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Terri Smart – riding the waves

Butting through the channel


Surrey Ceramicist Terri Smart :

UK based Terri Smart has a secluded pottery studio in Surrey overlooking a garden and fields, and she likes to interact with the natural world for inspiration. Her evolving sculpture trail winds through fruit trees and a wild flower meadow. ” I am influenced by natural elements such as wind and water and I like to emphasise the contrasts between nature and man. ”  For over 20 years now she has remained fascinated by the feel of the clay, the delight in making a structured piece out of a formless lump, the adventure of experimentation with new techniques and the excitement of taking the finished article out of the kiln.

Although her studio is not near the sea, a regular feature of her current output has been boats traversing the waves and seas. These are hand built from clay using the slab building method and matt glazes to produce soft forms that are inspired by the rise and fall of waves. Most of her work is hand-built in textured stoneware clays, and decorated with coloured slips, oxides and glazes before firing to 1220C. ” Sometimes ideas come fully formed into my head, sometimes I develop a piece directly in clay. At the moment most of my work is handbuilt; I enjoy the slower, more thoughtful pace of the process as opposed to working on the wheel. “

Having been influenced by her artist father, Terri took up a career in architecture and interior design, working in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Paris, and Hong Kong. It was during her time in Hong Kong she took up the study of ceramics at  ” The Fringe ” under the guidance of Liz Cameron. This was followed by the establishment of a studio in Singapore before returning to her current studio in East Clandon in 1994.





The Hastings Sea Stumps © 2009 – 2010 Andrew Poder and Terri Smart

terrxvpzvqxcutnguflsjslnaut – Terri Smart

Spring Growth

Surrey Sculpture Society Trail

Big Pom

Green Goddess

Big Elm Seed – ceramic sculpture in a Surrey field

Maasai with red ochre cloth

Striped Pitcher


Apostrophe Jar with lid

Jade Princess

Masai Handmaiden

Treasure Chest

Striped Teapot

Pit fired flames

Come Hither Heather

Seed Pod – ceramic vessel

Art Deco scent bottle


Pit fired Ancient Totem II

White Lama


Blue Lidded Jar

Tall Bearded Barley


Bouncy Tug

see more Terri Smart here



Hearts of clay



The heart as an icon :


The use of the heart as an icon for love and devotion has been one of the most enduring through the ages. In the traditional art and folklore of Europe, the heart symbol was drawn in a stylized shape. This shape is typically coloured red, suggesting both blood and, in many cultures, passion and strong emotion. The heart, as one of the red suits in playing cards decks, have existed since the 15th century. The shape is particularly associated with romantic love; it is often seen on St. Valentine’s Day cards, chocolate boxes, and similar popular culture artifacts as a symbol of romantic love. In Eastern spitiuality, the heart is depicted as a lotus with 12 petals, vermilion coloured and known as the Anahata Chakra.

Pink ceramic heart vase by Haeger

Vintage 1980s Haeger Ceramic heart vase



The heart symbol can be traced to before the last Ice Age. Cro-Magnon hunters in Europe used the symbol in pictograms, though it remains a mystery exactly what meaning it held for them. The symbol didn’t become universal until the Middle Ages. The heart icon became a major symbol for medieval heraldry, where it was used to signify sincerity and clarity. In art and chivalric literature, the heart became increasingly seen as synonymous to the Holy Grail.

The Egyptians believed that the heart was the center of life and morality. Egyptian mythology held the belief that after death, your heart is taken to the Hall of Maat to meet the  the Goddess of Justice. There your heart is weighed against the Feather of Maat. If your heart is lighter than the Feather, you join Osiris in the afterlife. As the heart was once widely believed to be the seat of the human soul, the word heart continues to be used poetically to refer to the soul, and stylized depictions of hearts are used as prevalent symbols representing love.

Darrielles Clay Art dish with carved surface

Heart Dish – Darrielles Clay Art



French Daum vase with pink leaf decoration

Daum VaseBlack hearts on pink background - Durand Iridescent Glass Vase

Durand Iridescent Glass Vase


Barovier and Toso-vase in a pink glass

Barovier and Toso pink contemporary vase



A dog sniffing a red poppy flower

SehnsuchtCarved wooden vase - Peter Lowe

Peter Lowe elegant wood carved vase



Natalie Pappas Heart Mugs - NKP Designs

‘Heart Mugs’ – Natalie Pappas – NKP Designs



Art Nouveau bronze bottle with red flowers and undulating stems on a blue background

Art Nouveau flask – (1890 – 1900)

© Bridgeman Art Library  Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA

Gift of Mr and Mrs John Mecom, Jnr  Design and Artists Copyright Society



Crystalline glaze heart shape vessel - Hein Severijns

Crystalline glaze – Hein Severijns



Paloma Pottery blue glass heart pendant

Paloma Pottery glas pendant



Smokey heart mug

Smokey Heart Mug

( fine mess pottery )

Anita Feng Bodhi Leaf Heart

Bodhi Leaf Heart Sculpture

Anita Feng



Buddha statue with large pink crystal

Large pink crystal next to Buddha

( woman with wings blog )



 Red glaze Royal Doulton Flambe Lobed Gourd Shaped Baluster Vase,

 Royal Doulton Flambe Lobed Gourd Shaped Baluster Vase, early 20th c.



