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Asian Potters – A day in the life


Porcelain figurine gold highlights on background coral-red enamel representing Zhong Kui Qing Dynasty, Kangxi reign (1662-1722) Museum of Asian Arts Guimet

Porcelain figurine with gold highlights on a background of coral-red enamel representing Zhong Kui from the Qing Dynasty, Kangxi reign (1662-1722)

Museum of Asian Arts Guimet


A selection of Asian potters are represented here going through their daily paces in the production and marketing of their pottery wares.


Kim Jin Hyun, Simcheonyo Pottery Workshop –  South Korea


The photo essay below was taken by Seungae Ahn, who is an Art Director at Simcheonyo Pottery

facebook link



Korean Pottery Kim Jin Hyun

 Korean Pottery peony flower spherical vessel –   Kim Jin Hyun




 Kim Jin Hyun ceramic vessel

  Kim Jin Hyun ceramic floral decorated ewer




Kim Jin Hyun ceramic pot

 Kim Jin Hyun ceramic pot




Kim Jin-Hyun Korean pottery on display

 Kim Jin-Hyun Korean pottery – large cinnabar double gourd pot on the right




Kim Jin-Hyun dragon motif pottery - celadon ware

 Kim Jin-Hyun dragon motif pottery




Kim Jin-Hyun public pottery demonstration - making a teapot

 Kim Jin-Hyun public pottery demonstration




Kim Jin-Hyun public pottery throwing

 Kim Jin-Hyun public pottery throwing




Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain with Cinnabar streaks lamp base

   Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain lamp base with cinnabar streaks




Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain cinnabar spherical bottle

 Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain cinnabar spherical bottle




Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain cinnabar ewer

 Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain cinnabar  ewer




Kim Jin-Hyun clay kneading with feet

 Kim Jin-Hyun clay kneading




Kim Jin-Hyun clay kneading using his feet

Kim Jin-Hyun  removing all air bubbles




Kim Jin-Hyun - pottery trimming

 Kim Jin-Hyun – pottery trimming




Kim Jin-Hyun - pottery trimming in studio

 Kim Jin-Hyun – pottery trimming





Kim Jin-Hyun - kiln firing - loading fuel

 Kim Jin-Hyun – wood kiln firing




Kim Jin-Hyun - sealing the kiln

 Kim Jin-Hyun – sealing the kiln




Kim Jin-Hyun - sealing the kiln

 Kim Jin-Hyun – sealing the kiln




Kim Jin-Hyun - tea break at the studio

 Kim Jin-Hyun – tea break




Kim Jin-Hyun - unloading pottery kiln

 Unloading  pottery kiln  –  Kim Jin-Hyun




Kim Jin-Hyun porcelain vessel

 Kim Jin-Hyun  porcelain vessel




Kim Jin-Hyun trimming porcelain vase

   Trimming porcelain vase – Kim Jin-Hyun




Kim Jin-Hyun- ceramic bowl

 Kim Jin-Hyun- ceramic bowl





Kim Jin-Hyun- ceramic bottle

 Ceramic bottle – Kim Jin-Hyun





Kim Jin-Hyun- weeping willow vase

 Weeping willow vase – Kim Jin-Hyun




Kim Jin-Hyun-cinnabar glaze spherical bottle

Kim Jin-Hyun-cinnabar glaze spherical bottle




Kim Jin-Hyun Korean Pottery

Korean Pottery – Kim Jin-Hyun





Kim Jin-Hyun double gourd vessels

Tall double gourd vessels – Kim Jin-Hyun




Kim Jin-Hyun loaded kiln

 Kim Jin-Hyun loaded kiln to be fired





Kim Jin-Hyun at pottery judging

 Kim Jin-Hyun at pottery judging




Kim Jin-Hyun - pottery judging

 Kim Jin-Hyun – pottery judging




Kim Jin-Hyun - pottery exhibition

 Kim Jin-Hyun – pottery exhibition





Kim Jin-Hyun - pottery exhibition

 Kim Jin-Hyun – pottery exhibition


Have a look at the video below on Kim Jin Hyun



Jingdezhen Porcelain, China


The city of Jingdezhen (also Jingde Zhen) has been a central place of porcelain  production since the early Han Dynasty. In 1004 AD, Jingde established the city as the main production hub for Imperial porcelain.This famous ancient ceramic production center, is located in Jiangxi province on the Kon River portion of the Yangtse river valley about 200 miles (320 kilometers) from Nanking, China. The pottery ” china ” from Jingdezhen was regarded as blue as the sky, bright as a mirror, thin as paper and it sounds like a chime. The photos 0n  Jingdezhen came from



