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21st Les Journées de la Céramique à Paris


Paris ceramique days 2018



21st Les Journées de la Céramique 

110 ceramic artists from France and internationally at the annual Parisian ceramic festival


Thursday 28th June – Sunday 1st July 2018

Paris-Potier Association Days of Ceramics , Place Saint Sulpice, Paris 6 th  — Thursday from 1 pm to 10 pm (with opening at night on the stands)
the following days from 11 am to 8 pm (with aperitif)



Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6e
 28 juin au 1er juillet 2018




Paris pottery market

Les journees de la Ceramique, Paris

Beatriz Trepat_ceramic sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



Beatriz-Trepat-ceramique sculpture

Beatriz Trepat



French bolbois-Christina Guwang

Bowl – Christina Guwang



Bowl (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons-Christina Guwang

Godets poissons   – Christina Guwang



Godets poissons (flipside from above) – Christina Guwang




Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang



Coupelle Perles - Christina Guwang

Coupelle Perles – Christina Guwang




Brigitte Long sculpture



Brigitte Long - Raku Rocker

Brigitte Long – ‘Raku Rocker’



Brigitte Long - Smokey Sandstone ceramic sculpture

Brigitte Long – Smokey Sandstone



French artist Camille Trehout---ceramique sculpture

Camille Trehout— ceramique sculpture



Stéphanie Gamby -- ceramic wall panel

Stéphanie Gamby wall art



Cécile-Poisson-ceramic-cup with strong texture

Cécile Poisson – ceramic cup


Chantal Cesure blue and white ceramic tumblers

Chantal Cesure


Charlotte Coquen French ceramique

Charlotte Coquen



Charlotte Coquen glazed white sandstone enamelled, latex tinted.-48x45xh45cm

Charlotte Coquen



Claire Roger ceramics

Claire Roger



Claire Roger ceramic with much detail

Claire Roger




Corinna Fridrich ceramic vase

Corinna Fridrich



Corinne-Betton Rench ceramicist

Corinne Betton


Corinne Betton pottery teapots

Corinne Betton



Corinne-Betton pottery studio, France

Corinne Betton studio



Dalloun bowl



Demoiselle avignon vase--Thierry Basile Potier

‘Demoiselle avignon’ vase — Thierry Basile Potier



Thierry Basile Potier

Thierry Basile 


Elise Lefbrve-ceramic-cats with storage

Elise Lefbrve


Elise Lefbrve dishes

Elise Lefbrve



Fabienne Withofs-folded globular vase

Fabienne Withofs



François Cholé-white céramique vaisselle

François Cholé – white céramique vaisselle



Françoise-Cholé- square céramique-vaisselle

Françoise Cholé



Françoise-Cholé-céramique-vaisselle with succulents

Françoise Cholé – céramique planter with succulents


Gisele Buthod-Garcon-raku sculpture

Gisele Buthod-Garcon  –  raku sculpture




Gwenaël Hémery-French-sculpture ceramic

Gwenaël Hémery



Gwenaël Hémery contemporary ceramique

Gwenaël Hémery



Jane Norbury-Train Paths folded ceramic form

Jane Norbury ‘Train Paths’



Kaori Kurihara contemporary ceramics

Kaori Kurihara — contemporary ceramics



Bridgette Lab_-'Dreaming-perhaps' ceramic figurine

Bridgette Lab –  ‘Dreaming perhaps’



Laure Sulger--Moulin ceramic art

Laure Sulger — ‘Moulin’



Marc Uzan ceramique art

Marc Uzan


Marc Uzan-Rouges et noirs squat globular vessel

Marc Uzan – ‘Rouges et noirs’ squat globular ceramic vessel



Martine-Coulloud=gobelet red white and black stripes

Martine Coulloud – gobelet



Michel Cohen-ceramique-bowl

Michel Cohen


Monika Debus_biomorphic form 2016

Monika Debus – 2016


Monika Debus_Blue Shape 2016

Monika Debus _ ‘Blue Shape’




