3 contemporary female ceramicists – Britain




Vivienne Foley


Vivienne Foley makes hand thrown, classical and abstract porcelain’s displaying clean lines and a multitude of  shapes.

“The excitement and challenge for me is to produce flowing forms from a process fraught with technical difficulties. I try to factor in all the variables knowing that during drying, glazing and firing, the works will take on a life of their own, and that no two are ever the same.”


Vivienne-Foley green melon ceramic vessel

Green melon pod vessel – Vivienne Foley




Vivienne-Foley-limited-edition-print red flower in black vase

Vivienne Foley limited edition print




Vivienne Foley-sculptural porcelain art - black and white vase combo

Vivienne Foley sculptural porcelain art



Vivienne Foley, Bird Form, bronze sculptural vessel

Vivienne Foley, ‘Bird Form’, bronze

Vivienne Foley’s bronze sculptures are a recent development of her best known works in porcelain, a medium she has worked in for over forty years. By moving between porcelain and bronze she introduces the contrasting nature of her materials and challenges our perceptions of both.



Vivienne-Foley-Black-Butterfly-Vase-porcelain wide lip

Vivienne Foley  —  ‘Black Butterfly Vase’ of porcelain



Limited Edition Prints---Vivienne Foley pink flower in white vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-Connected Form number-3-Triple-Balance-H-61cm-Unique

Vivienne Foley – ‘Connected Form number 3′

Height 61 cm


Vivienne Foley-black Boat Neck vase-Height-30cm

Vivienne Foley — ‘Boat Neck vase’



Bunch--Vivienne-Foley three long neck white vases

‘Bunch’ –Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-black porcelain corrugated-vase

Vivienne Foley – black porcelain ‘Corrugated Vase’



Two asymmetrical neck corrugated vases at Vivienne-Foley exhibition

Two asymmetrical neck corrugated black vases —  Vivienne Foley



Limited Edition Prints---Vivienne Foley Yellow flower in black vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-pair of vases with wide asymmetrical lips

Vivienne Foley



Vivienne Foley-limited-edition-print of single purple flower in blue vase

Limited Edition Prints—Vivienne Foley




Vivienne Foley  —  ‘Ridged Spindle Form’ ivory crackle glazed porcelain

32cm height



Vivienne-Foley-sculptural-ceramics - combined group of white free form vases

Vivienne Foley sculptural ceramics



Flame-by-Vivienne Foley vessel with wavy neck


‘Flame’ by Vivienne Foley

Height 52cm



Vivienne Foley Tall Forked Vase-ivory-crackle-glazed-porcelain-44-cm

Vivienne Foley ‘Tall Forked Vase’ -ivory crackle glaze porcelain

44 cm height




Ingrid Saag


“I never tire of portraying the female form, which I often use when I explore themes of romance, love, lust, and other human emotions and feelings through poetry and other written material. The poetry of Pablo Neruda has been a huge inspiration in this area. On the larger work the painting and poetry is sometimes carried to the inside of the pot. Another favourite subject has been the use of simple abstract patterns, such as checks or stripes, a perfect way to indulge in my exploration of and play with colour. This developed from my habit of testing every new material in different ways and combinations on test tiles which are like mini abstract paintings, which act as inspiration for future work.”

“Clear, vivid colours, an integral feature of my work, were probably instilled into my psyche during my childhood growing up in the tropics. Colour has a powerful therapeutic action, which can have a healing and rebalancing effect for both the artist and the viewer. Although my medium is ceramics, my work has drawn more from painting. On some of my more complex painted larger vases, I can use more than 40 different colours. Landscape and the natural world can also be a starting point for some of my designs.”


instagram  @ingridsaag


Ingrid-Saag - Swing vase illustrated with couples dancing

Ingrid Saag – ‘Swing’


Ingrid Saag was born and grew up in Georgetown, Guyana. She trained in illustration at art colleges in London and Brighton. This led to a busy career for some 20 years as a freelance illustrator in publishing, packaging and advertising. In 2003 she began working with ceramics.


