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Cats and dogs – figurines, art and photos


Cat-Mexican-Style-Figurine paston-etsy Cute kitten with bow tie

Vintage mexican style kitten

Paston – etsy


Feline and canine diversity


Both the dog and cat species have evolved to have a bunch of  fascinating breeds and appearances. In the Chinese Zodiac, the dog is born under the sign of loyalty and there is no question about this deep trait, while the cat is born under the influence of feminine luck and mystique.  Anubis in Egyptian mysticism was a dog who was a protector in the underworld and a guide for souls. In ancient Egypt, the cat was revered as a hunter and they were also worshiped as gods and goddesses. The cat was represented as Bastet in Southern Egypt and as Sekhmet (lion Goddess) in Northern Egypt. Other evidence exists going back 9000 years in Cyprus that cats were buried with their owners which pre-dates large scale cultivation of crops, so their domestication wasn’t purely for protecting food storage but had more sacred motives.
The domestication of cats in Egypt goes back 4000 years where the ancient Egyptians used them to control vermin and other pests in their grain stores. The cat figured prominently in pre-Columbian civilizations as a anthropomorphic Jaguar deity and was the totem (spiritual animal) of the shamans. The lion became a symbol of power in both Africa and the Middle East. Big cats were kept by rulers as a symbol of their authority and status. Due to the usefulness of dogs in hunting animals, they were domesticated earlier than the cat.
Early dwellings in old England had thatched  hay roofs on their houses which were sometimes dug into hillsides and the cats and dogs would sleep on the roof. When it rained, the roofs got slippery and the cats and dogs would slide off of the roofs or fall inside. Thus the expression “Raining Cats and Dogs”.  Also in Norse Mythology, cats were connected to the wind and dogs to the rain, so wet weather was also known as ‘Raining Cat and Dogs’
Due the the innate ability of both dogs and cats to attract a lot of devotion from their owners, they have featured prominently in the decorative and ornamental arts.




Turquoise-BLUE-POODLE-Decorative-Statue,-Made-in-Japan KikisAntiqueEmporium

Mid Century Blue Poodle Decorative Statue, Made in Japan






Cat drinking from fountain






Cast Stone Bichon Frise Dog Statue





Carol Gentithes

Flickr -Mad Dog





Ceramic Boxer Dog Statue- 80’s

OneMoeTimeVintage – etsy



Sleeping Lexie the Sharpei





Blue And White Porcelain Chinese guardian Foo Dog

junkdreamz2014 – ebay



Mosaic body Bixby-Dalmatian-Dog-Sculpture by Suzanne Noll

Bixby Dalmatian Dog Sculpture by Suzanne Noll



Some of the top breeds at the 2019 Westminster Dog Show





‘Celestial Cat’ – Laura Barbosa ….

– ‘this is a celebration of the feline both in fantasy and reality. Cats are very spiritual beings and can be associated with the celestial realm.’






‘White Cats’ by Dan Casado




Painting - Biking-the-Bloomin'-Desert-by-Connie-Townsend

‘Biking the Bloomin’ Desert’ by Connie Townsend




Anneliese Beckh for 'Georg Schmider' in Zell-Harmersbach, Germany.

Cat vase, designed in the 50’s by Anneliese Beckh for ”Georg Schmider” in Zell/ Harmersbach, Germany



 black-white-tigers together

Black and White bliss


French Bulldog Road trip to the footbbll

French Bulldog Road trip




 Glazed Ceramic cat planter and vase by André Aleth-Masson

France c1970.




Leopard from Safarious – African Safari sculptures by Nick Mackman





Dog in the back of a red pickup truck Laura Wilensky: Laura Wilensky Porcelain Kingston, NY

Porcelain red pickup truck with dog – Laura Wilensky

 Kingston, NY






Abstract cat sculpture – Lajky, Cz






Shi Tzu garden statue

Spring Hill Studio – etsy





Tabby cat ceramic decorated with figured tenmoku glaze to represent fur by Charles Vyse





Italian ceramic cat – 50’s

Vrail Vintage



Black cat in attic




Puppy-car-slumber - wake me when we get home

English Bulldog pup –  ‘Wake me when we get home’





‘Outta my space’




Vintage porcelain Wirehair Fox Terrier Statue

sweettweets – etsy





Sitting Dalmatian Figurine Statue – Made in Japan

tomsbasement – etsy




Dogs in the garden

‘New dog on the block’




‘Did you hear that?’

Pair of Hand Painted White Terriers Ceramic Dogs With Floral Transferware

TheHilltopShop – etsy




Pickles-the-Pup-Ceramic-Dog-Sculpture by Suzanne Noll

‘Pickles the Pup’ Ceramic Dog Sculpture made of red earthenware and various glazes Suzanne Noll




Silver dapple dachshund puppy dog

Silver dapple dachshund pup

Reddit / SheCaresTooMuch



Pickles the Pup Ceramic Dog Sculpture

‘Woof 9’ by Roelna





‘Fragrance of the street’ –  Lisbon, Portugal

photo by Ru Palha





Large concrete Scottish Terrier garden statue – Spring Hill Studio





‘The Guardians’ – Art Deco lady with dogs figurine, 1930





This man came to visit his pet tiger after he had been released into the wild. The tiger ran to greet him with huge hugs and even introduced him to his mate.



