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Intriguing artifacts of the ancients




Jiroft artifact, Persia, 3000 BC


Throughout the history of antiquity there have been numerous instances where art has interacted with ancient discoveries to forge new art trends and revitalize established arts. From the middle of the 8th century BC, the developing eastern trade connections led to an Orientalising of the Greek decoration of the ceramic arts with new subjects being introduced including palmettes, lions, panthers, rosettes, lotus flowers and the tree of life. Corinth developed its distinctive style with the appropriation of stylised plants and animals and curvaceous flora and fauna began replacing the geometric styles. Greek art had a pervasive influence in the Mediterranean, particularly in Rome where they adopted pillars and columns in their architecture and there was widespread use of marble statues and Greek pottery.


golden-boot-buckle--decorated-with-turquoise-and-carnelian A man rides under a parasol in a cart pulled by a pair of winged felines.

Boot buckle – gold, turquoise and carnelian – a man rides under a parasol in a cart pulled by a pair of winged felines.

Tillya Tepe in northern Afghanistan.


The only decorative art that the ordinary people were able to acquire was usually of the clay kind in the form of figurines and vases. Jewelry and fine art was usually beyond their reach, which explains the predominance of clay artifacts. The lifestyle pottery decorations acted as a crucial link to revealing their history, as written history was lacking.
Egyptian exploration spawned the geometrical features and motifs of the Art Deco designs as did the Aztec discoveries in South America. Colonization of Africa and the export of their artifacts stimulated Africanist trends in the European contemporary arts and influenced the development of Cubism at the beginning of the 20th century.The discovery of ancient artifacts in Arizona had a direct input into the styles of Mata Ortiz pottery and its renaissance.
Plenty of the ancient forms displayed esoteric symbols, shapes and geometric designs that were steeped in hidden knowledge and quite often only decipherable to the initiated. Many are still shrouded in mystery and are waiting to have their meaning unraveled, possibly by newer discoveries, which contributes to their appeal. The above Jiroft image of the person holding the two jaguars is a recurring theme from many ancient cultures, sometimes displaying other paired objects, for instance geese, snakes and lions. I’m yet to figure out the meaning behind this ubiquitous icon.
New technologies for deep surface scanning radars are revolutionizing the ability to locate and map archaeological sites. This has led to the discovery of more fascinating artifacts and many will still emerge from a diversity of archaeological digs in places like Iran, Cambodia, the Middle East and numerous other locations. The highly evolved aesthetics of some of the ancient artifacts reveal a gifted artisanship that is truly a wonder and shows that artistic endeavour and beauty really transcends time.




Armadillo – -Mosquitia, Honduras




Griffon wood carving Afghanistan--Forging-Civilizations-Along-the-Silk-Road

Carving of a female riding a griffon.

1st–2nd century A.D. – National Museum, Kabul





Costa Rican figure pendant

4th-8th century, AD



Blue and white Fritware-jug---Iznik,-Turkey;-c

Iznik jug, Turkey

C.1540 – The David Collection





Apollo carrying his kithara holds a phiale (flat cup) for Nike (Victory) to pour a libation into, with an omphalos (sacred navel) in between.





Seated-Scribe, sculpture - Egyptian-statue-1391-B.C

Egyptian Seated Scribe statue

1391 B.C




Lenos shaped marble sarcophagus with Dionysus on a panther, also known as “Badminton sarcophagus” (right side: Oceanus). White marble. 260—270 CE

late 1st century CE  — Met NY





Partially gilded silver plate –  Sasanian king hunting wild boar

4th century CE. Hermitage Museum





Archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans who discovered the Minoan Palace of Knossos, the location he deducted from observing that the locals were wearing ancient stone seals as pendants.




This artifact was found off the coast in Florida. Speculation of its origin ranges from Chinese to Spanish to Atlantean. To me the motif looks more South East Asian, maybe Thailand.




Sumerian Boundary stone – kudurru (1125-1100 BC). The cuneiform inscription records the granting by Eanna-shum-iddina, the governor of the Sealand, of five gur of corn land in the district of Edina in south Babylonia to a man called Gula-eresh.




Bronze ‘omo’ bell

Yoruba, Nigeria




Vase decorated with various creatures – Jiroft culture, Iran (appears to b a rumble in the jungle)

2000-3000 BC

In southeastern Iran, flash flooding caused a sudden change in the course of the Halil Roud River recently, revealing traces of a 5000 year-old civilization on the Iranian Plateau that had been hidden until then.