Abstract design plate-Jack Charney

Jack Charney




Antique Victorian Pink Iris motif vase


A girl painting a heart


Pink Satin Glass Vintage Rose Bud Vase Fluted Rim

Satin Glass Vintage Rose Bud Vase Fluted Rim



Outdoor twin red heart sculpture

‘Twin red hearts’ via Mudworks Pottery


Pink and red LE-VERRE-FRANCAIS tall glass vase

Tall cameo glass vase – La Verre Francais



Jesus mosaic wall art - Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Mosaic of Jesus

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Christopher Mathie small neck hand thrown Raku Red Vessel

Hand thrown Raku Red Vessel

Christopher Mathie



Pink rose vase by Rockwood

Rockwood pink rose vase



Wedgewood Pink Jasperware Vase with white flowers motif

Wedgewood Pink Jasperware Vase

White ceramic cherub with pink mosaic heart

Shabby Chic Home Decor

Matt glaze pink-ovoid vase

Ovoid pink vase

Albert-Louis Dammouse ceramic cup on stand - Musee d'Orsay - Paris

Albert-Louis Dammouse  – Cup on stand  – 1910

Musee d’Orsay  – Paris

Koru Heart

Koru Heart – red

( NZ ceramic artist Robyn Kunin )

Artist laurel True - Yerba Buena Mosaic Heart, San Francisco

Yerba Buena Mosaic Heart, San Francisco

Laurel True


Red flared lip vase

Rich red vase

Pair of French Sarreguemines Pink Glazed Vases.

Pair of Sarreguemines Pink Glazed Vases.

Yamoto folded ceramic vessel

Folded ceramic vase – Yamoto



Frosted Crystal Heart Perfume Bottle in red and frosted glass

Frosted Crystal  Heart Perfume Bottle



Chris Hawkins raku vessel in orange in pink hues

Chris Hawkins raku vessel

Healing fractal heart image

Healing Heart Fractal

Updated  27/6/2013 :

Marble leaf tray set

Marble heart leaf tray set with meenakari and kundan work painting – Jaipur

Lynne Armstrong Earthenware heart with carved surface

Lynne Armstrong Earthenware Heart – Dallas Tx

Photo Evans Caglage

Natural Rock Heart

Natural Rock Heart

Cecilia Artistic Ceramics cups with red heart motifs

Cecilia Artistic Ceramics  – Italy

Wall art Raku Nature Inspired Hand Built Ceramics by Elena Miller

Raku Nature Inspired Hand Built Ceramics by Elena Miller

Choi Jeong Hwa red lotus in water - Western Australia

Red Lotus sculpture by Choi Jeong Hwa, Perth, AUSTRALIA, 2012

Lino Tagliapietra red glass Vase c1979-80

Lino Tagliapietra Vase   c 1979 – 1980

( Skinner Auctions )

Sally and Neil MacDonell ceramics

Sally and Neil MacDonell  large ceramic heart  – UK

Qing Dynasty Qia Long Imperial bottle - red flowers pattern on brass surface

Qing Dynasty Qia Long Imperial Ware Vase



This heart-shaped pendant consists of a gold plated silver plate in which are embedded cornelians from Afghanistan

Silver and Cornelian heart shaped pendant

Afghanistan, 18th-19th century

Paris – Musée du quai Branly

Bill Campbell Ceramic Vase

Bill Campbell Vase

Red roses on a green teapot - Yvonne Brown

Red roses teapot – Yvonne Brown

Charles Lotton Opal Cypriot lamp - blue flowers on a pink background

 A Charles Lotton Opal Cypriot lamp


Schoonhoven-vase,-Dutch bulbous shape with painted organic designs on a mottled pink and ivory ground.

Schoonhoven vase, Dutch, bulbous shape with painted organic designs

Tina Amidon red mosaic sculpture vessel

Tina Amidon heart mosaic, Oakland

Amphora Art Nouveau vase, in the Volate

Amphora vase, in the Volate

Jonathan Harris Glass Amphora-Gold-Ruby vase

Eden Amphora Gold Ruby

Jonathan Harris Glass

elephant-heart Justin-and-Jason-Senft

Elephant Heart

Justin and Jason Senft Photography

Leon Volkmar pink and white vaseLeon Volkmar vase

Yolanda’s Pink, Gold and Red Mosaic Heart

Yolanda’s Mosaic Heart on Flickr – Institute of Mosaic Art

Art Nouveau glass vase

Art Nouveau glass vase

Fimo Heart

Fimo Heart By Laurie Pollpeter Eskenazi

Anthony Hansen - wall hearts

Anthony Hansen – 3 wall hearts

Ecole-de-Nancy---céramique vase with floral motif

Ecole de Nancy and Pierre Joseph Mougin ceramic Mougin, large bottle Syrène or Nymph. porcelain

romyandclare-on-Etsy ceramic carved surface heart bowls



Barbara Hertel

Oregon Potters

carved stone heart -

Heart in hand stone carved


Love Sculpture – James Avery

Wednesday's-Child'-is-a-graceful statue by Helen Sinclair

‘Wednesday’s Child’ by Helen Sinclair

Potted Pink Arum Lilies

Potted Pink Arum Lilies






Raku heart family – Martin O’Neil





Heart shaped glass vase – Murano, Italy




Southwest Heart Treasure Box, by JillsTreasureChest-etsy



Retro Futurism Heart Cone Chair – Verner Panton




Mitchell-Grafton,-Grafton-Studios Queen Of Hearts red and white ceramic figurine

‘Queen Of Hearts’ – Michael Grafton




Bleeding-Hearts-flowers in a pinky red

Bleeding Heart Flower

( don’t ingest, it’s poisonous )




 French Angel sculpture with rhinestone halo and a jewelled gold heart

Anita Spero Design



a-big-heart-like-this - Josepha-Résine sculpture

‘A big heart like this’ – Josepha Résine

Starting her career as  French fashion designer, Josepha Résine moved onto sculpting.