Ostinelli_and_Priest Dogs-for-Colin

Ostinelli and Priest






Mid Century Staffordshire dogs





Nick Mackman



Airdale-dog figure - Joanne-Cooke

‘Airdale’ – Joanne Cooke





Nathalie-Lete floral print puppy figurine

Nathalie Lete




Model in tweed coat and hat by Balenciaga  with her dog

Photo by Louise Dahl Wolfe  Harper s Bazaar  Paris  1955




 ‘Portrait Of A Cat’  – Mitchell Grafton @ Grafton Pottery




Dachshund dog  – Veronica Art

Fler CZ





‘Kitten Winter’ sculpture by the kitten





Cat figurine by De Rosa Collections Uruguay






Jen Robinson




David-Burnham-Smith abstract pattern polychrome cat sculpture

David Burnham Smith





Ceramic kitten by Dia De Los Muertos Decor on Wanelo




‘Flash is Home! ‘ — Nick Mackman Animal Sculpture




 Hand Painted Porcelain Victorian Lady with Dog Sculpture by Guido Cacciapuoti






‘I believe I can fly’ 

via hamusoku




Japanese-Street-Photographer-Tatsuo-Suzuki street cat on prowl

‘Prowling Cat’ – Tatsuo Suzuki




Jess Quinn cat couple figurine

Jess Quinn




Kitten and cat statue – 1952




Nolan Windholtz -raku cat




Sleeping dog – Annie Peaker, UK





Sleeping gray tabby cat figurine by Felicia Nilson




2-50s-Goebel-green poodles ceramic figurines

Pair of poodle figurines – Goebels





Spotted poodle – Darryl Dean Antiques, 1st Dibs





‘ Poodle’  – Jeff Koons




Bert the charmer





Chris de Aboitiz rides a wave with his dogs Rama and Millie off Palm Beach





French Faience ‘Desvres’ Cat circa 1910





Guido Cacciapuoti Righetto Spaniel Dog



black-cat-teapot with mouse figure lid-april-gadler-ceramics

Black Cat teapot – April Gadler





Hound dog carved from tree





‘Dachshund Face Clock’ – Suzanne Noll




flying-stiped cat-close-up-joe-lawrence

‘Flying Cat’ – Joe Lawrence





Pair of ceramic dogs

bringthenoise – etsy





Stina with cat – Lisa Larson





Susan Thumm



patrick-villas bronze wild cat sculpture

Patrick Villas

Patrick Villas is a contemporary Belgian born sculptor who is currently working in France. He studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts of Antwerp. He is a self-taught sculptor, spending hours at the Antwerp Zoo watching the cats.




Cheshire Mosaic Cat – Cat Shoppe – Toorak, Melbourne




Hinz-Hooked-Wall-Rug cat modernist style

Modernist Cat – Hinz Hooked Wall Rug



Petunia the black kitten - Photo Seth Casteel

Petunia likes praying in trees

Photo Seth Casteel




Myklebust stainless steel abstract cat sculpture

Myklebust Mid Century stainless steel abstract cat sculpture





50's black-cat-graphic

Cats templates for decoration



mid century porcelain cat by C.Mielow

White porcelain cat – C.Mielow



NEXT POST – Afrocentric Artistry


Sixties quest for the elusive Eden



Art from the 60’s




Ceramic bottle figure – Valentine and Andrée Schlegel Vilar




Vision-1 Ted Biskup

Mid Century style painting – Tim Biskup – ‘Vision 1′




picasso1955 Madoura charger

Mid Century Madoura Owl Platter – Pablo Picasso






Emaux des Glaciers lava glaze jug- Cyclope Pottery

Annecy, 60’s



Emergence of the remarkable 60’s decade


The collective awakening of a desire for a higher consciouses arrived in the Sixties and resulted in a wildly ambitious decade. The Beatles led the charge for universal love and saturated the airwaves, provoking a symbiosis that was going to hug worldly predation into submission. Exotic stimulants and Eastern techniques to expand consciousness were busting the conservative shackles, prying open dormant corners that were primed to release an idealistic vision. New Age was the rage where organics, vegetarianism and yoga were among the many shifts in lifestyle habits. Nirvana banana smoothies were a popular dietary supplement and love beads were adorned along with all kinds of Eastern jewellry decoration. The newly created Rolling Stone magazine was gushing lyrical over all the new music styles while Robert Crumb was zapping the counter culture world with his incisive, larger, then life interpretation of the liberated hippie life in his comics. The spread of environmentalism was greatly influenced by the 60‘s back-to-nature movement, which arose from both a hippie rejection of consumerism, materialism and corporate greed.



