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Art Contemporain and Céramique




1st to 4th October 2015


7th Art Contemporary and Ceramic fete


70 artists presenting their works in an open village location in the centre of Paris featuring painters, sculptors, ceramicists, craftsmen and visual artists.


Village d’automne de l’esplanade des Invalides, Paris   < free entry >



Some of the participating artists →



Simone Krug



Simone-Krug-ceramic cup

Simone Krug



Simone-Krug--ceramic lidded jar

Simone Krug



Simone-Krug - abstract white porcelain cups - krug.simone@gmx

Simone Krug



Annie Mauffrey



Raku bowl – Annie Mauffrey



Annie Mauffrey-Céramiste---Sculptures Paris

Annie Mauffrey sculpture



Chris Gullon

[email protected]


Chris-GULLON French ceramic

Chris Gullon




Chris-Gullon raku fired lidded jar

Raku fired jar – Chris Gullon


Anne Jacob


Anne Jacob art glass vase, France

Anne Jacob



Anne Jacob--French art glass vase with abstract tree motifs

Anne Jacob



Barbara Billoud


Barbara Billoud----ceramic vase - green and brown

Barbara Billoud



Barbara Billoud ceramic trees with white leaves

Barbara Billoud



vase rouge mode lélight-Barbara-Billoud - red vase with black stripes

Vase rouge mode lélight – Barbara Billoud



Alejandro Rodriguez Sardiñas


Alejandro-Rodriguez-Sardiñas fine art painting

Alejandro Rodriguez Sardiñas aerial perspective art



Alejandro-Rodriguez-Sardiñas--aerial perspective art

Alejandro Rodriguez Sardiñas



Christian Pinault

Christian Pinault

Christian Pinault, céramiste-sculpteur


Christian Pinault ceramic sculpture

Christian Pinault



Christian-Pinault-three raku bowls in black and white

Christian-Pinault-three raku bowls




Christian Pinault---mixed media wall mask

Christian Pinault



Christian-Pinault-multi media art - charcoal, wire, ceramic

Christian Pinault




Jumeaux_2003 Christian-Pinault-

Christian Pinault




Christian Pinault





Christina Guwang



Christina Guwang - hand painted ceramic bowl

Christina Guwang



Christina Guwang-httpchristina.guwang.over-blog

Christina Guwang



Dany Dufour



Dany Dufour



Dany Dufour - lidded vessel with matt glaze

Dany Dufour




Dany Dufour



Dorothée Butruille


Dorothée Butruille lady with Umbrella sclpture- www.dotty-sculpture

Dorothée Butruille




Dorothée Butruille - sculpture of a boy riding an elephant

Dorothée Butruille



Frances P. Ryan-building reflected in water

Photographer Frances P. Ryan




Brigitte Isaac Dognin



Brigitte Isaac Dognin

Brigitte Isaac Dognin




Brigitte Isaac Dognin-vase

Brigitte Isaac Dognin



Gabrielle Hollensett Grugier

artiste peintre

Des ambiances marines aux silhouettes universelles, paysages du Nord et du monde, porte-containers chargés de mystère, émotion du départ vers un voyage imaginaire.


Gabrielle Hollensett Grugier abstract expressionist art

Gabrielle Hollensett Grugier





Gabrielle Hollensett Grugier


Gaele Renard



Gaele-Renard-Werner mixed media totems/lamps

Gaele Renard



Jean Michel Bliard

BLIARD CREATION : design mobilier de createur art contemporain mobilier de luxe

Jean-Michel BLIARD, sculpteur de mobilier Cliquez-ici pour télécharger le communiqué en pdf


