Fashion and Clay – Belgium, USA



Belgian Harvey Bouterse ceramic sculpture with internal green glaze

Ceramic sculpture – Harvey Bouterse




Multi genre ceramicists


Numerous artists have applied themselves to multi artistic genres, and most have done it successfully. Some ceramicists that pursued several creative mediums include: Gio Ponti, who also made modernist furniture and did architecture and interior design and Christopher Dresser & Russell Wright, who were both innovators in ceramics and homeware designs. Edmond Lachanel made a radical shift from ceramics to stage acting, lacquer Jean Dunand created Art Deco furniture while the painters Picasso and Paul Gauguin also created ceramic art. Isamu Nnoguchi was also a sculptor that was influential in home design and even Constantin Brancusi dabbled in fashion.
Countless fashion designers have drawn inspiration from art and this article focuses on three artists that combine the ceramic arts and fashion – Belgians Wouter Hoste and Harvey Bouterse and Native American, Virgil Ortiz.


Harvey Bouterse and Wouter Hoste


The 23 yo Harvey Bouterse was born in Rotterdam and has South American roots and a partly German mother. He began working as a cutter with the pattern-company Troi Quarts and then branched out to working with fashion designers such as Wim Neels and Veronique Branquinho. He established his first womens collection HrVi in 2005 then added a menswear collection. His background as a dancer and his keen interest in Flemish Mid century ceramics, sculpture and interior design acted as a source of inspiration with his fashion designs. He has also done seasonal collections for Vlisco and womens wear pre-collections for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris. Bouterse now creates his own ceramic sculptures and jewellry to compliment his fashion collections and also collaborates with Wouter Hoste, who is also an avid collecter of Flemsih potteries and a designer for menswear, along with being an innovative ceramicist and graphic print designer.



harvey-bouterse-fashion-design Vlisco geometric pattern

Vlisco Hero – designed by Harvey Bouterse



harvey-bouterse-footed ceramic-vessel

Jade glaze footed bowl – Harvey Bouterse



achiel-pauwels-mid century style vase

Achiel Pauwels, Belgium, 50’s

Wouter Harvey





harvey-bouterse-for-vlisco-men - trench coat

Harvey Bouterse for Vlisco men



hrvi-x-vlisco-archive Harvey Bouterse

Harvey Bouterse – Vlisco, HrVi





hrvi-ceramic-pendant-venus-with-silk-dress-trenchcoat Harvey Bouterse

HrVi Ceramic pendant ‘ Venus ‘ With Silk dress & trench coat.




Ceramic sculpture – Harvey Bouterse


hrvi-acssesories-red-winter-2013 Harvey Bouterse

HrVi Red Winter –  Harvey Bouterse




hrvi - harvey-bouterse slik shirt and ceramic mask pendant

Harvey Bouterse ceramic mask pendant





Black Winter 2012 – Harvey Bouterse



‘HrVi’ Winter Collection 2012  – Harvey Bouterse




hrvi_harvey_bouterse_large silver glazed ceramic bird pendant

Large ceramic bird pendant – Harvey Bouterse




Harvey Bouterse ss13, Prints by Wouter Hoste

Model Delfine Bafort, Photo Zeb Daemen




hrvi-harvey-bouterse silver ceramic brooch

HrVi silver ceramic pendant





Eastpak Inspired by the World of Vlisco. Green African print backpack designed by Harvey Bouterse




