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Chinese Contemporary Artists

Chinese contemporary art began to began to open up to the world art arena in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and while comparatively in its infancy, it is now making a vibrant impact. A selection of the Chinese ceramicists and sculptors in the modern contemporary art field are represented below.

Xiao Wei / Zhengyin Art & Design

Chinese ceramicist  Xiao Wei, began in the field of ceramics then branched out into broader design projects involving interior decoration and consultancy with Zhenyin Art which was established in Beijing in 1997.
Zhengyin Art & Design collaborate with a team of local and international artists and architectural firms to create original art installations, ceramics, murals, sculptures and wall art specifically designed for a particular space.  A synthesis between contemporary concepts and traditional themes dominate the designs.
Link for  Zhengyin Art 

Xiao Wei / Zhengyin Art & Design-contemporary bottles

Two contemporary bottles – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art & Design




Chinese artist  Xiao Wei contemporrary vase

Xiao Wei contemporary vase

Zhengyin Art & Design




Xiao Wei--Zhengyin Art & Design modern contemporary vases

Chinese designer Xiao Wei contemporary vase





Wall mural using vertical panels in the style of the traditional Chinese hanging scroll paintings of mountains

Zhengyin Art & Design






Xiao Wei modern ceramic vessel


Squat ceramic bottle – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art & Design





Xiao Wei abstract sculptural ceramic

Abstract sculptural ceramic forms – Xiao Wei





Zhengyin-Art-and-Design - blue and white porcelain

Blue and white porcelain decorative piece

Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei contemporary vase

Xiao Wei contemporary vase with glossy and textured glazing.






Xiao Wei lidded jar

Covered vessel – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei- green textured vases

Green textured vases – Xiao Wei





Tianjin-Baoli-International-Plaza art installation

Zhengyin art installation inspired by the brushstrokes of Chinese calliagraphy – Tianjin Baoli International Plaza

25 feet in height




Zhengyin-Artl mural installation

Large contemporary mural with a dragon dynamic – Zhengyin Art and Design





Xiao Wei ceramic ovoid bottle

Forest green ovoid vessel – Xiao Wei




Porcelain blue and white vases - Xiao Wei

Porcelain vases – Xiao Wei

Zhengyin Art and Design





Chinese ceramics Xiao Wei large vase


 Xiao Wei – large glazed vase


Zhan Wang

Many of Zhan Wang’s works concentrate on abstract forms, that go by many names such as floating stones, artificial rocks, or the famous, Scholar Rocks. These are large, highly textured rock-like pieces coated in chrome. In the Chinese culture, rocks are held in high esteem; rocks have been thought to possess the purest qi, or vital energy, and  traditionally were collected as objects of art and tools for meditation. In 2004, Zhan scaled Mount Everest and placed one of his own sculptures at the summit.

In 1966 Zhan Wang made the statement – “Placed in a traditional courtyard, a rockery satisfied people’s desire to return to Nature by offering them stone fragments from Nature. But huge changes in the world have made this traditional ideal increasingly out of date. I have thus used stainless steel to duplicate and transform the natural rockery into manufactured forms. The material’s glittering surface, ostentatious glamour, and illusory appearance make it an ideal medium to convey new dreams”

Sue Wang from CAFA Art Info describes Zhan Wang’s Rockery sculptures :  If ‘tradition’ and ‘contemporary’ are seen as poles apart, then Zhan Wang just used ‘stainless steel rockery stone’ to describe the intermediate zone by “Rockery Stone”. ‘Stone’ represents ‘tradition’, “it’s the basic element that formed the universe, representing aesthetic belief of a farming community”; ‘Stainless steel’ is a concentrated reflection of an industrialized reality. Zhan Wang thought it’s “the most representative material of this time, a metallic material that claims to never stain and can be mirror polished”. ‘Playing with’ the two materials, Zhan Wang touched the lifeline of the time.



Chinese sculpture by Zhen Wang -Rockery Stone42# exhibited at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University

Rockery Stone 42# exhibited at Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archaeology at Peking University




Zhan Wang lake sculpture

Zhan Wang lake sculpture -‘ Floating Island of Immortals ‘, 2006 – Gibbs Farm, New Zealand.






 ‘Chambres a part V’ – Zhan Wang

Rockery Stone De Young Museum San Francisco-Collection

‘Rockery Stone ‘ – Zhan Wang

De Young Museum, San Francisco

Zhan Wang Rockery Stone- at British Museum in 2008

Rockery Stone at British Museum by Zhan Wang





Franz Ceramics

Founded by Francis Chen, Franz Porcelain has its design and research center in Taipei, Taiwan, while its production is managed and  supervised in Mainland China using Chinese artisans.



Franz-Ceramics 2 panda vase

Two Panda figural vase Franz Ceramics





Franz Ceramics Collection -Zhejiang art museum

Franz Ceramics Collection -Dragon vase

Zhejiang art museum





Franz ceramic oriental nouveau vase

Oriental Art Nouveau vase – Franz Ceramics






Franz vase –  Zhejiang art museum






 Franz Ceramics-modernist sculptural vessel

Xu Bing



Chinese artist Xu Bing’s  ‘Phoenix -installation--inside the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York


Xu Bing’s grand ‘Phoenix’  installation, suspended fron the nave at the Cathederal of St John the Divine in New York

On display till March 2015


Travelling to Wonderland, at the V&A’s John Madejski garden.


