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Poirot and an Art Deco gazelle figurine



Deco perfection of Poirot :


For an exposé on Art Deco , it’s hard to go past the Poirot series, based on the Agatha Christie books. Set in England in 1936, there is countless classic objects of the Art Deco era and superb Art Deco architecture. Worthwhile viewing for anyone studying the genre.The key character played by David Suchet, is the impeccable and slightly eccentric Hercule Poirot, a Belgium detective, of refined taste, with a penchant for dapper attire. The dandy Poirot, a doyen of the Belgium police force, has a talent for incisive deduction, lives in an Art deco apartment and tends to frequent a lot of Art Deco styled hotels and restaurants. I’ve only managed to view about 10 of the 70 episodes, but I was intrigued by the episode named ‘The Dream’.



Jean Dunand lacquered Art Deco vase


On the landing on the stairwell, precariously poised, was a Jean Dunand Art Deco dinanderie vase (or replica). It was an obvious accident waiting to happen, which occurred towards the end of the episode. When it met its fate, it fell and bounced with a metallic clunk, which made sense because it was an enameled metal vessel, then it shattered into pieces like a ceramic vase. (see video) For dramatic effect that made sense too, albeit defying logic. As these vases have been fetching up to $250,000 at auction, if it was an original, I hope it survived the fall.

Poirot is one of Christie’s most famous and long-lived characters, appearing in 33 novels. Poirot was the only fictional character to receive an obituary on the front page of The New York Times. Most of the definitive Art Deco styles are on display in the series – geometric, angular and abstract shapes, chrome, glass, highly polished wood and black lacquer. Mixed with shiny fabrics, mirrors, Art Deco clocks and figurine statues. Murals displaying modern, stylised images of aeroplanes, cars, cruise liners and skyscrapers also feature.


Poirot – ‘The Dream’ – 52 seconds



Jean-Dunand-black laquered-vase with eggshell panels

Jean Dunand geometric eggshell inlay lacquered metal dinanderie vase




Poirot’s Art Deco apartment




Detective Poirot in an Art Deco setting





Poirot having breakfast with a Susie Cooper Art Deco teaset


Art Deco teabreak - Poirot

Art Deco decor morning tea




Art Deco graphic




Midland Hotel – Morecambe, UK




Midland Hotel




Eltham Place, South East London




the-beaumont-lobby, London

Beaumont Hotel lobby


More Deco beckons :


At the turn of the 20th century, most of the architecture and design still reflected previous styles including Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic, Greek Revival, Italian Renaissance Revival, Beaux Arts Classical, Italianate and Late Baroque Rococo. This traditional revivalism was replaced by the spread of Art Nouveau that expressed more feminine, sensual female forms interwoven with naturalistic motifs of animals, insects and flowers. Even though its distinctive look dominated trends up to the 1920‘s, it still had an old world feel about it even though it was a reactionary movement against previous traditionally inclined styles. With the march of the Industrial Age, it eventually succumbed to the tides of innovation. By the 1930’s it had been superseded by the bolder, more assertive Art Deco, that made a comprehensive break from past styles with its desire to reflect modernity and the upheavals in design introduced by the Machine Age. Art Deco embraced the speed and movement of Futurism while infusing the fractured forms of Cubism and the minimalism inherent in the Bauhaus design. The symmetrical lines and geometric patterns espoused in Art Deco swept away the sinuous, curvaceous excesses of the Nouveau era.




Camille Faure Limoges ovoid geometric vase





Art Deco female figurine spherical lamp – Max Leverrier

It is interesting to note that during the early 20th Century, ornamental figure sculptures were more widely used as a decorative art then figure paintings.



Art Deco ladies in satin 1930---Gyula-Batthyany

Art Deco elegance – Gyula Batthyany





Fayral nickel plated Art Deco figure made by Le Verrier foundry


French Cab –




Art Deco Camille Faure Limoges Green Vase



6835a805a18944c143265bb256d16866 Collection of Félix Marcilhac auctioned on Sothebys

Two iconic armchairs (c.1928) by Jean-Michel Frank upholstered in shagreen and made of oak with seats covered in a vibrant green velvet,
an Orientalist painting by Marcelle Ackhein from around 1935, a serpentine fire surround by Eugène Gaillard, a sculpture by Etienne Béothy on top of the plinth and a unique black and gilt patinated bronze ‘Lampadaire Deux Serpents’ floor lamp (1931) by Edouard-Marcel Sandoz,





Charles Scheider Le Verre Francias Charder glass vase

Épinay sur Seine, France circa 1920





Dante Baldelli Ceramic Vase for Rometti

Umbertide, circa 1930




An enameled cooper vase. Design by M. Pinoteau. Hand made by Camille Fauré, Limoges, France.

Transitional piece integrating both Art Nouveau and Deco.

Art 1900, 1stDibs




Art Deco parrot figure clock

circa 1930




Silver bronze Art Deco figurine lamp– Fayral





Art Deco Cat Lamp by Waylande Gregory for Cowan Pottery





Art Deco stylised bronze sculpture by Philippe Devriez

France circa 1930




Art-Deco-Umbrella-Stand In the style of Franz Hagenauer - circa 1960s. Can also function as a vase

Umbrella Stand Art Deco in the style of Franz Hagenauer

circa 1960s.