Myriam Belhaj-yellow seahorse-platter

Myriam Belhaj – yellow wavy ovoid seahorse platter



Myriam Belhaj sea life plate

Myriam Belhaj


Nadège Richard-contemporary jug-and-cups

Richard Nadège -contemporary elegant jug and cups

Richard Nadège gobelet

Richard Nadège gobelet



Nani Champy-sculpture ceramic-605

Nani Champy – ‘Ceramic 605′


Nani ChampySchott-forme-05

Nani Champy Schott – ‘Forme 05′


Petit Vase-Elise Lefebvre

‘Petit Vase’ – Elise Lefebvre


Philippe Dubuc - lidded-vessel

Philippe Dubuc – lidded vessel



Philippe Dubuc - lidded contemporary vessels

Philippe Dubuc – lidded contemporary vessels



Raphaël Meyer Ceramic anagama kiln

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics wood fired charger



Raphaël Meyer Ceramics -- wood fired ceramic vases

Raphaël Meyer Ceramics



Regula Brotbek-lidded-raku-spherical vessel

Regula Brotbek- lidded raku sphere



Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels with matt glaze surface

Zelie Rhouby ceramic vessels



Zelie Rouby-yellow-ceramic vessel

Zelie Rouby



Stéphanie Bertholon - low box in gold

Stéphanie Bertholon – ‘Low box in gold’




Stéphanie Gamby ceramic vessel



Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette

Sylvie Enjalbert in studio silhouette



Sylvie Enjalbert elegant vessels

Sylvie Enjalbert



Takashi-Tanimoto contemporary ceramic

Takashi Tanimoto



Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings

Violaine Ulmer white ceramic rings



Yuko Kuramatsu-japan ceramic bowls

Yuko Kuramatsu







Alessandra Foletti – Lenca Pottery


globular crackle glaze ceramic vase -- Alessandra Foletti

Globular crackle glaze vessel – Alessandra Foletti



Lencan pottery meets Alessandra Foletti


Alessandra Foletti helped to establish training workshops in 1986 for female ceramicists in Honduras and organize production teams for creating traditional and contemporary Lencan pottery. The underlying theme of the project was to forge a creative fusion between anthropology and design by rescuing traditions and renewing them under a contemporary vision to reinforce cultural heritage and develop work opportunities that generate income for their communities. Her input, as an artist and a designer, was to introduce and market designs of sculptures, jewelry, paintings and ceramics that preserved their traditional handcraft techniques and decorative styles and motifs.
Alessandra has been surrounded by art since she was a child. “Art runs in my family: my grandmother used to paint, two of my uncles were jewelry makers, a cousin was a sculptor, and my mother painted beautiful compositions on silk. I was born in Trento (Italy) and my career in painting and ceramics began in Switzerland and Italy. I studied engineering in Switzerland, then anthropology in Mexico. In 1983 my husband and I moved to Honduras to work with the Lenca people and here I began an ethnographic research on their artisanal traditions, especially pottery. Thanks to the research I met many women ceramists, and I was able to publish a book together with the Honduras’ Anthropology and History Institute.”


Email – [email protected]



Volcan de Fuego -- Museum of America,, Madrid

‘Volcan de Fueg’o — Alessandra Foletti

Museum of America,, Madrid



Ceramic bead and leather mesh necklace – Alessandra Foletti



ovoid short neck vase Alessandra Foletti

Lenca Ovoid crackle vase

The Lenca people are descendants of the Mayans and some of their techniques are pre-Columbian. The application of resist material to their sculptures and pottery are never identical, which makes them all unique works.


Alessandra-Foletti-ceramic-neck piece

Rust glaze ceramic necklace – Alessandra Foletti


Ceramic bead and mesh necklace  —  Alessandra Foletti



Allesandra Foletti-Honduras-Serpienteem Plumada

Allesandra Foletti — ‘Serpienteem Plumada’ plate





Honduras Lencan ceramic Andros vase



Lencan-necklace from Honduras

Ceramic beads and leather necklace

ACTA de Honduras



Andros-2--Lencan-pottery ceramic vase

‘Andros 2’ — Lencan pottery



Cabeza-de-serpiente-emplumada-Alessandra-Foletti mosaic wall panel

‘Cabeza de serpiente emplumada’  mosaic panel – Alessandra Foletti



Vintage handmade Lencasn vase with geometric pattern

Vintage handmade Lencasn vase




Andros biomorphic vase - Alessandra Foletti

Andros red biomorphic vase – Alessandra Foletti



Beautiful feathers flower - Alessandra Foletti

Beautiful feathers flower – Alessandra Foletti



Indiginous Mesoamerican lencan bowl


Indigenous Mesoamerican Lencan bowl

Width 9.5 inches



Celaque wall art--Alessandra Foletti

‘Celaque Magic Forest’ wall art — Alessandra Foletti




Ceramic spiral ‘Messenger Pigeon’ – Lenca

Handcrafted from ceramic, this beautiful Honduran sculpture of a messenger pigeon is covered with spiral motifs in crackled alabaster and coal black. Designed by Alessandra Foletti, the sculpture, handcrafted using the ancient pottery burnishing technique of rubbing a flat stone on a surface to create a sheen. During firing, a resist technique similar to batik is used, protecting the natural color of the clay while the uncovered parts of the surface achieve a black finish.



