Hideaki Miyamura



Hideaki Miyamura bell-shaped-green-bottle

 Hideaki Miyamura –  Bell shaped green crystalline glaze bottle



The eternal quest for the perfect glaze


Creating a new glaze has been a lifelong passion for Hideaki Miyamura, his newest glaze being a ‘crystalescent’ yohen.


Described by Miyamura ..

‘During my 5 year apprenticeship in Japan, my assignment was to develop new glazes, mainly Tenmoku glazes, in a brown-black color with an iridescent quality. At that time, I completed over 10,000 test pieces. The fifth year of my apprenticeship, I discovered the iridescent glaze on a black background which was my original contribution to the art of Yohen Tenmoku.”

“Over the last few years, I have experimented to discover new glazes which combine crystallization with iridescence. I have researched crystal glaze techniques in the United States, Europe, Japan and China. In the long history of crystal glazes, I could find no iridescent crystal glaze. This fueled my ten-year long passion and intent to create an iridescent crystal glaze which has never been made anywhere, at anytime in history. Last year, the newest glaze came out of my kiln. It was the most complicated glaze formula and firing process that I have ever done. I call that newest glaze Yohen Crystal Glaze. Yohen means ‘stars glistening in a night sky’ ” ( see below )

Japanese-born American Hideaki Miyamura has his studio in New Hampshire, USA. Born in 1955 in Niigata, Japan, Miyamura went to study art history at Western Michigan University. After college, he returned to Japan to pursue his interest in ceramics as an apprentice with master potter Shurei Miura in Yamanashi for 5 years where he did some of his glaze research. He is now well known throughout Japan and the United States for his experimental and illustrious glazes, Miyamura’s surfaces possess a stunning and unique iridescent quality. Stemming from the artist’s interest in rare ancient Chinese tea bowl glazes, Miyamura seeks to create glazes that have a three-dimensional quality and convey purity and peacefulness.. He has said, “Harmony and unity are expressions of peace. I aim for my art to provide not only beauty, but also peacefulness. My quest has been not for the perfect form or perfect glaze, but for the mysterious effect that first drew me to this work: the contemplative tranquility evoked through line and light.” The sublime porcelain forms of Miyamura combine simplicity, balance and beauty juxtaposed with dynamic, detailed glazes of depth and refinement.



Hideaki-Miyamura-Teardrop shaped bottle with gold glaze

Teardrop shaped bottle with gold glaze – Hideaki Miyamura

15″ x 12″



Hideaki Miyamura Bottle with Sea Foam Purple Glaze Porcelain

Spherical  Bottle with Sea Foam Purple Glaze Porcelain – Hideaki Miyamura






Porcelain Vase, peach bloom glaze – Hideaki Miyamura





Hideaki Miyamura--Lidded jar with gold glaze

Lidded jar with gold glaze – Hideaki Miyamura



Hideaki-Miyamura---Tall teardrop shaped vase with black & gold glaze

 Teardrop shaped vase with black & gold glaze – Hideaki Miyamura

23″ x 8″



Hideaki-Miyamura----green crystalline glaze vase

Vase with green crystalline glaze – Hideaki Miyamura

14.5″ height




Hideaki-Miyamura- turquoise and yellow crystalline glazed vase

 Porcelain turquoise and yellow crystalline glazed vase  – Hideaki Miyamura





Hideaki Miyamura




Hideaki Miyamura-Pucker-Gallery covered jar

 Hideaki Miyamura-covered jar

Pucker Gallery



crystalline glaze jar Covered-jar-with-green-crystalline-glaze

 Covered jar with green crystalline glaze – Hideaki Miyamura

13.5″ x 11.5″





Two tenmoku peacock glaze vases – Hideaki Miyamura





Porcelain Lotus vase with gold glaze – Hideaki Miyamura

22 x 11.5 x 11″

Pucker Gallery



Shinogite-vase,-gold glaze, Porcelain

Porcelain Shinogite ribbed vase with golden glaze




Japanese ceramicist Hideaki Miyamura -Tear drop shaped bottle-with starry night glaze

 Starry Night glaze on a tear drop shaped bottle – Hideaki Miyamura





 Vase, gold glaze with “snow cap”, porcelain – Hideaki Miyamura





Red iron-crystalline glaze,-Porcelain-Vase,

 Red iron crystalline glaze bottle – Hideaki Miyamura





 Vase, black and gold glazes – Hideaki Miyamura



 Hideaki-Miyamura-Bottle with Sea Foam Blue Glaze

Hideaki Miyamura-Bottle with Sea Foam Blue Glaze, small neck






Porcelain vase, blue hare’s fur glaze, gold glaze, and sea foam blue glaze




Hideaki-Miyamura--Vase, iron crystalline and gold glazes

 Vase, iron crystalline and gold glazes





 Golden glaze vase





 Hideaki Miyamura  – peach bloom glaze vase






Porcelain Vase, reddish  iron crystalline glaze,







  Vase, silver eyes crystalline glaze, porcelain

13  x  7.75  x  7.75






 Vase, white crackle glaze




 Hideaki Miyamura


Miyamura studio here




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  1. Posted September 15, 2015 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    love those shape. check mine


  2. Mark Winner
    Posted August 14, 2019 at 4:40 am | Permalink

    Love the iridescent starry night,
    I’m a potter doing Cryastalin glaze pottery for 25 years, and for the past 3 years trying to do iridescent glazes with Bismuth, tin, and Miley crystals. And would love to attend a work shop with you should you do one.

  3. Nicole Ruscak
    Posted November 18, 2020 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    I have 4 pieces of ceramic made by Hideaki Miyamura when he was starting out in Ipswich MA.about 20 years ago! His works of art is stimulating to ones soul. My pieces were a gift from my husband to be treasured.

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