Xu Bing carted slices of nine different rocks from five different places in China

and arranged them here to create a magical miniature mountainscape, drawing

elements from Chinese landscape scrolls and inspired by ” The Land of the Peach Blossoms “, also know by the Tibetans as ‘Shambala’




Ceramic Museum-Jinzhou, China. 2011-13

Abstract mosaic architecture – Ceramic Museum

Jinzhou, China



Chu Teh Chun –  ( 1920 -2014 )

Chinese-French abstract painter acclaimed for his pioneering style integrating traditional Chinese painting techniques with Western abstract art. Inspired by Nicolas de Staël’s abstract landscape paintings, Chu abandoned figurative painting and adopted a unique style using bold strokes of colour which evoked Chinese calligraphy. Below is a series of  ceramics he painted for Sevres, France.


Chu Teh Chun - Brown-round-vase-2005 raymond-dreyfus

Chu Teh Chun – Brown earth tone round  vase 2005

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Handpainted contemporary vase,- Chu Teh Chun for Sevres, Paris

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Chu-Teh-Chun-Pink-round-vase-F31 Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie

Chu Teh Chun–round abstract handpainted vase

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie





Chinese artist - chu_teh-chun__vase

Oriental abstract vase by Chu Teh Chun for Sevres

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie




Chu-Teh-Chun -Sevres vase Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie

Contemporary handpainted vase – Chu Teh Chun for Sevres






Chu Teh Chun for Sevres

Raymond Dreyfus Gallerie



Rosanna Li Wei Han


Chinese figurine - Rosanna-Li-Wei-han-Mandarin


‘Mandarin’ – Chinese figurine by Rosanna Li Wei Han




Art figurineMandalaRosanna-Li-Wei-han


‘Mandala’  – Rosanna Li Wei han



Dehua, Jingdezhen



Dehua-Kiln white porcelain figurne

 In the heyday of Jingdezhen, there were several hundred kilns in operation. 






  Ceramic porcelain sculpture -Dehua



Dehua yin yang sculpture



Chinese ceramic sculpture, in the shape of an abstract Fu symbol, base stamped-Fu Jian Hui Guan

  Abstract sculpture, in the shape of the Fu symbol -Fu Jian Hui Guan

( Liveauctioneers )





Monxi Wu  –  ‘Contrasting Rhythm’





Parthenon 2  Jing-Wei-Qiu-Art Glass Sculpture

Art Glass Sculpture – ‘Parthenon 2′

Jing Wei Qiu





Porcelain slippers – ‘Prosaic Glow’ – Fiona Wong Lai Ching






‘Angel without Wings’  (The Blue Succubus (positive)’ – Feng Weina



 Traditional Chinese Art




Bronze Snuff  Bottle – Cast with motif of Auspicious Chinese Fu Boy





Chinese Cloisonne Incense Burner

Antique Chinese Cloisonne incense burner with flying geese






Emerald Green Jadeite Phoenix Pendant






 Famille Rose Vase – Qianlong, China






Gilt Bronze Dragon with blue splashes





Chines Peking Glass Perfume Bottle-White-base-with-top-overlaid-in-Red

Chinese Peking Glass Perfume Bottle






Shanghai Museum Ceramics Gallery-Famille Rose-Vase with Peaches and-Bats-Design-Bill Taroli

Famille Rose Vase with Peaches and Bats designed by Bill Taroli

Shanghai Museum Ceramics Gallery





Carved ceramic Chinese teapot

Chinese teapot with carved ceramic surface






Tang Dynasty Manadarin Duck found in a tomb at Gong Yi City

Henan Museum




Shoushan Stone Boulder Carved Village

Chinese Village caved into Shoushan Stone Boulder


Traditional Chinese-painting-decoration Bai Min-at-work

Bai Min performing traditional ceramic decoration




Ginge jar blue and white porcelain

Chinese ovoid  jar in blue and white porcelain – China, Kangxi Period (1662-1722)






The Surge OF The Four SeasGuo Shilin


 The artist made use of natural color and engraving to evoke clouds, nine leaping dragons and surging waters below.

( )



Public Sculptures – Canberra Australia


 This 7.5m high bronze sculpture, is part of the series ‘I-am’ by Australian sculptor Andrew Rogers

Canberra Airport



 Perception & Reality – Andrew Rogers

Canberra National Airport

750 cm High (25 feet)  3.7 tons



Fern Lady at Canberra AirportAntheaSlade

Perception & Reality – Melbournian artist Andrew Rogers



Upon arrival at the new Canberra airport, you are confronted with the 25 feet tall sculpture “ I Am ” by Andrew Rogers and upon exit, his 25 feet tall sculpture  “ Perception & Reality ” comes into view.  All together 14 sculptures by various artists have been added to the airport and the adjacent Brindabella Business Park. This includes several brilliant pieces by the airports world renown sculptor-in-residence Ante Dabro, who has so far contributed 5 pieces. This is a mere appetizer for the abundance of sculptural art that can be found in Canberra. Despite having a modest population of around 379,000, the Australian capital city of Canberra is a cultural hub due to being the location for the National Art Gallery, the National Museum, the War Memorial and the Federal Parliament.
The architecturally planned national capital has a sculptural garden, which stretches from the Australian National Art Gallery down to the shores of Lake Burly Griffin, filled exclusively with native plants and trees. The construction of the National Gallery commenced in 1973, with the unveiling of a plaque by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Planning for the Sculpture Garden began in the 70’s and some of the sculptures that had already been acquired reflected the Mid-Century modernist, abstract, industrial aethestic of that era. Works by Alexander Calder, Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore, and Clement Meadmore were early installations followed into the 80’s with sculptures by Aristide Maillol, Emile Antoine Bourdelle, Gaston Lachaise, Mark di Suvero, Bert Flugelman and Inge King.
In other locations in Canberra more wonderful Mid-Century pieces can be discovered by Robert Cooke, Margel Hinder, Herman Hohuas, Milan Vojsk and a 1961 sculpture by Tom Bass at the Civic Square.  There are many more contemporary sculptures by Australian and International artists being presented. Images of these works can be seen below. A GPS App called ‘Mobile Canberra’ is now available on iphone , Android and other tablet platforms, which shows the locations of the sculptures.

