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Gallery Cruising – Ceramic Art





 Brancusi’s “Bird in Space” sculpture, photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe, 1939


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Looking at ceramic art online is sometimes deceptive because the pieces are generally photographed on a plain background and the dimensionality can’t easily be ascertained  to get an idea of the  the actual size. Even when you know the dimensions it’s still a challenge to conceptualize. Depending on the image editing, the texture can also be difficult to judge. Visiting a gallery has a distinct advantage in this regard. The upside with galleries online is you get to scope places that you might never get to see.

Pottery and ceramics are a good fit with galleries because they are generally compact and are usually not dependant on walls for display and can be featured in narrow spaces. The pottery shapes respond favourably to good lighting , and can be highlighted to enhance their styles and colours. I’ve assembled some  images from various galleries.





Emile Gallé glass vases, Musée de l’Ecole de Nancy




Urs Fischer - MoCA USA

Urs Fischer – MoCA



Urchin Bonnechance Basket

Urchin Bonnechance Basket – Laura Donefer

2009 –  Duane Reed Gallery




475px-315px-Sasha Wardell ceramic vessels

Sasha Wardell ceramic vessels

Ceramic Art London fair,  presented by the Craft Potters Association (CPA),

photo: Mark Lawrence






British Museum Great Court





Susan Hails – Ceramic Gallery V & A

( Pinchpots )




Gillian Lowndes V&A-Ceramic Gallery

Gillian Lowndes V&A-Ceramic Gallery

( Pinchpots )





Stoneware Jar inlaid celadon

Stoneware Jar inlaid celadon

National Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institute





Standing Figure of an Ibis

Standing Figure of an Ibis

Photo © Joan Ann Lansberry

Brooklyn Museum




'Sleepy-Head' sculpture

‘Sleepy-Head’ sculpture – Peter Fitzgerald

Sculpt Gallery




Michael LuceroTeapot

Michael Lucero Teapot

Represented by Donna Schneier Fine Arts,  SOFA expo




Mycenaean-Pottery ClairH Flickr

Mycenaean pottery

( ClairH Flickr )




The Existential Void – Grayson Perry

Victoria Miro Gallery

via Pinchpots




pASHion - Adil Writer

pASHion -ash-glazed ceramics from the anagama of Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry, India

Adil Writer





Purdue University Galleries

Performative Objects – Christyl Boger and Anne Drew Potter

Purdue University Galleries





Richard Notkin Teapots from the 1980s, and behind it, Philip Cornelius

Richard Notkin teapot from the 1980’s, and behind it, a Philip Cornelius teapot.

V&A-Ceramic Gallery

( Pinchpots )




Open Arms Jane Burton

Open Arms – Jane Burton

CFA Gallery

Gunhild Aaberg Contemporary Ceramics

Gunhild Aaberg Contemporary Ceramic

Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery, Denmark




Ceramic wall sculpture – Steve Allen

SFMOMA Artists Gallery – Wondrous Strange – A Twenty-first Century Cabinet of Curiosities.

San Fransisco via





Michael Dennis States of Being

Michael Dennis – States of Being

Diane Farris Gallery in Vancouver,





Matt Wedel

LA Louver Gallery- USA





M. Pineteaux Limoges enamelled vase.

Height 12″ ( Antique Place )




Louvre – salle des caryatides





Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Hunt. Goddess of the Untamed  Wilderness &  Beasts





Kang Hyo Lee - Mindy Solomon gallery

Korean Kang Hyo Lee – Mindy Solomon gallery


Jane Sauer Gallery

“TEXTILE 07 #10”  – Giles Bettison

Jane Sauer Gallery




‘Diva’ – Jane Burton

CFA Gallery

Contemporary Fine Arts  – California




Israel petals Susannah Israel

Israel petals – Susannah Israel

Pence Gallery



Jude Jelfs- Odalisque

Jude Jelfs – ‘Odalisque’

Sculpt Gallery




Figures Walking Artery Gallery

‘Figures Walking’ – Artery Gallery




Garden Sculpture ''Big-Yawn'

Garden Sculpture ‘Big-Yawn’ – Peter Fitzgerald

Unique stoneware suitable for outdoor sitting  – Sculpt Gallery





Happenings at Vineyard art

Happenings at Vineyard art galleries



Heather Whiteside Urban Art

Heather Whiteside Urban Art – Knoxville



Henrique Oliveira 2011

Henrique Oliveira 2011

Bololo, 2011, Smithsonian Museum of African Art.

