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Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris


Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris ceramic exhibition

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Les Journées de la Céramique  – ‘the ceramics days’ – 20th anniversary


In 1995, a group of ceramicists and experts founded the Paris-Potier Association with the intention of creating an important ceramic event in Paris in an easily accessible place, to become a showcase for ceramics. The aim was to manifest a friendly outdoor program to present ceramic sculpture in the same light as day-to-day utility objects. The Paris-Potier team has continued as an association consisting of a dozen professional ceramists, who every year invite ceramic exhibitors to present a coherent, lively and renewed pottery gathering for the Parisian public.




Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris - A girl holding a ceramic sculpture

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Annual ceramique market in Paris





Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris 2016

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Some of the ceramic artists participating in the show.



Ceramic sculpture – Brigitte Long

‘I like to give substance to matter-earth; It is my favorite support. I lead her, she carries me away; It is a game or a melee with matter, with fire. Model, transform, assemble, deform, paint, engrave, inhabit a space, open it and make it vibrate. Inspired by nature, the mineral and conscious of this reality so fragile and complex, I seek simplicity and the essential in the forms and the materials.’



Agnès-Coupey-glazed ceramic-table

Agnès Coupey – glazed ceramic table with steel legs




Ainsley Muraour




Alain Gaudebert French ceramicist



Anne Krog functional pottery



Rachel-Wood pottery bowl

Rachel Wood footed bowl

‘ I am inspired by the world around me…the colours, shapes and the textures of the landscape.’
‘ I want each pot to convey its own spirit and character…to have a pulse and a heartbeat. I want the marks to reflect the journey of exploration and learning in each pot, just as a wrinkle or dimple depicts expression and character in a human face.’



Armel-Hédé-contemporary-ceramics - pastel glaze vessel

Armel Hédé jar with incised surface




Armel Hédé — raku ovoid vessel



Armel Hédé at his studio

Armel Hédé



Armel-Hédé-lidded-jar earth tones

Armel Hédé lidded jar





Fabienne Auzolle – ceramic figure sculptures




Beatriz-Trepat-ceramic-bottles orange and brown

Beatriz Trepat ceramic bottles



Belhaj-Myriam-potière-platter with fish motif

Belhaj Myriam potière platter



Belhaj-Myriam-potière plate

Belhaj Myriam ceramic decor plate



Benedicte-Vallet-cream color ceramic-sculpture

Benedicte Vallet



bertholon-stephanie-light blue-vases reptile patterns

 Stephanie Bertholon – light blue porcelain vases, reptile skin patterns




Corinne Betton--ceramic-bowls

Corinne Betton–ceramic-bowls




Betton-Corinne-French ceramicist

Corinne Betton



'Big-Tree-Cloud' ceramic sculpture -Marianne Abergel

‘Big Tree Cloud’ ceramic sculpture – Marianne Abergel



bleue-carte-vessel-Philippe Buraud

Philippe Buraud  —  Terra sigillata bleue carte


Terra sigillata: the technique
Clays found in the nature are thoroughly mixed in a large quantity of rain water. Addition of sodium silicate favors the dispersion and decantation of heavy clay particles. After a long time of decantation (up to a month), only the upper very liquid part, which contains the finest clay particles, is kept. This liquid is used in successive thin layers to cover the dry raw clay body and polished in between each layer:  a technique very similar to Japanese lacquer. The remarkable shine of the finished piece is due to the alignment of the fine clay particles which reflect the light. The piece is then bisqued and smoked fired with wood. Depending on the nature of both the clay body and the terra sigillata, tensions may appear and will be revealed by the smoke firing process. Warm and transparent colors range from white to black through all the color palette of natural ochre.


Françoise-Nugier ceramic lidded jar

Françoise Nugier ceramic lidded jar




Jean François Bourlard



Jean-François-Bourlard ceramic sculpture vessel

Jean François Bourlard ceramic sculpture vessel



Bouteilles-et-bol-Stéphanie Gamby

Bouteilles et bol – Stéphanie Gamby



Brigitte-Labb,-ceramic poly-chrome sculpture

Brigitte Labb, sculpture




Brigitte Penicaud



Britta-Mikasch-ceramic-jugs in black and white

Britta Mikasch ceramic jugs




Britta Mikasch-ceramic vase and bottles



bustier-pascal-jaouenPascal Jaouen, an embroiderer, for whom the earthenware company created in 2008 a faience bustier for his 2008 collection presented at the Festival de Cornouaille

Faience bustier by Pascal Jaouen, made by  the earthenware company Henriot, created in 2008 for the Festival de Cornouaille




