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Street Sculpture





“Monument Au Fantome”

Jean Dubuffet, 1977 –  Discovery Green Park, Houston


Sculpture on the streets


Thankfully, installation and reverence for outdoor art has endured through the ages, resulting in many remarkable sculptures being accessible publicly. Installations of public art offers the opportunity to establish a narrative with the natural, historical and mythical worlds in an urban setting. At times acting as a poignant vehicle for political statements and social commentary. They exist as a permanent fixture that in some instances acts as a reminder of a triumph or a tragedy. It has brought sculpture to many people who might never look at or think about this art form, and it has continued to promote art as a topic for discussion.
Public art can express a multitude of insights and feelings. It can provide a valuable conduit of knowledge and emotion from a distant historical event, and exist as a defining record that encapsulates what occurred. Public art icons have been created over time that have captured the cultural milieu and stood as a monument to that era. Outdoor art at its best can enthrall, challenge, educate, illuminate and be a delight. For some it can be a revelation and awakening.


Rocket-Thrower-19641-Donald DeLue flickr

 ‘The Rocket Thrower’ – Corona Park, NY


The original public art was spiritually motivated and existed to promote objects of worship.This ancient instinct is still aroused and provoked through all types of public art, especially where a collective adoration develops for an art piece. The relevance of this art should never be underestimated or carelessly discarded. The disticntive elements of a culture and its cohesive forces are quite often defined through art.
Public art allows artists and their creative vision to have an influence on the civic decision making process and inspire aesthetic awareness and community identity. For example Gaudi’s architectural art in Barcelona or Picassos contribution to contemporary public art in Chicago.
Bland environments offer a perfect juxtaposition for being enlivened by a dynamic street sculpture.. The tremendous accessibility of outdoor art and diversity of locations can be utilized for vivid impact and invigoration of public spaces. Public art offers the opportunity to humanize a bleak location. The visual presence of outdoor art sustains the celebration and preservation of the human spirit, reflected through its subject matter and the  inspiration and creativity of the artist.



Baltasar Lobo_ Madrid_Dec_2008

 Baltasar Lobo ‘Hommage à la femme’

Madrid  2008



Street Sculpture - Baltasar Lobo 'Hommage à la femme' - 1985

Baltasar Lobo ‘Hommage à la femme’






Fernando Botero – Botero Plaza, surrounded by the Museum of Antioquia and the Rafael Uribe Uribe Palace of Culture





Australian sculpture Broken Hill

 Living Desert – Broken Hill





Belgian sculptor Rik Poot

 Rik Poot, Belgium



‘Convergence 1’ – Peter Newsome

 Artpark Sculpture




 ‘Rex’ – Bielsko Biala

City fountain–Reksio, Poland






“Gathering of the Moon”, standing 17 feet tall,  installed in Olympic Park, Beijing

Bruce Beasley, USA





 Boston Park duck sculpture




Chessmar-Sculpture--Brian Anders Chessmar--Santa-Barbara-CA YinYang

 ‘Yin Yang’ – Brian Anders Chessmar

Santa Barbara- CA





Henry Moore’s abstract sculpture, Three Way Piece No. 2 — more commonly known as The Archer.

New City Hall, Toronto – Canada

Some of the viewing public were aghast when they witnessed the unveiling of Henry Moore’s ” The Archer” in 1966 in Toronto. Local newspapers dubbed it “Henry Moore’s big bronze whatchamacallit”Appreciation levels have increased somewhat since then for the monumental work. Henry Moore liked the architectural design of the New City Hall  by Viljo Revell so much that he offered the sculpture at a discount with free shipping and installation. At first, the design was not accepted; many councillors and citizens felt that the city council should concern itself with sidewalks and sewers, not abstract art. In the end the purchase eventuated but the controversy cost the Mayor, Phillip Givens, his re-election.  

source –




 ‘The Archer’ , Toronto




Abstract bronze Grand Piano Player sculpture

Shijiazhuang Yuanzhao

Xiamen, China



Outdoor sculpture "Mirroring 1995" Keld Moseholm (Denmark)

“Mirroring 1995”  Keld Moseholm (Denmark)




 ‘Ethos’ – Tom Bass – 1961

Height 4 metres – Civic Square , Canberra



Èze,-Provence sculpture - France

 Eze seaside sculpture, France




“Figure” by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi.

