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Ceramic centrepieces, consoles and punch bowls


At the turn-of-the-century, no fashionable Victorian dinner table would have been without a decorative centrepiece. These included fine silverware and glass displays, which sometimes incorporated figurines, bowls and candle holders or even porcelain figurative sculptures and vases with flowers. As the elaborate dinner rituals became more simplified, the centrepiece, at least on a domestic level, gradually disappeared. Sometimes they reappeared for special occasions, but more often then not, the monumental pieces were there to serve as a functional item such as a punch bowl or fruit bowl. The mid-century ceramic centrepieces maintained the monumental dimensions with the typical modernist/sculptural flair, but still remained generally functional. Now they appear more on a side board , or with minimalist décor trends, they get banished altogether.

Some great ceramic designs have manifested from the creation of a centrepiece, as the larger size has provided more scope to work with.




Art Nouveau centrepiece

Art Nouveau centrepiece

( South Perth Antiques and Collectables )




Mid-Century Modern Biomorphic bowl

Mid-Century Modern Biomorphic bowl – Sheldon Gants -1950’s

( Modernaire – etsy )





Paul Willsea glass centrepiece

Canyon Infinity Bowl – Paul Willsea glass centrepiece





Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker

Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker  – Maloney Fine Art, LA




Maurice of California

Mid-Century Embossed Oval Bowl – Maurice of California

Decorated with highly glazed shades of green on the inside and a brushed gold on the outside.

measures 19 1/2″ long and 8 1/2″ wide




Centerpiece three parrots

 Art Nouveau Centerpiece with three red owls

by Ipsen ceramic works in Denmark, 1920’s

( Renaissance Man – 1stdibs )

Mid-century Hand Decorated Swedish Bowl

Mid-Century hand decorated ceramic bowl by Danish artist Mette Doller on a form by Erik Ivarsson for the Swedish company Andersson & Johansson





SCHEIER Large bowl

Edwin Scheier Large bowl

( Rago Modern Auctions )





Spirit Tripod Bowl

Spirit Tripod Bowl – Potter’s Mark

16 inches in length





Swedish Art Deco bowl

Swedish Art Deco bowl  –  glazed ceramic footed bowl –  Upsala Ekeby

(  1stdibs )







 Stoneware blooms in organic waves of hand-textured blue glaze.

Crate and Barrel



Polia Pillin punch bowl

Monumental Polia Pillin Ceramic Punch Bowl

Height is 10 5/8 inches and the width is 15 3/4 inches





Large Amphora compote

Large Amphora compote






Large Amphora vase



Swedish Art Deco bowl

Swedish art deco hand decorated bowl with lustre glaze by Josef Ekberg for Gustavsberg.


( B4 20th century design – 1stdibs )






Antique Centerpiece

Ceramic sculptural centrepiece bowl dating from the late 19th, early 20th century with three elephants.





Axel Salto Large Centrepiece

Axel Salto Large Centrepiece – Denmark





Centerpiece by Durant Kilns

Centerpiece  Persian turquoise glazed bowl and gold glazed winged lion base by Leon Volkma for  Durant Kilns





ceramic boat bowl rainbow

Ceramic boat bowl rainbow

( Aura Decor Designs )




Ceramic Hand Painted Bowl

Ceramic Hand Painted Guerro Bowl – Mexico





CHEIER Charger

CHEIER Charger depicting a fertility scene in dark brown and beige matte glaze





Common Ground Pottery charger

 Pottery charger – Eric Olson for Common Ground






Coppa  – Fausto Melotti







Modernist centrepiece  – Jean Derval (1925-2010.)


30cm diameter






 George Jones Majolica centrepiece bowl which features Neptune holding a shell above his head.

( )







Free Form Vessel

Free Form Vessel – Cristina Salusti






French 1940's ceramic Elephant

French 1940’s Elephant Centerpiece by Cazaux





Fruit of the Maya bowl

 Oscar Rodolfo Mendoza – Fruit Of  The  Maya Decorative Bowl Centerpiece

( Novica )




Ruth Duckworth monumental bowl

Monumental Hand Built Ruth Duckworth Ceramic Footed Bowl


Large bowl Idlas Vallauris

Large bowl by Max Idlas -Rennes, France

42 inch diameter

( )





Pierrefonds Stoneware Dish

Pierrefonds Stoneware Dish with a beautiful crystalline blue glaze.





