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Pots from the past



Ancient pottery wine amphora found on the  Island of Delos Greece

 Ancient pottery wine amphora found in the ruins on the Island of Delos, Greece


The pottery decorations of ancient cultures were instrumental in preserving valuable historical details about daily life, cultural perceptions, myths and deeper spiritual beliefs. Even calendars and astrological events were recorded on pots. Historians would have been entirely clueless about the lifestyles of some past cultures without leads from these clay time-capsules. Symbols, rituals, language, cult procedures, talismanic charms and folklore were embodied in their pottery art.
The neolithic Trypilian potters merged utilitarian purpose with an aesthetic awareness using painted surfaces, incised patterns and shape to reflect their art and beliefs. The real and mythical worlds of the ancients co-existed in their beliefs and this became immortalized through their artistic expression.Through the ages many material clues have been left in pottery art that has been deciphered and understood while many mysteries still remain. But their presence is enough to grant a thread of perception to the beliefs and spirit of their time. Lineages of the past were reinforced by these artistic records and also have been reconstructed where oral traditions had failed and written records had disappeared.

Anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski stated that myth was used “to strengthen tradition and endow it with a greater value and prestige by tracing it back to a higher, better and more supernatural reality of ancient events” This is clearly evidenced in the myths and legends vividly depicted on many ancient ceramics which contributed to the cohesion and defining aspect of the local cultures.
As the archaeologists have recovered more ancient pottery, the extent of distribution and contact between nations has been revealed with the movement of Aegean, Hellenic, Etruscan and Roman pottery. The desire to record historical features in art has pervaded most ancient cultures and the combination of aesthetics and utility in ancient pottery art ensured its survival because it was produced in greater numbers then specific art pieces. Ancient painted ceramics, quite often objects of beauty, were considered in their time to be the domain of humble craftsmen rather than of fine artists. Fortunately, the wares of the meek survived the ages to be appreciated in the present for their universal appeal and insight into ancient mysteries.

A diverse collection of ancient pottery.


A-green-glazed-ceramic-Yizhou-Luohan-statue-from-the-10th-century-sits-serenely-at-the-gallery's-entrance at the Royal Ontario Museum

 Green glazed ceramic statue of Yizhou Luohan from the 10th century, China

( ROM – Royal Ontario Museum )





amforeas_arxaia- Pointed Amphora -  500 - 490 BC   by Kleophrades Painter

Pointed Amphora –  500 – 490 BC   by Kleophrades Painter, considered to be one of  the greatest pot-painters of the Late Archaic period in Grecce

Dionysos in the centre of the vase with a vine, amongst revelling satyrs and maenads





Ancient metal work,The Derveni krater. Bronze. Greece-320 B.C

The Derveni krater. Bronze. Greece-320 B.C





Ancient Persian horse head sculpture at temple

Ancient Persian horse head sculpture





Animal spouted pitcher, 9th–10th century-Found-at Iran, Nishapur, Sabz Pushan

Animal spouted pitcher, 9th–10th century

Persia, Nishapur, Sabz Pushan





Apollo cup white ground kylix; Greek,-480-70-BCE

 Apollo  kylix ( cup )

 Greece,-  480-470 BCE






 Apulian Red Figure Squat Lekythos with Aphrodite and Eros—4th Century BC





Baluster Jar-date Chinese Yuan Dynasty Flickr-5Chen

Baluster Jar – Chinese Yuan Dynasty






carving of an Anunnaki, an ancient Mesopotamian deity of the underworld

 Anunnaki carving – an ancient Mesopotamian deity of the underworld.





Sicillian Funery Vase,-2nd-3rd-century-BC

Funery Vase – Centuripe in Sicily

3rd–2nd century B.C

( The Met, New York )





Ceramic pillow, China, Southern Song dynasty,-12th-13th century, qingbai ware

Ceramic pillow, China, Southern Song dynasty

12th-13th century





Ceramic Vessel-Collection at LACMA Syria--Period-late-12th-early-13th-century


Ceramic Pitcher- Syria


Collection at LACMA





Chimu Marine Vessel-Peru-11AD-1400AD

Chimu Marine Vessel, Peru






Classical Almond Flask--5th-Century BC Culture Archaic Greek

Classical Almond Flask — Culture: Archaic Greek

5th-Century BC





Cosmetic box Egypt Late Period–Ptolemaic-664–300-B.C

 Cosmetic box Egyptian

Late Period: Ptolemaic-664–300-B.C





Cuzco Peru Convent of Santo Domingo

Ceramic vessel –  Convent of Santo Domingo, Cuzco Peru





Detail,-Borghese-vase----high relief of Dionysus, maenads, satyr.-Roman

Detail of Roman Borghese vase with a high relief of Dionysus, maenads and satyrs.





