Contemporary art plates and platters


Anne James rectangular platter

Ceramic platter – Anne James, UK



Art plates in abundance


One of the earliest Egyptian Gods, Khnum, was quite often depicted in their temple art as sitting at a potter’s wheel, creating objects with Nile clay. The status of clay objects were elevated by this association, along with the reverence extended to the clay figurines of the Egyptian deities and the widespread use of ceramic vessels in their rituals and food offerings to their Gods. Ancient Egyptian art contains many images of gifts of food such as grapes, wine, sheaves of wheat, cakes, bread and meats being offered as a symbol of gratitude. Most of the ancient cultures performed ritual food offerings in their temp;es and at their harvest festivals. These days, the most popular clay product that receives any semblance of reverential attention would have to be the humble plate, mainly due to its functional purpose of delivering food to the table. Also, now the ante has been upped for the artistic presentation of cuisine, the ceramic dishes can be an integral feature in this display.


Natural forms sculpture project platter - Alice Ballard

Natural forms sculpture project platter – Alice Ballard

There isn’t a utilitarian consumer product with a longer history then the ceramic plate. It’s a marvel of continuity, pragmatism and cultural lineage. Basically it’s still made from clay, thrown on a wheel and baked in a kiln. Maybe as a subconscious sign of respect, this ceramic vehicle of sustenance is still favored over more modern materials like metal and plastic, despite its vulnerability to breakage. The predominantly round plate stands as a symbol of abundance and also still features as a medium of art.
During the renaissance, the introduction of more colours to the decorative palette, along with the richer glossy glazes of majolica, attracted more artists to using ceramics as a vehicle of art. Plate decoration was used as a statement of prestige and was custom made to display family emblems and important historical events. Homage to the mythical gods and creatures was also well represented in the ceramic plate arts, quite often created in similar quality and style to the famous renaissance artists, encouraged by the healthy commissions being offered from the elite classes.
Elaborate plate decoration had also been adopted by the Greeks and their tradition of plate breaking was originally born out of a desire to express equality with any poorer families that were invited to their events.
All tableware has been a popular medium for reinforcing different eras of style. Maybe through being a provider of sustenance on the table, the mind is more receptive to its presence and awareness of their decoration is heightened, enhanced by the fact it is right in front of you. This regular feature in our existence is deserving of fine quality and decoration and is still represented in the modern clay narrative. Here is a collection of contemporary art studio plates and platters.

Barry Stedman UK




Bowl, earthenware, underglaze slip painted

Iran, Nishapur, 10th century.




White Burlap-Platter---Gold-Stripe-Koromiko

Burlap platter with gold stripe – Koromiko





Ceramic Calendar-Plate-Piero-Fornasetti,-1999. in Gold, black and white

Calendar Plate by Piero Fornasetti




Candone-Wharton ceramic dish

Raku and clay weave plate – Cardone Wharton





Celadon platter by Imaizumi Takeshi

Keiko Gallery



Chris-Baskin---Ladder-Pattern-Bowl Soda fired stoneware serving bowl

Ladder pattern bowl – Chris Baskin

Soda fired stoneware serving bowl, 14 inches diameter





Bizzare ware charger – Clarice Cliff



Dan-Finnegan twin handled round platter

Twin handled platter – Dan Finnegan





‘Black and White Charger #1’  – David Nelson





Delores Fortuna platter





Porcelain platter – Ralph Bacerra

16.25 inches – 1970

Bacerra derived his aesthetic mix from a diverse group of influences; Japanese Imari-style decoration is the root but so are Optical Art, Edo Period Nabeshima, as well as M.C. Escher’s interlocking imagery – liveauctioneers





Set of plates and bowl – Elephant Ceramics ( Michele Michael )





Bella donna majolica plate with representation of Mary Magdalene


Risd Museum



Dalya-Yohai-ceramic bowl dish and spoon with wooden handle

Dalya Yohai





Cubist plate by Martine Azuma

Vallauris France c1960

Sold by Travers Antiques





Ceramic plate with two nude female figures – Eric James Mellon






Vintage Royal Doulton House of Erte Fireflies plate





Fire Art Pottery-patchwork-raku plate

Patchwork raku plate  – Fire Art Pottery




Peter Voulkos plate


Los Angeles Modern Auctions





Peter Voulkos stoneware charger




Guillermo-Cuellar-dinner plate - Schaller Gallery

Guillermo Cuellar dinner plate, USA

Schaller Gallery




Handmade-Pottery-Tray---Burlap-Brown---Ceramic-Appetizer-Plate---Serving-Tray by Fringeand Fettle