Ceramic-vase,-'Acatenango'Handcrafted Lenca Ceramic Vase-from-Honduras

‘Acatenango’ Handcrafted Lenca Ceramic Vase




Ceramic vases - dt.common.streams-Alessandra-Foletti

Alessandra Foletti tall vases



Alessandra Foletti



Cylindrical vase with spiral motifs--Alessandra Foletti

Cylindrical vase with spiral sgraffito  motifs — Alessandra Foletti



Ceramic stretch bracelet, 'Azacualpa Rainforest'--Designed by Alessandra Foletti, this stretch bracelet is a celebration of Lenca and Maya artistry.

Ceramic stretch bracelet, ‘Azacualpa Rainforest’

Designed by Alessandra Foletti, this stretch bracelet is a celebration of Lencan and Mayan artistry.



Shaped like a volcano, this ceramic vase evokes the pumpkin tones of sweet mamey fruit.

Lena Pottery-Alessandra Foletti



Cylindrical crackle glaze vases-Alessandra Foletti

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti Lenca pottery vases

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti contemporary ceramics

Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti---Ferns. la tigra wall art

Alessandra Foletti — ‘Ferns. la tigra’ wall art



Heart sacrificed by aztec sun-Alessandra Foletti

‘Heart sacrificed by Aztec sun’ – Alessandra Foletti




Alessandra Foletti turquoise crackle glaze volcan




Honduras dolorosa – Alessandra Foletti



Lenca Iguana Medic girinding stone

Lenca Iguana on tortoise Medic grinding stone



Black and white Lenca spherical vessel with spiral decoration

‘Serpentine Loops’ – Black and white Lenca spherical vessel

Featuring swirl motifs in crackled alabaster tones against a coal black body



Life-memories-Alessandra-Foletti ceramic wall art

‘Life memories’ – Alessandra Foletti



'Lunar Ecplisis' Alessandra Foletti

‘Lunar Eclipsis’ plate – Alessandra Foletti



Alessandra Foletti  (left)


Memory, Carnivorous Flower - Alessandra-Foletti

‘Memory, Carnivorous Flower’ – Alessandra Foletti



Original Mystery - Alessandra Foletti wall panel

‘Original Mystery’ – Alessandra Foletti



Rampage-Alessandra Foletti wall art

‘Rampage’ — Alessandra Foletti


Substrates -- Alessandra Foletti beaded wall art

‘Substrates’ — Alessandra Foletti



Summer-Alessandra Foletti-ceramic bottle with crackle glaze and weave pattern

‘Summer’ -Lenca Pottery ceramic bottle with crackle glaze and weave pattern



Sacred rowdy turkey-Alessandra Foletti ceramic wall decoration

‘Sacred rowdy turkey’  – Alessandra Foletti




Sunset in Amapala-Alessandra Foletti squat vessel

‘Sunset in Amapala’ – Alessandra Foletti/Lenca Pottery



The Origin-of-the-World-Alessandra Foletti wall art

‘The Origin of the World’  –  Alessandra Foletti



Volcan Concepcion - Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcan Concepcion’ – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic Lagoon-Lenca Pottery-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic Lagoon’ – Lenca Pottery – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic weave vases-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic weave’ vases – Alessandra Foletti



Lencan ceramic bottle in black and white with geometric pattern

Square Lencan ceramic bottle



Estrella Venus Roja,-clay-art-work-Alessandra Foletti

‘Estrella Venus Roja’ – Alessandra Foletti



Black and white ceramic bowl

Black and white ceramic bowl – Lenca Pottery



Lenca ‘San Cristobal Lava Flow’ vase

Reminiscent of the shape of the San Cristobal volcano, this ceramic vase contrasts orange and black in a design from Alessandra Foletti. Shaped like a volcano, this ceramic vase reveals the pumpkin tones of sweet mamey fruit and features black, narrow paths climbing sinuously up the mountain. It is handcrafted with ancient techniques by Lenca artisans in Honduras.

