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South Africa creative pottery


A selection of South African ceramic artists, highlighting the rich diversity of their contemporary clayarts.



Donve Branch


Donvé currently works with kaolin and bastitle clay and uses primitive firing methods to explore the dynamic interplay of fire and earth that defines traditional African pots. She has been a South African Eastern Cape potter for over 45 years and has always loved the rhythm and focus that comes from throwing clay on the wheel. Her organic looking pottery features large burnished surfaces that allow her to explore primitive firing methods for her functional reduction wares. Donve likes to experiment with the many different forms of pit-firing and loves to test and  manipulate the vagaries of the delicate hues and serendipitous highlights that adorn pit-fired pots.
She has ran pottery workshops from her Port Elizabeth studio and was involved with Vlok Potteries but now concentrates soley on studio ceramics. She gravitates towards closed globular forms that are influenced by the functionality and strength of the wares of the rural potter. Donve is drawn to experimention with various combustibles, surface covers and chemicals combined with bisque fired vessels in open pits or saggers, subjecting the pots to single or multiple firings; driven by the desire to push the boundaries of her knowledge
Throwing pots of white earthenware that retain their European form, while pursuing the exploration of the relationship between clay and fire, that characterizes traditional African unglazed pots, defines her attractive pottery.




Agapanthus-Donve-Branch-South African pottery

Globular pots – Donve Branch



Donve-Branch-pottery vessel with abstract motif

Donve Branch



Donve-Branch-pit-fired-baluster vessel

Donve Branch pit fired baluster vessel




Donve_Branch=african-potter in studio


Donve Branch



Donve-Branch-globular-pot pit fired raku finish

Donve Branch



Donve-Branch--terracotta-planter with succulent

Handbuilt  planter – Donve Branch



Nguni-Jar-Donve-Branch lidded vessel

‘Nguni Jar’ – Donve Branch

Afrikana Gallery



Donve Branch – ovoid pit fired vessel




Tall ceramic bottles – Donve Branch

Afrikana Gallery




Donve Branch



Pit-Smoked-Bottle--Donve-Branch ovoid shape

Pit Smoked Bottle — Donve Branch



Donve-Branch-squat-bottle-vessel with twin lugs

Donve Branch – squat bottle vessel with twin lugs



Donve-Branch-black-burnished ceramic bottle

Donve Branch  — black burnished bottle



Squat ceramic bottle pit fired - Donve Branch

Squat ceramic pit fired bottle – Donve Branch



Three tall slender ceramic bottles -- Donve BRanch

Three tall slender ceramic bottles — Donve BRanch




Two orange and black globular vessels - Donve BRanch

Two footed globular vessels  —  Donve Branch



ceramic plate and jar -- Donve Branch

Ginger Jar and Pit Smoked Plate – Donve Branch




two-figure-plate Donve Branch

Two figure plate – Donve Branch



Burnished globular bottle - Donve Branch

Burnished globular bottle – Donve Branch




Donve Branch ceramic bowl




Charmaine Haines



Charmaine Haines ceramic wall figure fountain




Charmaine-Haines female face and bird motif vase-South-Africa

Charmaine Haines  —  female face and bird motif footed vase


Charmaine Haines ceramic plate

Charmaine Haines



Standing female figure vase - Charmaine Haines

Standing female figure vase – Charmaine Haines


Charmaine-Haines ceramic abstract figure sculpture

Charmaine-Haines ceramic abstract figure sculpture



See more Charmaine Haines here


Lisa Liebermann


I have been playing with clay for as long as I remember. My journey has taken me from JHB to Cape Town and then to Plettenberg bay where I lived and worked for 15 years. Lisa, a third generation ceramic artist now lives in the vibrant Johannesburg again, creating bespoke commissions, offering regular art classes at a new pottery school in Raedene along with workshops and team building events.



Agapanthus-Lisa-Liebermann round flat faced bottle

Lisa Liebermann  —  round flat faced bottle, tribal figure motif



Agapanthus-Lisa-Liebermann - ceramic vase

Lisa Liebermann – hand painted ceramic vase



Ceramic panel - Lisa Liebermann

Ceramic panel – Lisa Liebermann



Ceramic vase with tall female tribal figure -- Lisa Liebermann

Ceramic bottle vase with tall female tribal figure — Lisa Liebermann




Michael Cardew – ceramic chalice




ceramic headrest Imiso ceramics

Ceramic headrest – Imiso Ceramics




Imiso Ceramics—Hand Pinched walford1 white clay hand pinched bowl




John-Shirley-african-ceramic vase

John Shirley



John-Shirley----African ceramic-vessel

John Shirley







Ardmore Buck teapot




Ardmore floral motif dish




Ardmore-Ceramics-Leopard-relief Planter-

Ardmore Ceramics – Leopard relief planter


See more Ardmore here



Lucinda Mudge


Lucinda Mudge’s vivid vases captivate the eye with their rich colours and intricate detail, quite often expressing a range of contemporary and historical sources that convey a complex narrative.  Utilising hand-mixed glazes and stains, each piece is as unique as the narrative it tells using a broad range of themes, images and text. She also likes to pay homage to other famous ceramicists.


