Mother and child sculptures




Egyptian-figure-vase New Kingdom, mid-Dynasty 18 1435–1380 B.C.


I am featuring Lindy Lawler first up in this article because her ceramic art has recently been inclined toward a mother/goddess orientation and the act of honoring the feminine principle that pervades most ancient cultures.

Lindy Lawler uses the matriarchal dynamic, ancient teachings, traditions and philosophies to explore various artistic interpretations of the mother in her clay sculptures and imbibes them with her subtle understanding of this principal. Using the language of art she honours feminine wisdom and rites of passage while maintaining a connection to the universality of mother lore and intuitive wisdom. The subtle bonds of sisterhood are reinforced in her art, which embraces the pure simplicity of the ancient forms and the power of their associated symbols. Indigenous knowledge and cultural diversity might bring differences but they rarely stray from this ubiquitous theme of the mother.


Cucuteni-Inspired-Mother-Goddess cerramic figurine - Lindy Lawler

Cucuteni Inspired Mother Goddess figurine – Lindy Lawler

The deeper essence of this feminine instinct has remained intact, but requires continual reverence and celebration to nurture, reveal and protect it. Mother Earth, the Earth Mother, Pacha Mama (Mother ‘Universe’), Gaia, Mother Nature, the Mother Goddess have a common foundation in all ancient cultures. Archetypical mother figures like Curandera the Mexican Goddess, Hina – The Polynesian Moon Goddess, Kuan Yin, Cucuteni Inspired Mother Goddess, Oshun and numerous others represented fertility, healing, abundance, folklore, spirituality, sustenance, insight and wisdom. Aa a focal point of devotion and respect, they were a formidable source of unity and reassurance.
The image of a mother with a child touches the core of this tradition and has been explored by many artists. For some, their own mothers were the source of their inspiration while others expanded it to embrace a more universal presence. Sometimes this relationship was complex, but for most their early years were blessed with a mutual mother/child worship and this is the prevailing impression of a sacred bond that permeates most of the sculptures following this theme.
The male is separate from the female in most traditional images as this reinforces the independence of the male and recognizes the inner sanctum of the female, a temple of yin divinity, solace and mystery.


Quechua Pachamama Mother and Baby statue by Lindy-Lawler

‘Quechua Pachamama Mother and Baby’ statue –  Lindy Lawler



hawaiian figurines mother and child - ,Lindy Lawler

Tahitian mother and child statues – Lindy Lawler




Lindy Lawler ceramic Zulu Mamma figure sculpture

‘Zulu Mamma’Lindy Lawler



Green Kuan Yin goddess statue by Lindy Lawler

Kuan Yin – Lindy Lawler




Market day – Lindy Lawler



Virgen-de-Guadalupe-Goddess - Lindy Lawler turquoise ceramic goddess sculpture

Virgen de Guadalupe Goddess – Lindy Lawler



Henry Moore, British sculptor -- mother child semi abstract form

Henry Moore



reclining mother child sculpture - in green parklands

Bronze mother child abstract sculpture – DZ Sculptures



Abstract bronze Emotion-sculpture-by-artist-Rosamond-Lloyd

‘Emotion’ sculpture by artist Rosamond Lloyd




Corrado-Cagli and Mazzotti Italian plate

Mazzotti Italian plate painted by Corrado Cagli




Michele-Ludwiczak African woman hoilding child sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak, France




Mother-&-Child-street sculpture by Alan Wilson

Alan Wilson sculpture – Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, Ellesmere Port, England





A painting of the statue of Our Lady of Candelaria, venerated on the island of Tenerife as patroness of the Canary Islands.

Artist –  Cristóbal Hernández de Quintana.



Woodruff Nash mother holding child bust - Women with green headscarf holding a baby

Woodruff Nash mother holding child bust



Beatrice-Hoffman bust sculpture-titled-'Mother-and-Child

 ‘Mother and Child’ (VersionTwo)’ –  Beatrice Hoffman




Artist Giulia Madonia – ‘Madonna with the child’ – Original sculpture in painted clay.

Made in 2010



Jean Louis Toutaine park sculpture, Toulouse, France



Roger Capron mother holding child sculpture

Roger Capron, France




Photography by Lillian Bassman





Giorgio Andreoli 1530 Dish – Madonna Child



abstract sculpture women holding a child

Abstract Mother with child sculpture – artist?

Carburry Antiques




Hepworth's Mother and Child (1934), made of pink ancaster stone

Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Mother and Child’ (1934), made of pink ancaster stone




Street sculpture - Mother and Child -by Maurice Lambert - Basildon

‘Mother and Child’ -by Maurice Lambert  – Basildon, Essex




Mother Child - Cris Pereby being inspired by the Egyptian sculpture and Camille Claudel.