San Francisco International airport




Fisheye-lens.-Bert Flugelman's-stainless-steel Mall's-Balls

Stainless steel sculpture –  ‘Mall’s Balls’ – Bert Flugelman

Adelaide, Australia




‘Gaia’ (1998) in Utrecht – Fons Bemelman, NL




Dutch artist - Fons Bemelman sculptures

Fons Bemelman





French artist - Henri Matisse

 Sculpture by Henri Matisse

Musée Matisse, Le Cateau-Cambrésis




Italian Bicycle Monument

 ‘Le Tour de France dans les Pyrénées’

l’Aire des Pyrénées

18m high monument, made of alumina and steel, 1995


Karma- A Tower of Blinded Men Rising into the Sky by Do Ho Suh


 ‘Karma- A Tower of Blinded Men Rising into the Sky’

Height 23 feet, New Orleans Museum of Art.

by Korean sculptor Do Ho Suh




Les dames vertes sculpture de Deny Lavoyer-à-la-Petite-Pierre-(Parc-Naturel-Régional-des-Vosges-du-Nord)

 Les dames vertes sculpture de Deny Lavoyer




lespassionsdetom Walter de BUCK sculpture

Sculpture by de Walter de BUCK, Belgium


Les Passions de Tom






 Monte Carlo –  The Sculpture Path



Sculpture Nymph Diana, designed-by-Louis Auguste Leveque,-Tuileries-garden, Paris

 Nymph Diana, designed by Louis Auguste Leveque

Tuileries garden, Paris




Nymphe allongée Auguste Guénot,-Palais-de-Tokyo,-Paris

 Auguste Guénot

Palais de Tokyo, Paris



Pablo-Atchugarry monumental sculpture

  Uruguayan sculptor Pablo Atchugarry




36-foot-tall concrete sculpture enlargement of Pablo Picasso’s 1934 ‘Bust of Sylvette’, executed by Carl Nesjär and Sigurd Frager in 1967

Silver Towers, NYU

New York

Wally Gobetz – flickr





Sculpture on Malecon (boardwalk) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico





Ruth Duckworth,-Untitled-sculpture-in-porcelain

Porcelain bird sculpture – Ruth Duckworth




 Plamen Dimitrov – ‘Sudden Meeting’





Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson the Viking--the-first-Nordic-settler-of-Iceland

 Statue of Ingolfur Arnarson the Viking

Made by Einar Jónsson in 1924 and located on Arnarhóll, Reykjavík




The-weight-of-life-by-Giovanni-Sottile - Sculptor ?

 Sculpture by artist ?

photo Giovanni Sottile




The Bamberg Horseman  is a life-size stone equestrian statue by an anonymous medieval sculptor in the cathedral of Bamberg, Germany.


Photo – Tilman2007 – Wikipedia




 WB Yeats statue by Rowan Gillespie

Sligo, Ireland



Mark Hill Maori Chiefs sculpture-'Welcome O Visitors From Afar'-Queenstown airport

 Mark Hill Maori Chiefs sculpture – ‘Welcome O Visitors From Afar’

Queenstown airport, NZ




Wenceslas-Square garden sculpture

Prague , Czechoslovakia



 Reclining figure sculpture by waterfall – Charles Umlauf

 Umlauf  Sculpture Garden and Museum, Austin – Texas



Philip Jackson's-Garden -Skittles with Scarlatti

 ‘Skittles with Scarlatti’   – Phillip Jackson

Philip Jackson’s Garden




Tuileries- Garden,-Paris Tuileries-Statue-by-Stewart-Leiwakabessy-on-Flickr

Tuileries Garden statue, Paris

Stewart Leiwakabessy on Flickr




Roger-Capron-France sculpture Roger Capron decorated by Jacotte Capron.

Roger Capron sculpture, decorated by Jacotte Capron.

Valbonne, France

Stone, Flickr



artpark_sculpture Ginger Gilmour - Aeriel_2


 Ginger Gilmour – Aeriel 2

artpark sculpture



Jacques Lipchitz,_Birth of the Muses_(1944-1950), MIT Campus

Jacques Lipchitz, – ‘Birth of the Muses’


MIT Campus, USA



Ann Davey Masters Memorial Sculpture Garden Larry Bechtel sculpture - 'Calling-the-Powers'

 ‘Calling the Powers’ – Larry Bechtel

Ann Davey Masters Memorial Sculpture Garden, Roanoke, VA



Abduction_of Europa - European parliament Strasbourgh --statue,-standing-in-front-of-the-Winston-Churchill-building

‘Abduction Of Eurpoa’ – Strasbourgh

 Refers to ancient mythology and depicts one the most ancient representations of Europa.




 Sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis




Andy Scott,-Lifeline sculpture

‘Lifeline’ – Andy Scott





Limestone mandala sculpture – Dale Enochs



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Spin out on a whim






As 2014 starts to shut up shop, its time for some contemplation, possibly on a zoetrope pot, or maybe some reflection with some clay doodling. The above image is of Russian potter Mikhail Sadovnikov, doodling in the clay, to create captivating mandalas on his pottery wheel. Guaranteed to get the creative juices fired up, while maybe provoking a hypnotic trance from staring at the motion of the wheel for too long.. The prolonged focus and concentration is a meditation in itself. I’m sure for some, the act of manipulating clay on a wheel is a therapeutic and relaxing pastime. Conversely, if a stressful episode with the clay ensues, try unwinding by placing a pot with zoetrope animation on the wheel, and observe the graceful imagery unfolding( see video below ) I couldn’t think what else a zoetrope pot would be useful for as you need a spinning wheel for it to be effective.