Egyptian-owl Relief plaque with face of an owl

Egyptian owl Relief plaque






 14th century Ceramic; Vessel, Fritware Egypt





Eros, Leda and the swan.-Attic lekythos,-ca.-375–350-BCE

Eros, Leda and the swan.- Attic Lekythos




This vessel was used to mix wine and water-400BC,Apula

Greek Volute Krater – this vessel was used to mix wine and water-400BC, Apula






Kashan lustre bottle, Persia,-circa-1200

 Kashan lustre bottle, Persia, circa-1200AD





Funerary Sculpture of a Chimera China, Eastern Han dynasty, 25-220AD

Funerary Sculpture of a Chimera China, Eastern Han dynasty, 25-220AD





Gnathian black glazed terracotta lekytos depicting-Eros.-Magna-Graecia

Gnathian black glazed terracotta lekytos depicting Eros. Magna Graecia, 4th-3rd century B.C






Persian Goblet – 14th-century





Greek, Attic in the style of Berlin Painter Panathenaic amphora, ca.500–490 B.C

 Greek, Attic Panathenaic amphora, ca.500–490 B.C





Greek ceramic Aryballos,-ca.-570-B.C

 Greek ceramic Aryballos, ca.-570 B.C





Greek Canosan twin handled volute krater, Canosa, Southern Italy

Greek volute krater,-  Canosa, Southern Italy




Ceramic bulb grower, Japanese 18th-19th-century in blue and white porcelain

 Japanese ceramic vessel for bulb growing,  18th-19th-century





Haimon Painter, Greek, Terracotta, black figureLidded box (pyxis) with a symposium scene, 500-474-BCE,-

 Greek, Terracotta, black figure lidded box (pyxis) by Haimon Painter

 500-474 BCE





Persian plate

10th century dish, East Persia or Central Asia





Double container in shape of double cartouche from tomb of Tutankhamun

 Container in shape of double cartouche from tomb of Tutankhamun





Jamacoaque Shaman Vessel - Ecuador 300BC-400AD

Jamacoaque Shaman Vessel – Ecuador 300BC-400AD



Cypriot vessel 700-600BC

Cypriot deer vessel 700-600BC





Masked Figure Pendant,-4th–8th-century Costa Rica; Atlantic Watershed Jade

 Masked Figure Pendant,4th–8th century Costa Rica; Atlantic Watershed Jade




Han dynasty-(206-BC-AD-8) Green glazed storage jar

 Green glazed storage jarHan dynasty-( 206BC- 8AD )




Mimbres Bowl, New Mexico-A.D. 850 to 1150EumarosFlickr

 Mimbres Bowl, New Mexico  –  A.D. 850 to 1150

( Eumaros-Flickr )



Disc Shaped Okimono, or Desk Screen, with Rat, Fuji, Plovers, Waves, and Plum Design LACMAJapan, 19th century Sculpture

 Japan, 19th century sculpture – Hirado Mikawachi ware; porcelain with white and blue glazes

Disc Shaped Okimono, or Desk Screen, with Rat, Fuji, Plovers, Waves, and Plum Design



Minoan vase, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford


Minoan ritual vase, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England






Balkh–Period  vessel, Afghanistan





Rattle in the form of a pig,- 2nd-–-1st-century-B.C

Egyptian ceramic rattle in the form of a pig,- 2nd-1st-centuryB.C





Ring shaped askos with deer's head spout, mid 4th-century BC

Ring shaped askos with deer’s head spout, mid 4th-century BC





Melon shaped wine ewer Korea 12th century Goryeo dynasty, stonware with incised decoration of bamboo under celadon glazeMET

Melon shaped wine ewer  Goryeo dynasty, stoneware with incised decoration of bamboo under celadon glaze

Korea 12th century

( MET- NY )




Sculpture found in underground Neolithic temple-NEOLITHIC-TEMPLE-OF-MALTA-3300-BC

 Sculpture found in underground Neolithic temple, Malta 3300BC




Seated Monk LACMA Korea, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910), 18th-19th century Sculpture Molded stoneware with underglaze blue and clear glaze

 Seated Monk – Korea, Joseon dynasty (1392-1910),

Sculpture Molded stoneware with underglaze blue and clear glaze





Spout in the form of a man's head,-Parthian-period,-ca-1st-2nd-century-AD,-Iran

Persian water spout in the form of a man’s head  – Parthian period,-ca-1st-2nd-century-AD





Statuette of Osiris with the name of Padihorpere.-Late Period -712–525-B.C

Statuette of Osiris with the name of Padihorpere.-Late Period  712–525-B.C





Tang Dynasty figurine

Tang Dynasty figurine





antique asian chinese qing dynasty large porcelain statue kwan yin buddha

 Chinese Qing dynasty large porcelain statue of Kwan Yin


Persian Tankard,12th or 13th century Ceramic;

