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Collecting Cookie and Biscuit jars


McCoy-chef cookie jar

Vintage McCoy Cookie Jar


Raiding the cookie jar


McCoy, American Bisque, Brush, Abingdon, Regal China, Roseville and Shawnee — all the grand old pottery companies in the USA, made cookie jars of some type or another and they are all highly collectible brands. Likewise in Europe, some of the famous brands like Royal Dalton, Moorcroft, Wedgewood, Royal Staffordshire and Clarice Cliff all produced cookie jars or biscuit jars, as they preferred to call them.  Cookie/biscuit barrels or jars, have been used in England since the latter part of the 18th century. This coincided with the rise in popularity of the ritual of afternoon tea drinking. In the USA, cookie jars started to appear around 1929 and went into wider production during the ’30s, the  Brush Pottery Company in Zanesville being recognized as the first. The golden age  for American cookie jar production covers the years from 1940 until 1970, with several manufacturers rising to prominence.

Monroe cookie jar porcelain

Marilyn Monroe ” Teal Dress ” Limited Edition cookie jar ( from Happy Memories ) 1995


In 1988, Sotheby`s auctioned off Andy Warhol’s belongings, including 175 cookie jars. The New York auction house estimated they would fetch $7,000. After the spirited bidding had reached its final conclusion, the collection had gone for $247,830. Most of the  of the interest was generated by the Warhol name but it also put cookie jars into a different dimension of respectability in the collecting sphere. A discernible lift in the interest in cookie jar collecting followed. Over the decades Cookie Jars have represented various pop culture trends and have quite often featured outlandish designs.

Even newer cookie jars are in demand. Collectors are purchasing  jars made in the `70s, `80s and ’90s  if they are Limited Editions or in mint condition.



Roseville cookie jar with flower decorative motif

Roseville Art Pottery Jar


Indian-cookie-jar by McCoy

McCoy Indian cookie jar




Playful kittens cookie jar

Kittens with ball of yarn cookie jar



Ceramic cookie jar yellow bird sitting on white cat

White cat with yellow bird Cookie Jar




honey-beehive Cookie Jar

Bees and beehive cookie jar



Dice-cookie jar with pink panther lid

Cookie Jar Memorabilia – Pink Panther



Tuscan-Style-Pottery-biscuit jar

Aqua Blue Tuscan Styled Jar



 Antique Limoges Porcelain Iris motif Biscuit Jar

 Antique Limoges Porcelain Iris Biscuit Jar –  FRANCE 1883-1919

( Megan’s antiques – Etsy )



Moorcroft ceramic biscuit jar with brass metal lid and handle

Antique Macintyre Moorcroft Cookie Jar.

Sold on Ebay for $1,455.




Glazed mixed with unglazed deep brown earthenware jar




Lidded Jar – Steve Rolf



cavanbluebunnyHenry Cavanaugh Ceramicar Photo Bab Crews

Cavanaugh Ceramicar Blue Bunny cookie jar

Photo-  Bab Crews



Ceramic Red Orange Bird Jar - raku fired by Davis Vachon

Ceramic Red Orange Bird Jar – raku fired

( Davis Vachon )



Chinese cloisonné ginger jar with floral decoration

Chinese cloisonné ginger jar – they usually end up being used for cookies



Vintage McCoy Pottery,hat wearing W.C.Fields cookie Jar

Vintage McCoy Pottery,W.C.Fields Jar.

Antique handpainted porcelain biscuit jar with hand painted botanical decoration

Antique handpainted porcelain biscuit jar

( TwinSpruceAntiques )

Soul-Tones-jar for cookies - Three soul brothers singing

Soul Tones by Clay Art (California)



Sarah-Walton-Ceramic lidded cookie jar/cannister

Sarah Walton Ceramic Jar



Chinese Cobalt Decorated Ceramic jar with flat lid

Chinese Cobalt Decorated Ceramic jar



Perched parrot cookie jar - red, gold, black and green

Parrot in Tropical Jungle Jar



Vintage Cookie Jar Daisy Brinns 1965 relief daisy decoration

Vintage Cookie Jar Daisy Brinns 1965



Green Ceramic Smiling Hippo cookie jar - California USA Pottery.