Jean Michel Bliard contemporary furniture bench

Jean Michel Bliard



Jean-Michel-Bliard-white modernist cabinet with chrome leg

 Modernist cabinet – Jean Michel Bliard



Michel-Bliard-modern coffee table

Coffee Table – Jean Michel Bliard



Michel-Bliard- red-green-sliver and blue set of drawers

Jean Michel Bliard – contemporary chest of drawers




Michel-Bliard- Polished-Satin-Aluminum-desk

Polished aluminium desk – Jean Michel Bliard



Polymorphic styled small set of drawers - Jean Michel Bliard

French contemporary furniture – Jean Michel Bliard



Jeanne Leblon Delienne


Jeanne Leblon Delienne - sculptured geometric lamp

Jeanne Leblon Delienne



Jeanne-Pixi--wall sculptureal art

Jeanne Leblon Delienne


Louzou Di Rosa


 Louzou Di Rosa contemporary lamp design

Louzou Di Rosa


Louzou-Di-Rosa modern lighting

Contemporary lumina – Louzou Di Rosa



Pascal Hollemaert


Pascal-Hollemaert metal sculptural bust

Metal sculptural bust – Pascal Hollemaert





Pascal Hollemaert



Nicolas Contreras



Ceramic Egg-Pots-Nicolas-Contreras

Egg Pots – Nicolas Contreras




pottery---INKébana dish - Nicolas Contreras

Hand painted INKébana dish – Nicolas Contreras



Sylvie Godart


Ovoid vase, hand painted landscape motif - Sylvie-Godart

Ovoid vase, hand painted – Sylvie Godart



Lidded raku jar with wooden branch handle - Sylvie Godart


Lidded raku jar with wooden branch handle – Sylvie Godart



Sylvie Godart - two black and white pitchers with geometric patterns

Sylvie Godart




Manon-Clouzeau with bowls in her studio

Manon Clouzeau





Ceramic wall panel – Martha Banuelosart




Gérard-LHERITEAU glass slippers

Gérard Lheriteau




Danielle-MARTIN-TROULAY - abstract painting

Danielle Martin Troulay




Thierry-Luang-Rath-incised ceramic bowl

Thierry Luang Rath





Sophie Plus




KREBS-Bruce-atelier.bruce.krebs.pages perso-orange

Bruce Krebs



Catherine Aoustin- stained glass

Catherine Aoustin




Wiga lion bust sculpture

Wiga Mikulski




Beguiling ornamental brooches


Polymer Clay Abstract-Brooch---by-Bettina-Welker

‘Abstract Brooch’ — -by Bettina Welker from series The Place In Between

via Polymer epiphany


Brooch/pin adornment


Brooch jewelry artists are always presented with the challenge of limited size & weight, while maintaining strength, which can lead to clever minimalist creations and miniature pieces of fine detail that are fascinating as a compact mobile sculptural art. Brooches probably peaked as a fashion accessory during the Art Nouveau and Deco eras, where the iconic Nouveau curves and Deco geometrics easily adapting to the limited size. Up to the 50‘s, Brooches were still popular where they became more kitsch in comparison, and some modernist pieces appeared in the 60‘s and 70‘s but as fashion became more streamlined and casual, they eventually fell off the fashion accessory radar.

Maybe with rebranding or if Apple came up with a pin-on “brofone”, interest in this fashion accessory might receive a boost. However, as it wouldn’t be that pragmatic for taking a selfie, which in itself would be a statement of good taste, its desirability would be compromised. But then again it would be useful for heart monitoring, hands free photography and a flashing beacon for a bike rider, but hardly a fashion statement.

The original brooch was purely functional and originated in the Bronze Age where they were carved from bone, wood and materials like tortoise shell, to be used as a pin to secure pieces of clothing attire like a cape. During the Iron Age they eventually became more ornate, especially after they were forged from metal and had jewels added, evolving into items of decoration. In the colder regions such as Scandinavia, they were larger in size as the clothing was heavier and they became bold fashion adornments, sometimes containing spiritual motifs and symbols and they were quite often discoidal in shape. From the Sixth to the Tenth century, during the Byzantine era, enameling was introduced with more vivid colours and detail. These brightly colored brooches found their way along the trade route to as far as Britain and Europe.

I have been noticing for awhile on sites like etsy that the emergence of new lighter composite materials and polymer clays have rekindled interest in brooch designs. Although brooches now are rarely regarded as a mainstream fashion item, they still feature as an accessory for more formal outfits, with some contemporary, elegant designs featured below.


Alan Ardiff,-Irish-jeweller.-One Fine Day -brushed metal brooch with bird motif

‘One Fine Day’ – Alan Ardiff, Irish jeweller.