Striped vase by Lucinda Mudge

Striped vase by Lucinda Mudge – height 44cm

Agapanthus, Capetown



You-Are-Here-vase --Lucinda-Mudge vase with world map

‘You Are Here’  — Lucinda Mudge vase with world map



Lucinda-Mudge-Be-Not-Afraid-ceramic-h-48-cm red vase green panel motif

Lucinda Mudge ‘Be Not Afraid’ ceramic vessel

height  48 cm



Lucinda Mudge-after-Matteo-Nigetti-ceramic-h-43-cm

Lucinda Mudge  —  ceramic vase after Matteo Nigetti

height -43-cm



the-beat-of-my-heart_yellow vase -Lucinda-Mudge

‘The beat of my heart’_yellow vase  – Lucinda Mudge



Lucinda Mudge -Thank-You-You-re-Welcome-ceramic vase-h-52-cm

‘Thank You You’re Welcome’ ceramic vase — Lucinda Mudge

height -52 cm




Lucinda Mudge Mami Wata vase




Lucinda-Mudge---Bigger-Better-Faster-Cooler, vase

Lucinda Mudge — ‘Bigger Better Faster Cooler’, vase





Honey bees vase – Lucinda Mudge



Lucinda-Mudge-You-Had-It-Coming-tiger vase

Lucinda Mudge – You Had It Coming You Know





‘After Cazeaux I’ ceramic vase -Lucinda Mudge

height 54 cm



After-Catteaux-II-ceramic vase -Lucinda-Mudge height-49-cm-

‘After Catteaux II’ ceramic vase – Lucinda Mudge

height-49 cm



Take-What-You-Want-ceramic vase - Lucinda-Mudge

‘Take What You Want’ ceramic vase – Lucinda Mudge




Thijs Nel


karoo landscape pottery Thijs Nel

Karoo landscape pottery  —  Thijs Nel



Meulsteen-Altar-Thijs-Nel-Stoneware Sculpture

‘Meulsteen Altar’ – Thijs Nel Stoneware Sculpture

Gallery 88



Still-Life-on-Sotho-Blanket-oil on cnavas Thijs-Nel

‘Still Life on Sotho Blanket’ – oil on canvas by Thijs Nel




Thijs-Nel-sculptural-ceramic vase

Thijs Ne sculptural ceramic vase

Gallery 88



Sculpture,– Koning en Koningin (King and Queen)  —  Thijs Nel



Large ceramic vase - Thijs Nel, ZA

Thijs Nel, ZA



Larger-Sculptures-masl-2016-Thijs-Nel jade green abstract male face

Large ceramic sculpture mask  – Thijs Nel



'Pomegranate Joy' - Thijs Nel 760mm-x-600mm-Acrylic-on-Canva abstract painting

‘Pomegranate Joy’ – Thijs Nel

760mm x 600mm – Acrylic on Canvas



Folded ceramic-vessel -- Thijs Nel

Thijs Nel folded sculpture vessel




lucky-madlo-sibiya-calabash ceramic sgraffito vessel

Lucky Madlo Sibiya calabash sgraffito vessel




Lucky Madlo Sibiya incised ceramic vessel, ZA



Ruan-Hoffman-ceramic-vase black and white abstract

Ruan Hoffman-ceramic vase black and white abstract



water lily plate - Ruan Hoffman

Ruan Hoffman




Agapanthus-Tim-Morris-ceramic platter

Tim Morris ceramic rectangular dish





Agapanthus-Johannes-Scott red bowl

Johannes Scott bowl




Martin Haines  --  'Willow Tree Cat' pink and white

Martin Haines  —  ‘Willow Tree Cat’



Agapanthus-Martin-Haines hare figurine-(1)A-studio-potter-living-in-Nieu-Bethesda

Martin Haines ceramic hare figurine





Ralph Johnson stoneware bowl



Red Porcelain-bowl-Ralph-Johnson

Porcelain bowl Ralph Johnson



Lee-Hensberg hand paintd vase--freakalee-ceramics

Lee Hensberg – Freakalee Ceramics




Lee Hensberg--butter ceramic dish with bird handle

Lee Hensberg butter dish

Freakalee Ceramics


Ikebana – vision of transcendence


The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog - Birch branches and Cymbidium

Birch branches and Cymbidium

The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog





Fruiting branch with NZ flax  —  Pat’s Ikebana

Qld, 2016

The traditional practice of the art of Ikebana was always approached with a mindfulness of the inner sublimity and is also known by the name ‘ofkado’ (way of flowers). Being originally developed by practicing temple monks, the spirit of ikebana has survived the centuries since its beginning and is embedded in Japanese culture. I have included a collection of ikebana arrangements from the Queensland Sogetsu ikebanist Pat Mackie, some examples from the Japanese artist Kawase Toshiro and ikebana created with ceramic vessels from the German ceramicist Jochen Ruth. Additional ceramic vessels that can be used for ikebana arrangements are also featured as well as some Indonesian ikebana form Lusy Wahyudi and friends.


Kawase-Toshiro Ikebana flowers

Kawase Toshiro ikebana, Japan

Spatial awareness is altered by our higher consciousness, which has a distinct and tangible perspective, and this zone is infused into the aesthetic composition of ikebana. The inner calm of meditation flows from a deconstruction of the habitual clutter of the mind and ikebana became a visual metaphor for this refined state of consciousness. Observation of the innate beauty of the natural world from a heightened perspective was also a key influence and encapsulating this into a simple artistic statement was an integral component of ikebana flower arrangement.


Ikebana - Dick-Lehman-pottery

Dick Lehman pottery


The Japanese arts in general have been derived from similar influences to the approach with the ikebama arts and the subtle appreciation of balance and space is ever present. In Zen philosophy there are seven aesthetic principles for achieving Wabi-Sabi.
Yugen: subtly profound grace, not obvious, Seijaku: tranquility. Datsuzoku: unbounded by convention, free, Fukinsei: asymmetry, irregularity. Kanso: simplicity. Koko: basic,.weathered, Shizen: without pretense, natural.
It’s easy to see these qualities also evoked in the ikebana arts.The beauty of ikebana exists as a subtle reminder of the depth of aesthetics and balance in nature and is a fine vehicle for reflecting this with indoor decoration.



Toyohara-Chikanobu-(Japanese-1838-1912)---Flower-Arranging-and-Tea-Ceremony-(1895) Japanese lady creating ikebana

‘Flower Arranging and Tea Ceremony’ – Toyohara Chikanobu (Japanese 1838-1912)


During the Kamakura period (1192 ~ 1333) Ikebana became a form of meditation for Zen Buddhist priests. Floral offerings were placed in front of altars to honor the Buddha and the souls of the dead. These offerings evolved into floral arrangements designed to express the subtle harmony between spirit and matter. Arrangements were originally composed of three main lines of differing height together creating a three dimensional form – the balance between the lines symbolizing the unity between spirit, man and earth.



Japanese Samurai warrior in fighting pose painting

Japanese Samurai warrior painting

The warrior class or ‘Samurai’ brought great lifestyle changes to Japanese society during the Kamakura period, making it fashionable to display Ikebana arrangements in the homes of wealthy townsmen. Samurai would create Ikebana not merely as a flower arrangement but a short-lived structure reflecting man’s own mortality.

“Ikebana is a form of sculpture that exists only within a limited time span, transforms from moment to moment, then perishes.” — Akane Teshigahara

Samurai would live and die like an Ikebana form but their spirit was believed to be eternal. To reach a state of concentration and become centred, Ikebana was consistently performed by Samurai prior to going into battle. Through this connection with nature, the heart and mind were believed to be purified. Ikebana went on to gain substantial respect and appreciation by the imperial and military leaders of Japan in the Momoyama period (1573~1603), celebrated amongst the Samurai.