Ingrid Saag 2012.-Dora Maar vase

Ingrid Saag  — ‘Dora Maar’ vase



Ingrid-Saag-vase-blond girl-in-bikini

Ingrid Saag vase blond girl in bikini



Ingrid_Saag-ceramic-vase lady wearing bird hat

‘Mandarin Duck Lady’  —  Ingrid Saag


“Most of my work is at present made in moulds that I have designed, by casting with Limoges white earthenware casting slip. Some pieces are altered after removal from the mould. On some work, I paint with a combination of coloured slips, underglazes and glazes, using brushes, pens, pencils and chalks. A semi matt or glossy transparent glaze is sprayed on to finish. Other work may simply be decorated with brush on glazes.”




Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag ceramic vase with Picasso style motif

Ingrid Saag – ‘Dora Maar’




Ingrid Saag nude woman vase



Ingrid_Saag Mango Pickers vase - lady carrying mangoes on her head

‘Mango Pickers’ – Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag -- The Three Graces - nude females in the garden

Ingrid Saag — ‘The Three Graces’



Ingrid Saag-2012-Lindy Hop Party

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Lindy Hop Party’ vase



Jngrid_Saag-ceramic-bowl Seated Nude

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Seated Nude’ ceramic bowl


Ingrid Saag-ceramic vase - Isabella

Ingrid Saag  —  ‘Isabella’



Ingrid Saag at an exhibition

Ingrid Saag



Ingrid Saag standing nude woman vase

Ingrid Saag vase



Ingrid Saag Lady in Red,-2007

Ingrid Saag —  ‘Lady in Red’



Ingrid Saag - Irises vase

Ingrid Saag – ‘Irises’



Ingrid Saag-Salsa,-dancing Salsa couple

Ingrid Saag – ‘Salsa’



Ingrid-Saag -- The Queen,-2008

Ingrid Saag — ‘The Queen’



'Two-Nudes' vase--by Ingrid Saag

‘Two Nudes’ vase by Ingrid Saag




Sophie Cook


Sophie Cook graduated from Camberwell School of Arts in the late nineties with just the original bottle shape in a range of matt turquoises. Since then, a full spectrum of colours and finishes have been developed as well as the emergence of the teardrop and pod shapes. The basis of her technique is classical wheel throwing and turning. She works clay with engineering precision, joining thinly made sections to attain height. It is most unusual to find these construction methods used with porcelain because of it’s high shrinkage and lack of plasticity. Foley’s work is unique because she incorporates these techniques and yet retains the finest qualities of the material.

“My bottles, pods and teardrops are about colour and form. They work well individually and in groups. my ideal is for them to be seen as a 3-dimensional still life that, when viewed from different angles, create new relationships between the pieces.:

“Every piece is a challenge to make as porcelain is such a fluid medium on the wheel. I throw four pieces a day, which are left to dry for two days and are then carved to refine the shape. After drying for a week, they are bisque fired to 1050.c. The glaze is then sprayed on and they are fired to 1260.c. rarely, if ever, do all four pieces survive the carving and firing processes.”


Sophie-Cook ceramic contemporary vases by three

Sophie Cook ceramic contemporary vases



Sophie Cook ceramic contemporary vases in a decorative set

Sophie Cook contemporary vases



Fifth-Element-Sophie-Cook vase display

‘Fifth Element’ dining with Sophie Cook vase display



Sophie Cook contemporary vases in turquoise and lime green

Sophie Cook  —  vivid colors in lime and turquoise with matt glaze on contemporary vases



green ceramic bottles-Sophie-Cook

Long neck ceramic bottle cluster – Sophie Cook



Madison Hotel-Sophie Cook white bottles

Sophie Cook white bottle display — Madison Hotel




Sophie Cook squat purple vase

Sophie Cook squat purple teardrop vase



Sophie Cook with her colorful vases

Sophie Cook


Collection of white porcelain vessels by Sophie Cook

Collection of white porcelain vessels by Sophie Cook



Two canary yellow ceramic bottles - Sophie Cook

Two yellow ceramic bottles – Sophie Cook


Sophie Cook porcelain bottles

Sophie Cook porcelain teardrop bottles



Orange and white ceramic bottles -- Sophie Cook

Elegant ceramic bottles  —  Sophie Cook



Contemporary and vintage porcelain wares

Contemporary and vintage porcelain wares  —  Sophie Cook



Sophie Cook - porcelain bottles on the mantle

Sophie Cook – porcelain bottles on the mantle



Two blues bottles - Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook






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