Françoise Nugier cache pots




Cardona-Jacqueline-André rooster platter

Cardona Jacqueline André – three roosters motif platter




Christian-Bourceau tea bowl

Christian Bourceau tea bowl



ceramicist-Alex-Standen three cups

Alex Standen three cups




Ceramic vase by Job Heykamp

Ceramic vase by Job Heykamp



Dutch ceramicist Job Heykamp




Ceramist-Jane-Reumert sculpture vessel

Danish ceramist Jane Reumert



Christine-Fabre-crimson ceramic-sculpture

Christine Fabre




Christina Guwang ceramic cup




Christine Fabre



cirque-5---Marianne Abergel ceramique

‘Cirque 5’  — Marianne Abergel



coupe-bleue-2-Marianne Abergel French ceramics

Coupe Bleue 2 – Marianne Abergel



cruche_2-Beatriz-Trepat cerazmic jug

Beatriz Trepat ceramic jug



Delphine Dardare-ceramic-vessels

Delphine Dardare



Richard Dewar--ceramic-sculptures

Richard Dewar — ceramic sculptures



Dominique-Bajard-ceramic sculpture France

Dominique Bajard sculpture



Dupuy-Thierry pottery vase

Thierry Dupuy



Elvira-Keller-Altri-Mondi ceramic sculpture

Elvira Keller — Altri Mondi




Fanny Acquart Gensollen ceramic jewelry



Françoise-Chaussy-ceramic art vases

Françoise Chaussy ceramic art vases




Francoise Dufayard



Françoise-Nugier-ceramic-vase abstract glaze decoration

Françoise Nugier ceramic vase



Les Journées de la Céramique - Paris - head sculptures

Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris



Gaëlle Guingant-Convert ceramique sculptures

Gaëlle Guingant-Convert ceramique sculptures




Gaudebert-Alain--ceramic polychrome vase

Alain Gaudebert — ceramic sculpture vase



Guy-Honoré--contemporary sculpture

Guy Honoré — contemporary sculpture



Gaëlle-Guingant-Convert ceramic -ribbed-sculpture

Gaëlle Guingant-Convert



Héloïse-Bariol-ceramic art -plate

Bariol Héloïse




Hélène Loussier porcelain figurine





Hemery Gwenael – abstract ceramic vase



Heloise-Bariol-ceramic dish greens and peach colors

Heloise Bariol ceramic dish



ceramics on display-Myriam-Belhaj

Myriam Belhaj




Jean Francois Thierion




Jean Francois Thierion with paint gun



Jérôme-Galvin-ceramic-vase with fixes and birds

Jérôme Galvin – ceramic vase



Jérôme Galvin



Joly-Didier-pottery-free form vase

Didier Joly – free form ceramic vase




Kaori Kurihara ceramic sculpture



Michel Lanos abstract-ceramics

Michel Lanos ceramic abstractions



Large conical bowl---Rachel-Wood-Gallery

Large conical bowl — Rachel Wood




Pierre Dutertre and Stephanie Gamby



lLaure Giraudaud-biomorphic-sculptures

Laure Giraudaud biomorphic sculptures




Laurent Dufour




Les Journées de la Céramique workshop



Louise Gardelle-pottery-jug naked lady motif

Louise Gardelle ceramic jug with naked lady motif




Marc Michel Gabali---ceramic contemporary vase

Marc Michel Gabali



Marie Pierre Meheust_boat-sculpture

Marie Pierre Meheust



Marie Sophie André-ceramic-figure-sculpture


Marie Sophie André ceramic figure sculpture



Martine Le Fur-céramiste--ceramic-sculpture

Martine Le Fur



Maya Micenmacher-ceramic-plates

Maya Micenmacher



Marie-Sophie-André ceramic abstract sculpture

Marie Sophie André



Michel Le Gentil_ceramic sculpture vase

Michel Le Gentil




Michel Gardelle



Mireille Moser-pottery-vase

Mireille Moser



Mireille Moser green vase

Mireille Moser




Monika Debus céramique sculpture



Monika Debus céramique sculpture green and black

Monika Debus céramique sculpture



Myriam Chemla hand painted porcelain



Nani Champy Schott--cup

Nani Champy Schott




Nani Champy Schott





Francoise Nugier pottery vase



Marianne-Abergel ceramic sculpture

Marianne Abergel




Rozenn Bigot




Sarah Clotuche



Stéphanie Raymond-mother child -plate

Stéphanie Raymond – mother child ceramic plate




Ule Ewelt




Vase bleu – Aline Lafollie ceramique



café céramique from Luc Riolon on Vimeo.



NEXT POST  —  Los Angeles ceramic sculptor – Beverley Morrison


Venice contemporary and modern art



Giancarlo-Franco-Tramontin,-white marble contemporary sculpture

Giancarlo Franco Tramontin

Venice Biennial 2013


The Venice Biennial beginning


In 1895, Riccardo Selvatico, the mayor of Venice conceived the ambitious idea to have a permanent international contemporary art exhibition, where artists from primarily Europe, were invited to participate. As it gradually evolved in the early 20th century and was held on a biennial basis, influential countries at this time desired their own art pavilions, which was granted, and they flourished in the Giardini, the public gardens of Venice initiated by Napoleon.
The contemporary and visionary direction of the Biennial was reinforced in 1948, after a 6 year hiatus due to WW2. It restarted with an exhibition of Cubist and Surrealist trends including a retrospective of Picasso (his first appearance at the Biennale at age 67) and works by artists Ernst, Dali, Kandinsky, Klee, Miro, Giacometti and Mondrian.  The Biennale has continued to exhibit avant-garde art, including the introduction of abstract expressionism in the 1950’s and recognizing PopArt in the 60‘s. In 1956 there was a significant Impressionist Exhibition which presented works by Monet, Sisley, Cézanne, Degas, Gauguin, and Van Gogh. The French Pavilion lined up personal collections of Maillol, Braque, and Chagall while the British Pavilion brought Turner and Henry Moore to Venice.



Phyllida Barlow’s sculptural installation, 'Folly,' in the British Pavilion.Credit Gianni Cipriano for The New York Times

Phyllida Barlow’s sculptural installation, ‘Folly,’ in the British Pavilion.

Photo – Gianni Cipriano, Venice Biennale 2017


There are now over 90 international pavilions that feature contemporary art during the Venice Biennial art show along with numerous other gallery spaces that populate the labyrinth of Venice.The Biennale is open from May to November and is the oldest and largest biennale, making it one of the most prestigious international events in the contemporary art world today.
The main exhibit of the Biennale is located in the Giardini, a sprawling park that features a large Central Pavilion housing the works curated by the festival’s director. Every Biennale is curated by a different director, who chooses the theme along with the exhibits for the Central Pavilion (the original site of the Biennale) and in the Arsenale, the historic fortress-like shipyard and armory from the era when Venice was a major world power.

The grandeur of the centuries old architecture of Venice, featuring enchanting Gothic, Byzantine, and Moorish influenced palaces and mixed with buildings of charm and huge warehouse galleries, densely planted on its winding canals, provides an intriguing and striking contrariety for showcasing contemporary, cutting edge art and installations. The  Biennale remains a premier destination for art enthusiasts.

The 57th International Art Exhibition – Viva Arte Viva, curated by Christine Macel and organized by the Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta, will be open until Sunday 26 November 2017.



Palazzo delle Esposizioni Giardini, Venezia, 2009

Photo: Giorgio Zucchiatti




Nigeria-Peju-Alatise-Flying-Girls-2017 -- Photo-Courtesy-Peju-Alatise-noresize Nigerian-Pavilion-installation

Nigeria artist Peju Alatise – ‘Flying Girls’ at the Nigerian Pavilion

Venice Biennial 2017 — Photo Peju Alatise



Maiastra-bronze sculpture--Constantin-Brancusi

‘Maiastra’ — Constantin Brancusi

Peggy Guggenheim Collection



55th-venice-biennale-2013-Marc-Quinn sculptural head

Marc Quinn sculptural head

55th Venice Biennale. 2013



Shoja Azarii – Frame from video narrative ‘Banquette of Houries (King Of Black)’ retelling Iranian Nizami Ganjavi’s epic poem, Haft Pyykar (Seven Beauties)



Roberto Cuoghi - 'Il Palazzo Enciclopedico'

Roberto Cuoghi – ‘Belinda’

‘Il Palazzo Enciclopedico’ 55th Venice biennale 2013




Benedictine Monks Contemplate Perspective—John Pawson




Tony Cragg – ‘Secretions’ 

Ca’ Pesaro – Gallery of Modern Art – 2005



Subodh Gupta,-'Hungry Gods' Palazzo Grassi

Subodh Gupta,-‘Hungry Gods’

Palazzo Grassi


Art Biennale exhibition, Venice 1964. Sculpture – Standing, Vertical, Voluptuous

Photo by Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche-Getty Images



A boat with two oars made of tree roots and soil by Finnish Olavi Lanoo,Venice 1978Photo by Adriano AlecchiMondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

A boat with two oars made of tree roots and soil by Finn, Olavi Lanoo,Venice 1978

Photo by Adriano Alecchi Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)



Cindy-Sherman sculpture doll

Cindy Sherman



Sarah Lucas bronze sculpture Venice Biennial

Sarah Lucas bronze sculpture

Venice Biennial 2015





3d printed sculpture – Zaha Hadid



‘Guardians of Time’ – Manfred Kili Kielnhofer




At the Correr Museum in Venice, 'Gruppo di Leda e il Cigno'. This is a Roman replica from Hadrian's era of a 1st century Greek original.