Height 8.25 inches



Volcanic Years vase-Alessandra Foletti

‘Volcanic Years’ vase- Alessandra Foletti



The origin of the 3 worlds'wall panel-Alessandra-Foletti

‘The origin of the 3 worlds’ wall panel  – Alessandra Foletti



Volcanic-years vases-Alessandra-Foletti

Alessandra Foletti




MoMA at National Gallery Of Victoria


Fernand Léger Propellors--1918

‘Propellors’ — Fernand Léger, 1918

Fernand Léger’s paintings of this period combined Cubism’s simplified, abstract forms with an interest in industrial machinery. The dynamic rhythm of this composition’s planes, cylinders and tubes alludes to mechanical motion. Embodying both solidity and the promise of speed, the propeller emerged as an emblem of modern technology for Léger and his contemporaries. At a visit to an aviation fair in 1912, Marcel Duchamp (whose Bicycle wheel is also on view in this gallery) was said to have been so struck by the beauty of a propeller that he remarked to his fellow artists Léger and Constantin Brancusi, ‘Painting has come to an end. Who can do anything better than this propeller?’



MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art,

June 9 – October 7, 2018 at NGV International, Melbourne


The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) in partnership with The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) is presenting MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art, to continue its focus on promoting knowledge about the evolution of art in our time, from the age of Modernism until today. MoMA, NY opened in Manhattan in 1929 and its collection of over 200,000 works of art by some 10,000 + artists, makes it one of the leading museums of modern art in the world and this exhibition offers a unique overview of this iconic collection.

The first few decades around the beginning of the twentieth century was filled with new, innovative and radical art movements that heralded the birth of Modernism, leading to a diverse range of architectural and decorative styles, as well as applied and graphic arts, created between 1880 and 1950. This exhibition explores the emergence and development of this ‘new art’ and is represented with works by Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and pioneering cubist, constructivism, futurist and orphism artists such as Pablo Picasso, Aleksandr Rodchenko,  Umberto Boccioni and Sonia Deleunay.
Also on display are abstracted forms from artists such as Lyubov’ Popova, Jean Arp and Piet Mondrian, alongside the surreal visual language of paintings by artists like Salvador Dalí , Yves Tanguy and other prominent Abstract Expressionist artists like Jackson Pollock. Developments in art beginning in the 1960s, from Pop through to Minimalism, are explored with the works of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Isamu Noguchi and other contemporary art which followed.. In total, over 200 key pieces, including works that span Photography, Film, Architecture and Design, Painting and Sculpture, Drawings and Prints, and Media and Performance tracing the development of art and design from the urban and industrial transformation of the late nineteenth century extending to the digital and global present. Even Tomohiro Nishikado’s pioneering computer game Space Invaders (1978) and the original set of 176 emoji developed by Shigetaka Kurita in 1999 are represented.


Surrealist art - Yves Tanguy-Mom, papa is wounded

Yves Tanguy – ‘Mom, papa is wounded’



Aleksandr Rodchenko,-Non Objective Painting,-1919 -- MoMA NGV

Aleksandr Rodchenko,- ‘Non Objective Painting’




AEG Poster by Peter Behrens-(1907)

AEG Poster — Peter Behrens



Alexander Calder Snow Flurry-1948 mobile sculpture -- MoMA NGV

Alexander Calder —  ‘Snow Flurry’




André Derain.-Fishing Boats,-Collioure impressionist art -- MoMA NGV

André Derain – ‘Fishing Boats, Collioure’



Architects Table- Picasso cubist painting MoMA NGV

Cubist painting – ‘Architects Table’ – Picasso




‘The Newborn’  —  Constantin Brancusi




André Derain -- Bathers-1907-MoMA NGV

André Derain — ‘Bathers’, 1907

In this monumental painting, André Derain represents a trio of bathing women, a classical Arcadian subject, using formal means that were radically modern at the time.