ikebana-Gunter-Black,-Australia-vessel by Jochen-Ruth

Ikebana arrangement by Gunter Black, Australia, ceramic vessel by Jochen Ruth



Ikebana-Ikenebo-Rikka-Shimputa i- - Lusy Wahyudi

Ikebana Ikenobo Rikka Shimputai by Lusy Wahyudi, Indonesia




Japanese Suzeki Stone




Ikebana Ikenebo Rikka Shimputai---Linda Prasasto

Ikebana Ikenebo Rikka Shimputai—Linda Prasasto



Akira-Satake-ikebana-vase in orange brown finish

Akira Satake ikebana vase


Aya-Sogetsu-school-of-ikebana - yellow flower

Aya Sogetsu school of ikebana





Bauhiinia tree ikebana — One Kind of Branch—2013




Bitter melon and Chilli   — Pat’s Ikebana


Ikebana-Ikenebo-Rikka-Shimputai-----Lusy-Wahyudi - angular vase

Ikebana Ikenobo Rikka Shimputai by Lusy Wahyudi, Indonesia

Lusy Wahyudi – Flickr



Ikebana-Ikenebo-Rikka-Shimputai-------Lusy-Wahyudi Indonesia

Ikebana Ikenobo Rikka Shimputai by Lusy Wahyudi, Indonesia




Goro Suzuki ikebana vessel



Ikebana-Ikenobo-Jhiyuka---Yohanus-Wemphy geometric floral display

Ikebana Ikenob Jhiyuka — Yohanus Wemphy


Ikebana-Ikenobo-Rikka-Shimputai-by-Lusy-Wahyudi-slender red vase

Ikebana Ikenobo Rikka Shimputai by Lusy Wahyudi, Indonesia



Bromeliad flowers-and-leaves-ikebana---2016

Bromeliad and leaves ikebana — Pat Mackie

Pat’s Ikebana, 2016



Pat's Ikebana - Bromeliad-leaves-and-blossom----2016

‘Bromeliad leaves and blossom’ — Pat’s Ikebana




Bunjin-arrangement-Pats-Ikebana yellow flower and driftwood

Bunjin arrangement – Margot Wang

The Bunjin Arrangement is not bound by floral styles, and materials may be freely arranged to express one’s subjective view of plants.  Emphasis is placed on the elegance and poetic nature of rare blooms, shrubs and plants.



dark-silence-in-suburbia-Yo-Akiyama ceramic sculpture

‘Dark silence in suburbia’ – Yo Akiyama



Dineke-Beereboom-Db---Two-Of-A-Kind metal sculpture

Dineke Beereboom — ‘Two Of A Kind’



Emily-Katz ikebana

Emily Katz ikebana

Pura Vida Peartree workshop




‘Eucalyptus branches and Bougainvillea’ – Pat’s Ikebana





Small vintage celadon vase




Gold-Bullion-Tokkuri vessel-Ryota-Aoki

‘Gold Bullion Tokkuri’ vessel – Ryota Aoki



Green ikebana Arrangement--2015

Green Arrangement – Pat’s Ikebana



Bizen stoneware, with the characteristic reddish hidasuki or "fire-marked" pattern,

Bizen stoneware vase, with the characteristic reddish hidasuki or “fire-marked” pattern,



Fukinaga-('From-the-Wind'~ Bonsai ) on wooden base by Vaclav Novak

‘From the Wind’~ Bonsai (盆栽) by Vaclav Novak – Fukinagashi Pinus uncinata



Ovoid Honda aluminium die cast vessel adapted to Ikebana---Utsuwanote

Ovoid Honda aluminium die cast vessel adapted to an  Ikebana display




ikebana display by Anita Haase Schönbeck,-Berlin ceramic vessel by Jochen Ruth

Ikebana display by Anita Haase Schönbeck, Berlin with ceramic vessel by Jochen Ruth

Jochen Ruth Ceramics



Ikebana by Mario Hirama, Japan




Calla lily, pine and bamboo stick

 The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog



white flower ikebana by Gunter Black,-Jochen-Ruth vase

Ikebana arrangement by Gunter Black, Jochen Ruth vase



Spring bloom ikebana

Spring blooms ikebana  – Magnolia, snapdragon and succulents



ikebana-Gunter-Black,-Australia-Jochen-Ruth - pink flower

Ikebana by Gunter Black, Jochen Ruth vessel



ikebana by Hans Riester, Berlin ceramic vessel by Jochen Ruth

Ikebana by Hans Riester, Berlin & ceramic vessel by Jochen Ruth



Ikebana-Hans-Riester,Berlin --ceramic pot byJochen Ruth

Ikebana floral arrangement by Hans Riester,Berlin — ceramic vase by Jochen Ruth



Ikebana by Karin Kopp,-Ritterhude Jochen Ruth ceramic vessel

Ikebana by Karin Kopp, Ritterhude & Jochen Ruth ceramic vessel




Ikebana by Karin Kopp & Jochen Ruth ceramic vessel



Burnt orange ikebana-vase-red-zen-georgetown-pottery-

Red Zen  ikebana vase –  Georgetown Pottery




Ikebana by Truus Esther-(Otomodachi)



Ikebana-Ikenebo-Rikka-Shimputai---Lusy-Wahyudi pink and yellow flowers

Ikebana Ikenebo Rikka Shimputai—Lusy Wahyudi



Ikebana-'On-the-way-to-the-top'-(Otomodachi) climbing pink flowers

Ikebana  ‘On the way to the top’ (Otomodachi)



Ikenobo arrangement with wonderful pink blossoming flowers-(Otomodachi)

Ikenobo arrangement with pink blossoming flowers – Otomodachi




Starry Night  ikebana vase –  Georgetown Pottery




James-Oughtibridge-Chocolate-Brown-creased Vase

James Oughtibridge sculptural vase



Japanese-Red Maple bonsai_moss and stone gardens

Japanese Red Maple bonsai

Moss and Stone Gardens



Jochen-Ruth-black glaze vase

Jochen Ruth




Katsunori Sawa



Kurokawa-Tōru---Ceramic sculpture vessel---Mirviss

Kurokawa Tōru — Ceramic sculpture vessel

Mirviss Gallery




Flat round incised vessels – Lamella



Amaryllis, Aspedistra, Sibirian Dogwood.

Hanamai Ikebana – Amaryllis, Aspedistra, Sibirian Dogwood

The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog




Leaves only in horizontal arrangement — Pat’s Ikebana





Mihara Ken




Pats-Ikebana--2013 red flowers and large green leaves

Pat’s Ikebana




Pats Ikebana-2016---Vine and giant Allium

‘Vine and giant Allium’ – Pat’s Ikebana



Pats-Ikebana-Bromeliad-and-leaves red vase---2016

‘Bromeliad and leaves’ – Pat’s Ikebana



Peter-Voulkos-ceramic ovoid vessel

Peter Voulkos ceramic ovoid vessel



‘Poinchiana Podas and Ixora’ — Pats Ikebana





Raku Vase Mountain carved — Blue Spruce Pottery



Kawase Toshiro Red Blossom ikebana, Japan

Kawase Toshiro Red Blossom ikebana, Japan



Shino-Suzuku vase

Shino Suzuku vase —Goro Suzuki





red vase Straight-Lines---2016-Pats-ikebana

‘Straight Lines’ – Pat’s Ikebana




Corylus-avelana-contorta, the twisted hazelnut-ikebana

Corylus avelana contorta, the twisted hazelnut ikebana




Shoka shimputai ikebana – Lusy Wahyudi


Zen garden water feature - Tokyotimes

Zen garden – Tokyotimes




Toshiro Kawase - ikebana Japan

Kawase Toshiro ikebana, Japan



Gohua stone moon-Bonsai-Suseki-gold-forest-in-high-mountain on wooden base

‘Gold forest in high mountain’ – Suseki Gohua stone



ikebana-arrangement botanical

Ikebana arrangement



Wood fired Vase-by-Shiho-Kanzaki,-Japan

Wood fired Vase by Shiho Kanzaki, Japan




Ikebana display – The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog




Poinchiana-Pods-construction- Pats Ikebana--2015

Poinchiana Pods construction- Pat’s Ikebana



Ikebana-'Leaping-salmon'-by Otomodachi

Ikebana ‘Leaping salmon’ by Otomodachi (flickr)



