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Courtyard creations – enhanced earth



Ochre and jade green Moroccan courtyard

Moroccan courtyard – Ochre with jade green highlights


I’m looking at residential courtyards with the key emphasis being on prominent earth features using design elements like decorative rocks, stone paths, ceramic tiles, planters, earthy tones and stone walls. I am in the process of modifying a home design which has a central courtyard (a rarity these days) that has close proximity to a laundry and bathroom. This  isn’t ideal from a Feng Shui perspective, due to the running water depleting the Earth, which can be disruptive to the whole balance as this element is crucial to harmonizing all the elements.. This can be remedied by fortifying the instrinsic Earth element of the middle courtyard and avoiding the presence of fountains and other water features and cooling colours. In addtion, as wood attacks earth (5 Element Theory), large trees, wood decking.and other decorative elements using wood will need to be kept to a minimum. When combined with fire features like a toro stone lantern, red decor aspects and fire pits, this will enhance the Earth element and help regenerate it. The addition of metal with the fire also supports the energy flow of the earth (5 Element Theory)

Traditional Japanese courtyards favor the presemce of large rock features and stone, emphasised by the inclusion of open spaces using gravel, sand and moss (which has a milder growth aspect then the use of larger trees). The main courtyard entrance sometimes used a rounded moon doorway (Mon (門) threshold) becauses like the tortoise, the combination of the curve with a straight line was a symbol of heaven and earth and encouraged the movement of chi.. Arched doorways also attract an enhanced chi flow.



Image by Joachim Müller



garden in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, landscape architect Judy KameonDesign-Al-Fresco-1stdibs

Interior courtyard garden, Silverlake,  Los Angeles,

Landscape architect Judy KameonDesign


Cactus courtyard



Contemporary courtyard with blue/white tiled mural



Ubud garden, Bali

Balinese courtyard, Ubud

Kayon Jungle Resort



Azure blue Persian courtyard

Azure blue Persian style courtyard



Greek style courtyard with bourganvillia canopy



balcony courtyard

Burnt orange/ochre decor highlighting the earth aspect of the courtyard, further supported by the fire pit and the metal patina back wall. A fire feature in this sector directly opposite the entrance to the central courtyard, on its peripheal, is an ideal location to stimulate the earth.



Zen courtyard black and white

Black paving stones dramatically in contrast with the snow in this Zen inspired courtyard, exemplifing the power of ‘Ma’ (間) negative space



minimalist contemporary Zen garden

Minimalist contemporary Zen garden


japanese garden , contrasting gravel color

Japanese garden with contrasting gravel color. The open expanse of gravel symbolizes the eternal conscioussnes with the rocks representing islands.



French inspried symmetrical garden

Symmetrically aligned topiary trees and shrubs



Rich colored Faiz Mahal, Khairpur, Pakistan

Faiz Mahal, Khairpur, Pakistan



In Lucca, Italy, the loggia of the grand Villa Torrigiani boasts 17th-century frescoes

The loggia of the grand Villa Torrigiani with 17th century frescoes.

The Trompe l’oeil mural enlarging the appearance of size.

Lucca, Italy

Mediterranean style courtyard with stone archway and rounded borders drawing +ve chi inside




Karrinyup Courtyards –  CultivArt Landscape Design


modern courtyard

Fire pit courtyard feature


Huge Buddha wall mural, Bali




Van Den Berk nuseries

Traditionally designed Japanese garden.

Van Den Berk nurseries


Tuscan Italian-courtyard

Tuscan interior courtyard


Moroccan courtyard with a Persian wall feature and an abundance of earthy palettes.




Japanese Courtyard Garden by Katsuhiko Mizuno



japanese garden with stone paving

Zen garden landscaping with stone paving and Toro stone lantern



wall of greenery courtyard

Designed by Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes, LA



lemon and lavender decor

Garden decor lemon and lavender



Kyoto Koi pond courtyard, natural rock


Miami paradise garden

Spainish theme garden, Miami



Traditional Zen garden featuring white sand, rocks and moss

Zen garden featuring white sand, rocks and moss under a large Japanese maple tree. Asymmetry and Irregularity (Fukinsei) is a consistent aspect of a Japanese garden due to it having a higher dynamic of motion and its curvy movement attracting the luck of the dragon, especially if the courtyard faces East.



large olive green planters

Large green planters highlighting the symmetry



big planter Italy

Large Italian planter



Elevated garden beds create the impression of a sunken courtyard and added depth



courtyard gardern with hedge wall

Courtyard gardern with hedge wall and curvaceous vintage backdrop



Courtyard garden in Chur

Large garden with Japanese Maple in huge planter

Courtyard in Chur


ceramic tiled courtyard,

Moroccan themed ceramic tiled courtyard



Hacienda Mexicana entrance to Spainish styled courtyard

Hacienda Mexicana entrance to Spainish styled courtyard



Boho courtyard decor

Boho patio/courtyard with Moroccan rugs



rusticl Italian courtyard

Rustic Italian courtyard with orange tree




Potted olive trees and mirrored arch to enhance the light and size of a tiled courtyard