Ceramic Hippo cookie jar –  California USA Pottery.



howdy doody cookie jar - smiling red head boys face

Howdy Doody cookie jar

( Purinton  )

1930 Betty Boop cookie jar

1930 Art Deco Betty Boop cookie jar

( Vandor )



Glenn Appleman Ceramic Black Corvette Cookie Jar

Glenn Appleman Black Corvette Cookie Jar




Tessa-Morgan black sunflower on mustard yellow background cookie jar with green lid

Tessa Morgan Sunflowers Cookie Jar



Natural Elements Pottery cookie jar green and brown glaze

Covered Jar

Natural Elements Pottery

Lidded cookie jar by Jim Fineman

Jim Fineman

Chinese good luck ginger jar with dragon motif

Chinese Enamel Jar

Victorian Teal Green porcelain jar

Victorian Teal Green porcelain jar



" Helen's Tat - L - Tale " - mid 1930's, designed and made by Helen Hutula

” Helen’s Tat – L – Tale ” – mid 1930’s, designed and made by Helen Hutula, Los Angeles

 Her pointed finger and judgment-filled expression makes you think twice about indulging… and  if you give in to temptation, when you lift the top off the cookie jar her automated voice box “reminds” you about the consequences of your snacking! ( Valued at around $4000 )



Ceramic Antique English Majolica Biscuit jar with brass lid

Antique English Majolica Biscuit jar 1800’s

( Rubylane)



Vintage Mushroom Cookie Jar



Loetz biscuit barrel with secessionist copper overlay, lid & handle

Country of Manufacture Austria c.1902



McCoy Cookie Jar – Red Aunt Jemima




phoenix-cookie-jar in yellow and red

Ceramic Phoenix cookie jar



Vintage McCoy Sleeping Bear with Honey Pot

Vintage McCoy Sleeping Bear with Honey Pot cookie jar



lion-cookie-jar-Swedish style

King of the Jungle Lion Cookie Jar

( OhDeeDoh )


Royal Doulton Burslem biscuit jar

Vintage Royal Doulton Burslem biscuit jar

Cobalt-lid Hand-Painted-Biscuit-jar with floral decoration

Vintage Cobalt Hand Painted Biscuit jar



McCoy Cow Jumped Over Moon yellow Cookie Jar

McCoy ‘Cow Jumped Over Moon’ Cookie Jar

This is a reproduction of a classic cookie jar.


Andy-Warhol-cookie jar collection

Andy Warhol cookie jar collection.





Alien incubate your cookies jar





Bass  Jazzman cookie jar





Catwoman Cookie Jar





Clarice Cliff Secrets  – bomb shape biscuit barrel




doctor-who-tardis-ceramic cookie jar

Dr. Who Tardis cookie jar





Donald Duck cookie jar




Scarlett & Rhett Ceramic Cookie Jar





Elvis in Turquoise Cadillac cookie jar




Antique Stove Cookie Jar – McCoy




Josephine Baker cookie jar





Red Poppy Biscuit Jar – Royal Bayreuth




TRGT Vintage Carmen Miranda cookie jar with fruit hat

Vintage Carmen Miranda cookie jar





Popeye Cookie Jar




adrina-richards-cookie jar/cannister

Two handles Lidded vessel  – Adrina Richards




warner Bros foghorn Leghorn cookie jar

Foghorn Leghorn Cookie Jar







A high priestess in mosaic art – Irinia Charny

 A lady at the canals of Venice mosiac by Irinia-Charny‘Carnevale a Venezia’ – Irinia Charny mosaic



 Irinia-Charny ceramic mosaic of lady playing a mandolin

‘Serenading Gustav’


Ceramic, glass and bead mosaics :


 Irinia Charny came to the USA in 1975 and is currently based in Irving, California. She studied various artistic disciplines ranging from large scale soft sculpture to polymer clay, to flameworked glass. Later on she worked as a computer programmer and librarian. She stumbled into the mosaic arts when she decided to redecorate an earthquake damaged fireplace with a mosaic design. Fortunately this blossomed into a full time career where she now creates mosaic panels, mirrors, decorative objects, and murals.