Jingdezhen porcelain painting


Jingdezhen porcelain brushwork





Jingdezhen pottery slip cast molds

 Filling the slip cast molds – Jingdezhen pottery





Jingdezhen pottery - throwing a large pot

 Jingdezhen porcelain – throwing a large platter





Jingdezhen porcelain - throwing a large bowl

 Jingdezhen porcelain -trimming a large platter




Jingdezhen porcelain -pottery trimming

 Jingdezhen porcelain -pottery trimming




Jingdezhen porcelain -pottery decoration

 Jingdezhen porcelain -pottery decoration



Jingdezhen porcelain -large pottery vessel decoration

 Jingdezhen porcelain -large pottery vessel decoration




Jingdezhen porcelain -large blue and white pottery vessels

 Jingdezhen porcelain -monumental blue and white pottery vessels




Jingdezhen cinnabar porcelain delivery

 Jingdezhen cinnabar porcelain delivery



 Jingdezhen Ware Qing Dynasty Jar with Fencai Design of a Hundred Deers,

Qinglong Reign, AD 1736-1795 

Shanghai Museum




Jingdezhen Carving Earthen Pottery Vase

  Carving Earthen Pottery Vase – Jingdezhen





Street sculpture outside a school- n Qingdao

 Street sculpture outside a school- n Qingdao, China



 Shiwan ceramic sculptures, China


The Shiwan Town of Foshan City, Guangdong Province,  is also a famous pottery production places in China, renown for its ceramic sculptures.  The artistry of Shiwan pottery developed in the beginning with the production of functional items for daily use, and , gradually formed its own style starting in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It reached its heyday during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 ) It is currently undergoing a revival with new artists emerging under the guidance of the older masters.


Shiwan pottery elephant figurines

 Shiwan pottery elephant figurines





Shiwan_pottery reclining scholar

 Shiwan pottery reclining scholar




Shiwan pottery water buffalo sculpture

 Shiwan water buffalo sculpture




Shiwan dog figurine

 Shiwan dog figurine


Shiwan ceramic sculpture – meditating Taoist

 Liu Chuan was well-known for his figure sculpturesGuangdong-Shiwan-Ceramics-Museum

Shiwan Figurine – Liu Yongchuan ceramic master

Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum

Liu-Yongchuan-ceramic master

 Liu Yongchuan was well-known for his figure sculptures

(1916- 2000)

Huo-Jin Chinese figurine

Chinese Shiwan figurine – Huo Jin

Liu-Zemian Chinese ceramic artist

Liu Zemian   Shiwan ceramic artist

Pan Yushu Chinese art figurine

Pan Yushu – Shiwan figurine

Guangdong Shiwan Ceramics Museum

Wen Songling scholar figurine

Wen Songling  scholar figurine

Liu Zemian Shiwan sculpture

Liu Zemian Shiwan Chinese folk art  sculpture




A Chinese figurine of Lokapola

 Chinese figurine of Lokapola

Kim Jin Hyun video





Sea Creatures Clayart


Most of the main pottery companies have had flirtations with using various marine themed designs. The sleek, sinuous and diverse shapes of most aquatic animals make them an obvious choice for decorating   curvy pottery forms and the multitude of intense colours in the sea world are well suited to the rich glazing palettes. I have included some examples from Moorcroft, Martin Brothers, Haeger, Royal Doulton, Hornsea, Bornholm, Zsolnay and other fine works from individual ceramicists.