Vermillion red wall  fortifiying the Earth by virtue of the 5 element Mother Son relationship




Melina Mercouri in Italian courtyard

Slim Aarons, 1961


Moon door courtyard portal

Inviting Moon Door courtyard portal

Youyicun garden



patterned ceramic tiling fow a safer grip

Patterned ceramic tiling for a safer grip

Aleluia Cerâmicas


Delightful patio decoarative panel


Archway entrance to courtyard



Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

© Janmiko1



Contemporary courtyard with an ideally located sun symbol and fire pit




courtyard of the Riad Jaaneman in Marrakech

Courtyard of the Riad Jaaneman in Marrakech




Islamic geometric tiled courtyard in Morocco


Myouman ji Temple garden courtyard

Myouman ji Temple garden courtyard

Hide and reveal Miegakure (見え隠れ) design


Spandau,Citadel lifesize figure sculptures

Spandau,Citadel fortress courtyard



Satoyama garden courtyard

Satoyama garden courtyard, Japan



Spainish style central courtyard



Hugh Cornwall Robertson large floor vase

Hugh Cornwall Robertson — large floor vase

Useful for adding a splash of red.



petite courtyard

Lush hidden courtyard


Hoachlander Davis Photography--Landscape Architecture by Allen Russ

Landscape Architecture by Allen Russ

Hoachlander Davis Photography



Royal Mansour Hotel, Marrakech

Rahef Design



Orientalist tile effect

Orientalist tile effect realised with Mamounia Sky rug featuring Persian geometrics



natural stone paving Japanese style

Raised natural stone Japan style paving



Minimalist Indoor Zen Garden



zengreen piece1-Joan Relke

Zengreen sculptural ceramic piece by Joan Relke



Intricately detailed Moroccan courtyard



Climbing sinuous ghost gum as the central feature balanced with the grounding horizontal lines of the timber slat wall

Patio ODS Architecture


70s courtyard slim aarons

‘Barbados Bliss’ 70s courtyard by Slim Aarons



Stone wall framed by classical pillars with large fountain

Stone wall framed by classical pillars and arches


Turquoise and white courtyard


 Cypress tree lined courtyard, Verona, Italy


large-terracott planters

Large terracotta pots in courtyard


Sublime  Morocco colour palette – duck egg blue and burnt orange with hints of chalky jade and salmon.



Riad Yasmine, hotel in Marrakech Morocco

Riad Yasmine, private boutique hotel in Marrakech Morocco



Sunset- Phoenix garden cactus wall with terracotta planters

Sunset Phoenix garden cactus wall with terracotta planters



Villa in La Quinta California

Villa courtyard in La Quinta, California



Babylonian hanging garden courtyaard

Babylonian inspired courtyard granduer


blue and white courtyard

Greek inspired blue and white courtyard, inlaid pavers


Sail Again' Nic Noblique,-Large-Blue-Powder-Coated-Steel-Sculpture

‘Sail Again’  — Nic Noblique

An abstracted form near the entance is good for attracting movement



Jay-Winters--Moorish tiled Garden Fountain

Moorish styled tiled garden fountain

Jay Winters–flickr



Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum

                                                                                                                                                         A Classic Japanese courtyard

Mirei Shigemori Garden Museum



Dubai courtyard

Antonovich Design – Dubai




Spin out on a whim






As 2014 starts to shut up shop, its time for some contemplation, possibly on a zoetrope pot, or maybe some reflection with some clay doodling. The above image is of Russian potter Mikhail Sadovnikov, doodling in the clay, to create captivating mandalas on his pottery wheel. Guaranteed to get the creative juices fired up, while maybe provoking a hypnotic trance from staring at the motion of the wheel for too long.. The prolonged focus and concentration is a meditation in itself. I’m sure for some, the act of manipulating clay on a wheel is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime. Conversely, if a stressful episode with the clay ensues, try unwinding by placing a pot with zoetrope animation on the wheel, and observe the graceful imagery unfolding( see video below ) I couldn’t think what else a zoetrope pot would be useful for as you need a spinning wheel for it to be effective.

Alternatively, from the world of wabisabidom, most whimsical forms of delight tend to favour an asymmetrical form, emboldened with colours but also can be symmetrical shapes with abstract decorations. Occasionally, purely symmetrical forms also capture a subtle hint of whim and character, usually from the mood of its creator. Featured is mainly handbuilt, whimsical, wondrous, enthralling art pieces from the inexhaustible creativity of numerous clay artists and sculptors.