Persian Tankard,12th or 13th century Ceramic





Lustre bowl and cover, Spain-1440-1460

Lustre bowl and cover, Spain-1440-1460




The State Hermitage Museum Bowl with Arabic Inscription Central Asia, 10th CenturyCeramics Diameter 10-cm excavated in Samarkand

Bowl with Arabic Inscription Central Asia, 10th Century  Diameter 10-cm excavated in Samarkand

The State Hermitage Museum




AD-550–599 Chinese Jar

Chinese Jar  – 550–599 AD

Korean Oil bottle, Goryeo dynasty-(918–1392), late-12th-century

Korean Oil bottle, Goryeo dynasty-(918–1392), late-12th-century

Stoneware with reverse inlaid decoration of peonies under celadon glaze

( Met, NY )



North West American Native Art

Preston Singletary art glass


 Preston Singletary


Preston Singletary’s artistic direction shifted in the early 1990’s to re-connecting with his Native American influences and his Tlingit roots. North Pacific Coast artists such as Joe Brown gave him guidance to integrate spiritual and cultural aspects into his designs and delve into his ancestral past. Southwest Native symbols, animal spirits, icons, sacred motifs, supernatural beings and transformative themes became a focal point in his art. His interest in the “primitivism” of the Modern Art Movement”, where schematic abstract forms were expressed to embody the outside and inner worlds also became a key element in his interpretation of the indigenous art.
His works abound with myths and legends shown through using sacred natural designs such as wolves, frogs, bears, ravens, eagles, orcas, and humans; legendary creatures such as thunderbirds and sisiutls. Characteristic abstract designs are depicted with patterns following the formline styles of this Northwest Coastal Art. His cultural exploration is expressed with continuous, flowing, curvilinear lines that turn, swell and diminish in a prescribed manner with characteristic shapes such as ovoids, U forms and S forms.

Preston Singletary

My work with glass transforms the notion that Native artists are only best when traditional materials are used. It has helped advocate on the behalf of all indigenous people-affirming that we are still here-that that we are declaring who we are through our art in connection to our culture.


Bill Reid gold Dogfish Brooch, c. 1959. From ‘Bill Reid’ by Doris Shadbolt

During the early 20th century, very few First Nations artists in the Northwest Coast region were producing art. However the mid-20th century saw a revival of interest and production of Northwest Coast art, due to the influence of artists such as Bill Reid. This has continued and expanded with newer generations and Preston Singletary’s art exemplifies this. He has chosen a fresh medium of glass to represent his dynamic styles and his training included working with Venetian glass legend Lino Tagliapietra, and studying Swedish design at Kosta Boda. He has also collaborated with other glass and ceramic artists in the USA , Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia to diversify and broaden his skills and examples of this are shown below. Also two pieces of art by New Zealand Maori’s are displayed due to the similarities of the Northwest Coastal Art to the traditional styles of the Pacific Islanders.

” My work continues to evolve and connect my personal cultural perspective to current modern art movements, and I have received much attention for striving to keep the work fresh and relevant. I have been honored that my success has inspired other artists from underrepresented indigenous cultures to use glass and other non-traditional materials in their work, and hope that I can continue to encourage more innovation in this area as my career progresses. ” ~ Preston Singletary


Black and white vase - Checkered Turtles --Jody Naranjo & Preston Singletary American native art

‘Checkered Turtles’ vase — Jody Naranjo & Preston Singletary

Sculpture - Family Story Totem - Preston Singletary - American Native Art

    ‘Family Story Totem’ – Preston Singletary

            Image of Tsagiglalal, Guardian Nihhluidih

Tsagiglalal, Guardian Nihhluidih

Columbia Hills State Park, USA

        Black and white bird sculpture - Into The Woods (2013) - Preston Singletary

 ‘Into The Woods’  – Preston Singletary

( )


Bird motif - Carved ceramic Loon Bowl - Stewart Jacobs

‘Loon Bowl’  – Stewart Jacobs

Carved ceramic 2005

The Loon perceived by the Northwest Coast People as being carriers of power and magic,  is recognized for its spirit of peace, tranquility and generosity.