Ancient Octopus pottery - National Archaeological Museum in Athens


Sea creatures were widely represented in the decoration of pottery during the Minoan Civilization ( Crete ), which dates back to 7000BC. The octopus motif became popular around 2700BC to 1500BC and was later adopted by the Mycenaeans. Use of the octopus motif was so widespread that it has been speculated it was an object of worship or mystical significance. The “marine style” developed to include pottery which were covered with fish, octopuses, dolphins, starfish and crabs. The Minoans were organised as a seafaring nation, and it is possible their preference of decoration was an expression of reverence to the sea, which offered protection (navy), wealth (commerce) and food (fish). Such vases and jars were made by trained craftsmen and were prized throughout the Levant ( Eastern Mediterranean ), Egypt, Geece and Northern Africa.

Early Japanese societies and other East Asian cultures used pottery before developing agriculture, and seafood was a dietary mainstay, so it’s no surprise that marine life decoration also appeared on their pottery wares. Early Christians attached special significance to the symbol of the fish and they became associated with specific Christian rituals, including the thanksgiving meal (eucharist) and baptism, and pottery fish decorations were popular in the countries of Christendom. French majolica Palissy wares, developed by Bernard Palissy in the 1500’s, then rediscovered in the 19th century, also represents another ceramic era where aquatic animals were prominently featured in its rustique style.

Red figure fish plate ca.-340–330B.CItalian Red figure fish plate ca.-340–330B.C



Ming Dynasty JiaJing Reign Red&Green Coloring Porcelain Vine Pot


A Ming Dynasty JiaJing Reign Porcelain Wine Pot





Mid Century-Italian Pottery Vase Abstract Fish Carved Design by Pleasant Valley


Italian Pottery Vase Abstract Fish Carved Design by Pleasant Valley





Natalya Sots fish motif dish


Natalya Sots fish motif dish





Natalie Ul’yanova Clay Fish


Natalie Ul’yanova Clay Fish








Goldfish design art glass vase

( Uniques and Antiques , USA )





Moorcroft Pottery-Octopus vase


Moorcroft Pottery Octopus vase






Lenci Art Deco figurine depicting an aquatic scene with a mermaid and merchild 1935


Lenci Art Deco figurine of an aquatic scene with a mermaid and merchild








A ceramic Egyptian “bolti ”  ( Nile perch ) whose breeding habits attracted the Egyptians’ attention. After the female perch lays her eggs, the fish draws them into her mouth, where they stay until they hatch and the young emerge. The Egyptians saw this as a kind of spontaneous generation and thus took the perch as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth. The figure is hollow and contains several clay pellets, representing the eggs, which when shaken served as a rattle,

( )






 6th grade fish figure from teacher Joyce Vogels’s art class

( Pinterest )



Katherine Hackl Sgraffitto Pottery


Katherine Hackl sgraffitto stingray, octopus and fish vessel





Koi pond vesse l- Kate & Will Jacobson


Raku Koi pond vessel – Kate & Will Jacobson







A Lambayeque blackware vessel from Peru. Both sides depict Naymlap (their most important diety) in the form of an ocean wave, delivering a bountiful harvest of fish.

700 AD – 1350 AD

( )





Large Royal Haeger Tropical Fish Bowl late 40-s---Flickr--


Large Royal Haeger Tropical Fish Bowl late 40’s

( Flickr–Haegernerd )




Tanya Casteel Coral Pink Octopus


Tanya Casteel Coral Pink Octopus





 Egyptian Faience Fish Amulet, around 1391-1335 BCE

( RISD Museum )





Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables Martin Brothers Grotesque style fiish sculpture made by Burslem Pottery


 Martin Brothers Grotesque style fish sculpture made by Burslem Pottery

( Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables )




Artgirl56-Etsy fish vase

 Hand thrown stoneware vase with fish design drawn by hand with black slip (liquid clay)

Artgirl56, Wisconsin -Etsy


Curtis Benzle Softly as in a Dream ceramic bowl


 Softly as in a Dream ceramic bowl – Curtis Benzle





Ceramic seahorse wall decoration


Ceramic seahorse wall decoration

1950 – 1955

( )





Ceramics by Anna Lambert


Ceramics vase by Anna Lambert





Ceramic Baby Seal Sculpture Anderson Ceramics


Baby Seal Sculpture – Anderson Ceramics





Bronze Fish,-1930 Hostler Burrows


Art Deco Bronze Fish sculpture – Hostler Burrows








French Palissy ware figure of a St.Pierre fish. Thomas Sergent. French. Circa 1870.