Pats ikebana-Walking Iris and lilly-2016

‘Walking Iris and lilly’ – Pat’s ikebana





Wattle and Anthurium  – Pat’s Ikebana



Woody-Pear-and-Ixora-Pats-Ikebana-2016 Pat Mackie ikebana

‘Woody Pear and Ixora’ –  Pat’s Ikebana





Yakuza-tattoo figure

Japanese Yakuza tattoo figure


Yasuhisa-Kohyama ceramic ikebana vessel

Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic ikebana vessel




‘Black Pottery–Moon Trip’  — Yoshihiro Kunikata




Pavel Zamikhovsky 2011


Art-Floral-Ikebana-Mai-Van-Thai-Thomas--red flowers and branches ikebana

Floral Ikebana – Mai Van Thai Thomas



Ikebana--centerpiece-inspiration-flower-vases-flower-plants-Ikebana 'Red and pink fireworks' (Otomodachi)

Ikebana ‘Red and pink fireworks’  cascading Ohara style by Otomodachi




Ikebana Rikka-Shimputai-by-Lusy-Wahyudi

Ikebana Rikka-Shimputai by Lusy Wahyudi



The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog

The Nordic Lotus Ikebana Blog











Clarice Cliff Art Deco: The André Aerne Collection


Here are some Clarice Cliff ceramic pieces featured in a Christie’s online-only sale of over 100 lots timed to coincide with the Living with Art live sale. Carefully selected by Mr. André Aerne of Charlevoix, Michigan, this collection of ceramics is being sold to benefit the Muskegon Museum of Art and includes a diverse array of the shapes, colors and patterns for which Cliff was famed.

Auction Catalogue   – concludes Aug 25


Clarice-Cliff-Art-Deco Various-patterns-and-shapes

Clarice Cliff Art Deco ceramics



Clarice Cliff was a prolific artist and produced many hundreds of designs during the inter-war period, but her style remains immediately recognisable. It’s not just the bright colors that makes Clarice Cliff’s ceramics look vivacious. There is a consistent spirit of joy that permeates her designs which express fascinating originality. She was one of the first females in the ceramic arts to launch a line under her own name. When Cliff first achieved her success in the 1920’s, there was little precedent for a young woman from a working-class family becoming a designer, and branding her work with her own name.



Clarice Cliff Bizarre’‘Crocus’- pattern set

Clarice Cliff set in ‘Bizarre’ ‘Crocus’ pattern, comprising a vase, sifter, two jam pot and covers, platter, salt and pepper shakers, a mustard pot and cover and a napkin ring


While Cliff was undoubtedly inspired by the Art Deco designs of the 1920s, she also looked farther afield for ideas — namely, the avant-garde movements of Cubism and De Stijl. Many of her wares have distinctly modernist shapes and visible brushstrokes, something that was discouraged from the usual lines of production and which demonstrates her pioneering vision. She made things that were designed to be used in the home — tea and coffee sets, candlesticks, vases, plates — but she also wanted women to have access to interesting and colourful things,’ according to Natalie Voorheis, ‘Not everyone would have known what the Cubists were doing but she was heavily influenced by them, and so it made its way into the homes of ordinary people.’



Clarice-Cliff - Brighton-Art-Gallery - 1972

Clarice Cliff – Brighton Art Gallery – 1972




Clarice Cliff tea set in the aerographed pink color, nautilus shape, comprising: a teapot, tea cup and saucer, side plate, sugar bowl and creamer





Clarice Cliff–vase and three serving platters

The ‘Garland’ pattern vase in shape 401, the platters in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Diamonds’, ‘Fantasque’ ‘Melons’, ‘Fantasque’ ‘Sunray Leaves’ patterns



Clarice Cliff-centerpiece-bowl-and-pitcher-The-bowl-in-the-‘Bizarre’-‘Bridgewater’-pattern,-shape-475,-the-pitcher-in-the-‘Fantasque-Alton’-pattern,-Daffodil-shape-12

Clarice Cliff-centerpiece bowl and pitcher

The bowl in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Bridgewater’ pattern,the pitcher in the ‘Fantasque’ ‘Alton’ pattern

12.75 in height  Christies




Clarice Cliff art deco pottery




‘Bizarre’-‘Clouvre-Tulip’-pattern vase Height 23-15-inches

Clarice Cliff ‘Bizarre’-‘Clouvre Tulip’ pattern vase

Height 23.15-inches  Christies




Clarice Cliff centerpiece art deco bowl in the ‘Fantasque’-‘Floreat’ pattern





Clarice Cliff large jardiniere in the ‘Bizarre’ Sliced Circle’ pattern, dover shape

7.75-inch height    Christies




Clarice Cliff large jardiniere–‘Bizarre’ – ‘Marigold’ pattern





Clarice Cliff six piece tea and coffee service – ‘Latona Red Roses’ pattern

Consisting of a teapot and cover, coffee pot and cover, teacup, two coffee cups and saucers and a creamer together with a ‘Yoo Hoo’  conical sugar bowl, a ‘Fantasque Bizarre’ ‘Summerhouse’ match box and a later conical caster by Wedgwood



Clarice Cliff pair-of-clarice-cliff-bookends-In-the-'Fantasque'-'Apples'-pattern

Art Deco Clarice Cliff pair of bookends — ‘Fantasque’ ‘Apples’ pattern





Pair of Clarice Cliff large wall pockets

In the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Delecia Citrus’ pattern, the underside of each additionally painted as a citrus fruit

12 inches height  — Christies




Art-Deco Clarice Cliff centerpiece --'Bizarre'-'Tennis-Summerhouse'-pattern-Clarice-Cliff

30’s Art Deco Clarice Cliff centerpiece –‘Bizarre’-‘Tennis Summerhouse’ pattern




‘Bizarre’ ‘Rhodanthe’ pattern vases – Clarice Cliff



CEramic vase 'Bizarre'-'Rhodanthe'-pattern,---Clarice-Cliff



‘Bizarre’ ‘Rhodanthe’ pattern,—Clarice Cliff


CLARICE-CLIFF JUG'Bizarre'-jug-shape-42


Clarice Cliff jug ‘Bizarre’ pattern



Clarice-Cliff-art-deco-ceramic collection

Clarice Cliff art deco ceramics

The platter in the ‘Chloris’ pattern, biaritz shape, the jug in the ‘Nasturtium’ pattern, the conical sifters in the ‘Nasturtium’, ‘Delecia’ and ‘Canterbury Bells’ patterns





Clarice Cliff centerpiece bowl

In the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Patina Country’ pattern, 3 9 in. (23 cm.) diameter



Clarice-Cliff-art deco pottery vessels

Clarice Cliff ceramic vessels – ‘Latona Mushroom’, the second ‘Fantasque’ ‘Broth’, the third ‘Latona Thistle’



Clarice-Cliff--art deco ceramics

Clarice Cliff ceramic wares




Clarice Cliff vase ‘Nuage’ pattern, isis shape

1928-1936 —  Christies



Clarice Cliff conical sugar shifters




Clarice Cliff-Art Deco Cubist  Charger -‘Bizarre’, ‘Branches & Squares’ pattern

18-inch dia..-(45.5-cm)  — Christies



Clarice Cliff jardiniere in the 'Bizarre' 'Tartan' pattern, the 'Latona' 'Aztec' wares comprising a yo-yo vase shape

Clarice Cliff sample jardiniere, centerpiece bowl, vase and a plate

The jardiniere in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Tartan’ pattern, the ‘Latona’ ‘Aztec’ wares comprising a yo-yo vase shape




Clarice Cliff teapot and cover, two teacups and saucers, a side plate, a creamer and a sugar bowl, in the lynton shape, together with a vase, all in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Goldstone’ pattern.