An-Art-Nouveau-gold,-diamond-and-enamel-brooch,-by-Eugène-Feuillâtre,-French,-circa-1900 Egyptian Revival

French Egyptian Revival brooch – Eugène Feuillâtre

circa 1900



erte-gold-and-black-enamel-diamond pin

Typically elegant Erte gold and black enamel Art Deco pin



Ann Dillon polymer clay abstract brooch

Polymer clay brooch – Ann Dillion



Art Nouveau pearl diamond, enamel-and-18K-gold brooch-pendant

Art Nouveau pearl diamond, enamel and 18K gold brooch pendant



Disk Brooch--early-7th-century Anglo- Saxon made in Faversham

Disk Brooch–early 7th-century Anglo Saxon made in Faversham





Askew Rectangular Bug Brooch Pin, London




Levinger & Bissinger – Jugendstil Art Nouveau Brooch attributed to Otto Prutscher





‘Eyebright’ – Beppe Kessler Brooch




Kathleen-Dustin--Tribal-Pin-in-Green contemporary polymr clay brooch

‘Tribal Pin in Green’ – Kathleen-Dustin




Bijou Art déco et Avant garde – Jean Després, pendent/pin

1932_Brant Foundation, Greewich,





French Art Nouveau Twin Stork pendant/brooch in gold, garnet and pearl

c. 1900



Eugène-Grasset-pour-la-maison-Henri-Vever,-'Poésie'--French brooch

“Poetry” brooche by Eugène Grasset for the house Henri Vever

Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris





Ceramic White Tara, Kwan Yin Little Face Original by Jill Taylor





Daniel di Caprio, Ebony and Silver, Vessel Brooch





Chinese Silver, Enamel and Coral Carved Pin

Early 20th Century




‘Earth+Sky Brooch’ by Tory Hughes




Egyptian Revival Nekhbet Brooch- Silver & plique a jour enamel.

Circa 1925




‘Night Owls’ brooch – etsy Baubukas





Art Nouveau plique-à-jour enamel, diamond and pearl brooch

circa 1900



Egyptian-revival-brooch - enamel, metal, turquoise

Egyptian Revival brooch

Collectors Weekly





‘Head of the Gorgon Medusa’ –  Late 19th Century Czechoslovakian brooch, gold, jasper, and crystal





“Fire Fly” Custom Handmade Pin with Diamonds, Pearls, Onyx, 18k



Pearl and diamond Jarin-Blackamoor-Brooch-Ruby-Lane

Pearl and diamond Jarin Blackamoor Brooch





Musee-d-Orsay---Eugène-Grasset,-pour-Maison-Vever,-'Apparition'-broche - Art Nouveau faces pin

Eugène Grasset, pour Maison Vever, “Apparition” broche

Ivory, repoussé gold, cloisonné enamel translucent and opaque, topaz cabochons

Musee d Orsay— 1900




Owl-by-Ahlene-Welsh - sterling silver, brass, bronze, nickel, 14k gold

‘Owl’ by Ahlene Welsh

sterling silver, brass, bronze, nickel, 14k gold, 1990

The Ganoskin Project



Art Nouveau Jugendstil Silver Adolf Mayer Pendant





Art Nouveau pendant composed of gold, diamonds, carved amethyst and baroque pearls, circa 1900.




Pickney Creations head brooch - etsy

Head Brooch by Pickney Creations – etsy





Porcelain Flower brooch – Nausika





Art Deco Templier face brooch




Ruffle-Brooch-by-Elise-Winters contemporary jewellry

Ruffle Brooch by Elise Winters



Tova-Lund,-brooch-contemporary brooch

Tova Lund sculpture brooch





triangle-pin-by-Carol Beal -contemporary style jewellry

Carol Beal polymer clay brooch





Nardi large Gem set Onyx Coral diamond Gold Blackamoor Brooch



Very-oceanic-looking..Organic sea life inspired clay brooch - Jana Roberts Benzon

Organic sea life inspired clay brooch – Jana Roberts Benzon




50’s Vintage Elzac Brooch African Tribe Head Copper Ceramic Lake Breezes




Voodoo-Queen-Laser-Cut-Wood-Brooch wearable art Hungry Designs-etsy

‘Voodoo Queen’ – Laser Cut Wood Brooch wearable art

Hungry Designs-etsy

QLD, Australia



Vintage-Lady-Pin Art Deco flapper

Art Deco/Jazz Age brooch




Art Nouveau pendant House Vever (Paul and Henri)