MoMA NGVEdward Hopper Gas-1940

‘Gas’ – Edward Hopper  (American)



MoMA NGV - Le Corbusier French, born Switzerland 1887–1965 Pierre Jeanneret (collaborating architect) Swiss 1896–1967 Theodore Conrad (model maker) American 1910–94 Villa Savoye-1932

 Le Corbusier ‘Villa Savoye’ — Pierre Jeanneret (collaborating architect)  Theodore Conrad (model maker), 1932

In 1923 Le Corbusier declared houses to be ‘machines for living in’, a point of view reflected in his conception of the Villa Savoye. Along with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret, Le Corbusier planned the entire composition of the villa as a sequence of spatial effects



Edward Weston,-Stump against Sky,-1936 - Art photography

Edward Weston, ‘Stump against Sky’



El Anatsui, Bleeding Takari II, 2007

El Anatsui, ‘Bleeding Takari II’




Ernst Ludwig Kirchner-Street-Dresden-1913 oil painting

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – ‘Street Dresden’  1913

Kirchner has violently heightened the colours of this urban scene, depicting its figures with mask-like faces and vacant eyes in an attempt to capture his perceived psychological alienation wrought by modernisation.



Frederick Kiesler---Model for an endless house

Frederick Kiesler — ‘Model for an endless house’




Giorgio de Chirico Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure) Paris, early 1914

Giorgio de Chirico  —   ‘Gare Montparnasse (The Melancholy of Departure)’

Paris, early 1914



George-Grosz.-Explosion -- World War I home, to Berlin

George Grosz -‘Explosion’ —  World War I in Berlin



Jackson Pollock---Number 7-1950 abstract expressionism

Jackson Pollock  — ‘Number 7′




Jean Arp 'Bell and Navels'-1931 MoMA NGV Section-4-Inner-and-Outer-Worlds

Jean Arp —  ‘Bell and Navels’



La goulue entering the Moulin Rouge-accompanied by two women-Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

La goulue entering the Moulin Rouge accompanied by two women  —  Henri de Toulouse Lautrec – 1891–92

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec portrayed unconventional individuals in a manner both frank and sympathetic. Here, Louise Weber, nicknamed La Goulue (The Glutton), is depicted at the Moulin Rouge, a Montmartre cabaret frequented by Paris’s bohemian subculture.


John Chamberlain.-Tomahawk Nolan abstract scrap steel sculpture

American sculptor John Chamberlain.- ‘Tomahawk Nolan’




Joaquín Torres García,-- Color Structure,-1930

Uruguayan Joaquín Torres García,– ‘Color Structure’





Joan Miró — ‘Portrait of Mistress Mills in 1750′



Olivier MourgueDjinn Chaise Lounge - tubular steel frame, foam padding and nylon jersey upholstery 64-65

Olivier Mourgue –  ‘Djinn Chaise Lounge ‘

–tubular steel frame, foam padding and nylon jersey upholstery




Gerrit-Rietveld.-Red-Blue-Chair contemporary design

Gerrit Rietveld.-  ‘Red Blue Chair’



René Magritte,-The Portrait,-1935 still life painting

René Magritte – ‘The Portrait’



NGV -- National Gallery Of Victoria entrance

 National Gallery Of Victoria



László Moholy Nagy -- Nickel Construction abstract sculpture

László Moholy Nagy — ‘Nickel Construction’



La Japonaise - Woman beside the Water 1905 Henri Matisse

‘La Japonaise – Woman beside the Water’  Henri Matisse,  1905

Fauvist painting with the Japanese woman of the title barely indistinguishable from the surrounding landscape.



Louise Bourgeois.- Quarantania, III.-1949-50

Louise Bourgeois.- ‘Quarantania, III’



Map 1961 by Jasper Johns-installation-NGV staff

‘Map’  by Jasper Johns, 1961

photo courtesy of NGV


Lumière brothers.-Loie Fuller Annabelle Serpentine Dance first colour film

“Annabelle Serpentine Dance” – Lumière brothers.– Loie Fuller



Lyubov Popova,- Painterly Architectonic,-1917 abstract art painting

Lyubov Popova,- ‘Painterly Architectonic’




My Pacific (Polynesian Culture) - Isamu Noguchi wood sculpture-MoMA-NGV 2018

‘My Pacific (Polynesian Culture)’ – Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi believed that art was part of the environment and described his works of art as ‘landscapes’. He often used materials he found in nature to create his sculptures.



Roberto Matta--Malitte Lounge Furniture. 1966 contemporary foam furniture

Roberto Matta — modular

Malitte Lounge Furniture. 1966


Roberto Matta — Malitte Lounge Furniture. 1966

This colorful collection of polyurethane foam shapes could be stacked into a rectangular wall or used as individual pieces of seating. The design concept is playful and flexible. Its interlocking organic shapes reflect Matta’s training as an architect in his native Chile as well as his Surrealist painting practice, which developed after his move to Paris.