Majolica Center Bowl

Large Majolica centre bowl




mid-century red centrepiece

Mid-century centrepiece – California Originals

( cherryRevolver – etsy )






Mid-Century Console Bowl




Massive Guido Gambone Ceramic

Massive Guido Gambone Ceramic bowl





Big Robert Kingsmill charger

Big Robert Kingsmill charger




Jazz Bowl Cowan Pottery

Jazz Bowl – Viktor Schreckengost for Cowan Pottery, 1930

The Jazz Bowl is considered one of the earliest examples of the Art Deco style made in America. It was produced by Cowan Pottery as a large punch bowl for a New York client who turned out to be Eleanor Roosevelt.

To achieve the desired effect, Viktor Schreckengost developed a novel technique. First he covered the bowl with black engobe—watery clay mixed with glaze. He then scratched out the design, in a pattern of black and white; fired it; then covered the whole bowl with a glaze of “Egyptian Blue”—a sort of radiant turquoise, similar to that of some beads found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. He then fired it again. The result was richly decorative, since the irregular scratching of the design created a kind of glow, almost like stained glass. And the Egyptian Blue evoked a feeling he was trying to capture—his recollection of the strange blue light of New York at night.

Read more:

Barney Reid

Barney Reid, USA

Dimensions: 15.5″ X 9″ X 5″ high

( )


Cowan Pottery Pterodactyl Bowl

Cowan Pottery Pterodactyl Centrepiece

Wedgewood Fairyland Lustre Compote

Wedgewood Fairyland Lustre Compote


Mid-Century Modern Kroywen

bowl--large- Nela Ceramics

Large Bowl – Nela Ceramics

Edouard Cazaux

Edouard Cazaux centrepiece


 Bernhard Bloch, Eichwald und Hohenstein –  Centrepiece with putto


Mid-century fruit bowl



African Themed Figurines


A collection of female ceramicists, all with an interest in exploring  African themes in their creation of figurines and sculptures.


Michele Ludwiczak :


Fascinated by working with clay, French ceramicist Michele Ludwiczak  trained with various potters including Marc Uzan, Gilles Acker ( raku ), pursued the construction of ovens and the cooking of primitive home ceramics  with Thiebaut Dietrich ( founder of the European Institute of Ceramic Arts in Mulhouse) and studied art history at the University of Strasbourg.

” I am a dreamer, an idealist and my art allows me to transcend my contemporary world  and explore other cultures and traditions, where people live to a different rhythm with nature and time. Their endurance and maintenance of beauty, grace and dignity, despite their numerous hardships, is worthy of artistic representation. “




Thursday, February 25, 2016 
vernissage at the Galerie Brûlée in Strasbourg from 18.30
concert at 19:30




Michele Ludwiczak - Galle- two African figure sculptures

Michele Ludwiczak – Galle, France

Michele Ludwiczak - African lady holding her child sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak ceramic sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak mother feeding child sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak, France

Michele Ludwiczak sculpture of African girl

Michele Ludwiczak


Michele Ludwiczak - sculpture of an African girl carrying a water pot

Water bearer figurine – Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak - mother carrying child on back

 Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak raku scultpure

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak three african figures contemporary sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak African woman sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak figure sculpture

Michele Ludwiczak African child figurine

Michele Ludwiczak seated child scultpure

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak sculpture of traditional African mother and child

Michele Ludwiczak

Michele Ludwiczak painting

Michele Ludwiczak painting

Michele Ludwiczak african sculpture figures in village setting

Michele Ludwiczak

Contact Michele here 

Lindy Lawler :


Lindy  started working with clay 15  years ago and now works mainly in oil based clay and ceramic clay. Her handmade sculptures all have colours, shapes, glazes and symbols inspired by her memories of South Africa. She works from her home studio in Sydney, Australia.  ” All my work is inspired by cultures of the world and their traditional practices. I have great respect for past and living cultures, of past and living traditions. My sculptures are completely handmade and many of them are made to be held in the hand, and some are created to look like they are old with colours muted through years of antiquity. “

Lindy Lawler African figurine bust

Lindy Lawler

Lindy Lawler ceramic sculpture of an African female bust

 African female bust – Lindy Lawler

Lindy Lawler grande zulu mother and child sculpture

Mini Zulu Mamma – ‘Protecting’