Large Mid-century  German fat lava floor vase



dylan-smoking-a-cig in the back of an auto

Bob Dylan

Music pushed the agenda  …..  ‘it’s very faraway, takes about half a day, if you travel by dragonfly’ – Hendrix lyrics that typified the ideal that it was going to be a trippy utopia filled with universal peace. Dylan’s ‘Times are a Changin’‘ was sowing the seeds of the message in 1964 to nourish the growth of the protest movement. Joni Mitchell was spreading a soul searching mix of innocence and vulnerability, ‘We are stardust, We are golden, And we’ve got to get ourselves, Back to the garden’. Free spirit abandon was being inspired from a myriad of musical forces. Ravi Shankar’s ragas introduced frantic tabla rhythms and mysterious worlds while John Mclaughlin and Miles Davis pushed the boundaries of contemporary jazz with their innovative fusions.

During the 1960’s the world was in the grip of far reaching political and social upheavals.The literature from Hunter S Thompson and Carlos Castanada captured the political and cosmic challenges respectively while being pervaded with mind expanding journeys of chaos and awe. In the art world, design was also being expanded into more adventurous modernist styles with the sculptures of Roger Capron and Peter Voulkos, architecture of le Corbusier, mass produced modernism of the furniture designs of Ray Eames and the ceramics of Marcello Fantoni and Guido Gambone.
The emergence of a collective belief in the potential of a universal consciousness was on a scale that was unprecedented and even though the summer of idealistic love dispersed once the fragrant haze of smoke had dissolved, fashion, music and art had undergone a remarkable upheaval.



White peace dove vase – Robert and Jean Cloutier, 1960’s



Ines-Hassenberg-(Germany) cylinder ovoid vase

Christof Ines




Tim-Biskup modernist art

Tim Biskup Mid -Century inspired painting





Piesche and Reif mid century vases



Marcello-Fantoni--Gossiping-Ladies-Cubist ceramic figurine 1966

‘Gossiping Ladies’ cubist figurine – Marcello Fantoni




Hand blown art glass vase – Audrey Handler






Stig Lindberg


Object LA




Buddah-Mosaic-Sculpture by niki de phalle saint

Large mosaic Buddha – Niki de Phalle Saint

Yorkshire Sculpture Park





Oiseau ‘Bird’ sculpture – Georges Jouve







Vallauris drip glaze vessel






Geometric pattern vase – Hans Theo Baumann for Rosenthal




Carlton-Ball abstract triple vase

Three lobed, three necked, coil built vase – F.Carlton Ball





Guido Gambone,-Italy ceramic abstract figurine

Guido Gambone, Italy






Carl Gray Witkop – horsehair meditation vase





VW combi van teapot





Mid century lava glaze vase with decorative piping




Ceramic ovoid vae with abstract face motif and birds

Ivy Hill




Clyde-Burt lidded casserole pot

Clyde Burt






Liz Quackenbush –  ‘Electric Ladyland’





Mug with psychedelic female motif




Designer-Liner-Gallery zentangle art vessel

Zentangle pattern vessel  Designer Liner Gallery





‘Elegy III’, Bronze  sculpture – Barbara Hepworth




Dudley-Vaccianna handpainted vase

Dudley Vaccianna




Elio Schiavon Sgraffito Ceramic vase

Early 1960’s, Italy





60’s Murano Glass Vase – Dino Martens





‘Ideo Blue Mask’ by Mats Jonasson

Crystal mask sculpture with an exotic blue and purple abstract face composition. The Ideo face has been etched and hand painted on the rear of a lead crystal block.

Crystal-Fox Gallery




Italian Mid-century Modern volcanic glaze pottery pitcher by Italo Casini




Psychedelic 1960’s Porsche Cookie Jar





Jimi Hendrix, Monterey



karen-mcphail ceramic cannister

Karen McPhail



French mid centuryTable-Lamp-by-Roger-Capron abstract female figure on base

Roger Capron





Relief sculpture by Kenneth-Dierck for Primavera





Megan Bogonovich




majolica-shoulder-pad-vase - Megan-Bogonovich

Megan Bogonovich






Ceramic Sky Pot by Jerry Rothman




Maurice-Grossman mid-century-sculpture

Maurice Grossman




Megan Bogonovich ceramic beads





Mr. Natural figure – R.Crumb Zap Comix character





Ovoid ‘Moon Flask’ – John Lewis






Large white lava glaze bowl – Clyde Burt




Glass Oriente-Vase-by-Dino-Martens-for-Aureliano-Toso

‘Oriente Vase’ by Dino Martens for Aureliano Toso





Rain-Harris ceramic sculpture Hedge

‘Hedge’  by Rain Harris
porcelain, vintage decals
18″ x 12″ x 4″





‘Warrior Urn’ – Robert Sperry

USA, 1960




Roman-Khalilov ceramic spiral orb

Roman Khalilov sculpture





Black and white pregnant pitcher/vase – Rosenthal



Ruysen-Flores-Venancino---visionary art

Ruysen Flores Venancino




Sergio-Asti-1967 COMPASSO-Milano

Sergio Asti jug

Milan – 1967



towerbrown_cosmic trip_2011

Au Go Go – Tower Brown Cosmic Trip – 2011





‘The Beat Goes On’  mosaic Angela Ibbs






Large bowl – Beatrice Wood




Gabriel-Fourmaintraux-asymmetrical bowl-mid-century

Gabriel Fourmaintraux





Ceramic Walrus Sculpture – Arabia Finland Art Porcelain-MCM design Taisto Kaasinen