Genesis-tight_cropGenesis-by-Ante-DabroBrindabella-Circuit - Copy

‘Genesis’  –  Ante Dabro

Brindabella Circuit,  Canberra, Australia



Sculpture ‘Seated-Lady’ by Herman-Hohuas

  ‘Seated Lady’ by Herman Hohuas


( Another Chris – flickr )




Outdoor sculpture - ‘Seated-Lady’-by-Herman-Hohuas


‘Seated Lady’ by Herman Hohuas

( Another Chris – flickr )




Aristide Maillol - The Mountain

French sculptor Aristide Maillol – ‘The Mountain’

National Gallery Sculpture Park





Three of the six figures from Rodin-s- Burghers of Calais----Flickr---Photo-Sharing-Beyond07

 Three of the six figures from Auguste Rodin’s Burghers of Calais

'Pierre de Wiessant'-from the burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin---Sculpture Garden National Gallery of Australia,-Canberra

‘Pierre de Wiessant’ from the burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin

Sculpture Garden – National Gallery of Australia, Canberra





Canberra street sculp[ture Cushion by Matthew-Harding

Contemporary street sculpture ‘Cushion’ by Matthew Harding


( artsACT )




Australian sculpture Aquila by Phil Spelman Crowne Plaza Canberra

‘Aquila’  by Australian sculptor Phil Spelman

Aquila in Greek Mythology is the constellation of the eagle, a wide-winged soaring bird which carried the thunderbolts of Zeus.



wind activated kinetic outdoor-Sculpture Dinornis Maximus by Phil Price

 Dinornis Maximus by Phil Price

11 metre tall wind activated kinetic sculpture



Canberra public sculpture Circuitry Fiona Hooton

‘Circuitry’ – Fiona Hooton


( artsACT )





Confucious - Jiaxiang Stone Carving Studio of Shandong

 Canberra sculpture of Confucius

  This stone sculpture was carved in the birth place of Confucius, Qufu, Shandong Province, China

( artsACT )





Owl - Bruce Armstrong

 Owl – Bruce Armstrong

Height 8 metres 

 The owl has a commanding and enigmatic presence when encountered in the wild. The artist has portrayed the owl as a guardian spirit or totem overlooking its domain.

( artsACT )





550_resilience003Ante-Dabro - Copy

Resilience  – Ante Dabro 



Canberra Art - Sculptured Form Margel Hinder

 Sculptured  Form – Margel Hinder


Winner of a competition that invited artists to represent the ‘metamorphosis of a typical natural Australian environment into complex development for urban use’

( artsACT )




Tree of Knowledge Possum - Peter Latona

‘Tree of Knowledge Possum’  – Peter Latona

( artsACT )




2012--National Gallery of Australia La Bobine by Alexander Calder

 La Bobine by Alexander Calder


National Gallery of Australia





006660 - Copy

Ethos statue in Civic Square, London Circuit, Canberra by Tom Bass, 1961

photo – Bill Pederson

Ethos was the first work of art commissioned by the National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) for a public place in Canberra 

 Mid-Century Tom Bass sculpture in Melbourne

  ‘The Children’s Tree’

Another sculpture by Tom Bass in Melbourne




5043811292_7600083d60_z - Copy

 Within Without  ( Skyspace ) – James Turrell ( USA ) – 2010

National Gallery of Australia




ACT-Memorial-in-Civic - Copy

‘ACT Memorial’  – Matthew Harding





Angel of the North-(life-size-maquette)AntonyGormley1996

 ‘Angel of the North’ – (life-size-maquette) by Antony Gormley






AnotherChrisFlickr---Photo-Sharing - Copy

Emile Bourdelle-  Penelope


( Another Chris-Flickr )



 The Big Little Man is a whimsical sculpture that appears both larger and smaller than life at the same time.

Dean Bowen , 2008






 Chalchiuhtlicue’ – Jesus Mayagoitia

 Chalchiuhtlicue is inspired by the pre-Hispanic stone sculpture of the same name, found at the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, Mexico.

( artsACT )





Alexander Bunyip is a character from the popular 1972 children's book, The Monster that Ate Canberra by author and illustrator, Michael Salmon

” A is for Alexander, B is for Bunyip, C is for Canberra ” – Anne Ross

Alexander Bunyip is a character from the popular 1972 children’s book, “The Monster that Ate Canberra”  by author and illustrator, Michael Salmon





Dreaming-550Milan-Vojsk - Copy

 ‘Dreaming’ – Milan Vojsk






Egle-Queen-of-Serpents,-1988-Ieva-Pocius - Copy

 ‘Egle, Queen of Serpents’ –  Ieva Pocius

 This work refers to a Lithuanian folk tale about Egle, a woman who married the king of sea serpents.