Zoetrope relaxation ( minus the squeaky wheel )


Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.




Zoetrope 2



figurines by Katya

 Katya , Cyprus




Contemporary porcelain, ceramic, vase Wheel thrown, hand carved porcelain, ceramic vase,-13-height

 Contemporary porcelain, wheel thrown, hand carved vase by Lynne Meade

13″ height 9″ width





 Alice in Wonderland statues – Greenwood Gardens, NY






The guests in Robert T. Freeman’s Black Tie seem to be wondering what Katherine Lane Weems’s Striding Amazon (Revolt) might be up to.

 Museum of Fine Arts Boston

AntyDiluvian – flickr



Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland

 Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland





ART DECO CAT- UG-By-Ditmar-Urbach-Czechoslovakia

Art Deco Cat Jug –  Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslovakia



Large scale vases – Elizabeth von Krogh, Norway




 Barcelona Art Nouveau  – Hydroelectric Antigua de Catalunya

Blue Raindrop Face- Wall-Art-Hanging-Ceramic-Mask-With-Cut-Out-Design

 Ceramic wall art by Blue Rainbow






 Constantin Brâncuși Bird sculpture




Sara-Paloma Blue green stoneware bottles

 Sara Paloma duck egg blue stoneware bottles




Craft-Alliance----Hot-Tea---'Chasing the Djinn Teapot' by Marylin Andrews

‘Chasing the Djinn Teapot’ by Marylin Andrews

Craft Alliance – Hot Tea


Vases---Sasha ceramics

 Leukocytes  – Sasha Bakaric

Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery, NY






Cintha hand building a vessel

Heron Ceramique, France





pot-kouchi Heron Ceramique

Lidded vessel –  Heron Cermaique




Commonweath Edison Substation,-Chicago,-IL---Art-Deco

Art Deco wall relief  –  Commonweath Edison Substation, Chicago, IL






 Photo by Man Ray







 Scott Bennett cup and teapot

Craft Alliance



Keiko Coghlin Altered Bottle Form at MudFire Gallery

Altered Bottle Form – Keiko Coghlin

MudFire Gallery



Erin Furimsky ceramic aculpture

 Erin Furimsky






 Teresa Girones  pottery busts and figures





Greg-Scott bottle

 Greg Scott





Italian glass designer Anu Penttinen bottles

Anu Penttinen




Abstract Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff- swanbox-etsy

Mid-Century Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff





Ceramic elefante_con_topolino_lenci

 Helen Konig Scavini – Lenci elefante figurine




Roger Capron street sculpture, Valbonne, France

( Near Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes )



Indiana jules-travels-on-Flickr

Temple guardian statue  – Indaia



japans sart Naoshima sculpture

Abstract camel sculpture –  Naoshima, Japan






 Lidded box – Joanna Howells






 John Maltby





ceramics LENCI---TORINO

 Lenci  – Torino, Itlay





Linda-Styles-2005ceramic vessel

 Linda Styles  2005





Liza-Halvorsen ceramic totem

‘Face to Face Totem’ – Liza Halvorsen




 French sculpteur céramiste – Mélanie Bourget



Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller vases

 Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller





Zsolnay, Hungary,-1950-Janos Török

Zsolnay jug – 1950





Paul Adams Crystalline Glaze Vase

Crystalline Glaze Vase –  Paul Adams





Ragnar Naess contemporary teapot

 Elegant contemporary teapot – Ragnar Naess




Gabrielle-Lindemann raku

Guinea Fowl – Gabrielle Lindemann, UK





Raymond Dejong Art Nouveau gate

 Art Nouveau gate – photo by  Raymond Dejong






Isamu Noguchi  1904 – 1988






Vase from Muuto –  Closely Seperated

 Scandinavian design tradition of interpretation with a new perspective emerging as a result. This sculptural vase refers to the beauty in the dissonance, a piece with a unique form and exclusive style.  Designer: Michael Geertsen

mutlumikrop shop





Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off's from the fashion industry, these vases are covered-in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin

 Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off’s from the fashion industry, these vases are covered in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin.





Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris

Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris, France




João Abreu Valente





John-Bedding-ceramic vase

John Bedding

“My work now is mainly low fired. The clay body is a white talc body that I mix myself. It has low thermal shock properties that allow me to use raku techniques, and a blowtorch if I feel the need. Some of my pots I fume with metal salts of iron, cobalt, and chrome. Another technique I have recently developed is to raku fire pots with a copper slip-glaze and apply paternating chemicals to the fired pot. This starts an erosion process in the glaze, which completes the cycle that a potter starts when he reconstructs eroded materials into pots.