Alternatively, from the world of wabisabidom, most whimsical forms of delight tend to favour an asymmetrical form, emboldened with colours but also can be symmetrical shapes with abstract decorations. Occasionally, purely symmetrical forms also capture a subtle hint of whim and character, usually from the mood of its creator. Featured is mainly handbuilt, whimsical, wondrous, enthralling art pieces from the inexhaustible creativity of numerous clay artists and sculptors.







Zoetrope relaxation ( minus the squeaky wheel )


Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.




Zoetrope 2



figurines by Katya

 Katya , Cyprus




Contemporary porcelain, ceramic, vase Wheel thrown, hand carved porcelain, ceramic vase,-13-height

 Contemporary porcelain, wheel thrown, hand carved vase by Lynne Meade

13″ height 9″ width





 Alice in Wonderland statues – Greenwood Gardens, NY






The guests in Robert T. Freeman’s Black Tie seem to be wondering what Katherine Lane Weems’s Striding Amazon (Revolt) might be up to.

 Museum of Fine Arts Boston

AntyDiluvian – flickr



Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland

 Art Deco building, Helsinki, Finland





ART DECO CAT- UG-By-Ditmar-Urbach-Czechoslovakia

Art Deco Cat Jug –  Ditmar Urbach, Czechoslovakia



Large scale vases – Elizabeth von Krogh, Norway




 Barcelona Art Nouveau  – Hydroelectric Antigua de Catalunya

Blue Raindrop Face- Wall-Art-Hanging-Ceramic-Mask-With-Cut-Out-Design

 Ceramic wall art by Blue Rainbow






 Constantin Brâncuși Bird sculpture




Sara-Paloma Blue green stoneware bottles

 Sara Paloma duck egg blue stoneware bottles




Craft-Alliance----Hot-Tea---'Chasing the Djinn Teapot' by Marylin Andrews

‘Chasing the Djinn Teapot’ by Marylin Andrews

Craft Alliance – Hot Tea


Vases---Sasha ceramics

 Leukocytes  – Sasha Bakaric

Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery, NY






Cintha hand building a vessel

Heron Ceramique, France





pot-kouchi Heron Ceramique

Lidded vessel –  Heron Cermaique




Commonweath Edison Substation,-Chicago,-IL---Art-Deco

Art Deco wall relief  –  Commonweath Edison Substation, Chicago, IL






 Photo by Man Ray







 Scott Bennett cup and teapot

Craft Alliance



Keiko Coghlin Altered Bottle Form at MudFire Gallery

Altered Bottle Form – Keiko Coghlin

MudFire Gallery



Erin Furimsky ceramic aculpture

 Erin Furimsky






 Teresa Girones  pottery busts and figures





Greg-Scott bottle

 Greg Scott





Italian glass designer Anu Penttinen bottles

Anu Penttinen




Abstract Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff- swanbox-etsy

Mid-Century Bird Sculpture By Sascha Brastoff





Ceramic elefante_con_topolino_lenci

 Helen Konig Scavini – Lenci elefante figurine




Roger Capron street sculpture, Valbonne, France

( Near Nice in the Alpes-Maritimes )



Indiana jules-travels-on-Flickr

Temple guardian statue  – Indaia



japans sart Naoshima sculpture

Abstract camel sculpture –  Naoshima, Japan






 Lidded box – Joanna Howells






 John Maltby





ceramics LENCI---TORINO

 Lenci  – Torino, Itlay





Linda-Styles-2005ceramic vessel

 Linda Styles  2005





Liza-Halvorsen ceramic totem

‘Face to Face Totem’ – Liza Halvorsen




 French sculpteur céramiste – Mélanie Bourget



Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller vases

 Monika Jeannette Schödel-Müller





Zsolnay, Hungary,-1950-Janos Török

Zsolnay jug – 1950





Paul Adams Crystalline Glaze Vase

Crystalline Glaze Vase –  Paul Adams





Ragnar Naess contemporary teapot

 Elegant contemporary teapot – Ragnar Naess




Gabrielle-Lindemann raku

Guinea Fowl – Gabrielle Lindemann, UK





Raymond Dejong Art Nouveau gate

 Art Nouveau gate – photo by  Raymond Dejong






Isamu Noguchi  1904 – 1988






Vase from Muuto –  Closely Seperated

 Scandinavian design tradition of interpretation with a new perspective emerging as a result. This sculptural vase refers to the beauty in the dissonance, a piece with a unique form and exclusive style.  Designer: Michael Geertsen

mutlumikrop shop





Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off's from the fashion industry, these vases are covered-in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin

 Vases designed by Stephen Burks. Made from scraps of Missoni knitwear-—-cast off’s from the fashion industry, these vases are covered in a knit patchwork and sealed with a resin.





Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris

Gilbert Valentin- mid-century vase-Vallauris, France




João Abreu Valente





John-Bedding-ceramic vase

John Bedding

“My work now is mainly low fired. The clay body is a white talc body that I mix myself. It has low thermal shock properties that allow me to use raku techniques, and a blowtorch if I feel the need. Some of my pots I fume with metal salts of iron, cobalt, and chrome. Another technique I have recently developed is to raku fire pots with a copper slip-glaze and apply paternating chemicals to the fired pot. This starts an erosion process in the glaze, which completes the cycle that a potter starts when he reconstructs eroded materials into pots.






Melanie Ferguson

Melanie Ferguson Ceramics, “Coastal stones rolling ashore, crashing waves, eroding hillsides, the swirling ripple on water’s surface, and the vibrant colors and rhythmic patterns of the ocean’s flora and fauna provides me with endless intrigue and inspiration. My hand-build earthen and stoneware vessels are influenced by this symbolic gesture of how energy moves in and around organic objects to reshape their form, bounce light and crush the old to cast anew.”

Totems by Marsha Karagheusian

 Ceramic  ‘Totems’ by Marsha Karagheusian




Porcelain Sneakers - Sootcookie

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Sootcookie porclain sneaker

Porcelain Sneakers – Sootcookie




Pre Columbian Peru Nazca-STYLE-Polychrome vase

Nazca Polychrome vase

Pre Columbian Peru




Jo Crawford bowl, Australia




12-quintet - Catherine White

‘Quintet’ –  Catherine White




Bothy Vineyard Prickly Bear

Prickly Bear – Bothy Vineyard





‘On Top of Everything’ Vipoo-Srivilasa

On Top of Everything’ – Vipoo Srivilasa





Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.--Columbia, Missouri

Pumpkin carving by Marilyn Sunderland.– Columbia, Missouri




Eskimo child by Sophie Woodrow

 ‘Eskimo Child’ by Sophie Woodrow






Garden sculpture five women by sculptress Hanneke van den Bergh



anne-sophie Gillioen ceramic figurine

Anne-sophie Gillioen



Italian majolica vase with two mermaid handles

Majolica vase with mermaid handles






The Campo del Cielo Meteorites



red, black and white ceramic bird from Mexico

Mexican ceramic bird vessel




abstract mother-and-child'-sculpture by-Irish-ceramic-sculptor-Christy Keeney.

‘Mother and Child’  by Irish ceramic sculptor  Christy Keeney




New-Orleans-French-Quarter statue

New Orleans statue at the French Market




Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG NEw guinea wood carving

Figure uli, New Ireland, PNG

Nineteenth century.




Marcello Fantoni 60’s vase




Carstens Vase



Andrew-Dewitt glass lamp

Andrew Dewitt





Jitka Palmer ” Diving “ vessel



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Art Vases collection, antique and vintage


Being an essential companion to any flower decoration, vases usually get utilized in interiors where they receive maximum attention. Over time, vases have evolved beyond utilitarian purpose into an art medium unto itself, and are sometimes used solely as a decorative object or sculpture. Currently on display at 1stdibs is a collection of over 5000 decorative and functional vases covering a wide selection of intriguing designs from vintage to antique, from a diverse range of ceramic artists. Featured in this post is some notable pieces from this excellent range for collectors and aficionados of ceramic vases.
1stdibs was started in 2001 by Michael Bruno, who originally sourced antiques, collectibles and other treasures from some selected dealers at Paris’s legendary antiques market, Marché Aux Puces, and made them available for purchase on the internet. 1stdibs has now expanded to being a portal representing some of the worlds best art dealers, antique and vintage shops and collectors.





 Mid-century vases with painted black figures – Mette Doller for Hoganas, Sweden

height 21 inches   1950

( B4  NY – 1st Dibs )




 Glazed stoneware vase by Alexandre Kostanda






Vintage Antonio Prieto Ceramic Vase - Arts220 Winetks Il-1950's USA

  Antonio Prieto Ceramic Vase

 Winetks Il -1950’s USA

( Arts220 – 1sstDibs )




Art Deco Ceramic Sphere Vase-by-Ilse-Claussen-for-Rorstrand-of-SwedenHIGH-STYLE-DECO-NY-height6

Art Deco Ceramic Sphere Vase by Ilse Claussen for Rorstrand of Sweden

height  6 inches




Art Deco Vase from Boch Frères-La Louvière,-Belgium-1920s-B4-NY 13h

 Art Deco Vase from Boch Frères-La Louvière,-Belgium-1920s

height 13 inches

( B4, NY – 1stDibs )