Lindy Lawler

Lindy Lawler sculpture of an African lady

Lindy Lawler African figurine


Lindy Lawler

Lindy Lawler " Ayan " sculpture

Lindy Lawler   ” Ayan “

grande Lindy Lawler African woman wearing a pink dress with a red haert bag sculpture

‘Zulu Mama’ – Lindy Lawler

Contact Lindy here

 Annie Peaker :


Inspired by her love for African culture, UK ceramicist Annie Peaker captures the beauty of African women in ceramic sculptures. Some of her figures are slightly elongated to emphasise the grace and elegance of the African female form. ” My work is a response to my fascination with the power of body language and movement. Each piece of work is a unique composition with striking features and fluid lines. Surface texture plays an important part and l enjoy exploring the huge potential of the clay and the firing process to deliver new finishes.”



Ruby by AnniePeaker

‘Ruby’ – AnniePeaker

        annie-peaker figure sculptures - two african women

Tall Figures in honey & blue glaze.

Height 40cm

Annie Peaker sculpture figure of an African lady

African figurine – Annie Peaker

Annie Peaker ceramic sculpture of sitting lady

Annie Peaker

Contact here

Dancing Belle Sculpture

Dancing Belle Sculpture – VoluptuArt

 Etiye Dimma Poulsen :


Etiyé Dimma Poulsen was born in 1968 in the rural areas of Ethiopia, became an orphan at the age of two and went on to grow up in Denmark. She studied art and art history for two years.  At 22, she moved to France, where her early work was in ceramics. In 1993, she moved to Belgium, where she now lives and works. ” This very traditional approach of art as craft, is also present in the form of my art. Not that I really copy traditional statues or tribal styles, but I reinvent ‘archetypes’ of ‘primitive art’, totems if you want, from my own processing of matter, from my memory, my vague nostalgia, my longing for a continent that I left ages ago. The soil of Africa…. But my work is not just African; there are some elements from ancient Greek art (Mycenaean), prehistoric Venuses, oriental art etc.” ” I always try to make primordial figures, humans in their most naked, primitive being, as tokens of some basic existential condition: loneliness, fear, desire. But most of all: being there. Being part of. Going towards. A primordial presence, a trace of human culture on the face of planet earth. “  

Blue-Dancer Etiye Poulson ceramic figurine

‘Blue Dancer’  – Etiye Poulson

Etiye Poulson ceramic sculpture

Etiye Dimma Poulson at gallery.

Etiya Poulson contemporary sculpture

Etiya Dimma Poulson


Etiye Dimma Poulsen pottery sculpture

Etiya Dimma Poulson

Etiye Poulson ceramic abstract sculpture

Etiya Dimma Poulson

Etiye Poulson ceramic sculpture

Etiya Dimma Poulson

Etiya Dimma Poulson sculpture exhibition

Etiya Dimma Poulson

Etiya Dimma Poulson abstract figurine

Etiya Dimma Poulson

Contact Etiya here

Margit Hohenberger :


Margit is inspired and respects the works of art from global cultures. You will recognize some African influences; along with historical and modern aestheics being honoured and integrated into her work,  leading to elegant shapes and styles. She lives and works in Germany in an area which is called “Upper Franconia”. This area was (and still is) very famous for porcelain-production. ”  I have to draw my work first and then create the art in clay. An idea is born on paper and then I go into my studio and transform it into shape.”

Raku flashdance sculpture Margit Hohenberger

‘Flashdance’  – Margit Hohenberger


Keramik figurine Margit Hohenberger Raku

Raku figurine  ‘In the storm’  – Margit Hohenberger


art keramik-venus -Margit Hohenberger

‘Venus’ –  Margit Hohenberger

Raku figurine.