TwoGuysAndADog – etsy



vintage hippie love boho flower children by pia cup mug

Sixties ceramic love mug


Sixties fashion with Hammond organ groove – Jimmy Smith and Dr. John 


The hammond organ was one of the defining sounds of the groovy side of the  60‘s and was used  in advertising and movies to reflect the swinging mood of the era


Joni Mitchell – ‘Amelia’ 

From the album ‘Hejira’




‘Love 4 1 another’

Prince, Larry Graham, Graham Central Station

From Larry Graham’s ‘GCS 2000 album’, produced at Prince’s Paisley Studios featuring Prince on guitar, keyboards and support vocals and rapping on the bridge.




‘Spanish Castle Magic’
Jimi Hendrix – 

From the 1967 album “Axis Bold As Love”


Jimi Hendrix – Spainish Castle Magic by luminessence7



NEXT POST – Cats and dogs – figurines, art and photos


Intriguing clayart oddities and obscuria’s


Christine-Kaiser---Moon-Cassandra ceramic sculpture of moon and sun

‘Moon Cassandra’  – Christine Kaiser




It’s always gratifying to view a piece that was born out of pure artistic abandon, without a hint of restraint, following raw instinct beyond any deliberate desire to adhere to a path of coherence in the narrative. Different forms of modern art, through manipulating perceived reality, arouse attention and fascination. Abstract art quite often relies on shape and color to convey its emotional message, while forwarding the challenge of either embracing it in its entirety or focusing on the patterns and details. Cubist styles always provide plenty of information to ruminate over and analyze, with its unified composition of various perspectives and simplified forms. The futurist artists contemporized their art with cubist elements, while at the same time glorifying the machine age and motion which created an interesting visual mix. The surrealists generally always are a source of visual diversity with their scope of warped presentations of reality and themes to captivate the imagination.



Ralph Bacerra – 1991

Everson Museum of Art Collection — Photo – John Polak


Sometimes an art piece carries a particular visual message which is obvious. Other times it can be interpreted in a multitude of ways, which in itself can add to its appeal, and only through consideration of its title is it possible to decipher its message. Or conversely, the title gives nothing away and its meaning is open to interpretation for eternity. At times the artist doesn’t know themselves and have just channeled some impression deep from their inner realms. It can take shape to reflect a cathartic release of repressed emotions or can also be just some wacky whimsical journey. Sometimes the artist takes the trouble to elucidate the motive behind a piece of their art and the reason for certain imagery, to reveal surprising details. Then again, an added title can confuse the issue even more.
Obscurio is a term I use for pieces that arouse curiosity but have their meaning obscured, either by vague, incongruous visuals, lack of information in the title or deliberate concealment. Cryptic messages can exist that can only be unraveled with the use of clues, symbols and inner knowledge. Maybe there is no message intended, which gives no respite to the inquisitive, prying mind, forever trying to intellectually construct a framework of understanding and appraisal. Just as an artist lets go to manifest their creation, sometimes its easier to traverse the same process and embrace the spirit of the work, while suspending too much concern for analaysis. Presented here is an assortment of oddities and obscurios that can be pondered for a myriad of reasons.




Amber Aguirre figurine – handbuilt porcelain, 2012

Judith and Martin Schwartz Collection

photo John Polak



Circus performer – Hermien Buytendijk
Groningen, Netherlands


Galerie T


Butterly Kathy_red_shimmy_porcelain_1997_judith_and_martin_schwartz_collection_photo_john_polak_june_2015