 ” As a child growing up in Russia, even before I knew they were called mosaics, I created collages from pieces of broken glass found in the street, rocks, paper, seashells, and bits of crockery. Through the years I tried various media for artistic expression but have now returned to my origin — mosaics. This medium gives me a chance to explore color, shape, and texture, to experiment with different materials, and satisfy the passion to integrate unrelated small bits into a single work of art. “


 Irinia-Charny-mosaic wall panel of 3 byzantine figures

‘Byzantine Trio’


Irina is a self-taught mosaicist who is inspired by the rich history of the medium and  strives to build a unique and personal art form on a base of classical mosaics. She draws her inspiration from music, dance, nature, myths, legends, fairy tales, stories, poems, nightmares, hopes, desires, fears, jokes, fantasies, and other flights of the imagination. The themes of Irina’s mosaics range from the lyrical to the whimsical. Each of her pieces has the innate ability to draw you into her rich worlds of beauty and intricate detail.

“In addition to traditional mosaic tesserae, I incorporate unusual materials in my work including mirror, pebbles, found objects, beads, buttons, wire, handmade ceramic pieces, and broken plates. I never return home empty handed from a walk on the beach or a trip. Beach glass, pebbles from a path on Hampstead Heath, broken glass from a studio in Seattle, a bit of bone found on the shore are special little bits that are inserted into each mosaic to give it a special, personal meaning.”

ceramic and glass mosaic cello - Irinia-Charny

‘If it ain’t Baroque don’t fix it…’



 Irinia-Charny - mosaic of embracing couple



 Irinia-Charny - mosaic of girl in blue dress standing on a horse

‘Journey II’


 Irinia-Charny - sailor and mermaid mosaic panel

‘Siren’s Song’


 Irinia-Charny- blue bird in a tree 2d mosaic

‘Blue Bird’


 Irinia-Charny-Women with gold hair holding an umbrella in the rain mosaic


( glass,gold,beads )


Irinia-Charny-mosaic rug abstract patterns

Mosaic ‘Kitchen Rug’



Irinia-Charny - mosaic panel - lady holding a red fan - turquoise background

‘The Fan’

( mosaic with glass, gold, porcelain )


‘Journey III’


Irinia-Charny Mosaic art - lady seadted on an armchair holding her cat


( glass, porcelain, millefiori, gold, beads )

Irinia-Charny mosaic of a lady wearing a wide rime hat adorned with flowers

‘New Hat’

( glass, gold, beads, millefiori )


Irinia-Charny-women dancing at night at a temple

‘Ancient airs and dances II’



Irinia-Charny-mosaic close up

Irinia Charny

Irinia-Charny mosaic flower

‘Red Yellow Flower’


Three dancing Goddesses mosaic by Irinia-Charny

‘Ancient Airs And Dances’

( lynna57 –  flickr )

Irinia-Charny-two mosaic bottles with female heads

Two Mosaic Bottles



Irinia-Charny -large mosaic flower with a flying bird

‘Swirly Flower’

(  glass, beads, millefiori, gold, porcelain, dichroic glass )


Irinia-Charny-round mosiac of the tree of life

‘Tree of life’


Irinia-Charny abstract mosaic mask

‘Mask Giordano’


Detail Bright III   ( see below )

Irinia-Charny large butterfly mosaic

‘Bright III’



A lady weaving a rug - Irinia-Charny




Irinia-Charny three dragonflies mosaic

‘Three Dragonflies’


Irinia-Charny-detail-of the muse mosaic

A section of ” the Muse “  ( see below )


Irinia-Charny-mosaic of a lady playing a harp with butterflies

‘The Muse’


four ladies dancing in a circle -Irinia-Charny

‘The Dance (Earth, Water, Fire, Air)’



Irinia-Charny A rectangular mosaic of a abstract city

‘Fantasy City’ – Irinia Charny



Large golden flower - Irinia-Charny

‘Yellow Flower’


Mosaic artist Irinia-CharnyClick here for more Irinia Charny





The Clay Artists at St. Kates Art Fair

Artists’ Circle is a non-profit art organization of fine craft artists who live and work in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Annually they produce an  Art Fair at the College of St.Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. The show is orga­nized and run by artists for artists. The art fair show­cases local artists from the upper Midwest.  Artists’ Circle serves as an educational advocate for fine crafts; plus it promotes venues for the exhibition and sale of work by local professional fine craft and fine art artists. Originality, craftsmanship, creativity, skillful use of materials, as well as presentation and sale-ability are the professional criteria considered.
Art at St. Kate’s fea­tures qual­ity work by over 90 juried artists who cre­ate and sell fine crafts includ­ing bas­ketry, clay, fiber, glass, leather, jew­elry (gold, sil­ver, pewter, stone, beaded), metal, paper, wood, mixed media, as well as fine arts includ­ing paint­ing, water­color, pho­tog­ra­phy, print­mak­ing, and sculp­ture.