Contact here

Marianne Houtkamp :

Marianne Houtkamp

Marianne Houtkamp

Marianne Houtkamp - Reveille

Marianne Houtkamp – ‘Reveille’

Searching for food

‘Searching for food’ –  Marianne Houtkamp

The shy bride - Marianne Houtkamp

The shy bride’  – Marianne Houtkamp

Marianne Houtkamp

Marianne Houtkamp

Beruk Mamo painting


Beruk Mamo



Contemporary Ceramic : Japanese Women


Although Japanese women were involved in the Japanese pottery industry for centuries, mainly as decorative artists with their tea wares or performing menial tasks, they were excluded from being in direct contact with the kilns or taking on apprenticeships.  Postwar Japan saw more opportunities arise for women in advanced education and they began to enter university art schools and other training facilities both in Japan and overseas. They were exposed to a broader range of creative disciplines and artistic movements and successfully integrated this into their ceramic art and sculptures, while maintaining  a connection to the subtle Japanese aesthetic.

From the mid-50’s on they began to establish themselves as independent studio pottery artists. The current generation of female Japanese ceramicists have truly emerged with original and innovative works that seamlessly blend contemporary with traditional styles and techniques and open up new horizons in Japanese art.



Tomita Mikiko - ceramic sculpture

Metamorphosis 5 –  Tomita Mikiko – ceramic sculpture






Tomita Mikiko

Metamorphosis 2 – Tomita Mikiko







Cornucopia 05-XIII – Tashima Etsuk

Japanese ceramic sculpture , 2005





Hayashi Kaku contemporary ceramics

Hayashi Kaku contemporary ceramics

( )





Hayashi Kaku

Hayashi Kaku




Sakurai Yasuko - Vertical Flower

Sakurai Yasuko – Vertical Flower


( yufuku gallery )

Sakurai first builds her forms by connecting her mold-cast porcelain tubes using clay and slip; she then scrapes away the exterior clay revealing her envisioned sculptural contours. The form is then hollowed out, now exposing the distorted openings that accent the walls of her sculptures.




Sakurai Yasuko

Sakurai Yasuko





Matsuda Yuriko

La Prière (The Prayer), 2006 – Matsuda Yuriko





Matsuda Yuriko

Matsuda Yuriko –  In her shoes,  2007.





Matsuda Yuriko Japanese ceramic art

Matsuda Yuriko   Mount Fuji, 2007

Clay with porcelain, enamels.





Koike Shoko

Persian Tea Bowl – Koike Shoko






Koike Shoko sculptural ceramic

Koike Shoko – Shell Vessel


Koike takes the sea as her point of departure, creating shell-inspired forms in stoneware with irregular, undulating edges that protrude from her hand-built bodies. Made from Shigaraki clay, her wheel-thrown bodies are later shaped by hand and adorned with ruffled edges and projections. A creamy white, opaque clay covers her forms. The edges are further defined with iron brown glaze and sometimes supplemented with metallic, iridescent or turquoise glazes.

Imada Yoko Purity

Sei (purity) – Imada Yoko

( yufuku gallery )



Kitamura Tsuruyo

Moon Shadows – Kitamura Tsuruyo


 ( )





Kitamura Tsuruyo Japanese sculpture

Essence of Woman, 1986. Kitamura Tsuruyo

Stoneware, glaze.





Kitamura Tsuruyo

 Dawn, 2003 – Kitamura Tsuruyo


Fukumoto Fuku

Fukumoto Fuku

White vase form of deep straight-sided bowl set within a conical bowl, joined by a band of blue and green glazes, 2013

( Joan B Mirviss )





Fukumoto Fuku

Fukumoto Fuku






Vase with Seascape – Kitamura Junko


Kitamura creates modern forms that reflect her upbringing in ancient Kyoto. Inspired by primitive Jomon pottery (10,500-300 BC), Kitamura creates monochrome vessels with mysterious spiral motifs consisting of dots and detailed patterning. After impressing miniscule geometric shapes into patterns reflective of textile, lacquer and other craft motifs, she covers the work in black-brown slip before bisque firing.




Kitamura Junko japanese female potter

Great Wave – Kitamura Junko


Photograph by Petegorsky/Gipe


Japanese Kitamura Junko

Large Double-Ellipse Vessel – Kitamura Junko




Kitamura Junko

Cone Vase – Kitamura Junko



Kitamura Junko


  Double-Walled Vessel  – Kitamura Junko

Stoneware, white slip, 2005





Kishi Eiko.--Japanese

Noh Form  – Kishi Eiko

Stoneware, colored clay chamottes, clay slip, glaze. 2004





Kishi Eiko contemporary sculpture

Saiseki Zōgan Vessel – Kishi Eiko



Kishi Eiko

Saiseki zogan utsuwa – Kishi Eiko

Eiko Kishi invented the technique used to create this piece, which she calls “colored inlay” (saiseki zōgan).  This technique is her primary method for making ceramic artwork, and she has been using it since 1984.  Kishi begins this process by mixing wet clay with small fragments of ground, hardened clay. She then molds the form of the piece and shallowly cuts a pattern into the surface of the form using a needle or engraving knife. Before firing, these crevices are filled with more fragments of ground clay, raw pigment, and glazes.  Kishi has said that she enjoys utilizing this process because the finished effect is reminiscent of stone, yet the works still retain the properties of ceramic objects