Henrique Oliveira uses old plywood, fencing and PVC as his medium. Recycled from dumpsters and landfills from his home city, São Paulo, Oliveira shapes plywood around PVC forms.




Morikami Jin, Kenichi Nagakura exhibited by the TAI Gallery of Santa Fe

SOFA New York –  2012





Egyptian Hippo- Brooklyn Museum


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Contemporary Spanish Ceramic Arts


You only have to look at  architecture of Spain to see how bold and adventurous the Spanish are with their avant garde, abstract and evolving post modern styles. Their passion, impulsiveness and spiritual instincts lend itself to having a natural flair for unique contemporary designs. The likes of Picasso and Gaudi laid down deep foundations for the artists to expand upon and in Spain it is embraced as being culturally enriching and essential for the soul of the nation.
Their ceramics and pottery are blessed with the same flair and creativity.  Here is a collection of Spanish ceramicists that have contributed to their contemporary aesthetics.


Carme Collell



1998 Sinking Blue contemporary ceramic sculpture by Carme Collell

 ‘Sinking Blue’ – Carme Collell   1998

Carme was born in Barcelona in 1951. While studying a Master in Art and Education at New York University, she was introduced to ceramics by Lydia Buzis. . In 1979-80 she went on to study at the ceramics workshop of Josep Collell in Montevideo, Uruguay, along with taking drawing and painting classes with Guillermo Fernandez.  It was here she developed the technique of applying an oiled and burnished slip, single fired at 1080C.

Her work is represented in major collections in Spain and abroad, including: Museum Chateauroux in France, Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Garth Clark Gallery in New York.




untitled, 2003 Carme Collell ceramic form

‘Untitled’, 2003 – Carme Collell

Burnished clay with slips.




Ceramic Sculpture - Dwelling.2010 made by Carme Collell

Ceramic Sculpture – ‘Dwelling’ by Carme Collell




Fish Piece-2,-1997 by Carme Collell

Carme Collell  ‘Fish Piece-2′




Ceramic sculpture Floating-in-blue-.2012 by Carme Collell

‘Floating in Blue’ – Carme Collell




Into the blue.2010 Carme Collell ceramic sculptural art

‘Into the Blue’ – Carme Collell




Red ceramic sculpture--Rosa cúbica roja (2002) created by Carme Collell

Carme Collell – ‘Rosa cúbica roja’ (2002)





 Carme Collell-ceramic-abstract-from-1988

‘Untitled’ 1988




Rust-brown- ceramic-art-Carme Collell

Carme Collell



More  Carme Collell  here –



 Josep Collell



Josep Collell ceramic vessel with abstract cubist motif

Josep Collell




Josep Collell.1973 abstract decorated ceramic spouted vessel

Josep Collell




Josep Collell-pottery Spain Woman with horse motif

Josep Collell




Josep Collell-pieza-constuctiva.-tapered ceramic vessel

Josep Collell


 Miguel Molet

Miguel Molet uses thorough treatment of his clays with polishing during the development of the piece or  terra sigellata  in preparing his pre-fired pots, a technique which has been revived by contempoary ceramicists, from ancient procedures dating back to 600 BC in Greece. He further finishes his pieces with smoking techniques, either naked Raku, carbonation in a closed oven, or simple smoked paper, wood, and other fuels.