Below are the clayartists that were represented in July 2012.



Chad Jerzak





Nick Davies

Large Green and White Pitcher

Square Sugar Jar




Peder Hegland




Lee Love



Natasha Poppe

Soda fired bowl

Soda fired tea pot

Diana Meier

Kevin Caulfield

Ceramic cups

Copperstroke Zapp plate



Chris and Sue Holmquist

Jedd Peters 

Wood fired large flair vase

Shino Glaze Bottle Vase

Jedd Peters Clay Booth

Monica Rudquist

Winged Bowl

Winged Black Bowl


 Colleen Riley

Turquoise Vase

( Watery turquoise and green layered glazes )

Blue Serving Bowl

Ceramic Jar

 Peter Jadoonath

Lee Persell

Dawn Makarios

Open air pottery booth

Jo Severson 

Stoneware Vase

Jo uses stoneware clay and glazes fired to 2300 degrees in a gas reduction kiln.

Bob & Cheryl Husby

Kate Daly

Amber Rice Bowl

Cobalt Blue Serving Bowl

Amber Sugar Bowl

 ” I work with white stoneware clay and fire to mid range temperatures in electric oxidation firing. I love to experiment with the interactions between slips, stains and glazes. More recently I’m exploring Asian brushwork and imagery on the surfaces of my work. ”  —  Kate Daly

Amy Sabrina

Amy Sabrina plate with botanical decorations

Amy Sabrina botanical decor vase

Amy Sabrina black and white fish motif pot

Amy Sabrina




The spirals, swirls, scrolls and waves of Carol Long’s pottery.


I have always found Art Nouveau design to be entrancing with its graceful, undulating lines and coalescence of diverse details. I am reminded of this when I view the pottery of Carol Long. Working from a family farm studio in Kansas, Carol reproduces the beauty of her surrounding environment into her pieces using floral and insect motifs, combined with flowing lines, merging into leaf and  plant details . She incorporates a myriad of designs, textures and vibrant colours using slip trailing, sgraffito, pressed shapes, glazed surfaces, and plain clay surfaces all in one piece and manages to infuse a harmonic balance and rhythm into the final result. In Carol’s words : ” My work continues to evolve.  Currently I use a white mid temperature clay body fired to cone 5 oxidation.  Pieces are made by a variety of methods; such as throwing, slabwork, extrusions, and hand building.  Decorating with pulled handles and  attached  multiple pieces that are textured with presses, slip trailing, stains and glazes.”

Originally inspired to be an artist by her mother, she has also received inspiration from her three children, which explains the carefree whimsy evident in her pottery.

Carol-Long-ceramic-goblet in an Art Nouveau style

Ceramic Goblet



Twin handled ceramic vase with abstract decoration

Carol Long ceramic vase


Carol Long - Pansy, Orchid and yellow Jardiniere with two handles and base

Carol Long – Pansy, Orchid and yellow Jardiniere




Jardiniere with swirled spiral beads and curvy handles by Carol Long

Jardiniere with swirled beads



Lime green ovoid blossom Lidded Ceramic Jar on a wavy base - Carol Long

Blossom Lidded Ceramic Jar



Encrusted-Urn in pastel pinks and blues with curvy handles by Carol Long

Encrusted Urn

Art nouveau inspired Carol Long ceramic vessel

Twin handled Jardiniere by Carol Long



Carol-Long-three-ceramic-mugs with abstract motifs

Three ceramic mugs



Red- green, yellow and white butterfly wing bowl - Carol Long

Butterfly Wing Bowl



Two butterfly motif goblets by Carol Long

Pair of Butterfly Goblets


pumpkin orange sculpture vessel by Carol Long

Orange ceramic bottle



Carol-Long-ceramic Caterpillar jardiniere

Caterpillar with Forest Leaves
Ceramic Jardiniere

( A fantastic combination of textures and detail )