( )

        Jody Naranjo vase with flying birds

Jody Naranjo natural clay vase

( )

        Jody-Naranjo fish motif vessel - ---Blue-Rain-Gallery

“The Calm of Winter” – Jody Naranjo

Blue Rain Gallery

Red and white vase - Jody Naranjo and Preston Singletary Collaboration---Blue Rain Gallery

Jody Naranjo and Preston Singletary Collaboration—Blue Rain Gallery

        Jody-Naranjo---contemporary Pueblo pottery - sgraffito bird motif vessel

Jody Naranjo—contemporary Peublo pottery

Blue Rain Gallery

Red glass vessel - Peacocks on Parade -- Jody Naranjo & Preston Singletary

‘Peacocks on Parade’ — Jody Naranjo & Preston Singletary collaboration

Blue Rain Gallery

      Glass vessel - Horse Stampede by Jody Naranjo and Preston Singletary

‘Horse Stampede’  – Jody Naranjo and Preston Singletary

    New Zealand sculpture -  Kiwi by Kerry Kapua Thompson, Māori artist

‘Kiwi’  by, New Zealand Māori artist Kerry Kapua Thompson

        Kotuku (White Heron) by Rex Homan, Māori artist

‘Kotuku’ (White Heron) by Māori artist Rex Homan

        Glass sculpture Levitate by Preston Singletary

Glass sculpture  ‘Levitate’ by Preston Singletary

      American North West Coastal Indian Traditional Mask painted in black, white and red

American North West Coastal Indian Mask

        Indian Art -- Pattern Board for a Chilkat Tunic, paint wood, c. 1840

Pattern Board for a Chilkat Tunic, painted wood, c. 1840

        Preston Singletary & Tammy Garcia-2008-~-sandcarved glass in black and white

Preston Singletary & Tammy Garcia-2008-~-sand carved glass vase

( Blue Rain Gallery / Santa Fe New Mexico )

        Preston Singletary, Emblem of creation--2013

Preston Singletary, ‘Emblem of  Creation’ –2013

( )

Preston Singletary and Dante Marioni etched vessel

Preston Singletary and Dante Marioni glass vase

        Preston Singletary, - Gray Whale,- 2013

Preston Singletary,  – ‘Gray Whale’,- 2013

        Preston Singletary Great Whale glass sculpture

Preston Singletary ‘Great Whale’ sandblasted  glass sculpture


Preston Singletary – Tlingit Basket

          Glass sculpture Preston Singletary Two Wolves and the Moon 2013+D1-20.75-x-6-x-4

Preston Singletary ‘Two Wolves and the Moon’ 2013

Height 20.75 inches

            Preston Singletary --- Blue Rain Gallery totem sculpture

Preston Singletary — Blue Rain Gallery

        Preston Singletary working in his studio - Blue Rain Gallery--Santa Fe New Mexico

Preston Singletary  – Blue Rain Gallery–Santa Fe, New Mexico

      Sndblaste sculpture by Preston Singletary Journey to the Land of the Dead - 2014

Preston Singletary –  ‘Journey to the Land of the Dead’ – sandblasted glass


Preston-Singletary-Frog-tongue-2013 - glass sculpture

 Preston Singletary – ‘Frog tongue’ 2013

            Preston Singletary--- Whale and Eagle --- bronze sculpture ---height-18 inches

‘Whale and Eagle’  — bronze sculpture – Preston Singletary


          Raven's Eye-(2) sculpture---Preston Singletary & Ross Richmond

‘Raven’s Eye’ — Preston Singletary & Ross Richmond

        Return from the Other World (2013 - Preston Singletary

‘Return from the Other World’  – Preston Singletary


  The Boy with the Light --- Preston Singletary

 ‘The Boy with the Light’  — Preston Singletary  – 0v0id glass sculpture

    Glass sculpture -Spirit of a goose-2012---Preston Singletary North West Native Art

‘Spirit of a goose’ -2012—Preston Singletary

        Tammy Garcia---Thunderbird Pop---natural clay with turquoise inlay

Tammy Garcia — ‘Thunderbird Pop’ — natural clay with turquoise inlay

( Blue Rain Gallery / Santa Fe New Mexico )

      Tlingit Crest Hat by Preston Singletary,2007

‘Tlingit Crest Hat’ by Preston Singletary,2007

            North West Indian Totem pole sculpture - Skinner

North West Indian Totem pole sculpture

( Skinner )

          Blown and sand carved glass, in collaboration with Tammy Garcia and Preston Singletary - Anasazi Dragonfly

‘Anasazi Dragonfly’

 by Preston Singletary and Tammy Garcia ,2007

Blown and sandcarved glass, in collaboration with Preston Singletary

          Green glass and copper - Translucent Copper (2013)---Preston Singletary

Translucent Copper (2013)—Preston Singletary

Preston Singletary and Dante Marioni


Vancouver Island Tribe, circa 1900, potlatch dance mask, at the National Museum of the American Indian exhibition “An Infiinity of Nations”

           Preston Singletary blown glass sculpture abstract bird motif

 Preston Singletary blown glass sculpture

Robert Davidson


Barbara Brotherton from the Seattle Art Museum claims that Canadian Robert Davidson is at the foundation level of reconstructing culture through visual art. “ For a long time what was called a ‘renaissance’ is really a reformulation and a rebirth of visual traditions that had been lost. It wasn’t until the 1970’s, after he’d studied the deeper meanings and age-old principles behind Haida art and design, that “abstract impulses” started flowing through his own paintings and carvings “, Brotherton says.
One of the interesting things about Davidson’s work is that while it obviously pays homage to the techniques, motifs and narratives that came before, it is distinctly of his own time. ( via )
Davidson states that “ each one of us is connected to the ancient ways by a thin thread. And when we come together, we form a thick rope “  The same can be said for the collective contribution of the North West native artists in rediscovering  their ancient art.