website –

Bipolares - Miguel Molet two abstract sculptural pieces in black and white

‘Bipolares’ – Miguel Molet




Contenedores-Miguel Molet three orange ceramic vessels

‘Contenedores 1’ – MiguelMolet




Contenedores-3 - Miguel Molet 3 black and white ceramic sculptures

‘Contenedores 3’ – Miguel Molet




Huellas-3 Miguel Molet $ tapered ovoid sculpture pieces

‘Huellas 3’ – Miguel Molet




Ceramic forms Huevo-2 by Miguel Molet, Spain

‘Huevo 2’ – Miguel Molet




Bol-peces-2 -- sculpture by Miguel Molet

Miguel Molet




plato peces 2 by Miguel Molet

‘Plato Peces 2’ – Miguel Molet




Griegos-1- ceramic plate - Miguel Molet

‘Griegos 1’ – Miguel Molet




Mural01 wall tile mural Miguel Molet

‘Mural 01’  – Miguel Molet




Queso -- elegant sculptural ceramic art by Miguel Molet

‘Queso’ – Miguel Molet




Miguel Molet sculpture

Miguel Molet sculpture – ‘qla Rotary series’ 2009




Angeles-22 by Miguel Molet - sculptural spere

‘Angeles 22’ – Miguel Molet




Anatomía-de-la-forma created by Miguel Molet


Miguel Molet




Cons22 Miguel Molet

‘Cons 22’  – Miguel Molet




Batientes -- two orange contemporary ceramic sculptures by Miguel Molet

‘Batientes’  ceramic sculpture – Miguel Molet



 Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal



‘Human Flowers – fingers’ –  Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal




Human-Flowers---nails Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal

‘Human Flowers—nails’ –  Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal




Construcciones-5 by Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal

‘Construcciones-5’ –  Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal




Dummies contemporary art by Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal

‘Dummies’ –  Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal




 Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal -- Energizing-Stoneware1260c

‘Energizing’ – Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal

Stoneware  1260c




Swarm-of-mosquitoes stoneware plate by Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal

‘Swarm of Mosquitoes’  – Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal

stoneware plate




\477px-330px- Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D'abadal sculpture

Ceramic sculptures -Jordi Marcet / Rosa vila D’abadal


Angeles Velaquez modernist tea set

Angeles Velaquez modernist tea set





“Tree and Earth” – Diego Ecija, 2007
Tribute to the Alcora pottery tradition. The tree, referring to pottery, rooted in the earth, and it thrives. From the first branches arise Potters hands working the clay and decorating around the brush works.




Madola ceramic sculpture





SAMUEL BAYARRI - RAFAELA PARE - ceramic wall panel

Wall Panel – Samuel Bayarri/Rafaela pare




Ceramic wall art - Sponge - Penelope Vallejo

‘Sponge’  – Penelope Vallejo




Winter light, monumental dish by Jose Antonio Sarmiento

‘Winter Light’, monumental dish ( 59cm ) – Jose Antonio Sarmiento




Jose Antonio-sarmiento-Rain

Jose Antonio Sarmiento – ‘Rain’





Dones18.-Teresa Gironés




Esther Galarza Berasueta,ceramic arts

Esther Galarza

477px-354px-Arquitecturas-blandas-by Xohan Viqueira

Xohan Viqueira

( )





Joan Carrillo modern vessel with lustre glaze

Joan Carrillo



Luis Rodriguez teapot in red, orange, white and black

Luis Rodriguez abstract teapot




Mia Llauder abstract ceramic art

Mia Llauder



Pumpkins--Maria-Gelabert - orange ceramic

Raku Pumpkin–Maria Gelabert


Pumpkins---Maria-Gelabert matching pottery vessels





Rafaela Pareja textural white contemporary ceramic sculpture

Rafaela Pareja




Tri legged Sculpture done in chamotada white - Rafaela Pareja

Sculpture done in chamotada white – Rafaela Pareja




437px-203px-Rafaela-Pareja textured white ceramic sculpture

Rafaela Pareja



Teresa Gironés contemporary bust - Lady with mona lisa sunglasses

Catalan ceramicist Teresa Gironès




modernist-mid-century-vase-by- Strandquert with abstract motif of white on orange