Blue fish vase Paul Bendzunas


Blue fish vase – Paul Bendzunas






Vintage Majolica sun fish


Vintage Majolica sun fish







Wine Jar with Fish and Aquatic Plants


Brooklyn Museum’s  wine jar is widely considered a masterpiece of underglaze cobalt blue and white porcelain for the deep color of its decoration, its strong contours, and the  fit of the design of fish and water plants to its form.

14th century Yuan Dynasty, China

( The William E. Hutchins Collection )





Fishing scene mosaic from North Africa


Fishing scene wall  mosaic from North Africa 





French Majolica Fish Form Sectional Dishes


Two French Majolica Fish Form Sectional Dishes, 20th c, probably by Vallauris.

( Crescent City Auction Gallery – New Orleans )





Appert Frères Carp Vase_-_Walters


 Eugène Rousseau “Japonisme” Carp Vase designed for Appert Frères, Clichy


( The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore )





Martin Brothers grotesque ware fish decorative vase


Martin Brothers grotesque ware fish design vase





Antique French Art Deco Pottery Geometric Fish Flambe Vase


Antique French Art Deco Pottery geometric fish motif vase





Vintage Mid Century Hornsea Pottery - John Clappison


Vintage Mid Century Hornsea Pottery fish bowl  – John Clappison





Vintage Ken Edwards Folk Art Hexagonal Fish Dish


Vintage Ken Edwards Folk Art Hexagonal Fish Dish






Samsung Miyagi sake pot


Samsung Miyagi sake pot




Vintage Blue MountainPottery Angel Fish


Vintage Blue Mountain Pottery Angel Fish, Canada





Vintage Bing Grondahl Crackle Glaze-Swimming Fish Vase


Vintage Bing Grondahl Crackle Glaze Swimming Fish Vase





Tiffany Scull


Tiffany Scull—2013





Stylized Whale Table sculpture


Stylized Whale Table sculpture






Sylvan Bongard fish sculpture Portugal


Sylvan Bongard fish sculpture, Portugal







 Bornholm ceramic fisherman figure


 Bornholm ceramic fisherman figure





Small Royal Worcester Majolica Fish Compote


Small Royal Worcester Majolica Fish Compote





Ceramic art nouveau vase with- ridescent finish depicting Sigfard and the mermaids


Sigfard and the mermaids – Zsolnay ceramic art nouveau vase with iridescent finish






Samsung Miyagi


Samsung Miyagi vase with crab motif, Japan





Royal Dalton Sung vase


Royal Dalton Sung vase





Roger Cockram fish jar


Roger Cockram lidded jar with fish decorations





Vintage ceramic carp


50’s  ceramic carp

( )




Polia Pillin-(PolishAmerican,-1909-1992)-Vase Los-Angeles,-mid-20th-century at Skinner Auctions


Polia Pillin


( Skinner )







Palissy French Majolica–fish plate








Rene Lalique–Formose Art Deco fish vase



Pottery whimsical – take the plunge




Loosen up, leave it behind and indulge in a  diversion, because it’s time to take a dive and plunge into some whimsy of the clay. This primordial craft and its busy creators manage to keep coming up with entertaining objects, that remain in contrast to the ever expanding complexities that confront us. The consistency and adherence to similar production techniques through the ages has given the clay products a grounded, steadfast appeal in these times of transience. Plumb the depths of some remarkable creativity infused with a smattering of  fascinating figurines, cringeworthy and clever kitsch, mind boggling sculptures and magnificent manipulations of the almighty mud, all graced with a touch of whim. This latest installment of Pottery Whimsical will have ongoing updates.