Egyptian Revival turtle scarab brooch




Mid- Century Deco style abstract hand painted gazelle brooch





Vintage Silver pewter Tribal Tiger Brooch Pin  – -Signed JJ




lea-stein-deco-cat brooch

Art Deco cat pin – Lea Stein





Polymer pin – Two landscapes, one rural and one urban, bisected by a bold zigzag – Dan Cormier – La Peñita, Mexico





‘Watery Deep’ –  Oxidised contemporary brooche by jewellery designer Dot Sim





Enamelled brooch/pendant – Ricky Frank



Found-on-klimt02-net-Guntis-Lauders-Silver,-topaz,-mammoth-bone,-blue-coral - modernist queen with umbrella

 Guntis Lauders  – Silver, topaz, mammoth bone & blue coral brooch

 klimt02 net





Opal pin/brooch —Patrick Murphy

with abalone, tanzanite, pariaba, spinel, and diamonds





Brooch by Latvian contemporary jewellery artist Guntis Lauders.





Aaron Macsai ‘Monet’ brooch Gold, diamond and opal.





Alishan Jewelry Designs ‘Akoli’ brooch/pendant –  18k yellow gold, sterling silver, ebony wood and Tahitian Black Pearl.

Akoli symbolised African thumb knife.




Erica Druin-Enamels brooch

Erica Druin Enamels




Eleanor-Moty-contemporary brooch

Eleanor Moty

Studio Jewelers





Contemporary Layered Brooch- Jessica Briggs





‘Lightness of Being’ by Eve Llyndorah Design  Brooch, 18k gold, opal doublet, pearls, diamonds





Lindy Darty – Garden Badge Series





 ‘Feeding Desire’ – Mary Hallam Pearse,brooch




Tory Hughes---Seacliff-Brooch - ocean inspired underwater design turquoise, blues, gold and sliver

Captivating ocean inspired underwater design –  Tory Hughes— ‘Seacliff Brooch’




Multiply'-brooch-by-Lund Tova

‘Multiply’ – Tova Lund




Striped Opal pin-pendant – Sydney Lynch




Cusheen---Carly-Wright silver and enamel elegant brooch/pin.

‘Cusheen’ – Carly Wright, NY

The one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by the fractured and sedimentary layers of rock cliffs, and glacially produced marks on the rocks.To increase the luminosity and brilliance of the enameled colors, gold foil will be placed underneath the enamel powder before it is fired, creating a sense of depth and vibrance in the finished pin. They can be are fired upwards of thirty separate times in the enameling kiln.

Carly Wright Gallery



Sydney-Lynch----contemporary gold and opal brooch

‘Cortez Mabe Pearl’ pin/pendant; Sea of Cortez pearl, champagne diamond, grape garnet oxidized sterling silver

Sydney Lynch





‘Collaboration with a Bird ll’ – Teresa Faris

Sterling silver, wood altered by a bird, stainless steel




‘Kaleidescope’ brooches – Sheila McDonald





‘Trine’ brooch by Eleanor Moty, 2002.

Sterling silver, 22K gold, rutilated quartz and topaz.




Red and gold_brooche_Sheila-McDonald

Sheila McDonald




Angela-Gerhard---brooch---contemporary enamel

Angela Gerhard





Black-Throated Clue Warbler Pin’  Ali Wieboldt

Acrylic on deer antler, sterling silver, 14k gold, druzy, psilomelane, blue topaz, opal





Barbara Patrick





Art Nouveau Jesters Brooch – Rene lalique




shemyasa-angel by Kiltpins

Silver ‘Shemyasa Angel’  brooch





Paisley-Brooch gold circular brooch

Paisley Brooch Kiltpin

Edinburgh Hallmarked Silver made to celebrate Paisley’s 500th year.
HM Queen Elizabeth was presented with same brooch in 18ct yellow gold.

Kiltpins From Brenda





‘Shooglenifty’ silver brooch by Kiltpins



--Michael-Boyd-contemporary-brooch raku ceramic with green gemstone and sliver

Michael Boyd




Deb Karash





Lilly Fitzgerald opal and gold snake brooch

Hand built and cast 22kt pin set with black opal and diamonds – Lilly Fitzgerald.