 Mid-Century modernist incised red clay vessel signed  Strandquert




Teresa Capeta contemporary ceramic form

Mª Teresa Capeta


Monasterio de Santa Cristin




Pottery Arts Video


Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with different styles and approaches


Bobby Jaber


Bobby Jaber, a porcelain artist with a BS in the Sciences and a Masters of Fine Arts, has been a high school chemistry and physics teacher for more than 25 years. In his evolving Octahedral Porcelain Process, Jaber effortlessly combines elements from both the sciences and the arts. Seven years in its evolution, this approach to sculpting spherical porcelain vessels focuses on combining the exactitude of measurement, the mathematics of the sphere and exercises in geometry with the unique aesthetics of embedded design. The embedded geometric design patterns of these unique porcelain vessels embody many of  Buckminster Fuller’s elaborations of synergetics, a geometric system based on his attempts to understand “Nature’s Design.”


This short documentary has been produced by Bobby’s nephew Dave Altizer.


PORCELAINIA from Dave Altizer on Vimeo.



” As a sculptor of porcelain using neriage as a technique, the challenge for me is to express as accurately as possible, an idea whose perfection exists only in the mind. “  .. Bobby Jaber



Miletas Bobby Jaber ceramics

Miletas – Bobby Jaber

This piece is named for the birthplace of Thales (640-546 BC), a teacher of Pythagoras and the first Greek mathematician to unify geometry and mathematics with astronomy.




Niels Bohr Bobby Jaber

Niels Bohr – Bobby Jaber

( Quantum Series )



Bobby Jaber-Ceramic Vessel

Bobby Jaber – Ceramic Vessel



Planck - Bobby Jaber

Planck – Bobby Jaber



Porcelain Vessel

Porcelain Vessel – Bobby Jaber




Bobby Jaber



Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with  different styles and approaches.   – Large  Archigh fired, matt finish, great rhombicocidodecahedron

Bobby Jaber


Fleur04 Bobby Jaber

Three videos are presented here on ceramic artists, all contemporary, with  different styles and approaches.  – Bobby Jaber



High-fired,-polished-finish Geometrica 06

Geometrica 06   – High fired, polished finish, truncated tetrahedron

Bobby Jaber





Abstract 05 – bisque fired, matt finish, dodecahedron.

Bobby Jaber




Archaea Bobby Jaber

Archaea – Bobby Jaber





Bobby Jaber





David and Margaret Frith


David and Margaret have been creating pottery together for fifty years.  Hard work and commitment underlie this unique partnership. Their pots are firmly located in the contemporary but express the legacy of diverse traditions.  Margaret produces delicate forms with painted or carved motifs in porcelain and David works on a larger scale with high fired stoneware.


50 Years of Brookhouse Pottery:  27 July – 8 September 2013  Ruthin Craft Center, Denbighshire UK


David and Margaret Frith opening at Ruthin Craft Center 2013 from Steve Tootell on Vimeo.




Frith-D Woodfired Platter

Woodfired Platter – D.Frith





David Frith

David Frith



Montpellier Gallery---David Frith

David Frith

( Montpellier Gallery )





Multi faceted bottle  glazed in dense black tenmoku glaze.- David Frith

( oakwood ceramics )




Large bottle in grey stoneware body, covered in reddish brown metallic glaze, tessha. Neck covered in celadon glaze. – 1984

Margaret and David Frith

( Aberystwyth Uni Collection )



Oakwood ceramics David Frith

Ginger Jar – David Frith

Oakwood ceramics



Friths Brookhouse Pottery

Frith’s Brookhouse Pottery



Squared Ginger Jar by David Frith

Squared Ginger Jar by David Frith





Vase Margaret Frith

Vase – Margaret Frith



aa-gallery David Frith teabowl

 David Frith teabowl

( aa gallery )



Margaret Frith ceramic vessel

Margaret Frith ceramic vessel

( Ruthin craft centre )