Saiseki Zōgan Flowing Motif in Stone – Kishi Eiko

1983  – Photograph by Keitaro Yoshioka, Boston.





Kawakami Tomoko ceramic vessels

Vessels for Flowers – Kawakami Tomoko



Katsumata Chieko

Katsumata  Chieko





Katsumata Chieko

Katsumata Chieko





Katsumata Chieko

Katsumata Chieko 1983

Helmet Shaped Vase with Textured Patination

 Photograph by Robert Lorenzson, New York.




 Untitled (French Pumpkin) – Katsumata Chieko


Photograph by Richard P. Goodbody.



Katsumata Chieko

Katsumata Chieko  1996

Katsumata went to study industrial design in France, where she met a female ceramic artist who used hand-built forms to express herself in a free and spontaneous manner. The freshness of this artist’s work made such an impression on Katsumata that she began making pottery herself. It was also through her French art-school tutor that she discovered the beauty of Japanese ceramics. Katsumata’s fondness for layering coloured slips owes much to a technique of overlaying colours in oil-painting. Instead of painting directly on the vessel, she covers the vessel with a piece of cloth while she applies the color in order not to leave traces of brushwork. The process of covering and applying decoration is repeated as required to produce a unique color and texture. Her use of striking hues and bold forms give her pieces a surrealistic edge.



Fujikasa Satoko-Flow-#1

The feminine elegance of Fujikasa Satoko-Flow-#1



Yellow glazed sculpture “Sprouting Seed”  – Fujino Satchiko

 ( Joan B Mirviss )

Sachiko Fujino.jpg-473px-506px

Fujino Satchiko

( WAH centre )


Hoshino Kayoko

Glazed Dish – Hoshino Kayoko


 By hand-pinching and slicing her clay with wires, Hoshino “releases” the forms within the clay to create silhouettes and shapes inspired by the mountain peaks and boulders from the natural landscape of rural Japan.





Hoshino Kayoko

Decorative Vessel – Hoshino Kayoko




Hoshino Kayoko

Platter with Palladium  – Hoshino Kayoko




Ogawa Machiko

Red vessel with linear motif – Ogawa Machiko

Stoneware with iron-oxide glaze -2012

( Joan B Mirviss )



Chawan by Ogawa Machiko

Chawan by Ogawa Machiko

( )


Futamura Yoshimi

 Vasques  – Futamura Yoshimia

The sculptural forms of Futamura Yoshimia are intended to be reflections of nature and are infused with a vibrant living essence. She uses a blend of stoneware and a mixture of fired and raw granulated porcelain to create her collapsed rounded forms that appear both vegetal and geological in origin. These forms are encrusted with feldspar, and enhanced with cobalt and iron oxide glazes that are sometimes iridescent.



 Futamura Yoshimi

Puls Gallery


 Vase 2008  – Futamura Yoshimi )



Futamura Yoshimi

 Naissance (Birth) – Futamura Yoshimi



 Kayoko Hoshino

 Kayoko Hoshino



Decorative kinesis – clayartist John Newdigate


John Newdigate’s ceramic decorations have vivid colour, verve and a fluidity that convey his keen observations of  light and movement in the sea and landscapes around him in his native Capetown. He has successfully combined his  lustrous dynamic designs with function.  In his words – ” my aim is to make functional ceramic wares that enrich the experience of every day life “  His first objective has been to produce forms that are light and refined while maintaining their robustness for the rigours of the kitchen. Simultaneously he has created wares to be a reminder of fun and celebration at the mealtime.