 Bicentennial Gift from the Lithuanian Community in Australia

( artsACT )







Sculpture - King George V memorial, Canberra

Sandstone sculpture – King George V memorial, Canberra

( Flickriver  roslyn.russell )






Large totem - Firestorm Bryan Carrick-Mount Taylor Estate community

 Large totem -‘ Firestorm ‘ Bryan Carrick and Mount Taylor Estate community





Foggy wake in a desert--An ecosphere Fujiko Nakaya

 ‘Foggy wake in a desert ‘  — An ecosphere by  Fujiko Nakaya

 The fog is  generated by a fine mist sprayed over the Marsh Pond and surrounding plantings (as water at high pressure is forced through 75 micron diameter holes in nozzles mounted on a series of frames concealed in the landscape)





Part of an installation in Gungahlin called  ‘The Goongarline’  by Malcolm Utley






Hard Rock Ned - Jesse Graham-contemporary sculpture on the Edge 2011

Hard Rock Ned – Jesse Graham

Sculpture on the Edge, 2011





Lady_With_Flowers---Dean-Bowen - Copy

 ‘Lady With Flowers’  – Dean Bowen


( artsACT )





large_Gathering_PlaceWellspring-with-Brian-Carrick - Copy

 ‘Gathering Place’ –  Wellspring with Brian Carrick

The four poles in the centre of the work are aligned with cardinal points: Ngunnawal to the East; Coming Together to the South; Reconciliation to the West and the Future, crowned by a wedge tailed eagle, to the North.

( artsACT )






Martin-MooreHabitat2010 - Copy

 ‘Habitat’ – Martin Moore


( artsACT )





Australian National Museum entrance

 Entrance to the National Museum of Australia




Patria es Humanidad (Our Country is Humanity) 

Nelson Dominguez Cedeño (with the support of local artist Geoff Farquhar-Still)

( artsACT )





Phil-Price Canberra Airport Sculpture

‘The Evolution Tree’ by Phil Price

Canberra Airport





RAMINGININGARTISTS National art gallery

Ramingining artists’ Aboriginal Memorial at the National Gallery of Australia






 ‘Resting Place of the Dragonfly’  – Mary Kayser

( artsACT )






A 2012 addition to the Canberra public artscape, Droplet by Stuart Green

Photo: Rohan Thomson





Canberra art sculpture Susanne by Ante Dabro

Ante Dabro  – ‘Susanne’






 ‘The Astronomer’  Questacon Centre Canberra

 ( Another Chris – flickr )





The Bathers by sculptor Ante Dabro

‘The Bathers’ by sculptor Ante Dabro

Brindabella Business Park





 'Hill Arches' by Henry Moore Cast in 1973 by the Noack Foundry

This bronze sculpture named ‘Hill Arches’ was sculpted in 1973 by Henry Moore and cast in 1973 by the Noack Foundry, Berlin

Canberra National Gallery Sculpture Park





This sculpture-'Mountain' was sculpted by Aristide Maillol in 1937.

 ‘The Mountain’  by Aristide Maillol

‘Mountain’ was sculpted by French Aristide Maillol in 1937. Its the fourth cast of a limited edition. Its the fourth cast of a limited edition of six cast by the Georges Rudier Foundry in Paris in 1973.





Two to Tango MIchael Le Grand

Canberra London Circuit sculpture ‘Two to Tango’- MIchael Le Grand






Thankupi – Eran

National Art Gallery





Contemporary outdoor sculpture - Cones - Bert Flugelman

Canberra contemporary outdoor sculpture – Cones –  Bert Flugelman






 ‘Floating Figure’ – sculpted in 1927 by Gaston Lachaise and cast in 1979 by the Modern Art Foundry, New York






 Thespis  – Robert Cook – ( originally a water fountain )


 Robert Cook, is an American sculptor who has lived in Rome for fifty years,

Canberra Theatre Centre






Auguste Rodin’s – Burghers of Calais


More info on Canberra Scupltures HERE



Czech, Bohemia Clayarts


Czechoslavakia is blessed with a fascinating history of ceramic design which developed rapidly after the introduction of porcelain in the 1790’s. This was in the region around the town Karlovy Vary ( Carlsbad ) where rich deposits of kaolin could be found.  Decorative pottery production was prolific during the Art Nouveau/Jugendstil era through to the decades of Art Deco.


Royal Dux Bohemia


Royal Dux was originally known as the Duxer Porzellanmanufaktur or Dux Porcelain Manufactory, and was established in 1860 by Eduard Eichler in Czechoslovakia when it was known as Bohemia. By the turn of the century, the  firm specialized in porcelain statues and busts of Art Nouveau-style maidens, large porcelain figures, and ornate vases with three-dimensional sculptured figures embracing the surface. By 1937, the company had over 12,000 molds for porcelain. Typically, scenes of scantily clad, enchanting women would be cavorting by a pond surrounded by leaves, foliage and trees. The most successful development phase of Royal Dux was the Art Nouveau era when the ceramic modeler Alois Hampel worked for the company. Some of the original 19th century molds which were established at that time are in production to this day. The diverse range of Dux Art Deco and modernist figurines are still being admired and collected.   Royal Dux kneeling Art Deco figurine

 Royal Dux kneeling Art Deco figurine


 Royal Dux–Amphora, Riessner, Kessell & Stellmacher

          Royal Dux Porcelain Statue of twins

Huge Czech Deco Royal Dux Porcelain Statue of twins by Schaff,  1930’s

Jitro---Jaroslav-Ježek-(Royal-Dux) modernist lady on horse

Modernist figurine by Jaroslav Ježek -(Royal-Dux)

        1920's Royal Dux lady fan dancer

Czech Royal Dux lady fan dancer – 1920’s

LARGE Royal Dux Bohemia Art Nouveau vase

 Large Royal Dux Bohemia Art Nouveau vase, internal pearl glaze

 Art Deco pose figurine Royal-Dux--Geometric

Porcelain Royal Dux Deco figurine

  Royal Dux hunting figurine statue

 Royal Dux hunting figure, riding a horse wearing a tricorn hat and holding a hunting horn, with hunting hounds.