Large plate vine leaf decoration

Large plate vine leaf decoration – David Frith

( Aberystwyth Uni Collection )



Teabowl by Margaret Frith Bowie Gallery

Teabowl by Margaret Frith

( Bowie Gallery )


 Diana Fayt


Moving to San Francisco in the early nineties, Diana made her way as a server in restaurants while cultivating her artistic vision. It was in one of theses restaurants she met businesswoman Maggie Nugent of Synergy Designs, a ceramics wholesale outfit. Diana began designing for Synergy shortly thereafter. Her tenure with Synergy sent her back to Hungary, a factory in Hodmezovasarhely (Beavertown) where the Diana Fayt collection was produced. The work was imported and sold in the U.S from 1998 until 2002.

Drawing on her background as a painter, sculptor, printmaker and clayer, her surfaces are alive with strange and exotic stories, part folklore and part personal narrative. Diana has continued to produce her own enigmatic, one of a kind work.


Diana Fayt • Ceramic Artist from aliengirl on Vimeo.





Diana Fayt Precipitation Place Setting

Diana Fayt – Precipitation Place Setting



Funghi & feather platter

Funghi & feather platter – Diana Fayt





Cylinder Vases

Cylinder Vases – Diana Fayt





Painted stones Diana Fayt

Painted stones – Diana Fayt





Water Lily Bowl – Diana Fayt

Chartreuse, ice blue interior, white water lily.



Flowers vases - Diana Fayt

Flowers vases – Diana Fayt





Diana Fayt Joshua tree

Diana Fayt ( on left ) at a  joshua tree.





Spring-Summer collection Diana Fayt

Spring-Summer collection – Diana Fayt





Blue Zsuzsi Vases – Diana Fayt


Large Poppy Bowl

Large Poppy Bowl




Bee – Diana Fayt





Black eyed susan and black bird - large oval dish

Black eyed susan and black bird – large oval plate

Diana Fayt





Ceramic canteen – Diana Fayt



Diana Fayt - Red Canteen

Diana Fayt –  Red Canteen



Diana Fayt - orange plate with blackbird

Diana Fayt – orange plate with blackbird






Spider cups

Three goose neck vases

Three goose neck vases

Small bowl stack

Small bowl stack

Diana’s website

Patricia Baitler – Uraguay




475px-314px-Untitled-81 Patricia Baitler

317px-210px-Patricia Baitler Ceramic Workshop1 Patricia Baitler418px-329px-Patricia Baitler Galería Patricia Baitler

1137px-209px-patricia-baitler 477px-230px-Patricia-Baitler---Galería Patricia Baitler475px-322px-Untitled-1 362px-355px-Untitled-2 475px-327px-Untitled-3 437px-418px-Untitled-5 475px-327px-Untitled-6 437px-401px-Untitled-7 Patricia Baitler421px-628px-Untitled-9

Two Glaze Combination Technique with Lisa Bare Culp



French ceramic excellence – Rene Buthaud, Jean Mayodon



Jean Mayodon bowl

Jean Mayodon bowl decorated with a frieze of medallions depicting naked dancers, alternating with clusters of grapes. ( millon & associes )

Rene Buthaud and Jean Mayodon were born seven years apart during the formative years of Art Nouveau around the turn of the 19th century. Rene Buthaud studied painting and engraving at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux from 1903 to 1907 and then went to Pairs to study at the École des Beaux-Arts until 1913. Jean Mayodon had no formal training but lived in a community of artists in Serves and was influenced, especially in the classical styles, by artists he had met such as Henri Cros, Claude Monet, Isadora Duncan, Rodin and Bourdelle. Before he began his career producing ceramics in 1912 he spent 2 years in London doing antique restoration. He later went on  to assume the artistic leadership of the Manufacture of Sèvre in 1941, after having been its artistic counsellor in 1934.
After serving in WWI in 1918,, Rene Buthaud, with the encouragement of his colleagues in Bordeaux, the painters Jean Dupas and René Bissiere,  took up decorative ceramics. His early naturalistic, vegetal styles eventually gave way to more Art Deco geometric designs along with the introduction of primitive and classical themes and nude figures. These were stylistically adapted to the shape of his vases with a modernist touch. He favoured the female form and his pieces were populated with mythological goddesses, idealized female figures and stylized Odalisques, sometimes in narrative scenes. Ancient Greek, Persian and Oriental styles were utilised.