harvey-bouterse-hrvi-ceramics-aw2014 tri legged black ceramic sculpture

 Tri legged black ceramic sculpture – Harvey Bouterse







Ceramic accessories –  Harvey Bouterse





harvey-bouterse at the cutting table

Harvey Bouterse




harvey_bouterse10silh14 Silk suit and ceramic neck piece

Ceramic accessory – Harvey Bouterse





Harvey Bouterse





Pin strip jacket, ceramic pendant – Harvey Bouterse




Large ceramic pendant – Harvey Bouterse

HrVi for Vlisco , Summer 2014





Spring/ Summer 2014 – Harvey Bouterse



hrvi-for-vlisco-2014 Harvey Bouterse

HrVi for Vilsco – Harvey Bouterse




ceramic sculpture les_fleurs_harvey-bouterse

Ceramic sculpture ”Les Fleurs’ – Harvey Bouterse





‘Les Fleurs’ series – Harvey Bouterse



les_fleurs_08-harvey-bouterse abstract sculpture and green overcoat

Harvey Bouterse – Spring/Summer 2014





Ceramic lamp base surface reflet metallique – Wouter Hoste





Trilobite series vases Black dore glaze – Wouter Hoste




3 ceramic heads – Wouter Hoste

Produced at Perignaem Studios


wouter-hoste-nostromo-series - ceramics contemporary

Wouter Hoste – Nostromo series





Silver lunar lamp  – Wouter Hoste




ceramic-pendants-with-platina-luster-finish - by Wouter Hoste

Ceramic pendant with platina lustre finish – Wouter Hoste



wouter-hoste-ceramic-lights- red and purple contemporary table light

Tall ceramic light – Wouter Hoste






Ceramic head – Wouter Hoste,  Spears sculpture – Harvey Bouterse




wouter-hoste-snowfluff-series-ceramic vases/bottles

Ceramic vessels  ‘Snowfluff ‘ series – Wouter Hoste





Perignem sculptuur vogel Created by Elisabeth Vandeweghe ca 1970-75




2 green vase by Amphora




A section of a ceramic wall mural by Paul Vermeire





Giant red ceramic drop vase by Amphora




Wouter-Hoste Belgium ceramic artist and collector

Wouter Hoste




Incised vase Mid Century by Amphora




amphora-rogier-vandeweghe-brugge-sint-andries black-metallic-glaze-white-on-the-inside

Mid Century black glaze vases with white interiors – Amphora




Red glaze Amphora vase by Rogier Vandeweghe. Sculpture by Elie van Damme




sunday-still-life-harvey-bouterse-wouter-hoste-amphora-vandeweghe giant-bespoke-amphora

Large bottle by Vandeweghe  for Amphora

Mid Century era



tall-Perignem botttle vase

Large Mid Century floor vase – Perignem




Lidded vessel by Rogier Vandeweghe





Perignem vase, Belgium




Perignem striped luster glaze vase decorated by Johan Nyssen around 1965.





Decorative Ceramic Flower Wall Sculpture by Perignem and Paul Vermeire

circa 1965

Vintage Design Point, 1stDibs




Perignem black white vase set designed by Vandeweghe





Perignem cone vase with sgraffito technique on chrome red glaze

Height 73cm



Perignem-pastel-colours long ovoid floor vesselss

Tall pastel coloured ovoid floor vessels – Perignem





Chrome red vases – Perignem




perignem-black-decorated-vase-77-cm giant-perignem-floor-vase-designed-by-elisabeth-vandeweghe

Giant textured black Perignem floor vase designed by Elisabeth Vandeweghe.

Height 77 cm – ca 1969-70





Tiled wall panel – Oswald Tieberghien



giant-perignem-abstract vase

Large Perignem modernist Mid Century vase





Giant Perignem pot by Rhaye Vandeweghe early 60’s

The raw incised decor with use of different ‘doré black glazes





 Orange Perignem Vase 1960-70’s, Belgium



elegant-deep red-vase-by-amphora

Red footed drop vase by Amphora, Belgium





Maiyet Pre-Fall ’13 – Inspired by the rich culture of Mongolia and bold work of Constantin Brancusi


Virgil Ortiz


A native artisan from the New Mexico Cochiti pueblo, Virgil Ortiz ceramics art is a bold fusion of traditional designs and black on white decorations merged with contemporary graphics, culminating into an edgy, provocative statement.
Ortiz delves deep into his ancestral roots and New Mexico’s pueblo culture, presenting it with a new modern context covering historical storytelling and esoteric elements. He has been making pottery since 1975, and the sinuous and geometric motifs of the tradtitional pueblo pottery is a recurring feature in his pottery and figurative sculptures.
He has done designs for Donna Karan and expanded his art empire to include home decor, high indigenous fashion, visual imagery and apparel accessories. His designer fashion pieces cover everything from leather wares and jewellry to female gowns and casual wear. His desire to ignite contemporary interest in the background of his Pueblo culture is poignantly expressed.



pottery-6-virgil-ortiz black and white ceramic vase with twin handles

Pottery 6  – Virgil Ortiz




‘Blind Archers’ by Virgil Ortiz




virgil_ortiz_leslie_elkins_marquez portrait-

Model Leslie Elkins Marquez for Virgil Ortiz designer wear






Character Jar – Virgil Ortiz





Round ceramic canteen vessel – Virgil Ortiz





‘Contortionista II ‘Series – Virgil Ortiz



black leather crowbag-virgil-ortiz

Black leather ‘Crowbag’ – Virgil Ortiz




Ceramic canteen – Virgil Ortiz




virgil_ortiz_michael_spears-face paint

Native American body paint – Michael Spears

Virgil Ortiz , Fall Winter 2013 , Contemporary Native




pottery-27-virgil-ortiz -- black and white ceramic sculpture

Virgil Ortiz Native American ceramics




‘Luminous’ ceramic bust – Virgil Ortiz





Virgil Ortiz in his studio




Virgil Ortiz designer wear and accessories




‘Claywork Revolt’ series – Virgil Ortiz




virgil_ortiz_rezspine made_in_native_america6



Lizica Codreano models a Constanin Brancusi design







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