Melanie Ferguson

Melanie Ferguson Ceramics, “Coastal stones rolling ashore, crashing waves, eroding hillsides, the swirling ripple on water’s surface, and the vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the ocean’s flora and fauna provides me with endless intrigue and inspiration. My hand-build earthen and stoneware vessels are influenced by this symbolic gesture of how energy moves in and around organic objects to reshape their form, bounce light and crush the old to cast anew.”

Totems by Marsha Karagheusian

 Ceramic  ‘Totems’ by Marsha Karagheusian




Porcelain Sneakers - Sootcookie

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Sootcookie porclain sneaker

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Pre Columbian Peru Nazca-STYLE-Polychrome vase

Nazca Polychrome vase

Pre Columbian Peru




Jo Crawford bowl, Australia




12-quintet - Catherine White

‘Quintet’ –  Catherine White




Bothy Vineyard Prickly Bear

Prickly Bear – Bothy Vineyard





‘On Top of Everything’ Vipoo-Srivilasa

On Top of Everything’ – Vipoo Srivilasa





Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.--Columbia, Missouri

Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.– Columbia, Missouri




Eskimo child by Sophie Woodrow

 ‘Eskimo Child’ by Sophie Woodrow






Garden sculpture five women by sculptress Hanneke van den Bergh



anne-sophie Gillioen ceramic figurine

Anne-sophie Gillioen



Italian majolica vase with two mermaid handles

Majolica vase with mermaid handles






The Campo del Cielo Meteorites



red, black and white ceramic bird from Mexico

Mexican ceramic bird vessel




abstract mother-and-child'-sculpture by-Irish-ceramic-sculptor-Christy Keeney.

‘Mother and Child’  by Irish ceramic sculptor  Christy Keeney




New-Orleans-French-Quarter statue

New Orleans statue at the French Market




Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG NEw guinea wood carving

Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG

Nineteenth century.




Marcello Fantoni 60’s vase




Carstens Vase



Andrew-Dewitt glass lamp

Andrew Dewitt





Jitka Palmer ” Diving “ vessel



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Pottery Whimsical – crushing it !

 Pottery Whimsical


This is how the statue at the top looked before it met its fate with a mallet. Marlene Dietrich, from the Hollywood film “The Song of Songs” 1933. The Art Deco polished clay statue was made by  Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta , as a lifelike image of Marlene Dietrich. She modelled for the statue.

More clay whimsy ! 

No trending, viralling or crushin’ it stuff here, strictly under the radar. Only the overlooked, the obscure, the unheralded classics and largely ignored brilliance will rate a mention. Include anything beguiling, outrageous, fascinating, amusing, controversial & confronting and a compelling post might unfold. Updated weekly.

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Sky High - Tolla sculpture

Sky High – Tolla sculpture , Israel

( Cafmeyer Gallery )

Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Vintage Orange Crush ceramic juice dispenser

Alberto Gonzalez - Khamsim Fire sculpture

Alberto Gonzalez – ‘Khamsim Fire’

Architecture Modern Paul Roget

Conceptual modern architecture  – Paul Roget

Bothy Vineyard - Cevre Mehmut

Bothy Vineyard – Cevre Mehmut

Wait For It figurines - Fred Yokel

Fred Yokel – Wait For It 


Mutka and chai cup making – fired with the original kiln – cowpats.

( adrianachristianson.blogspot )

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor working in his studio

Adolfo Cipriani sculptor

Michael Leunig cartoons

Michael Leunig cartoon


Shogo Ikeda – picture in a cup.

Swineside Ceramics Teapotte

Swineside Ceramics Teapot

Gordon Baldwin contemporary sculpture, Britain

Gordon Baldwin, Britain

Kim Murton by Oregon Potters

Kim Murton in studio

( Oregon Potters flickr )

Art Nouveau lady clock

Art Nouveau lady clock

Morrocco Plate Bazza

 Marrakech pottery wall, Morocco

        Not Vital - Hanging-and Waiting

Hanging and Waiting by Not Vital

Almine Rech Gallery

Anya StassenkoGlory Leontiev

Leaf Cup and Saucer – Anya Stassenko and Glory Leontiev.

