JAC 60th Anniversary



Greg Daly  — round vase, 2021

Line of Sight series – – Photo – John Daly


‘SIXTY’ exhibition —  The Journal of Australian Ceramics 60th Anniversary 1962–2022 is a special ADC On Tour exhibition project presented in partnership with The Australian Ceramics Association to acknowledge this significant anniversary.

Where: ADC Australian Design Centre101–115 William Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Thursday 31 March 2022 to 25th May 2022  – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm AEDT

The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) has, over its sixty years of print publication, presented the history of ceramics in Australia. The JAC is unique in its enduring focus on all areas of ceramic art practice, finding a balance between aesthetic, technique and education.

Free event: bookings essential

The exhibiting artists are:

Glenn Barkley | Kirsten Coelho | Greg Daly | Pippin Drysdale | Dan Elborne | Penny Evans | Honor Freeman | Susan Frost | Shannon Garson | Patsy Hely | Alison Milyika Carroll | Jeffery Mincham | Damon Moon | David Ray | Ben Richardson | Tania Rollond | Owen Rye | Jane Sawyer | Yul Scarf | Vipoo Srivilasa | Kenji Uranishi | Gerry Wedd



Granite Warriors ceramic vessels --Pippin Drysdale

‘Granite Warriors’ ceramic vessels — Pippin Drysdale



Pippin Drysdale



Shanon Garson--Beauty and Terror- 2020 -- wheel thrown porcelain

Shanon Garson–‘Beauty and Terror’ – 2020


1._Dan Elborne -- Conduit_sample_collection_hero_image_2021_Photography_by_Grace_Yu_of_Studio_Bitsy

Dan Elborne — ‘Conduit’ – Slipcast stained stoneware



Damon Moon fox profile

Damon Moon


Alison Milyika Carroll Kungkarangkalpa__Seven Sisters 2022_Photo_Courtesy_Ernabella_Arts.21ffdd2

Alison Milyika Carroll — Kungkarangkalpa –  ‘Seven Sisters’



David Ray - Mutated Tureen 2021.__40cmH_36cm__23cm_W._Earthernware__gold_decals_enamel_Photo_Chris_Saunders-

David Ray – ‘Mutated Tureen’ 

2021. — Photo – Chris Saunders


Early morning mist clearing to fine_High walled bowl form___32cms_D_X_23cms_H_Multi_glazed_Mid_fire_2021_Photo_Michal_Kluvanek_Side_view1

Jeffery Mincham – ‘Early morning mist clearing to fine’

High walled bowl form



Gerry Wedd Welcome Pot_2015_Photo--Grant Hancock

Gerry Wedd – ‘Welcome Pot’

2015 – Photo–Grant Hancock




‘Here the time flies’ – Glenn Barkley



Glenn Barkley




Bulb Vase  –  Glenn Barkley



HFreeman_small acts of care and repair_2021

‘Small acts of care and repair’  – Honor Freeman




Jane Sawyer_-- Collapse

Jane Sawyer  —   ‘Collapse’




Jeff Mincham


Tania Rollond_rise and fall_2021

Tania Rollond – ‘Rise and Fall’




Yul Scarf_You keep paying 2 Wreck Me_2021_ceramic plate mended with coins_QR code linking to Tony Alberts work__photoPeter_Morgan

Yul Scarf – ‘You keep paying 2 Wreck Me’ – ceramic plate mended with coins QR code linking to Tony Alberts work




Greg Daly-Through the Mist-2022-lustre-glaze-ceramic

Greg Daly- – ‘Through the Mist’–lustre glaze ceramic




Greg Daly-Brooding_Sky_2019

Greg Daly – ‘Brooding Sky’




Man.garr Marsupium / PennyEvans_2021 ceramic pendant

Man.garr Marsupium  – Penny Evans



Owen Rye_Jar_3_2019

Owen Rye – Jar





Su-nak (Canine) and Wi-laa (Feline) –  Vipoo Srivilasa

Stoneware, underglaze, gold lustre, acrylic and mixed media. Photo:Andrew Barcham




Kenji Uransihi_Hero_Image

Kenji Uransihi – Hero Image



Ben Richardson - Sheltering_2022

Ben Richardson – ‘Sheltering’



Susan Frost - Rise_A_Photo_Grant_Hancock

Susan Frost – Rise A

Photo – Grant Hancock



The exhibition will tour to 17 art centres across Australia from 2022 to 2026.