Bronze commemorative medal by André Lavrillier and Alfred Janniot




Clarice-Cliff,-Bizarre-ware.-Art-Deco-Tea-Set with angular handles

 Bizarre ware Art Deco Tea Set – Clarice Cliff





‘L’Aviation’  – Art Deco bronze sculpture – Frederic Focht (1879-1937)




Cubist-art deco vase-by-Hem in black, gold and red

Cubist art deco vase by Hem




Rosenthal Dancer figurine

Rosenthal Egyptian dancer figurine




Art Deco-flapper-female-busts-Salt-Pepper dispensers

Flapper head shakers for salt and pepper



Jean-Gabriel-Domergue A lady spraying perfume - art deco

Jean Gabriel Domergue




Margaret-Bourke-White photo - set design for French casino cabaret

French Casino cabaret set

Photo – Margaret Bourke White



Maurice-Marinot-(French,-1882-1960),-Vase,-c 1928

Maurice Marinot glass vase


Cleveland Museum of Art


SS-Normandie art deco dining room that seated 700

Art Deco dining room for 700 on the Ocean Liner Normandie




Normandie room - Caribbean-cruise-ship Celebrity's Summit

Salvaged Jean Dunard panels from the ill fated Normandie now in the Normandie Room of the Caribbean cruise ship Celebrity Summit




Art deco female bas relief, Glavna Pošta, Podgorica, Montenegro

Paul McClure – flickr




Art Deco female figures – Henry Butler



Gyula-Batthyany---Divathölgyek,-1932-körül Art Deco Ladies in satin and furs

‘Fashion Ladies’ – Gyula Batthyany, Hungry




Ovoid Covered-Jar,-Clochettes,-Mauves---Cleveland-Museum-of-Art - Sèvres Factory (French);Agnes Moreau-Jouin (French);Henri Rapin

Ovoid lidded jar – French jazz age deco

1931    Height 17.75 inches

Sèvres Factory – designers: Agnes Moreau-Jouin, Henri Rapin




1951 Jaguar-Mark-7 Streamline Moderne

Jaguar Mark 7, 1951

I drove one of these for a few years, buying it when I was 18. I can’t say it was because of the fuel efficiency ( 14 mpg ) or the handling in city traffic and it wasn’t the zippiest – (0 – 60 mph in 13.7 seconds). It had no power steering and was a lumbering beast (nicknamed Sherman after Sherman Tank), especially when parking. But on the open highways it had serious cruising cred ( 3.4 litre engine) and the Art Deco streamline moderne profile was a visual treat. Not to mention the polished walnut dashboard, fold out cocktail bars and the lush leather seating.



Jaguar Mark 7 interior



Jan-and-Joël-Martel-(1896-1966) Female-Nude-says-'the-UAM'-1931-height-81inches-Christies

Art Deco female nude sculpture – Jan and Joël Martel

1931  height 81 inches




Art Deco opalescent glass statuette of a semi-clad girl –  ETLING FRANCE

Circa 1930.



Frederick Rhead Art Deco red Phoenix-ovoid vase-for-Wardle,-c 1929

Frederick Rhead red Phoenix ovoid vase for Wardle

c 1929




Cubist ‘La Femme au Cheval’ – (The Rider) – Jean Metzinger




Art Deco sculpture NYC---Manhattan---Chanin-Building---Rene-Paul-Chambellan

Bronze Art Deco panel  –  Rene Paul Chambellan

Chanin Building- Manhattan, NYC




John Storrs - 1930, Christ for the Church of Christ the King, Cork, Ireland

Church of Christ the King – JohnStorrs

1930, Cork, Ireland





‘Leda and the Swan’, designed by Viktor Schreckengost (American, 1906-2008), made at Cowan Pottery Studio






Penthesilea – Queen of the Amazons – Marcel Bouraine

Galerie de Souzy





Pierre Lenoir

Galerie de Souzy



Nora-Gulbrandsen art deco spherical ceramic vessel

Nora Gulbrandsen




rare Art Deco French bronze figure by Marcel-Andre Bouraine, circa 1925, cubist dancer

French Art Deco bronze figure by Marcel-Andre Bouraine

circa 1925




Melbourne-Collins-Street-Mosaic mural designed by Napier Waller in 1932.

Mosaic mural by Napier Waller – 1932

Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia



'Memphis'---Art-Deco-Teapot-by-Salins-Studio-France-by-meritandworth on etsy

Art Deco style teapot – Salins Studio France – 80’s

Memphis design group

sold by meritandworth- etsy




Marcel Renard

Meridian Gallery



Rene-Buthaud with an art deco lidded vessel

Rene Buthaud French ceramicist




Rockefeller center Art Deco panel by Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi’s 9-ton stainless steel panel entitled News is above the entrance to 50 Rockefeller Plaza



NashvilleCourthouse Art Deco wall sculpture

Nashville Courthouse, 1937

Exterior sculpture & bronze doors by Rene Paul Chambellan.





French spelter and ivorine Art Deco figurine by Menneville

Circa 1930




Art Deco lamp base – WMF, Geislingen






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