Sandy pitcher giraffe Anne's Pottery

Sandy Pitcher Giraffe – Anne’s Pottery

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Scot Cameron Bell,-Ceramic Artist

Sculptor.Org---Donald De Lu

Donald De Lu

El Puratal, Colombia

El Puratal –  San Agustín Archaeological Park, Colombia

Sue Crossfield Arbella

Sue Crossfield – Arbella

Jenni Ward Ceramics

Jenni Ward contemporary ceramics

TV lamp pink lady

Mid Century USA TV lamp pink lady


( )

Art Deco German Flapper Lady

Art Deco German Flapper Lady Bookends

Silver Kiln

Silver Kiln – tree forest lamp base

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic

Fantoni Lion Figural Ceramic, Italy

Nada Vrbanic raku yatch

Nada Vrbanic raku boat

Karen Ross clock

Karen Ross clock – Scotland

Jan Jacque - sculptural ceramic lamp

Jan Jacque – sculptural ceramic lamp


‘Iguana on Face Jug’ – Mitchel Grafton



Buddhist Monastery---Sagaing-Hill

Buddhist Monastery—Sagaing Hill

Sewell_Julie ceramic sculpture

” I am inspired by the use of texture in pottery, in textiles, and in the other arts. I have always found myself drawn to primitive cultures and arts, and much of that feeling is reflected in my pottery. I like to use found objects or everyday tools to create the texture—just as the ancient artists did. ” – Julie Sewell

Sue Crossfield Sea Serpent

Sue Crossfield    Sea Serpent


Tea Party 3′ (2010) by porcelain sculptor Chris Antemann

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Pottery revelations on a whim and a prayer


venice clay artists Lion statue





 More whimsical pottery, a few sculptures too :


As this is the latest instalment of pottery whimsical, the only thing being revealed here is more ceramic oddities, a few quirky sculptures and other amusing art pieces. The usual guidelines apply … from the sublime to the enthralling, from frivolous to sobering, ponderous to far reaching, ordinary to excellent, wacky to bemusing, ancient to now and maybe into the future and anything in between and before and after.

‘Life without whimsy is like a joke without a punchline’ …Oscar Weld

The Bridge - Andy Scott - a sculpture featuring two girls holding outstretched hands on an arch

The Bridge – Andy Scott

Smiling Buddha Arsen Alaverdyan

Smiling Buddha – Arsen Alaverdyan

The Traveller Neal French - garden sculpture

‘The Traveller’ – Neal French – UK

Shadow Dog pot - VisGirda lidded ceramic vessel with dog figure on lid

Shadow Dog pot  – Rimas VisGirda

Place de la Sorbonne - Paris mosaic figure sculpture

Mosaic Street sculpture – Place de la Sorbonne – Paris

Skinner AuctionsFigurine Pitcher

Rococo Style Figurine Pitcher – Skinner Auctions

Amphora vase with lizard figure and botanical relief

Amphora Vase

Photo – Paul Starosta

Mid-Century Modern charger byYAIR Israel

Mid-Century Modern charger – YAIR,  Israel

Laurel Skye.Mosiac figure sculpture Bay Area artist Laurel Skye.

 Mosaic mannequin –  Bay Area artist Laurel Skye.

Nazca Huari Golden Miniature Head

A Nazca Huari Golden Miniature Head

zsuzsa monostory figurine

Zsuzsa Monostory

White porcelain Tea set by Hernich Wang

Tea set by Hernich Wang

Kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel artifact from Iran

Kneeling bull holding a spouted vessel. Proto-Elamite; ca. 3100–2900 BCE, Southwestern Iran

Sumida Gawa Ryosai Porcelain Bowl

Japanese Sumida Gawa Ryosai porcelain Bowl with Ban-ni sign – 19th century

Gustav Oppel Art Deco porcelain Harlequin Figurine

Gustav Oppel for  Schwarzberg Werkstatten

Commedia Dell’arte Harlequin Art Deco Figurine

Spotted ceramic Greencat by Roman Khalilov

Greencat by Roman Khalilov

   Forest Stump - Carruth Studio wall leaf with smiling face

Forest Stump – Carruth Studio

Bizen vases Japan leak testing

Bizen vases filled with water to test for leakage

Di Conway clay figure sculpture

Di Conway

The Botanist by Kurt Weiser porcelain teapot

‘The Botanist’ by Kurt Weiser

ceramic fat cat

Ceramic fat cat

Art Nouveau vase designed by Ernest Bussière

A French Art Nouveau vase designed by Ernest Bussière

Jerzy Jotka Kędziora ceramic juggler sculpture

‘With Balls And Ring’  – Jerzy Jotka Kędziora

Bold Red Floral Tea Set Romy and clare - etsy

Bold Floral Tea Set – Red Poppy Funky Tea Pot, Cream & Sugar

Romy and clare  – etsy

Accolay Pottery- oadside store 1966

Accolay Pottery roadside store circa 1966

Michael and Magdalena Frimkess ceramic vase

Stoneware Vase  – Michael and Magdalena Frimkess

        large spotted high heel sculpture

Ange 777

Mid Century abstract Aleluia-Jarra-c1965

Aleluia Vase – c 1965  © CMP

( )