Ceramic Snake Vase by Danillo-Curetti for Longwy DOUGLAS ROSIN DECORATIVE ARTS-& ANTIQUES

 Ceramic Snake Vase by Danillo Curetti for Longwy





Black Blue and Mustard Art Deco Vase-Designed by Charles CatteauJUDY-FRANKEL-ANTIQUES-Troy-MI-1930

 Art Deco Vase-Designed by Charles Catteau







1950’s Stoneware Vase by Jorgen Mogensen – Royal Copenhagen

ART1-NY  – 1stDibs




1980s-Monumental Ceramic Vessel by Anna Silver37cm

  Monumental Ceramic Vessel by California artist Anna Silver

height 37cm

ARTS 220, Illinois – 1stDibs





 Barovier & Toso -‘Barbarico’ Vase

1950’s  height 12.75 inches





Belgian Art Deco Vase-with-Mermaid-Motif

Art Deco Vase with mermaid motif  –  Belgium

circa 1930’s

RENAISSANCE MAN ANTIQUES – Philadelphia, PA – 1stDibs




Bitossi Ceramic Vase, Italy-circa-1960s VINTAGE ORIGINAL

 Bitossi Ceramic Vase-Italy






Ceramic Vase, Vicke Lindstrand, Sweden-1944 MADERO-COLLECTORS-ROOM Salzburg Austria

 Nude figure motif ceramic vase, Vicke Lindstrand, Sweden


MADERO COLLECTORS ROOM, Salzburg Austria – 1stDibs




Charm Field Sculptural Vessel by Gareth Mason JASON JACQUES GALLERY

 Charm Field Sculptural Vessel by Gareth Mason





Contemporary Glass Large Vase-'Forest-Collection'-by-Ioan Nemtoi - Arlene Angard-NY

‘Forest-Collection’ Contemporary Glass Large Vase – Ioan Nemtoi

Arlene Angard-NY – 1stDibs




Danish Earthenware, Large Scale Vessel ARENSKJOLD ANTIQUES ART

Large Danish Earthenware Vessel with Relief Decoration. Late 20th Century





Edouard Cazaux---Rare Earthenware Vase Circa-1930

 Edouard Cazaux— Reclining nude figure earthenware vase,baluster shape with a frieze of blue figures.







Art Deco  Daum Nancy Vase with a Frieze of Parrots






Exceptional Raku Work by Roger Capron---Vallauris---1997

 Raku Vessel by Roger Capron—Vallauris—1997

Wonderfully executed motive on an old and traditional cooking pot, called “pignate”, in south of France.




Fausto Melotti Vaso-Vescovo Casati Gallery

 Italian modernist vase Fausto Melotti-

Vescovo Casati Gallery, Italy – 1stDibs




Art Nouveau-Period Vase by Paul Dachsel for Amphora

Paul Dachsel Art Nouveau vase for Amphora

 COLLETTI GALLERY, Chicago Illinois – 1stDibs




Hans de Jong ceramic vase with Dutch landscape_l970-80

‘The Beemster’ –  Hans de Jong vase

KUNSTCONSULT – Netherlands – 1stDibs




Heinrich Porcelain Vase With Gilt, Lavender-& Sky Blue-Details-1960'sASSEMBLAGE-LTD

 Heinrich Porcelain Vase With Gilt, Lavender & Sky Blue Details-1960’s

ASSEMBLAGE LTD, Chicago Illinois – 1stDibs





Italian Ceramic Vessel by Bitossi

60’s Italian Ceramic Vessel by Bitossi

REVIVE, Asheville NC – 1stDibs





 Jan van der vaart – Buttocks Vase

KUNSTCONSULT – Netherlands – 1stDibs





Jean Besnard Crackled Vase,-circa-1930

 Jean Besnard Crackled Vase,-circa-1930

height 12.75 inches






Jean-Besnard-Earthenware-Vase,-circa-1930 GALERIE PLAISANCE 12.75h

 Jean Besnard Earthenware Vase

circa 1930





Jean Mayodon Glazed Ceramic Vase-Circa-1950 GALERIE-PLAISANCE

French Glazed Ceramic Vase – Jean Mayodon -Circa-1950






Jules Sarlandie Embossed Floral Enameled Vase- GALERIE-PLAISANCE

 Jules Sarlandie Embossed Floral Enameled Vase






Large 1970's Enameled Ceramic Vase by Bruno Gambone 1970 GALERIE SANDY TOUPENET

 Large 1970’s Enameled Ceramic Vase by Bruno Gambone






Large-Iconic-Vase by Roger Capron, Vallauris, France-circa-1950

 Vase by Roger Capron, Vallauris, France

circa 1950






Large Loul Combres Mottled Green Vase-60's JUDY FRANKEL ANTIQUES

 Large spherical Loul Combres Mottled Green Vase








Marcel Guillard Art Deco Vase-(1920's ) LEAH GORDON ANTIQUES 1stDibs

Art Deco Vase –  Marcel Guillard

(1920’s )