Cocle-pedestal-dish, Panama

Pedestal dish, Cocle, Panama




Coil-built-ancient-Cretan-storage-jars-with geometric decoration

Grain storage vessel, Crete



Cretan-style-fritware-decorated-rhyton--with a man fighting a bull motif

 Cretan rhyton with fritware decoration





The goddess Cybele with framed drum





Lady of Elche medallion





Red figure bail amphora – Campanian

340-330 B.C






Sphinx statue – Cyprus

310 BC




Cyprus bird motif jug

1450 to 1200 BCE



Afghanistan--Forging-Civilizations-Along-the-Silk-Road--Dragon-Master pendant of gold, turquoise, pearl, lapi lazuli, garnet, carnelian

Dragon Master pendant, Afghanistan

1st century AD




Darius-the-Great,-King-of-Persia-(522-486-B.C) wall relief of Darius on his throne

Darius the Great, King of Persia

522-486 B.C

From inscriptions on the Cyrus Cylinder. “…I am Cyrus. King of the world. When I entered Babylon…I did not allow anyone to terrorize the land…I kept in view the needs of the people and all its sanctuaries to promote their well-being…I put an end to their misfortune.”




clay deity-south-pacific-coast-of-costa-rica

Costa Rican deity




Disk from an Ivory Panagiarion – Virgin and Child

Met NY





The Arcturus Repository is an artifact of unknown origin, discovered during archaeologist Gaspar Haneke’s search for the lost continent of Lemuria.

Created in the shape of a cube, the artifact is riddled with as-of-yet undeciphered writings or symbols, winding a path along each of its sides.





Yoruba Gelede (Efe) Mask, Nigeria




Etruscan-lekythos-,-c350BC with female head motif and bird

Etruscan lekythos

c350 BC





Persian Ewer, Iran





El-Gran-Sacrificiador abstract pattern panel - from-Argentina-atamcas-desert

Atacama Desert bronze plaque –  ‘El Gran Sacrificiador’

AD 900–1500 – Argentina




Garland holder with a winged celestial animal – Pakistan, ancient region of Gandhara Schist.

Mid 1st century A.D.




The Birdman

Artifact from an ancient (9000 BCE) amphitheater

Gobekli Tepe, Turkey




Iranian goddess Anahita on a vessel, AD 300-500

Cleveland Museum of Art






Jaguar Metate basalt sculpture –  used for grinding seeds and kernels into flour

Costa Rica, Circa-500 AD to 1000 AD





African Maske ‘kpelié’ from the Senufo people




NazcaSouth-coast,-PeruBeaker Molded in the Form of a Warrior Holding a Sling, 180 B.C.A.D500.The Art Institute of Chicago

Nazca Beaker Molded in the Form of a Warrior Holding a Sling,

 180 B.C. — A.D500, Peru

The Art Institute of Chicago





Parvati – Hindu goddess of fertility, love and devotion






 Wall relief Lion fighting a Bull

Persepolis Citadel




Blue and white ceramic 'Phoenix'-vase,Yuan-dynasty

‘Phoenix’ vase,  Yuan dynasty





Tri footed incised ceramic bowl – Teotihuacan culture, Mexico

4th-5th century



Pyxis-with-a-lid-in-the-form-of-an-Oinochoe Dept-of-Greek,-Etruscan,-and-Roman-Antiquities-The-Origins-of-Greek-Art,-the-Bronze-Age,-and-the-Geometric-Style---MET

Geometric Style Pyxis with lid- Met, NY





Mayan rattle depicting a goddess, 600–800 AD





Ritual bowl ‘agere ifa’ from the Yoruba people of Nigeria





Southern Italy ceramic tray





Standing Ruler - Guatemala,-Maya-culture-Late-Classic-period-(A.D.-600–900)-c Kimball Art Museum

Standing Ruler – Guatemala, Maya culture Late Classic period (A.D.600–900)

Kimbell Art Museum, Texas




Hammurabi and Shamash

Hammurabi was the first king of the Babylonian Empire, but is best remembered for his 1760 BC creation of the first known written set of laws in history. This codex was written on a basalt stele standing nearly 2 meters tall, topped by a relief depicting Hammurabi raising his hand to his mouth in respect to the Babylonian God, who is likely to have been Marduk.