Handmade Ceramic Appetizer Plate with pressed burlap texture by Fringeand Fettle, Etsy





Large handbuilt earthenware indigo wash plate – Yuniko Studio




 Smoked & waxed porcelain platter – Heidi Loewen, Santa Fe

16 inches diameter




Joan-Miró inspired-abstract ceramic plate

Joan Miro inspired hand painted ceramic trivet by Ceremar, made in Spain.

templeofvintage – etsy


John-Glick medium platter 13 inches diameter Schaller Gallery

Medium platter – John Glick

13 inches diameter

Sold by Schaller Gallery





Large stoneware dish – John Jelfs





Art Deco Yellow Black Dinner plate – Kato Kogei for Fujimori



kenyon-hansen contemporary ceramic plate

Kenyon Hansen





‘Kohiki 11’ ( platter-) by Akira Satake

15 x 11 x 4 inches



Kyle-Carpenter lattice texture dish

Kyle Carpenter




Lisa-Gluckin---ncclayclub.blogspot ceramic plate

Lisa Gluckin





Bernard Hesling Enamelled Platter---Tarlo and Graham, Melbourne

Bernard Hesling Enamelled Platter

Tarlo and Graham, Melbourne





Large Platter — Warren MacKenzie




Makoto Kagoshima botanical decorated platter

Makoto Kagoshima




Marcy-Neiditz contemporary plate

Marcy Neiditz




Matthew-Patton square stoneware tray

Abstract square stoneware tray – Matthew Patton, Seattle



Medium-Flared-Bowl--Clementina van der Walt

Medium flared dish – Clementina van der Walt




Nancy Wickham-Studio-Plate-1947

Nancy Wickham Studio Plate






Untitled, XL Plate – Richard Sperry


Nevica Private Collection






Nick Joerling





Oval platters by Japanese ceramic artist Yasushi Kuno.-via-ameblo





Set of aqua pebble plates – Kim Wallace




Pine Mills Pottery--Platter by Daphne Hatcher

Contemporary platter by Daphne Hatcher – Pine Mills Pottery




Plate-by-Roger-Capron with horse motif

Roger Capron,  France




Marcy-Neiditz abstract trees motif plate

Marcy Neiditz






Andrew Gilliatt

Red Lodge Clay Center




Robert-Sperry crackle glaze plate

Robert Sperry

American Museum of Ceramic Art Pomona, California




Jacques--Innocenti-Vallauris-Hand-Painted-Modernist - Dish

Handpainted Mid Century plate – Jacques Innocenti

Vallauris, 14inches diameter

Candau, 1stDibs




Charger at Shoji Hamada’s house

Kirsty Komuso flickr




Simon-van-der-contemporary plate Ven-vandervenstudios-com

Simon van der Ven





Rustic-hand-built-ceramic-bowl-in-grey-and-black FullCircleInventions

Handbuilt ceramic bowl via Naboo The shamen, pinterest

FullCircleInventions etsy





Sakuma Tataro




San Ildefonso Pueblo plate by Tony Da

Image courtesy of Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.





Shallow plate – Duncan Ross




SHIBATA,-Masamitsu contemporary footed dish

Shibata Masamitsu


Chris-Baskin abstract plate, swirl pattern

Chris Baskin




‘Native Family’  – Marc Bellaire

California, 1950’s




Guillermo-Cuellar---contemporary ceramic plate

Guillermo Cuellar – In 1981 he worked as an assistant to Warren MacKenzie, who was teaching in Caracas






Abstract dog motif plate – Guido Gambone, Italy

ca 1970





James Tower Owl Dish UK

York Art Gallery



Stunning-glazes.schaller-gallery Randy Johnson dinner plate

Dinner plate by Randy Johnston

Schaller Gallery



style-is-the-Sonata-Atomic-Pattern Humoresque-Platter-Kato-Kogei-Fujimori-Abstract-Postmodern

Ceramic platter by Kato Kogei for Fujimori, Japan



Tácito-Fernandes amorphic shape platter with incised geometrical pattern

Tácito Fernandes modernist platter with incised geometrical pattern




田村耕一 Tamura-Kouichi plate

Tamura Kouichi





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