Clarice Cliff wares in the ‘Fantasque’ ‘Windbells’ pattern comprising: A teapot and cover, Daffodil pattern, a jug in the Bon Jour shape, a conical sifter and a saucer



Clarice Cliff-ceramics Comprising-a-platter,-a-centerpiece-bowl-in-the-‘Bizarre’-‘Persian’-pattern,-and-a-vase,-together-with-a-caster-with-metal-cover

Clarice Cliff platter, a centerpiece bowl in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Persian’ pattern, and a vase, and a caster with metal cover





 Two Clarice Cliff vases–‘Original Bizarre’ pattern, and the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Luxor’ pattern




Clarice Cliff jug — ‘Bizarre’ ‘Caprice’ pattern, lotus shape






Five Clarice Cliff wares — ‘Original Bizarre’ pattern, comprising three vases, a footed centerpiece bowl and an octagonal jam pot and cover




Clarice Cliff tablewares Various patterns and shapes comprising: two fern pots, a jug, and a jam pot and cover



 clarice cliff centerpiece bowl -In-the-‘Fantasque’-‘Circles-&-Squares’-pattern,

Clarice Cliff centerpiece bowl  In the ‘Fantasque’ ‘Circles & Squares’ pattern




Clarice Cliff vase In-the-'Bizarre'-'Archaic'-pattern,--inscribed replica.-temple-of-luxor.-thebes.-capital-of-the-large-columns-1250-b.c

Clarice Cliff vase -In the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Archaic’ pattern

Inscribed replica. Temple of Luxor. Thebes. capital of the large columns-1250 b.c




Two-clarice-cliff-vases--In the 'Bizarre' 'Latona Flowerheads' and 'Applique Caravan' patterns

Two Clarice Cliff vases–In the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Latona Flowerheads’ and ‘Applique Caravan’ patterns




Three-english-porcelain-vasesThe first designed by John Butler in the ‘Tibetan’ pattern, the second ‘Carmelia’ ‘Tahiti’ signed S.P., the third with factory stamp for Wilkinson

Three English porcelain vases

The first designed by John Butler in the ‘Tibetan’ pattern, the second ‘Carmelia’ ‘Tahiti’ signed S.P., the third with factory stamp for Wilkinson



Three art deco clarice cliff ‘bizarre’ vases-The first in the ‘Delicia Pansies’ pattern, the second ‘Capri’ the third ‘Delecia Poppy’

Three Art Deco Clarice Cliff vases

The first in the ‘Delicia Pansies’ pattern, the second ‘Capri’ the third ‘Delecia Poppy’



Clarice CliffThe tea set comprising: a teapot, tea cup, saucer, sugar bowl and creamer, all in the Stamford shape, lacking Clarice Cliff mark, the other Clarice Cliff wares comprising a plate in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Flora’ pattern, a teapot in the Stamford shape and a vase in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Delecia’ pattern,

Clarice Cliff tea set comprising: a teapot, tea cup, saucer, sugar bowl and creamer

All in the Stamford shape, a plate in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Flora’ pattern, a teapot in the Stamford shape and a vase in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Delecia’ pattern,



Clarice-Cliff-vasesThe first ‘Bizarre’ ‘Sliced Circle’ pattern shape 205, the second ‘Bizarre’ ‘Football’ pattern shape 363, the third ‘Fantasque’ ‘Melon’ pattern shape 205

Clarice Cliff vases – ‘Bizarre’ ‘Sliced Circle’ pattern shape,  ‘Bizarre’ ‘Football’ pattern shape, ‘Fantasque’ ‘Melon’ pattern shape



two Clarice Cliff tea sets,-a-jam-pot-and-cover,-and-a-cake-stand

Two Clarice Cliff tea sets, a jam pot and cover, and a cake stand



Three-Clarice-Cliff-vases --The first in the ‘Trumpet Flowers’ pattern, shape 353, the second ‘Scarlet Flower’, shape 187, the third ‘Latona Garden’

Three Clarice Cliff vases –The first in the ‘Trumpet Flowers’ pattern, the second ‘Scarlet Flower’, the third ‘Latona Garden’




Two Clarice Cliff pitchers and a centerpiece bowl

The pitchers in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Zap’ and ‘Berries’ patterns, Athens shape, the bowl in a ‘Kandine’ pattern, together with a Crown Devon, Clarice Cliff style jug





Three Art Deco Clarice Cliff plates

In the ‘Bizzare’ ‘Lightning’, ‘Original Bizarre’ and ‘Bizarre’ ‘Swirls’ patterns

12 inch dia.   Christies



Three-clarice-cliff-jugs in the 'Fantasque' 'Fruit', 'Fantasque' 'Lily' and a 'Bizarre' pattern, the first 1928.

Three Clarice Cliff jugs in the ‘Fantasque’ ‘Fruit’, ‘Fantasque’ ‘Lily’ and a ‘Bizarre’ pattern, the first 1928.



Clarice Cliff 'Fantasque Bizarre' 'Xanthic' vase & 'Bizarre' 'Xavier' vase

Clarice Cliff Art Deco vases – Comprising a ‘Fantasque Bizarre’ ‘Xanthic’ vase & ‘Bizarre’ ‘Xavier’ vase



three-clarice-cliff-pitchers-and-a-centerpiece-bowl-The pitchers in the 'Fantasque' 'Autumn' pattern, athens shape, the bowl in the 'Rudyard' pattern

Clarice Cliff pitchers in the ‘Fantasque’ ‘Autumn’ pattern, Athens shape, the bowl in the ‘Rudyard’ pattern




Two-Art Deco Clarice-Cliff tea sets

Two Art Deco Clarice Cliff tea sets

The first in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Moonflower’ pattern, stamford shape comprising: a teapot and cover, sugar bowl, creamer, cup and saucer and side plate, the second comprising a teapot, two cups and saucers, a side-plate, creamer and sugar bowl, in the ‘Bizarre’ ‘Secrets’ pattern, bonjour shape





Clarice Cliff cylinder vases — The first ‘Sunrise’, the second ‘Arabesque’

11 inch height — Christies



Two-clarice-cliff-vases The first in the ‘Love Birds’ pattern, the second ‘Stile & Trees’

Clarice Cliff vases – The first in the ‘Love Birds’ pattern, the second ‘Stile & Trees’





Two ‘Latona’ jugs in the ‘Dahlia’ and ‘Bouquet’ patterns, a ‘Bizarre’ ‘Sunburst’ pattern jug, an ‘Applique’ ‘Blossom’ pattern jug and two ‘Bizarre’ coffee pots in the ‘Lydiat’



Auction Catalogue   – concludes Aug 25


Clarice Cliff teacups






Brussels – Ceramic Event 8  


Brussels ceramic event eight




Ceramic Event 8   —  23rd September to 1st October 2017

139 Moliere Avenue, Brussels  — Midday to 6pm

An annual event dedicated to contemporary ceramic arts featuring 65 artists displaying 400 works in the heart of Brussels.