Etruscan sarcophagus with cover

Late 3rd century BC

Boston Museum of Fine Art




The-Eastern-Mediterranean,-1000–1400-A Pyxis vessel with dome lid

Ceramic Islamic Pyxis vessel

Syria late 11th–early 12th century




Persian Bowl with a Rider on Horseback accompanied by a Hound and Two Birds-

Persian Mina’i ware; painted and gilded fritware on an opaque turquoise glaze

late 12th–early 13th century

Yale University Art Gallery





Vessel on pedestal base – Ban Chiang culture, Thailand

1000 B.C.E.-200 C.E




Vinca_clay_figure_ Late Neolithic (4500-4000 BC)

Vinca  clay figure, Serbia

Late Neolithic (4500-4000 BC)





Vulcan (Hephaestus)  – Roman marble relief from Herculaneum

 c. 1st century BC – 1st century AD, (Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples)





Islamic turquoise faience jug

12th Century AD—13th Century AD





‘Xochipilli’ – the god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, and song in Aztec mythology.




Zigurat-figure found-in-Aratta-Jiroft,-probably-to-be-identified-with-the-City-of-Aratta-known-from-Sumerian-texts

Goddess Inanna, Aratta Jiroft




Votive clay figure from Altyn Depe (the Golden Hill), Turkmenistan.




early-13th-century-Syrian-ceramic-lustre-glaze-lantern with 4 blue pinarets

Early 13th century Syrian ceramic lustre glaze lantern with four minarets




Kuan-Yin-statue Nrt. Sun Dynasty China

Kuan Yin standing on a lotus – North Sung Dynasty





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Interior Design deliberations



Beverly Hills Mid Century resurrection – design Chahan Minassian

Earth (ceramic vessels) are harmonic with metal and glass



Delving into decor design subtleties


Objectivity is hard to maintain when planning in advance for the decorative and functional features of a particular space.  Interior designers with keen aesthetic instincts and a sense of balance can intuitively attain a refined outcome in advance with the choice of colours, textures, decorative objects and placement. However satisfying decisions can be elusive until it is all assembled and the final design choices can be critical, along with letting go of preconceived ideas. Virtual design mock ups can assist, but spatial coordination is easier to conceptualize in a real space. This also includes the consideration of other factors ranging from balancing the movement of lines, angles, colours and shapes while maintaining an emphasis on rhythm, proportion and unity. This can be typified by the regular arrangement of motives and patterns to shape a rhythm or to create motion with the use of colour sequences. Beside the creative visual input, I also want to discuss some of the basics with respect to feng shui energy considerations.


Feng Shui interior design

Well designed ceramic and sculpture pieces have dynamics within themselves and apart from introducing a refreshing focal point, they also add a sense of movement and vitality to a corner or open space, particularly when it feels too static. Opposing textures and forms add to the dynamic, exemplified by straight clean lines contrasting with shapely curvy sculptures or neutral tones and passive decors matching diametrically with decorative pieces and pottery vessels of vivid colours.



Pair of large green glazed pots reinforcing the symmetry of the entrance.


The inherent earthiness of a ceramic object or stone sculpture has a natural symbiosis with a wooden structure. In feng shui, the earth element is the most adaptable and harmonizing, being considered the source of all of the 5 elements. It is particularly useful in an environment with lots of wood, as it helps calm and balance this restless creative element (which is ruled by the wind), and is especially applicable for the bedroom where relaxation is the most desirable. Earth is also the easiest to locate as it occupies the center of any room and also the center space of a home. In spaces with an abundance of the metal element, for example with large glass windows and metal frames, fire helps to balance this, so the introduction of objects of fiery colours, say an orange rug or a red sculpture will support harmony.




Red highlights in balance with the glass and metal

Designed by John Saladino.


Wooden beams on the ceiling will act as conduits for the chi to flow along and will build up concentrations of energy and become a source of tension, likewise with objects that have sharp angles, for example a sharp angled lighting fixture. This can be counteracted with rounded stone sculptures and ceramic vessels, the earth and undulating shapes contributing to absorbing the excesses. Soft curvy furniture also can work in a similar manner although it lacks the same concentration of harmonizing earthiness.
Strong vertical lines from a high ceiling, numerous vertical lines in the window frames or a high bookshelf can also be effectively tempered with earthy decorative objects and earthy colours blended with stronger textures, keeping in mind that grounded environments are generally more calming. Avoid placing a study in a high ceiling space as the ability to concentrate becomes more compromised. Yang colours such as red, black and earthy tones are more grounding along with the introduction of more horizontal lines, say with extra shelving. If a space with a lower ceiling feels too claustrophobic then a narrow vertical sculpture or tall slender plants can balance this aspect.