(Dominique-Seiwert)BEACH-HEART-LOLITA-JAUNE,-2013 abstract heart sculpture

‘Beach Heart Lolita Jaune’ – Dominique Seiwert




Optical heart pattern on female body – canvas by Chris Maher



Chris Maher-Heart-Symmetrical-Cloudscape

Chris Maher – ‘Symmetrical Cloudscape’




Edgecomb Potters – Hearts for Gosia





Jumbo repurposed metal sculpture— Anthony Hansen



Juz-Kitson ceramic heart sculpture

Juz Kitson




Mosaic glass heart— Shelly Armas




Pink Art-Glass-and-Silver-Perfume-Bottle

Pink glass perfume bottle



Cecelia-Ceramiche ceramic heart cork stoppers

Cecelia Ceramiche ceramic hearts




Dew Hearts Pottery





Stevie Wonder was a prolific writer of love songs so I have included two here from his classic 1979 double album ” Journey through the secret life of plants “


‘Tree’ – Stevie Wonder

‘Outside my window’ – Stevie Wonder


Retro pottery yeah !


Mid-century, vintage, retro pottery styles.


Laminex, shag-pile, plastic pots, automobile tail fins and a lot of other fads from the 50’s and 60’s didn’t quite make it into the new century except with various niche collectors.  However the ceramics from this era have stood the test of time and are still sought after and used.

Jean-de-Lespinasse mid century modernist vase in black, white and yellow stripes

Jean de Lespinasse – An impressive and unusual vase by this decorative potter who worked from his studio in Nice during the 1950’s.

    The 50’s, 60’s and 70’s were groovy times, the designer and trend setters were out to make a statement. Colours were bold and bright, the Atomic-age had arrived. It was time to get futuristic and modern. Women even wore stylish Yves St Laurent dresses to go shopping. The mid-century cultural revolution was unstoppable and they were daring to dream. Some fantastic style innovations were born of this era. Music, fashion and consumer products all got a huge makeover from the more conservative 40‘s. Designers and manufactures had grasped the power of marketing to a competitive minded consumer and were producing an ongoing stream of modern innovative styles. And the ceramics of this time were no exception. French, German, Italian, English, Scandinavian and the USA were all strong contributors to modernist ceramic designs in this fascinating period.

Image of couple shopping in the 50's

50’s shopping

Cyclope Pottery Annecy, France - blue lava glaze jug and vase

Cyclope Pottery Annecy, France. All are glazed with the typical blue Emaux des Glaciers, for which this pottery was renown.

( AnSeta )

    I find the popularity of the lava glazes of this era  intriguing. During this time the bomb was widely feared. A Doctor Strangelove scenerio loomed large in peoples minds.. Lava comes from explosions, so its widespread use could have possibly evolved from this subconcious fear. The same can be said for the volcanic glazes, which were reninforced with  red, orange and black firey colours. Some of the mid-century pottery were often bulky and heavy with very thick glazes, sometimes multi layered up to four layers deep with different colours and textures.Their appearance was very grounding, which maybe represented a balance to the explorations of alternative consciouness that were actively pursued at the time. Abstract designs were popular, and pop art designs also crept in along with some psychedelic creations.

Retro 60's decor with geometric black and silver wallpaper

Retro decor




Elegant 1950’s dish by Jean Austruy. Glazed with a smooth lava like glaze with an abstract design. Length: 11.5ins



West German mid-century vase in black and yellow abstract style

Vintage yellow and black West German vase

  Mid-century, vintage style ceramics are still loved by collectors and are becoming increasingly popular. The Atomic-era and Jet-age led to many abstract and innovative designs where streamlined contours were fused with angular geometric shapes.They encapsulate a time capsule of this amazing era and they reflect all it stood for.




Bitossi--Seta--compote--Italy-circa-1950-s---Flickr---robin parfitt

Bitossi  ‘Seta’  compote  Italy circa 1950′ s

robin parfitt – flickr



Mid century decor furnishings, mustard yellow sofa, chrome brutalist mirror, mirrored coffee table

Mid-Century sixties decor




 Large Mid Century Vase by Accolay, France in black and burnt orange glaze

 Large Mid Century Vase by Accolay, France.

 Green Grey glossy glaze, topped by a rust on beige ground.



Carstens Vase - West Germany with white volcanic lava glaze panels on olive green matt glaze

Carstens 1245 25 (cm) Vase  – West Germany

60’s 70’s Retro Mid century Fat Lava.



Bay West-German retro vase with geometric squares

 Fabulous West German vase manufactured in 1967 by Bay.



Hallelujah-Aveiro Atomic drop vase, modernist style

Hallelujah Aveiro drop shaped vase with trapezoidal blades – Portugal



Gebruder-Conradt-Schwabisch modernist jug and vase

Gebruder Conradt Schwabische Kunsttopferei



Claude-Conover Mid-Century striped vessel, tan colour

Large “Son Of Chaac” vase by Claude Conover; c. 1960  – USA

Height 22.5 “



Soholm-Denmark-heavy-Stoneware vase

Soholm Denmark heavy Stoneware vessel



Carl Cooper dish with Aboriginal style unglazed sgraffito decoration

Carl Cooper dish with unglazed sgraffito decoration


Retro 50's - 60's Italian Ceramic Vase

Italian Ceramic Vase 50’s – 60’s


Bitossi-Italian-Pottery-Vintage-orange vase and dish

Bitossi Italian Pottery  Orange and Tan fruit bowl and vase designed by Aldo Londi  circa 1960

( afterglow retro )



 Vintage German vase - 50's - 60's with abstract motif

 Vintage German vase – 50’s – 60’s




Imposing-vase-made-by-Schlossberg-c1960 West-German tapered cylindrical vase

Schlossberg Mid Century vase

West German, 1960





Dutch Phillips space age vintage lamp, design by Louis Kalff



Matt purple modernist retro vessels, white lava glaze panels by Carstens Tönnieshof.

West German Pottery –  Carstens Tönnieshof.

( The End of History shop )




Mid-Century-textured-vase with abstract motifs

Modernist vintage vase



Vase with mottled texture by California Originals with bold modernist shape

Mottle textured vase by California Originals, probably dating from the 1950s.



Elchinger-Ceramique modernist ceramic dish with mottled textural surface and red dots

Elchinger Ceramique



Vallauris modernist vase with trailing white drip decoration on matt black surface

Shapely example of Vallauris decorative pottery vase, glazed in matte black with brightly enamelled interior and a trailing white drip decoration.



