Artistic clay coalescence



Conceive. Construct. Emerge. Embrace.  — clay coalesced with an Ochre Theme


All the 5 elements are vividly coalesced when the art of pottery is indulged. It is hard to find a more visual depiction of the manipulation of natures primary forces than when the creation of ceramics is involved. Earth, fire, water, metal and wood are all summoned to contribute and our evolution at its most basic is invited to participate. Because Earth is key to balancing all the other elements {a central belief in traditional Chinese Tao philosophy}, the final product beautifully encapsulates this elemental dance.

 Launching my first post with a new host calls for the dynamism of some vintage abstractions, the luck of the dragon and phoenix, the adaptability and balance of the octopus, inspiration from some ancient creativity and the blessing of Ganesh for embarking on a new venture. Here I am exploring expressive ceramic arts displaying bold, colorful and uplifting designs of unbridled ebullience.

An unplanned ochre theme emerged during the construction of this post which was unsurprising as I have been vibing on this color for months. Ochre being the color polarity of the currently enlivened azure which is full of subtle Neptune vibrancy at the moment and both being instrumental in the awakening of intuitive powers now emerging and needed  Both colors are anchored to the centre Earth Element and are instrumental in harmonizing all the Elements,  essential for physical and ethereal balance. Staying grounded with earthly palettes of orange and green certainly won’t go astray during this time of upheaval.



Vintage Italian vessel with abstract incisions

Carlo Zauli  – 1953







Ming Dragon vase




Attika black-figured Panathenaic amphora




Jingdezhen Porcelain Painting-Dragon Phoenix plate

Jingdezhen porcelain Dragon/Phoenix charger




Europa riding bull-by Marcello Fantoni-Italy

Europa riding bull by Marcello Fantoni



Qing Dynasty Dragon Column



Anne Claire Martin Ceramique

Anne Claire Martin ceramique art



Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase

Goebel Artis Orbis Cambra Skade Porcelain Modern Vase




Janas Torok Mid-Century stylised vase for Zolnay



john_chamberlain_john_chamberlain fenollosas column-right-the arch of lumps

‘Fenollosas Column’ and ‘The arch of lumps’ — originally I believed they were ceramic sculptures but they are actually produced from crushed cars.

John Chamberlain



John Chamberlain ‘Le First’




‘Gentle Existential’   (2016)– Michelle Blade —

Shifting between subjectivities, Blade  examined the concept of the empath, a person who soaks up the emotional environment around them and internalizes it. Combining these two perspectives, the work within Gentle Existential becomes a personal and geographic mythology, a figurative painter’s feminine and empathic look at the parts versus the whole of experience—and subtle workings of the self within the world.



original in berlin com Giovanni de Simone

Giovanni de Simone Italian vintage vessels




Hermansburg lidded pot decorated with outback landscape


Wayne Quilliam photo

Wayne Quilliam photo


Italian Mimo--Parrucca Octopus Vase

Italian Mimo Parrucca Octopus Vase




Antique Octopus vessel


Revered by the ancients for its metamorphic adaptability and transformative skills, the wonderous octopus with its eight tentacles was a mobile Ba Qua, blessing the oceans as a symbol of balance.



Jim_Robison absract dish

Jim Robison abstract dish



Large Sculptural Vase 2 by Dena Zemsky




 Mandalas inspired contemporary rock art by Megot




Ceramic charger with street dancer motif  —  Pietro Melandri



vintage vase -by-Schramberger-Majolikafabrik

Vintage 60’s vase by Schramberger majolica factory



Large Carstens brutalist relief textured vase




Monochrome Carolyn Genders photo- Steye Speller

Monochrome — Carolyn Genders

photo Steye Speller



Lawrence Namoki Hopi Ancient Ones Awatovi Pottery

Lawrence Namoki — Hopi ‘Ancient Ones’ Awatovi Pottery



Lynda Benglis Stacked Forced Bunch 1993 glazed ceramic 28.5ins

Lynda Benglis ‘Stacked Forced Bunch’

1993 glazed ceramic Height  28.5ins



Massier-Bouteille ceramique

Cedric Massier – Boutelle



Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russias most iconic toys and vintage symbols

Matryoshka dolls otherwise known as Russian nesting dolls are one of Russia’s most iconic toys and vintage symbols



Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellry

Namibian girl selling clay figures and native jewellery




poodle figurine of St Clement 1930

Red poodle figurine of St Clement




Linda Damgoor Kandinsky _Stoneware vessel stains white glaze

Linda Damgoor  – ‘Kandinsky’

Stoneware vase with stains, white glaze



Mia Tyson underwater nudes vessel

Mia Tyson underwater sea nudes vessel



Mia-Tyson underwater oceanscape

Mia Tyson — underwater ocean-scape b/w vase

(luvin’ the foreground hand perspective)



Toshiko TakaezuClosed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Very small aperture at the top

Toshiko Takaezu  — Closed form with reddish brown salt glaze. Small aperture at the top.