 ‘Gruppo di Leda e il Cigno’  – Roman replica 0f 1st Century Greek original

At the Correr Museum in Venice,



Bill-Viola-Emergence -- Renaissance--Carpaccio

Bill Viola ‘Emergence’  — Renaissance–Carpaccio



Blue-Star-Linz---Otto-Piene monumental abstract sculpture

‘Blue Star Linz’ — Otto Piene


Tree sculpture - Celeste Boursier Mougenot--French-pavilion

Celeste Boursier Mougenot — French pavilion



Chinese artist Liu Ruo Wang Iron Wolves. At the center of the copy of Michelangelo's Pietà. They symbolize the art and religious persecution insecurity.

Chinese artist Liu Ruo Wang ‘Iron Wolves’ at the center of the copy of Michelangelo’s Pietà




Chris-Ofili-paintings Biennale-di-Venezia

Chris Ofili paintings

Biennale di Venezia



‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable’ — Damien Hirst – 2017 Venice Biennial – ‘Vive Arte Viva’

189 treasures retrieved from the ocean floor —  ‘Treasures tap into a desire for belief, for a connection with the past’,  – Damien Hirst

‘Somewhere between lies and truth lies the truth’



Damien-Hirst-The-warrior-and-the-Bear scuylpture

The warrior and the Bear’ – Damien Hirst



damien-Damien Hirst’s ‘Demon with Bowl’hirst-treasures-from-the-wreck-unbelievable-venice-art-biennale_Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana Photo Prudence Cuming

Damien Hirst’s ‘Diablo with Bowl’ — Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana

Photo Prudence Cuming




Damien Hirst-Treasures-from-the-wreck-Unbelievable-venice-art-biennal-Headless Diablo with bowl

Headless Diablo with bowl – Damien Hirst




‘Aspect of Katie Ishtar ¥o-landi’ Mauro Eugenio Atzei - flickr

‘Aspect of Katie Ishtar Yo-landi’ – Damien Hirst

Mauro Eugenio Atzei – flickr




‘Hydra and Kali’ Damien Hirst



Damien Hirst-in Venice Save fantasy--Aten, Punta-della Dogana

Damien Hirst in Venice Save Fantasy 2017 — ‘Aten’

Punta-della Dogana



Damien Hirst in Venice Save fantasy Lion Women of Mayor Asit, Punta della Dogana

Damien Hirst in Venice Save fantasy ‘Lion Women of Asit Mayor ‘

Punta della Dogana



Damien-Hirst--'Sphinx'-white sculpture

Damien Hirst–‘Sphinx’


‘Taking the Mickey’ – Damien Hirst



'Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable' Barnacle Goofy sculpture

‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable’ Barnacle Goofy sculpture – Damien Hirst



'Hydra and Kali' - Damien Hirst - sculpture of Kali in battle with Hydra

‘Hydra and Kali’ Damien Hirst



damien-hirst-treasures-from-the-wreck-unbelievable Blue male sculpture

Blue sculpture bust – Damien Hirst

Palazzo Grassi at entrance to the Grand Canal


Dea-Alata with jade insert wings - Damien Hirst -- Mauro-Eugenio-Atzei--f;ickr

‘Dea Alati’ gold bust – Damien Hirst

Mauro Eugenio Atzei – flickr



Mayan aztec time disc - Damien Hirst

Mayan disk – Damien Hirst



Underwater ‘Hydra and Kali’ Damien Hirst



‘Hydra and Kali’ Damien Hirst



Medusa-Verde--Damien Hirst-Mauro-Eugenio-Atzei-f;ickr

‘Medusa Verde’ –Damien Hirst

Mauro Eugenio Atzei – flickr




damien-hirst-treasures-from-the-wreck-unbelievable - bronze head

Bronze head – Damien Hirst



Divers discover ancient solar art head

Solar head sculpture  ‘Sun Disc’  – ‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable



Damien-Hirst-gold-sun disc

Solar head sculpture ‘Sun Disc’ – ‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable’ – Damien Hirst





damien-hirst-underwater treasures-from-the-wreck-unbelievable

Damien Hirst -‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable’



Damien Hirst -‘Treasures from the wreck Unbelievable’



Elisabetta-di-Maggio-Lotus leaf stabilized and hand-cut with a scalpel.Elizabeth MayVenezia Contemporanea

Elisabetta di Maggio – Lotus leaf stabilized and hand-cut with a scalpel.Elizabeth

Venezia Contemporanea



Diego Perrone, ‘Vittoria (Adolfo Wildt)’

Venice Biennale—2013



Henry Moore bronze sculptures at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice

Henry Moore bronze sculptures

Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice



Hirst's 'Five Grecian Nudes', 'Five Antique Torsos', and 'Grecian Nude (three versions)'. (Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates

Damien Hirst’s ‘Five Grecian Nudes’, ‘Five Antique Torsos’, and ‘Grecian Nude (three versions)’

Photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates



Roberto Cuoghi Imitation-Of-Christ--57th-Venice-Biennial

 ‘Imitation Of Christ’ — Roberto Cuoghi

57th Venice Biennial, 2017


 ‘Imitation Of Christ’ — Roberto Cuoghi

57th Venice Biennial, 2017


Marc Quinn´s sculpture The Overwhelming World of Desire was part of the Statements 7 exhibition

Marc Quinn’s sculpture ‘The Overwhelming World of Desire’ was part of the Statements 7 exhibition




Max Klinger and Gustav Klimt

Max Klinger life size bronze sculpture of ‘Badende’  (Bather) Black and Gustav Klimt- ‘Juddith II’ –Salome



Mist, 2014 jaume-plensa-venice-art-biennale-photography by jonty wilde the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

‘Mist’  – Jaume Plensa – Venice Biennale

Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

photography by Jonty Wilde



Alberto Giacometti,-Place-(détail),-1947-1948

Alberto Giacometti, ‘Place’ – 1947-1948

Peggy Guggenheim Museum




Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo – ‘The Flower Maidens’

Palazzo Fortuny art museum, Venice




All the World’ Futures Occupations Discoveries,installation by Brazilian artist Antonio Manu

Gabriel Bouys – AFP Getty-Images

Venice Biennial 2015



Urs Fischer's facsimile of Giovanni Giambologna’s 'The rape of the sabine women', executed in candle wax with wicks, at Venice art Biennale, 2011.

Urs Fischer’s facsimile of Giovanni Giambologna’s ‘The rape of the sabine women’, executed as a self destructing wax candle sculpture

Venice art Biennale, 2011.




Mirko (bronze) ‘Leone urlante II’ 1956. Peggy Guggenheim Museum garden Venice

Venice Peggy Guggenheim Museum






Chariot’ — Fritz Koenig


Peggy Guggenheim Museum



Peggy-Guggenheim-Collection-Mimmo-Paladino-(b.-1948),-The Cloven Viscount, Bronze

Mimmo Paladino– ‘The Cloven Viscount’, Bronze

Peggy Guggenheim Collection




Alexander Calder

Peggy Guggenheim Collection


Photo-richard-ivey-courtesy michael-werner-new-york-london--venice-art-biennale_The Golden Tower by James Lee Byars

Venice art biennale — ‘The Golden Tower’ by James Lee Byars

Photo – Richard Ivey courtesy Michael Werner-NY, London




Female head painting Mountain Angel Sergey_Smirnov_Venice_2002

‘Mountain Angel’  – Sergey Smirnov

Venice 2002



Albanian artist Helidon Xhixha’s iceberg installation for the Serbian Arab Republic pavilion.