Small-Bottle-with-Elm-leaf decoration by Carol Long

Small Bottle With Elm Leaves



jade green ceramic goblet - Carol Long

Green Goblet



Carol-Long.-with one of her ceramic creations

Carol Long



Butterfly-Jardiniere in greens and browns by Carol Long

Ceramic Butterfly Jardiniere



Ovoid white bottle vase with black-red and green motif - Carol Long

Bottle by Carol Long



Butterfly with peacock tail decorations - Carol Long

Ceramic Butterfly



ceramic-vessel by Carol Long

Carol Long


Cuteness Pink and greens-Jardiniere by Carol Long

” Cuteness ” Jardiniere



Orange Day Lillies Six Tile Panel by Carol Long

Daylilies Six Tile Panel



Elegant Carol Long red poppy flower Jardiniere with wavy base

Poppy Flower Jardiniere



Carol Long lidded Love box

” Love Me Babie ” tiny box



Carol Long Art Nouveau style tall vase with black orchids and yellow, brown and green

Tall Vase with Black Orchid and Yellow



Iris bowl by Carol Long

Iris Bowl



zLattice Peacock bottle by Carol Long

Lattice Peacock Bottle



Tall Black and Tang Wedding Bottle created by Carol Long

Tall Black and Tang Wedding Bottle – Carol Long




ceramic goblet by Carol Long

Carol Long goblet



Carol Long ceramic Chrysalis

Carol Long ceramic Chrysalis




Red Poppy ceramic bottle with flared wavy top lip made by Carol Long

Red Poppy ceramic bottle with flare top



See Carol Long’s website here.








Art, paintings and pottery


Nearly all of the the great masters in art have used pottery images in their works, from Monet to Van Gough to Cezanne. Its been a consistent feature in their still life paintings, especially where flowers are involved. The innately beautiful colours of flowers and the rich colours in pottery glazes usually provide vivid subject matter.

Most art classes usually fit in a session or two where you are confronted with flowers in a vase. It has also served as a great historical reference for the evolution of pottery through the ages. Throughout the history of art many painters have also discovered the pleasure of working with clay. These have included several eminent artists from the past including Picasso, Vlaminck, Gauguin, Matisse, Authur Boyd and Jackson Pollock. Here are some paintings featuring pottery.


lady in long gown painting a pot

Classical Artist Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema – 1871

( Manchester City Art Galleries )

young girl painting pottery

‘The Potter’s Daughter’ (19th century) – William Coleman

© Bridgeman Art Library  © Croydon Art Collection, Museum of Croydon, UK

Lady reading watched by an angel

Netherlands painter, Robert Campin –  Merode Altarpiece, oil on oak panel, 1425-28

( Met NY )

art nouveau postcard of a lady painting a pot

Art Nouveau Glamour Ladies Postcard – pottery painting – 1900



large poylchrome ceramic pots in a Mexican pottery works

Native potter of Tonala

Old Mexican Postcard  ( Photo )

Mural of a mayan woman lifting a large pot

This mural—discovered in 2004 at the Maya site of Calakmul—depicts ordinary

people in day to day life with a large pot. (  circa A.D. 620 to 700. )


seated native potters making large pots

A potter and his wife – 1830

( V & A )


Henry Balink-Pueblo Pottery native american potter with black pot

Henry Balink – Pueblo pottery



Irving Eanger painting of a Native American potter amking a pot

Eanger Irving  Couse   ” The Pottery Maker ” 1930  – Native Americana

Native American artists making pottery

Henry Francois Farny (French-born American, 1847-1916) ‘Painting Pots’




Making Pottery At Jamestown



lady seated next to huge vase of Chrysanthemum flowers

‘Woman with Chrysanthemums’ by Edgar Degas



peasant women gathering cochineal in Oaxaca

Gatherers of cochineal in Oaxaca

Part of the mural by Arturo Garcia Bust , Palace Museum, Oaxaca




John William Waterhouse – The Toilet



lady seated with a quilt pattern dress

‘Quiet Night’  – Paine Proffitt



Native American women carrying a pot on her head

Robert G Stevens



A woodcut of a potter on his pottery wheel

‘The Potter’ – Jost Amman, 1574

Bridgeman Art Library

french illustration of a pottery on a pottery wheel

‘The Potter’

An  illustration from a book on the crafts


decorators painting pottery at the Baxter ceramic studio

The Baxter ceramic studio – Thomas Baxter



Great Exhibition: French Room, 1851 by Joseph Nash

cezanne-still life painting fruit and pottery

Paul Cezanne



Old Testament story of Hagar and Ishmael cast out into the wilderness.


 Stained glass panel by Louis Comfort Tiffany, depicting the Old Testament story of Hagar and Ishmael cast out into the wilderness.