 Tree ceramic vessels with mottled glazes from the great Gunnar Nylund of Rorstrand

A  mottled mix from the great Gunnar Nylund of Rorstrand fame. Swedish mid-century at its finest.

( End of History shop )



Soholm-Space-Age Atomic vessel, turquoise colour

Danish Soholm Space Age Pottery – Rockets and Circles



Modern retro vase by Anzolo Fuga for A.V.E.M., Murano, Italy.

Fine & rare Windows vase by Anzolo Fuga for A.V.E.M., Murano, Italy.



Large Handled Jug glazed in bright red with a dark Fat Lava overglaze by Fohr Keramik

Large Handled Jug glazed in bright red with a dark Fat Lava overglaze.

This item was made by the Fohr Keramik factory in Ransbach.

 The company was founded in 1859 and is still in production today.



VEB Haldensleben (formerly Carstens Uffrecht) fat lava glaze vase

Vase by VEB Haldensleben (formerly Carstens Uffrecht) – E.Germany

(  Eclectivist – etsy )



Mid Century modernist vase USA

American Mid Century modernist vase – 60’s



West German incised surface decorated Vase - Sawa 1950s

West German  Scrafitto Vase – Sawa 1950s

pastpresenthome – etsy


Twin handled mid century modern vase/jug

Mid-Century Modern Abstract Jug

Image source –




Scheurich Keramik vase



Vallauris studio of Auguste Lucchesi with mottled lava glaze and abstract yellow and red motifs

Vallauris tall vase from the Vallauris studio of Auguste Lucchesi.

Glazed in mottled black and white drip. Decorated with bright enamel abstract motifs.

( AnSeta )



Vallauris-lava-glaze modernist ceramic vase

Vallauris  France ‘Fat Lava’ Studio Pottery Vase   circa 1960’s

 afterglow retro



Francis Triay Neolithic range. kitchen ware mid-century

Selection of pottery by Francis Triay (See Designers) from the Neolithic range.  Made during the 60s



 Swing series vase Made in 1974 by Royal KPM.

Extraordinary Op Art vase from the Swing series. Made in 1974 by Royal KPM.

(  Eclectivist – etsy )



Cyclope-Pottery-Annecy-Emaux des Glaciers fat lava glaze vase

Cyclope Pottery Annecy Emaux des Glaciers  – 1950’s-1960’s



 VEB Haldensleben (East Germany) Mid Century handled vase with fat lava geometric pattern

Mid century handled vase by VEB Haldensleben (East Germany)



Rossello modernist pitcher from Vallauris

Striking example of Vallauris pottery by Rossello.

Little is known about this potter, who was one of the many working in Vallauris during the boom years of the 1960’s.



Modernist mid century vase with long neck and flaring rim with cut out

Studio art pottery vase with flaring rim.

height 12 inches


Retro vintage ceramic cats - salt and pepper shakers

 Cute Pair Retro Vintage 1960’s Siamese Cats Pottery Salt & Pepper shakers



Duemler-und-Breiden fat lava glaze vessels

Dumler and Breiden – Germany

( and 1 intruder )

via  J’adore Lava Fat – flickr

Dumler & Breiden large handled vase

Dumler & Breiden vase

Alessio Tasca mid-centruy bottles 1961

Retro ceramic bottles Alessio Tasca

Italy 1961

Antonia-Campi-,-1951 Mid Century modern

Mid-Century modernist umbrella stand – Antonia Campi

 Italy 1951

West German Bay-red glaze mid-century vase with black motif

West German Bay ceramic vase

Bruno_Gambone mid centruy modernist bottle

Bruno Gambone Italian modernist bottle

Fat Lava ceramic vase. 1950

Fat Lava ceramic vase.

Germany 1950

Guido Gambone vase 60's with spiral motifs

Guido Gambone vintage modern vase

Guido Gambone red geometric modernist bottle with yellow circle motif

Guido Gambone, Itlay


Rathjen biomorphic lamp base


West German Pottery Vase drip glaze Fat Lava by Bay

Bay Fat Lava vase



Ceramic White Poodle – Lisa Larson

Gustavsberg, Sweden




Jean Austruy, French




West-German-Rare-Colorful-V lave glaze

Abstract West German lava glaze mid-century vase



West German 1960s-70s pottery Jug StupidEggInteriors

West German 60’s – 70’s jug

StupidEggInteriors – etsy





Lava glazed Lampbase by Le Vaucour, Vallauris






Clay figurine artists from Abramtsevo

Moscow arts centre  – Abramtsevo

Situated 30 miles from Moscow, in a forest in close proximity to the Trinity Monastery at Sergiev Posad, lies the Abramtsevo museum and artists colony, an intellectual and artistic center that played a significant role in the development of Russian culture in the 19th Century.

Abramtsevo first came to prominence in 1843, when the estate was bought by Sergei Aksakov, a writer famous for his semi-autobiographical tales of aristocratic Russian life and treatises on country pursuits. In 1870, the estate was bought by Savva Mamontov, heir to a railroad fortune and one of the most significant figures in the development of Russian national art. He established an artists’ colony at Abramtsevo, and urged his artistic friends to return to Moscow and pursue there interests at his expense. The group that gathered around him included Art Nouveau painter Mikhail Vrubel, Realist Ilya Repin, Impressionist Valentin Serov, landscape painter Vasili Polenov, and the Vasnetsov brothers, Viktor and Apollinarius.

Abramtsevo art college Russia

Abramtsevo Bath House

The original intention of the art centre was to  increase attention on the national arts, and the preservation and development of traditional folk art. The creativity of the Abramtsevo community reflects a broader cultural tendency that emphasizes both the aesthetic and spiritual realms. Abramtsevo continues to be used as an artists retreat and there is still a School of Applied Arts operating on the estate. Many of Abramtsevo’s activities centre not just on the crafts, visual arts, and architecture but also on drama, music, and set design. Below are a collection of young ceramic artists who have graduated from Abramtsevo and have a flair for creating wonderful figurines.



