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Promotional flair in the clayarts

Promotional acumen and marketing savvy rarely goes astray when it comes to selling your art. Some artists prefer to maintain a low profile and let their art do the talking, others relish the opportunity to be extroverted and indulge the exposure and promotional opportunities that the trading provides.



Sao Paulo priestess of vivacity and art


Isabelle Tuchband with her large hand painted vase of roses


Isabelle Tuchband considers her art and ceramics to be a vehicle for love and joy. She expresses as much movement and colour as a carnivale samba parade and believes that music and dance are her prime sources of inspiration. Her Franco Brazilian background and  being the daughter of the French painter Emile Tuchband, along with being influenced by Chagall and Matisse is also apparent in her use of a lively palette of vivid colour and spontaneous brush strokes.

‘I love nature but what inspires me most are the people, the human being, this sensational divine machine … Each face is a map, which I discover and explore and the painting is born.’



Isabelle Tuchband  and her Geisha painting



Isabelle Tuchband painting of romantic couple

Isabelle Tuchband painting



Isabelle-Tuchband at book signing

Isabelle Tuchband at book signing



Isabelle Tuchband--Femmes au Paradis--64cm

Isabelle Tuchband–‘Femmes au Paradis’

 Height -64cm



hexagonal-ceramic vase-Isabella-Tuchband

Hexagonal ceramic vase – Isabella Tuchband



Isabelle Tuchband ceramic vase

Naked angel on gold background vase – – Isabella Tuchband



Isabella Tuchband vases in garden

Isabella Tuchband vases gracing the garden



Isabella Tuchband



Isabelle Tuchband golden vase

Isabelle Tuchband golden vase



Isabelle Tuchband--baluster hand painted vase

Isabelle Tuchband–baluster hand painted vase



Brazillian ladies vase – Isabelle Tuchband



Isabelle Tuchband asymetrical abstract vases

Isabelle Tuchband asymetrical abstract vases



Isabelle Tuchband-Ferrero Rocher egg

Isabelle Tuchband – Ferrero Rocher egg



Isabelle Tuchband with ceramic vases

Isabelle Tuchband with her ceramic vases



Isabelle Tuchband pink and blue baluster vase

Isabelle Tuchband



Purple orchids in palnter – Isabelle Tuchband




Isabelle Tuchband vases and yellow flora display



Isabelle Tuchband



Isabelle Tuchband flamenco dancing



‘Danseuse de flamenco’ – Isabelle Tuchband



Isabelle Tuchband and her acrylic art



Isabelle-Tuchband-home decor

Isabelle Tuchband vaso



Isabelle-Tuchband-vase with couple

Isabelle Tuchband vase



Notre Dame de la Lumière Isabelle Tuchand

‘Notre Dame de la Lumière’  —   Isabelle Tuchband




Dress print design by Isabelle Tuchband

Photo by Keren Chernizon



Baluster vases by Isabelle-Tuchband

Two baluster vases by Isabelle Tuchband



large footed vase with roses

Large footed vase with roses



Large vaso-Isabelle-Tuchband

Large vaso  —  Isabelle Tuchband



vaso with naked ladies -isabelle-tuchband

Isabelle Tuchband home decor



Isabelle Tuchband vase

Isabelle Tuchband vase



Isabelle Tuchband vases

Isabelle Tuchband vases



Isabelle_Tuchband painting of a woman

Isabelle Tuchband





Keywest Pottery coastal cool


Key West Pottery is the island home of Key West’s premier gallery and studio for ceramic art and functional pottery situated at 1203 Duval St. in the heart of Oldtown Key West. Adam Russell and Kelly Lever conjur up a lazy, casual summer vibe with their neo tropical caribbean themes highlighting the native pelicans, roosters, fish and flamingos of their Florida locality.