Of all the ancient myths about gemstones, none endure like the superstitions surrounding opal. The bad-luck opal myth isn’t really ancient. It comes from 19th-century fiction. For centuries, opal was considered a lucky talisman. In ancient times, when most gemstone myths were born, you find glowing reports. Arabs believed opals fell from heaven in lightning flashes, and anyone possessing such a divine relic could consider himself safe from harm.




Sally Hook – bush ceramics


Regardez-ceramic abstract bust by Sally Hook

‘Regardez’ – Sally Hook


The following two busts are from Sally Hook’s current series ‘Hairdo Cult’


‘We are strange creatures and our heads can be reminiscent of sprouting potatoes, aliens, animals or transcendent god-like beings.  Our personalities are the motivating energies that squash our eyes, pout our mouths and arrange the planes of our faces to express ourselves, our life’s paths.  It is an unending feast of diversity and our hair – those who have it –  is our crowning glory.’ –  Sally Hook

Sally’s website here


Debutant ceramic bust - Sally Hook

‘Debutant’ – Sally Hook


Highness - porcelain abstract bust of a girl by Sally Hook

 ‘Highness’ – Sally Hook




For the majority of Sally Hook’s 34 year artistic career she has worked in the field of the clay arts. This included a stint for over a decade in manufacturing molds for the ceramics industry, specializing in Australian themes. Her journey has covered a versatile range of designs including utility ware, abstract, representative and figurative in both hand built and wheel thrown pottery. Most of her current narratives are created with hand built forms, which she is the most comfortable with, and her inspirations are drawn form a combination of the classical arts and the long history of human expression depicted in ceramics.
Sally’s studio is in an idyllic location half way up the East Coast of Australia in a native sub tropical bush forest near Nambucca, surrounded by multi level gardens, stone stairways, pools, organic vegetable plots and forest views. Numerous windows in her studio bring this lush vista inside. Her present studio has been recreated from the ashes of her previous gallery/studio which was destroyed in a fire in early 2014. Thankfully, she has embraced the challenge of regeneration, and feels her art has been stimulated by the upheaval.
Her love of the craft of ceramics has taken her to Bali, Italy, France and China with international residencies and workshops, to evolve her knowledge and skills. Despite her interest in the approach of different cultures to the art of pottery, and doing numerous workshops with a diverse range of artists, her primary artistic motivation is still drawn from her own inner instincts and originality.



birthrightThe-recognition-of-inevitable-renewal-'Cycle' - ceramic sculpture by Sally Hook

Birthright – The recognition of inevitable renewal ‘Cycle’ – Sally Hook




butterfly catchers 50cmMade from white earthenware clay.Coiled,scratched design, blackstain, burnished.Fired to 1080 degrees C.

‘Butterfly Catchers’   – Sally Hook

Made from white earthenware clay.Coiled,scratched design, black stain, burnished.Fired to 1080 degrees C.

Height 50cm




Sally-Hook-- 3 Doovas figurines

Doovas – Sally Hook




Sally Hook studio gallery




illusionists - ceramic teapots by Sally Hook

‘Illusionists’ – Sally Hook




Jongleur-en-Jeune-55cm Sculpture of a juggler

‘Jongleur en Jeune’ – Sally Hook




Merging-with-the-Goddess painting by Sally Hook

‘Merging with the Goddess’ – Sally Hook

Acrylic on canvas




Myths, Memories, Moments in Time by Sally Hook - Unicorn carrying a wombat, koala and dodo sculpture

‘Myths, Memories, Moments in Time’ by Sally Hook




nefertiti_amenhotep-and-me by Sally Hook Three ceramic heads combined

‘Nefertiti Amenhotep and me’ by Sally Hook



Sally Hook image

Sally Hook




Noir-et-Blanche'-Jongleur - ceramic art by Sally Hook

‘Noir et Blanche Jongleur’ – Sally Hook




ORANGE-WHITE-JUGGLERl'Orange-et-blanc-JongleurJuggler sculpture by Sally Hook

‘Orange et blanc Jongleur’   – Sally Hook



Potentate-by-Sally-Hook - ceramic sculpture of a King on a throne

‘Potentate’ by Sally Hook




Sally Hook ceramic sculpture bust

Ceramic bust – Sally Hook




Sally-Hook vase in black and white with hand drawn figure art

Vase with hand drawn figures – Sally Hook





Sally Hook ceramic figurine




SALLY-HOOK-CERAMIC-ART My garden is inside me

‘My Garden is in Me’ by Sally Hook




Sally Hook-ceramics- vase with black and white striped handles

Vessel with striped handles – Sally Hook



Sally-Hook-pottery - tripod vase with twin handles

Tripod vase – Sally Hook




Simpatico-goats-small-50cm-tall-White-Earthenware Coiled, scratched design, black stain, burnished

