Indigenous Aussie Art Fair Tarnanthi

The 2022 Taranathi Art Fair

14-17 Oct 2022 online

The Tarnanthi Art Fair supports the ethical production and sale of works of art by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in Australia



Katherine NgallamettaMinh Punchiy-2020

Katherine Ngallametta — Minh Punchiy





Jay Jurrupula Rostron — ‘Mimih Dancing’

Lino print on silk fabric



Lyarra Lyarra Wren-2022-Anita Ratara

‘Lyarra Lyarra Wren’  – Anita Ratara


Mabu Mayi bush tucker screenprinted cotton in shadow frame 2022

‘Mabu Mayi Bush Tucker’ screenprinted cotton in shadow frame — Miss S. Chiguna



Mayhmayh Bird 2022 Larry Bangarr

‘Mayhmayh Bird— Larry Bangarr



Mima-Smart -- Dreaming-2022

Mima Smart — ‘Dreaming’




Syd Bruce Shortjoe posing with his red tomato and potato cod sculptures made from ghost net and recycled materials.

Photograph: Paul Jakubowski



Adrian Jangala Robertson with this amazing painting Yalpirakinu

Adrian Jangala Robertson —  ‘Yalpirakinu’



Arts-Ceduna -- Beaver Lennon

‘Salt Lake of Gawler Rangers’  —  Beaver Lennon




Christine Tschuna – ‘Rockhole’




Christine Holroyd 22 My Grandpas Body Paint.

Christine Holroyd  —  ‘My Grandpas Body Paint’


I remember my old people. When I was young they all had scarring from initiation on their bodies. Every clan group had their own pattern. I remember my old people painting their bodies with red and white ochre. They painted their bodies every day. You knew what clan group belonged to because of the pattern they painted on their bodies. Nowadays we still paint up only when we dance.


Coiled Pandanus Basket 2021Selina Nadjowh

Coiled Pandanus Basket  —  Selina Nadjowh

2021 –  Injalak Arts and Crafts Aboriginal Corporation



‘Connection To Country’  – Kelly Taylor

Acrylic on canvas —  Arts Ceduna




Michael Mungula — ‘Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella)’

Milingimbi Art and Culture – 2022

This is a Gupapuyŋu clan story which the artist’s father Tom Djäwa also painted. The central circle represents both an emu nesting ground and the lake of Gapuwiyak. Emu (Wurrpaṉ) tracks lead to and from the nest within the vertical and horizontal bands. The Wurrpaṉ’s food (yukuwa) bush berries is also represented. These elements are all part of Gupapuyŋu yaraŋu (public) cosmology.


Ngalmangiyi Long Necked Turtle 2022 Connie Nayinggul

‘Ngalmangiyi Long Necked Turtle’ — Connie Nayinggul




‘Turtle Plate’ — Graeme Beamish Bonnington




Luke Djalagarrarra ‘Bird’



Mangroves at Night_Maxine Charlie 2018

‘Mangroves at Night’ – Maxine Charlie



Whale Dreaming-2021-Verna Lawrie

‘Whale Dreaming’ — Verna Lawrie




Kija Country screenprinted linen in shadow frame black 2022Rowena Morgan

‘Kija Country’ screenprinted linen in shadow frame  — Rowena Morgan



Marie Manadoblock printed cotton

Marie Manadoblock — printed cotton



Tanya Singer photography

Tanya Singer photography



Sea Turtle With-Fish -- Elliot Koonutta

‘Sea Turtle With Fish’ — Elliot Koonutta




Thepa Ntjaarra Birds 2022 Anita Ratara

Thepa Ntjaarra Birds’ — Anita Ratara



Mervyn Rubuntja etching Yapa Honey Ant Dreaming 2021

Mervyn Rubuntja etching

‘Yapa Honey Ant Dreaming’, 2021



Nancy Jackson and Mrs Burke near Warakurna Western Australia 2011 photo by Rhett Hammerton

Nancy Jackson and Mrs Burke near Warakurna Western Australia, 2011

photo by Rhett Hammerton


Babbarra Womens CentreMududu Mud Crab And Romolo 2022Lucy Yarawanga

Mududu Mud Crab And Romolo  — Lucy Yarawanga-2022

Babbarra Womens Centre


Madayin: Eight Decades of Aboriginal Australian Bark Painting from Yirrkala

— presented by the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia. The major exhibition features two extraordinary works by Manydjarri and his father, Muwarra Ganambarr amongst an ambitious collection of 90 important barks from artists from Yirrkala and surrounding homelands. MAḎAYIN will tour through the United States until 2024, beginning with the Hood Museum at Dartmouth, September 3- December 4, 2022.


Wilson Manydjarri Ganambarr in Milingimbi with Maṉa ga Dhukururru Ancestral Shark and Sacred Rock natural pigments on eucalyptus bark

Wilson Manydjarri Ganambarr in Milingimbi with Maṉa ga Dhukururru Ancestral Shark and Sacred Rock natural pigments on bark



Dhambit Munungurr Ocean detail 2019 natural pigments and acrylic on eucalyptus bark.

Dhambit Munungurr —  ‘Ocean’

–natural pigments and acrylic on eucalyptus bark



Doris Bushartist_outside with her art

Doris Bush Nungarrayi


I blend and overlap colors to bring out the beautiful eye catching effect of ancient art fusing the traditional with the contemporary

Kelly Taylor

“I blend and overlap colors to bring out the beautiful eye catching effect of ancient art fusing the traditional with the contemporary.”



Living on Country Kelly Taylor

‘Living on Country’ — Kelly Taylor



Shortstgallery-Freda-Brady-Ngayuku] Ngura My Country

Freda Brady –  Ngayuku Ngura My Country




Weaving from the Milingimbi artists

Milingimbi Art and Culture Centre


Ngadiyali Russell Wanapuyngu photo-Ben Ward

Ngadiyali Russell Wanapuyngu

photo – Ben Ward




Tony Raguwanga Cameron — ‘Dog’

Gunga (Pandanus Spiralis) fibre sculpture

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts


Mylene Holroyd -- Shell Women 2022

Mylene Holroyd — ‘Shell Women’ 2022



Ashley Fitzgerald

Ashley Fitzgerald



Freshwater story

‘Freshwater story’ – Tony Raguwanga Cameron –  Acrylic on Canvas

Freshwater story paintings of animals and plants that live in freshwater billabongs like Baypinga (Saratoga), Yangura (long necked turtle), Dakuwa (Freshwater crayfish), Madalaytj (Short necked turtle), Baritjar (catfish), Djaykung (filesnake) and Dhatam (water lily). These are all favourite foods for Yolngu.




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