A versatile selection of ceramic artisans including
Paule Fattaccioli, Atsuhi Kitahara, Lee Bomi, Chloé Peytermann, Denis Castaing,
Eve Vaucheret, Jo Schoenmakers & Marjo de Vries, Margot Thyssens, Oana Stoica, Patrick Jadot, Simona
Janišová, Valérie Ceulemans, Mirka Janeckova, Claire Marfisi, Edwige Thiou, Rosana Guest Freixas, Vera
Stoef, Anima Roos, Marta Armada, Claudia Aravena and  Nevin Arig.

PDF  program

Composition of the selection committee –

Gallery of Ô
Private Collector
Mels Boom, ceramist and editor of the magazine Klei.
Sylvette Gaudichon, in charge of collections and exhibitions of applied arts at the Museum La Piscine, Roubaix.
Lynn Fridmann, ceramist, co-president and co-ordinator of the Swissceramics events.

An additional Ceramic Artshop boutique space will be dedicated to ceramic jewelry



Art Nonuveau building Brussels

Ceramic Event Venue  — 139 Avenue Moliere, Brussels





Chloé Peytermann ceramic bowl




Mirka Janeckova

Mirka Janeckova




Claire Marfisi



Lee Bomi ceramics





Marta Armada ceramic pendant




Paule-Fattaccioli-ceramic-bowl with tulips

Paule Fattaccioli





Patrick Jadot


Also exhibiting at this current event (asterisk) and past Ceramic Event artists


Anima-Roos-footed ceramic-red koi bowl

Anima Roos*  —  red koi bowl


Nathalie-Jover three matt porcelain cups

Nathalie Jover




Albane Trolle – elegant footed bowls




Thérèse-Lebrun-white porous ceramic-sculpture

‘Concrétion’ — Thérèse Lebrun*



Anne-Marie-Laureys-folded-ceramic-sculpture - natt peach colour

Anne Marie Laureys* ceramic sculpture




Anne Marie Laureys*




Atsuhi Kitahara – Japanese contemporary bowls




Liz-Lescault contemporary vases

Liz Lescault




Bernard-Pierre-french ceramique vessel

Bernard Pierre



Didier-Joly--glass and clay sculpture

Didier Joly* sculpture


Cecil Kemperink ceramic jewelry

Cecil Kemperink*



Bol-fleur-Christelle-Gourmet ceramics

Ceramique bol fleur  — Christelle Gourmet




'Elodie-Chenu----five ceramic cups

‘Elodie Chenu—-ceramic cups



Virginie-Besengez ceramic vase

Virginie Besengez ceramic caldron




Lucy-Morrow-geometrical ceramic-sculpture

Lucy Morrow*



Claudia+Wassiczek-ceramic-sculpture raw abstract

Claudia Wassiczek ceramic sculpture




Domingo Nathalie–ceramic sculptured bowl


Eliane-Monnin-ceramic sculpture with budding plants

Eliane Monnin ceramic sculpture




Art Deco St. Augustin Church in Altitude Cent- by architects Léon Guianotte and André Watteyne

Forest, Belgium



'Elodie-Chenu---ceramic sculptural bottles

‘Elodie Chenu




Elsa Alayse



Eve-Vaucheret Brussels ceramics

Eve Vaucheret* porcelain artist Brussels



Eve Vaucheret




Fabienne Withofs*



Fabienne-Withofs-with large ceramic plate

Fabienne Withofs


Frédérique-Fenouil-abstract-céramique sculpture

Frédérique Fenouil  abstract céramique sculpture




Nathalie-Jover ceramique tumblers and cups

Nathalie Jover



Brussels-Avenue-Molière-Bas-relief-de-Jef-Lambeaux - art nouveau

Brussels, Avenue Molière Bas relief de Jef Lambeaux



Markéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická bio vases with relief texture

Markéta Nováková and Mira Podmanická bio vases


Monika-Patuszynska ceramic vases

Monika Patuszynska


Monika Patuszynska sculptural vases





Myung Joo Kim*



Nathalie-Doyen-ceramic-art vessel

Nathalie Doyen sculptured stone art



Nathalie Doyen

Nathalie Doyen sculptured stone

 Nathalie Doyen creates intricate textures on stone by meticulously repeating the same gesture of pricking the earth with a needle and adding colour.



Nathalie-Jover-elegant-porcelain bowls

Nathalie Jover elegant bowls



Nathalie-Van-De-Wouwer-footed chawan

Nathalie Van De Wouwer chawan



Nathalie Van De Wouwer–ceramic bowl


Daniela Schlagenhauf ceramic porcelain sculpture

Daniela Schlagenhauf




Charles Buls fountain, Brussels



Dorothée Loriquet. white polymorphic sculpture

Dorothée Loriquet



Ceramic Event 2 – Forest, Belgium





La Ville de Bruxelles



White tree ceramic-plate-dufour-laurent

White tree motif ceramic-plate — Laurent Dufour*




rouge bols-Isabelle-Leclercq

Rouge bols – Isabelle Leclercq



Jane-Norbury-raku-vase with fresh flowers

Jane Norbury* raku vase




Pascale-de-Visscher ceramic sculpture

Pascale de Visscher




Marianne-Vandebussche-porcelain-dish-textured exterior, smooth interior

Marianne Vandebussche porcelain dish



monika-patuszyńska-tea-set - black, white and yellow

Monika Patuszyńska tea set



Eliane Monnin




Marianne Vandebussche



myung-joo-kim-sculpture anomorphic

Myung Joo Kim* anomorphic sculpture




Noemi Niederhauser



Olivia-Walker--ceramic-artist in studio

Olivia Walker*





Paolo Polloniato




Paolo-Polloniato---contemporary ceramic-sculpture

Paolo Polloniato — contemporary ceramic sculpture





Stéphane Guiffrey—ceramic artist



Stéphane Guiffrey handpainted ceramic ovoid vessel

Stéphane Guiffrey hand-painted ceramic ovoid vessel




Suzy-Balkert--terra-sigillata-bowl. orange and black glaze

Suzy Balkert — terra sigillata bowl





Art Nouveau sgraffiti on La Maison Cauchie, artist Paul Cauchie’