 Eli Kaluga Innocent :  Eli worked for many years in a porcelain factory, and has since branched out to producing miniture figurines, usually of a lively and expressive nature.

El Innocent ceramic figurines - balerina and a man with a briefcase

El Innocent

El Innocent pottery figurines Kneeling man with miniature lady

El Innocent

El Innocent - pottery figurine of seated lady talking on the phone

El Innocent ceramic figurine

Four ballerinas - El Innocent

Four Dancing Ballerinas – El Innocent

El Innocent ceramic art figurine

El Innocent

El Innocent man reclining on floor.

Preferring floor to bed – El Innocent

El Innocent Woman dragging her cart

El Innocent

El Innocent - Tea gossip

Tea Gossip – El Innocent

Dancing Couple - El Innocent Figurine of male and female couple dancing

Dancing Couple – El Innocent

The main house at Abramtsevo has been well preserved and has distinct French Empire style, designed during the Aksakov era, and a Neo-Russian interior from Mamontov’s time at the complex. It is believed that the main house at Abramtsevo was the basis of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard.

Alexey Illarionov :

Alexey Illarionov ceramic sculpture of a lizzard

Lizard  sitting on a rock – Alexey Illarionov


Alexey Illarionov ceramic sculpture

 Alexey Illarionov

Galina Bulganin :

Galina-Bulganin figurine of girl holding her cat

‘Girl and cat’ – Galina Bulganin



'The  Creative Process' - Galina Bulganin lady reclining on a turtle

‘The  Creative Process’ – Galina Bulganin



Girl sleeping on a bull Bulganin-Galina.

‘Abduction of Europe’ – Galina Bulganin


Elya Yalonetskaya ;

 Elya Yalonetskaya figurine of a lady with a fan

‘Lady with fan’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Nezhnost' - Elya Yalonetskaya - sculpture of a couple embracing in a yatch

‘Nezhnost’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Isadora' - Elya Yalonetskaya - figurine of lady riding a bycicle

‘Isadora’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



Clay-figurine of lovers together -  Elya Yalonetskaya

‘Love’ – Elya Yalonetskaya


'Malishka' - Elya Yalonetskaya- mother with child

‘Malishka’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Dreamer' - Elya Yalonetskaya - couple seated on crescent moon on top of female head

‘Dreamer’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'For a walk' - Elya Yalonetskaya - three children with  fish seated on the back of a horse

‘For a walk’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Curious Eyes' - Elya Yalonetskaya - figurine of a child holding onto his mothers apron

‘Curious Eyes’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Girl with flowers' - Elya Yalonetskaya

‘Girl with flowers’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'One that brings children' - Elya Yalonetskaya

‘One that brings children’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Ptica' - Elya Yalonetskaya ceramic sculpture of a girl with the body of a bird

‘Ptica’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'Spring' - Elya Yalonetskaya - Girl seated on an abstract horse

‘Spring’ – Elya Yalonetskaya

Elya Yalonetskaya Figurine of a magician performing tricks

‘Best Number’ – Elya Yalonetskaya

Elya Yalonetskaya - figurine of a red headed woman playing a guitar

‘Ms.A’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



Elya Yalonetskaya - clay sculpture of a zany man riding a horse

‘magi4eskaya mnogostupen4atost’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



Elya Yalonetskaya portrait

Elya Yalonetskaya

Elya Yalonetskaya white ceramic sculpture of a woman

‘Teatralka’ – Elya Yalonetskaya

'Tam visoko' - Elya Yalonetskaya - figurine of young couple riding a white horse

‘Tam visoko’ – Elya Yalonetskaya



'The release of the unconscious' - Elya Yalonetskaya

‘The release of the unconscious’ – Elya Yalonetskaya


Marina Nelyubina :

Ceramic sculpture of a girl riding a snail by Marina Nelyubina

Marina Nelyubina



Marina Nelyubina vase wiith relief figure if a girl

Marina Nelyubina

Church of the Saviour Not Made by Human Hand,

Many various buildings have been built on the Abramtsevo estate by the resident artists. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Church of the Saviour Not Made by Human Hand, a miniscule church based on the medieval Novgorod designs. Inside the church are icons courtesy of Ilya Repin and Michael Nesterov, and the tiled stove and mosaic floor (in the shape of a blooming flower) are examples of Vrubel’s and Viktor Vasnetsov’s work respectively.


Anastasia Tarasova :

Anastasia Tarasova sculptured rhinoserous

Anastasia Tarasova

Anastasia Tarasova with sculpture

Anastasia Tarasova



Abramtsevo students and veterans meet

Abramtsevo students and veterans meet at 125 year anniversary



more on Abramtsevo artists here



The Okinawan Clayart Bio Chi

Banyan Tree ( native to Okinawa ) vessel


The pottery of Samsung Miyagi and family 


When I first glanced at the pottery of Samsung (Mitsunari ) Miyagi from Okinawa in Japan, I felt his works emanated a vibrancy and clarity which is usually indicative of a positive Chi. He comes from a family of potters and the other family members also produced pieces of a similar quality. Then I recollected how the Okinawan’s have the distinction of having the highest concentration of centenarians in the world. Around 97% of the residents of Okinawa live their life without suffering any physical ailments.

Having  an interest in Eastern medicine and having considered the unique Okinawan longevity, I thought I might briefly mention some of the factors that caught my attention. Diet wise, they consume around seven different vegetables in a meal, and they favor sweet potatoes and bitter melons. They never eat till they feel full, but stop at about 75% capacity. Before they eat they toast with the words – ‘hara hachi bu’ -which basically means – ‘overeating :  not a very good idea’ . This reflects their cultural belief in balance and moderation. They subsist on around 1200 calories per day ( average in the West is 3600 ) They only indulge in a minimal consumption of meat and favor fish and tofu for proteins, along with seaweeds, miso and rice.