Mette Maya-abstract poltmorpe vases

Mette Maya – abstract polymorpe vases



Mikhail Vrubel-The Pearl

Mikhail Vrubel – ‘The Pearl’



Milan VI Art Triennial. Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola Head design De Salvo

Painted Pottery Jar made by the House of Art Albissola

Milan VI Art Triennial, Italy



Neighbours -- Marty Ray

‘Neighbours’ — Marty Ray



paul-Dimmer72Antipodean-Venus-2008Paul Dimmer – ‘Antipodean Venus’ooo



Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan_Chris de Fernandez

Samarkand Artistic ceramics of Uzbekistan – Chris de Fernandez



Antique Japanese porcelain vase Fukagawa Meiji_period_19t century

Antique Japanese porcelain vase

Fukagawa Meiji period 19th century



Red goat figurine ceramic handmade red animal sculpture original design Inna Olshansky

Red goat figurine ceramic handmade —  original design



red ceramic bull- sculpture-Inna Olshansky

Red ceramic bull sculpture – Inna Olshansky



Rene Buthard cubist Art Deco vase

Cubist Art Deco vase  — Rene Buthard



Thrown porcelain footed bowl Graham Williamson

Thrown porcelain footed bowl — Graham Williamson




The Flo Motifs ball in Emaux by Nicolas Blandin Longwy

The Flo Motifs ball  by Nicolas Blandin for Longwy





Mirta Morigi Ceramica



Danser Malkovsky Ceramique craquelee blancheThe Malkovsky dancer 1925

Art Deco ‘Danser Malkovsky’ –  Ceramique craquelee figure   – Joel Martel



Pam Schomberg footed slab vase

Pam Schomberg footed slab vase



Berber Kabyle pottery vessel

Berber Kabyle twin handled pottery vessel



Clyde Burt Ceramic Vase with Sgraffito

Clyde Burt ceramic vase with abstract sgraffito




concave roof bm design studios architecture iran schools education_dezeen_hero

Concave rainwater  collecting roof

bm design studios architecture



Jean Gerbino coffee set

Jean Gerbino mosaic (nériage ceramics) coffee set



seeds london gallery Olivier van Herpt

Olivier van Herpt 3D printed ceramic vase



West Bengal village pottery workers

West Bengal village pottery




Italian brutalist table lamp



Jenson Ceramics Saggar fired personal work

Jenson Ceramics saggar fired vases



Round Tree Pottery relief parrot vase



Peter Bodenham Bottle Form

Peter Bodenham  – ‘Bottle Form’

West Wales



Vlad Surovegin vase




Whirlwind Vase-Passionclay

‘Whirlwind Vase’ – Passionclay



miro street sculpture in Mallorca

Miro street sculpture in Mallorca



Persian Schools Relief in the Hall of a Hundred Columns depicting King Xerxes

Persian Schools Relief of  King Xerxes in the Hall of a Hundred Columns




Ana Dominguez  — Red clay sculpture

Nacho Alegre photo



Reiko Miyagi – Tree of Life ovoid plate




Carstens Tonnieshof pumpkin imspired vintage vase design by Gerda Heuckeroth

1963 West Germany



Joanna Powell-vase with vivid dercoration

Joanna Powell vase with vivid decoration


Tiki cups Joanna Powell

Tiki cocktail cups –  Joanna Powell


Karl OLynch von Town Austrian 1869 1942 Snowy Peak in Sunlight

Karl O’Lynch von Town  — ‘Snowy Peak in Sunlight’



Kurt earthenware with glazes and enamels by Jenny Orchard

‘Kurt’ – ceramic  hybrid creature by Jenny Orchard




‘See with the heart plate’  — earthenware with glazes and enamels

Delinquent children series by Jenny Orchard




Mitch Lyons teapot with liquid slips musician motifs




RADA-Kazemachi -- Reiko Miyagi

Kazemachi (favourable breeze) –  Reiko Miyagi





Nancy Gardiner


askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike the head of Medusa and horses 3rd century BCC

Askos from Canosa di Puglia depicting goddess Nike, the head of Medusa and leaping horses

3rd century BCC


Moving Pictures tea pot-Marty Ray

‘Moving Pictures’ – Marty Ray



Larry Spears Wake Up America

Larry Spears ‘Wake Up America’ teapot



 a pair of Lorna Bailey artware jugs stylised owls limited edition

Lorna Bailey stylised owl jugs




Madonna and Child batik — Anna Jaeger



Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull Vase

Scheurich Montignac West Germany bull and horse vase



Anjani Khanna at Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea

Anjani Khanna sculpture — Mirta Morigi Ceramica Contemporanea



Barcelona Mosaic Salamnader

Mosaic Salamander




Important-Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong

Famille Rose Hu Vase Qianlong



Chris Broc-Barocco-destructured-head-2500

Barocco-‘Destructured Head 2500′

Chris Broc



‘Undulating Journey’ – Reiko Miyagi



Their collaborative paintings – new maps for ancient earth – remind us of Tarnanthis call to rise forth to keep moving and inventing AGSA

‘Piltati Malara Wanampi Tjukurpa’

Collaborative painting – Taylor Wanyima Cooper & Witjiti George – new maps for ancient earth – to remind us of Tarnanthi’s ‘call to rise forth, to keep moving and keep inventing’





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