Similarly, Jean Mayodon developed decorative styles with figurative illustrations of exquisite quality and the vivid movement he infused in his ceramic works invoked the traditions of ancient antiquity using Centaurs, Sirens, Mermen, Mermaids and Goddesses and stylized animals as subject matter.




Mauodon enamelled vase

 Enamelled vase on a round base, Centaurs and Neo Classical figures – Jean Mayodon

( Southeby’s )




Persian style vase

Persian style vase with iriddization – Jean Mayodon

Both Buthaud and Mayodon were highly innovative with their glazing techniques including their wide use of craquelure glazes. In 1934 Rene Buthaud began to further develop the use of craquelure glaze, referring to it as ” peau de serpant z” for its snakeskin like appearance. Jean Mayodon favoured a gold crackling and achieved vibrant colours with low temperature firing using metal oxides fired up to 6 times, reglazing with each firing. Deep saffrons, tourquoise and jade greens and rich reds were developed.

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Bordeaux celebrates René Buthaud in its spaces and retains fifty of his works.  Both Rene Buthaud and Jean Mayodon are recognized as being influential in the development of the Art Deco style.




Jean Mayodon ceramic vase

Jean Mayodon – Rare Enamelled Ceramic Vase Circa 1935

 ( 1stDibs – Galerie Plaisance )




Mayodon Atelier

Jean Mayodon





Jean MAYODON Earthenware Vase Circa 1935

Jean Mayodon Earthenware Vase Circa 1935

( 1stDibs – Galerie Plaisance )





Jean MAYODON Earthenware Vase Circa 1935

Jean Mayodon Earthenware Vase Circa 1935

( 1stDibs – Galerie Plaisance )



antelope decor cup -- Jean Mayodon

Ceramic Cup decorated with  antelopes and stylized motifs, covered in enameled dark blue, turquoise and gold. – Jean Mayodon

( millon & associes )



Urn vase Serves

Urn Vase –  1951 Sèvres

( Cannes Encheres  )





Jean Mayodon -Argenteuil

Persian styled enamel vase with antelopes and classical figures – Jean Mayodon – 1947

( Côme REMY )




Urn vase French - Kean Mayodon

Urn Vase with black draped figures on a turquoise mottled background – Jean Mayodon

 ( Cannes Encheres  )




Jean Mayodon Ceramic Vase

Jean Mayodon Ceramic Vase  – 1945

 ( Cannes Encheres  )





French ceramic vase ovoid style - Jean Mayodon

Twin handled ceramic ovoid vase  with straight neck .

( millon & associes )




Stoneware vase with paunchy shape Jean Mayodon

Exceptional Jean Mayodon stoneware vase with paunchy body.

( millon & associes )




Vase polychrome glazed French ceramic - Jean Mayodon

Vase of polychrome glazed ceramic cone,  flared collar and golden discoid foot  – 1950

Jean Mayodon





Jean Mayodon orange cup

 Orange crackled cup decorated with mermaid néoclassqiues – Jean Mayodon


Jean Mayodon French Antique Ceramic

Jean Mayodon gold craquelure vase, naked black classical figures

( Duesseldorfer Auktionshaus )



Vase ceramic paunchy body - Jean Mayodon

Vase decorated with turquoise antelope on a dark blue background vermiculé – Jean Mayodon

( Millon & Associes )



Jean Mayodon ceramic tureen

Fine earthenware, round body tureen – Jean Mayodon

1940 vase Jean Mayodon

 More frolicking vase nudes from Jean Mayodon – 1940




Rene Buthaud Oceania Vaseca. 1931

Rene Buthaud – “Oceania” Vase  ca. 1931

 ( VMFA )





Elongated ovoid vase French by Rene Buthaud

Large elongated ovoid vase  with ceramic flat collar decorated with geometric patterns in Flash enamel “snakeskin” .