Robert Davidson | Eagle of the Dawn Artist Ltd.

No Description

          Robert Davidson modern sculpture - Salmon Trout Head_15x11x6

Robert Davidson ‘Salmon Trout Head’

15 x 11 x 6

 ( )

            Wooden wall sculpture, Killer Whale Transforming into a Thunderbird, by Robert Davidson

Wooden sculpture, ‘Killer Whale Transforming into a Thunderbird ‘, by Robert Davidson

Supernatural Eye sculpture by Robert Davidson

‘Supernatural Eye’ ( sliver ) sculpture by Robert Davidson

( Spirit Wrestler Gallery)

          'Canoe Breaker' (Southeast Wind’s Brother), 2010, acrylic on canvas

‘Canoe Breaker’ (Southeast Wind’s Brother), 2010, acrylic on canvas

Robert Davidson

Woman with Labret- Robert Davidson mask

‘Woman With Labret’  – Robert Davidson mask

"Meeting at the Center" by Robert Davidson Vancouver sculpture

“Meeting at the Center”  by Robert Davidson

Vancouver, Canada

Don Yeomans Butterfly panel

Don Yeomans – ‘Butterfly’ panel

( Douglas Reynolds Gallery )

William Nahanee wood carved sculpture

‘Snake and Raven Burl Carving’ – William Nahanee

( )


Jim Charlie Sea Bear wall panel

Jim Charlie ‘Sea Bear’ panel

( Douglas Reynolds Gallery )

'Wasco & Killer Whales' by Haida artist Marcel Russ.

‘ Wasco & Killer Whales ‘  by Haida artist Marcel Russ.

Table with glass top insert over carving.

( Douglas Reynolds Gallery )



Mid-Century moderne


Modernist magnificence


A new radical era of design evolved during the turn of the century which moved away from the excessive ornamental tradition which had dominated decor trends for decades to a streamlined, accessible functional design for a more minimalist aesthetic. The original designs of this modernist movement, regarded by some as non-conformist and even viewed by other contemporaries as audacious and scandalous, gradually gained wider acceptance and captivated the mainstream market when post war production got moving.

Marcel Breuer, the Bauhaus furniture designer and architect, began working with lightweight tubular steel in 1925, which together with flexible plywood had opened up a myriad of design possibilities to support the modernist design philosophy of clean lines and geometry. The new materials and production techniques were quickly adopted by the design greats of this era such as Alvar Aalto and his Finnish firm Artek, Americans Charles and Ray Eames, Le Corbusier from France, Swedish Bruno Mathsson and Gio Ponti and Carlo Mollino from Italy. Their styles were like a breath of fresh air, offering a radically different alternative to the cluttered, busy decorating ideals that were ready for an overhaul.

HANS J. WEGNER 'Ox' suite 1960
Molding techniques, especially with the new plastics, allowed the design elements to be pushed even further, while still adhering to simple lines, and the decorative pieces were also adapted to this modern aesthetic to compliment these innovative styles.
Most of the 20th Centuries art movements: futurism, cubism, constructivism, surrealism, abstract expressionism, art deco all contributed to the evoltution of modernistic design. Manufacturers took iconic elements from these styles and simplified them for mass production.Their influence is detectable and contributes to their subtle attraction.
The modernist simplicity, timeless elegance and high craftmanship has led to a longevity that has preserved its contemporary and compelling appeal, which is reflected in the values being fetched today in the market place.
Featured below is a collection of modernist furniture and decorative pieces from 1905 to 1976



Georges Jouve 1957 Three ceramic bottles

Georges Jouve  –  Three ceramic bottles


( Phillips, London )



Alexandre Noll sculpture 1950


Alexandre Noll  abstract sculpture 1950

( Phillips, New York )



Abstract Ca t- André Freymond,-23cm 1950s

Abstract Ca t- André Freymond,-23cm


( )




André Masson modernist jug

André Masson modernist jug



Arabesque- coffee table Carlo Mollino 1950, Turin

Arabesque – Carlo Mollino 1950, Turin )



AXEL JOHANN SALTO -ceramic lamp base 1968

Axel Johann Salto -ceramic lamp base 1968

( Phillips, London )