Green, white and chrome decor symmetry – Delphine Krakof

Spaces with a dearth of natural light tend towards being stagnant, so the presence of smoother and shiny surfaces will help encourage chi flow, along with good lighting and bright colours. The same can be said with the introduction of the dynamics of oppositional constructs, for example, combinations of colours and textures, classical with contemporary, symmetry and asymmetrical and angular with curvacous.

Japanese temples never mixed metal with wood due to the antagonistic relationship between the two elements. According to the ancient 5 element theory,(foundation of feng shui), metal attacks wood, so the use of nails, bolts and screws were avoided, so as to enhance the harmony of the structure. For a traditional purist, you wouldn’t have a glass sculpture (glass is equated with metal) on a wooden table or a wooden object on a metal base. If these combinations can’t be avoided, the element that harmonizes the two is water. The inclusion of blue, cooling colours or a fountain would be apt.

Opposing windows and glass doors or a long straight corridor can lead to strong chi currents that can build an agitated environment. The use of plants, sculptures and other bold objects with deep textures and curves can help slow down or deflect the excess of movement.

The inclusion of some of these above suggestions  can contribute to invigorating a space and establishing a deeper sense of harmony.

Before Eventi_BDC_teaser_CQStudio Design: Classic - Salone del Mobile Milan 2016

 Salone del Mobile, Milan



Accessorize-your-Home-african-art-figures with putti relief figure gold cabinet

Eclectic decor 0f African sculptures, gold putto figure cabinet and huge wooden wheel





French Porcelain Cherub Putti Statue

Edith and Evelyn – etsy




Curvaceous interior design by Arthur Elrod. (Spring 1963)

The room features a walnut paneled wall, custom tufted curved sofa, coffee table of picked cork and a large travertine fireplace.

Architectural Digest





Anne Hirondelle — ‘Karpos’ 1992




Blue Bittossi ceramic figurines

Bitossi sculpture figures




Artistica-Italian-Gallery Italian floral relief motif turquoise pottery against a deep salmon background

Italian floral relief motif turquoise pottery. Fire has a creative, enhancing influence with earth. The warm, fiery colours of the wall nourish the green earth tones of the pots and the natural earth in the potted plant.




Iain Halliday’s Palm Beach home features an Eames La Chaise by Vitra, and ceramics by Keith Murray for Wedgwood.

Interior designer Iain Halliday’s Palm Beach home features an Eames La Chaise by Vitra, and ceramics by Keith Murray for Wedgwood.




Birger-Kaipiainen,-Arabia ceramic plate

Arabia charger – designed by Finnish artist Birger Kaipiainen




Yellow Bowl-with-volcanic-glaze-by-Beatrice-Wood-on-artnet

Beatrice Wood volcanic glaze bowl




bulbous-vase-Baniwas-Indians-and-pans-and-bowls-of-Marubo-people vasos-ceramicos-Vessels-made-from-Brazillian-tribes-House-of-Amazonas

Brazillian tribal pottery

From left to right – pot of palikaras artisans, ceramic bulbous vases by Baniwas Indians and pans and bowls of Marubo people

House of Amazonas



 Persian style vase with moroccan cabinet

Moroccan style dresser matched with a Persian style vase

Arcadian Home




cattelan-italia-globus-contemporary-glass-coffee-tablewith ceramic sculpture

Cattelan Italia Globus coffee table. The ceramic globe is in harmony (5 elements) with the metal/glass.





Glazed ceramic bath, mirror panel and basin – Lee Hun Chung




Chris-Gryder's-wall-tile panel

Ceramic wall tile panel –  Chris Gryder




Coffee pot and cover by Figli di Giuseppe Cantagalli






Paris apartment, contemporary decor – abstract sculpture, large Mid Century floor lamp

Design by Pierre Yovanovitch




European classical meets Eastern deities ( Buddha head and Ganesha statue)

Design Studio Peregalli



Mid Century Guido-Gambone ceramic vase with horse motifs

Guido Gambone




Gustavo Perez contemporary vessel on “Modern Primitive” side-table from NYC-based Aranda/Lasch





Henri Matisse ceramic mural for the interior courtyard of this Hollywood Hills home.

The mural is entitled La Gerbe (The Sheaf), the piece is reflective of the paper cut-outs Matisse made at the end of his career. The work was bequeathed to LACMA in 2010.





houzz--interior-decor white ovoid vase and spherical ceramics contrasting the strong black lines

Large white ovoid vase and ceramic spherical vessels in contrast with the sharp black lines





I love the window symmetry focused on the red abstract sculpture in the courtyard.