Earthenware Vase by John Newdigate

Thunderstorm Vase by John Newdigate

” I find thunderstorms invigorating – the slow build-up of heat and expectation is released in a few minutes of furious energy, leaving a sense of calm in its wake. “






Squid Vase

Squid Vase

 ”  The squid vase is inspired by the way aquatic creatures move about in their watery world, weightlessly and effortlessly – a feeling us land-based life-forms yearn for. The undulating sides almost trick the eye into believing that the vase is moving, and could float off on a whim. “





Bioluminescent Bowl

Bioluminescent Bowl –  John Newdigate






Planktonic Love Bowl

Planktonic Love  Bowl

John Newdigate :  Every drop of water in the sea is pulsing with life. This is part of a series of bowls inspired by the little known creatures that seem to belong to another world, although we depend on them to make our own lives possible.






Hand carved ceramic plate –  John Newdigate





water,wind, sand vase

Water,Wind, Sand vases

John Newdigate :  These vases are inspired by the way that water and wind wash over sand, creating patterns that are always on the move, recording each little gust and swirl, influencing the shape of the next ridge to be formed.





Splash Vase

Splash Vase

 ” This splash vase is inspired by ultra slow motion photography of a drop of water. I have used the porcelain in a spontaneous way to evoke a feeling of chance movement, captured in a split second. The celadon glaze is strongly evocative of water, both in the way the glaze has melted, and in the way its colour reacts to different light intensities. “






Catch of the day bowl

 Catch of the Day bowl






Hand carved platter

Hand carved platters – John Newdigate





Ceramic cup and saucer

Ceramic cup and saucer











 Porcelain dinner set  – John Newdigaate

The ‘blue spaghetti’ range was inspired by an idea to create a set of bowls whose design was not restrained by the edge of the bowl, but had broken free and could romp from one bowl to the next, in fact across the entire table, touching on anything it happened to encounter along the way. This has the wonderful and unexpected bonus of creating  new, unique designs each time the plates are put out for use, as well as on display shelves afterwards.







Coffee/tea cup and saucer – John Newdigate






Mushroom-Bowl - John Newdigate

Mushroom Bowl




Expresso cup and saucer

Expresso cup and saucer – John Newdigate








A nice example of the movement John is able to capture.





John Newdigate stoneware jar


A John Newdigate  jar vessel made in  collaboration with Ian Garrett, who created the forms. Made from earthenware clay, and painted with pigments under the glaze layer.





John Newdigate Vases

John Newdigate Vases





Abstract Vase

Abstract vase – John Newdigate






 John Newdigate in his studio.


South African Landscape Series





tent butter dish

Tent butter dish







This teapot is inspired by pumpkins being stored on the flat roofs of Karoo cottages. 


 John painted this pot with a pattern that abstracts the way shafts of  light penetrate a body of water.







Stone Pines plate


Stone Pines landscape bowl







Sriated Cliffs





Blue and white bowls

Blue and white bowl

” This bowl is inspired by the traditions of West African and Japanese resist-indigo dying.





John Newdigate bowls

John Newdigate bowls








Birds In Reeds Jar

John Newdigate :  I used to live close to a patch of reeds that was home to a multitude of birds that would return from foraging at sunset each day.




Bean Pod Fruit Bowl

Bean Pod Fruit Bowl

This is a scaled-up version of a bean pod – to a size where most fruits can be accommodated to replace the beans.





Two Egrets and a Frog in Tree plate

Two Egrets and a Frog in Tree – porcelain plate






Black and White expresso cups

Black and White expresso cups by John Newdigate, ZA











Interactive Vessels

These vessels explore the relationship between light and the surface it falls on.

See John Newdigates website here



Modern Ceramic Planters



Atelier Vierkant Belgium

Atelier Vierkant planters – Belgium


Indoor planters are a pragmatic and creative vehicle for infusing a space with a new spirit and reviving the existing context. A convenient means to clear stagnant Chi and uplift the dynamic and import freshness into static areas.. They also introduce a semblance of permanence to the transient lifestyles many of us pursue and have a grounding influence, especially for those living in high rise dwellings. For work environments filled with lots of electronic equipment they are also excellent for  balancing the extra concentration of positive ions. Introducing a natural, breathing landscape into spaces of modern architecture create an excellent polarity. They also have countless applications for patios, balconies and in the garden.