‘Red Shimmy’  – Kathy Butterly – porcelain 1997

Judith and Martin Schwartz Collection

photo John Polak





‘Snail With a Maze’  – Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev




porcelain-figurine incense burner by Robj - Paris

Robj orientalist incense burner




Viola-Frey ceramic sculpture of a mixed collection of people

Viola Frey




Faye Nakamura — Oregon Potters





African Renaissance Monument

Dakar, Senegal

Bronze statue – 49 metre height



Hermien-Buytendijk-ceramic-sculpture - Female Dutch sculptor

Hermien Buytendijk, Netherlands




Irina-Zaytceva Mother of Pearl Butterfly

“Mother of Pearl Butterfly” – Irina Zaytceva

Jane Sauer Gallery





Alex-Johanson ceramic figurines - quirky couple

Alex Johanson





Liling Ceramic Museum, China  – Archea Associati

Each volume takes the shape of a sculpted vessel or vase






Liling Ceramic Museum, China




Bowl buildings – Liling Ceramic Museum, China





Kinetic sculpture by Jean Tinguely & Niki de Saint Phalle, France





‘Ayahuasquera’ made by master glass artists, Banjo, WJC & Joe Peter






Lidded Beverage Dispenser by Albert Thiry

Sam Kaufman, LA





Guido Gambone, Italy




‘Nightfall’ – Richard MacDonald

Bronze Edition of 23 x 12 x 10 inches




Luciano-Polverigiani--abstract-ceramic figures

Luciano Polverigiani




Over-the-edge-2014Amanda-Shelser Bust of a lady with blue hair and tattoos

‘Over the edge’ – Amanda Shelser






‘Woman with Hat’ – Pablo Picasso – Sheet metal cubist sculpture

National Museum of Modern Art –  Georges Pompidou Center, Paris





Penny-Byrne surrealist sculpture

Penny Byrne

Penny Byrne transforms vintage porcelain figures and other found objects into work that makes a humorous or political statement.





Penny Byrne, Melbourne, Australia




Robert-Hudson multi media sculpture

Robert Hudson

via What Nerve! Alternative Figures in American Art, 1960 to the Present – RISD Museum of Art/D.A.P.




‘Thoth & Green Girl’ — Lisa Osborn at Barrister’s Gallery

Lisa Osborn’s mostly human size clay figures radiate pathos, but their meaning is up to us. Many suggest tragic figures from the dark fantasy realms of Mary Shelley or Edgar Allen Poe

New Orleans Art Insider



Rimas VisGirda-Tall Black cylinder vase with abstract head motifs

‘Tall Black’ – Rimas VisGirda





Geometric Xantolo mask from Huasteca, Hidalgo, Mexico





”Forest Blues’  by Laura Jean Mclaughlin – white earthenware, slips, glazes





Gravity defying floating bonsai garden by Hoshinchu






‘Femme et enfant’ – Marc Perez




 Oswald Tieberghien mid century sculptures

 Oswald Tieberghien, 1950’s

Height 43 cm.

Wouter Harvey



Dos-Ojos,-ceramic,-9x9x23-inches-Andy-Nassisse - whimsical ceramic bust

‘Dos Ojos’ – Andy Nassisse

ceramic bust, 9 x 9 x 23 inches





Large twin handled ceramic vase by Accolay, France

Gueridon, Brooklyn, USA

Height 14-inches





Ceramic Wall Panel Sculpture – Fernand Leger






‘Moods of Time’ by Paul Manship

Life Magazine





‘The Uncrossable Upswept Bridge’  – Keiichi Tanaami

Art Basel Hong Kong

photo EPA



Judy Moonelis   (Two Figures in a Boat),




Jordan-Sprigg---Preying-Mantis Australian sculptior

Preying Mantis’ – Jordan Sprigg, Western Australia







Collaborative Sculpture installation, raku fired ceramic figures, head sculpture, standing figure sculptures, bronze head sculpture

Whispering Voices, in- Greenpoint Brooklyn




Optically-Addicted by H,R,Giger

‘Optically Addicted’ by H,R,Giger



Metal sculpture - 'Birth Machine Baby Aluminum' - H,R,Giger

‘Birth Machine Baby Aluminum’ – H,R,Giger





Sculpture-influenced -by Russian constrctivism

Contemporary sculpture based on Soviet Constructivism

Graduates of the University of Western Australia






Portapianta head jar, Sicily





Design-Miami---thomas-fritsch-Roger Capron skipping figure sculpture

Roger Capron

Gallery Thomas Fritsch





Vintage Mexican Folk Art Carved Wood Spanish Conquistador Gonzalo Guerrero



Alexey-Illarionov-ceramic reclining cat

Alexey Illarionov





Terracotta Labyrinthos Angel, c.1896

Watts Chapel Uk

photo © Jeff Saward




down-to-the-river--Laura Jean McLaughlin

‘Down to the River’ — Laura Jean McLaughlin






Alex Johanson





 The Aids Monster – Sculpture by Sfiso Mvelase (Sculptor) and Wiseman Ndlovu (Painter)


Ardmore Ceramic Art




Roger Capron





Taehoon Kim




Large-ceramic-fish Sylvan Bongard , Portugal

Large fish sculpture by Sylvan Bongard , Portugal



Sunkoo-Yuh---in his ceramic studio

Sunkoo Yuh




Face Off, Egypt

The relocation of a Abu Simbel temples in Nubia, Egypt, between 1964 and 1968



Herakles_Geryon_ on an Attic black-figured amphora with a thick layer of transparent gloss, c. 540 BC, now in the Munich State Collection of Antiquities.

Heracles and Geryon on an Attic black-figured amphora with a thick layer of transparent gloss, and a peace dove?

c. 540 BC

Munich State Collection of Antiquities.