Italian Albanian artist Helidon Xhixha’s iceberg installation for the Serbian Arab Republic pavilion.

Venice Biennial 2015



the-dancing-satyrs---Lucio-Bubacco glass sculpture

Lucio Bubacco glass sculpture – ‘The Dancing Satyrs’



The End of Carrying All' by Kenyan artist Wangeti Mutu--Pavilion of the Nations venice-biennale-arte-2015 Andrea MerolaEPA)

‘The End of Carrying All’ by Kenyan artist Wangeti Mutu

Pavilion of the Nations Venice Biennale 2015

Photo Andrea Merola EPA



The inflatable sculpture 'Breath' (2012), by the artist Marc Quinn,

The inflatable sculpture ‘Breath’ (2012), by the artist Marc Quinn



The-multi-material-sculpture-The-Cave-Painter-by-Toronto-artist Shary-Boyle

 Multi material sculpture ‘The Cave Painter’ by Toronto artist Shary Boyle



The-Robing-of-the-Bride-Maz-Ernst-1940 Peggy-Guggenheim-Collection,-Venice

‘The Robing of the Bride’ -Max Ernst, 1940

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice




‘The Weatherman’— Max Ernst


Immagine di Ca’ Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, Venezia



Together-Jaume Plensa-venice-art-biennale-photography-by-jonty-wilde

‘Together’ – Jaume Plensa- Venice biennale

photography by Jonty Wilde



Urs Fischer-at-the-Palazzo-Grassi-Spinoza Rhapsody

Urs Fischer  – ‘Spinoza Rhapsody’

Palazzo Grassi




 Chiharu Shiota’s ‘The Key in the Hand’ the feature installation of the Japanese Pavillion. Thousands of donated keys are suspended over an interwoven length of string.

Venice Biennale 2015



Vetro-d’artista glass sculpture-Lucio-Bubacco

Vetro d’artista glass sculpture – Lucio Bubacco, Murano

Photo – Norbert Heyl




William Barton and Djakapurra Munyarryun at the Australian pavilion with art by Fiona Hall in the background.

Venice Biennale 2015




Zaha Hadid suspended sculptures




Zaha Hadid sculpture – Venice architecture biennale 2012 “Common ground”



'Tempera' - Francesco Hayez 1817 - Museo Correr, Venice

‘Tempera’ – Francesco Hayez

1817 – Museo Correr, Venice







NEXT POST  —  Les Journées de la Céramique – Paris


Indigenous ethnic potteries – Maghreb and Central America


A diverse collection of tribal ethnic pottery art from Central America (Costa Rica, Panamá, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua) and the North African Maghreb (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).


Central America


Costa Rica

The remnant indigenous Chorotega potters of the Guanacaste/Nicoya region of northwest Costa Rica, since the pre-European contact era until present, continue creating their distinctive oven baked and painted (with natural slips) art pottery. Some of these Indian pottery pieces are re-creations of their ancestors’ archeological objects, while other objects are more contemporary, but always informed by their pre-Columbian aesthetic.


ceramic tripod 'chocolatera''pot Costa Rica

Ceramic tripod ‘chocolatera’ pot, Costa Rica

Galeria Namu


Vintage Chorotega Indians pottery handmade vase Costa Rica

Vintage Chorotega Indians pottery handmade vase Costa Rica




chorotega-handmade-pottery-vessel with bird relief figure

Chorotega Indian pottery vessel, Costa Rica

Galeria Namu



Mnkey motif ceramic pot PEFi ceramic

Monkey motif ceramic vase – PEFI Ceramics

Costa Rica



Carved mask with painting by two great artists of the Brunka Tribe don Ismael Gonzalez and his son Melvin Gonzalez.

Carved mask with painting by two  artists of the Brunka Tribe-  Ismael Gonzalez and his son Melvin Gonzalez.

Galeria Namu


Hand decorated, quality eco-tile. Made in Santa Barbara de Heredia,Costa Rica by Patricia Bedoya.

Galeria Namu


Beautiful-figurine-of-Ocelote-carved-in-Tagua nutOcelote figurine carved from Tagua nut



Brunka tribe-This spectacular Coatimundi figure made from balsa wood and the 'jícara' fruit shell. Painting by Paco Lazaro Fernandez and carved by his mother Loli Lazaro Fernandez

Brunka tribe-Carved wood Coatimundi figure with the ‘jícara’ fruit shell.

Painting by Paco Lazaro Fernandez and carved by his mother Loli Lazaro Fernandez

Galeria Namu



Boruca-pottery kiln,-indigenous-tribe of-Costa-Rica

Boruca tribe pottery kiln, Costa Rica




PEFI-Ceramics water jug with fruit decoration

PEFI Ceramics water jug, Costa Rica



Forest Cat mask- Brunka tribe – carved and painted by the artist Melvin Gonzalez.

Galeria Namu



Squat Ceramic-pot-with ancient motifs with contemporary design


Amerindian Pot with ancient motifs and contemporary design

Galeria Namu



Goblet Pair From the PEFI collection by Cecilia Facio de Figueres

Colourful Goblet Pair from the PEFI collection by Cecilia Facio de Figueres



model-of-a-ceremonial-grinding-stone - Chorotega-indigenous-art

Chorotega indigenous art collection –  A model of a jaguar ceremonial grinding stone

Galeria Namu




Costa Rica Pottery Vase w Etched Turtle Design Signed Mauro

Costa Rica Pottery Vase with Etched Turtle Design Signed Mauro



indigenous-Chorotega-pottery using-only-natural-mineral-slips

Indigenous Chorotega pottery figure using only natural mineral slips

Galeria Namu



Cherries cookie-jar-A-splash-of-tropical-colour-for-your-kitchen

Cherries cookie jar – PEFI ceramics



Female ceramic figure sculpture – Noble woman of Nicoya–Guanacaste




Colorful Sushi Plate from PEFI Ceramic collection. By Cecilia Facio





Chorotega indigenous art Jaguar Pot. Hand-made by talented artisans of this native group of Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Galeria Namu


Traditional decorative plate by Chorotega Tribe - Costa Rica

Traditional decorative plate by Chorotega Tribe






carved-ivory-nut-hermit-crab hand painted

Wounaan carved ivory nut hermit crab, Panama

Galeria Namu



Hand carved owl sculpture

Hand carved owl



Wounaan handwoven basket features a carved tagua nut hummingbird hovering and feeding on its lid

Wounaan handwoven basket features a carved tagua nut hummingbird hovering and feeding on its lid



French-Angelfish-Figurine-tagua-sculpture Wounaan-tribe-of-Panama

French Angelfish Figurine tagua sculpture Wounaan tribe of Panama



Woven lidded pot with frog handle - Costa Rican Wounaan tribe

Handwoven lidded pot – Panama Wounaan tribe







Chimenea de barro - photo Rudy Giron

Chimenea de barro – Guatemalan Ceramic Garden/Patio Heater

Rudy Giron Photography



Flower motif coffee cup--Guatemala

Flower motif coffee cup–Guatemala



Carved jade sculptural head – Museos de Casa Santo Domingo



Mayan-ceramic-pot replicas-guatemala

Mayan ceramic replica -Guatemala



Terracotta Pottery,-following-old-Mayan-traditions - in Guatemala

Mayan pottery traditions in Guatemala




Guatemalan basket weaver


Guatemalan ceramic platter

Guatemalan ceramic platter





Historically, the country’s most important handicrafts have been in the production of pottery and objects made of twisted, knotted, spun and woven plant fibers, especially ropes, baskets, textiles, and mats. The Mesoamerican peoples that lived in the Honduran territory at the time of the Spanish conquest, the Chortis, Chorotegas and Lencas, developed a highly sophisticated level of pottery, ranging from the simplest products for daily use to the most intricate ceremonial objects. The Lenca pottery arts is a testimony to the pottery tradition of Honduras and its activity is reserved for women in the community, popularly called loceras. The process of creation and painting is done by hand using old techniques where no artificial ingredients are used, the colors used favor organic pigments which are obtained through natural procedures. After a piece is molded, it is left for a few days in the sun and once dry, it is placed in an outdoor adobe oven.