Design by Delphine Krakof




Neoclassical bust blending with the marble – Bennett Leifer design




Japanese-Tea-Room with pink blossom ikebana display

Traditional Japanese Tea Room with blossom ikebana



John-Coolidge interior design with a pair of Siamese bookends, large abstract mural

John Coolidge interior



Kelly-Wearstler-wallpaper-design with matching gold ceramic lamp

Kelly Wearstler wallpaper design with matching gold ceramic lamp base and black sculpture torso



Loft-Concept-Kelly-Wearstler interior with large a pair of black conical sculptures, and white spherical vase with salmon pink chairs

Kelly Wearstler interior decor





Mid Century ceramic Floor Lamp by Georges Pelletier

34 inches tall




Potier ceramic pitcher and bowl decorated by Andre Aleth Masson




Large-floor-pot with artifact surface and shabby chic sofa with large shell chandleier

Boho shell chandelier with large artifact surface pot and shabby chic sofa




Lisa-Hammond ceramic bottle

Lisa Hammond





Japanese wooden furniture set





Italian ceramic compote – London interior designer Charles Mellersh

photo Chris Tubbs




Marcello-Fantoni-Vase with abstract motif

 Marcello Fantoni vase




Mid Century decor





Incised cone shaped Mid Century lamp base




NY apartment – tall cactus ( wood element) tempered by large ceramic pots (earth)




Black Mobile-Sculpture-by-Costello2010-VENTURA

Black abstract kinetic sculpture by Costello




Modern-front-door-by-Michael Fullen Design Group.

Either a ceramic door stop or a real dog?

Michael Fullen Design Group




Watermelon pink sofa and bright yellow cushions with the pink moving to the vase and the feature painting

Samantha Todhunter



Nude-female-motif-vase_rene-buthaud, France

Nude female in hat vase-  Rene Buthaud





Danish vase pair – Michael Andersen & Sons





Old World 18th Century wall plaster finishes supporting the antiques decor. The symmetry of the wrought iron wall sconces, chairs and lidded majolica vases highlighting the  large painting.




Pair of textured and incised ceramic table lamps

1960’s – Talisman




Large Art Deco geometric design vase – Jean Dunand





White ‘Cycladic’ arrow form – Hans Coper





Piero Fornasetti-e-madolin Magazine-Rack

Piero Fornasetti mandolin magazine rack

1stdibs – Navarro Gallery, Canada



Samantha-Todhunter-design La-Fraissinede Buddha statue

Villa La Fraissinede Buddha statue – Samantha Todhunter design.





‘In Urban Nocturne’ glass sculpture – Ethan Stern





-Sight-Unseen-Gio-Ponti abstract table, vases and wall art

Abstract vases, table and wall art – Gio Ponti

 photographed by Andy Barter




Spanish Colonial Interior design




The simple shape of the biomorphic sculpture in contrast to the intricate patterns of the decor

Kelly Wearstler Residential




Tane '- (Seed), - circa-2013-Makiko-Hattori

‘Tane’  (Seed), –  Makiko Hattori

circa 2013




Monumental Belleek porcelain ice pail and lid





Valérie-Hadida ceramic female figure sculpture

Contemporary French sculptor Valérie Hadida





Axel Salto vase for Royal Copenhagen, Denmark





Balinese home with earthy palette. Important concentration of Earth elements in the room centre with the stone sculpture and ceramic pot.

Photo ©




Alexandra and Michael Misczynski interior design. Earth added to the room centre with the carved stone table and ceramic pot.



interior-design-by-axel-vervoordt cabinet with Chinese porcelain

Cabinet with Chinese porcelain jars, ewers and tea pots




Weathered pottery with antique side table and distressed wall panels





De Crousaz Hugues

Stoneware, 1300 ° C, reduction,





Textured ceramic sculpture by Per B Sundberg, Sweden






Fred Bould— ‘Torso Vase’





Planchart-villa-outdoor-decorative-wall-Gio Ponti

Nothing like livening up the courtyard with a Gio Ponti modernist mosaic sculpture

Planchart villa, Venezuela





50s Italian design maestro Gio Ponti did the architectural and interior design for  Villa Planchart in Venezuela. Almost sixty years later in Miami, Galleria Rossella Colombari recreated the style of those interiors with an installation at Design Miami. It featured a sofa by Carlo Graffi, a fireplace sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro and a pair of seatings by Carlo Mollino. Also Gio Ponti ceramic wall plates and writing desk with an abstract sculpture by Bruno Gambone