Casa Orengo chair --- Carlo Mollino

Casa Orengo  lounge chair — Carlo Mollino )


Ceiling light, circa 1957 Stilnovo

Stilnovo – atomic ceiling light, circa 1957

( Phillips, London )



Charlotte Perriand -Tunisie modernist bookcase 1952

 Charlotte Perriand –Tunisie bookcase


( Phillips, New York )



Claudia-Australia- mid century jug

Claudia Australia – mid century jug

( Bemboka Gallery )



constructivism sculpture _Naum Gabo

Constructivism sculpture  – Naum Gabo


Cosmic Bowl May Hamilton1936 Photo-Peter-Brenner

Cosmic Bowl  – May Hamilton, USA  1936

Photo – Peter Brenner




Design Market in Ghent - Danish furniture

Display at Ghent Design Market

( )

Ettore Sottsass Jr 4 vases

Ettore Sottsass Jr  – ‘ Ho’ vase, 1968

( Phillips, London )



Lucie Rie - Flattened ovoid vase,-ca 1965

Lucie Rie – Flattened ovoid vase,- ca 1965

( Phillips, London )



Gabriella Crespi-modernist table

Gabriella Crespi- ” z ” desk -Italy, 1973

Brass covered wood

( A classic piece but talk about modernist madness – the estimate was $10,000 t0 $15,000, it fetched $220,000  )

 Phillips, London



GEORGES-JOUVE-lime green vase1947

Georges Jouve -lime green vase


( Phillips, New York )



GEORGES-JOUVE 1955 lidded box

Georges Jouve – lidded box


( Phillips, London )



Georges Jouve 1956 Lyre-wall-lights-stoneware

Georges Jouve- stoneware ” lyre ” wall lights


( Phillips, New York )




Gio Ponti Italian vase

Gio Ponti  “Il Circo” circus themed porcelain vase, Italy

1920 )



Gordon B. Newell Anteater

Gordon B. Newell  USA 1958

I’ve seen this labelled as Anteater and  Polar Bear, take your pick.

( Artprice )



Ovoid form vase, circa 1913 -Jean Dunand

Ovoid form vase, circa 1913  – Jean Dunand, France

( Phillips, New York )



Henri Simmen and Eugene O'Kin Pear shaped bottle - 1920

Henri Simmen and Eugene O’Kin Pear shaped bottle – 1920



Andre Gigon 1951

 Andre Gigon  mid-century ceramic bottle




Vase in the 'budding' style, 1944-AlexJohhanSalto $375,250

This Nordic vase in the ‘budding’ style certainly got them ‘ bidding ‘  – Alex Johhan Salto for Royal Copenhagen, 1944

Height 16 inch

( realized $603,000 at a 273.25% increase on the valuation at Phillips,London )





Jacques Innocenti (1926-1958) – large earthenware baluster vase, decorated with two large birds, green slip on black and turquoise enamel highlights




Jaques and Dani Ruelland lamp base1960

Jaques and Dani Ruelland lamp base 1960

( Phillips, London )



Jeroen Verhoeven- cinderella table

Jeroen Verhoeven- cinderella table




Karl-Scheid  – stoneware footed bowl 1973



Waylande Gregory Phoenix Lamp Base,-Renaissance-Man,-1stdibs

Waylande Gregory Phoenix Lamp Base – 1940’s

(  Renaissance Man Antiques -1stdibs )



Large ‘Seed pod’ vase, 1949 Alex Johhan Salto

Large ‘Seed pod’ vase, 1949 – Alex Johhan Salto  for Royal Copenhagen

( Phillips, London )



Le Corbusier abstract sculpture

Le Corbusier abstract sculpture – 1957

( )



Marcello Fantoni glazed earthenware sculpture 1976

Marcello Fantoni glazed earthenware sculpture 1976

( Phillips, London )



Maria Pergay - Ring chair 1968

Maria Pergay – Ring Chair 1968




'Miranda' vase, designed 1938 for Rorstrand Sweden

‘Miranda’ vase, designed for Rorstrand, Sweden



PAOLO DE POLI ceramic bottles 50's

PAOLO DE POLI ceramic bottles 50’s




 Created by Jayme Odgers for the 1972 catalog of Architectural Pottery’s Pro Artisan Collection





Pierced porcelain modernist vase - Rosenthal, Germany

Pierced porcelain modernist vase – Rosenthal, Germany



Preben Fabricius and Jorgen KastholmeEarly 'Grasshopper' chaise longue, designed 1968

Preben Fabricius and Jorgen Kastholme Early ‘Grasshopper’ chaise longue, designed  1968

( Phillips, London )



