Amazing octopus art



Large Ceramic Twin Octopus Vase by Shayne Greco, NC, USA



Artifacts from the ancient cities of the Grecian Archipelago and Asia Minor have depicted numerous examples of decorative motifs representing the octopus. They were a very popular artistic theme with the pottery of Crete, Cyprus, Mycenae and Troy and they were generally regarded as a sacred symbol. Octopus art also appeared in Peru and Brazil and was believed to have originated from the ancient Pacific ocean continent of Mu. Having eight legs coming from a central hub, the octopus was aligned to the mystical eight sided ‘Pa Qua’ configuration. This was also known as the Magic Square to the Egyptians or the Lo Shu square  by the Chinese, as it was first observed in China carved on the shell of an elderly tortoise which came from the Lo Shu river. The spider was also given a sacred status due to also having eight legs radiating from a central point.



Moss green octopus – Wax & Bing Studio

Having exceptional polymorphic powers of camouflage due to being boneless and possessing a remarkable skin able to change colour, texture and patterns in a split second, the octopus can shape shift and adapt its appearance to practically anything it wants in the ocean (see video below) They were admired because this reflected the ancient esoteric belief in the metamorphic potential of human beings. Also being colour blind, they must have possessed psychic abilities to be able to interpret their surroundings so accurately. The most rigid part of their body is the eye and they can fit through anything if their eye does. They are blessed with three hearts and like to collect shiny objects off the ocean floor to make ‘octopus gardens’ around their lairs. They are considered the most intelligent of all the invertebrates.
Erik Pontoppidan, the Norwegian historian claimed that the giant kraken (octopus) posed a real danger to sailors due the whirlpool left in their wake and if the creature’s arms were to lay hold of a ship, they had the abiltiy to pull it down to the bottom of the sea. In his ‘The Natural History of Norway’ he described the kraken as “incontestably the largest Sea monster in the world” who had the ability to wrestle with a whale.
The sinuous, malleable and diverse forms of the octopus make its easily adaptable to numerous shapes, hence its popularity with artists and creators.


Octopus, cephalopods, kraken and tentacle spectacles



Giant pacific octopus – arm span up to 6 metres





Kraken attacking a sailing ship





‘Skin Changers Closet: octopus’  wall art – Kate MacDowell 2015

Sold @Mindy Solomon Gallery




Red ceramic octopus Beth-Allison

Red ceramic octopus – Beth Allison



Ellen-Jewett-green and blue octopus sculpture

Ellen Jewett



Ceramic mudka pt with blue octopus by Sue-Anderson

Octo mudka pot – Sue Anderson



Amphora-rare-octopus-vase in Art Nouveau styling

Art Nouveau octopus vase by Amphora




A mural by Belgian artist ROA is part of the street art project ‘Djerbahood’

Photograph- Mohamed Messara-EPA




It’s hard to keep a good octopus down !



‘Inky’ looks content in this photo because he knew he would soon be back in the sea again at Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand.

The morning staff at the National Aquarium of New Zealand arrived recently to see that ‘Inky’ had done a runner in the night. The telltale tentacle tracks were on the floor, he had ‘got kraken’ through the 50 metre drain pipe which led to the sea and his freedom.





Ancient Pompeii-Herculaneum octopus mosaic

Neil Weightman flickr




Austrian Art Nouveau Octopus Vase by Stellmacher for Amphora




llustration for Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea – Alphonse de Neuville & Edouard Riou




Giant Kraken illustration from the original 1870 edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by author Jules Verne




Octopus mosaic by Carrie Wilson





Octopus wash basin by Shayne Greco





Chilling out cephalopod




Diana Fayt Scrimshaw platter



415x315 - Bronze-Octopus-Sculpture by Paul-Harder-is-a-west-coast-bronze-sculptor

Bronze Octopus Sculpture by Paul Harder, California, USA




Ancent Greek-coin-with-octopus-from-Eretria,-c

Ancient Greek coin with octopus

Eretria, c. 500-465 BC



Moss Green-octopus-vase with gold highlights by Tracy Porter

Tracey Porter




Harliequinnxlk octopus chest tattoo

Octopus chest tattoo





Large glass mosaic octopus by LucyDesignsonline




Black Octopus vase ,-Tammy-Garcia

Black vase with surface relief octopus – Tammy Garcia



Jellyfish-&-Octopus plate---Ruchika-Madan

Octopus plate – – Ruchika Madan





‘Octochair’ – Maximo Riera new edition of animal chair collection




Monica-Pharr octopus round plate

Orange octopus plate – Monica Pharr




Moorcroft-Pottery-red Octopus baluster vase

Red Octopus vase  – Moorcroft Pottery




Large octopus floor mosaic at Gumalimba Park, Roatan, Honduras

Susan Ward—flickr




Glazed ceramic octopus pen toothbrush holder by Miss Mog Devian Art





Octopus on Face vessel by Mitchell Grafton





Red mosaic octopus at the museum entrance

Musée océanographique Monaco





Glass Octopus Sculpture

Glassnfire — etsy




Octopus vase -Suzuki Miyagi

Suzuki Miyagi vase




Roman mosaic in  villa in Pompeii

2nd century BC


Charles Catteau octopus homage to Minoan artists




Sandra-Bryant-blue octopus mosaic art panel

Sandra Bryant octopus mosaic




Sarah-Farrelly geometric decorative pattern octpus

Sarah Farrelly




Seafoam--and red Octopus-sculpture-P-Y-Simpson

Octopus sculpture in seafoam and red by P.Y Simpson





Tentacled server cake stand – BHLDN






Minoan clay flask showing an Octopus, Palaikastro,

( 1500 B.C.E.) Archaeological Museum in Herakleion.





Octopus art by Alexis Diaz




Artist-Scott-Musgrove-has-clay-sculpted-Walktopus,---candle lamp

Octopus tea candle lamp sculpture –  Scott Musgrove , Seattle




Jennifer-McCurdy---Octopus-Jar black vessel

‘Octopus Jar’  – Jennifer McCurdy




Zoey-Friends ceramic octopus art

Zoe Friend, Boston




Cast octopus desk ornament – Wangstone





Seattle Country Day School mosaic mural octopus




wall octopus-key-hooks

Wall bronze octopus key holder




Oliver-the-Octopus---Kyle-Guymon-sager firing ovoid vase

‘Oliver the Octopus’ — Kyle Guymon  – sager fired ovoid vase




Ephraim-Faience-Pottery Wisconsin USA - ceramic octopus sculpture

Ephraim Faience Pottery, Wisconsin USA




Lady Gaga adorned in an octopus outfit

Artpop Tour Madison Garden



Colossal octopus by Pierre Denys de Montfort---19th-Century-drawing-depicting-a-ship-reportedly-attacked-by-a-kraken-off-the-coast-of-Angola--

 19th Century drawing of a colossal octopus by Pierre Denys de Montfort

This depicted a French ship reportedly attacked by a kraken off the coast of Angola.



Vinne- pink ocotpus-street-art

Bright pink octopus Paris street art by Vinnie




Red octopus yes_mural_Brooklyn_full by Yuko-Shimizu

Octopus yes mural – Yuko Shimizu

80 ft long – Dumbo, Brooklyn





Octopus salad bowl – Cornwall




Octopui polymorphism






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