The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art

impressionistic-painting by Van Gough flowers in a pot fruit coffee pot

Vase with flowers, coffee pot and fruit – Van Gough



white statue of a nymph in a pond‘Pond Nymph’ – Anne Manual


daffodils in a vase

‘Sea of Daffodils’ – Mary Jones

  Charlotte Posner  Oil  Painting  ” Pots “

( Saatchi Online Artist )


Ceramic tile featuring Asian girl in a red dress touching a cat with her toe

Tang San Cai, also called Tricolor Glazed Pottery and a gem of ancient Chinese art, is a kind of handmade glazed ware of exquisite craftsmanship created in the Northern and Southern Dynasty (386-589) about 1,400 years ago

Big bunch of White Azaleas in a Pot

Claude Monet – White Azaleas in a Pot

Emma Meyer  – 1859-1921    Women decorating porcelain at Den Kgl. Porcelansfabrik Royal Copenhagen



Native American lady holding a pot

Holly Sierra


women seated at a table decorating pottery

Edwin Longsden Long     ( British  1829-1891 )  A Seville Pottery  1872

two native American girls holding pots above their heads

Holly SierraStill-life_with-pitcher-and-apples

  Still life with pitcher and apples  – Pablo Picasso

‘Isabella and the Pot of Basil’ – 1868 by William Holman Hunt

An ornamental urn, a jewellery box and jewels on a silk draped table

An ornamental urn, a jewellery box and jewels on a silk draped table – Ludwig Augustin.



John-William-Waterhouse women adding water for bathing

John William Waterhouse – ‘The Danaides’





The princess, the dragon and the frog  – Fran Recacha



‘UNstill Life’ – Joyce Lieberman


John-William-Waterhouse - a lady in white dress sitting outdoors

John William Waterhouse – Flora (white dress)




art - Alex Khomsky Tulips in the City 2007 abstract painting of red tulips in a vase

 ‘Tulips in the City’ – Alex Khomsky





Two Girls Arranging Flowers

‘Two Girls Arranging Flowers’ – Federico Zandomeneghi




Diego-Rivera,-Still-Life,-1913 ceramic jug and vessel and peaches in a bowl

‘Still Life’ – Diego Rivera



Jean Dupas painting of Aquarius the water bearer

Jean Dupas – ‘Aquarius the water bearer’



KPM-PORCELAIN-PLAQUE German artist Friedrich Thumann lady painting a pot

KPM Porcelain plaque – Friedrich Thumann


Leon-Wyczólkowski potted flowers

Leon Wyczólkowsk



‘Jeremiah and the potter’ – William Brassey Hole



The Blue Beads

Richard Emil Miller – ‘The Blue Beads’


The Chinese Statuette American Impressionist seated lady studying figurine statue

‘The Chinese Statuette’ – American Impressionist Richard Emil Miller



The-Housmaid, - maid cleaning

William McGregor Paxton – ‘The Housemaid’




jean-discart---potter wearing a turban working in studio in Tangiers

‘The Pottery Studio, Tangiers’ – Jean Discart



Vanessa by James Denmark

‘Vanessa’ by James Denmark

judy-drew painting of floral jug, bowl of orange fruit, fan and red flowers

Judy Drew

 Matisse - vase with iris

Henri Matisse – Vase with iris

Ferenc Tulok

Ferenc Tulok



Csaba--Perlrott-William-abstract painting

William Csaba-Perlrott – ‘There are Lions’


Carolyn-Harrington still life painting - blue iris

‘Iris’ – Carolyn Harrington



Diego-Rivera,-Still-Life painting

Diego Rivera, ‘Still Life’





Odilon Redon



Abstract still life - Picasso

Pablo Picasso




‘Wildflowers in a Long Neck Vase’ – Odilon Redon




 painting of a girl reading at a table , large vase of red flowers by Carl Larsson

Carl Larsson. ‘Interior’



Hans-Purrmann still life painting

Hans Purrmann



William Robinson Leigh painting of a Hopi woman carrying a pot

   ‘The Hopi Vase’ – William Robinson Leigh




Vase with flowers, Pablo Picasso





‘Bouquet of Wild Flowers’, Odilon Redon




Francesco Ballesio - 'The Pottery Sellers' - pottery merchants on the street

Francesco Ballesio – ‘The Pottery Sellers’



Karin-Michele-Anderson woman in a blue and white dress holding a pot

Watercolor by Karin Michele Anderson -‘ She Who Collects Pots’