Signed J.Dorris ( Rene Buthuad )

( )





Rene Buthaud art wall panel

Rene Buthaud – ‘DIANE AU REPOS’ OU ‘FEMME À LA GAZELLE’ – 1935

( Christies – sold )




Glazed ceramic vase by Rene Buthaud

 Glazed ceramic vase by Rene Buthaud

( )



 Art Deco vase pair

 Pair of peau de serpent glazed stoneware vases circa 1935 1940

Rene Buthaud

( Christie’s – sold )



René Buthaud--Monumental lidded vase

René Buthaud–Monumental lidded vase




Art Deco globular vessel RENÉ-BUTHAUD,-1886-1972


Art Deco globular vessel in a geometric blue and white crackelure glaze  – circa 1930

signed J.Doris ( Rene Buthaud )





Goddess with fawn - Rene Buthaud

Goddess with fawn – Rene Buthaud





vase de rene buthaud

Crackelure glazed vase Rene Buthaud

Bordeaux Museum Of Decorative Arts





Rene Buthaud vase bulbous

Bulbous shaped vase – Rene Buthaud

( Treadway Toomey )






1920s-Vase-Signed-by-J.-Doris ( Rene Buthaud )

1920s Vase – Signed by J. Doris ( Rene Buthaud )





Rene Buthaud vase

Rene Buthaud vase, large shape with sculpted and applied handles, incised nude island women among foliage.

( Treadway Toomey )





French glazed ceramic table lamp - Rene Buthaud

Superb glazed ceramic table lamp. By Rene Buthaud, aka J. Doris. French, circa 1930.

 ( 1stDibs )




ceramic Rene Buthaud vase face motif

 Ovoid Vase – Rene Buthaud





ThreeThai Dancers Vase - Rene Buthaud

Three Thai Dancers  Stoneware ovoid vase – Rene Buthaud

( Millon & Associes )






French R.Buthaud Vase crackle glaze

R.Buthaud Vase signed J.Doris – 1930’s

( Christies – sold )




Rene Buthaud portait

Rene Buthaud

( source –   )



French Art Deco faience charger

Art Deco faience charger with craquelure glaze – Rene Buthaud

( Cheffin’s UK – sold )





Art deco earthenware vase - Rene Buthaud

Art deco earthenware vase with a “peau de serpent” (snakeskin) glaze by Rene Buthaud.

Signed on the bottom “J. Doris”. At the time he made this vase, Buthaud was under contract with a Parisian gallery and could not offer work under his name to American collectors.

 ( 1stDibs )




Ceramic vase decorative motifs - Rene Buthaud

Ceramic vase with  decorative motifs: two naked, seated female figures in the midst of rich vegetation – Rene Buthaud.

Hand painted by the artist, the figurative representations are reminiscent of contemporary works by Bonnard and Matisse.

H. 27.5 cm   Realized $37,000

( )





René Buthaud---negro black mask

Mask of the negro tribe Yaouré  – Rene Buthaud

1925 -1930





Buthaud René Ovoid crackle glaze vase

  Ovoid crackle glaze vase with heel and flat collar  – Rene Buthaud

( )




buthaud-rene - 1886-1986 france

Tin-glazed earthenware vase – 1927    Rene Buthaud

 ( Sotheby’s –  sold )





figure vase Rene Buthaud attributed

Carved and painted vase featuring two muscular nudes – Rene Buthaud ?

Members of Buthaud’s family disputed the origin of this vase.


 Reclining nude sculpture” Goupe ” – Rene Buthaud  1928

( Southby’s )




Art Deco vase Buthaud Rene -1886-1986 France

Art Deco glazed and gilt earthenware vase – 1925

Rene Buthaud

( Southby’s – sold )