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White ceramics


Aldo Flower Vase by M. and D. Fuksas for Alessi



Why does white look white

Pure, refreshing, refined, crisp, clear, illuminating and virtuous are some of the descriptive terms that come to mind for the colour white. This majestic colour has an intriguing dynamic in that it is without hue yet contains all colours of the light spectrum.
White is the color the human eye sees when it looks at light which contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. This light stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the eye in nearly equal amounts.The reason substances appear white is because their surfaces reflect back most of the light that strikes them without absorbing any colors.


White was connnected with the goddess Isis in ancient Egypt. The priests and priestesses of Isis dressed only in white linen. Similarily, in ancient Rome, the priestesses of the goddess Vesta dressed in white linen robes, a white palla or shawl, and a white veil. White symbolized their purity, loyalty, and chastity. A plain white toga was worn for ceremonial occasions by all Roman citizens over the age of 14-18. No Roman man was allowed to appear in the Roman forum without a toga.

During the Middle Ages, painters rarely ever mixed colors; but in the Renaissance, the influential humanist and scholar Leon Battista Alberti encouraged artists to add white to their colors to make them lighter and brighter. This was adopted by numerous painters, and the palette of the Renaissance was considerably more vivid.

White porcelain originated in China and was widely produced due to its translucency, strength and hardness. It became highly prized after it was exported to the Islamic world and onto Europe.

Chinese-Porcelain Moon_flasks-Qing-Dynasty

Two moon flasks. Famille rose. Qing 1723-35.

Sir Percival David Collection, British Museum


A beluga white whale. Its colour helps it hide from its chief enemies, the polar bear and killer whales




Burtz sundae soup tea bowls

Burtz sundae soup tea bowls




Vintage White Vase Heinrich

Vintage White Vase – Heinrich, Germany





Turi Heisselberg contemporary ceramic vessel

Turi Heisselberg




L'Officina Handmade Ceramic

L’Officina Handmade Ceramic ( Etsy )

These bowls are  made with wool dipped in porcelain paperclay and arranged in a shape.Paperclay is a mix of porcelain and paper pulp. Paper in the clay changes the molecular structure of the clay body. The paper burns out of the clay in the kiln after about 300° and then the clay is as normal.Paper clay will withstand multiple re-dampening so you can make changes in the form. It will also withstand forced drying.




Thought Circles rheka goyal

‘Thought Circles’ – Rheka Goyal, India





Tania Rollond ceramic vessel with fine line decoration

Tania Rollond, Australia





Taizo Kuroda

Taizo Kuroda





Sung Jae Choi - buncheong jar

Sung Jae Choi – buncheong jar







Ruth Duckworth abstract schematic figurine

Ruth Duckworth





Charles Murphy beverage vessel

Charles Murphy



Karen Morgan contemporary pottery vessels

Karen Morgan




Linda Styles contemporary vase in red, black and white

Linda Styles – UK





Gerry Judah monumental contemporary sculpture outdoor

Lotus Car Sculpture  –  Gerry Judah




Micro hybrid bi flora - Lindsay Feuer

‘Micro hybrid bi flora’ – Lindsay Feuer





nagae-forms-in-succession - slab built ceramic sculpture by Nagae Shigekazu

Nagae Shigekazu – ‘Forms in Succession’





475px-380px-Jonathan Latiano sculpture - spiky ceramic abstract form

Jonathan Latiano –  ‘Points Of Contention’





Prism-Bartek-Mejor. faceted white ceramic vase

‘Prism’ – Bartek Mejor.




Jennifer McCurdy white ceramic sculpture

‘Ribbon Vessel’ – Jennifer McCurdy




The Shinto religion uses white sand or gravel to symbolize a sacred place, while Zen Buddhism uses it to stimulate calm and meditation in their Zen gardens. The use of curved lines symbolised all embracing compassion.




 Futuristic white :

The colour white has quite often featured in futuristic scenes in movies and with modern décor. Predominant use of the colour promotes a minimalist, uncluttered appearance and clean contemporary lines. This could be a reflection of a subconscious desire to have a future that fades to white rather then black and maintains a purity and order.



Italian Architect Riccardo Giovanetti




futuristic-white-mahina-house with clean lines and sweeping curves

Futuristic white Mahina house




futuristic-chairs-black-white biomorphic lines

Futuristic black & white chairs

Infiti Design




Connie Norman Never Forgotten contemporary ceramic bottle

Connie Norman – ‘Never Forgotten’

design connected geometric symmetrical ceramic form3D model vase from Design Connected





Futuristic Sleeper house

Futuristic home from Woody Allen’s movie ” Sleeper “.





Adrienne Johnson Conway- two white ceramic vases with wavy profiles

‘White Wiggles’ – Adrienne Johnson





Astrid Dahl white waisted vessel

Astrid Dahl





Regina Farrel ceramic sculpture in white

Ceramic Table Lamp – Regina Farrel




White-Porcelain-Berry-Bowl made by Isabelle Abramson

White Porcelain Berry Bowl – Isabelle  Abramson



zany white ceramic teapot from anthropologie

Teapot from Anthropologie




Roos van de Velde ceramic bowls in white

Roos van de Velde – Belgium




Wendy Hoare white ceramic vase

‘Silver Arum

– Wendy Hoare




Roberto Rigon for Bertoncello - collection of white mid century vases

Italian 60’s – 70’s vase collection – Roberto Rigon for Bertoncello





Wat Rong Khun temple





Heather Daymond

Heather Daymond

Ed-Bentley contemporary white ceramic sculpture

Ed Bentley

mervyn gers ceramic vessels with heavy textured white surface

Three white ceramic vessels – Mervyn Gers





Rupert Spira




german-60s mid century white porcelain vases

Mid Century German vases





Lyndsey B White airbrushed sculpture

The 80’s Gallery




Primavera vase

1930, Gary Rubinstein Antiques





Bonbonniere Candy Jar – Robj




White-Bike-Ceramics--Thrown-Porcelain,-Inlaid-Cobalt,-8oz cup

Cup and Saucer – White Bike Ceramics





White veined marble sculpture by Angelo Mangiarotti





‘Woman With Raised Leg’ – Carol Murphy


Brenda May Gallery, NSW, Australia





Johan Van Loon, NL




Jennifer-Burke-Pottery - creamer and sugar bowl on small tray

Jennifer Burke – creamer and sugar bowl




Ruth-Duckworth;-Porcelain,-1998. geometric wall art

Ruth Duckworth; Porcelain wall art




Pam Dodds sculptural vessel

Pam Dodds





‘Enfold-2-&-3’ – Keith Varney




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    What beautiful objects. I wish there were links to see how to purchase any of these

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