Australian Design Centre, NSW 31 March – 25 May 2022
Araluen Arts Centre, NT 17 June – 14 August 2022
Cairns Art Gallery, QLD 15 October – 11 December 2022
Cowra Regional Gallery, NSW 11 February – 19 March 2023
JamFactory, SA 4 May – 9 July 2023
ArtGeo Cultural Centre, WA 14 July – 27 August 2023
Gippsland Art Gallery, VIC 9 September -19 November 2023
Ararat Gallery TAMA, VIC 30 November 2023 – 25 February 2024
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, TAS 15 March – 19 May 2024
Design Tasmania, TAS 31 May – 22 July 2024
Tamworth Regional Gallery, NSW 9 August – 29 September 2024
Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, NSW 12 October – 1 December 2024
Bathurst Regional Gallery, NSW 13 December 2024 – 7 February 2025
Canberra Potters, Watson Arts Centre, ACT 20 March – 13 April 2025
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery, NSW 2 May – 6 July 2025
Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, QLD 16 August – 12 October 202



More events for 2022 —


International Artists Residency Exchange (IARE)workshops 2022

Saint Raphaël  CÔTE D’AZUR





Sharon Thompson Workshop – 17 May 2022 – 27 May 2022
‘Having fun with Decals’

Using decals in a contemporary manner while learning how to use your own artwork to create decals with Sharon Thompson, designer, artist extraordinaire. Price includes materials. Weekday lunches are to be determined.


Sharon Thompson



Sharon Thompson having fun with decals workshop

Sharon Thompson




Sharon Thompson — having fun with decals



Anthony Merino  – 18 Jul 2022 – 23 Jul 2022
‘Symmetrical Patterning on 3-Dimensional Forms’



Anthony-Merino-Symmetrical Patterning on 3-Dimensional Forms

Anthony Merino Symmetrical Pattern on 3-Dimensional Forms



Anthony Merino



Anthony Merino Symmetrical Patterning



Natasha Dikareva  — 6 Sep 2022 – 15 Sep 2022
‘Dreams in Clay: Creating Personal Mythology in the South of France’

Dikareva is known for her surreal, exquisitely formed human figures which often morph into other biological forms such as birds, fish, clouds and trees. Humans and other living creatures are united in the experience of life.




‘Here Was a Bee’ – Natasha Dikareva




Early Bird Brings Lucid Dreams 2 by Natasha Dikareva

‘Early Bird Brings Lucid Dreams 2’ by Natasha Dikareva



Cloud Man by Natasha Dikareva

‘Cloud Man’  –  Natasha Dikareva



Inhale Deeply and Say Om ceramic sculpture

‘Inhale Deeply and Say Om’ — Natasha Dikareva



natasha dikareva workshop

Natasha Dikareva



Natasha Dikreva-- Letting Out

Natasha Dikreva — ‘Letting Out’




‘Smila’ – Natasha Dikreva

– stoneware, glazes, blown glass




Do You Remember Your Last Night Dream? – – Natasha Dikreva


Natasha Dikreva figure sculpture - Dont Touch Your Face Unless Your Hand is Golden 2020


Natasha Dikreva  – ‘Dont Touch Your Face Unless Your Hand is Golden’






‘Echoes of the River’ — Nada Murphy exhibition

Create – Connect – Country

March 16 – April 9 2022
Mossenson Galleries – 115 Hay Street, Subiaco, Perth


In Echoes of the River I explore the source of the Avon River at the place where it emerges from the ground. Here it reveals it ancient origins and the intersect with an indelible human imprint echoing across seasons and time – Nada Murphy



‘Spillway at the Crossing II’   –   Nada Murphy

Pate de verre glass bowl



Quajabin-Nada Murphy

‘Quajabin’ – Nada Murphy



Riverbank After the Rain II - Riparian-Series-Pate-de-verre-glass-vessel-10-x-19-cm

‘Riverbank After the Rain II’ – Nada Murphy




‘View from the Peak’  Nada Murphy

2021 – oil on canvas



‘Climbing the trees II’ – Nada Murphy



Does Not Hold Water  – Nada Murphy

Coiled vessels with black fleece



‘Salt preserved II’ – Nada Murphy



They always bring you home©Nada Murphy

‘They always bring you home’ — ©Nada Murphy



Stardust and Other Dreams

‘Stardust and Other Dreams’   –  Nada Murphy





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