Contemporary sculptures from Greece


The contemporary art of three Greek  sculptors – Theodore Papayannis, Yiannis Nanouris and Yannis Koutsouradis.




Musician sculpture in traditional costume created by Greek sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis

Bronze sculpture, Musician with Lyra – Theodoros Papagiannis


Theodoros Papagiannis


Theodore Papayannis was born in the Greek region of Ioannina and from 1961 to 1966 he studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts with the sculpture teacher Yannis Pappas. Then for two years he studied ancient Greek art and the art of the wider Mediterranean region with a series of informative trips observing the cradle of culture. This included travels to Crete, Egypt, Cyprus, South Italy and Sicily and along the coast of Asia Minor. He also pursued postgraduate studies in Paris exploring the newest sculpture materials in the laboratories of S. Mouille, G. Vineent and M. Rafestin at the Ecole Nationale Superieur des Art Appliques et des Metiers d ‘Art.
He claims his sculpture designs have been influenced by the plants, animals, columns, statues, mountains and specific landscapes. ” I see the female body being transformed into an adventurous set of hills and valleys and the garment appears like a wave that makes the sand on the seabed. The woman takes shape as a variety of expressions in my work, representing something magical, from the feminine form, the fruit, the birth of life. The human form is predominant theme in my work, the meaning of love, of struggle have taken a great importance”
Theodore Papayannis concentrates on monumental sculptures and large installations and has produced numerous works globally for public art. The format of his work owes much to the ancient Greek art. His fusion of classical themes with contemporary lines includes a focus on traditional costumes and musical instruments. His unique interpretation of Greek sculpture sometimes includes installations using a backdrop of sweeping Mediterranean landscapes. Theodore is currently Professor of Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts and during the last 20 years has initiated the organization of Sculpture Symposiums in many Greek towns and in Cyprus, creating large scale sculptures for public spaces, the sculptures being created on-site.


monumental totem figure sculptures in traditional Greek atire by Theodoros Papagiannis

‘Exodus of Messolongi’ – Theodoros Papagiannis  figurative sculptures




Abstract sculpture with view of Tzoumerka mountains by Theodoros Papagiannis

Theodoros Papagiannis sculpture with view of Tzoumerka mountains, Epirus, Greece

( Eye of Horus style )



birds sculpture by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Metal ‘Bird’ sculpture – Theodoros Papagiannis




Ceramic Birds figurine by Theodoros Papagiannis

Ceramic ‘Bird ‘ figurine Theodoros Papagiannis




Seated cuddling couple outdoors by Theodoros Papagiannis

 ‘Couple’ – Theodoros Papagiannis





Terracotta sculpture of a musician playing the flute by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Musician playing wind instrument -Theodoros Papagiannis





Abstract metal-sculpture of a dancing woman - Theodoros Papagiannis

 Metal dancing figure – Theodoros Papagiannis





Traditional sculpture of a Greek musician playing a Lyra by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Musician playing Lyra – Theodoros Papagiannis






 ‘Marble Couple by the Lake’  – Theodoros Papagiannis

Marble from Penteli

Sculpture Symposium at Paralimnios, Ioannina 1996



Greek artist Theodoros Papagiannis-Ioannina-public-Art

 Ioannina public sculpture  – Theodoros Papagiannis




Theodoros-Papagiannis-totem sculptures in the mountains

 Wood Metal Totems – Theodoros Papagiannis




Sculpture-Symposium-in-Amaliada,-2006 Stainless Steel Flock of abstract birds

 Stainless Steel Flock – Theodoros Papagiannis

Sculpture Symposium in Amaliada, 2006



Sculpture-Symposium-in-Eressos,-2006 Theodoros Papagiannis

Stainless steel worship figure sculpture – Theodoros Papagiannis

 Sculpture Symposium in Eressos, Greece




Sculpture Symposium in Lemessos, Cyprus-1999 Outdoor public sculpture modernist

Sculptured Pair –  Theodoros Papagiannis

Sculpture Symposium in Lemessos, Cyprus -1999




Monumental sculptures - Theodoros Papagiannis

Theodoros Papagiannis with his monumental totems




Woman-from-Epirus Theodoros Papagiannis ceramic sculpture

‘Woman from Epirus’ –  Theodoros Papagiannis



Sculpture at Symposium-in-Kalamata,-2000 by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Conjoined Pair sculpture – Theodoros Papagiannis

Sculpture Symposium in Kalamata, 2000



Ιστοσελίδα-του-Γλύπτη-Θεόδωρου-Παπαγιάννη---Theodoros Papagiannis couple sculpture

‘Couple’ – Theodoros Papagiannis – metal sculpture





Greek musician in orange traditional costume sculpture created by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Terracotta sculpture – Greek musician in traditional costume

Theodoros Papagiannis




 Wood_Metal-Totems-by Theodoros Papagiannis

‘Wood,metal totem 5’ – Theodoros Papagiannis




Bronze Musician celebration sculpture by Theodoros Papagiannis

 ‘Musician’ – Theodoros Papagiannis



Ceramic modernist birds sculpture by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Raku ‘Birds’ – Theodoros Papagiannis




