Sea Sculptures




‘Coast Totem’ – Linda Matthews & Carter Williamson

Sculpture by the Sea 2014


Sculpture by the Oceans

I love seeing sculptures in a seascape setting. The uncluttered open expanses are a symbiotic environment for the presentation of sculptures and they don’t have to compete as much with their backgrounds compared to an urban/city location. The pure vibrancy of the ocean settings seem to lift the sculptural aesthetic. Modern contemporary sculptures against the ancient ocean masses have a juxtaposed impact. Having lived by the Pacific Ocean on both sides, ( Whale Beach, Sydney and Santa Monica, LA ) I was really pleased to see the success of Sculpture By The Sea on the Pacific Ocean at Bondi Beach which has now been running for 16 years. The temporary annual outdoor exhibition showcases over one hundred sculptural works and contemporary practices, including site-specific and ephemeral works, along an iconic coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches. The myriad of natural plinths in the landscape provide an ideal setting.

Fibreglass-giant-'I-Sea' Monumental sculpture at the sea by Time Kyle

Fibreglass giant ‘I-Sea’  by Australian sculptor Tim Kyle


Over a third of the field now includes exhibitors from Germany, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Sweden, China, England, the United States, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, France and India. This visual arts event has recently been expanded to Cottesloe Beach in Perth on the Indian Ocean and the Aarhus coastline in Denmark. Along with the Sculpture By The Sea images, I have also included sculpture visuals from French and USA coastal cities and a few other ocean front locations.



Yee Chee Kiong abstract bubble sculptures

Yee Chee Kiong – Series #2

Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus –  Denmark

photo – Clyde Yee




Sir Anthony Caro_Om eastern outdoor sculpture

Sir Anthony Caro – Om eastern

Cottesloe Beach 2013,  pohto – Clyde Yee





 Ewen Coates – Multiverse

Bondi 2013

photo – William Patino





Subodh Kerkar - chickencafreal - modernist chicken sculpture

Subodh Kerkar – chicken cafreal

Bondi 2013,  photo – Clyde Yee





Rebecca Rose - lookatme - turquoise modern umbrella sculpture on white sands

Rebecca Rose – lookatme

SxS Bondi 2013

Photo – Samantha Burns




Chris Bailey - the majestic large contemporary sculpture at the seaside in Perth

Chris Bailey, NZ  – ‘the majestic’

Cottesloe Beach




'To Be or Not to Be' by Keld Moseholm abstract walking figures sculpture in granite

‘To Be or Not to Be’ by Keld Moseholm… bronze, granite

Sculpture By The Sea  2009

photo Shyaman




Sculpture By The Sea Aarhus, Denmark

BethKin Flickr




Sculpture- Bondi Venus-by Dennis Kalous

‘Bondi Venus’… Dennis Kalous… recycled sandstone boulders.

Sculpture By The Sea 2010






Sculpture By The Sea Aarhus, Denmark

BethKin Flickr



Chen Wenling-Games-sculpture photo by Jarrad Seng Two red figures balancing acrobats

Chen Wenling – ‘Games’

Sculpture by the Sea-  Cottesloe, Perth 2013

Photo Jarrad Seng



Henry Clews courtyard-sculpture of a male figure balancing on a rock platform

Château de La Napoule in Mandelieu – American artist, Henry Clews

West of Cannes, France

Insipration by Harry Weinbrenner at Venice California Female figure sculpture with outstretched arms

Inspiration by sculptor Harry Weinbrenner, 1922

Venice Boulevard, Venice, California.

The  re-creation of this statue was  sculpted by Ernest Shelton in 2010




Ferme basque – Jorge Oteiza

Biarritz, France

( Pierre flickr )





Geoffrey Ricardo red kangaroo sculpture overlooking the Pacific Ocean

‘Emblem’ ( kangaroo ) – Geoffrey Ricardo

Sculpture By The Sea , Bondi, Sydney




2 rings by Keizo Ushio Abstract sculpture perched on a cliff face

‘2 rings’ by Keizo Ushio – SxS Bondi

Bondi 2013,  photo – Clyde Yee




Intuition - Marbre de Erickh White modern sculpture on a balcony with sea views

‘Intuition’ – sculptror Erickh

Alpes Maritimes, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, France





Huge King Neptune statue by Paul DiPasquale - Virginia Beach, USA

King Neptune statue – Virginia Beach, USA

© 2005 Sculpture by Paul DiPasquale.