‘Simpatico Goats small’  by Sally Hook

White Earthenware Coiled, scratched design, black stain, burnished.

50cm tall





‘Strange Fruit’ – Sally Hook




Totem street-vase by Sally Hook

Sally Hook




Tanned-couple-in-bathers-front 30cm tall by Sally Hook

‘Tanned couple in bathers’ by Sally Hook

Height 30cm




The-Jest---Sally Hook ceramic bust

‘The Jest’ – Sally Hook





Totem-Vases-1,-2,-3 by Sally Hook

‘Totem Vases 1 2 3’  – Sally Hook

Height –  69  64  63 cm




Two-tri legged-vessels by Sally Hook

Tri legged vessels – Sally Hook



Wave water-vessel -front - Sally Hook

Wavy vessel – Sally Hook


The following pieces were from Sally’s exhibition of figurative sculpture – ‘The Women of Vallauris’ at the Aqui Siam Ben Gallery, Vallauris in 2005 during her residency at AIR Vaullaris



Passage---Couloir-de-Femme-53-cm-tall by Sally Hook

‘Passage—Couloir de Femme’ by Sally Hook

53 cm tall


LIFE-IS-JOY-OR-LIFE-IS-NOT Choix-Height-30cm Abundance-Height-30cm by Sally Hook

‘Life is Joy Life is Not’  – Sally Hook





‘Reign de la Maison’ by Sally Hook


 Observations by Sally Hook on Picasso at Vallauris


Vallauris’ potters suffered a decline of their fortunes through the twentieth century, enduring two devastating wars and the rise of plastics, which made disabling incursions into their domestic ware market. During the post war period however, there were still 60 potteries surviving in Vallauris, when a random visit by an artistic genius changed it all……..
It was in the mid 20th century – 1946 – that Pablo Picasso arrived in Vallauris one July day to look at a Pottery, Flower and Perfume expo (exhibition), when he met Georges and Suzanne Ramie of the Madoura Pottery, who invited him to visit their studio. He made two small bulls and the head of a faun and the rest, as we know, is history. His return (a year later) and through the following decade of working with the Vallauris potters, changed the villages’ ‘traditional craft’ reputation into one of exciting contemporary design. In fact, Picasso modernised ceramic art altogether.

Picasso had had fifty years of development of his own unique aesthetic, and applied this instinctively like a maestro onto ceramic surfaces. He had a diligent work ethic with his co-workers who assisted him in his explorations of what was possible, and for then, implausible new techniques in altering and combining forms, glazing, decorating and once-firing. It seemed that everything he made worked – in spite of his experimentation – and worked wonderfully. One of his co-workers and technical advisors – Jean Derval (who still creates imaginative ceramic sculpture in Vallauris today) remarked later – “It was tiresome to work besides someone who was successful at everything”. Picasso remained a potter as well a painter, sculptor and printmaker, with a prodigious output, making over 4000 unique ceramic pieces until his life ended in 1973.