Photo by James Harris





“Horse in Meditation” – Mariko Swisher

PHOTO: Bob Barrett




Jules Sarlandie Embossed Floral Enameled Vase




Pair of contemporary deco Pino Signoretto Black and Pure Gold Murano Glass Vases





Philip Baldwin & Monica Guggisberg – ‘Verona’ ovoid vase





Abstract porcelain vase- Babs Haenen







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Clays enlightened – contemporary, quirky, surreal



Watching the watcher


Liesbeth-Rutten-in-Vertrouwen Dutch public sculpture

Liesbeth Rutten

Vertrouwen, NL


A collection of innovative ceramics for aficionados of the audacious, quirky and original arts. On display are expressive figures indulging in varying degrees of scrutiny and perception, from the self absorbed to the inquisitive, contemplative and incisive and including forms that are hybrid, fractured, holistic and abstract. Fertile titillation to the imagination never goes astray and I applaud these artists for providing such amusing vehicles of flight into fantasy through courting the unpredictable, eccentric and surreal. Idiocentric visionaries providing escapism from the conventional while forever stretching the boundaries to tease the parameters of reality. Leading to a captivating conclusion from following an adventurous spirit of creativity and independence, sometimes beyond the threshold of rationality, with touches of humor, brilliance and the thought provoking.




Woman’s Head designed by Rudolf Knörlein for Goldscheider

Vienna, 1930



Charmaine-Haines--From-her-French-Experience-Collection-photo-Marie-Clair-DeBourg Abstract cubist vase

Cubist vase Charmaine Haines

French Experience Collection photo Marie Clair DeBourg





Ann Agee, porcelain ‘Tulip Vase’





Paul Di Pasquale Jimmy Dean sculpture

“Connecticut”— the historic Lucky Strike building overlooking the James River tidal  basin




Large-Sitting-Fox---Gin-Durham ceramic artist

Large Sitting Fox – Gin Durham

photo Paul Wilkinson




Galina Bulganin





‘Horta’ – Fons Bemelmans




‘The Inner Door’ –  Abstract sculpture in green and gilded patina bronze by Cantarel


ABC Pascal, Paris



Anton-Smit monumental sculpture head

A sculpture at the entrance to Anton Smit’s Sculpture park located in Bronkhorstspruit, Sth. Africa




George-Lafayette-Spirit-Guide series - standing spirit figure

George Lafayette – Spirit Guide series

See more George Lafayette sculptures here



Arthur-Boyd - David and Saul sculpture

“David and Saul” – Arthur Boyd

c. 1951 Murrumbeena, Melbourne




Bryan-Hiveley - Crimson Hoop abstract sculpture

‘Crimson Hoop’ – Bryan Hiveley 

‘My abstract sculptures present surface textures that are candy-like and color-saturated; they reverberate in the space between oppositional constructs such as artifice/natural, synthetic/organic’



City-Sport-smiling male-mannequin-head-1

Mannequin head



Michael-Lucero-Watching-Wishing abstract ceramic sculpture

Michael Lucero — ‘Watching Wishing’




“It’s a masterpiece”

Peter Sellers in Dr.Strangelove




Bouke de Vries – ‘War & pieces (cloud), 18th, 19th, 20th century’





‘Comfort Zone’ by Calvin Ma




Whimsical Bird and Rabbit Sculpture by Cathy Meincer




Chandra-DeBuse-Two-Tiered-Treat-Server-(Blue-and-Yellow) ceramic

Chandra DeBuse – ‘Two Tiered Treat Server’





Christine Kaiser — ‘Bird Girl’





Conversation-through-a-Wall----Ricardas-Lukosiunas Head sculpture with small figures

‘Conversation through a Wall’ —- Ricardas Lukosiunas




Dai-Li=ceramic figurine of a Chinese girl eating a strawberry

Dai Li



Dorota-Urbaniak-Pelka - ceramic figures in a bath

Dorota Urbaniak Pelka




TERESA-GIRONES ceraamic sculpture bust

Teresa Girones ceramic bust






Frances Doherty with her Blue Bells

Picture by Peter Boam





‘Mystery Alley’ – Minoru Karamatsu – flickr




Teapot,-2014,-by-Kevin-Snipes with black face motif

Teapot, 2014, by Kevin Snipes



Frances-Baruch - textured ceramic bust of a red haired woman with a cat on her shoulder