Thierry Luang Rath


Thierry Luang Rath

Thierry Luang Rath geometric pattern ceramic/glass cup




Valérie Ceulemans*



Valérie Ceulemans*



Vera-Zegerman-surrealist sculpture

Vera Zegerman-surrealist ceramic sculpture



Tjok-Dessauvage--ceramicist holding a ceramic sculpture

Tjok Dessauvage



Tjok-Dessauvage-ceramic sculpture

Tjok Dessauvage




Nicolas Raguin



Nicolas-Raguin black and white striped cup

Nicolas Raguin



Olivia-Walker-ceramic footed cup

Olivia Walker*



Omur-Tokgoz-(Turkey)---perfectly-imperfect-white paperclay vessels

Omur Tokgoz (Turkey) — paperclay vessels



Renhilde Van Grieken sculptural ceramic form

Renhilde Van Grieken*



sylvie-gorde-porcelaine sculpture bowl

Sylvie Gorde porcelaine




Sylvie Gorde

Sylvie Gorde



Caroline Andrin pottery

Caroline Andrin




Ceramic anthropomorphic sandstone pyrité sculpture — Puisaye Cloutier




Frédéric Pagace– ceramic chawan



Sarah-Clotuche--ceramicist artist creating a sculpture

Sarah Clotuche



Hasan Baskirkan

Hasan Baskirkan





Modernist glass arts – Sweden



‘The Figure’  —  Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase


Scandinavia became a hub for glass production in the early 20th century, with Sweden at the epicenter. The traditional craft industries of glass, textiles, ceramics and furniture all experienced a modern design upheaval especially between the two world wars. Modernist artists were encouraged to become involved in the design and aesthetic modernization taking place and Sweden went on to be recognized internationally for its innovative direction. The manifestation of a design imperative that embraced the rubric of functionalism supporting improved housing decor and well constructed mass produced products became evident. The emergence of this design initiative was encouraged by a social climate that desired progress in the arts and the movement of ‘Swedish Modern’ became influential in defining this new trend.


Scarce-trees-in-winter-glass vase,-1951-Vicke Lindstrand

‘Scarce trees in winter’ glass vase – Vicke Lindstrand



The clean, streamlined aesthetic of Nordic design was a natural fit for the modern glass arts, particularly the smooth rounded surfaces and  bold colours. The glass company Orrefors was founded in 1898 but made its mark on the glass industry in 1916 when Knut Bergqvist invented the “Graal” technique, in which clear glass was used to encase an acid-etched design to create what appear to be decorations inside the piece. Orrefors made a successful impression on the European market after an exhibition at the 1925 Paris Exposition. They had employed new art designers especially for this exhibition including Vicke Lindstrand, who also introduced more modernist styles to their design lexicon. The fascinating Lindstrand designs from his stint at Orrefors, and later when he joined Kosta, are some of the most popular Scandinavian art-glass items. The Swedish art glass company Koksta Boda had been creating Art Nouveau pieces including etched cameo glass and Art Deco style glass since the turn of the Twentieth Century and went on to produce a swathe of modernist designed pieces in the postwar era.
Even though the Swedish Pre WW2 glass designs exuded innovative boldness and a sophisticated grace, the vintage post war glass was produced in greater quantities and became more accessible and popular with collectors, due to its market penetration, volume and affordability.


Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994), Orrefors,- blue 'Ariel' Glass Vase

Edvin Öhrström design for Orrefors,- blue ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase with female motif




Large-etched vase-'-Fishing-net Vase-Vicke-Lindstrand

Large etched vase – ‘Fishing Net’ -Vicke Lindstrand



'Ariel'-glass-vase,'-Adam-and-Eve'-,-1939-Vicke Lindstrand

‘Ariel’ glass vase, ‘Adam and Eve’ – Vicke Lindstrand



Kosta-modernist vase-by-Vicke-Lindstrand--

Kosta vase by Vicke Lindstrand



Vicke Lindstrand Vase-with-Harfespieler Naked man playing a harp

Vicke Lindstrand  — Vase with Harfespieler – Harp player



Eva-Englund-(Swedish,-1937-1998),-Orrefors,-Graal-Glass-polychrome Vase

Eva Englund (Swedish, 1937-1998), Orrefors, ‘Graal’ Glass Vase

The Graal technique uses a multiple layered cameo glass with a casing of clear crystal.



Art Deco glass vase with etched female water skier and wrythen glass to emulate waves designed by Vicke LINDSTRAND for ORREFORS, Sweden 1938. H.- 8.75

Art Deco glass vase with etched female water skier and wrythen glass to emulate waves designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Orrefors,

Sweden 1938. Height- 8.75 inches




Vicke-Lindstrand-green Vase-cylindrical shape and abstract figure motifs

Green cylindrical abstract bird motif glass vase – Vicke Lindstrand





Art Deco vase with etched nude female by Simon Gate, Orrefors, Sweden, around 1932.

Art Deco vase by Simon Gate with etched female nude figure, Orrefors, Sweden, around 1932.



Maciej-Dyszkiewicz-abstract-carved glass glass sculpture

Polish Maciej Dyszkiewicz abstract glass sculpture




Mats Jonasson Swedish art glass sculpture - mascot Morganna

Mats Jonasson Swedish art glass sculpture – Mascot Morganna




glass vase Egyptian Goddess sculpture

Glass etching Egyptian goddess vase – Vicke Lindstrand



Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, 'Ariel' Glass Vase modernist Green female motif

Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase




Vas-Autumn-city-Vicke-Lindstrand-Swedish glass art

‘Autumn City’  Designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta Boda, Sweden





Art-Glass-by-Tittot - Glass hand holding a bowl

Glass hand holding a bowl – Tittot



Ariel Glass Vase with man in gondola playing guitar motif –Edvin Öhrström (1906-1994), Orrefors



Bacchus Vase-Tanz-by-Jaroslav-Horejc,-circa-1925

Czech Bacchus Vase -Tanz by Jaroslav Horejc circa-1925





Edvin Öhrström, Sweden Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase



Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994),Orrefors, 'Ariel' Glass-Vase in blue

Edvin Öhrström  —  Orrefors, ‘Ariel’ Glass Vase



Edvin-Öhrström-(1906-1994),-Orrefors-abstract motif

Edvin Öhrström, Orrefors



Monkey decoration vase by Vicke Lindstrand  — Produced by Uppsala Ekeby



Ceramic nude females vase created by Vicke Linstrand – Produced by Uppsala Ekeby





Vicke-Lindstrand designed ceramic vase Produced by Uppsala Ekeby




White-slip-glazed-ceramic.-.-Produced-by-Uppsala-Ekeby - Vicke Lindstrand design

White slip glazed ceramic vase — Produced by Uppsala Ekeby – Vicke Lindstrand design




Glass vase with two faces Eva-Englund

Eva Englund Swedish,(1937-1998), Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase




Edvin Öhrström-(1906-1994), Orrefors -- matador and bull

Edvin Öhrström, Orrefors — abstract matador and bull



Edvin Öhrström; Glass 'Water Play' Vase for Orrefors, 1956.