Sally’s website here



Mosaic Sculpture Art


I-Am-Here-by-Irit-Levy---Mainly-art-on-Flickr - mosaic bust of a women

“I Am Here”  – Irit Levy

 Mainly art on Flickr


Mosaic dynamics


This statement by Krishnamurti reminds me of the innate dynamic in mosaic art – “A mind which is seeking permanency soon stagnates; like that pool along the river, it is soon full of corruption, decay. Only the mind which has no walls, no foothold, no barrier, no resting place, which is moving completely with life, timelessly pushing on, exploring, exploding – only such a mind can be happy, eternally new, because it is creative in itself.”
By its very nature, mosaic art is particularly dynamic because of its fragmentation. This creates an eternal seeking of completion, through the potential motion of merging with the surrounding tesserae (mosaic tiles), to present a more perfected whole. A complex array of dissociation in flux and tension.The patterns and textures in the tesserae, combined with visual flow and direction within a mosaic, produced by the placement of rows and colours, tend to support this. In mosaics this is known as andamento – the movement or flow of tesserae , which is often accentuated by the interstices.
Ancient classical mosaics were created with natural stones and pebbles. Around 200BC specially manufactured pieces from ceramics and glass began to be used to give extra detail and range of color to the mosaic works. The versatility and robust quality of mosaics makes them suitable for application on virtually any space. Murals, floors, statues, arches, mirrors, splash backs and entry statements have all featured prominently through history with their longevity in evidence. The superb quality of the ancient mosaic art is because it was a popular symbol of wealth and prestige in both public and private buildings. Whole interiors were done in mosaics and it was hard not to notice this art when it was laid out on the floor in front of you.
This article presents mosaics in both 3d and 2d, mostly public art, chosen for their dynamic nature and movement.



This mosaic wall art was created by Canadian Denyse Terio with sea glass

Sea glass is a material that can be found on beaches around the world and is essentially small portions of glass that have been polished by the currents into small gems.





‘Movement and Vitality’ floor mosaic for the recreation centre of the University of Iowa by Gary Drostle




1st-century-BC-- Wall mosaic displaying the role of the Egyptian culture in Italy, in particular in Palestrina, where the goddess Isis was identified with Fortuna.

 This mosaic displays the role of the Egyptian culture in Italy, in particular in Palestrina, where the goddess Isis was identified with Fortuna.

1st century BC,  Palestrina, Itlay




Early Byzantine mosaic art – Empress Theodora With Her Court.

 ca. 547 – Ravenna. San Vitale



Romantic scene from a mosaic in Villa at Centocelle, Rome, 20 BC – 20 AD (Wikimedia Commons)

Romantic scene from a mosaic in Villa at Centocelle, Rome

20 BC – 20 AD

(Wikimedia Commons)




Abstract Ram Sculpture Clad In Miniature Glass Mosaic

USA, Circa 1970s

Assemblage Ltd.- 1stdibs





Lion Head sculpture – The Erawan Museum on the south eastern outskirts of Bangkok

Aidan McRae Thomson – flickr




Mosaic totem – “Entwined Histories’ – Gary Drostle

This sculpture was designed to celebrate the many immigrant communities that settled in the Poplar area of East London.





Green Mosaic Cat

Gillm-mosaics – flickr





Mosaic Cube – Anja Berkers

 The inspiration for this mosaic is the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his use of color and organic forms.

40cm x 40cm





Mosaic Rooster

Italy—Roma, quartiere (borough) Coppedé




Jelly Brolly-s----Flickr--Carol -blue jelly fish in water

‘Jelly Brollys’ 

Carol –  flickr




‘Winter Fury’ — Lynn Bevino Felts

Bezalel Mosaics





‘The Departure’ – Wilhelm Heeson

Almelo Railway Station, NL



Modernist Mid Century mosaic at Almelo Station by Piet Buy




Ceramic and Mosaic Decoration on a Fountain in Arles, France

photo – jan buchholtz-flickr





Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-on-Park-Avenue Statue with gold mosaic head

Niki De Saint Phalle Mosaic Sculpture

Park Avenue NY





Romero Brito Pernambuco mosaic – Rio de Janeiro

Girl from Ipanema Park




Anja-BerkersWIPsupernova Abstract circular mosaic sculpture

‘Supernova’ – Anja Berkers





With the support from the Municipality of Puento Alto in Santiago, Isidora Paz López has been able to coordinate a community project to decorate over 75 pillars with nature inspired mosaic art.