“Our company has grown to include a small army of artisans, creatives, advisors, students and collaborators who are working together with us to produce an authentic expression of this modern, coastal life. Over the last decade, we have developed a brand of tropical modernism that is unique and diverse enough to fit into any home or collection.”


 of Keywest Pottery

Adam Russell and Kelly Lever of Key West Pottery



Key West Pottery

Neoclassic Modern Vase – Adam Russell

Key West Pottery




fish and pelican sculpture - Keywest Pottery

Fish and pelican sculpture – Keywest Pottery



Jade green pottery wares – Keywest Pottery




Keywest Pottery garden sculpture

Keywest Pottery garden sculpture



Pelican totem sculpture -- Key West Pottery

Penguin totem sculpture



Gold Rooster



Sgraffito fish ceramic sculpture

Sgraffito fish ceramic sculpture – Keywest Pottery



Adam Russell and Kelly Lever



Key West Pottery charger

Key West Pottery charger



Azure blue ‘Bird Vase’ — Key West Pottery



KeyWest Pottery fish sculpture

Key West Pottery fish sculpture



Key West Pottery ceramic Pelican



keywest pottery

Tiny Table Fish vase – Key West Pottery




Key-West-Pottery vessel

Key West Pottery vessel



Twin handled vase

Twin handled turquoise ceramic vase



KEy West Pottery incised geometric vase

Key West Pottery incised geometric vase



Ceramic-Garden-Totems Key West Pottery

Ceramic Garden Totems



Key West Pottery gallery



Key West Pottery Black-vessel-with-grey-dots

Key West Pottery Black vessel with grey dots



Keywest-pottery-ceramic pelican

Elevated ceramic pelican



Adam Russell and Kelly Lever —  Key West Pottery



Adam Russell with Rooster mugs





Malwina Konopacka, Poland


Malwina has the composed demenour of a Vouge model which she contrasts with her playful colourful abstract designs, jungle themes and bold sizes and patterns.



Malwina_Konopacka large black vase

Malwina Konopacka







Malwina Konopacka large floor vases

Malwina Konopacka large floor vases



Malwina Konopacka face planter

Malwina Konopacka face planter




Malwina Konopacka-vases

Malwina Konopacka vase collection



Malwina Konopacka, Poland

Malwina Konopacka, Poland



Malwina Konopacka cake plate

Malwina Konopacka cake/biscuit plate



Malwina Konopacka contemporary vases

Malwina Konopacka contemporary vases



Malwina Konopacka


Malwina Konopacka

Malwina Konopacka



Jungle Vase-Malwina Konopacka

Malwina Konopacka tall  ‘Jungle’ series vase



Malwina Konopacka ovoid vase

Malwina Konopacka constructivist vase



Plate and muscle man figure

Plate and muscle man figure  – Malwina Konopacka




Suzy Birstein, Vancouver, BC

As a child I studied dance while absorbing Hollywood musicals, film noire and the mysteries of Rembrandt. As an adult, I’ve been seduced by the sensuality, spontaneity and intellectual activity of working with Clay, Colour and the essence of Romance. She envisions archetypal icons that amalgamate old world majesty with contemporary charisma: think Queen Nefertiti meets Carmen Miranda or Ganesha meets Lady Gaga.


Suzy Bibrstein



“Tsipora with Pink Tutu” –Suzy Birstein

This commanding ceramic bust encapsulates the instrinsic flair of Suzy’s art and presentation.


African Queen ceramic sculpture Suzy Birstein

‘African Queen’  sculpture Suzy Birstein



Suzy Birstein ceramic bust

Suzy Birstein ceramic bust



Suzy-Birstein porcelain figure

Suzy Birstein


Suzy Birstein at gallery

Suzy Birstein at gallery with her art



Suzy Birstein-ceramic bust

Suzy Birstein – ceramic sculpture bust



Who are you really painting --Suzy Birstein

‘Who are you really’  — Suzy Birstein



Suzy Birstein-Sculpture Frida with Horned Twins

Suzy Birstein – Sculpture ‘Frida with Horned Twins’




‘In Wonderland’  — Suzy Birstein




Vintage designs



Vivka and Otto Heino


Vivka and Otto Heino ceramics

Vivka and Otto Heino




Karen Karnes

Karen Karnes

photo Ezra Shales




Karen Karnes-(1925–2016), ceramic seating and hearth

Milan Triennale, 1964 – photo Ezra Shales




Karen Karnes – Ceramic Double Seat

Milan Triennale, 1964




Rhadia Nejjar. Mejmar du Rif

Rhadia Nejjar, Mejmar du Rif



Carlton Ball-pottery display

Carlton Ball



Carlton Ball tri vase

Carlton Ball tri-vase




Carlton Ball vintage ceramic bottle vase