Gallery of Japanese Potters

 The  role that pottery has played in development of the Japanese aesthetic and culture has been substantial.  Japanese pottery has evolved over the centuries into a high art form.  Since the Kamakura period (1183-1333), wood-fired pottery from the six oldest historic Japanese pottery centers (Bizen, Echizen, Tanba, Seto, Shigaraki and Tokoname) helped to cultivate a unique artistic appreciation that represented subtle understated beauty. Zen monks were among the first to extol the virtue and beauty of simple austerity. Today, the Japanese ceramists in various pottery centers continue their heritage, producing timeless works of art using traditional materials and techniques refined through centuries of experience.

Ichino Masahiko :

Ichino Masahiko - plate with geometric lines radiating from an orange circular centre

Ichino Masahiko

Ichino Masahiko Sculpture Ceramic art

Ichino Masahiko


-Ichino-Masahiko - asymmetrical bowl with abstract patterns

Ichino Masahiko



Ichino-Masahiko elliptical shaped vessel with pointed ends in orange and black

Ichino Masahiko



Tokuda Yasokichi III : Glazed vessel with high gloss in blue and turquoise green by Tokuda Yasokichi III

Tokuda Yasokichi III


spherical ceramic vessel in purple and blue by Tokuda Yasokichi III

Tokuda Yasokichi III



Tokuda Yasokichi III ovoid vase with turquoise and purple glaze

Tokuda Yasokichi III




Tokuda Yasokichi III ceramic tea jar with three handles

Kutani Tea Jar  Tokuda Yasokichi III




Ono Kotaro :

Ono Kotaro Ceramic vessel with frosted teal green colour glaze wavy textured surface

Ono Kotaro


Ono Kotaro White ceramic sake bottle and cup

Ono Kotaro- sake bottle and cup



New Works by Ono Kotaro - spherical ceramic vase with wave pattern surface decoration

Ono Kotaro



Ohashi Yutaka :

Chosen-Karatsu Vase by Ohashi Yutaka with two lug handles

Chosen-Karatsu Vase


 Ito Saibei :

Black Raku Chawan by Ito Saibei

Black Raku Chawan – Ito Saibei


Matsui Kosei :

Matsui Kosei ceramic bowl

Matsui Kosei



Matsui-Kosei Japanese ceramic spherical vessel, textured surface with horizontal stripes

Matsui Kosei



Matsui Kosei footed bowl

Matsui Kosei



Urakami Zenji :

urakami zenji ceramic raku vase

Urakami Zenji



Urakami Zenji Buddha figurative sculpture - Robert-Yeltsin gallery

Urakami Zenji


Urakami Zenji - raku lidded box - earth tones

Urakami Zenji



Hayashi Kotaro :

Hayashi Kotaro baluster vase

Hayashi Kotaro


Hayashi Kotaro ceramic cup

Hayashi Kotaro  ( 1940 – 1981 )

Robert Yellin Yakamoto Gallery



Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen : ( via – Touching Stone )

Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen spherical ceramic bottle

‘Twilight’  – Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen



Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen japanese vase

Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen



‘Storm’ – Reiko Kakiuchi-Cohen


Tadashi Nishihata   ( Tanba )

Tadashi Nishihata raku vase

Tadashi Nishihata




Nishihata-Tadashi-----globular Tamba-ash-glazed-pleated jar

‘Tamba ash glazed tsubo’  Nishihata Tadashi

Sold –



Tadashi Nishihata ovoid vase

Tadashi Nishihata vase



Nishihata-Tadashi-faceted ash-glazed-tamba-chawan

Ash glazed tamba chawan  – Nishihata Tadashi



Tadashi Nishihata spherical vessel

Tadashi Nishihata




Blue Contemporary-Vase-by-Morino-Taimei-B

Contemporary Vase by Morino Taimei B




Footed Chawan-18-Akira-Satake

‘Chawan 18’ – Akira Satake





Jar, tenmoku glaze and kaki trailed slip – Shoji Hamada





Marbled-ware-jar-with-glass like-gloss-- by Maeta-Akihiro


Marbled ware jar with glass like gloss by Maeta Akihiro



YASUKO-NAKAMURA incised plate

Yasuko Yakamura carved wall plate





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