Intriguing wind kinetic metal sculptures from Anthony Howe






NEXT POST – Sixties quest for the elusive Eden


The flight of Bunjil – sacred eagle


Bunjil Eagle Kinetic Sculpture

The video below features a large kinetic sculpture currently on display at the Melbourne Museum. It is inspired by the notion of continuity and the omni-present nature of creation, its form symbolising Bunjil the Creator, as a wedge tail eagle in flight. It has a wing span of 2.2 metres  in width, mirroring the size and majestic nature of the wedge tail eagle, and is in constant motion. The moving form shows the wings of a bird in flight yet also reflects a universal motion seen throughout nature – the movement of a wave, the lines of a mountain range, a manta ray moving through water, a snake moving across the land.

This immersive, multi-sensory experience invites visitors to connect to a spiritual and sensory awakening, bringing together sound, visual art, technology and storytelling, as it represents the essence of creation for Victorian Aboriginal people and displays their spiritual connection to country.



Flight of Bunjil kinetic sculpture, music ‘Touching Silk’ by Frank Steiner Jr.


Flight of Bunjil at the Creation Cinema in the Melbourne Museum was developed under the guidance of the First Peoples Yulendj Group and is a creative collaboration between Glenn Romanis (Wedge-tailed Eagle feathers), Synthesis Design + Build (Bunjil’s Nest), ENESS (concept, design, vision and sound for Bunjil’s wings) and Melbourne Museum (overall concept and design).


phibs-2012 - Bunjil -Eagle Spirit - Aerosol, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas

‘Bunjil Eagle Spirit’ – Phibs

Aerosol, Acrylic & Ink on Canvas – 2012



Flight of Bunjil


The ancient Kulin indigenous tribes of central Victoria regarded the eagle called Bunjil as their ancestral guardian spirit. Bunjil was also seen as a creator spirit who created plants, animals and men from clay. He also shaped the environment and began the cycles of creation while his brother Bat, created woman from water. Bunjil’s son, Binbeal created rainbows and his wife is the second rainbow you sometimes see as a reflection. The Wurundjeri peoples of the Kulin nation saw Bunjil as an ancestral father and protector who presided over their art, ceremony and survival skills. All the Kulin people have a defining social moiety of either Bunjil or Waa, the trickster crow.
During an ancient time of conflict and chaos, through neglect of laws and tradition, tribes started warring, which caused the sea to start rising. The elders contacted Bunjil and asked him to intervene which led to Bunjil having a confrontation with the sea resulting in the waters subsiding. They were warned to stop hunting animals as a sport and fishing during the spawning season, as they were in violation of old practices.  A permanent meeting place was chosen to resolve their conflicts, which was used over thousands of years and is now where the Parliament House of Victoria stands. The Wurundjeri believe Bunjil keeps a watchful eye over their people and offers guidance to those who listen.





Bunjil the Creator Spirit – 7 meter wing span

Healesville Sanctuary, Victoria



Torquay-Sundial-Bnnjil,-Bindi,-cockatoos lizard mosaic

`Torquay mosaic sundial, when you stand on Bunjil, your shadow indicates the time

Designed and built by local artists, Claire Gittings & Glen Romanis (about 120,00 glass tiles)




Sundial with elaborate artwork representing a number of traditional dreaming stories of the Wathaurong aboriginal people, including Mindii, the ever watchful Snake and Bunjil, the Eagle, Creator and Overseer

Torquay, Victoria




Torquay Sundial next to Bass Strait





Bunjil-and-Melbourne-city Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography

Monumental Bunjil sculpture by Bruce Armstrong – height 25 metres

Docklands, Melbourne

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography



Casey Cultural Precinct ( currently under construction )

Narre Warren, Melbourne on Instagram “Recent collaboration with the awesome adnate complete bunjil adnate sirum melbournestreetart Photo thanks to deansunshine

Street mural – Bunjil – Adnate and Sirum




thereisafield---Instagram bunjil in flight cloud form at sunset

Bunjil clouds

thereisafield – Instagram




Bunjil wood carved sculpture – Lewoo @Instagram

Bodalla, NSW





Large Bunjil mural by Heesco

Albert Street Footscray, Melbourne




‘Heaven Comes Down’ – Safina Stewart



Australian aboriginal Bunjil---sacred eagle



Bunjil--panting indiginous

Bunjil – Iluka Art & Design 





Bunjil and Bindi mural Landscape-Architects---Green---Dale-Associates


Bunjil the eagle and Bindi the snake mural (yin/yang)

Landscape Architects—Green and Dale Associates




Bunjil-Tree-Of-Life--digital art by Robby Hood - eagle in flight

‘Bunjil – In The Beginning’  – digital art by Robbie Hood




Golden-Rainbow-Serpent-Bindi - digital art by Robby-Hood

‘ Bindi Rising’ – digital art by Robbie Hood





Stone carved eagle sculpture by Jian Hua

Sculpture by the sea – 2007




‘The eagle with the nest’

Wrought iron eagle feeding young sculpture

Ferro Battuto Di Prinzio Italy



indiginous-face-street-mural Melbourne by Matt Adnate

Matt Adnate street mural Hosier Lane, Melbourne



wurundjeri tribe Victoria

Wurundjeri Indigenous Australians




Bunjil’s Nest – Healesville Sanctuary

David Digapony-Instagram




Solo show of Matt Adnate at Metro Gallery





This Geoglyph was created by Andrew Rogers as a tribute to the Creator Spirit Bunjil and is one of the world wide ‘Rhythm of Life’ series of-sculptures. It has a 100 metre wingspan.