Red Bull Cliff Diving - 2013

 Red Bull Cliff Diving – 2013

      Big Splash Divers Pool Statue by Candice Pennington

 Big Splash Divers Pool Statue by Candice Pennington

Gemma Orkin vases

 Pottery bySouth African artist Gemma Orkin.

Ava Gardiner

 Publicity photo for the 1948 movie  One Touch of Venus with  Ava Gardner. The studio asked the sculptor Joseph Nicolosi to sculpt a robe on the sculpture , after he initially did a nude one.

Amphora Werke Riessner & Kessel, Turn Teplitz

 Amphora vase – Werke Riessner & Kessel, Turn Teplitz

      Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal Studio Linie Vase

  Bjorn Wiinblad Rosenthal Studio Linie Vase

Ralph Bacerra teapot whimsy

Ralph Bacerra teapot

        Cathy Meincer ceramic rabbit

Cathy Meincer –  Ceramic rabbit sculpture, Rascal

        maigon DagaCeramic natural glazed stoneware porcelain fawn on marble

Maigon Daga porcelain fawn

( Modcats )

        Chuck Joseph ceramic figurne

Chuck Joseph
“Pukeko Storage Jar”

Auckland Studio Potters Society 

        DeBuse teapot and sugar bowl

DeBuse teapot and sugar bowl

        Ceramic wall Art Fiesole,-Tuscanny

Ceramic wall Art  Fiesole,-Tuscanny

        Freedom by Zenos Frudakis

 “Freedom”  by Zenos Frudakis

        Gregs Photos Tiki pics Titian-Studio Pottery New Zealand

 Ceramic Tiki  –  Titian Studio Pottery, New Zealand

Gregs Photos

        jean derval spectaculaire sculpture

  Jean Derval modernist sculpture

      Karen Atherley handpainted vase

Karen Atherley handpainted vase

        Kensuke Yamada stoneware statue

 Delightfulness, 2011

Kensuke Yamada stoneware statue, height 36″

        Lisa-Clague ceramic sculpture

Lisa Clague ceramic sculpture

Margaret-Keelan ceramic sculpture -- girl and hare

Margaret Keelan – “Girl with Brown Hare”, 2010

        Marleen Vansteenvoort

 Marleen Vansteenvoort

        Michael Kay abstract vesssel

 Michael Kay abstract circus vessel

      Erin Furimsky - Accordanc

Erin Furimsky – ‘Accordance’

        museum-de-la-mer - Biarritz -Facade --- Flickr --- Pierre

Museum de la mer – Biarritz

Flickr — Pierre

       Peter Pincus ceramic sculpture

Peter Pincus ceramic sculpture

        Salty sea dog by Joanne Cooke - Potfest

“Salty sea dog”  by Joanne Cooke

        SARA pottery jug

Ceramic Jug – Sara, Essons Valley, NZ

        Susan Nemeth vases

Susan Nemeth vases

          Titanica, a sculpture by Rowan Gillespie depicting a diving female figure

Titanica, a bronze sculpture by Rowan Gillespie depicting a diving female figure

 Titanic Belfast building Titanic Bel


A Vintage (60s) high relief ceramic sun face by Paul Bellardo—Boston based Sculptor ceramicist


Charles Catteau vase


Wall Hanging Tile- D.Ruth

( Modcats )

        Show Girl Vase - Katherine Morling

Show Girl Vase  – Katherine Morling

      Alexander Archipenko Woman with a Fan

Alexander Archipenko  – ‘Woman with a Fan’

Polychromed bronze – 1958

Vilcek Foundation American Modernism Collection

Mary Ann Prack modernist sculpture

Mary Ann Prack modernist sculpture

Meteorology_Mural Guan Wei

Feng Shui  wall mural –  Guan Wei

( Bureau Of Meteorology foyer, Melbourne – 18 meters x 5 meters )

The magnificence of nature is illustrated by the birds on small islands and the sea creatures floating among coral reefs..There are also ten lucky clouds that signify peace and prosperity. Four heads represent the forces of nature that blow wind…( Taoist wisdom ) It is my hope that the features of the painting will both challenge and amuse viewers, yet also underline the importance of balancing our enviroment.Guan Wei 2010