( Aspire Auctions )


Bohemia Royal Dux Porcelain Geisha Girl Vase


 Czech Royal Dux Art Deco Female Snake Charmer


Mid – Century Hen figurine designed by Jaroslav Jezek



Very large Royal Dux Amphora Art Nouveau Vase


 Art Nouveau letter stand – Royal Dux

        Royal Dux Figural-jardiniere bowl

Art Nouveau Royal Dux figural jardiniere

        Royal Dux figure with greyhounds 37cm

Classic Art Deco Royal Dux figure with greyhounds

height 37cm


 Mint Green Royal Dux Figurine Flamingo Dancer

24cm Tall


Prague Potter Ivan Angelov Panov

Originally born in Bulgaria, where he pursued his interest in sculpture and art from a young age, Ivan Panov has established a ceramic studio and school in Prague.

Blue-Leo Ivan Angelov Panov

Blue Leo Ivan Angelov Panov

          Boris - Horse Sculpture by Ivan Angelov Panov

Boris Ivan Angelov Panov

      doli-bel-iii Ivan Angelov Panov

 Doli bel iii  covered jar – Ivan Angelov Panov

        Abstract-bowl- Ivan Angelov Panov

Abstract ceramic bowl- Ivan Angelov Panov, Prague

        A-JOY fruit bowl Ivan Angelov Panov

A joy fruit bowl by Ivan Angelov Panov

            Green Imagion pticher Ivan Angelov Panov

Green Imagion  pticher Ivan Angelov Panov

        neron-hadrijan-Ivan A.Panov ceramic horse sculpture

 Neron Hadrijan-Ivan Angelov Panov

          fish-rajna__Ivan Angelov Panov

Fish Rajna – Ivan Angelov Panov


            'Rok' Ivan Angelov Panov ceramic rocking horse

‘ Rok ‘  – Ivan Angelov Panov rocking horse

Ceramic sender owl figurine Ivan Angelov Panov

Kubista Gallery 

The Museum of Czech Cubism is situated at the beautifully restored Grand Café Orient in the upper floors of the House at the Black Madonna, in the historical center of Prague.  Both originals and unique replicas of classic Czech design, particularly rare cubist and art deco objects can be purchased.

Ceramic box Graniton -Kubista

 Graniton covered ceramic box  – Kubista

original 1925

        Black and White Art-Deco-Coffee-Pot---Pavel-Janák---1912

 Black and White Art Deco Coffee Pot—Pavel Janák—1912

        Pavel-Janak art deco vase

Pavel Janak ovoid Art Deco vase


 Art Deco sugar bowl – Pavel Janak

    Kubista Replica-of-sugar-bowl-and-milk-jug-from-the-collection-of-Cubist-ceramics-and-furniture-in-Bauer's-Villa-in-Libodřice

Kubista Replica of sugar bowl and milk jug from the collection of Cubist ceramics and furniture in Bauer’s Villa in Libodřice

    Black and White ceramic mugs by Pavlína-Lubomírská

 Ceramic mugs by Pavlína Lubomírská

Elegant Art Deco lidded vessel - original, around 1925

 Elegant Art Deco lidded vessel


Pravoslav Rada

Czech art The cat-lying-with-blue-striped-tail-Pravoslav Rada -Keramika,

The cat lying with blue striped tail – Pravoslav Rada

Pravoslav Rada,-Plastika,-1988,-Keramika

Pravoslav Rada-1988,- Czech Keramika


Anthropomorphic double gourd ceramic -Pravoslav Rada,


Damyan Artist flickr Prague Art Nouveau

 Prague Art Nouveau – Damyan Artist –  flickr


Brass Art Deco Figure signed Allmann-1930

Antiques Michal Jankovský, Prague


Plant form vase – Johann Lötz Witwe Glassworks

          Art-Nouveau-Czech-Bohemian-Amphora vase

Bohemian Amphora Art Nouveau vase


Art Nouveau vase, Czechoslovakia


        Art Deco dancer sculpture-Alcron-Hotel-Prague

Alcron Hotel Prague – Art Deco dancer sculpture

        Art Deco clock by-Andres-and-Dworsky,-1920

Art Deco animatronic clock by Andres and Dworsky, 1920


Hand painted Czech Art Deco vase

        Czech-Lady-Art Deco Plaque

Art Deco wall plaque – Czech Republic


Czechoslovakian modernist pitcher

            Art Deco Czech Wall Mask

Wall Mask Czech Art Deco


Bedouin sculptural busts – Eduard Stellmacher-(1868-1929)

Bohemia 1890


Erphila Art Deco Czech Pottery Vase


Art Nouveau Trihedral vase  – Karel Babka

Museum of Decorative Arts In Prague

            Rudolf Hamršmíd, Vase,-1899,-UPM

Rudolf Hamršmíd ( 1878 – 1966 ) Art NouveauVase,-1899,-UPM

        Napolean sculpture by ScheibeAntiques-Maiselova1920

Napolean sculpture by Scheibe – 1920 – from the Napoleon Crossing the Alps painting by Jacques Louis David.