 Marcello Fantoni vase

1940’s height 18.5 inches

MARK FRISMAN LTD – Florida – 1stDibs





Martin Brothers Vase-decorated-with Dragons- ADAntiques 1903

 Martin Brothers Vase decorated with Dragons


ADAntiques – 1stDibs





Choisy le Roi Maiolica vase by Louis Carrier Belleuse,-circa-1880 TOEBOSCH ANTIQUES-France

 Monumental Choisy le Roi Maiolica vase by Louis Carrier Belleuse

circa 1880







 French Art Nouveau ceramic urn designed by Louis Majorelle and produced by Mougin

France, circa 1900

Macklowe Gallery, NY – 1stDibs







 Monumental vase by Paul Chaleff – USA 1983

Prof. Chaleff’s  is a New Yorker, and in the ‘seventies and ‘eighties studied in Japan, where he began to experiment with anagama (wood-fired) pottery-making.

height 24 inches

CONVERSO, NY – 1stDibs





Monumental Enameled Glass Vase-by-Lea-Bartneck1980,s Arts220

Monumental Enameled Glass Vase by California glass artist and designer Lea Bartneck – side 1

1980’s  Height 21.5 inches

Arts220, Winnetka IL – 1stDibs






Monumental Enameled Glass Vase by Lea Bartneck -side 2

Other side of vase above

Arts220, Winnetka IL – 1stDibs




Rare Art Deco Vase in Pitcher Form by Greber RENAISSANCE MAN ANTIQUES 1stDibs

 Rare Art Deco Vase in Pitcher Form by Greber





Rare Large Vase by Dalpayrat MOREUX RIVE GAUCHE1880-1900

 Rare Large Vase by Dalpayrat


MOREUX RIVE GAUCHE , Paris – !stDibs





Rene Buthaud-crackle glaze vase,-circa-1930

 Crackle glaze vase,-Rene Buthaud






ROBERT-STILIN-NY-10inch-German vase

 Mid Century Ceramic Vase. West Germany

height 10 inches

Robert Stilin, NY – 1stDibs





Roseville Futura Tank THE LUSH LIFE ANTIQUES-Dallas-TX-1928

 Roseville Futura Tank -1928






Scheruich Ceramic Tall Lava Glaze Vase-with-Relief-Bull-and-Volcanos ASSEMBLAGE-LTD

 Scheruich Ceramic Tall Lava Glaze Vase

 ASSEMBLAGE-LTD, Chicago Illanois -1stDibs






Mid Century Stoneware Vase with Incised Decoration – 1970-75

 GALERIE SILBEREIS, Paris,France – 1stDibs





Tiffany Studios New York-American'Lava'Art-Nouveau-Vase-1908-Macklowe-Gallery

 Tiffany Studios New York- American’Lava’Art Nouveau Vase


Macklowe Gallery, NY – 1stDibs





19th-C Zsolnay Iridescent Long Neck Genie Bottle Vase

Iridescent Long Neck Genie Bottle Vase by Zsolnay

circa 1898





Unique Porcelain Slip Vase by the Haas Brothers R & COMPANY

 Porcelain Slip Vase by the Haas Brothers

R & COMPANY, NY 1stDibs






Vase-by Danillo-Curetti Commissioned by Emaux de Longwy ANNE HAUCK ART DECO

Vase by Danillo Curetti Commissioned by Emaux de Longwy

1983 – height 16inches

 ANNE HAUCK ART DECO, Los Angeles – 1stDibs






 Murano Vase 1980’s

Talisman, London – 1stdibs






Biomorphic  free-form vessel  – Les Archanges atelier in Vallauris, design by Gilbert Valentin