 Atelier Vierkant modern planters :


Atelier Vierkant is a versatile producer of handmade clay planters and pots, based in Bruge in Belgium. Liaising worldwide with architects and designers on numerous custom projects, they have developed a very innovative collection of  planters. The family company is currently run by the two brothers , Dries and Ward Janssen. They encourage an adherence to original, contemporary, organic and minimalistic designs.

 website link


zermatt-switzerland-hot-tub outdoors

Ceramic hot tub at Zermatt, Switzerland

Atelier Vierkant RR Pot – Hydroplant

( Photo – Claudia Luperto )



Atelier Vierkant - three planters on pedestals

Atelier Vierkant planters




Atelier Vierkant - tall garden planters

AHE garden planters – Atelier Vierkant

Archie Expo booth



Atelier Vierkant indoor planters with horizontal bands

Atelier Vierkant indoor MF planters




Atelier Vierkant showroom with huge planters

AHS Planters – Atelier Vierkan

Up to 86 inches in height and weighing 661 lbs




Eco Friendly and Unique planters by Atelier Vierkant

Eco Friendly and Unique planters by Atelier Vierkant




Gold Medal winning Chelsea display Atelier Vierkant planters

Gold Medal winning and Best in Show at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2010, Atelier Vierkant planters.





Atelier Vierkant K Series clay pebble seating modules

Lux Restaurant,  Antwerp, Belgium




Gruppo Unipol - Bologna tall slender square garden planters by Atelier Vierkant

Four tall planters – Atelier Vierkant

Gruppo Unipol – Bologna





Ceramic sitting stones – Atelier Vierkant

KMPG Budapest



Loft design in the Parioli, Rome with Atelier Vierkant tall planters

Large AHP Pots –  Atelier Vierkant

Loft design in the Parioli, Rome




MUA-I-MHA-by-Atelier-Vierkant large tapered square planters

MUA I MHA planters by Atelier Vierkant




New Zebra Housing Project.with Atelier-Vierkant monumental planters

New Zebra Housing Project.

( Photo – Bart  Van Leuven )



Atelier-Vierkant - folded ceramic pots

Folded Pots – Atelier Vierkant





Large Atelier Vierkant planters – Kings Cross, London

Townshend Landscape



atelier vierkant ceramic pots

Atelier Vierkant textured LP planters – 65cm and 80 cm diameter




Atelier Vierkant large pot

AUB180 Planter – Height 70.8 inches




Atelier Vierkant ceramic columns  — V Palm Springs Hotel

Surface Design inc. landscaping

photo-Undine Dahl




Modern planter ‘AUS’  with anthracite and grey tones – Atelier Vierkant

Erste Group Bank




Atelier Vierkant ‘mf series’ planters

private residence NZ



indoor planters by Atelier-Vierkant

Indoor planters – Atelier Vierkant




garden-pots--atelier vierkant ribbed planters

Ribbed Pots – Atelier Vierkant

contemporary ceramic pot plant by Atelier-Vierkant

Contemporary ceramic pot – Atelier Vierkant

AHS planters

Atelier Vierkant planters



Balcony planter garden with Atelier-Vierkant pots

Balcony garden with Atelier Vierkant planters




Atelier Vierkant workshop

Removing moulds and finishing at the Atelier Vierkant workshop



Hotel-Marignan Atelier Vierkant large planters at the street entrance

Hotel Marignan, Paris – Monumental  Atelier Vierkant planters



Kings-Plaza---Brooklyn with pots by Atelier-Vierkant

Aus planters –  King Plaza




UF-Series-Decorate-the-Heydar-Aliyev-Center-in-Baku-designed-by-Zaha-Hadid for Atelier Vierkant

Atelier Vierkant UF Series planters

Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku designed by Zaha Hadid




Atelier Vierkant showroom, San Francisco, USA




atelier-vierkant pot-sfera-building-japan

Large indoor plant in Atelier Vierkant ceramic pot

Sfera building, Japan




Contemporary palm-springs-residence-design-wiseman-group

 Contemporary Palm Springs residence – garden design by Wiseman Group

Biennale-Interieur-October-2014 Atelier Vierkant

 Atelier Vierkant seating modules

Atelier Vierkant website




 A collection of other planter creators.