Lenca contemporary pottery Honduras

Acta De Honduras



black and white Lenca pottery

Indigenous Lenca tribe pottery, Honduras

Galeria Namu



Lenca contemporary pottery Honduras



Lenca plate Honduras



Black and white lenca-woman-flower-vase_

Lenca woman flower vase





lenca black and white vase

Lenca black and white vase



Lenca contemporary plate – Alessandra Foletti




Lenca-ceramic-bottle in black and white

Lenca ceramic abstract striped bottle

Galeria Namu



Honduros Lenca pottery adobe kiln

Lenca adobe kiln



lenca-vase black and white

Honduran Lenca lizard motif vase



Orange and black Lenca pottery vessel

Lenca pottery vessel




Honduras-Lenca-Pottery vase

Honduras Lenca Pottery vase




Indigenous Lenca pottery artist Maria Amgadalena

La Arada, Valle in Honduras.






Handmade-Nicaragua Sgraffito fish motif pot Artisan San Juan de Oriente

Sgraffito fish motif pot Artisan San Juan de Oriente

Handmade in Nicaragua



Pottery Vase by Miguel Angel Calero Nicaragua

Pottery Vase by Miguel Angel Calero




Sgraffito turtle  motif pot by San Juan de Oriente





Costa Rican ceramic plate







In North Africa, wheel-thrown pottery made by men dates from the 7th century B.C. when the Phoenicians introduced the potter’s wheel to the Algerian coast. Handbuilt pottery made by women, including those from the Kabyle, an older, probably indigenous tradition, dates back 2000 years before the birth of Christ. Pottery and ceramics are handmade in simple kilns, and then painted using natural-made paints and dyes, applied manually by the fingers of the women who make them. This advanced and meticulous way of “finger-painting” pottery is a prized example of Algerian art made by indigenous artisans and fine craftsmen.


Kabyle (Berber) pottery double vessel from northeastern Algeria19th_century

Kabyle (Berber) pottery double vessel from northeastern Algeria

19th century

By cliff1066 via Wikimedia Commons.



gargoulette poterie kabyle berbère ideqqi algérie kabylie algerian pottery

Kabylie Algerian pottery jug



Berber water vessel, with geometric motif - Kabylie, Algeria

Berber water vessel, Kabylie, Algeria



Kabyle peoples jar – Ceramic and pigment vessel with the head of an animal from Algeria

!9th Century

National Museum of African Art, Washington DC



Algeria,-Kabylia,-Kabyle-pottery in mountains


Algerian Kabylia pottery vessel

Photographer: Jeff Jones




Algerian Kabyle oil lamp




Handpainted Kabyle pot



Kabyle-(Berber)-Pottery-North eastern-Algeria

Kabyle (Berber) Pottery, Algeria



Algerian pottery - The-National-Excellence-Centre-for-Ceramics-in-Tipaza,-Algeria


The National Excellence Centre for Ceramics in Tipaza, Algeria





Women’s pottery from the Rif, a mountainous area of Morocco,  whose roots go back to the Neolithic, is considered part of the World Cultural Heritage, due to its great anthropological artistic value. In the Taounate province, due to the risk of this tradition disappearing, the organisation Innovarte initiated a project aimed at preserving the trading and revival of all the repertoires of their crafts. It also included improving the women’s working conditions and enhancement of production techniques. Also the design of new collections are encouraged along with support for commercialization.



Pottery from the Rif, Taounate





Terracotta pottery vessel from the Rif mountains, Al Hoceima




Women’s-pottery-from-the-Rif,-Taounate Morocco

Women’s pottery from the Rif, Taounate, Morocco




Rif pottery vessel

Rif pottery at Chefchaouen

Photo – David K. Edwards




Women’s pottery vessel  – Rif, Taounate



Women’s-pottery tea pot - Rif,-Taounate

Moroccan hand painted pottery vessels – Rif, Taounate



Female potter-from-the-Rif,-Taounate

Moroccan female potter from the Rif, Taounate




Chefchaouen,-Morocco's-Blue-Pearl - pottery vessel

Chefchaouen blue pottery vessel, Morocco




Lidded pottery jar from-the-Rif,-Taounate

Lidded pottery jar – Rif, Taounate



Rif,-Taounate female potters

Moroccan Rif  Taounate female potters



Moroccan Ceramics-of-the-Rif

Moroccan Ceramics of the Rif



Hand painted Pottery from the Rif in Morocco

Hand painted Moroccan Rif pottery



jade green Moroccan storage jars

Large jade green Moroccan storage jars



rif-alhoceima tea set

Moroccan Rif Al Hoceima tea set





The coastal town of Nabeul is an ancient pottery center in Tunisia.



Large baluster ceramic pots in Nabeul, Tunisia

Large baluster pottery in Nabeul


Traditional tunisian-pottery-dual-handles

Tunisian pot with geometric decoration



Dennis-Jarvis-flickr--Tunisian-pot with twin fishes motif

Tunisian pot with twin fishes and calligraphy motif

Dennis Jarvis – flickr



Vintage Jug-Vase-Nabeul-Tunisia

Vintage Jug-Vase from Nabeul, Tunisia



South-of-Tunisia-Village of Tataouine,-Tunisia

Village of Tataouine, Southern Tunisia



Duel fish motif platter Tunisia

Square twin fish motif platter, Tunisia



Amphora island of Djerba in TunisiaAmphora ovoid vessel, mosaic style twin fish motif

Island of Djerba in Tunisia




Vase-céramique.-Nabeul 1930's

Tunisian geometric design ceramic vase

Nabeul, Tunisia – 1930’s







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Africa Shona sculpture



Shona Sculptures - Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver photo Lorna flickr Abstract stone carved sculpture

Abstract Shona sculpture – Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver   photo Lorna flickr



The emergence of Shona sculpture:


Shona sculpture has been accepted as one of the most important art movements to emerge from Africa in the twentieth century, successfully combining traditional artistic beliefs with contemporary styles. The nascent “Shona sculpture movement”, which began in the fifties, has grown to be regarded as an art renaissance, as it had evolved, without hardly any sculptural heritage, into an art genre displaying vigor, spontaneity and originality in an area of Africa previously dismissed as artistically barren in the visual arts.
The Shona comprise over three quarters of the population of Zimbabwe, and smaller groups live in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique while Shona is the official language of Zimbabwe.