Sam Kaufman, NY – 1stDibs





Polia Pillin mid-century squat vase

 ARCHIVE 20TH CENTURY, Laguna Beach, CA – 1stDibs






Sculpted ceramic hemisphere on steel plinth by Harrison McIntosh

JEFFREY SPAHN GALLERY,San Francisco, CA – 1stDibs


1stdibs link



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Ceramic Wine Pots




  Volute Krater used for mixing wine with water

4th century BCE


 Georgian wine pots of antiquity


When it comes to wine, I now very little about tasting notes or wide palete, but two things I know is that the ancient Greeks had an amazing array of different vessels for the storage and consumption of wine, and Georgian viticulture goes back 8000 years. Just like the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans used the clay pithos and amphorae for their wines, the Georgians to this day still use the clay “qvevrie” for wine production. Wine cultivation is deeply entrenched in the Georgian culture, and the traditional qvevrie is used for making, ageing and storage of their wine and part of that process involves burying it beneath the ground for optimal temperature, fermentation and ageing. Almost every single farmer and also a majority of city dwellers in Georgia are wine makers.
The basic technological process consists of pressing grapes in a Satsnakheli (wine press), pouring the grape must and the “chacha” (grape skins, stalks and pips) into a “Qvevri” (the mixture fills around 80-85%), filling, sealing the “Qvevri” and leaving the mixture to age for 5-6 months. The skinless variety is buried in the ground up to 2 years. The egg shaped qvevrie promotes a natural convection of the internal fluids.
Unesco is considering adding the qvevri method to their world heritage list to preserve the craft as their are only a few good qvevrie makers still active. The favoured “Kakhetian” method creates a unique golden coloured wine. One of their favourite wines is the Tsistka, which has apple blossom and wild herbs mixed in during production.


Large qvevri wine pot. Georgia

 Huge qvevri coil built wine pot  – Georgia, Europe

Judging by the cart next to the pot, it is maybe 18 feet in height. .




Qvevri pots in monastery floor

The traditional method of wine-making continues to live in the centuries old monasteries.




Qvevri pot cleaning in Georgia

Cleaning qvevri pots




Monastery qvevri wine pots

Qvevri pots at the Georgian Telavi Monastery




kvevri pot in Georgian park

 A discarded pot from a park wino?




Burying a Georgian Qvevri wine pot

 Lowering a qvevri pot into a pit.





glexi-qvevri wine tasting

 Qvevri wine connoisseur




Citroen carrying a qvevri pot in Georgia

 Qvevri pot transportation




Qvevri pots in a Georgian vineyard

 Go forth and multiply




Kverkis Old georgian wine pot

A Georgian ancestor  with a giant qvevri




Georgia kvevri pots drying

 Qvevri pots in production




Wine at the monestary - Kakheti,-Georgia

Kakheti, Georgia-  Gremi, the royal citadel and the Church of the Archangels, famous for its qvevri wine.



Ancient Greek Wine Pots


The wines of the ancients were a symbol of fertility, immortality, and divinity and had a reverential regard. Wine consumption wasn’t purely indulged in for ceremony or drunken revelry. Testing of ancient pots has revealed, from residues, the presence of medicinal herbs like myrrh, pine resin, and other substances like honey which contained anti-bacterial or even antiseptic properties.It was a standard practice to coat the inside of a wine amphora with propolis, a resinous sealant made by bees, which also had a medicinal reputation. The mixing of wine with water in a ratio of 1:4 was more then likely for the purpose of making the water safe to consume. There is much evidence of the popularity of volute kraters which were used for this purpose. Both the Egyptians and Chinese developed herbal remedies using wines which acted as solvents to break down and extract the active ingredients and this pharmacopeia was passed down through time to the Hebrews, Greeks and Romans. Initially in the ancient Mediterranean, wine was primarily drunk by the wealthier classes, but by the Roman period, it was cheap enough for it to become a pastime of the masses.




apollo cup white-ground kylix;-Greek,-480-70-BCE

 Apollo cup white ground kylix – Greek





Apulian Red Figure Squat Lekythos with Aphrodite and Eros---4th-Century-BC

 Italian Red Figure Squat Lekythos with Aphrodite and Eros

4th CenturyBC




Bacchus Roman God of Wine Dionysus

Dionysus –  Bacchus Roman God of Wine




Black Figured Amphora_(Jar) With a Frieze of Dancing Satyrs and Maenads

 Dancing Satyrs and Maenads on a Black Figured Amphora

Made in Athens between 540 – 510 BC. Attributed to Painter N, and signed by Nikosthenes the potter.

British Museum





Ancient Greek Pottery - Rhyton with Dionysus---the god of wine

 Ceremonial rhyton held by Dionysos




Epichysis, or wine vessel,  from the Apulia region of Italy depicting a reclining nude Satyr.

Arthur Erickson



earthenware platter with Pomona,-goddess-of-gardens-and-orchards


This earthenware platter, influenced by the work of ceramist Bernard Palissy, illustrates the rustic and formal aspects of a French garden with Pomona, goddess of gardens and orchards.




Blue statue of Bacchante with grapes' - a tribute to Bourdelle by Jean Mayodon

‘Bacchante with grapes’ – a tribute to Bourdelle by Jean Mayodon



Terracotta  tankard  Cypriote

1400-1350 BCE


Etruscan terracotta oinochoe-(jug)-in the form of a woman's head,-late-4th-century-BCE-mharrsch-flickr

 Etruscan terracotta oinochoe (jug) in the form of a woman’s head, late 4th century BCE





Greek, Attic, red figure terracotta kantharos (drinking cup with high-handlesca.-490-480-B.C

 Greek red figure terracotta kantharos (drinking cup with high handlesca )

Attic, 490-480-B.C

Glenn Gulley – Flickr



Greek amphora, National Archaeological Museum of Athens, showing the goddess Athena

Large Greek amphora, , showing the goddess Athena

National Archaeological Museum of Athens




 Volute Krater – Canosa, Italy



Greek civilization, 7th centuryB.C.-Geometric style pottery.-Oenochoe decorated with figures of goats, fallow deer and ibex.-From Rhodes,-Greece

Geometric style pottery.-Oenochoe decorated with figures of goats, fallow deer and ibex.-From Rhodes, Greece

7th century B.C.