You Yangs mountains, Victoria

The Pocket Rocket—flickr




The original Mad Max was filmed around the volcanic plains of the You Yangs, which are sacred to the Wurundjeri. I was curious to see that a Bunjil like symbol featured in the new installment.





Wall mural by Phlegm  (click expand)

Perth, Australia 2014.

Photograph by Luke Shirlaw. Image courtesy of FORM



Spirit-of-Bunjil-by-Kuba-Ambrose sacred eagle


‘Spirit of Bunjil’  by Kuba Ambrose




Mosaic glass plate – Lynn Bevino Felts





Harpy eagle as totem by ravenari




Sacred ‘Eagle Rock’ – You Yangs




Ceramic plate with eagle motif painted by Freitas de Lima for SPAL Porcelanas, Portugal



Soldiers-Memorial-in-Saint-Louis,-Missouri---eagle sculpture

Art Deco eagle – Walker Hancock?

St. Louis, Missouri




Roman golden eagle pectoral

Dan Diffendale – flickr




Bunjil – Safina




This Art Deco statue graces the entrance of the First Merit Tower in Akron Ohio

Majestic Art Deco eagle statue at the entrance of the First Merit Tower in Akron, Ohio




‘Bunjil’-was--stolen,-from-a-three-metre-high-pole in December 2015

 Bunjil steel sculpture, Knox, Melbourne

Wurundjeri elder Bill Nicholson, aboriginal artist James Simon and sculptor Benjamin Gilbert worked together to develop the life-size eagle, with help from aboriginal students from remote central and northern Australian communities. This sculpture was stolen in December, 2015




Bunjil-dancing Nathan Patterson - Iluka Art & Design

Nathan Patterson –  Iluka Art & Design



Bunjil mural – Be Deadly

 1 Perry Street Collingwood (Chopper Lane)






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Ceramics – subdued palette, matt surface




shio-kusaka--vase striped

Shio Kusaka




Tomita Hiroyuki





Rosenthal Art Deco vase, Germany



Tones of neutrality


Interior designs and decor of the fifties and sixties were furnished with bold, bright, primary colours, lush textures, trippy colour combos, striking patterns and forays into the futuristic, which created styles with a vivid presence that demanded attention. The glossy, high contrast, edgy imagery was incisive, provocative and revolutionary in feel which made it and appropriate  fit for the  the radical decade of the 60’s This continued through the 70’s and even into the 80’s. Muted tones, de-saturated colors, and gentle, low contrast lighting were occasionally used in fashion magazine spreads and this gradually became more prevalent in home decor. The nineties and beyond have seen the trend continue with more understated pastel tones and softer lighting, especially in interior design, but also perpetuated in sites like Instagram. Hipster cool organic textures abound with a relaxed ambience and soothing, subdued color palettes being a popular trend. Conjuring an ethereal passivity and gentle calm, this unobtrusive style has a subtle appeal. However this vague, deconstructed look with overexposed lighting used to diffuse the colours also appears to be self absorbed and leaning towards a sense of inertia, but alluring nonetheless. Maybe this dreamy, aloof aesthetic is reactionary to the online assault of information and immediacy assaulting the senses.
Ceramics have followed a similar trajectory, with the bold, rich glazes and audacious styles of the 50‘s and 60’s giving way to more use of muted tones and textures softening the reflective finish. Highly lusterous glazes have been diluted with the use of more incised surface textures such as with scrafitto decoration. and with slip and raku techniques. Matt and satin finishes also are created using various firing and glazing methods like salt and soda firing and anagama. The following collection is centered around ceramics and decor with pastel shades, subdued color tones and matt surfaces.


Scott_Parady_Tall_Vase_w_Shells anagama wood fired stoneware

Scott Parady wood fired vase, California

Sold by Lacoste Gallery




1001vintage- elegant vase by German porcelain manufacturer Heinrich&Co.

Elegant Mid-Century vase by German porcelain manufacturer Heinrich & Co.