The Okinawan’s believe they are teenagers up to the age of 50, which is probably the most distinctive quality in their mindset compared to the West. A powerful affirmation of youth in that belief ! They remain high spirited into their 100’s and they drink more tea then water, preferring high quality green tea and kohencha tea.

I’m tempted to purchase one of their pieces just to be reminded of the life affirming Chi they so successfully cultivate.



Samsung Miyagi :

Samsung Miyagi lidded bowl

Futamono  – Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi ceramic square bottle

Square bottle

Samsung Miyagi octopus vase

Ocotpus ceramic vessel – Samsung Miyagi


Porcelain Cup - arabesque pattern - Samsung Miyagi

Porcelain Cup – arabesque pattern  –  Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi carved teal vase

Carved green vase

Samsung Miyagi vase

Samsung Miyagi vase

Japanese Samsung Miyagi ceramic bottle

Vessel with finger impressions



Samsung Miyagi carved vase

Surface carved vase

Okinawa Kiln

Okinawa Kiln

Ceramic Cup with arabesque design - Samsung Miyagi

 Cup with arabesque design – Samsung Miyagi

Large Vase Floral Design Samsung Miyagi

Large Vase Floral Design

Long neck ceramic bottle - Samsung Miyagi

Long neck ceramic bottle –  Samsung Miyagi

Hibiscus design teapot - Samsung Miyagi

Hibiscus design teapot – Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi Ceramic bottle with fish motif

Samsung Miyagi Ceramic bottle with fish motif

Octopus Tokkuri ( Sake pouring vessel )

Octopus Tokkuri ( Sake pouring vessel )

Hibiscus Flower Plate - Samsung Miyagi

Hibiscus Plate – Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pottery

Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pottery



Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pottery vase

Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pottery – Tall Vase 35cm

Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pot

Samsung Miyagi Okinawa pot

Green glaze bottle - Samsung Miyagi

Green glaze bottle –  Samsung Miyagi

Green glaze engraved bottle - Samsung Miyagi

Engraved Vase 30cm height –  Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi vessels ready for the kiln

Samsung Miyagi vessels Waiting to be fired

Crab motif vase Samsung Miyagi

Crab motif vase – Samsung Miyagi

CrabTeapot - Samsung Miyagi

 Teapot – Samsung Miyagi

Hand painted Bamboo design - Samsung Miyagi

Hand painted Bamboo design –  Samsung Miyagi

Green Mitsunari Saki bottle by Samsung Miyagi

Green Mitsunari Saki bottle by Samsung Miyagi

Japan fish design plate - Samsung Miyagi

Japan fish design plate – Samsung Miyagi

 Large square platter - Gajimaru trees by Samsung Miyagi

 Large square platter – Gajimaru trees

Large Fish Carving Vase - Samsung Miyagi

Large Vase –  Samsung Miyagi



Samsung Miyagi ceramic shop, Okinawa Japan

Samsung Miyagi ceramic shop, Okinawa  Japan



Censer incense vessel - Samsung Miyagi

Censer incense vessel –  Samsung Miyagi

Samsung Miyagi green glaze ceramic bottle

Samsung Miyagi green glaze ceramic bottle

Jade green bottle - Samsung Miyagi

Jade green bottle – Samsung MiyagiCeramic bottle - Satoshi Miyagi

Ceramic bottle –  Satoshi Miyagi ( father of Samsung Miyagi  )

Ceramic Dobuzuke - Satoshi Miyagi

Dobuzuke – Satoshi Miyagi

Large carved ceramic vessel - Satoshi Miyagi

Large carved ceramic vessel – Satoshi Miyagi

Dachibin - Sumiko Miyagi ( mother of Samsung Miyagi )Dachibin – Sumiko Miyagi (  mother of Samsung Miyagi )

Kinjo Toshio fish ceramic bottle

Kinjo Toshio – (  Uncle of Samsung Miyagi  )

Fish and shrimp design bottle - Jiro Kinjo

 Fish and shrimp carved design bottle  – Jiro Kinjo  (  grandfather of Samsung Miyagi )

Satoshi Miyagi



Ceramics in black and white


Black on white or vice versa has been used effectively with Eastern calligraphy in art to draw more attention to the the form of the strokes. As the letters quite often consist of simple strokes, the combination is stark and appealing. Early Greek pottery also featured a strong emphasis on using black figures over a lighter background. giving a silhouette effect.

Monochromatic imagery commands a different perception, especially if you’re working without any shades in between. With black and white, the greater contrast makes a bolder statement, creates more depth and mystique, and makes the patterns and designs more dramatic. This can be compelling or conversely over-intensify the appearance. Black and white always produces textures that appear to have more depth and crisper lines by virtue of the wider dynamic range and greater contrast. The added resolution and detail that is possible adds a hyper-realism to the subject, this is evident in B & W photography.

Due to not having the option of using colour film in the beginning, both photography and movies progressed the genre of black and white to a captivating level. Since the late 1960’s, few mainstream films have been shot entirely in black-and-white. In photography it also is less favored then in earlier eras, even though colour digital files can be converted to black and white relatively easily. I think that black and white ceramic arts are being more explored now then in the past. Pottery has always had a range of several colours to work with and never really went through a stage where black and white was used exclusively. With decorative ceramics, it is harder to utilize the shades of grey as easily as in the photo medium, so monochromatic combinations are more common in purely black and white decorative styles.




Kathy Victorino - black and white geometric zig zag potKathy Victorino – black and white geometric ceramic vessel




Black and white modern bar stool

Black and white modernist bar stool



Sally Hook black and white vase with sun and male face motifs

Black and white vase – Sally Hook




Art Deco vase, decorated with spherical, geometric black graphics.

Molded earthenware Art Deco vase, decorated with spherical, geometrized black graphics.