Urs Fischer’s contemporary sculpture exhibition - Los Angeles MOCA

 Urs Fischer’s contemporary exhibition – Los Angeles MOCA  ( Museum of Contemporary Art )

Cat Birdfeeder outdoor garden sculpture

Cat Birdfeeder

( )

Scott-ziegler footed ceramic box with lid

Scott Ziegler


Lucinda Brown – Double Fragment  sculpture

MrB-Garry Dinnen ceramic dog

‘Mr B’ – Gary Dinnen

Ceramic-bottle by Tony-Cunha,-©-Beatrice-Wood

Tony Cunha, © Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts  – Happy Valley Foundation

The Clandestines -Fred Yokel sculpture figurines

‘The Clandestines’ – Fred Yokel

Jacques Tati at the museum and a Picasso sculpture

Jacques Tati at the museum.

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Pottery whimsical clay sphere moments


Venice Clay Artists


Ludicrous, thought provoking, bland, audacious, wacky, improbable, superficially deep, outrageous, irreverent, vague yet definitive, simply sublime…. anything really that piques my attention will qualify for this post. Yes it’s the return of  “pottery whimsical ” due to unprecedented demand. Actually I had one request, but it’s still unprecedented. There’s always some quirky and intriguing events lurking in the claysphere waiting to be exposed.

Ethan Stern - Contemporary art glass sculpture in gold and white

Ethan Stern –  Contemporary art glass sculpture



Poole Pottery - Delphis Range 1960-70's

4 Spear Dishes – Poole Pottery – Delphis Range 1960-70’s

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase

Elliott Newton- wheel thrown vase with crystalline glaze

Art of Alexandria bust sculptures by Mondmann Flickr

Art of Alexandria by Mondmann Flickr

Sir Stamford Raffles street statue in Singapore

Sir Stamford Raffles statue in Singapore

Modernist Danish family of teak figurine birds

Modernist Danish family of teak birds

Mid Century modern sculpture - Lovers by János Török for Zslonay,Hungry

Lovers sculpture by János Török for Zsolnay

Le sculpteur Savary Robert Doisneau French Photographer

Le sculpteur Savary

Photo – Robert Doisneau

Savvas Pottery shop Cyprus

Savvas Pottery – Cyprus

Large sculpture of a walking man - Burning-Man-2009

Burning Man 2009  – Part II by Hector Santizo

Handpainted-pots-on the steps in Sicily, italy

Handpainted modernist pots lining the steps in Taormina, Sicily


Outdoor Green-Dragon-Barcelona, Spain

Green Dragon – Barcelona

Pompei fountain - Photo by Peggy Mekemson

Pompei fountain  –  Photo by Peggy Mekemson

( )

Large Martin Brothers Bird sculpture

Very large Martin Brothers Wally bird jar sold for 67,000 quid by Woolley and Wallis

Martin brothers in studio at Southall

Martin Bros in the studio at Southall creating grotesque ware and vases.

The Martin Brothers – Walter on the wheel, Robert Wallace creating a Wally Bird and Edwin decorating a vase.

Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar) Greek, Attic, fourth quarter of the 8th century BC

Terracotta neck-amphora (storage jar)

Greek, Attic, fourth quarter of the 8th century BC

Met Museum NY

Jim Gottuso finished bowl in studio

Large bowl  – Jim Gottuso

475px-709px-Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture

 Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini designed the Quattro Punti per una Torre sculpture, located in the University of Milan.


'Eardropper' - George Scheele contemporary sculpture by the sea

‘Eardropper’ – George Scheele

John Lotton blue studio glass with plant motif

John Lotton blue studio glass – 1988

Jean-Balmer mid century collection

Jean Balmer collection

( Esoteric Survey – Flickr )


Azulejos-Porto,Portugal - large wall of blue and white tiles


Arched Art Nouveau Door in Budapest, Hungry

Art Nouveau Door in Budapest


Erosion by Tamsin van Essen contemporary black and white sculpture

‘Erosion’ by Tamsin van Essen

.kohei hahn gallery display

Kohei Hahn – Germany



Maria Kutrzeba coil textured pottery vessel

Maria Kutrzeba


Cory-Lum,-Birdnest - Double walled vessel thrown as one piece then carved by Diane KW.

Birdnest – Cory Lum

Double walled vessel thrown as one piece then carved by Diane KW.