( )

Feng Shui mural - Guan Wei Melbourne

Feng Shui –  Guan Wei

 ( Docklands Urban Art )


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More decor deliverance


The Valencia contemporary design company Vondom predominantly uses recycled materials and rotational moulding in their manufacturing, which allows them the scope to create large scale planter products and unique furniture. I am featuring a few of their designs here because of the interesting contemporary results they are achieving and also the fact they use models in their marketing of contemporary decor, which is a rarity these days. Maybe I’m slightly biased because I have worked in advertising as a photographer but its good to see a bit of life added into the set. I always thought it was a slight disconnect to see the trend of interior design layouts for people without any occupants. I’ve also added a few other retro images where design marketing and models had a more regular convergence.. Also some other ceramic innovations minus the models.

Ceramic lamp Roger Capron


 Ribbed ceramic lamp base – Roger Capron

Jug on wall highlighted by frame

 Jug on wall highlighted by frame





Carved ceramic vase tisaneinfusion.blog58.fc2.


Carved and folded ceramic vase




Eva Zeisel Coffee Table

 Eva Zeisel Coffee Table

A new offerings from Design Within Reach Its curvy base hints at Baroque styling and the classic Noguchi table.




Seasonal Living Provencal bistro table

 The Seasonal Living Provencal bistro table is hand-made with a mixture of natural sands and a hemp-like grass that produces a very durable but light-weight concrete, then waxed for protection and matched with ceramic seating cubes





 A porcelain blue and white cockatoo with a bit of competition from the curtains.

 ( photographer Cindy Sherman’s  apartment )





Vondoms bones maceteros planters


Vondoms Bones Maceteros huge planters





Vondom Bye Bye planter


Vondom Bye Bye planter, designed by Harry & Camila

( The fascination of Byebye is harbored in this contrast between simultaneous unity and inner conflict – catalog description :))  )






Original design sun lounger---FAZ by Ramon Esteve

 Original design sun lounger—FAZ by Ramon Esteve for Vondom




VLEK Garden pot by Karim Rashid

 VLEK Garden pot by Karim Rashid





Circolo Dell’Ostrica by interior designer Claudia Pelizzari, Venice-Italy





‘Moonbeam’ contemporary rug –  A Cero for VONDOM




Wing stool and table by Vondom---Modelled using Sketchup

Wing stool and table by Vondom—this is the virtual 3D modelling using Sketchup

( Sketchup is a free 3D software )



Contemporary garden table by Karim Rashid---VERTEX

VERTEX Contemporary garden table by Karim Rashid for Vondom




Contemporary luminous garden coffee table---SABINAS by Javier Mariscal

 Contemporary luminous garden coffee table—SABINAS by Javier Mariscal




Contemporary vase -- CHEMISTUBES by Teresa Sapey

Contemporary vase — CHEMISTUBES by Teresa Sapey




Faz Daybed by Ramón Esteve

‘Faz Daybed’ by Ramón Esteve for Vondom





Drip Drip Tea Set by Finding Cheska




Garden-pot--- ADAN by Teresa Sapey for Vondom

Garden-pot— ADAN by Teresa Sapey for Vondom




Garden-pot --- ALMA by A cero

 Garden pot — ALMA by A cero




VLEK Garden-pot-by-Karim-Rashid

Vondom Vlek illuminated large outdoor planter using Led Lights by Karim Rashid




Twin Garden Pots---MOMA by Javier Mariscal

Twin Garden Pots in black and white — MOMA by Javier Mariscal




GardenPlanters--JM-Ferrero, Vondom

Garden Planters — JM Ferrero, Vondom




kristian-schuller photo

Photo by Kristian Schuller



Large balluster Pots Hotel Missoni Italy

Large  pots at the entrance of the Hotel Missoni, Italy





Photo by Martine Franck

Magnum Photos




Willy Maywald-1951 Jacques Fath robe de cocktail

Designer Jacques Fath robe de cocktail

Photo Willy Maywald, 1951




Evelyn Tripp in Mainbocher by Richard Avedon – June 1953

Willy Maywald--Jacques Fath 1951

Outfit designed by Jacques Fath 1951

Photo Willy Maywald




Photo by Georges Dambier

Bettina Graziani, at the Joan Miro Show, pour ELLE, Summer Collection, Jacques Fath, Paris, 1953