Shona sculpture essentially began in 1957 in the former Rhodesia when Frank McEwen, who had been appointed as the first curator of the new National Gallery in Harare, encouraged local artists to take up sculpting, by providing studio space, tools and materials. He had previously been curator at the Rodin Museum in Paris and had links with various artists of the time, including Picasso and Matisse, who ironically had both been influenced by African art. Frank McEwan recognized that the Shona peoples had a natural affinity with stone and an innate creativity, hence his desire to establish art workshops.


Chapungu-Sculpture-Park-shona sculpture

Shona sculpture – Chapungu Sculpture Park, Harare

The Shona artist ‘works’ together with his stone and believes that ‘nothing which exists naturally is inanimate’- it has a spirit and life of its own. They didn’t receive any technical training and had very little knowledge of art from the outside world, so as McEwan described, their work revealed “the images they bore in their souls”.
Bernard Matemera, one of the early sculptors in this movement stated: “The spirits are everywhere in the air, in the rocks. A rock is like a fruit – like an orange or a banana. You don’t eat them without peeling them first. It needs to be opened to be eaten. I open the rocks. The fruit is inside.” Frank McEwen encouraged a creative atmosphere of individual ‘drawing out’ rather than didactic art school process. In response, the artist’s’ instinct was to draw on their belief system and represent the spirit world through their art. Some of the artists believe they are possessed by a ‘shave’, a wandering spirit, who confers artistic ability, or by ancestor spirits with traditional talents such as carving. McEwen encouraged the artists to look inward, to find their so-called tribal subconsciousness and express it through their art.


Boniface Mushave-'The Thinker'-Serpentine,-2001

‘The Thinker’ – Serpentine sculpture by Boniface Mushave

Chapungu Sculpture Park, 2001


Another important development was in the 1960‘s when a sculpture community was established at Tengenenge by Tom Bloemfield on his farm in Northern Zimbabwe, near the Great Dyke, which is a rich source of good quality serpentine stone. This has now become one of the largest sculpture art communities in Zimbabwe.
In ancient Zimbabwe, between the the 11th and 15th centuries, stone was used extensively for building and for decorative purposes. Stone masons used hand hewn granite blocks to create precisely built ornate towers and enclosures without use of mortar. The Great Zimbabwe settlement, now a World Heritage Site, combined an aesthetic blend of carved natural rock formations and dry stone construction.


Female Shona sculptor Angasa-Amali----Tengenenge-Art-Community

Female sculptor Angasa Amali – Tengenenge Art Community


Thematic influences in Shona sculpture include the natural world and man’s relationship with nature, mythology, folklore, rituals and beliefs in ancestral spirits and other traditional esoteric ideals. The spirit world is often represented by a hole (‘negative space’) in the sculpture, forming a portal into another dimension. Spirits are usually conceived of as full of swirling motion, like a gentle whirlwind. Fundamental human experiences such as grief, elation, humour, anxiety and spiritual aspects are communicated in a profoundly simple and direct manner, quite often with an abstract form, to manifest a refreshing outcome.

Zimbabwe is derived from the Shona word ‘dzimbadzamabwe’ which has the meaning ‘house of stone’ and is the only country on the African continent that has large deposits of stone suitable for sculpting.The shona sculptors are fortunate that in Zimbabwe a magnificent range of stones are available from which to choose: hard black springstone, richly coloured serpentine and soapstones, firm grey limestone and semi-precious Verdite and Lepidolite.



‘The First Born’ – Gedion Nyanhongo

Height 11.5 inches – 2005



Nicholas-Mukomberanwa-Sculpture-Wise-Spirit abstract sculpture

Nicholas Mukomberanwa sculpture – ‘Wise Spirit’




Woman-of-Wisdom_stone statue Nicholas-Mukomberanw---photo-Michael-Menefee

‘Woman of Wisdom’ – stone statue by Nicholas Mukomberanwa

photo Michael Menefee

Chapungu Sculpture from Chapungu Sculpture Park in Harare, Zimbabwe, currently on exhibition at Denver Botanic Gardens



Madora (Mupani-Worm) by Nicholas Mukomberanw

Madora (Mupani-Worm) by Nicholas Mukomberanw




Zimbabwe Shona figure sculpture at Naples Botanical Garden

Gray Lensman QX! – flickr


Animal Spirit---Lovemore Bonjisi---Zimart Stone Shona sculpture

‘Animal Spirit’ —Lovemore Bonjisi




‘Love is in the Wind’  Shona stone sculpture

Chapungu Sculpture Park



Boy-Dreaming-by-Sylvester-Mubayi - Green stone sculpture

‘Boy Dreaming’ by Sylvester Mubayi


Photo credit Paul Hodgkinson



Chapungu Sculpture Park at Centerra

Loveland, Colorado



Colleen Madamombe Zimbabwe Shona sculptor

Shona sculptor Colleen Madamombe




In Harmony With Nature by Simon Chidharara A girl holding a bird sculpture

‘In Harmony With Nature’ by Simon Chidharara


Photo credit Paul Hodgkinson



Colleen-Madamombe---Hello-h55cm A Zimbabwean woman waving hello

Colleen Madamombe – ‘Hello’

height 55cm – 21 inches



Ocean-Wave-by-Authur-Manyengedzo Black abstract Shona carved stone sculpture

‘Ocean Wave’ by Authur Manyengedzo


Photo credit Paul Hodgkinson


Derek Keats-photo-gazelle and lion-sculpture

Gazelle and lion sculpture, South Africa

Derek Keats photo


Shona sculpture Me And My Messenger---Stephen Murenza

Shona sculpture ‘Me And My Messenger’ — Stephen Murenza



Edmore-Sango---Endless-Journey - abstract shona sculpture carved from stone

Edmore Sango — ‘Endless Journey’


Itayi-Mupumha-'Ululation' absttact shona sculpture

Itayi Mupumha – ‘Ululation’ 



Edmore-Sango-My-Hair---springstone carved sculpture

Edmore Sango -‘My Hair’— carved from springstone




Shona sculpture with matt and polished surface



Eyewitness'-by James Mapayi flat round face sculpture

‘Eyewitness’ by James Mapayi



From the Well---Lameck Million Shona sculpture of a woman carrying a pot on her head

Women carrying pot Shona sculpture ‘From the Well’ — Lameck Million




Zimbabwe serpentine stone Shona sculpture – ‘Eyewitness’ –  Gift Rusere



Ishmael-Chitiyo Reflection 39cm height

 ‘Reflection’ – Ishmael Chitiyo

39cm – 15 inches height



Keeping-the-History---Agnes-Nyanhongo Sculpture of a Zimbabwean lady

‘Keeping the History’ — Agnes Nyanhongo



James-Mbanda-Split-Head - minimal head sculpture

James Mbanda – ‘Split Head’ 



Shona female sculpture – Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

  photo Lorna flickr



Knowledge-Chanetsa---Watching abstract cubist Shona sculpture

‘Watching’ – Knowledge Chanetsa



Lorna-flickr---Shona-sculpture of a kneeling naked woman

 Kneeling naked woman Shona sculpture

Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

  photo Lorna flickr




Lovemore Bonjisi — ‘Humble Man’