Lucanian Volute Krater by the Creusa Painter-380-370-BC

 Lucanian Volute Krater by the Creusa Painter





 Rhodian  oinochoe with wild goats, bulls and geese

Museum Of Fine Arts Boston




Egyptian fresco depicting wine production

 Large Egyptian wall painting of wine production





Ancient Greek Pottery Statuette of a Siren

 Ancient Greek Pottery Statuette of a Siren – known for luring drunken sailors.


Other wine vessels of interest



 A toast-to-magnum ceramic wine fermentation vessels

 A toast to the Magnum slip cast ceramic wine fermentation vessel.

Byron Bay, Australia

Inspired by Natural Selection Theory, “Project Egg”, and in deference to the astonishing work of Josko Gravner and the great Georgian tradition of making wines in clay “Qvevri”,

Flow Forms





Magnum wine vessel internal circulation

Internal flow patterns of the Magnum wine vessel

 Constructed with 12mm thick walls. The iconic “egg” shape promotes passive convection within, allowing developing wine to “live and breathe”. The geometric shape is derived from sacred geometry.


Amphora-SML-&-Duncan Cape Ponit vineyards

 Huge amphora – Cape Point Vineyards, ZA





Ewer with calligraphy, Iran

10th century




China bronze old man winebibber god statue wine pot-2010

Chinese statue of a wine drinker




 Contemporary carafe/jug – Cody Hoyt

Patrick Parrish, 1st Dibs


Ellison Bay Pottery goblet

Goblet -Ellison Bay Pottery – etsy



Ewer with dancing females within arcades-6th-7th-Century-AD-Sasanian,-Iran-The Metropolitan Museum

Ewer with dancing females within arcades

6th-7th Century AD, Sasanian, Iran

The Metropolitan Museum ,NY



 1950’s French tripod ceramic wine cooler

Patrick Parrish, 1st Dibs



Farsta-Terra-Spirea-Cup-by Wilhelm Kåge-Sam-Kaufman-1stDibs1957

Farsta Terra Spirea Cup by Wilhelm Kåge – 1957

Sam Kaufman-1stDibs



Mark Shapiro,--Wide Oval Flask with Handles

Twin handled Wide Oval Flask – Mark Shapiro



Vintage Scandinavian Ceramic Decanter

 Mid Century Scandinavian decanter




Central America, Mayan goblet,-classic-late,-600-900

 Mayan Goblet -600-900AD




Italian ceramic decanter Raymor Fantoni mid_century

 Marcello Fantoni mid century ceramic decanter




Round form pitcher byJavier Sevrin

Large hand painted round decanter – Javier Sevrin, Mexico



Calebasse palm wine vessel – Tikar, Camaroon



Blue Iranian wine ewer

Iranian wine ewer 




Majolica Wine Flask  – Bottega di Guido Durantino







Wine Cistern – Francesco Durantino, Italian,





Italy,-Emilia-Romagna,-Ceretolo,-Oenochoe,-(or-oinochoe,-wine-jug )

Oenochoe (wine jug)  – Emilia Romagna

Ceretolo, Italy



Lushan ware suffused glaze porcelain wine pot-Tang-Dynasty

Lushan ware suffused glaze porcelain wine jug – Tang Dynasty





‘Meditrina’ Roman Goddess of Wine Bronze Sculpture





Alcora faience wine jar






White Ground Lekythos, Achillies painter,

c. 440 – 430 BCE, Sicily, Italy



 60’s Russian ram decanter





Carafe marcello fantoni

Tall Raymor Fantoni Caproni carafe/pitcher



Vintage-ceramic Bellhop-German-Decanter in red

Vintage Bellhop ceramic decanter, Germany




Gold  ceramic goblet with three grotesque gargoyles – Royal Dalton





Carafe – Reg Preston





John Percival goblet


The Tao of the Grape


Wine, by virtue of its sour taste is ruled by the ‘Wood’ element. The clay vessels are ruled by the Earth element. These two elements are highly compatible. Whereas the wooden barrels are more discordant, as wood on wood clashes. The liver is also ruled by the wood element, which is why it isn’t really harmonious with wine consumption (along with the chemicals in play ) The ancients used sweet, bitter and pungent herbs to temper the sour taste. All factors considered, the traditional organic Georgian wine should be less prone to provoking a hangover. I’m curious to try some organic Georgian brew to put that theory to the test.



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