Benmjamin Storch - Cycles - red asymmetrical red ring sculpture

Benmjamin Storch, UK – ‘Cycles’

Sculpture by the Sea-  Cottesloe




Abstract---Sculpture Wave by Blaze Krstanoski Blazeki

Wave by Blaze Krstanoski Blazeki

Sculpture By The Sea 2008





Musiciens de jazz - Roger Flores

‘Musiciens de jazz’ – Roger Flores

 Saint Jean Cap Ferrat Avenue, Séméria





Opatija Statue standing female sculpture overlooking a harbour

Opatija Statue, Croatia





Paul Bégué,-à-Saint Jean

Paul Bégué sculpture

Saint-Jean Cap-Ferrat avenue, Séméria

( Pierre Flickr )





Penny & John Smith - The Keepers

Penny & John Smith – The Keepers

Sculpture By The Sea

Tasman Peninsula 1998 – photo Clyde Yee






Puerto Vallarta boardwalk sculptures, Mexico





Richard Howie Swell Sculpture Festival

Richard Howie – Swell Sculpture Festival

Currumbin beach, Australia





'sitting-hen'- Tae Geun Yang

‘sitting-hen’ – Tae Geun Yang

SxS Bondi





Steve Croquett, heads up

Steve Croquett, Heads Up

SxS Bondi




The Kiss - San Diego

The Kiss – San Diego





Toshio Ezumi - Bondi 2013

Toshio Ezumi – Bondi 2013




MarkGrey-Smith-Cebtrefold - modernist metal sculpture

Mark Grey-Smith – ‘Centrefold’

SxS Cottesloe

photo – Karen Castle



Ben Fasham,- Jewel-de-la-Mer

Ben Fasham,- Jewel de la Mer

Sculpture By The Sea ( SxS )

photo – Howard Jones





Nexus by Alex Kosmas Tree sculpture with anchor

‘Nexus’ by Alex Kosmas

SxS  Bondi

Australian artist Fatih Semiz geometric sculpture by the sea - 'Isometric Trinity'

Australian artist Fatih Semiz’s steel ‘Isometric Trinity’ overlooks Mackenzie Bay, Sydney

aeolian harps. sculpture by Aristides Demetrios-San Fransisco

92-feet-tall sculpture by Aristides Demetrios – it is one of the world’s largest aeolian harps.

Named for Aeolus, the Greek god of the wind, and invented by the 17th-century polymath Athanasius Kircher, an aeolian harp is a passive instrument played by the movement of the wind.

Oyster Point, San Fransisco

( )

Andrew Burton Jug sculpture Aarhus seaside

Andrew Burton ‘Jug’  

Aarhus Sculpture By The Sea

Ama mermaid statue by Amaryllis, France

 Ama mermaid statue by Amaryllis, placed in St. Jean Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera

Antipodean-Recruits--sculpture by Len Zuks

Antipodean Recruits  sculpture by artist Len Zuks at the Sculpture by the Sea coastal exhibition, Cottesloe Beach

2009 in Perth

Le-Jardin-sculpture of three standing women on a high cliff at Eze

Coastal garden sculptures – Eze, FranceEze Cactus Garden sculpture

Eze Cactus Garden sculpture

le-jardin-d-eze France

La Jardin d Eze, France

Large bronze sculpture crabs, at the ocean

Large bronze sculpture- Crab Riders

Gillie and Marc Schattner

Mikaela_Castledine red birds sculpture

‘East of the mulberry tree – legend of the ten red crows’

Mikaela Castledine sculpture, Bondi  SxS 2013

Matthew-Harding-the-cheshire-grin- large stainless steel arc sculpture

Matthew Harding – “the cheshire’s grin”

BondiSculpture by the Sea, 2013



Los Muertos Beach Sculpture of a boy riding a seahorse

‘Caballero del Mar’ (The Seahorse)’ by Rafael Zamarripa

Los Muertos Beach sculpture of boy riding a seahorse, Puerto Vallarta

Vi Warkentin Photography

San Marco, the patron saint of Venice.- winged lion sculpture

This statue near the Grand Canal is said to depict a winged lion protecting the Virtues of the City of Venice. The winged lion represents San Marco, the patron saint of Venice.

Grand Theft Auto abstract sculpture

Vespucci Beach abstract sculpture.

I was looking at this sculpture wondering where Vespucci is till I discovered it represented Venice Beach, California in Grand Theft Auto. It had replaced the ” Declaration Statue” by artist Mark di Suvero in the real life Venice. The gamers had given it a virtual makeover.

Venice-Biennial sculpture on the Grand Canal White sculpture of a boy holding a frog by Charles Ray

Boy with frog sculpture at the Venice Biennial – US sculptor Charles Ray

2.5metres tall


 ‘T-guardians’ sculpture by Christoph Luckeneder & Manfred Kielnhofer

Public Biennale de arte Venezia , Italy



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