Carved from springstone -45 inches height



Lovers in Passion-Shona Sculpture-from-Zimbabwe by Rufaro Ngoma

‘Lovers in Passion’ – by Rufaro Ngoma

Springstone Shona Sculpture polished with beeswax from Zimbabwe


Marching to a Different Tune by Zimbabwean stone artist Taylor Nkomo

‘Marching to a Different Tune’  – Cubist sculpture by Zimbabwean stone artist Taylor Nkomo



Micheck-Makasa Foetus stone sculpture

Micheck Makasa – ‘Foetus’



Nicholas Mukomberanwa (Zimbabwean, b. 1940), 'The Law Givers' 1998-1999; Indianapolis Museum of Art

‘The Law Givers’ – Nicholas Mukomberanwa (Zimbabwean, b. 1940),

1998-1999; Indianapolis Museum of Art



Reflections - Ishmael Chitayo Abstract sculptural stone bust

‘Reflections’ – Ishmael Chitayo



Onward-Sango-Cobalt-Thinking-cubist sculpture

Onward Sango Cobalt – ‘Thinking’




Proud Virgin---Stephen Murenza outdoor Shona sculpture

‘Proud Virgin’ —Stephen Murenza



Passion by Sylvester Samanyanga - black stone carved sculpture

‘Passion’ by Sylvester Samanyanga




Mother and Child abstract Shona serpentine marble sculpture




Proud-Woman-Walter-Mariga shona serpentine stone sculpture

‘Proud Woman’ – Walter Mariga



shona-artist with his sculptor-in-Zimbabwe

Shona artist with his serpentine stone sculpture




Shona family sculpture-Zimbabwe

Family and Child – Shona sculpture



Three Women Shona-Sculptures---Van-Dusen-Gardens,-Vancouver--

Three Women Shona Sculpture — Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

Lorna flickr



Twin Females bust Shona-Sculptures---Van-Dusen-Gardens,-Vancouver-Lorna-flickr

Twin Females bust Shona sculpture—Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

Lorna flickr



Spirit-Owl-by-Nicholas-Mukomberanwa abstract stone sculpture

‘Spirit Owl’ by Nicholas Mukomberanwa




Shona sculpture—Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

Lorna flickr



Stephen-Murenza, sculture-2012---Photo-credits-Paul-Hodgkinson

Stephen Murenza, sculpture-2012


Photo credit Paul Hodgkinson



Shona sculpture—Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver

Lorna flickr


African_Art_Shona_Sculpture_-_Samson_Kurehwatira - female figure stone

African Art Shona Sculpture – Samson Kurehwatira




‘Standing Bather’ –  Shona sculpture at Naples Botanical Garden



Tafunga-Bonjisi-Shona sculptor

Tafunga Bonjisi – Shona sculptor



Tender Love-by-Walter Mariga Sculpture of an embracing couple

‘Tender Love’ by Walter Mariga



Together We Stand by Authur Manyengedzo

‘Together We Stand’  by Authur Manyengedzo




Tonderai-Marezva-Abstract---opal-stone shona sculpture

Tonderai Marezva –  ‘Abstract’ — opal stone shona sculpture




Whale sculpture by Munyaradz Jeche - Marc Pether Longman-flickr

‘Whale’ sculpture by Munyaradz Jeche

Marc Pether Longman-flickr




Shona sculpture at Naples Botanical Garden Gray-Lensman-QX!--female bust

Shona female bust sculpture at Naples Botanical Garden, Italy

Gray Lensman QX! – flickr



Shona sculpture of bird on boys head at Naples Botanical Garden

Gray Lensman QX! – flickr




Tri legged handpainted ceramic goblet from Zimbabwe



Sources quoted –








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Mid-century modern interior decor design



Bitossi bull sculpture - lime green glaze

Bitossi ceramic bull sculpture



Phenomenon of Mid Century design


The development of Mid Century design was the result of a convergence of numerous artistic influences that began at the turn of the 2oth century. The shifting visual narrative included Brancusi’s brilliant streamlined sculptures, Alexander Archipenko’s constructivist forms and abstract sculptures from Henri Laurens, Jacques Lipchitz, and Osip Zadkine. All of these influential artists, who were working from Paris at this time, fed the evolving perception of how artistic forms could be presented and how realism could be re-interpreted. Picasso’s work with Braque on omni perspective cubist abstractions also contributed greatly to this perceptual re-adaption. Add to this the original surrealist works from Max Ernst, Paul Klee and Jean Arp and the refined designs of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier and you had a creative landscape that presented a plethora of possibilities. This heady mix of adventurist artistic styles paved the way and forced the hand of designers to be more daring. The ornate opulence of neo-classicism, rococo and other remnants of the renaissance was replaced with a re-modelled, simplified artistic reality that conveniently blended with the development of the industrial processes that allowed the evolution of mass production that was essential for the post war consumerism.


Fantoni red abstract vase with figure motif

Marcello Fantoni

Shapiro Auctions


Isamu Noguchi, Ray Eames, Gio Ponti, Guido Gambone and Carlo Mollino were some of the prominent designers that emerged from this era. Their designs featured clean lines that utilized the new production materials and were well conceived and highly innovative. The postwar gloom was lightened up with products featuring bold shapes and vivid colours to match the optimistic spirit of recovery and reconstruction. The modern look had a natural symbiosis with the contemporary architecture and decors that emerged in the 50’s and 60’s. Originally, the accepted design concept was for artistic products to be accessible to more people and to cater for smaller dwellings and to be lightweight and mobile, which translated well for the mobility of the emerging modern workforce. These timeless styles still look relevant today and is why the trend has endured. Many current contemporary designs can be associated with the innovations and aesthetics of this era. The inspiring bold designs of the Mid Century are a continual source of fascination and it’s easy to appreciate their desirability with collectors.




Brutalist ‘Argente’ wardrobe, 1968 – Paul Evans

Welded, painted, sculpted and polished aluminium, slate, painted wood, welded and patinated steel.





Italian vintage ceramic set – red sail yacht motif




Mid-Century-Portofino-Abstract-Fisherman-Vase by Santi

Mid Century Portofino Abstract Fisherman Vase Signed Santi, Italy




Mid century large vase with handle




Sakuhin A, Vintage Sculpture by Takiguchi Kazen

Sakuhin A, Ceramic Vintage Sculpture vessel by Takiguchi Kazen




Yellow, green and red vases - Porcelain Factory AS Ćmielów

Porcelain Factory AS Ćmielów




Bertil Vallien (Swedish, 1938), Glass Bowl with Sand Blasted Decoration

Bertil Vallien Glass Bowl with Sand Blasted Decoration

Swedish, 1938


Patchwork-sculpture-Paul-Evans metal abstract sculpture

Patchwork copper sculpture – Paul Evans






Harveys-on-Beverly-12.5inches-vintage-vase with face motif

Vintage 60’s vase

Harveys on Beverly -12.5 inches height




mid-century decor

Mid Century design



U-Keramik-vase,-1950s space age style

Sputnik space age U Keramik vase





Vintage 60-70's Titano San Marino Vase Pitcher Italian Pottery Art Fat Lava

 Vintage Italian Titano San Marino Vase Pitcher

10 inch height – 60-70’s





Bitossi for Raymor Bull's Eye Vase vintage

Bitossi for Raymor Bull’s Eye Vase


Elspeth Cohen hand Painted Ceramic Vase for Lapid,

Elspeth Cohen hand Painted Ceramic Vase for Lapid




Anna-Maria-Consadori ARTE Antiquaraito DESIGN-Vicchi-vase

Anna Maria Consadori Arte Antiquariato Design Vicchi vase




Ceramic crow produced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory, 1961, collections of the National Museum in Warsaw