Couple sculpture by Theodoros Papagiannis

 Theodoros Papagiannis – ‘Couple’


Yiannis Nanouris


Yiannis Nanouris  was born in the village of Apeiranthos on the Cycladic island of Naxos in the heart of the Aegean Sea. He graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and since then has been working exclusively with sculptures and painting. “The bright light and clear white of the island architecture are the basic elements that nurtured my love for art, especially sculpture.  As I would gaze at the salt-covered rock formations by the seaside, the strong sunlight would cast shadows making my vivid imagination run wild.  I could distinguish various forms and faces trapped there which naturally made me want to set them free, leading to my inspiration for most of my art themes.”





abstract bronze sculpture - dancing figure by Yiannis Nanouris

 Modern bronze sculpture – dancing figure –  Yiannis Nanouris




Sculpture of two abstract heads - Yiannis Nanouris

 Two raku masks on a marble base – Yiannis Nanouris





abstract bronze sculpture of a couple by Yiannis Nanouris

 Bronze sculpture on stone base – Yiannis Nanouris





Yiannis-Nanouris-raku-mask double head sculpture

   Raku mask on marble base – Yiannis Nanouris



Three head abstract sculpture by Yiannis Nanouris

 Bronze three head sculpture – Yiannis Nanouris

Pandora Gallery




female-nude raku sculpture made by Yiannis Nanouris

 ‘Female Nude’ Raku sculpture – Yiannis Nanouris




Hand painted byzantine icons on wood created by Yiannis Nanouris

 Hand painted byzantine icon on wood  – Yiannis Nanouris




terracotta raku mask on blue marble base by Yiannis Nanouris

 Terracotta raku mask, blue marble base – Yiannis Nanouris




Greek Phillipos-raku-ceramic-sculpturePhillipos-(Greek-King-of-Macedonia) sculpted by Yiannis Nanouris

‘Phillipos’ raku ceramic sculpture – (Greek King of Macedonia)

Yiannis Nanouris




Modern GReek sculpture of a horse head on a marble base byYiannis Nanouris

“Voukefalas” Raku Ceramic Horse on Marble Base

 Yiannis Nanouris




Face Raku sculpture on Naxian emery rock formations

 Terracotta on Wood Sculpture – Yiannis Nanouris




sculpture head raku mask

 Raku mask on base – Yiannis Nanouris




Abstract bronze sculpture figure in motion by Yiannis Nanouris

Bronze figure in motion – Yiannis Nanouris




Yiannis-Nanouris framed terracotta sculpture

 Framed terracotta sculpture – Yiannis Nanouris




Yiannis-Nanouris-terracotta sculpture on wood

 Yiannis Nanouris – terracotta sculpture on wood




bronze figure seated on marble base Yiannis Nanouris

 Seated bronze figure on marble – Yiannis Nanouris


 Apollo-(Apollonas-the-greek-god-of-music) raku mask by Yiannis Nanouris

Apollo-(Apollonas the Greek god of music) raku mask  – Yiannis Nanouris

 Epsilon Series


Yannis Koutsouradis


Yannis Koutsouradis introduced a new perspective for the colour of metal open-air sculptures by developing materials of porcelain-enamel on stainless steel, which has enriched the possibilities for this medium. He began his sculpture studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Yannis Pappas for 1969 to 1975. This was followed by studies at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London ( 1987-1988 ) doing research on enameled steel sculpture, under Alan Gauk. Further research was conducted at the Rietveld Academie / Beeldende Kunst, Amsterdam,   with René van der Land (1989 – 1992) His sculptures express a vivid array of intense colours.




Monumental sculpture -Yannis-Koutsouradis

‘Venus of Trancsendence’ –  Yannis Koutsouradis  – Monumental outdoor sculpture




Pebble Heart sculpture - Yannis Koutsouradis


‘Pebble Heart’ sculpture –  Yannis Koutsouradis



Nude Reflect-Yannis Koutsouradis

 ‘Nude Reflect’ -Yannis Koutsouradis





Bronze Shell – Sea Sculpture series – [email protected]




The Flower of Holland-Yannis Koutsouradis

 ‘The Flower of Holland’ – Yannis Koutsouradis




Yannis-Koutsouradis-abstract Angel sculpture

‘Angel’ –  Yannis Koutsouradis





 ‘The Wave’ –  Yannis Koutsouradis




The River-Yannis Koutsouradis

‘The River’ – Yannis Koutsouradis




From the Youtube video  Yannis KoutsouradisA sculpture Journey




 'The Resistance War Memorial' by Yannis Koutsouradis

‘The Resistance War Memorial’  – Yannis Koutsouradis

Harbour of Aegean Chios, Greece





 Yannis Koutsouradis sculpture – Paris



‘ Celestial’ — Yannis Koutsouradis

Century Cruise Liner Project




Yannis Koutsouradis sculpture in the Netherlands

 Netherlands sculpture – Yannis Koutsouradis



Yannis-Koutsouradis with large outdoor sculpture

 Greek sculptor – Yannis Koutsouradis





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