French Designer Jean Dunand


  The French Art Deco of Jean Dunand



1925 vividly colored geometric patterning Jazz Age style vase

Jazz Age Art Deco lacquered metal vase – Jean Dunand, 1925

Met, NY


Jean Dunand was born in Switzerland in 1877. He trained as a sculptor at the École des Arts Industriels de Genève from 1891-1896. This was followed in 1897 by an apprenticeship at the studio of the Burgundian Art Nouveau sculptor, Jean-Auguste Dampt, who introduced him to the notion of design production for interior decoration and furnishing. In 1904/1905, Dunand shifted his focus from sculpture to the ancient craft of dinanderie, a late medieval metal craft using copper, brass and bronze, which originated in Belgium.

Around 1912 Dunand began his creative foray into lacquer work, sharing his intimate knowledge of the art of dinanderie with Japanese artist Seizo Sugawara, who in return taught him the closely-guarded secrets of the traditional Japanese technique of urushi – surface lacquering.
During 1925, Jean Dunand began to experiment with the technique of incorporating minute bits of eggshell fragments, from hen, duck and partridge eggs, to tremendous effect, into his lacquered designs. He championed the revival of the ancient oriental craft of coquille d’oeuf, the applying of eggshell to lacquered works. His original technique was utilized in the manufacture of enameled vases, trays, multi-paneled side screens and wall panels.
Dunand skillfully combined the artistry of Oriental lacquer work with European decorative designs and his approach to lacquering metal and wood was ideal for presenting the clean angles and sharp geometric lines of the streamlined Art Deco, along with creating the vivid colours and intense contrasts essential in the Cubist/Deco styles.



 Art Deco ovoid vase with eggshell shards and lacquer decoration – Jean Dunand


 Dunand often collaborated with other designers and artists, including Wiener Werkstatte and Séraphin Soudbinine. Other notable French painters, sculptors, and illustrators who supplied pictorial programs for screens and decorative panels that Dunand rendered in lacquer were Georges Barbier, Jean Goulden, Paul Jouve, Jean Lambert-Rucki, Gustav Miklos, and François-Louis Schmied.

During his lifetime his artistic achievements were recognized and he exhibited regularly at the Salons de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts as well as at the Salon d’Automne. From 1904 the Museé des Arts Décoratifs in Paris purchased his work and is now found in museums worldwide. Jean Dunand became an influential designer and visionary for French Art Deco, and his artistic virtuosity and craftsmanship was exquisite. He successfully embraced the shift from traditional ornamental styles to modernist designs that were bold and less complex, while integrating Africanist, Futurist, Cubist details and innovative materials.


Reddy Brown-and-silver-lacquer-on-a-black-lacquer-back ground

 Lacquered Art Deco vase with geometric lines – Jean Dunand




DUNAND-RADIO-CABINET-IN-1930 with abstract decoration

 French Art Deco lacquered radio cabinet with abstract decoration – Jean Dunand


Loft Concept





 Ovoid lacquered vase by Jean Dunand

Kelly Gallery




Jean-dunand Egyptian revival laquered vase

 Oblong Egyptian Revival checkered red lacquered brassware and black mother of pearl, with a bronze tripod base.

Jean Dunand




Pair of Art Deco lacquered metal vases in black, red and gold geometric patterns

 Pair of enamel lacquered Art Deco vases – Jean Dunand




Art Deco multi panel screen

 Art Deco Paravent “Lac Bleu” by Jean Dunand 1928




Deux-Vases-Monumentaux-1925 large art dec vase

 Deux Vases Monumentaux- Jean Dunand





Jean Dunand vase_circa_1926 red sliver and black enamel

 Lacquered metal Jazz Age vase – Jean Dunand





Black ovoid lacquered vase with fish decoration

 Handpainted sea life decoration on a black lacquer vase – Jean Dunand

 Anne Hauck Art Deco




 Pianissimo and Fortissimo – black lacquer screen with eggshell, gold and mother of pearl inlay

Séraphin Soudbinine & Jean Dunand – 1925 /1926




Ovoid lacquered metal vase Jazz Age geometric design

  French Art Deco lacquered metal vase – Jean Dunand





Black lacquered cabinet with eggshell highlights $534250.

 Black lacquer drum table, eggshell highlights – Jean Dunand





 Geometric patterned vase – Jean Dunand

circa 1925




Black lacquer metal vase, eggshell patterns – Jean Dunand




jean_dunand_a_vase_circa_1925 red on black enamel

 Red/black lacquer vase – Jean Dunand






 Félix Marcilhac’s Paris apartment

  Jean Dunand cabinet (1921) and Ozzip Zadkine´s ‘Jeune Fille á la Colombe’ (1928) gold plated statue. Painting by Gustave Miklos ‘Figures et Chien’ (1921).

Photograph by Jerome Galland




jean_dunand_a_vase_circa_1925 red lacquer gold highlights

 Red lacquer metal vase by Jean Dunand





jean-duand-screen with flying ducks

Screen of Jean Dunand, and a toad piano by Poul Henningsen





Art Deco black, red, gilt and eggshell lacquer book binding by Jean Dunand

France, circa 1923




Jean-Dunand-(1877-1942),-lacquered metal footed vase with eggshell highlights

Art Deco footed vase with eggshell highlights – Jean Dunand



Jean Dunand Panel Africanist decoration

 Africanist panel – Jean Dunand




Jean Dunand---Psyché, for Madame Agnès, Paris,-1926

Illuminated triptych psyché designed for Madame Agnès-  Jean Dunand

Lacquered wood inlaid with ivory, mother of pearl and eggshell, mirrored glass, brass, painted wood




Jean Dunard gold vase with red and black

 Gold, black and red Art Deco vase – Jean Dunand




Lacquered-copper footed vase

  Small footed vase, Jean Dunand

circa 1920




Laquered Wood Panel-(1929)-by MsBlueSky on Flickr1929

Gazelles –  Laquered Wood Panel by Jean Dunand


MsBlueSky on Flickr





 Jean Dunand – Large vase with Art Deco geometric lines

Galerie Michel Giraud – Phillips




Jean-Dunand-Deco ovoid form vase with red,black lacquer and eggshell decorations

Art Deco vase with eggshell and red and black lacquer

Jean Dunand




‘Prière’, a unique lacquered and carved wood and eggshell sculpture by Jean Dunand and Jean Lambert-Rucki representing a kneeling woman, praying




Lacquered sideboard---cabinet - art deco

 Art deco cabinet – Jean Dunand




Tortoise shell-pattern-lacquered-bronze-with-silvered-rim vessel

 Lacquered bronze vessel with tortoise shell pattern – Jean Dunand




two monumental Jean Dunand vases

 YSL’s Art Deco style room from the 1970s displaying the monumental vases by Jean Dunand




pair of black lacquer vases by Jean Dunand

 Vase pair – Jean Dunand




Jean-Dunand---Les-sports giant wall panel featuring sporting figures

 Jean Dunand — ‘Les Sports’ wall panel

 Vase ‘Laqué à Motifs Géométriques’  by Jean Dunand

Lacquered porcelain vase, 1915




 Yves Saint Laurent in his Art Deco room





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