Bertil Vallien (Swedish), Kosta Boda, Janus glass sculpture

Bertil Vallien (Swedish), Kosta Boda, Janus sand blast glass sculpture



Bitossi vase, 'Rocchetto' line by Ettore Sottsass

Bitossi vase, ‘Rocchetto’ line by Ettore Sottsass




Birthe Weggerby-abstract-plate turquoise and black

Birthe Weggerby



Lars Bergsten? – Mid Century Wall Plaque




Italy-San-Marino plate

Mid Century Italian San Marino plate



Bowl, designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden. with striped interior

Bowl, designed by Stig Lindberg for Gustavsberg





Bozo puppet marionet Fish



Mid Century Carstens-Tönnieshof waisted vase

Carstens Tönnieshof waisted vase



Roger-capron_ceramic-fish sculpture

Roger Capron




Retro-futurist Bug Chair By Isak




Carstens-West-German-Pottery vase

Carstens West German Pottery vase





Chalvignac Wall Panel

1960’s Canada



Coffee service 'Prometheus'-(mold design Danuta Duszniak-1959)

Coffee service ‘Prometheus’– (mold design Danuta Duszniak, 1959)




Chase Modern Lounge Chairs by Engelbrechts---Crimson Plateau chair

Crimson Plateau chair  by Engelbrechts, designed by Erik Magnussen




Danish Vase Zeuthen Keramik

Two Danish Vases by Zeuthen Keramik



Ceramic catproduced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory

Ceramic black cat produced by the Ćmielów Porcelain Tableware Factory




 Porcelain bird figurine – Fabryka Porcelany AS Ćmielów



Easy chair PK-20 designed by Poul Kjaerholm

Easy chair PK-20 designed by Poul Kjaerholm



Edvin Öhrström Ariel Glass Vase,-circa 1958-glass vase with blue nude lady

Edvin Öhrström Ariel Nude Figure Glass Vase

circa 1958




Edwin and Mary Scheier

Large footed vessel incised and relief decorated with figures in blue, copper, and brown glazed and textured surfaces

13.5 inches height ca. 1972, Skinner



Ettore-Sottsass-ceramic-vessels in black and white

Ettore Sottsass ceramic vessels




Carstens red luxus range handled vase reptile design by Dieter Peter ca 1970

Carstens luxus range handled vase  reptile design by Dieter Peter

 ca 1970




Exercice-de-Style-Han-Meilin bronze horse sculpture

Exercice de Style – Han Meilin



brutalist mid century bronze sculpture

Brutalist mid century bronze sculpture



Fratelli Fanciullacci---italian-vintage-pitcher

Italian Mid Century pitcher – Fratelli Fanciullacci



Fratelli Fanciullacci cylindrical horse motif vase

Fratelli Fanciullacci



Gilbert Valentin abstract motif black vase

Gilbert Valentin




Lidded jar – Fratelli Fanciullacci



German Ahr-Keramik Venedig Venice 50s art pottery vase WGP mid-century ceramicDesignclassics24

 Ahr Keramik Venedig Venice 50s art pottery vase WGP mid-century ceramic






Alexandre Kostanda Vallauris vintage vase

Alexandre Kostanda, Vallauris





Guido-Gambone--ceramic bottle

Guido Gambone–bottle




Guido-Gambone-vintage-vase - tall

Tall, slender ceramic bottle – Guido Gambone




vintage ashtray Guido-Gambone-

Guido Gambone




Gunnar-Nylund,-Rörstrand black and white ceramic fish

Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand



mid century ikebana ceramic vessels

Small ceramic planters collection



Italian-mid-century-ceramic leaf motif bottle

Italian mid-century ceramic bottle




Georges Jouve red glaze bottle

Georges Jouve red glaze bottle




Georges Jouve ceramic female figure

Georges Jouve. France




ES-Keramik-70s-West-German-lava glaze vessel

ES Keramik 70’s West German lava glaze vessel





Krösselbach ovoid vase




Lady with Flowers-André Minaux-1970

‘Lady with Flowers’ – André Minaux





Large Ceramic Lamp 'Sirène' by-Signed-French-Ceramist-Dalo

Large Ceramic Lamp ‘Sirène’  by French Ceramist Dalo




Sixties Italian vase

Vintage Italian vase




Michel-Anase bronze abstract insect sculpture

Michel Anasse bronze abstract insect sculpture




Marcello-fantoni wall plaque with horse riding warriors

Marcello Fantoni wall plaque




'The Warriors' ( Os Guerreiros ), known as Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi

‘The Warriors’ ( Os Guerreiros ), known as Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi

1959 – Square of the Three Powers, Brasilia



Pablo Picasso twin handles baluster vase

Pablo Picasso vase – Madoura





Vintage 60-70' Scheurich-18 Lora Fat Lava Vase West German Pottery

Scheurich-18 Lora Fat Lava Vase West German Pottery

Vintage 60-70’s



Turquoise Peel chair from Varier Furniture

Scandinavian contemporary  ‘Peel’ chair and ottoman from Varier Furniture



Penguins,-project-porcelain--figurines in black and white

Penguins – Porcelany AS Ćmielów




Philippe-Laberterie-Abstrakte-Komposition painting

Philippe Laberterie



Pierre-Vandel,-1970 white leather contemporary chair

Pierre Vandel, 1970



Marcello-Fantoni ceramic vase

Marcello Fantoni




Pol Chambost




Ruscha-vintage-plate with abstract motif

Rusch vintage mottled texture plate




Poul Volther orange segmented seat and back take their inspiration from the phases of a solar eclipse.

Produced by Erik Jorgenen in Denmark





Sascha Brastoff Abstract Series tri  legged bowl,




Rare Swedish Mid Century Mari Simmulson for Upsala-Ekeby Pottery Plaque

Swedish Mid Century Pottery Plaque by Mari Simmulson for Upsala-Ekeby





Mid-century modern ceramic vase – design Ferdinand Langenbacher





Stig Lindberg -Swedish Stoneware horse





Schiavon – Italian vintage sculpture




Stig-Lindberg incised vase

Stig Lindberg



Thierry Martenon-modernist-sculptures

Thierry Martenon





Mid century Accolay vase



Vintage AK Alfred Klein Ceramic Vase German Pottery

Vintage AK (Alfred Klein) Ceramic Vase






Vintage Bitossi Italian Carved pottery Vase




vintage-Ikebana-planters collection

Vintage Ikebana planters



Vintage Mid Century Danish Modern Abstract Bronze Bird Duck Sculpture

Mid Century Danish Modern Abstract Bronze Bird Sculpture



Vintage studio Fischer biomorphic vase - with white spiral motifs on brown matt glaze

Vintage Studio Fischer biomorphic vase




Carstens-Tönnieshof-Fat-Lava-Vase red glaze

Carstens Tönnieshof Fat Lava Vase






Heinz Siery—1965







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