Paul Schreckengost Art Deco white pitcher

Paul Schreckengost ceramic pitcher – 30’s Art Deco


Matthew Stirling-with-large stone carved 0lmec-head

In 1938, Matthew Stirling, chief of the Smithsonian Bureau of American Ethnology, led eight National Geographic-sponsored expeditions to Tabasco and Veracruz in Mexico. He uncovered 11 colossal stone heads, evidence of the ancient Olmec civilization that had lain buried for 15 centuries

( An uncanny resemblance to Don Rickles )


Ceramic table tops for sale - Fez, Morocco

Ceramic table tops lining a wall- Fez, Morocco


Philippe Faraut

Garden sculpture-trends-bliss

Garden Buddha

teapot_dome_gas_station, USA

Teapot dome gas station – built 1922

Zillah, Washington USA

Pompeii-House of the Vetti

Pompeii – House of the Vetti garden



lenfe-rboulevard-de-clichy-paris by Robert Doisneau

L’enfer boulevard de-clichy Paris – Robert Doisneau

Robert Doisneau was known for his modest, playful, and ironic images of amusing juxtapositions, mingling social classes, and eccentrics in contemporary Paris streets and cafes.

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aMused-Creations polymer wall clock with two birds and green leaves

Polymer Clay Clock – aMused Creations

Chilean artist Mario Irrizábal hand sculpture in the desert

Near to Antofagasta in the Atacama desert a giant hand sculpture of fiberglass is the work of Chilean artist Mario Irrizábal. It is known as La Mano del Desierto – The Hand of the Desert

( photo – Ian Brooks )

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum

original-bathroom - Open stone bathroom - ArizonaOpen stone bathroom – Arizona

French pottery market street stalls - Provence

French pottery market Provence Public goldfish tank Japan

Public goldfish tank Japan

( converted phone booth )


Mosaic heart sculpture outside The Heswall Centre, Telegraph Road, Heswall, Wirral, England.


Planter with abstract botanical decoration

Outdoor ceramic planter in courtyard

Kurt Weiser black and white cylindrical vase

Abstract black and white cylindrical vase – Kurt Weiser


 ” I tried to create two levels, two blades, I imagined them as corals,  memory that re-emerge from the sea, or as the frescoes of Pompeii condensed from the plate.

Naples sculptural artist  Fermariello Sergio

snow-white-tattoos on a girls back

Mobile skin ink fairytale


Corten steel, 27 metres high, on location at Gibbs’ Farm, Kaipara, NZ by French artist Bernar Venet

Photo: Dan Chappell

Throughout his career Venet has avoided symbolism and expressionism in his works. He adopted the theory of monosemy during his early conceptual period in the 1960s, and adheres to this approach today. Initially proposed in writings by semiologist Jacques Bertin, monosemic works possess just one level of meaning – they simply exist, independent of linguistic interpretations. Venet explained in a 2010 publication, “Words have a multiplicity of meanings, dependent on context, which often produces a poetic aspect. In contrast, the signs I was using, which were deliberately drawn from the sphere of mathematics, tended to avoid a multiplicity of interpretations by imposing their monosemic nature.



Bjorn Winblad ceramic head bust

Bjorn Winblad – Denmark


Mid century meets contemporary

Midcentury Show East fair, London



Corner photo of CoCo Bongo in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Coco Bongo – A work in progress  –  Mexico

Outdoor contemporary sculpture by Antony Gormley

‘Still Running’ – Antony Gormley 1993

Art Nouveau vase designed by Hillier with face relief motif

Art Noveau Vase – Hillier design



Medalta potteries sign, Canada

 Medalta Potteries Site

Medicine Hat Alberta Canada

mary-stratton in her studio

Mary Stratton



Jarrón de barro vessel by Carlos Versluys - Roundhouse Gallery

Jarrón de barro vessel – Carlos Versluys

Roundhouse Gallery


Two Thai temple statues in blue and gold

Temple Statues Thailand – jump at the count of 3



Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Conch Shell House, Isla Mujeres, Mexico



Coil built wigwam style dome by Laurie Spencer

Coil built outdoor Ceramic Dome – Laurie Spencer

Colourful pottery at the Rainbow Man Shop

Rainbow Man shop  – Santa Fe, USA



Anne-James ceramic contemporary bottles

Three ceramic bottles  – Anne James – 2009



sculpture of three Mao Jackets by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo in the Kiev Botanical Garden

“Legacy Mantle” by Chinese artist Sui Jianguo in the Kiev Botanical Garden

( Three Maosketeers )



Volcanic Fat Lava red jug by Roth

West German Pottery Roth Vase Fat Lava – what an eruption !