Pablo Picasso Seated-Bather-early-1930

Pablo Picasso ‘Seated Bather’

early 1930



Seated figure, right hand on ground (Nu assis, main droite à terre) -- Matisse

‘Seated figure, right hand on ground ‘- Hennri Matisse




Roy Lichtenstein American 1923–97 Drowning girl 1963 oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Roy Lichtenstein  ‘Drowning girl’, 1963

— oil and synthetic polymer paint on canvas

photo courtesy of NGV


Simultaneous Contrasts Sun and Moon-Robert Delaunay-1913

‘Simultaneous Contrasts Sun and Moon’ by Robert Delaunay



Stenberg Brothers, Poster for 'Three million case', 1926

Stenberg Brothers, Poster for ‘Three million case’




Sundial by Lygia Clark

‘Sundial’ by Lygia Clark


Sonia Delaunay-Terk. Portuguese Market. 1915 MoMA NGV

Sonia Delaunay-Terk- ‘Portuguese Market’


MoMA NGV 2018


Swifts Paths of Movement + Dynamic Sequences by Giacomo Balla-MoMa NGV

‘Swifts Paths of Movement + Dynamic Sequences’ by Giacomo Balla

NGV Section 2: The Machinery of the Modern World



Keith Haring--Totem-1989 -- MoMA NGV 2018

Keith Haring– ‘Totem’




Zaha Hadid--The Peak Project, Hong Kong,-China-(exterior-perspective)-1991

Zaha Hadid –The Peak Project, Hong Kong




Hina Tefatou Aka The Moon And The Earth - Paul Gauguin

‘Hina Tefatou Aka The Moon And The Earth’ – Paul Gauguin



Surrealist art - The Persistence of Memory-Salvador Dali-1931

 ‘The Persistence of Memory’  Salvador Dali




Salvador Dali,-Trilogy of the desert Mirage NGV

Salvador Dali  —  ‘Trilogy of the desert Mirage’



Glenn Lowry, director of New York's MoMA, NGV director Tony Ellwood and Andy Warhol'sMarilyn-Monroe-series-(1967)

Glenn Lowry, director of New York’s MoMA, NGV director Tony Ellwood and Andy Warhol’s 1967 Marilyn Monroe series



Mario Bellini Totem stereo system with detachable speakers (model RR 130)

Mario Bellini Totem stereo system with detachable speakers (model RR 130)




Album cover for Cream, Disraeli Gears 1967

Lithograph for album cover for Disraeli Gears by Cream – Martin Sharpe



Unique forms of continuity in space-Umberto Boccioni Futurist sculpture

‘Unique forms of continuity in space’  –  Umberto Boccioni


Vincent van Gogh.-Portrait of Joseph Roulin --postmaster in blue

Vincent van Gogh.- ‘Portrait of Joseph Roulin’


Van Gogh’s thickly painted, colorful portraits changed the way many artists and patrons viewed portraits at the time. Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo of his excitement about “the modern portrait,” a picture that renders character not by the imitation of the sitter’s appearance but through the independent, vivid life of color. Van Gogh’s subject in this painting,


Wifredo Lam, Satan,

Wifredo Lam, ‘Satan’


Bauhaus balconies c. 1928 — Theodore Lux Feininger



Man Ray untitled photo

Man Ray, 1931




Illustrative clayart with vivacity and flair



Claudia Beldent-At the party vase with couple at the piano

Claudia Beldent – ‘At the party’


Adapting images to the curvature of thrown forms introduces many challenges such as shifting perspectives, limited space and the myriad of decisions involved in deciding how to apply the paint to the surface of the clay. Here is a selection of curvy vessels chosen for their vivacity and spontaneous stroke work along with highlighting the ingenuity of clayartists in creating and adapting hand painted art on sinuous forms.