Frances Baruch





Kicking up heels – E.Krasnova



Eoghan-Bridge sculpture of a woman sitting on a horse

UK sculptor Eoghan Bridge




eva-kwong Tri Leg blue and pink sculpture

Eva Kwong




Found-on-theodoros-papagiannis - large ceramic sculpture figure

Theodoros Papagiannis, Greece





Evelyn Tannus ceramic whippet






‘Lady and Bird’ — Tania Babb





‘Flappers’ —by Ruth Aizuss Migdal



Jason-Walker Gifts for the kids playing with fire

‘Gifts for the kids playing with fire’ – Jason Walker




Jo Ilona -Bordeaux Three ceramic figures

Jo Ilona





‘He thinks in his garden’ – John and Robin Gumaelius

Robin creates all the colorful ceramic surface imagery and complex decorative glazes, and then John takes over and adds the exquisite metal armatures that bring the sculptures to life.




Marie-Madeleine-Gautier female sculpture

Marie Madeleine Gautier




Alexander-Archipenko,-Floating-Torso-With-Head,-1935 Black reclining figure sculpture

‘Floating Torso With Head’  – Alexander Archipenko





Joanne-Jaffe---First-Born Beatrice Wood Centre for the Arts

Joanne Jaffe — ‘First Born’




Joe-Lawrence male ceramic busts

Joe Lawrence   Two sailor/fishermen busts



Keti-Anastasaki-Toronto Male and female ceramic busts

Keti Anastasaki, Toronto





Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza – Yucatan, Mexico




Mieke-van-den-Hoogen - tow female figurines

Mieke van den Hoogen




Mutsuo-Yanagihara porcelain sculpture

Mutsuo  Yanagihara





Literary Bust Elvis Figure – Sandra Trujillo




Sigita-Lukosiunas-'Tea-Break' woman smoking a cigarette on her break figurine bust

Sigita Lukosiunas- ‘Tea Break’




Susie-McMahon----ceramic bust of a girl

Susie McMahon




Taumango luka-Woodrow-Nash

‘Taumango luka’ –  Woodrow-Nash





Raku Zen monk – Jo Ilona




Tiffany-Schmierer_Links_300 abstract sculpture polychrome

Tiffany Schmierer – ‘Links 300’




Troskulys-Ricardas-Lukosiunas-Thirst clay sculpture

‘Thirst’ – Troskulys Ricardas Lukosiunas




Outdoor Pachamama Museum

The Amaicha Pachamama Museum is the work of Héctor Cruz, an artist of the valley which, after studying the pre-Inca cultures, decided to use them as inspiration for his work





Outdoor sculpture – Hector Cruz

Pachamama Museum



Pygothia,-2010,-Cheryl-Tall,-ceramic head sculpture with highly textured clay of a man looking skywards and fearful

‘Pygothia’ – Cheryl Tall





Ceramic glazed Unicorn-Clock--Studio-Cela-37-Dorota-Urbaniak-Pelka-and-Jerzy-Pelka

‘Unicorn Clock’  — Studio Cela 37  —  Dorota Urbaniak Pelka and Jerzy Pelka





Cubist mosaic bust – Deborah Halpern




Valentina-Kuznetsova sculpture of a lady sitting with flowers

Valentina Kuznetsova garden sculpture




 ‘Squirrel’  wool relief panel by Master Adjika






Statue and fountain named Cleo –  attributed to Ruth Blackwell of the Iannelli studio

Pickwick Theater lobby




‘Triadisches Ballett’ (Triadic Ballet) – Oskar Schlemmer




Watching pots dry – photo Walter Bossard

Sheikh Abu Bakarwith with the walls of the old fort of Purana Kila in the background, Delhi




virgil-ortiz hybrid fashion statement sculpture

Virgil Ortiz




Patti-Warashina Figure A Red, 2009 red and white geometric decorative pattern sculpture figure

‘Figure A Red’  – Patti Warashina





Yayoi-Kusama-Gallery-----red and white octopus tentacles surrounding Yayoi in a polka dot dress

Yayoi Kusama Gallery




Rastafarian-Octopus-Slatermodelmaker-etsy turquoise ceramic desk sculpture

‘Rastafarian Octopus’






Jimenez Deredia




Andrew-Costa- abstract clay figure

Untitled Assemblage – Andrew Casto






‘The Low’ – Jo Ilona





‘The Angel’ –  Numa Ayrinhac

Cementerio de Pigue.




