteau ceramic jazz age vase

Charles Catteau – stylized floral decorative Jazz Age vase



Modernist motif plate-Krzysztof-in-Walbrzych, Poland

Modernist motif plate — Krzysztof in Walbrzych, Poland



abstract Charels Catteau vase

Charles Catteau, Boch Freres, 1925




Abstract Jazz Age Cubist Deco vessel - Charles Catteau

Abstract Jazz Age Cubist Deco vessel – Charles Catteau





Vase with stylized floral motifs,-jasper - Charles Catteau

Charles Catteau vase




carlton-ball sgraffito decorated vase

F.Carlton Ball


gambone-guido-1909 ceramic lamp base abstract figure

                                                                                                                                                                     Guido Gambone




Ceramic water pitcher - WEG Pottery

WEG pottery ceramic jug




black white terracotta vase - Picasso

Pablo Picasso pitcher



Marianne-Starck-for-Michael-Andersen-&-Son White dove on black ceramic jug

Marianne Starck for Michael Andersen & Son



thrown-stoneware Anne Mortier with teal green abstract motif on white

Footed conical vessel, thrown stoneware – Anne Mortier



White Vessel with Signs-1990- Gordon Bladwin

‘White Vessel with Signs’ – Gordon Baldwin




CEramic sculpture - Cloud-2’,-1996-Gordon-Baldwin

 ‘Cloud 2’ – Gordon Baldwin




Jojan Miro ceramic vase with abstract hand-drawn decoration

Joan Miro




Joan Miro in his Barcelona studio

Photo Mark Shaw LIFE, 1955



Mid Century 16 inch plate - Tony Morris abstract face motifs

Mid Century 16 inch plate – Tony Morris



Donyale Luna in a linked disc abstract dress by Paco Rabanne - Sixties

Donyale Luna in a linked disc abstract dress by Paco Rabanne. Photo: Guy Bourdin





Alison-Britton ceramic vessel with abstract decoration

Alison Britton



Alison-Britton-abstract ceramic vessel with asymmetrical form

Alison Britton



'Picasso---Woman Lying on a Chaise' Ceramic-lidded vessel by-Goebel

‘Picasso—Woman Lying on a Chaise’ — Ceramic Box by Goebel



Anelise-Bredow ceramic vessels with bullseye motifs

Anelise Bredow



Mid Century ceramic jar with lid and sgraffito motifs  - Clyde Burt

Mid Century ceramic jar  – Clyde Burt




Steve-Czerniel flared vase

Steve Czerniel



beautiful-sascha-brastoff-black-&-white-dancing-nudes-ashtray vintage

Sascha Brastoff



Mid Century vase, Deruta, Italy standing abstract female illustration

Mid Century vase, Deruta, Italy




Art Deco modernist  vase – Charles Catteau




Boyan-Moskov twin lug vesssel with abstract motif

Boyan Moskov




Camilla-Ward slab built ceramic vessel

Camilla Ward




Carolyn-Genders ceramic abstract form and decorated vaseCarolyn Genders




Large abstract vase in the garden - Carolyn-Genders

Carolyn Genders




Carstens-Vase lava glaze Mid Century

Carstens lava glaze Vase



Boyan Mosko ceramic vessel lime green, pine green and white


‘Daffodil Blossoms’ – Boyan Mosko





Iincised Doodle Bottle - Red and Black Boyan Moskov-

‘Doodle Bottle – Red and Black’ –  Boyan Moskov




Ernabella-Arts-ceramics Tjimpuna Williams Ngayuku Walka stoneware with terrasigilatta

Tjimpuna Williams Ngayuku Walka stoneware with terrasigilatta



Gustavo Perez-abstract.vase

Gustavo Perez




Michael Lucero-surrealist-ceramic

Michael Lucero-surrealist abstract sculpture




F. Carlton Ball and Aaron Bohrod Glazed Stoneware Vessel,




john-m-donoghue lidded jar and abstract decoration

John M Donoghue



Gustavo Perez Mexican abstract ceramics

Gustavo Perez



Mid Century Guido Gambone-italy-narrow-vase

Guido Gambone, Italy



pod vessel Gregg Rasmusson

Gregg Rasmusson, St. Louis

Greg Rasmusson Ceramics




Floris Meydam Gouda Ruimte-vase

Floris Meydam  ‘Ruimte’ vase for Gouda, Netherlands




Jaap Dommisse




Natalya-Sots-plate with an abstract cat

Abstract cat – Natalya Sots





Jim Mulfinger, 2010 - Miro inspired black slip sgrafitto over porcelain with clear glaze thrown and altered vase

Miro inspired black slip sgrafitto over porcelain with clear glaze thrown and altered vase – Jim Mulfinger




Penny Evens Australian indigenous art vessel

Penny Evans




Poole Pottery ceramic dish

Poole Pottery, 50’s

Rob’s Poole Pottery



Raine-Middleton sgraffito ceramic skyline jug

Raine Middleton

Hartzog Pottery by Raine



Abstract-Vallauris-Ceramic-Vase - turquoise

Abstract motif Vallauris Ceramic Vase by Borty



Marty-Ray---The-Neighborhood ceramic vase

Marty Ray — ‘The Neighborhood’





Abstract bullseye vessel – Ryan Peters





Black & White Sculpted Portal Vase by Jean Elton

Black & White Sculpted Portal Vase by Jean Elton



Camille-Faure cubist-deco vase-MODEL-PRIMEROSE-Signed-C.Fauré Limoges


Camille Faure cubist deco vase-MODEL-PRIMEROSE-

Signed-C.Fauré Limoges



Royal-Copenhagen ceramic vesse

Royal Copenhagen




Fnils Thorsson Mid Century vase

Fnils Thorsson, Royal Copenhagen




Sam-Scott black and white abstract motif plate

Sam Scott



Seymour-Lipton-Sea-King-1955 Bronze sculpture

Seymour Lipton – ‘Sea King’





Ultra Large Gorrogarah binjdil Morning Platter—Penny Evans




Vase by Boyan Moscov

Meredith Gallery



Vivian Thompson Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) stoneware with terrasigilatta

Vivian Thompson Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters) stoneware with terrasigilatta



West German incised sgraffito glaze lidded jar red and blue

West German incised sgraffito glaze lidded jar





Gouda Rumba Flora art pottery vase



moderniat vases Denise-&-Peter-Orlando

Denise & Peter Orlando

circa 1950-60



Joan-Miro vase

Joan Miro




Michael Wein - Picasso tribute porcelain platter - nude cubist woman

Michael Wein – Picasso tribute porcelain platter

M.Wein Raku Pottery



Pablo Picasso Madoura vase

Picasso Madoura vase, Vallauris




Italian Mid Century Ravelli Colorite vase




Pottery La Colombe pitcher




Bay Bodo Mans 1950s huge floor vase