Deborah Halpern’s ceramic and glass mosaic ‘Ship of Fools’

Sculpture by the Sea,  Tamarama Beach





‘Queen Esther Revealing Her True Identity’ – Lilian Broca





Beadwork and Mixed Media Owl by Betsy Youngquist






Mosaic art mural – ‘Wandering Geckos’ — Brett-Campbell





‘Metamorphosis’ – Betsy Youngquist





 ‘Norman-peasant’ – Fernand Léger

Argentan, France




Catalina-by-Carol-Towler - heart mosaic with sailing yacht on ocean

‘Catalina’ by Carol Towler




Chimnea colored mosaic surface Hausmanager-flickr

Mosaic Chiminea






Miguel Covarrubias ‘Genesis, the Gift of Life’

1954, Dallas Museum





Niki de Saint Phalle mosaic statue from the The Garden of Tarot which is a sculpture garden based on the esoteric tarot

Garavicchio (Tuscany)




Man riding dolphins mosaic – District Lions Stadium, Island of Delos




Fernand-Leger-museum France large outdoor mosaic murals

Fernand Leger Museum abstract mosaic murals

Argentan, France





Fernand Leger Museum abstract mosaic murals

Argentan, France




Kim-EmersonCerritos-Park blue and red abstract mosaic sculptures

Kim Emerson mosaic sculptures

Cerritos Park, Los Angeles




Linda-Biggers mosaic head

Linda Biggers





Mosaic L’Annunciazione’ by artist Isabel Piczek

 Our Lady Queen of Angels Plaza Church, 1981

Los Angeles




Mosaic-Sculpture-Garden---Linton,-New-Zealand Adam and Eve mosaic sculpture

Mosaic sculpture of Adam & Eve, wearing watermelon hats, Eve passing the apple

Mosaic Sculpture Garden—Linton, NZ



Niki-De-Saint-Phalle-Mosaic-Sculpture in chrome and gold

Niki De Saint Phalle  “Firebird” disco fever statue




Pulpo – RuTh, flickr

Coruna, Spain




Palau-Güell-Chimney,-Barcelona in yellow. blue and black

Palau Güell Chimney, Barcelona




Parque-Güell-mosaic Barcelona

Palau Güell mosaic , Barcelona





Mosaic Oriental belly dancer – French artist Francony Kowask





Roz Anderson Pelican mosaic




Père-Lachaise-Cemetery-Kay Harpa mosaic of Jesus

Kay Harpa mosaic

Père Lachaise Cemetery





Original glass mosaic sculpture, ‘Clownimal’  – Hangs on wall. By artistprovocateur on etsy




Mosaic sculpture made of broken pieces of glass tile and metallic covered porcelain by Anchorage artist Shelia Wyne




Mosaic Sculpture Park -NZ Statue of King with Angel

Mosaic Sculpture Garden—Linton, NZ




Mosaic mural ‘Triumph of Neptune’ standing on a chariot pulled by two sea horses

Third century AD

Sousse Archaeological Museum, Tunisia




Suesy-Circosta--Community-Artist,-Melbourne-Courtyards-and-Gardens-mosaic totems

Suesy Circosta mosaic totems

Melbourne, Australia






‘Electronic Sculpture 1’

Mosaic art by Muharrem Batman, Ayse Batman and Judith Brun displaying compositions of resistors, plugs, circuit boards, connectors, wires and other electronic waste.





Mosaic flair at the Treetanic Bar The Jade Seahorse

A zani boutique hotel in Utila, Honduras. It features five oddly shaped but comfortable bungalows, each eclectically decorated with bottle art, mosaic tiles and iridescent glass stones. It took the owner, Neil Keller, 15 years to produce this dreamlike world.

Picture by Ded Ch



HABATAT-GALLERIES---Florida 'Goblet Number Three' - Robert Palusky - mosaic horse with glass goblet

‘Goblet Number Three’ – Robert Palusky-2011

Habitat Gallery




Christopher-Herwig - mosaic bus stop Gagra,-Abkhazia

 Soviet built modernist mosaic bus stop


Photo – Christopher Herwig



Eggsistentialism Baltimore---American-Visionary-Art-Museum George Reader-flickr

‘Eggsistentialism’ – AVAM (American Visionary Art Museum), Baltimore

George Reader-flickr




Mosaic Wall-2014-lrgAurora-Borealis--on-AVAM's-exterior,-designed-by-Mari-Gardner-with-youth-from-the-William-Donald-Schaefer-House.-Photos--Dan-Meyers


‘Aurora Borealis’ mosaic wall on AVAM’s exterior, designed by Mari Gardner with youth from the William Donald Schaefer House.


Photo by Dan Meyers.


tiffany-schmierer sculpture photo- linda fahey

Mosaicesque sculpture by Tiffany Schmierer

photo- linda fahey