‘Black Eye’– Paul Pasquale

 – raku on canvas with raw cotton




SUZIE---Jackie-ALONSO ceramic bust of a cute red haired girl

‘Suzie’ – Jackie Alonzo ceramic bust





‘Maidens in Contemplation’, signed Green

late 20th century





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Persian contemporary pottery Downunder



Camouflage-by-Elnaz-Nourizadeh Ceramic bust male head

‘Camouflage’ by Elnaz Nourizadeh


Iranian ceramic artist Elnaz Nourizadeh


Persia has a rich tradition of painted pottery that goes back to 5000BC. Elnaz became interested in ceramics while studying Industrial Design at the University Of Tehran where she developed a fascination in the ancient pottery traditions of Persia, which led her to taking on a part time pottery workshop. In 2006 at the age of 21, Eli started her professional life as a potter in Tehran as an assistant to a ceramic instructor and later as a teacher herself. After she relocated to Australia in 2013, she set up her own studio.
With her hand thrown, hand painted pieces, she creates a refreshing contemporary quality that combines modern designs with ancient craft. Her decorative style is striking for its fusion of the abstract with vivid colours and Zen like simplicity, leading to a distinctive range of functional vessels.
She also creates contemporary sculptures with clay and ceramics, while also including wood and metal materials. Elnaz claims – “I use sculpture to convey more well thought messages but in my tableware I express more raw spontaneous feelings, so each of them has its own place in my work. I have two different types of days in my studio, one is for creating things, the other one is a glaze day. Normally I start my day with a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and play classical music such as Bach or Beethoven.”
The ceramic art of Elnaz is bursting with an ebullience that reflects her love of the medium. What initially began as a casual hobby for Elnaz has now blossomed into a fully fledged business and she also has the intention of expanding into creating large scale public sculptural works.



Elnaz Nourizadeh - Jade green, crimson and white ceramic dish

Abstract dish – Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz Nourizadeh--Collection--ceramic mug

Elnaz Nourizadeh  mug





Elnaz Nourizadeh – ceramic plate



Elnaz-Nourizedah---Collection==ceramic tumbler

Elnaz Nourizadeh tumbler




Elnaz-Nourizedah pottery painting

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh--Panoply-Gallery Four contemporary bowls

Elnaz Nourizadeh–Panoply Gallery





Elnaz Nourizadeh contemporary ceramic sculpture




Elnaz-Nourizadeh=--Shadows-of-my-Dream - black and white glazed abstract sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh – ‘Shadows of my Dream’




Elnaz-Nourizedah-bowls-painted with absstract motifs

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh ceramic sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Collection--Olive green and orange mug and bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh-ceramic plate Nature-Boy-Nrth

Elnaz Nourizadeh ceramic plate

Nature Boy Nrth




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic----torso sculpture

Elnaz Nourizadeh torso




Elnaz-Nourizedah--green mug Nature-Boy-Nrth

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh-Panoply-Gallery ceramic bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh – ceramic bowl



Elnaz-Nourizadeh--Sculpture bust

Elnaz Nourizadeh–Sculpture bust





Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh contemporary bowl





Elnaz Nourizadeh sculpture bust




Elnaz-Nourizedah-Shadows-of-my-Dream- red and white abstract form dish

Shadows of my Dream series – Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh vases




Elnaz-Nourizedah--red abstract motif on white cup

Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah-ceramic bowl--Stockists Mr-Kitly-Gallery

Elnaz Nourizadeh ceramic bowl

Mr Kitly Gallery



Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic--bowl-in white, red and black

Elnaz Nourizadeh tableware bowl




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Tableware mug and bowl

Matching mug and bowl – Elnaz Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah---Tableware=green-white and yellow mug

Elnaz Nourizadeh





Elnaz Nourizadeh vase




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic--pink, brown and white mug-and-bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh mug, bowl




Elnaz-Nourizedah--Out-Of-The-Blue ceramics

Elnaz Nourizadeh– Out Of The Blue series





Elnaz Nourizadeh

Falling for Florin



Elnaz-Nourizedah - crimson, white and turquoise jugs

Ceramic jugs – Elnaz Nourizadeh



Elnaz-Nourizedah--Tableware--matching mug and bowl

Elnaz Nourizadeh




Elnaz-Nourizadeh---Eli---elnazceramic Punch-Out-ceramic sculpture

‘Punch Out’ – Elnaz Nourizadeh




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