Rare, Brilliantly Glazed Toucan by Waylande Gregory,-1950s

Glazed Toucan by Waylande Gregory – 1950’s

(  Renaissance Man Antiques -1stdibs )



Roberto Pennetta mid-century chair

 Roberto Pennetta mid-century chair



Lampe Morille--Maison Charles-circa-1970

Lampe Morille –Maison Charles -circa-1970

Dalo vases and Roger Capron table

 DAniel Derock and LOïc de Bailliencourt ( DALO ), and ceramic top table by Roger Capron )



Serge Mouille --Monotype sculpture 1955

Serge Mouille –Monotype sculpture 1955

( Phillips, New York )



STIG LINDBERG-1950's Egg sculpture

STIG LINDBERG-1950’s Egg sculpture

( Phillips, London )



Tapio Wirkkala bird sculpture 1951

Tapio Wirkkala bird sculpture


( Phillips, London )



Toni Muona 1940's ceramic vase

Toni Muona  for Arabia, Finland 1940’s ceramic vase



Marcello Fantoni sculpture

 Marcello Fantoni sculpture – 1973

( Phillips, London )



Constellation with Two Pins--1943-calder-fooundation

Constellation with Two Pins – Alexander Calder


( calder-foundation )




 CARSTENS – giant fat lava floor vase


'La Biche - No. 37' Le Corbesier

‘ La Biche  No. 37 ‘   – Le Corbusier

Theodore Roszak Bi Polar in Red 1940 MondoBlogo

Theodore Roszak – Bi Polar in Red 1940

( MondoBlogo )

Hourglass Planter-1950 by LaGardo Tackett

Hourglass Planter by LaGardo Tackett



Unless stated otherwise all the above images were sourced from Phillips de Pury & Company, see here 



Sculptural Dance Figures


The movement and balance of the body during dancing offers a myriad of fascinating shapes and forms for the artist. With added elegance and passion there is no shortage of inspiration to be captured. Even the most abstract artistic interpretation of dance can express the free spirit of a body in creative motion.

I’d venture to say that dance was the original performing art, evolving from the spontaneous expression of spiritual forces during tribal gatherings and also developed as a vehicle for storytelling and deity worship. This is evident in ancient rock paintings, which depicted the dancing of ceremonial performances and tribal celebrations vividly. Whether it be the spirit invocation of a shaman and their unpredictable body reactions during ecstatic trance states in healing rituals or the choreography of a group of dancers, all the entrancing dance movements have been recorded. Detailed dance performance were created by the ancient tribes as a means to pass down their history through the generations.
Dance is where chaos and harmony can merge and a dancer can transcend his individuality during a performance. The flexing muscles, the extended limbs, the exquisite balance and depth of rhythmic expression, during the sequence of his own sculpted movements, provides the perfect medium to be frozen in form by an artist, especially with sculpture. The cohesion of movement, mind and spirit providing an irresistible source of subject matter



 Bronze figurine of Tierra by Priess

 Art Deco Bronze figurine of Tierra by Priess





Erte Oriental Mystery Objets darte Bronze Vase 1990

 Erte Oriental Mystery Bronze Vase 1990




Esther Wertheimer_dance_with_shawl--artparks Dancer sculpture figure

‘Dance with Shawl’  –  Esther Wertheimer







 1930’s Art-Deco Russian Ballet porcelain figurine – -William Goebel






  Flamenco Dancers sculpture installation by Russian artist Ilia Idelchik at Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego




Bronze dance couple figurines sculpture

 Bronze dance couple figurines sculpture





 "Abstract Dancer" Raku Vessel. Michael Gustavson

  “Abstract Dancer” Raku Vessel. Michael Gustavson

( Latitude Gallery )




Art Deco ceramic figure by Rudolf Podany for Keramos, Austria 1920s

 Art Deco ceramic figure by Rudolf Podany for Keramos, Austria 1920s – height 33.5 cm



Christien-Dutoit-three-ladies dancing closely sculpture

Christien Dutoit three dancers



White and orange dress worn by a dancer - Rosenthal

Rosenthal dancing figurine



Art and Fashion - Judith Meulenbe - art figurine

 ‘Art and Fashion’ – Judith Meulenbe





Art Deco pottery figure by Katzhutte

 Art Deco pottery figure by Katzhutte





French Art Deco Dancers by Pierre Laurel

 ‘Spring Dance’, French Art Deco Dancers by Pierre Laurel, circa 1925

( James Infante )




Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture

 Bronze Dancing Lady Sculpture




C. Rossi- art deco sculpture

 C. Rossi- art deco sculpture




Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers - pottery dance

 Dancers Xyla Johnson, Tanicia Nastacio, and Alexandra Nastacio perform the Pottery Dance.

Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers celebrating the Summer Solstice at Chaco Canyon National Historical Park





 Ceramic Argentinian Tango dancers





Art Deco Dancing Lady Clock

 Art Deco Dancing Lady Clock

sheryl’ )



camugallery-com Art Deco dancer in crackleware

 Crackleware Art Deco dancer





 Dancing couple sculpture – Daum





Faience Dancer by D'Argyl -- Sheryls Art Deco

 Faience Dancer by D’Argyl

Sheryls Art Deco




Goldscheider pottery figurine-'Sailor's Dance' by Dakon, Austria-circa-1928

 Goldscheider pottery figurine –‘Sailor’s Dance’  by Dakon,

Austria circa-1928




The Walz Camille Claudel

 La Valse [The Waltz], 1889-1905 – Camille Claudel




Jacques Lipchitz - Dancer sculpture

 Jacques Lipchitz – Dancer

( Lipchitz was an ardent collector of  African art. )





Pieces Of Puzzle – Rajendra Pradhan, India




Larche Raoul Francois-1860-191-lampe-de-table-modele-la-danse-

 Modele La Danse – Larche Raoul Francois table lamp






 Kees Verkade sculpture at Biot




 Eve -1928-Cleveland Museum Of Art





 Marie Paule Deville Chabrolle sculpture




Maurice Bouval Nouveau Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer

 Maurice Bouval Nouveau Gilt Bronze Flamenco Dancer



Sherri K. McEuen - Butterfly Princess sculpture

Sherri K. McEuen – Butterfly Princess –bronze sculpture




Goldscheider Wein Art Deco Dancer Laurenzl 1930s Figurine

 Laurenzl Art Deco Dancer  1930s – Figurine – Goldscheider Wein




Robert Holmes dancing couple

 Robert Holmes Dancers IV





Pair of porcelain dancing figurines – Robi




David Perret outdoor sculpture

 David Perret outdoor sculpture



sculpture artwork andrew benyei_perfect_marriage__dancer_sculptures

 Andrew Benyei Perfect Marriage – dancer sculptures




The Circle of Love sculpture by Kim Lawerence,

 The Circle of Love sculpture by Kim Lawerence,

Duncan McClellan Glass Dancing Vase

Duncan McClellan – Art Glass Dancing Vase




C.MIRVAL,bronze art deco dancing girl sculpture

 Bronze art deco dancing girl sculpture signed C.MIRVAL




Rieke-van-der-Stoep-dancers sculpture

Rieke van der Stoep




 Russian Ballet dancers clock Molnija  –1960’s-





Art deco metal sculpture “Liesse” (Jubilation) signed Fayral (Pierre Lefaguays pseudonym).

Height 11.4 inches





 Roman relief with a dancing maenad

ca.-27 BC–14 AD

( Met Museum )




bronze Fayral statue art deco

 Fayral statue art deco




Edouard Cazaux dancers cup

 Edouard Cazaux dancers cup





 Statue of Anna Pavlova on the dome of the Victoria Palace Theatre , London




Steven McGovney-IDLE RICHE-Dancer Teapots

 Steven McGovney-Idle Riche -Dancer Teapots






 Swirling Sprites vase by Judith Taylor

Judith-Taylor –  former soloist with the American Ballet Theater now using  movement to bring clay to life






 Vintage Ceramic Samba Dancer Salt-& Pepper Shaker Set –  Galagray-




Women dancing on Boiotian pot,-circa-640-BCE

 Female dancers on Boiotian pot,-circa-640-BCE




Brian Chessmar Bequest

 Brian Chessmar  – Bequest


Rare Goldscheider Art Deco Danicing figurine -SIGNED-LORENZL-MADE-AUSTRIA

Rare Goldscheider Art Deco Danicing figurine -by Lorenzl, Austria

Dancers - Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture

Dancers – Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture

unnamedDancers – Sheryl Zacharia abstract sculpture – reverse side

Rene Buthaud flat collar Siamese dancer vase

Rene Buthaud flat collar Siamese dancer vase

Cowan Art Deco White Swirl Dancer figurine

Cowan Art Deco White Swirl Dancer figurine




‘Prima Ballerina’ – Barry Jackson




Ciboure-pottery-Décorateur-Richard-Le-Corrone - Saone Antiqities

Ciboure pottery Décorateur Richard Le Corrone

Saone Antiqities





Vintage Barsony figurines





Anna Polloy dancing in London – C 1922




German-art-deco dancing -figurine - Hertwig

Porcelain Art Deco figurine dancer




Rene Lalique-Figurine-Dora-Nude-Dancer-Sculpture-Folded-Sail-Swirling-Breeze

Rene Lalique nude glass sculpture





Crystal Ballerina sculpture




Dance sculptural art and funky house, ‘Love What You Feel’ – House Bros & Britalics – vocals by Joy Malcolm