( Roth Keramic Group Fickr )



large collection of ceramic hammerhead sculptures



naked potter throwing clay by Kathrin Brunnhofer

Naked Raku ?  Photo by Kathrin Brunnhofer


lake fish sculptures

Two ceramic fish sculptures in a lake



Ann Louise Gustavsson – Stockholm



Stone Forest Granite Tub Custom Made One of a Kind



 Thiebaut Chague -Fractal series – Poland



‘Eggheads’–  Robert Arneson



Unfurling Vase glazed ceramic pottery by WitchCraftsCorner on Etsy

Unfurling Vase glazed ceramic pottery by WitchCraftsCorner on Etsy



Azulejo tiled wall in Portuguese courtyard

Portuguese ceramic tiles

( David Piper Tiles )



Ceramic faceted stoneware sculpture - Mac McClain

Ceramic stoneware sculpture – Mac McClain ( 1923 – 2012 )



Philip Evans ceramic sculpture

 Philip Evans High Fired Ceramics

Roundhouse Gallery

Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson

 Rebecca Wilson – Dirty Rotten Peaches



Shigaraki Ceramic Artist, Otani Shiro

Sculptured stone head on a Turkish landscape

Nemrut Diyarbakir – Turkey


Chinese jar with chrysanthemum flowers and figurine lid

” Why me ? ” Japanese ceramic jar

‘Fold II’  – Antony Gromley



Julie Andrews posing on a large white ceramic vase

She asked for a big vase of roses



James Whiting – Set of 6 stacked bowls, lavender

(fantastic innovation !)



Trabant ceramics by Schillo-Keramik - using a rotating car wheel for cre

Converting car to a chariot





Wombat sculpture, facing the Olympic Highway in the village of Wombat, New South Wales.


A real wombat

Annie Oakley riding a horse cookie jar

Annie Oakley Cookie jar



Salvador Dali warped time clock

Mantle clock ( working ) inspired by Salvador Dali’s surrealist painting The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory, 1952/54

Sleeping women head planter with coloured succulents

Sleeping women head planter with succulants

Sculptures from Romanian Constantin Brancusi

Art of Romanian Sculptor Constantin Brancusi



Aboriginal rock carving of an EchidnaAncient Australian Aboriginal rock carving of an Echidna (spiny ant eater)



"Legacy of Souls" by Chidi Okoye - African ceramic sculpture

“Legacy of Souls”  by Chidi Okoye

Spanish street art - large silhouette of a man on the side of a building

Street art silhouette – Sam3 – Spain

stairs school of art France

Sculptural Stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France



Fuddling-Cup - three conjoined ceramic cups

Fuddling Cup



Yoshiro Ikeda - contemporary Japanese ceramic sculpture vessel

Yoshiro Ikeda


Cosmos- Firlds & Fields

‘Cosmos’  – Firlds & Fields

Yoshimi Futamura - contemporary ceramic vessel sculpture

Yoshimi  Futamura

Large red Belgium-street installation - The Sequence

 Installation artist Arne Quinze, ” The Sequence “  Brussels, Belgium

Abstract ray-bub-ceramic-teapot

Ray Bub Teapot


Temple Kanadukathan, Tiruchirappalli, India

Pottery Whimsical Continued HERE



Pottery Whimsical 1

Martin Brothers Vase

MARTIN BROTHERS Stoneware vase embossed and incised with fish and sealife, 1891


Portugese Palissy twin bowl oyster / mussel server

Takiguchi-Kazuo Chawan


Eva Zeisel Vessel


Talk about the flair of a French artist ! Edmond Lachenal in his studio.

Does a bold stance create a bold statement…the results speak for themselves ( see below )

Edmond Lachenal Vase

 Lavendar-blue glaze Art Nouveau vase Edmond Lachenal

 Edmond Lachenal – Lavendar-blue glaze Art Nouveau vase.

( Image courtesy of Jason Jacques Inc. )

Vallauris Jug and tumblers

70’s Vallauris

 art deco statuette Goldscheider

Goldscheider Art Deco

Richard Nickel Dish

Richard Nickel ” the struggle “

potter Gustavo Perez

Healing hands – Gustavo Perez

Auguste Delaherche by Eugèn

Auguste Delaherche by Eugèn  1891

Adam Posnak – the garden -Craft Alliance

Chinese Sculpture

Ephraim pottery Art Nouveau Vase

” A day for otters ” Ephraim pottery

Minoan Miniature Frieze Admirals Flotilla Fresco Art

Garden Persimmon Tree

Auspicious Persimmon tree  ( Olympus E3 )

Pottery Class ..somewhere

Pottery Studio New

Pottery Studio in Milthorpe, Orange, NSW

Rendered straw bale walls

Chinese Lidded Vase

Jingdezhen Lidded Vase – 1830-1850

Porcelain painted in overglaze enamels and gilt

Bronze Age


A quote….   ” all I ask is the chance to prove money can’t make me happy “    .. .. Spike Milligan


Matthew Parkin Teapot

Matthew Parkin

Tall Vase Royal Doultan

Royal Doulton  Tall vase decorated by Elise Simmance

Love at first sight

Marcella Smith

Marie Prett

Westerner on camel –  Shanghai Museum

 From the Bronze Age  ( original rock God ? )

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