Photo by Georges Dambier




Nemo is a chair with-a face designed by Fabio Novembre

Nemo is a chair with a face designed by Fabio Novembre





One Kiln by Threetone cup and saucer

One Kiln by Threetone cup and saucer




Original design ceramic vase---ADELAIDE by Xie Dong---DRIADE

Original white bone china porcelain vasesAdelaide by Xie Dong





Tulip House – ceramic vase is handmade by Cor unum.

( )



Monumental Planter---FAZ by Ramon Esteve

Monumental Planter—FAZ by Ramon Esteve




French artist Jean François Fourtou

French artist Jean François Fourtou




Photographer MarioTestino's home

 Photographer Mario Testino’s home

 Model in studio of Marc Chagall

  Model in studio of Marc Chagall

Photo Mark Shaw




Thom Felicia interior design

Thom Felicia interior design

Most of the design blogs were in raptures over the hooded chairs, what caught my eye was the impressive modernist sculpture at the window.




Planter Collection by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

Planter/seating  collection by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau




Pots by Valencian designer jm ferrero

Pots by Valencian designer JM Ferrero




A room the Hotel Belsito

A room at the Hotel Belsito, Venice



VONDOM---mobiliario exterior by JM Ferrero

VONDOM—mobiliario exterior Vases Isla by JM Ferrero




Bettina Graziani and Pablo Picasso in his studio

 Bettina Graziani and Pablo Picasso in his Cannes Villa, La Californie 1955

Photo Mark Shaw

 Fernand Leger studio paris 1954 Mark Shaw foto

 Fernand  Leger at his studio in Paris 1955, with British model Anne Gunning, wearing a dress based on his art.

Photo Mark Shaw




Original-design-vase---ceramic---FACETURE-by-Phil-Cuttance---MoaRoom tall multi faceted vases

‘Faceture’ ceramic vases by Phil Cuttance — Moa Room





Contemporary black and white ceramic vases – Francois Azambourg for Cappellini





Illuminated garden planters – Viljas, Vondom

Joan Miro with model in Barcelona

 Joan Miro and model Margaret Philipps in Barcelona, 1955

Photo Mark Shaw




AND Collection by Fabio Novembre for VONDOM




retro home advertisement with model and pale blue convertible auto

Retro style Ad for Mid Century Palm Springs home





‘Feel Seating System Deluxe’ – Animi Causa





KOHLER Canada  Magazine  – photo by Sanjay Kothari  in As I See It campaign





Simone D’Aillencourt is wearing dress and tunic by Jean Dèsses, hat by Claude St.Cyr,

photo by Pottier, L’Officiel 1957





Steven Klein paid homage to photogapher Julius Shulman by recreating his Case Study House #21 photo with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in 2005.

See the original Shulman photo here





50’s Mid Century advertising ( Alexander Calder immobile mobile ) ?




Vondom-Biophilia-Sofa designed by Ross Lovegrove - white wave textured sofa and matching lounge chairs

Vondom ‘Biophilia Sofa’ designed by Ross Lovegrove




vondom-milano-2010 avocado green modern lounge chairs and sofa

Vondom Milano-2010





Monumental wavy lines, hand polished concrete planter

Saveri, Singapore




Original design vase ceramic ROCKLEY by George J. Sowden DRIADE

  ‘Rockley’ by George J. Sowden, Driade



elle decor purple

Elle decor purple




‘Arctic Rock’ bone china vase by Jasper van Grootel

Studio JSPR



Ross-Lovegrove Biophilia white table and chairs for Vondom

Contemporary Biophilia white table and chairs – Ross Lovegrove for Vondom