Urban Nature planters USA

Urban Nature planters – Los Angeles




Urban nature planters for the outdoor gardens

Urban Nature planters





Domani woodstock planters

Vanhie Domani  ” Woodstock “ planters




Vanhie Domani planter in blue

Vanhie Domani planter




bkbceramics large modern planter

bkbceramics large modern planter





Modern planter by bkbceramics

 Modern planter- large footed bowl with vertical stripes.





Agave-Groove-Pots white ribbed planters with cacti

‘Groove Pots’ – Agave




Tall rustic modern planter with zig zag design on buff clay body- bkbceramics

Tall rustic modern planter with zig zag design on buff clay body- bkbceramics



Antique French urn in garden

Antique French urn decorated with scenes from classical mythology in an Atlanta terrace.



modern planter with horizontal ribbing by bkbceramics

Rustic modern medium planter- horizontal white glazed striped over dark clay body.





Eliot by De Castelli bottle shape floor vase

Eliot by De Castelli




Exeter-concrete outdoor Planter

Exeter concrete moulded Planter





Hand thrown stoneware planter in sky blue modernist design

  Blue Okura Planter by Jonathan Adler

A hand thrown stoneware planter in Mid – Century retro style.




Koloman Moser planter with art nouveau mosaic decoration

Koloman Moser large Art Nouveau planter

Secession Building in Vienna.

( thebluelantern.blogspot )




Kornegay Design planters nutshell style

‘Nutshell’ Planter- Kornegay Design




Ming Tree Planter

Ming Tree Planter




modern bedroom with plant

Modern bedroom with planter

( I-Paradox – deviantart )




Rex Goode Pig Planter

Rex Goode designed Pig Planter – 1949

( )



Rock Textured Planter by Atelier-Vierkant

Rock Textured Planter – West Elm

( muse-decor )




Red glaze Rosenthal Netter planter

Rosenthal Netter planter




Horizontally ribbed Terracotta pots - Francesco Del Re

Ribbed Terracotta Planters – Francesco Del Re




Balcony planters - Lushome

Module balcony planters – Lushome





Mineo Mizuno - Japan Water-drop-pebble like large ceramic form

 Water-drop-pebble like large ceramic form, covered in small holes in which mosses are planted.

Mineo Mizuno,  Los angeles, CA.


Red Garden Planter UE--Atelier-Verkant

Garden Planter UE – Atelier Verkant

Obbligato Mosaic planters in blue, turquoise and white

Obbligato Mosaic planters

Garden Planter UF - Atelier Verkant

Outdoor Garden Planter UF – Atelier Vierkant

Obbligato Red Heart vases and planters

Obbligato Heart vases and planters, ZA

Yacht mosaic garden planter

Yacht motif mosaic planter

Pair of Mid Century Black Brutalist Bullet Planters

Pair of Brutalist Bullet Planters

Planter OV - Atelier Verkant

Planter OV – Atelier Verkant

Modern pottery planter

Modern stoneware planter

( Letsgetmuddy Etsy )

Vintage Mid Century McCoy Planter

Vintage Mid Century Burnt Orange McCoy Planter

Castro design studio outdoor planter

Large outdoor planter

( Castro design studio )garden planter in pastel blues

Garden Planter – Letsgetmuddy, California

( Letsgetmuddy Etsy



Update- – 29/6/2015


Botanica-Planter-S-3-Campania - light blue planter with raised flower motifs

Botanica Planter – Campania



Rustic Cadiz-Jar Campania

Cadiz Jar – Campania




Letsgetmuddy--rich tan glaze planter

Tan glaze planter – Letsgetmuddy, Etsy





‘Sisal Weave’ planter – Campania




Catinat-Jar-Fountain Campania

Catinat Jar Fountain – Birdsall & Co





Haeger orange glaze ribbed planter





Rustic Gulf Planter – Campania




HalfLightHoneyStudio Etsy - sgraffito-planter with succulants

 Sgraffito planter with succulents

HalfLightHoneyStudio Etsy



LandMstudio etsy modern sculptural planter

Ceramic sculptural planter – LandMstudio, etsy





Mid-Century-Danish Modern planter




Chantal-Planter Campania - ceramic red glaze with gold stripes

‘Chantal Planter’ – Campania




Mid-Century-Modern-PlanterTripod with ribbed surface wand olive on white drip glaze

Mid Century tripod planter




Montes-Planter Campania


‘Montes Planter’ – Campania