Balombini and Bollini mixed media arts


Over the last 20 years, two multi media artists have displayed a natural flair for interpreting a wide range of materials into captivating art. Juliana Bollini is currently located in San Paulo, Brazil, while Laura Balombini resides in North Carolina, USA. They both integrate wire into their colourful figure work and objects, Juliana favoring a combination with ceramics, papier-mâché, flowers, branches and leaves, while Laura uses polymer clays, earthenware, aged wood, fabrics and found objects.

Laura describes her art – “Artists are storytellers. In paint, song and word we tell the tale of who we are. Some narratives are born with grace and flow..some we uncover using tears and trowels. Dig, scratch, soften, pray…make art..tell it. I bring my favorite ingredients..imagery, color, longing and a desire for discovery to the studio.” Her free spirited sculpture figures carry an air of serenity, dignity and contemplation. She also paints on canvas.

For Juliana. in a similar fashion to Laura, whimsy is never far away. Her playful, sculptural narrative is revealed through a contemporary folk aesthetic, infused with botanical themes, rich colours and vibrant movement. She began using the basic technique of “Charter Pesta” (a technique used to make the Venetian masks) which she still employs. Inspiration for her art comes from her love of old circus, puppet theater, children’s stories, vintage toys and various masters of old along with contemporary artists.
She also illustrates children’s books, and not surprisingly, all her art figures look like they have stepped out of a story.


Laura Balombini


Born in Pittsburgh, Laura received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania.





Laura Balombini mixed media art figure

Lady holding duck sculpture – Laura Balombini




Three ceramic busts - Laura Balombini

Laura Balombini




Laura Balombini canvas painting

Canvas acrylic painting – Laura Balombini



Bird-Folk by Laura Balombini - two earthenware birds with wire legs

”Bird Folk” – Laura Balombini




bunny-box--balombini - eramic box with a bunny head lid and carrots

‘Bunny Box’ – Laura Balombini




“Dancer in the Dark”  – Laura Balombini





Abstract wall painting – Laura Balombini




Just-Tea teapot by Laura Balombini

“Just Tea”  – Laura Balombini




Multi media figure sculptures – Laura Balombini





Ceramic bust figures – Laura Balombini




Laura-Balombini--ceramic and wire teapot with clown head lid

Laura Balombini teapot





Laura Balombini mixed media artist



might-mr-miser----Laura Balombini

“Might Mr Miser” – Laura Balombini





Purple teapot – Laura Balombini





Laura Balombini



laura-balombini-wire-ceramic sculpture

Laura Balombini





Laura-Balombini----3 mixed media figurines

Mixed media art – Laura Balombini




Laura Balombini





“Pueblo Beggar Dog” acrylic painting by Laura Balombini




Juliana Bollini


Argentinian Juliana Bollini studied Visual arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires before relocating to San Paulo.

Website –



Juliana-Bollini-mixed media sculpture 0 man driving car

Mixed media man drives car – Juliana Bollini



Juliana- Bollini-female-figurine-475x356

Female carrying small home figurine – Juliana Bollini




Juliana Bollini - Lady with ring of roses figurine

Lady with ring of roses – Juliana Bollini



Circus performer - Juliana Bollini

Juliana Bollini circus performer



Juliana Bollini flying space vehicle figurine

Flying atomic space vehicle – Juliana Bollini




Trapeze artists figurines - Juliana Bollini

Trapeze artists – Juliana Bollini




Colourful botellas by Juliana Bollini

Juliana Bollini




Handpainted figurines-Juliana Bollini from Brazil

Painted faces – Juliana Bollini




Long neck bust figures – Juliana Bollini



Juliana Bollini black and white portrait


Mixed media artist Juliana Bollini




Juliana Bollini



Flickriver--juliana-bollini Sculpture of women in window

Women in window – Juliana Bollini




Juliana Bollini figurine

Juliana Bollini




Juliana-Bollini-bottles with images of flowers and maidens

Handpainted bottles by Juliana Bollini




Jjuliana-bollini-s-king of hearts figurine

King of Hearts figurine – Juliana Bollini




Flickriver--juliana-bollini-flamenco dancer figurine

Juliana Bollini dancing figurine




Flickriver--juliana-bollini handpainted vases

Female motif vases – Juliana Bollini




garrafa---Vida---Juliana Bollini

Handpainted  female redhead motif bottle – Juliana Bollini





Princess head sculpture – Juliana Bollini



Juliana Bollini thre female head figures

Juliana Bollini



Vaso long neck with gold hair lady motif - Juliana Bollini

Juliana Bollini Vaso



Juliana Bollini--ceramic bust

Juliana Bollini




vaso-detalhe---red head lady with roses - Juliana Bollini

Red heads and roses vase – Juliana Bollini




Flickriver--juliana-bollini-bust figures

Female sculpture busts by Juliana Bollini




Juliana-Bollini-dancing figurine

Juliana Bollini figurine




Juliana Bollini lion mask

Juliana Bollini





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    Where do I buy your art? Also, how do I begin to learn to make this type of art?

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