Sergey Karlov Siberian stone mosaics



 Relief stone mosaic panel for a background to interior pool – Sergey Karlov



Water bearer stone mosaic by Sergey Karlov

‘Living Water’Sergey Karlov


Sergey Karlov grew up in the village of Majna on the southern tip of the Republic of Khakassia in Russia. As a teen he began working at the stone-working plant of the Sayanmramor Combine, as a stone cutter and grinder, then spent 5 years studying at the Urals College of Applied Arts at the Faculty of Artistic Stone.. Here he developed an appreciation for the classical mosaic arts, especially Roman, Byzantine and Florentine styles and also studied the classical products of the old Russian masters of the Ekaterinburg and Peterhof lapidary factories, the Kolyvansky stone-carving plant and historical and cultural monuments represented in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.


Serjey Karlov mosaic wall art in stone

‘The Dingling’ — Sergey Karlov


From 2002 to 2007 Karlov lived and worked in Moscow, where he was engaged in the design of decorative environments for residential and administrative interiors, landscape design and monumental and easel mosaics of stone using mixed techniques. Currently Sergey Karlov is living and working in Sayanogorsk.  Alfonso Mucha, Antonio Gaudi and Gustav Klimt are some of the  artists that have influenced his mosaic designs along with the folk and mystical traditions in the region where he resides.  He favours the Florentine tradition using careful utilization of the natural color variations found in the stones. Sinuous botanical borders and motifs, typical of Art Nouveau, appear in some of his mosaic panels. Most of his mosaic pieces are made with stone sourced from the Eastern Siberian steppes. This includes stones from the Khakass steppes and some stones collected from the Salbyk steppes. This sacred territory is popular, not only among tourists but is also a place of interest for the local shamans.

He has refined the technique of reading the rhythm of the stones and combining the colours to compliment this. Sergey collects local steppe stones that have laid for millions of years on the ancient Khakass land. These type of stones, as a rule, do not lend themselves to polishing, and in this there was no special need, since he is interested in their external heterogeneous shape, colours and rough textures. He likes to work with the harmonics of the natural world and stated that “when you are one with nature and often communicate with her, you begin to imitate her and live and create according to her laws, and not by someone else’s thoughts.”


Bottle collection in stone mosaic - Serjey Karlov

 Mosaic bottles – Sergey Karlov



Evening Study on 'Forest mosaic'---relief-mosaic-Moscow 2005-Easel-mosaic---Sergey-Karlov

‘Dusk’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Sergey Karlov stone mosaic wall art panel

‘Sound Lark’ – Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Stone mosaic vessel - Sergey Karlov

Stone mosaic vessel — Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Sergey Karlov carved stone

Mosaic dish Sergey Karlov



Mosaic Landscape wall art -Sergey Karlov

‘Morning in the forest’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Seated solitary female stone mosaic - Sergey Karlov

‘Expectation’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Red Sai -Serjey Karlov-Monumental-mosaic

‘Scarlet Sail’   —  a panel in the technique of Florentine mosaic. 3000х2000 — S.Karlov, A.Klementyev, A.Lobanov —  Monumental mosaic mural



Sergey Karlov--stone mosaic aart

‘Simple Secret’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk




Stone mosaic dome shape vase – Sergey Karlov



Two abstract naked people mosaic - Sergey Kaarlov

‘Morning of the new day’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



'Small Hut' mosaic  --  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk

‘Small Hut’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


'Verona - Midnight Hour' stone mosaic panel --  Sergey Karlov

‘Verona – Midnight Hour’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Path-of-the-Ancestors---relief-mosaic Sergey Karlov

‘Path of the ancestors’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


Sergey Karlov-mosaic panel

‘Parting’  —  Sergey Karlov



Stone mosaic landscape - Sergey Karlov

‘Larch’  —  Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk


Girl on horse - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov, Sayanogorsk



Sergey-Karloff-mosaic-art---prophet in stone

‘Prophet’  —   Sergey Karlov



'On the edge of the Steppes'  --  Sergey Karlov - two reclining women

‘On the edge of the Steppes’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey-Karlov dancing shaman

‘String’  —  Sergey Karlov




Two females nouveau - Sergey Karlov

‘A song for passing a summer’  —  Sergey Karlov



'Kegman Warrior' --  Sergey Karlov

‘Kegman Warrior’ —  Sergey Karlov



Three silhouette figures mosaic - Sergey Karlov

‘Bread’  —  Sergey Karlov



'Pasture 2'  -- Sergey Karlov

‘Pasture 2’  — Sergey Karlov



Angulation of the eel ' --  Sergey Karlov - two fishermen in a boat

‘Angulation of the eel ‘ —  Sergey Karlov



Art Nouveau fireplace - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov stone mosaic fireplace



Sergey Karlov


Sergey-Karlov-mosaic-art-panel - Mandala

‘Mandala’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey-Karlov---Russian-stone-mosaic of Iris flowers

‘Irises’  —  Sergey Karlov


Klimt inspired wall mosaic panel by Sergey Karlov

Klimt inspired ‘The news of the past’  —  Sergey Karlov



stone mosaic phoenix - Sergey Karlov

‘Phoenix’  —  Sergey Karlov


Sergey-Karlov-art mosaics-of-stone

‘Mask’  —  Sergey Karlov


Stone mosaic table by Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov



'Warrior with sword'     --  Sergey Karlov

‘Warrior with sword’     —  Sergey Karlov




Momsaic ikebana vessel - Sergey Karlov

Stone mosaic vase – Sergey Karlov



'The whiff of autumn'  --  Sergey Karlov

‘The whiff of autumn’  —  Sergey Karlov





Still Life relief - Sergey Karlov

Still Life relief   —  Sergey Karlov



Mosaic floral motif table - Sergey Karlov

Mosaic floral motif table – Sergey Karlov



Moonglade Stone-mosaic of three women dancing by Sergey Karlov

‘Moonglade’  —  Sergey Kar;ov



seated nude woman mosaic - Sergey Karlov

Sergey Karlov stone mosaic



'Spring Water'   --  Sergey Karlov

‘Spring Water’   —  Sergey Karlov



'Thaw in the Mountains' mosaic --  Sergey Karlov

‘Thaw in the Mountains’ mosaic —  Sergey Karlov



Seated lady - Detachement - Sergey Karlov

‘Detachement’    —  Sergey Karlov




Bank Krasnoyarsk deep relief mural by Sergey Karlov

Bank Krasnoyarsk deep relief mural – Sergey Karlov




Sergey Karlov mosaic Nympth

‘Nymph’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey Karlov mosaic construction in studio

 Sergey Karlov mosaic construction in studio



Art Nouveau style mosaic art - Sergey Karlov

‘Passing Summer’  —  Sergey Karlov



Sergey Karlov mosaic panel-reclining-woman

‘Near the water’   —  Sergey Karlov



Nostalgia Stone mosaic by Sergey Karlov

‘Nostalgia’   —  Sergey Karlov









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