 Cris Pereby is a Belgian sculptor inspired by the ancient Egyptian sculpture and Camille Claudel.



1905,-Gustav-Klimt painting

Gustav Klimt, 1905




Ben-Roth bronze mother child sculpture

Bronze Mother Child sculpture by Ben Roth




Wooden maternity-figure-from-the-Luluwa-people,

Woodcarved Congo maternity figure



Mother holding a child sculpture by Bonnie Friereich

Bonnie Freireich



cazaux-edouard vase with mother feeding child motif

Edourde Cazaux vase



MExican Mother Child figure 12 century

Mother /child figure – Mexico, Mesoamerica. Culture: Tlatilco

12th–9th century B.C.





Dame Barbara Hepworth, Mother and Child, 1934

Cumberland alabaster on marble base




Donatello - Madonna and child sculpture

Donatello—(Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi) — Italian–15th century



Female figure nursing an infant, terracotta clay figure sculpture

Female figure nursing an infant, Central Highlands, Mexico, c. 350-550



Greek-terracotta-statue from-Tanagra

Terracotta figurines of women with their everyday attire and adornments, 2nd century BC,

Pella archaeological museum (Macedonia, Greece)



Hana-Orlova mother child sculpture 1925

Hana Orlova sculpture





Maiolica di Castelli, ‘Lavoro dei Progenitori’

1700-50 ca

Museo della Casa Fiorentina Antica—Palazzo Davanzati




henry_moore abstract mother and child sculpture

Mother and Child sculpture _ Henry Moore




Egyptian ISis and Horus statue

Egyptian Isis nursing Horus sculpture



Jean Louis Toutain sculpture Mother and child sea5ted on a bench in Blagnac

Jean Louis Toutain sculpture, Blagnac, Toulouse



Jean-Louis-Toutain public sculpture in Toulouse

Jean Louis Toutain sculpture, Blagnac, Toulouse



Mid-Century-Modern-Ceramic bust

Mid Century mother/child ceramic sculpture bust



Jean Louis Toutain, Artigues près Bordeaux, France

Panoramio © All Rights Reserved by YMV



Jean-Pierre-Augier-french-sculptor - A hooded lady walking with two girls

Jean Pierre Augier — France





Mother & Child Sculpture on the Bullfinch Lawn, Massachusetts General Hospital





Josep-Sanchez-Carrasco black stone sculpture

Josep Sanchez Carrasco




Lorenzo-Ghiberti-Mary and Child sculpture detail

Lorenzo Ghiberti


Mother-And-Child-street sculpture,Olomouc,-Czech-Republic

Mother And Child  street sculpture

Olomouc, Czech Republic



Martha-Pettigrew mother holding child statue

“La Familia” by Martha Pettigrew




Statue of Virgin Mary by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

Statue of Virgin Mary by Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

 Church of St Eustache, Paris




Mother-and-Child sculpture-12th--13th-century

Turquoise ceramic figure   Mother and Child 12th–13th-century, Iran




Shimon Drory mother child sculpture

Simon Dror – Mother playing with child



Sam-Shendi contemporary sculpture

Sam Shendi abstract Mother Child sculpture




Northern India sandstone statue

Carved sandstone statue, North India



Han-Meilin sculpture - mother lying on back holding up child

Han Meilin sculpture


Madonna and Child on wood

Madonna and Child on wood



Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman wall relief sculpture -- Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Art Deco wall relief Mother and child –  Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman

Building of the Philadelphia Museum of Art




‘The child is there’, Le Corbusier




Luca-della-Robbia sculpture of Madonna and Jesus

Luca della Robbia sculpture of Madonna and Jesus

Photo-  Tomasso Brothers Fine Art



Edouard Cazaux ovoid vase with Jesus nativity scene

The Annunciation and the Nativity – ovoid earthenware vase – Edouard Cazaux

1960 – Camard Auctioneers




-Vanessa-Pooley Mother with child sculpture

Vanessa Pooley




hexagonal glass plaque

Hexagonal plaque – The Guild of Glass Engravers, 2012





Wall decoration by Oswald Tieberghien. Mother with child



Walter-Kirtland-Hancock mother holding her child sculpture

Walter Kirtland Hancock




Witte Museum, San Antonio - mother / child sculpture

Witte Museum, San Antonio,Texas



African mother holding baby by sculptor Nnamdi-Okonkwo

Nigerian sculptor Nnamdi Okonkwo



William-Ellisworth Artis sculpture of a mother holding a child

William Ellisworth Artis



Simoriro-Chikuruwo abstract mother with baby carved stone sculpture

‘Exercising Baby’ — Shona sculpture – Simoriro Chikuruwo




Mid Century Madonna -child sculpture by Alexsander-Danel - Austin

Alexsander Danel madonna child sculpture for for Austin Productions





NEXT POST  — Israeli potter sculpture



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