Antiques Maiselova


Celda Klouček vase

Amphora vase Art Nouveau

CzechAmphora vase


Pair of Czech Art Deco Figural Vases


Dish With Harpies – Boudová Suchardová


calypsospot – flickr

Rabbi Loew statue Ladislav Šaloun

Rabbi Loew – Alchemist and Kabbalah scholar. Designed by Art Nouveau designer Ladislav Saloun and sculpted by Eduard Zvelebil in the early 1910’s, at the dawn of Czech independence. In 1940 when the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia, the statue was earmarked to be destroyed, but Ladislav whisked the large statue away in the night and hid it at his home.


The Kiss – Ladislav Šaloun



Modernist bowl by Rudolf Schwedler-(1896-1981), Harrachov glassworks and brewery, Czechoslavakia

Royal Dux Amphora vase with owl motifs

Large Royal Dux Amphora vase with four owls

Height 16 1/2 inches



Black American Arts



African American bust by Sargent Claude Johnson - Chester

Sargent Claude Johnson  – ‘Chester’ 


A collection of African American artworks, primarily focused on ceramic and sculptural pieces.  As I delved into the various Afro American art genres that I was able to source, I was reminded of Ernie Barnes iconic album cover “Sugar Shack “ for Marvin Gaye’s 1976 recording “ I want You”.  The tapestry of  black dancers depicted  a writhing sensual embodiment of the human soul, captured by a collective primordial rhythm in motion. The newer art is still an affirmation of enthralling movement and colours and it was gratifying to discover it again, still exuding natural expression in the spirit of this transcendental dynamic aesthetic.




 ‘Ghetto Voice In Orange’ – Willie Bing Davis


Doyle Lane – ( 1925 – 2002 )

Doyle Lane, whose work is in the collection of the California African American Museum in Los Angeles and will be featured in a Venice Biennale show in 2015, was apparently a modest man. “I don’t think an artist should really put his work on a pedestal because he isn’t the one to determine the aesthetic value,” he said in a 1981 interview with Studio Potter magazine. “When someone buys a piece of work, that is the only compliment. Anything else could just be flattery.” ( via LAtimes ) As a clay artist, Doyle Lane liked the mobility of ceramic art, “Why not take paintings out of doors,” he also declared in that 1981 interview, “where one may sit and watch the changing play of sunshine on the glazes and thus have changes of mood during the day?”



Doyle-Lane,-African-American-potter 1925 - 2002

Doyle Lane globular vessel with a textured volcanic glaze.




 Afro American potter - Doyle Lane ribbed bottle

 Doyle Lane ribbed bottle




Doyle Lane abstract textured bottle

 Doyle Lane abstract textured bottle




Doyle Lane Pottery

 Doyle Lane weed pots




Doyle Lane - contemporary ovoid vessel

Doyle Lane – contemporary ovoid pod vessel




Doyle Lane mid-century pottery

 Doyle Lane mid-century pottery

Doyle Lane round wall art

Doyle Lane round wall art

( at a recent exhibition at Refom Gallery )

Doyle Lane ceramic mosaic

Doyle Lane ceramic mosaic




Doyle Lane giving pottery throwing

Doyle Lane giving a pottery throwing demonstration

( 1925 – 2002 )


 Cheryl Foster 


foster_cheryl- sclupture--BLACK-ART-IN-AMERICA

 Cheryl Foster outdoor sculpture





Maryland’s Bounty mosaic mural by Cheryl Foster




Wishing-Vessel,-Pulsating-with-Life - Cheryl Foster

 ‘Wishing Vessel –  Pulsating with Life’ – Cheryl Foster



 Nancy Ellen Churchville – Philadelphia. PA



Sculpture - Joy-Unspeakable Cheryl Foster

Nancy Ellen Churchville –  ‘Joy Unspeakable’ 




Freedom's Dance-sculpture by Nancy Ellen Churchville

 ‘Freedom’s Dance’ sculpture

 Nancy Ellen Churchville – 12″ height

Freedom's Dance sculpture Nancy Ellen Churchville

‘Freedom’s Dance’ sculpture  Nancy Ellen Churchville  View 2




Figurative sculpture - Blackbird - Nancy Ellen Churchville

 ‘Blackbird’ – Nancy Ellen Churchville


Nancy-Ellen-Churchville - dancing woman sculpture

 Full body sculpture  – Nancy Ellen Churchville





PRAISE VASE- Nancy Ellen Churchville

‘Praise Vase’ –  Nancy Ellen Churchville

Nancy Ellen Churchville

 Ceramic sculpture – Nancy Ellen Churchville

Prayer Warrior-sculpture bust Nancy Ellen cChurchville

‘Prayer Warrior’ – Nancy Ellen Churchville




Dudley Vaccianna


The illustrative decorations of Dudley Vaccianna weaves a fluid tapestry of rich tradition, colour and culture imbued with spirit and movement.