A-Castelli-two-handled-vase,-circa-1540 renaisaince majolica from Italy

Castelli twin handled vase, circa 1540, Italy




Anna Pottery quad legged stoneware vase

Anna Pottery quad legged, carved stoneware vase, salt-glazed with brushed cobalt highlights



Japonais vase pair



Laura Zindel botanical motif bottles

(Photograph by Jarrod McCabe)

To create her unique pieces, Zindel transfers her whimsical graphite drawings onto handmade dishware using a modernized version of the transferware technique, which was developed in 18th-century England for printing patterns on pottery with an engraved metal plate. Once Zindel’s drawings are ready, they’re photographed digitally and converted into black-and-white silk-screens, then printed onto individual pieces and refired in the kiln. (BostonMagazine)


Botellas y vasos -- Alfajar - female face motif

Botellas y vasos — Alfajar, Spain



Matthew Metz--Large Pitcher--Schaller Gallery with leaf and flower decoration

Matthew Metz — Large Pitcher

Schaller Gallery





Botellas-y-vasos-Alfajar -- cubist Picasso style female head

Botellas y vasos from Alfajar — cubist Picasso style female head



Ceramic Pitcher Vase by Robert Picault in Vallauris, 1950s

Ceramic Pitcher Vase by Robert Picault, gold lustre highlights

Vallauris, 1950s



A fahua 'Scholar and pine' vase, meiping,Ming dynasty

A fahua ‘Scholar and pine’ meiping vase

Ming dynasty – Alain Truong.


Zuid Holland-Gouda Pottery-Semi matte Glaze Vase

Gouda Pottery-Semi matte Glaze bird on branch vase

Zuid Holland, 1923




Nathalie Djakou Kassi Creations hand carved ceramic vessels

Nathalie Djakou Kassi Creations hand carved ceramic vessels



Circles and Squares II,-ceramic,oxide, underglazes -- ME Taylor

‘Circles and Squares II’, ceramic, oxide, underglazes — ME Taylor



Bathers in yellow and black — Raoul Dufy & Llorens Artigas Collaboration




Custom made teacup & saucer set Underglazes handpainted & airbrushed - Tanya Bechara

Teacup & saucer set Underglazes handpainted & airbrushed – Tanya Bechara




Hungarian artist Hansi Staël design for Secla of Portugal

Hungarian artist Hansi Staël design for Secla of Portugal




Marty Ray


In the late 60’s I began classes in clay, creating sculpture and pottery. My first clay teacher was sculptor, Octavio Medellin and then potters, Michael Obranovich, John Miller (TWU) and John McElroy (SMU). Clay grabbed my full attention with all of the possibilities that takes more than a lifetime to explore.

Technique — (1) Scraffito thru black slip on white clay  (2) incised drawing on brown clay  painted with colored slip & glaze — Stoneware Clay fired to Cone 6 – electric kiln  


Marty Ray -- festival-Stoneware,-Slip,-&-Clay-10.5x5

Marty Ray — ‘Festival’

Stoneware, Slip, & Clay  10.5 x 5 inches



‘City Skies’  —  Marty Ray

Stoneware, scraffito thru black slip with color underglazes



Marty Ray Happy Cats-Stoneware, Slip, & Clay-11x6-inches

Marty Ray ‘Happy Cats’

Stoneware, Slip, & Clay-11×6-inches



Marty Ray-ceramic sgraffito tea pot

Marty Ray-ceramic tea pot

Stoneware, Slip, & Clay



Interaction Stoneware, Slip, & Clay- Marty Ray 12x7

‘Interaction’   Marty Ray

12 x 7 inches



Italia Liberty vase



Ceramic artistLaura Bird-depicts-long-haired-ladies-running-along-the-sides-of-her-painted-ceramics.

Laura Bird — long haired ladies dish



Inna Olshansky ceramic raku fish sculpture

Inna Olshansky ceramic raku fish sculpture




Jacques Innocenti,-Large Ceramic Vase Pitcher,-Black-and-White

Jacques Innocenti,- Large Ceramic Vase Pitcher



Gouda-Semi matte Glaze Breetvelt Pottery Vase,-Holland,

Gouda –  stylized abstract design semi matte glaze Breetvelt Pottery Vase

Holland, 1920




Jenny Mendes bunny hug vase

Jenny Mendes bunny hug vase



‘Face Cups’ – Jenny Mendez



Jenny-Mendes-illustrative ceramics

Jenny Mendes

Cats – Jenny Mendes

The descent of Jenny Mendes into the swamp of chaos and returning in triumph

I started the painting on this cup yesterday.(see above) I liked the drawings, and needed to fill in the details. Somehow, I lost my clarity and the background got totally confused. But I still really liked the figures, so I kept trying to fix it, only getting deeper and deeper into the swamp of chaos…… I actually almost gave up, it looked horrible and felt like a failure, and I was so close to throwing it into the trash, but still I really liked the initial drawings, especially this one, so I didn’t quit, and eventually, by washing back the surface I got to a place that I really liked. It kind of reminded me of Van Goghs starry starry night… But, it was tough getting there. Why am I writing this? To encourage anyone in their work not to take the easy way out, but stick with it and find a way out of the darkness when it isn’t going well. Up until this point for the last ten or so paintings I have done, it was easy, but on this one I really hit the wall, and then, like coming up to the surface of the water after diving down way too deep, and thinking I might drown, I surfaced, and with a new discovery! By wiping away the background, I created a really lively surface that excited me, and at that point the hours of distress that it took to get to that point were worth it……