Edvin Öhrström; Glass ‘Water Play’ Vase for Orrefors




Edvin-Ohrstrom-for-Orrefors-Ariel-blue art-glass-vase

Edvin Ohrstrom for Orrefors Ariel art glass vase




Europa and Bull - Vicke Lindstrand -- 1937 Orrefors

‘Europa and Bull ‘ – Vicke Lindstrand

1937 Orrefors




Eva Englund (Swedish, 1937-1998), Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase

Eva Englund  —   Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase


Turquoise sea horse engraved glass vase -Guild-of-Glass-Engravers.

Turquoise sea horse engraved glass vase

Guild of Glass Engravers exhibition 2012




Swedish-crystal-vase-amazing-red1950's -controlled-bubble-vase--

Swedish crystal vase red controlled bubble – Vicke Lindstrand




Girls Playing Ball, Vase with Tray - Edward Vald for Orrefors Glasbruk - 1920

‘Girls Playing Ball’, Vase with Tray – Edward Vald for Orrefors Glasbruk




Peter Hermansson-(Swedish),-'Woman with Knives' Graal Glass

Peter Hermansson (Swedish), – ‘Woman with Knives’ Graal Glass




Heavy clear glass vase Vanity with engraved decoration of sitting woman before mirror design Vicke Lindstrand 1959 executed by Kosta

Heavy clear glass vase Vanity with engraved decoration of sitting woman before mirror design Vicke Lindstrand

1959 executed by Kosta



Holmegaard 'Aristocrat' glass decanter by Per Lutken by art-of-glass, via Flickr

Holmegaard ‘Aristocrat’ glass decanter by Per Lutken by art of glass, via Flickr



Mats Jonason glass modernist vase

Mats Jonason glass modernist vase



Peter-Hermansson-(Swedish),-Graal-Glass-Vase -- turquoise with abstract figures

Peter Hermansson, Cubist Graal Glass Vase




Kosta Boda Adam Eve & Serpent Glass Vase Sweden 1980's black head outline on white

Kosta Boda  ‘Adam Eve & Serpent’  Glass Vase

Sweden 1980’s



Edvin Öhrström,-ariel vase,-Orrefors-1938

Edvin Öhrström, ariel vase, Orrefors




, Vicke Lindstrand -- Kosta Year '50s Size h.9inches Carved and polished sculpture of an African head.

Carved and polished African head sculpture — Vicke Lindstrand

Kosta  ’50s  – Height 9 inches




Mats Jonasson Art Glass Sculpture Masquerade in Blue,

‘Masquerade in Blue‘ — Mats Jonasson Frosted Art Glass Sculpture




Mats Jonasson Glass Owl Vase




Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, Engraved Glass Sculpture

Vicke Lindstrand – Kosta, Engraved Glass — ‘Sculpture – Decoration of portrait women’s figure’





1950’s  Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden



Mats Jonasson minature kiwok red glass face sculpture

Mats Jonasson minature kiwok glass sculpture



Turquoise Vase,-Colora.-Designed-by-Vicke-Lindstrand-for-Kosta,-Sweden.-1950's


Colora Vase by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta

Sweden. 1950’s




Orrefors, Engraved Crystal Glass Vase




‘The Cog Doc­tor’  —  Peter Hermansson abstract Graal Glass Vase – 2013

Foto: Mat­tias Johansson


orrefors-vicke-lindstrand-peasrl diver engraved vase

Orrefors  —  Vicke Lindstrand “Nude Diver” engraved vase

circa 1930-39




‘The Last Modernist’  Graal glass vase – Peter-Hermansson



Simon Gate (Swedish, 1883-1945), Orrefors, 'Java Dancers' Engraved Glass Vase

 ‘Java Dancers’  —  Simon Gate –  Orrefors, Engraved Glass Vase




Orrefors-(Sweden)-Ariel-purple glass-vase with female bust motif

Orrefors Ariel purple glass vase with female bust motif



The-Pearlfisher glass lidded vessel1931

‘The Pearlfisher’ octopus lidded glass vessel – Orrefors


via The Brilliance of Swedish Glass, 1918-1939- An Alliance of Art and Industry – Anne Marie Ericsson





Glass vase ‘Omfamningen Embrace’ — Orrefors




Mid Century Vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden. 1950's

Vase designed by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, Sweden






Vicke Lindstrand vase



 Vicke Lindstrand headshot

Vicke Lindstrand



Vicke-Lindstrand,-Somerso-matching vases - Kosta-,-Sweden

Vicke Lindstrand, ‘Somerso’ vases – Kosta,Sweden



Mat Jonasson Masquerade Red glass sculpture

Mat Jonasson ‘Masquerade Red’ glass sculpture




Vicke Lindstrand (airlines, 1904-1983), Orrefors, Enameled Glass Vase.

‘Proverb Vase’ — Vicke Lindstrand frosted Orrefors, Enameled Glass




Vicke Lindstrand Kosta, modernist Engraved-Glass-Sculpture

Vicke Lindstrand modernist engraved glass sculpture – Kosta



Peter-Hermansson-(Swedish),-'Under-The-Surface'-Graal-Glass cubist vase

‘Under The Surface’  – Graal Glass cubist vase — Peter Hermansson



Vicke Lindstrand (Swedish, 1904-1983), Kosta, 'Mid Summer Nights Dream' engraved glass vase.

Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta, ‘Mid Summer Nights Dream’ engraved glass vase





‘African Dancers’  —  Vicke Lindstrand–Orrefors, – Graal Glass Vase




Vicke Lindstrand – Orrefors,- Engraved Glass Vase – dancing Josephine Baker



Vicke-Lindstrand - -Orrefors,-Graal-Glass-Vase Tribal Dancers

Vicke Lindstrand – – Orrefors, Graal Glass Vase Tribal Dancers



Vicke-Lindstrand Orrefors,-'Mermaids'-Engraved-Glass-Vase

Vicke Lindstrand for  Orrefors,  ‘Mermaids’ engraved glass vase




Vicke Lindstrand;-Etched Glass Family Vase for Orrefors,-c1937

Vicke Lindstrand; Etched Glass ‘Family’ Vase for Orrefors

c 1937



Eva-Englund---Graal-faces vase

Eva Englund—Graal vase



Vicke-Lindstrand-for-Kosta-1958-Twilight Blue vases

Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta ‘Twilight Blue’ vases





Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta –  ‘Rodeo Cowboy’  Cut Glass Vase

circa 1950’s



Peter-Hermansson-graal-glass vase

Peter Hermansson graal glass vase

Height 17.3 inches




Vicke-Lindstrand-glass -for-Kosta--Aquarium vase

Vicke Lindstrand glass for Kosta — Aquarium vase



Papyrus-and-Cellulosa-Vase-1942-Vicke-Lindstrand glass vase

‘Papyrus and Cellulosa Vase’  —  Vicke Lindstrand





Koksta modernist vase – Vicke Lindstrand