Akirio-Maeta multi faceted ceramic vessel pale blue

Akirio Maeta




Georges-Jouve-white sculptural lamp base and black sculpture

Ceramic sculptures by Georges Jouve




neutral tones decor @




Tania Rollond Australian ceramics

Tania Rollond ceramic tray – 2012



Toshiko-Takaezu-ovoid ceramic vessel

Toshiko Takaezu






Arakawa Toyozo




Artist and photographer: Dietlind Wolf Set of green ceramic bowls

Pottery art and photography – Dietlind Wolf




Craw-glaze-vase in earth tones---sheffield-pottery

Craw glaze vase — Sheffield Pottery





Contemporary Koro Incense Burner by Matsuzaki Ken




Brother-Thomas pod vessel with crackle glaze

Brother Thomas




Caroline-Barbet handpainted ceramic vessel

Caroline Barbet



Craig Underhill – contemporary ceramic vessel




South-Shore-Decorating-Blog lavender sofa, white room

South Shore Decorating




Diana-Thomas blue lidded ceramic vesse;

Diana Thomas




ceramic contemporary bust - Sarah Saunders

Sarah Saunders ceramics 2011



elephant-ceramics plate

Textured plate – Elephant Ceramics handmade by Michele Michael




Linda-Kliewer wood carved modernist shaped vessel

Linda Kliewer



Interior decor by Kelly Wearstler

Designer: Kelly Wearstler






Neutral tones – Maric Homes, USA




Eric Astoul — ceramic sculptural raku vessels




Georges-JOUVE55 lidded vessel, chanteuse

Georges Jouve, France






Lovegrass III’,  Gregory Roberts — Sculpted honeycomb ceramics, dye, glaze, multiple firings





Gustavo_Perez_Vase 2005

Gustavo Perez Vase





Vicki Hardin raku pottery




Shoko-Teruyama-Flower-Plate with eight sides

Flower Plate – Shoko Teruyama




Shannon-Garso ceramic bowl

Shannon Garso




Spike Sheryl Zacharia-ontemporary-ceramic-bust

‘Spike’ –Sheryl Zacharia





‘Listening to the Waves’ (Chōtō) – Takayuki Sakiyama,





porcelain with ceramic pencil and stains


‘Object 8’Tania Rollond – porcelain with ceramic pencil and stains





Todd-Pletcher-etsy Wood-fired Bourbon Cup

Wood Fired Bourbon Cup – Todd Pletcher






Vase and footed bowl – Katharina Eisenkoeck





Michael Hamlin





Japanese Water-Jar,-Shigaraki,-16th-century

Lidded Water Jar, Shigaraki

16th century



Home-Designing Moroccan decor

Moroccan style decor






Wheel Thrown Lidded Jar

Symmetrical Pottery – etsy




sylviane-perret French ceramic sculpture

Sylviane Perret, France




Malinda Reich, San Francisco






Footed ceramic cup with central disc – Hans Coper






WoodFired Porcelain Sake Cup – Jeff Brown

etsy – jeffbrownpottery






Wood Fired Tumbler Beer Cup by John McCoy Pottery on Etsy





Castle-in-the-air-sm Maria-ten-Kortenaar

‘Castle in the air’ – Maria ten Kortenaar






Ceramic vase with Dutch landscape – Hans de Jong





‘Cylindrical form 2’ – James & Tilla Waters




Jean-Pol-Urbain ceramic pot

Jean Pol Urbain




Kako-Katsumi japan ceramics

Kako Katsumi





Lara Scobie contemporary vessels





Ken Matsuzaki, Japan wood fired vessel

Ken Matsuzaki, Japan





Large and Sculptural Ceramic Lamp base by DaLo





Debbie Little pottery





‘Listening to Waves’ vase – Sakiyama Takayuki




mayumi-yamashita---olive green ceramic vessel

Mayumi Yamashita





Michael Cleff sculptural form

Michael Cleff , Germany

Cowans Auctions




Michele-Fabbricatore trojan horse

Michele Fabbricatore, Italy





Monumental stoneware, pitted blue and white fllowing glaze vase – Lucie Rie

1980 –  21 inches Height




Morgan Peck planter




Nancy-Selvin ceramic vase

Nancy Selvin, USA





Oscar Bucher – Modernist Pottery Wall Plaque – Davis and Taft




Peter-Pincus--baluster vase

Peter Pincus




Pieter Stockmans





Pippin Drysdale, Australia




Planters by Popandscott-•-Instagram-

Planters – popandscott





Massachusetts, contemporary home Katice Helinski's design

Katice Helinski design – contemporary home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts





Jewel Porcelain tall bottle-shaped vase painted by Lorinda Epply with blue and green blossoms under thick ivory butterfat glaze

Rockwood, 1928.



contemporary-living-room-design by NDA

Fresh House designed by NDA





Fossil Vessel – Sarah Perry





‘Rentola’ by Ryoma Eri – Japan – This twin chair is purposefully shaped like a voluptuous seashell, enveloping the sitter in its sensuous curves






Ovoid raku vase, parched landscape colours – Shamai Sam Gibsh




Sandy-Kinzie vessel with textural surface decoration

Sandy Kinzie




Japanese Hiroshi-SAKAI---Mino-Ware---shino

Hiroshi Sakai




thrown_altered_handbuilt_stoneware_Matthew-Allison - landscape textures

Lidded pot – thrown, altered, handbuilt, stoneware by Matthew Allison




shio-kusaka-pottery vessel

Shio Kusaka, Japan



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