Dudly Vaccianna painted glass dish

 Dudley Vaccianna painted glass dish




Dudly Vaccianna painted glass vase

 Dudley Vaccianna  vase




Dudly Vaccianna Dancing Women plate

 Dudley Vaccianna dancing women plate





Vase-#10   Dudley Vaccianna

Dudley Vaccianna dish

Dudley Vaccianna

Handpainted plate Dudley Vaccianna

Handpainted plate Dudley Vaccianna





 Dudley Vaccianna with his prize winning vase

 Dudley Vaccianna




 Dudley Vaccianna painting

 Dudley Vaccianna painting




Watercolor by Dudley Vaccianna: “Salsa”

Watercolor by Dudley Vaccianna: “ Salsa”




Vaccianna, Dudley vase with face motif

Dudley Vaccianna  vase with face motif





american-art Dudley Vaccianna

Dudley Vaccianna beaker




Dudly Vaccianna-ceramic-art7

 Dudley Vaccianna handpainted bottle




Gordon Parks photo for Life magazine

Afro American photographer Gordon Parks for Life magazine


 Kara Walker


Karan Walker superJumbo

Kara Walker with her sculpture superJumbo





“Marvelous Sugar Baby” by Kara Walker – at the old Domino sugar refinery in Brooklyn



Grandmaster Taijay

Grandmaster Taijay painting

 Grandmaster Taijay – painter/poet


Head Of Queen Mother Alpha Lioness Brown Sugar Spinx


Ms. Kara Walker’s…Spinx,

FROM MY PURVIEW, has taken
the image of the sugar cane
hack’n, no history have’n, GRINNIG, SLAVE…and lifted her back up to her rightful
place as the never before seen, Ancient Queen, Royal Mate of the Alpha Lion King AKA The Spinx.
Ms. Walker’s image is not grin’…she has time-less secrets/ who
understands the mysteries of the Spinx and his/her equal?
Her head wrap bears secret symbols and Royal seals…
just like when the Soul Sisters Of All Shades today
choose to wrap their heads
in exotic wrap’ns
I thought that I heard somebody say that,”some good folks
found the bones of a woman who
may just be the mother of all of us…” Can I get a…can I… uh…can ah’ git ah…witness?

-Grandmaster Taijay Harlem 7/5/14



Grandmaster Tajjay painting





Kimmy Cantrell – Atlanta


Kimmy Cantrell’s  ideal is to show the beauty within flaws. In his own words, “Imperfections tell stories far more compelling than perfection.  I’ve always loved primitive art, and I try to reflect that raw, primitive style in my own interpretations. Some of my work is tribal, and some is more universal. We all have roots, and the roots tend to come out in the works we create.”  Written in the eyes and titles, vibrantly colored faces tell stories which reflect the artist own experiences. Another signature of Kimmy’s work is his series of mixed media collages. The unique composition of elements such as clay, copper and sometimes stainless steel evolved from his series of masks. “I want to move people with the passion expressed in my work”


Cantrell,-Kimmy,-(What-If) sculptured mask

What If  sculptured mask – Kimmy Cantrell




Kimmy Cantrell abstract sculptor

Kimmy Cantrell


Kimmy Cantrell - " Green Hair " abstract ceramic

 Kimmy Cantrell – ” Green Hair “ abstract ceramic





KIMMY-CANTRELL reclining woman in red

 Kimmy Cantrell





Kimmy Cantrell



Kevin Snipes


kevin-snipes-workshop lidded jar witj absrtact male motif

Lidded vessel by Kevin Snipes





Kevin Snipes





Kevin Snipes




Kevin-Snipes-2012 lidded vessel with boy gril motif

Footed, lidded vessel – Kevin Snipes




Kevin Snipes- abstract boy vase

Footed vase with handpainted decoration – Kevin Snipes




Wasentha Young



Pathway To The Moon Wasentha Young - river stone wall mosaic

River stone wall mosaic – ‘Pathway To The Moon’ by Wasentha Young





Black Beauty Wasentha-Young mosaic wall panel foerst in black, red and turquoise

‘Black Beauty’   Mosaic wall panel – Wasentha Young



 Sargent Claude Johnson


The Politician by Sargent Claude Johnson

‘The Politician’ –  Sargent Claude Johnson


Between 1945 and 1965, the Sargent Johnson made a number of trips to Oaxaca and Southern Mexico where he became acquainted with the Zapotec Indians and Mexicans in the village of San Bartolo Coyotepec, where the famous black clay pots are made.

Johnson worked this material in his hotel room making grotesque and interesting black clay figures. A favorite theme of his for these pieces is the do-nothing politician. He produced about 100 of these pieces. ( via )




Mother and-Child---Sargent-Claude-Johnson---circa-1930

 ‘Mother and Child’ —Sargent Claude Johnson

circa 1930



Sargent-Claude Johnson-tremendous-frieze,-executed-in-1942,-covers-the-entire-retaining-wall-across-the-back-of-the-football-field,-and-still-stands-today

Sargent Claude Johnson – -monumental frieze, created in 1942. This modernist, multicultural carving of athletes covers the entire retaining wall across the back of the football field, and still stands today.

George Washington High School, San Francisco




Mixed selection :

Hebron-Chism painter

Hebron Chism





 Mambu Badu photography




Harlem-Renaissance,-Archibald John Motley, Jr,-Nightlife-1943,

‘Nightlife’ – Archibald John Motley, Jr




Robert McKnight,-(Dream-Keeper) sculpture

‘Dreamkeeper’ – Robert McKnight  sculpture





McKnight,-Robert,-(Minor-Effigy) sculpture

 ‘Minor Effigy’ – Robert McKnight






  “Walking Away From the Fire” by Mr. Imagination ( Gregory Warmack  – 1948-2012 ), Chicago

30 x 23 x 9″ — concrete / cement sculpture.