Signed  Fructuoso –    1930’s




Vintage Arabia ceramic Zebra, 1963 Finland

Vintage Arabia Zebra, 1963 Finland Black and White Pottery – Domestikate




Populate or Perish - Ceramic sculpture by Pru Morrison white kangaroos on a black background

‘Populate or Perish’ – Pru Morrison




Square Tumbler with Buzzard - Adam Posnak

Square Tumbler with Buzzard – Adam Posnak



Handbuilt Tripod Ceramic Vessel by Carol Eddy

Handbuilt Tripod Ceramic Vessel with colored engobes and stains

Carol Eddy



Acoma Sgraffito Pottery Jar - R Garciawith deer and bird motifs with abstract patterns

Acoma Sgraffito Pottery Jar –  R Garcia



Junko Kitamura - Black and white ceramic bowl

Junko Kitamura – Black/white bowl



maria_acosta_black_creme pottery

Maria Acosta

Maria is known for her flawless painting and unique figures on the bottom of her pots. She is a fixture in the Central barrio of Mata Ortiz with her many varied designs .




Dorothy Torivio - Black on White geometric olla vessel

Dorothy Torivio  – Black-on-White




Sally Hook twin handled vase

Sally Hook — twin handled black and white vase



Black and White decanters - Scheier

Black and White decanters  – Scheier



Laura Carrlin Ceramics - London, UK

Laura Carrlin Ceramics – London



Sew Zinski abstract contemporary ceramic bowl

Sew Zinski ceramic bowl



Sarvas black & white abstract black and white wavy design pottery vessel

Savvas Pottery



Marianne Starck for Michael Andersen (Denmark) sgraffito jug / vase with deer motifs. Circa 1960

Marianne Starck for Michael Andersen (Denmark) sgraffito vase. Circa 1960



Nkhensani Nkosi - " Tea Time Moments " teapot with cup and saucer

Nkhensani Nkosi –  ” Tea Time Moments “


Rowena Gilbert bowls

Rowena Gilbert



Miry Clay stoneware pottery tray

Miry Clay Pottery



Hubert Ceramics cubist teapot

Hubert Ceramics cubist slab teapot



Chulucanas Pottery - three B and W vessels

Chulucanas Pottery



Jan Richardson square vase with four legs - Spring

Jan Richardson – ‘Spring’ –square vase



Black n white Raku geometric vase - Terry Ha

Black n white Raku vase – Terry Ha




PlaceTime-Staffordshire teapot

Staffordshire Tea Pot



Black and white ceramic vessels with incised surface

Mermaid Bowl Dark blue sgrafitto on white byTessa Morgan

Mermaid Bowl Dark blue sgrafitto on white – Tessa Morgan

Tessa’s signature work consists of a white clay body decorated in dark blue slip which is then dipped in a clear glaze.



Black and white surafce textured vessel

Black and white surafce textured vessel

Dries Holten mid century modernist vase

Dutch Vase – mid-century – Dries Holten



Julia Janeway sgraffito magpie plate, black and white bird on mustard yellow background

Julia Janeway magpie dish



Gordon-baldwin-bowl fine ceramic walls

Gordon Baldwin Bowl

( Andrew Muir )



Atomic 1950's Sgraffito patterned dish by Lord David Queensberry

Atomic 1950’s Sgraffito patterned dish by Lord David Queensberry for Crown Staffordshire China 1955



Acoma pottery canteen vessel with sgraffito decoration - R.Garcia

Acoma pottery canteen vessel with sgraffito decoration – R.Garcia



Seraphin Soudbiinine Stylized Fish In The Shape Of A LyreSeraphin Soudbiinine Stylized Fish In The Shape Of A Lyre

National Ceramics Museum Sevres – France



Mid Century Modernist Pitcher Carstens " Hawaii " - 1957

Mid Century Pitcher Carstens ” Hawaii “  – 1957



Japanese Contemporary Vase - Kondô YutakaJapanese Vase – Kondô Yutaka



Black and White paisley toilet bowl

Paisley Throne in black and white



Keith Campbell black and white lidded vessel

Keith Campbell

Black and white plate by Jjanna Rebecca Lucario Acoma

Jjanna  Rebecca Lucario Acoma – black and white plate



Contemporary Swirl Bowl - DiVanityDesigns

Swirl Bowl –  DiVanityDesigns

Update 10 june 2014

Wolfworks Studios abstract vase

Wolfworks Studios abstract vase, black and white

Wolfworks Studios black and white baluster vase with naked person motif

Wolfworks Studios abstract vase

Yoshiro Ikeda contemporary Japanese pottery lidded vessel

Yoshiro Ikeda contemporary Japanese pottery

Black and white face close up - Diane Huminic-pinterest

Black and white face close up  – Diane Huminic-pinterest

Black and White face paint - piccsy

Black and White face paint – via piccsy

Jun Kaneko Dango, 2001 Hand built glazed ceramic--83h-x-30w-x-16

Jun Kaneko Dango, 2001 Hand built glazed ceramic sculpture

83 inch height  x 30 x 16

magpie figurine by Anita Reay

Anita Reay magpie sculpture


moodie girl-print-motif cearmic vessel - Pauline- Doyle

Moody Girl ceramic bottle – Pauline Doyle

Using terra-cotta clay, I spray over the red clay with a white slip. After the slip drys a bit, I scratch back through the slip to see  the clay and produce a design on the form. Here you see two faces. Later, I shade with underglaze or coloured slip. This ancient process is known as sgraffito. – Pauline Doyle



PS Porcelain cup face motif female

PS Porcelain cup



Stig Lindberg dish for Gustavsberg with illustration in black on white of a girl hanging clothes

Stig Lindberg dish for Gustavsberg

Jun Kaneko,-Dango,

Jun Kaneko, Black and White Dango,



Black and white squiggle bowl by Mark Dally

Large black and white squiggle bowl by Mark Dally

Chris Theiss A Change Of Direction

Chris Theiss – ‘A Change Of  Direction’ –  a teapot of challenging perspectives.