Jenny orchard bubble vase

Jenny Orchard bubble vase



Jenny Orchard pottery vase

Jenny Orchard

Sydney, Australia


Large teapot and base - Kathleen Raven

Large majolica teapot — Kathleen Raven

BC, Canada



Three sided vase by Rybasolnca

Three sided vase by Rybasolnca, Ukraine



rectangular ceramic planter with figures drawings -- by Rybasolnca

Footed rectangular ceramic planter with figures drawings — by Rybasolnca




Rybasolnca ceramic plate



Chinese Famille Verte Porcelain Brushpot probably 19th-century

Dragon motif Chinese Famille Verte porcelain brushpot

probably 19th century




Picasso Matador and Bull ceramic jug

1950’s Madoura



Laurie Shaman--birds in garden vase

Laurie Shaman



‘Pianissimo’ — Galina Bulganin, Russia



Boccale porcelain cup Royal-Copenhagen

Boccale porcelain cup Royal-Copenhagen





Marcello Fantoni-Ceramic Vase- Five Ladies Italian pottery

Itallian Marcello Fantoni — ‘Five Ladies vase’



Martin-Boyd-lidded-jar girl with basket

Martin Boyd lidded jar



Michael-Anderson-Vase with girl motif

Michael Anderson



Miltos Manetas large ceramic vase with abstract decoration

Miltos Manetas large ceramic vase with abstract decoration



OZM figure cone vase

Cone vase with figures – Sally Hook



Sally Hooke Festival-Vessels in black and white ---51cm--55cm

Sally Hook Festival Vessels in black and white

Height 51cm  &  55cm



Hand Painted vase by Polly Courtin,

Ceramic vase by Polly Courtin



Nicolas Rousseau footed bowl

Nicolas Rousseau footed bowl



Paul Louis Mergier ovoid vase-of-copperware-hammered-brass-riders-decor

Paul Louis Mergier – ovoid vase of copperware



Pol Chambost--mid century jug with nude female figures

Pol Chambost jug



Rare Ceramic 'Eared' Vase 'Vase à Oreilles' with Horse by Roger Capron (1950s)

Ceramic ‘Eared’ Vase ‘Vase à Oreilles’ with Horse by Roger Capron




René Buthaud (1886-1986). Vase céramique émaillée craquelée. Vers 1920-1923.

Hand painted ovoid vase by Rene Buthaud

Vase céramique émaillée craquelée. Vers 1920-1923.



Rorstrand-vase with a musician playing lute and a female dancer

Rorstrand ovoid vase with a musician and a female dancer



Royal Copenhagen ceramic vase by Johanne Gerber

Royal Copenhagen ceramic vase by Johanne Gerber




Sandra Wray abstract figure vase

Sandra Wray abstract figure vase



Sandra Wray vase with offset lip

Sandra Wray vase with offset lip



Sandra Wray ceramic vase with female head

Sandra Wray




Shot Putting, earthenware bowl,-Jitka Palmer

‘Shot Putting’, earthenware bowl by Jitka Palmer




Painting a vase – Jitka Palmer self portrait jug



Titano San Marino asymmetrical abstract  vase



Vase-à-corps-ovoïde-with muscular hunter -- Rene Buthaud

Vase à corps ovoïde with muscular hunter and mottled pattern– Rene Buthaud



Moorcroft littoral life vase-shape 300-13,-signed by Paul Hilditch

Moorcroft Littoral Life vase, shape 300-13,- signed by Paul Hilditch



Vase Romano Innocenti_1958_ceramica

Vase Romano Innocenti




Vintage Mexican pottery vase with serpent handles

Vintage Mexican pottery vase



Vintage Tlaquepaque 'petatillo' olla

Vintage Tlaquepaque ‘petatillo’ olla




Contemorary Celedon Porelains from Chen Lu, China




Waylande Gregory Art Deco rooster motif ceramic table lamp