Mr Imagination terracotta figurine

 Mr. Imagination guitar sculpture





Sculptor Selma Burke




Artist-Nnamdi-Okonkwo-with-one-of-his sculptures

Nnamdi Okonkwo posing with his sculpture




Manzel-Bowman mixed digital medium art

Illustration with elements of afrofuturism and mixed digital medium – Manzel Bowman




Wangechi Mutu Le Noble Savage

‘Le Noble Savage’ – Wangechi Mutu





‘Noah’s Ark’ – Aaron Douglas





Aaron Douglas Charleston c1928 painting from harlem club

‘Charleston’ – Aaron Douglas

c 1928



Aaron Douglas--Harlem Renaissance Artist 1930s silhouette dancers

Aaron Douglas–Harlem Renaissance Artist – ‘Congo’





‘Birds in Flight’ – Aaron Douglas




6 Ascent-Ethiopia-1932 Loïs-Mailou-Jones

Art Deco painting – ‘Ascent Ethiopia’ – Loïs Mailou Jones




1929-Augusta-Savage-Gamin-Sculpture bust

Augusta Savage – ” Gamin’ “





‘Player In Town’  – Willie Torbert




American Painter Roderisk Vines - Bebop

Roderisk Vines –  ” Bebop “



Sculpture by Theophilus Owusu Quame - Nigeria

Nigerian sculptor Theophilus Owusu Quame

( Black Art In america )




The-Harp,-1939--Augusta-Savage The Harp sculpture for the 1939 New York World Fair

‘The Harp’  ( Lift Every Voice and Sing ) by African American Augusta Savage

A sculpture for the 1939 New York World Fair

See video below




William-E Artis 1946 sculpture bust

1946 sculpture bust by William E Artis




Sculpture by Meta-Warrick-EMANCIPATION

‘Emancipation’ by Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller



Woodrow Nash


Woodrow Nash weaves undulating lines over the surface of his sculptures combined with natural motifs which emulate the flowing style of Art Nouveau infused with the traditional, graceful African forms derivative of 15th century Benin. With both his full length pieces and busts, he successfully creates a sense of comfortable intimacy and inclusiveness with his sculptures. The depth of his exploration of the spirit of his culture is palpable.



Woodrow Nash American sculptor

American sculptor Woodrow Nash




Woodrow Nash life size carved bust

 Life size carved bust – Woodrow Nash




Woodrow Nash sculptural figures

3 African Women – Woodrow Nash sculptural figures




Woodrow-Nash exhibition

Woodrow Nash





Wooodrow Nash ceramic bust





Woodrow-Nash_African sculpture

Woodrow Nash – African sculpture





Woodrow Nash---children sculptures

Sculptures of children – Woodrow Nash



Woodrow Nash sculpture bust

 Woodrow Nash


WoodrowNash african warrior bust

Woodrow Nash sculpture bust




life size ceramic bust - Woodrow Nash

Bust of African girl with wings – Woodrow Nash





carved ceramic vessel Woodrow Nash

 Carved ceramic vase –  Woodrow Nash


Preston Jackson

lincolnsculpture Preston-Jackson Emancipation

 Preston Jackson – ‘Emancipation’

Connecticut River in Hartford



Afro American sculpture The Souvenir 2008 Preston Jackson

 ‘The Souvenir’  – Preston Jackson




Flight of the Cakewalkers, by Preston Jackson

 ‘Flight of the Cakewalkers’ by Preston Jackson




About Ancient Beliefs 2009 Preston Jackson

‘About Ancient Beliefs’  Preston Jackson





Andelle Dancing Preston Jackson 2009

‘Andelle Dancing’ -Preston Jackson – 2009

Julieanne’s Garden

Elizabeth Catlett



Elizabeth-Catlett-mother and child abstract sculpture

 ‘Mother and Child’ – Elizabeth Catlett


In 1942 Elizabeth Catlett received private instruction from Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine who urged her to add abstract elements to her figurative work.



Elizabeth-Catlett, abstract couple

 Abstract couple sculpture – Elizabeth Catlett



 African American Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett working in Mexico City, c. 1947

Sculptor Elizabeth Catlett working in Mexico City, c. 1947





elizabeth catlett_MOTHER_AND_CHILD

Elizabeth Catlett






Selma Burke




African American art The Sugar Shack by Ernie_Barnes African American art

‘Sugar Shack’ – Ernie Barnes

Time-to-Unite-(41st-and-Drexel) Brobzeville mural

At 41st and Drexel, Bronzeville mural, Chicago



Corey Barksdale


“A lot of my images are representative of the experiences that I have had and how I identify myself. These subjects reflect my community. The bold colors that I use have been with me since the beginning. Initially I focused on a few primary colors. Now I am blending them in different ways to create my secondary colors. “Do I have a spiritual connection to my art? At some point I do, but it takes a while to get to that point. When I first start a painting I have to achieve a certain mindset. And then if it starts to feel good and involving, then maybe I do go to a spiritual realm. But this is not a major consideration of the way that I think about my art. On the other hand, I do know there is a higher power outside of me that affects all of creativity. ”



Corey Barksdale doing a wall mural in bold colours

Corey Barksdale doing a wall mural



Artist Corey Barksdale at the outdoor live painting event in Atlanta abstract art

Corey Barksdale working at the Live Painting Event – Atlanta





Contemporary artist – Corey Barksdale





Corey Barksdale


Meet Augusta Savage the Most Important African-American Sculptor from Timeline on Vimeo.