Whiteware, vitreous slip, sgraffito – Height 16 inches




Harris-Deller--geometrically spiral decorated vessel

Harris Deller

Cinema Gallery




Laurie-Goldstein-~-Teapot in black and white stripes

Laurie Goldstein





‘Patchwork Bottle Form’ by Ryan Thomas




Pierre-Boncampain--vase-vénus-fond-bleu - Squatting nude female motif

Pierre Boncampain — vase vénus fond bleu





Sarah-Farrelly-wildboar scuplpture in black and white

‘Wildboar’ Sarah Farrelly


Ursula-Commandeur abstract ceramic art

Ursula Commandeur


Gordon-Baldwin-abstract-black and white ceramic cup

Gordon Baldwin-1996



black and whit lidded vessel Alistair Danhieux

Alistair Danhieux pottery, France




Corrine-Chino fine detail hand painted Acoma Pueblo pottery

 Fine line hand painted Acoma Pueblo pottery – Corrine Chino

angular-sgraffito cup-Christopher-Theiss

“Staged Kitchen Cup” – Angular sgraffito cup — Christopher Theiss




‘Celestial Matter’ by Ronnie Phillips

The Appalachian Center for Craft


Mid Century ceramic black and white pourer and salt and pepper shakers
Mid Century Ellis ceramic black and white pourer and salt and pepper shakers


Ans Vink-paper-mache-clay-paverol-figures

Ans Vink paper mache clay paverol figures






Tim Christensen – fine drawings on porcelain pottery


The detailed sgraffito pottery of Tim Christensen :


Tim works exclusively  with black and white drawings on porcelain pottery with the motive of conveying a message for the times. Christensen claims his work reflects his environment, and the rhythmic, meditative movements of throwing the clay, shaping the vessels, sanding and carving them, give him time to become even closer to the woods, the sea and the night sky.

Tim’s story :  ” I have been making black and white pieces since 2003. I am getting better as I get deeper into this technique of sgraffito. My work is narrative, specifically illustrated, sometimes spiritual, often funny, and understandable. “


  ” I make pots about the times in which we live, and the challenges of living in a time in which we are divorced from the natural world around us. I make my work to be appreciated by those who know a lot or a little about porcelain or art, and make it with the hopes that some of these pots will survive longer than me or the culture in which we live, and will still be as pertinent and relevant then as now. ”   Sgraffito porcelain 'Hardwork' - Tim Christensen  Abstract wave form ceramic vessel with etched sea life surface

‘Hardwork’ – Tim Christensen

  ” I live in an off-grid cabin near the ocean in Roque Bluffs, Maine. My studio is the woods when the weather is fair, and in the cabin when it isn’t. ”       Ovoid black and white porcelain vessel - 'Squidcircus'  - Tim Christensen

‘Squidcircus’  – Tim Christensen


  ” To me, more important than the immediate political or social issues of the day is the greater struggle of humans to find a way to fit back in to the natural pattern of life on earth. This is the defining struggle of our time, and I feel compelled to illustrate this on my pottery. ”     Swimming octopus plate by Tim Christensen



  ” I make my forms on a kick wheel nestled in a hollow in the woods, draw where I please, usually in front of a small camp fire, and fire the work in a gas fired kiln, to which I have attached a bread oven. This arrangement allows me to be in very close contact with all of the natural rhythms coursing around us all. The ocean is about 300 yards away, and I often pack up my tools and a few pieces and draw on a very small island named “Despair”. “When I’m drawing, I portray things I’m really interested in, I feel like they are a photograph of my thoughts. Almost like an illustration of my dreams.  If  I can pull my conscious mind out of the process, I find greater insights than I would ever be able to put into words.”     Porcelain sgraffito of a herd of moose by Tim Christensen

‘Herd’  – Tim Christensen

    Porcelain vase with dragonflies in flight - Tim Christensen

‘Lotus’ – Tim Christensen

  “Across a channel is the island “Hope”. Seals, a family of eagles, my girlfriend Jenna, and our two dogs are constant companions whether I am working on our land or at the water. ”     Ovoid porcelain vessel with sgraffito art - Kingfisher bird diving

‘I saw a kingfisher’  – Tim Christensen



Creating porcelain sgraffito art - Tim Christensen

Scratching through the surface on a piece of porcelain



Making a sgraffito vessel on the veranda - Tim Christensen

Sgraffito work on the porch with Tim Christensen




swordfish+and+mackarel+11 inch ovoid vase high -Tim Christensen

‘Swordfish and Mackarel’ – Tim Christensen

11 inches height



winter+clam+digger+8+in+high Tim Christensen sgraffito art

‘Winter Clam Digger’ – Tim Christensen

Height 8 inches

Tim Christensen sitting outdoors scratching the surface of an ovoid vessel

Tim Christensen

Tim uses the sgraffito method to draw pictures on his porcelain vessels. Each vessel is made with layers of contrasting clay colors and he carefully carves a drawing into the top layer, revealing some of the layer beneath.


Tim Christensen Porcelain lidded box-  Woodswalk - A man walking his dog in the woods with a flock of overhead birds

‘Woodswalk’ – Tim Christensen




merganser-Tim-Christensen  sgraffito figurine of a duck

‘Merganser’ -Tim Christensen




octopod+sculpture by Tim-Christensen in black and white porcelain sgraffito

‘Ocotpod’ – Tim Christensen




sea+wall+tile+11+inch+high  Sgraffito ceramic wall panel with sealife  - Tim Christensen

‘Sea Wall Tile’ – Tim Christensen

11 inches height




wrens+and+grass+10 inches high Black and white sgraffito vase by tim-christensen

‘Wrens and Grass’  – Tim Christensen



More on Tim Chistensen here.